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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 29, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> mashek in good morning, it's friday, march 29. president trump takes a slam from democrats at the first rally after mueller reports. how they're targeting powerful democrats, for saying the trump campaign did collude with russia. and the atmosphere that allowed jussie smollett to create his alleged hoax and pushing the actor to pay the cost of the investigation that led to charges prosecutors suddenly dropped.
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trampoline parks are booming across the u.s. but lack of regulation are putting lives at risk. see how design flaws are being blamed for deaths and disabling injuries. and scientists are worrying monarch butterflies may be on the brink of extinction. we will take you to a remote forest in mexico where one of the longest migration begins. but we begin this morning with today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [ bleep ]. >> the president takes a victim a victory lap in michigan. >> adam schiff maintains there's collusion. >> adam schiff has the smallest, thingest ne thing thinnest neck i have ever seen. >> the president is backing off dropping fund for the special olympics.
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>> i have overridden my people. south carolina is in mourning of after a fifth grade girl died following a fight with another student. chicago wants jussie smollett to pay $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation into his alleged street attack. >> when he writes the check in the memo section he can put the word, i'm accountable. a discount airline based out of iceland abruptly shut down. >> other airlines are offering discounts to stranded passengers. strong winds lifted a man -- and thursday night for the sweet 16. >> moving on to the elite eight. >> and all that matters. the great bagel debate. >> a man tweeted this photo of vertically sliced bagels. >> this boils my blood! come on, man, you don't bread slice bagels! what do you eat pizza with a knife and fork as well? >> on "cbs this morning." christmas day for baseball fans, opening day.
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already memorable moments. >> what a finish to this game between the brewers and st. louis cardinals. >> deep right center field. >> over the wall! to win the game! not today, not today. >> unbelievable. presented by toyota. let's that's what you call having a good day on the baseball field. >> look at that. >> that's how we open the season. welcome back, baseball. we missed you. >> you should have seen anthony yesterday, toni, go mets, go mets, go mets. >> did i get that in? >> yes, you did. >> did they win? >> they won. >> all is right with the world. >> i'll give you the box score later. >> john and norah are off but we have it covered. anthony mason from cbs this
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morning saturday is here. the bulty of the red light, it goes on and somebody is here. >> that i may be running in but somebody will be here. >> i'm very glad it's us today. we begin with this. president trump is showing what his re-election campaign will look like in his first rally since the completion of the mueller report. the president spoke for nearly an hour and a half in grand rapids, michigan last night. he claimed victory for the investigation that found no grounds to charge him with collusion. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. >> the president made fresh attacks on obamacare and his opponents as his supporters cheered him on. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. ever since the mueller investigation began, president trump has told crowds he never
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colluded with russia and boy did they believe him. in michigan last night he acted as if the mueller report summarized by the attorney general was his "good housekeeping" seal of proof and he says now his democratic rivals and critics are discredited and re-election will be a breeze. >> the single greatest political hoax in the history of our country, and guess what? we won. it's a beautiful thing. it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: for a president who loves to tell the nation and the world he's already right, president trump relished his first campaign rally after the completion of the russia investigation. it was a profaned victory lap. >> the democrats will have to decide whether they will continue frauding the public with ridiculous [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the president, who as a candidate, led chants of lock her up against hillary clinton missed the irony of this post-mueller observation.
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>> in this country we cannot criminalize political differences. >> reporter: without having seen the mueller report, mr. trump acted if he had nothing to fear, even though the report runs more than 300 pages. democrats, he said, had overplayed their hands and may not recover. >> and this group of major losers, they're on artificial respirators right now. they're getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. >> reporter: a recent cbs news poll shows 77% of americans want the special counsel report released. >> no, thank you, mr. attorney general. we do not need your interpretation. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi dismissed attorney general william barr's four-pam sujry as mueller's report as condescending. >> show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions. >> reporter: in michigan mueller wasn't the only topic on the president's mind. >> we have a chance of killing obamacare. we almost did it.
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>> reporter: despite republican misgivings on timing and tactics, he plowed ahead on one of his biggest legislative failures. >> the republican party will become the party of great health care. it's good. it's important. >> reporter: the president called re-election one big cakewalk. >> when i campaign, it's going to be so much easier the second time. >> reporter: and received encouragement from the crowd. >> four more years! >> reporter: the attorney general is still reviewing and in some cases redacting the mueller report. house democratic staffers tell us one of the issues predictable all along is what to do with grand jury testimony, bringing that out for full public view rather might require either a subpoena or court order or some combination of the two. >> major, thank you. at that rally in michigan, the president singled out a number of democrats, especially the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> little pencil neck adam
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schiff got the smallest, thinnest neck i've ever seen. he's not a long-ball hitter. but i saw him today, well, we don't really know. there could still have been some russia collusion. these are sick people. >> reporter: schiff continues to accuse the president of collusion with russia. now republicans are demanding that the california congressman resign his chairmanship. ed o'keefe is on capitol hill for us. ed, good morning. >> good morning, all. nine republicans in the house intelligence committee are calling on schiff to go, saying they no longer have confidence in his ability to lead the committee. republican mike conway is leading the charge telling schiff yesterday his continued claims of collusion are, quote, incompatible with his duty. but schiff doubling down and slamming republicans for denying the president's alleged conduct. >> you might say that's all okay. you might say that's just what you need to do to win.
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but i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and, yes, i think it's corrupt. evidenthey believe the deta mueller's report will be bad for the president and going to do everything in their power to get the report released. but there's little members of the minority party can do to oust the chairman of the majority party. schiff has no plans to resign and still enjoys the support of house democrats, including house speaker nancy pelosi. >> and adding to the intrigue on capitol hill, jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser was spotted there. what's that about? >> we don't know all of the details but we know he met behind doors with the senate intelligence committee. it's a reminder there are eight different committees, house and senate, investigating the
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president, his businesses and russia's interference in our elections. and more than anything, kushner's appearance is a reminder the investigations will continue even after the mueller report's conclusion. that's likely to come florida ka complicate the president's ability to work with democrats on anything else. >> ed, thank you. we wish you a slow news day. >> and we're glad you're not calling people pencil necks, too. president trump said his administration will not cut special olympics funding from next year's budget after days of criticism. >> i have been to the special olympics. i think it's incredible, and i just authorized a funding. i heard about it this morning. i have overridden my people. >> education secretary betsy devos defended the $17.6 million budget cut this week. she told congress that special olympics should be funded through private donations. after the president spoke yesterday, devos said she was grateful. the statement says this, this is funding i have fought for behind the scenes over the last several years.
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at least 13 of the 33 parents charged in the massive college admission scheme will appear in a boston courtroom today. they're expected to enter pleas on conspiracy charges. this comes one day after a key defendant, former yale soccer coach rudy meredith, became the third person in the case to ble plead guilty. carter evans is at the boston courthouse. >> reporter: good morning. parents are expected to appear in court include actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin will be here next wednesday. this after the man whose action exposed the scandal admitted his wrongdoing. >> do you have anything to say to the student you helped get into yale? >> reporter: former yale soccer coach rudy meredith didn't say a word as he left the boston courthouse thursday surrounded by a crush of cameras. inside the 51-year-old pleaded guilty to pocketing more than $860,000 in bribes to help parents get their children into yale.
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four documents show that in 2017, rick singer, the mastermind behind the scheme paid meredith $400,000 to get the daughter of a wealthy couple into the ivy league school. meredith designated her as one of his recruits, even though she never played competitive soccer. this week yale announced its rescinding that student's remission. yale students in boston covering the scandal for the school paper -- >> do you think what happened here today will bring a close ur to this? >> i think so. the biggest amount of closure students would like to see is the confirmation everybody at yale got into yale fairly. >> reporter: meredith's downfall apparently came when he tried to work a deal on his own. according to federal authorities, he directly sought out $450,000 in bribes last year from a wealthy father but that parent was already under investigation by federal authorities for securities fraud, and the father tipped off the fbi, ultimately exposing
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singer's wide-ranging, $25 million scheme. >> it's clear by all of that that we need reform. >> reporter: in california thursday, lawmakers proposed a series of measures aimed at keeping college applicants from cheating the system, including requiring three college administrators to sign off on special admissions and banning special treatment for children of donors and alumni. >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policy that if you work hard, you have a fair shot. because right now you don't. >> reporter: among the parents expected here today are a couple accuse rd accused of paying $200,000 to fake college volleyball records and father who paid $75,000 to have his son a.c.t. test answers corrected. meredith will be back in court june 20th for sentencing, that's one day after rick singer's sentencing. tony? >> a reminder where you go to college does not determine everything about the rest of your life to take some of the
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pressure off here. a south carolina community is demanding answers this morning after a 10-year-old girl died from injuries suffered during a fight at her elementary school. fifth grader raniya wright died wednesday, two days after the fight that left her unconscious. nikki battiste shows us the growing anguish over the refusal of police and school officials to explain more fully what happened. nikki, good morning. >> reporter: tony, good morning. the wright family attorney says they're overwhelmed following raniya's death. it's unclear what her role was in the classroom fight but afterwards she had to be airlifted to a hospital more than 40 miles away from her school. few other details have been released, leading to anger and frustration. >> i would like to offer our condolences to the wright family on behalf of our entire district. >> reporter: comington county school officials would not disclose details of the fight that led to the denl of raniya wright. >> of investigation is concluded we will fairly review the
7:15 am
findings and address any areas of concerns. >> i make a motion we adjourn. >> reporter: they didn't take any questions before filing out, feeding the frustration of a community demanding insight into exactly how the little girl died. >> can you wait outside for two hours and you're going to adjourn the meeting and leave? no questions or answers! >> reporter: video from a 2017 church event shows raniya's mother gushing over her daughter's love for education. >> her favorite subject in school and math and science and she says when she grows up, she wants to be a teacher. >> reporter: it's a stark contrast to the picture and message she posted on facebook from her daughter's hospital room before she died. this is what bullying causes. keep the prayers coming for my sweet baby girl. officials have not said whether bullying was a factor in the incident. dozens of people gathered together to pray at a vigil yesterday and some expressed concerns for the safety of their own children. >> i thought up until now it was a safe haven for the little ones
7:16 am
in elementary school and apparently it's not. >> an autopsy is scheduled for today. the colliton county school districts say another student involved in the fight was a fifth grader and suspended. no charges have been filed. >> so many things wrong, especially given she's an elementary school student dyeing at the hands of another elementary school student. why aren't they saying exactly what happened? >> i called the school and they will not say more than their statement. they've fighting privacy lauers. >> perplexing on many levels. >> very, very upsetting. thank you, nikki. some airlines are offering discounts to passengers stranded when wow air suddenly shut down. some 4,000 travelers in north america and europe scrambled to find new flights yesterday. it's unclear if or how many of them will get their refunds.
7:17 am
we're at wow's ticket counter near baltimore. jeff, they still have a ticket counter? good morning to you. >> they turned on the monitor. you can see they have a triicke counter but nobody was here. there are so many frustrated conversations between airline passengers and employees, police had to be called to the counters. these passengers are frustrated because unexpectedly is what you have seen is this low-cost airline shut down. >> i was told the flight was canceled, airline was canceled. >> reporter: chaos continued on both sides of the atlantic after the low cost carrier wow air unexpectedly cut all flights. this couple from germany spent hours stranded at bwi yesterday. >> i don't know if i have to book another fight. i don't know. >> i don't want to stay here tomorrow night. >> reporter: wow flew about 3.5 million people last year from six north american airports to
7:18 am
20 cities overseas. but the associated press reports the airline's revenue per passenger was down by about 20% in 2017. last december wow cut its fleet nearly in half and just this week two of its planes were repossessed. the airline's ceo, who once said he hoped to offer flights for free, reportedly sent a letter to employees thursday saying, quote, i will never forgive myself for not acting sooner. >> they were not making money flying people 5,000 miles for $89. >> reporter: george obeka is a travel expert. he said while people's summer plans for wow are now grounded, your credit card company is a good place to start >> if you bought your tickets 60 days or fewer, can you go to your credit card company and get all of the money back or charge back. you can try travel insurance or other cards may cover things like motels that are nonrefundable.
7:19 am
>> reporter: other airlines are trying to help these passengers out. atlantic, icelandic air, offering what these call rescue fares. they are often hundreds of dollars less than getting a last-minute ticket. gayle? >> that's a very upsetting story. thank you, jeff pa gaze. what do you do? >> good for the airline offering rescue fares. i would say too good to be true. >> $89 and they call themselves wow. >> that's what your mom says if it's too good to be true, normally is. office depot and suppliers will pay $35 million to settle good friday morning to you. it is finally friday. we are finally catching a break from the rain. enjoy it. mostly sunny to partly sunny
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skies with upper 50s and lower 60s. we will continue to warm up with plenty of sunshine and great weather for the weekend, about 70 and lynn saturday, mid 70s inland on sunday and still warm monday. rain returns tuesday, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 7:26 am. i am michelle griego. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the parking lot of the west oakland bart station. few details about the shooting have been released. we do know the suspect remains at large. a major traffic problem on 238 in castro valley. two lanes are closed because of a fuel spill. chp says the fuel is leaking from a big rig after crashing into a car earlier this morning. officials warm patrons of sauced bbq and spirits may
7:27 am
have been exposed to measles. symptoms can appear up to two weeks later. anyone who dined there saturday night is urged to see a doctor. we have news updates on all of your favorite social media platforms, including our website, ia platforms, including our website,
7:28 am
welcome back. we have been following this all morning long. we have a big rig accident on northbound 238 at 580. it looks like they managed to get the big rig out of lanes. the lanes are still blocked, the two right lanes because of the fuel spill. you have a big backup working your way through there. use alternates. we have big delays on the richmond-san rafael bridge because of construction. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. enjoy it. happy friday. it will be a great weekend ahead. here is a pretty view of the area with mostly sunny skies
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that's what new york city looks like this morning. pretty good. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there are three things you should know this morning. boeing faces what may be the first wrongful death lawsuit for its role in the deadly 737 max-8 jet crash in ethiopia earlier this month. the claim was filed on behalf of one of the victim's estates. it alleged that boeing defectively designed the 737 max's automated flight control system and then failed to warn others of the defect. boeing has declined to comment on this lawsuit.
7:31 am
the "wall street journal" reports crash investigators reached a preliminary conclusion that the suspect flight control feature was activated just before the plane nose dived into the ground. boeing outlined fixes to the system earlier this week. and twitter is considering a new feature that would label offensive tweets by public figures. very interesting. the company says it's exploring ways to give users more context to tweets that actually violate the platform's rules but are deemed newsworthy and in the public interest. the tech giant, however, does draw the line at direct violent threats against individuals. this move is part of twitter's effort to curb hate speech and offensive content. and seven of music's biggest legends will be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. it includes janet jackson, def leppard, and stevie nicks. ♪ sings a song
7:32 am
>> nicks will be the first woman to be inducted twice. she was, of course, inducted back in 1998 as part of the british american rock band fleetwood mac. >> sounds like your kind of party. >> are you going to be there? >> i have to go to beearly. >> look at your job getting in way of stuff you want to do. >> you know, i hate when that happens. >> chicago leaders are demanding "empire" actor jussie smollett pay the city to cover the cost of the investigation into his alleged attack. mayor rahm emanuel and other chicago officials are seeking $135,000 from smollett. they say the 36-year-old actor staged the beating to promote his career. prosecutors, as you know, are also under scrutiny for their surprise decision this week to drop all 16 felony dent trump
7:33 am
doubled down on his own disapproval. >> how about in chicago? he said -- >> president trump used the ongoing jussie smollett saga to rally his supporters thursday night. >> that's an embarrassment not only to chicago. that is an embarrassment to our country, what took place there. >> the president says he asked federal law enforcement agencies to look into the case after chicago prosecutors on tuesday abruptly abandoned the charges against smollett. >> police are assembling the cost. >> despite that request by mr. trump, chicago mayor rahm emanuel says the president's rhetoric is partly to blame for
7:34 am
smollett's alleged behavior. >> let me be really clear about something. the only reason jussie smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax of a hate crime is because of the toxic environment donald trump created. >> emanuel is demanding smollett pay $135,000 to cover the overtime worked by more than two dozen chicago police who spent weeks investigating smollett's claim that he was the subject of a bigoted attack. >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and remorse, my recommendation is when he writes the check in the memo section he can put the word, i'm accountable for the hoax. >> smollett has consistently maintained his innocence. on thursday, one of his attorneys explained why he initially described his attackers as white. even though brothers ola and abe l, who told police smollett paid them to stage the alleged assault, are black. >> you could disguise that, put maikel on. >> smollett said little upon arriving in los angeles this
7:35 am
week. the actor is nominated for his role on the fox show "empire" at show. anthony. >> dean reynolds in chicago, thank you, dean. >> i'm hearing a lot of chatter about that, too. producers are thinking about it, and jussie smollett's legal team is demanding the city of chicago apologize to jussie because they say they put this innocent man through this. a story that takes all twists and turns and none is good. >> i understand why the mayor is upset. trampoline parks are popping up everywhere across the country, but there are growing safety concerns. ahead, see what meg oliver le n
7:36 am
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hometown of miami there. state lawmakers in utah just passed a new law to try to make trampoline parks safer. utah joins at least seven other states requiring more oversight from insurance companies and annual inspections. the popular theme parks have exploded into a billion dollar industry. in the last eight years alone, the number of trampoline parks has, here's a pun, jumped. there are more than 1,000 around the world. in this country, they all operate without any federal oversight. meg oliver has been looking into the rise in injuries at these parks. meg, good morning. >> good morning to all of you. just days before that utah law was signed, a high school football player was paralyzed after being injured at a trampoline park in that state.
7:41 am
in the last seven years, cbs news has confirmed at least six people have died from injuries at trampoline parks. that number could be even higher because many of those injured are often forced into arbitration and sign confidentiality agreements that stop them from speaking out. on most weekends, trampoline parks are packed with hundreds of kids bouncing, jumping into pits, and playing tag. their popularity is leading to new cases for attorneys like david chacin. he represents more than a dozen people injured at trampoline parks in new jersey. >> look below the screen there. >> at the bottom right of the screen, a father unknowingly causes what's known as a double bounce. his 4-year-old son falls to the mat. >> the force of the trampoline coming back up from the father's hop across broke the 4-year-old's femur. >> oh, my gosh. >> it takes almost a full minute before anyone, including the guard on duty, realizes the
7:42 am
child is squirming in pain. don mcpherson has coached gymnastics for more than 40 years. >> bravo. >> since 2011, he's been an expert witness in more than 200 plaintiff cases against trampoline parks. he says the injuries they can cause are life altering. >> broken necks, broken backs. dislocated and open fractured elbows. shoulders. >> these are injuries that seem like military grade. >> they're all catastrophic injuries. >> mcpherson says the danger lies in the design. several trampolines are connected with steel cables or chain links under thin padding. as people jump, waves of energy are generated in all directions, which can cause those double bounces that can end in high-impact coalitions. >> they're moving at speeds and with energy that when they hit or get hit by somebody else that's twice their weight, they end up with crush injuries. >> injuries so severe, they can
7:43 am
lead to death. at his peak, ric swezey was a world-class gymnast. >> other than his children and me that mattered most in his life was his gymnastics. >> that all changed in 2017 when ric visited a trampoline park in virginia with his husband, nick, and their twins. nick says ric was jumping on the trampoline when he came down wrong on his foot, stumbled and hit his head against a thinly padded wall. >> the c-2 vertebrae cracked, constricted his airway and his blood flow. paralyzed him. he was over 90% brain dead. >> within three minutes. you lost the love of your life. >> yeah. i watched the lights go out in his eyes. >> in the last few years, emergency room visits caused by trampoline park injuries has skyrocketed. according to the consumer
7:44 am
product safety commission, the numbers have shot up from 2500 in 2013 to almost 18,000 in 2017. >> everybody in the gymnastics community calls them death parks. >> mcpherson took us to a trampoline park outside chicago. >> this whole setup is wrong. >> he pointed out several red flags from lack of supervision. >> there's no one here. >> and trampolines flush against thinly padded walls. >> how dangerous is that? >> dangerous. you get a brain bleed from hitting this. >> to foam pits adjacent to trampolines that mcpherson says are too shallow. >> they probably enough foam, but it's the design of the foam pits. they're not deep enough. >> are you risking your life when you go to these trampoline parks? >> yes, unknowingly. >> for families like nick's, the message is simple. >> never. birthday parties, no. never. never, never, never. >> you believe they're that dangerous. >> i don't know how to believe any other way, right? my husband was an elite level
7:45 am
gymnast. >> in response to the deaths and injuries, the international association of trampoline parks told us there are parks that do not adhere to technical industry standards and do not operate with safety at the forefront of their agendas. the group will launch an initiative this summer to require third-party inspections to insure the safest experience possible. the problem with that is, out of the 800 trampoline parks in the u.s., only 25% of them are members. >> how can you tell if the one in your community is meeting standards? >> you would have to go and find out if they are following these standards. but the problem is when you go into these trampoline parks, you see the signs. you're riving injury. you're risking death. you're signing everything away. >> is there any supervision? we had a trampoline in our backyard and there had to be an adult watching. >> at that park outside chicago, there was a guard over here. a lot of kids jumping over here. they need more supervision. >> i know it's fun but now i'm
7:46 am
scared looking at your piece. what about people who have trampolines at home? >> the american academy of pediatricians advise against backyard trampolines but the expert in our piece said in the big picture, he thinks those are safer under adult supervision. i also talked to a trauma sergeant in utah who said he can fix the broken wrists from a backyard trampoline, but the open wounds from trampoline parks are really hard. >> thank very much, meg. coming up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including how disney is ti
7:47 am
good friday morning to you. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. we are finally catching a break from the rain. we have mostly to partly sunny skies this afternoon with daytime highs in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. we will continue to warm up with plenty of sunshine, just in time for the weekend. 70 degrees and live saturday, mid 70s inland on sunday. we have worn conditions on monday with rain returning next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. for fast pain relief. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire.
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sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. but what i love about olay regenerist whip with spf 25 is that it's lightweight, it's barely there. and then i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working, you know, just roll. it's perfect for me. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. are confusing quilted northern are confusing quilted northernf. for a bouncy castle. they're both durable, flexible and nice to have at parties. but quilted northern is not a bouncy castle. it's just really nice toilet paper. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. "time" magazine says a tourist
7:51 am
died at the grand canyon after he stumbled over the edge and full 1,000 feet while taking a photo. the unidentified man is said to be in his 50s and from hong kong. it is the second death there this week. an unidentified woman believed to be a foreign national was found dead tuesday in a wooded area away from the rim. signs warn visitors not to get too close to the edge. >> no picture is worth your life. >> "the washington post" also reports office depot and will pay $35 million to settle an alleged tech support scam. the federal trade commission lawsuit accused the companies of deceiving customers into believing their computers were breached and duping them into paying for services they did not need. office depot says it does not admit to any wrongdoing here and paid the money to avoid a drawn out lawsuit. >> the orlando sentinel reports on a new ban inside disney's theme parks. beginning may 1st, smoking and vaping, which are not the same
7:52 am
thing, i should point out, will both be prohibited inside park gates. there will also be a ban on oversized strollers in order to make the parks less crowded. strollers can no longer be larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. how many kids can you fit in that? >> a couple. you have a new baby on the way. now you know, don't get a big stroller. >> my excuse to save money. >> the v.a. paid for military couples to get fertility treatments, but not if you're single. hear from a sergeant who spent 15 years in the service. to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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7:56 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. it is 7:56 am. i am kenny choi. a woman is dead after being shot outside the west oakland
7:57 am
bart station last night. police say the shooting happened in the parking lot. so far, no arrests. more than a dozen bay area parents charged in the omissions scandal are scheduled to appear in federal court in boston as lawmakers push for sweeping changes at college campuses in california. the lyft public offering is valued at $72 a share, valuing the company just over $22 billion. the company went public on wall street. you can find it under the ticker symbol lyft. we have news updates on all of your favorite social media platforms, including our website, dia platforms, including our website,
7:58 am
good morning. delays continue as you work your way through castro valley this morning. they finally got that big rig out of lanes. this is right at 238 at 580. there is a fuel spill so that will take time to clean up. you can see traffic is only getting by in one lane through there with slow and go conditions approaching the scene. it is a big backup with alternates your best bet at this point. that is a slow ride working your way through them i. we have a crash highway 1. major injuries were reported. we are tracking clotted conditions and foggy conditions, as well as sunshine. as we go through the day, we have dry conditions and a pleasant sight with daytime highs in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. a break from the rain today,
7:59 am
mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and plenty of sunshine for our weekend. temperatures will be warming up. we are talking 70 degrees inland saturday, mid 70s inland on sunday. warm on monday with showers returning on tuesday. have a great weekend. returning on tuesday. have a great weekend. ♪
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, march 29th, 2019. welcome back toes morning. ahead an army veteran says the va won't pay for her to have a baby because fertility treatments are limited to married couples, and see the refuge for monarch butterflies in mexico, where scientists say we will be in trouble if the colorful butterflies and other insects go extinct. first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> his first rally since the completion of the mueller report, the president spoke for nearly an hour and a half in
8:01 am
grand rapids, michigan. >> he acted as if the mueller report summarized by the attorney general was his "good housekeeping" seal of proof. >> all nine republicans on the committee are calling for schiff to go saying they no longer have family. >> the wright family is overwhelmed following reyna's death. it's unclear what role she had but she had to be airlifted to a hospital 40 miles away. >> frustrated passengers and airline employees. >> the low-cost airlines just shut down. house speaker nancy pelosi speaking with reporters. >> all gathered here for ed o'keefe's birthday, happy birthday. >> i get the first question. >> all right. >> okay. >> the international olympic committee's executive board has officially recommended adding break dancing to the 2024 parislismics. >> i like that idea. mostly just because i want to hear olympic announcers commenting on break dancing.
8:02 am
yeah. you know, they will be like, there's the lock. waiting now for the pop, and and there it is. >> trevor can find humor in anything. that's a very funny way to talk about break dancing. dangerous to me. i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil and anthony mason. norah and john are off. bianna is on assignment but we've got it all covered. we'll begin with this. for the first time robert mueller delivered his russia report a fired-up trump held a campaign-style rally to claim victory. the president spoke to 82 minutes to his supporters in grand rapids, michigan and promised to replace obamacare but did not say how he intends to do that. mr. trump also used the mueller investigation's reported conclusions to attack democrats. >> this was nothing more than a sinister effort to undermine our historic election victory and to
8:03 am
sabotage the will of the american people. they wanted to destroy a movement like our country has never seen before. >> a cbs news poll finds a third of people, 36%, think it's too soon to say if the mueller report has cleared the president. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler wants to see the more than 300-page report by tuesday, but he'll not say if democrats will subpoena the justice department to get it. >> homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is asking for sweeping new powers to deport unaccompanied minors to cross the mexico border calling it a, quote, systemwide meltdown. more than 75,000ing migrants w detained last month, the most in 12 years. >> nielsen has asked for the authority to deport unaccompanied central american minors who she says has no legal basis to be in the u.s. right now that law only allows
8:04 am
minors from mexico and canada to be sent home. nielsen also wants to keep migrant families detained together while their cases play out, wiping out the current 20-day limit. democrats are likely to resist any effort to change immigration laws. new york state is the latest in more than 1,500 cities and states suing the billionaire family accused of creating the deadliest drug crisis in u.s. history. new york expanded its lawsuit against oxycontin maker purdue pharma to include members of the sackler family. the suit accuses purdue and the sacklers of deceptively selling oxycontin and downplaying its addictive dangers. opioids kill an average of nine people a day in new york state. this week the company agreed to a $270 million settlement with oklahoma for a similar lawsuit. the sackler family is worth about $15 billion and pharma
8:05 am
tell cbs news that they deny the new york allegations and will continue to defend themselves against them. purdue pharma calls the reports misleading. they use the words drug barons, typically words you deal with illegal drug dealers, not legal ones. >> they are making a point. hundreds of military families have had access to fertility treatments but not all veterans call foy for them. according to the department of veterans affairs, 567 families have benefitted from in vitro fertilization since the military started covering the procedures back in 2016. but veterans who are single and want to have children still have to pay for the roughly $12,000 treatment on their own. "cbs this morning" saturday co-host michelle miller is here when the story of one army veteran calling for change. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: she certainly is. good morning. after serving in the united states army for 16 years toni hackney decided to start a family in retirement.
8:06 am
complications meant exploring in vitro fertility treatments but when she looked to veterans affairs they would not pay because she wasn't married. >> reporter: tone hackney said she always planned on being a mom but her call of duty complicated her ambitions. >> whether people like it or not, as a female in the military, if you're not there more than your male counterpart, the odds of you getting promoed or getting a good evaluation is not -- it's not there. >> reporter: she ultimately rose to the rank of staff sergeant in a military career that took her all over the world. >> i'm a veteran. i have to be married, but yet a male veteran's wife can get ivf but i can't as a veteran. this doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: but being married is not the only requirement to receive ivf benefits. qualifying veterans must also
8:07 am
prove a service-seconded condition that causes infertility, have a male spouse who can produce sperm and a female spouse who can produce eggs. >> it's taking away my life dream of being a mother. >> reporter: hackney said an illness caused her infertility while on active duty. a doctor at the va suggested ivf could leave to a family in retirement. the cost, however, was on her. >> i needed to feel that love, that only your child could give to you. i need to have a decent chance at that. and they just act like that big deal. >> reporter: a house bill was introduced last month to expand coverage of fertility treatments, including ivf to all veterans. toni hackney is hoping that it
8:08 am
becomes law in time for her. >> she makes a very compelling story. >> yeah. >> certainly does. >> such -- it doesn't make sense. >> no. male veterans, their wives not in the military but they get the benefit and she doesn't and she's actually a veteran. >> she fought for her country. wants to fight for her own life. >> should you be sending this tech new england report someone in the military? >> hopefully they are already tuned in. >> you're right, hopefully. >> don't get me in trouble. it is friday and we are catching a break from the rain. daytime highs in the 50s to low to mid 60s. we will continue to warm up with plenty of sunshine and great weather for the weekend, about 70 inland saturday, men 70s inland on sunday. the rain returns on tuesday, wednesday and next thursday. have a great weekend. y and next thursday.
8:09 am
have a great weekend.
8:10 am
we have much more news ahead. we have much more news ahead. imagine a life without feeling virtually any physical pain. researchers studying a woman with that unique condition may have pinpointed the genetic rone why that happens. how the discovery may help the millions of people with chronic pain. plus new information about a cover-up of a tiger mauling during an esroy performance how tony got access in mexico to see how the monarch butterflies that visit every yore could be at risk. >> reporter: chances are the butterflies that end up in your garden spring and summer started here in central mexico. i head on "cbs this morning," one of nature's longest migrations and what you can do to protect it. guys, what's the matter?
8:11 am
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8:15 am realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. there are new questions about the mysterious death of a decoraterine there are new questions about the mysterious death of a decorated marine colonel. colonel michael stall stahlman was discovered with a bullet wound in his accommodation in iraq 11 years ago. military officials declared it a suicide, but his wife is determined to prove he was murdered. peter van sant investigates for this week's "48 hours." >> the in july 2008, colonel michael stahlman was about to come home from iraq for r & r with his family when the military lawyer and former
8:16 am
flight officer was found in his quarters with a gunshot wound to the head. he died about two months later. >> i should have told him not to go. >> reporter: authorities called it a suicide but stahlman's wife kin and daughter mckenna say the man they loved would never have killed himself. >> i don't ever recall him being upset or sad. >> reporter: someone shot him? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: are you certain of that? >> i have no doubt. >> reporter: kim says her husband was a righty but his wound was on the left side, and his job helping rebuild iraq's legal system could easily have made him enemies. >> i just feel like it was somebody mike knew. >> reporter: at the heart of the mystery an e-mail that was sent just hours before the gunshot. >> kim, sorry about what you are about to find out. i love you and always will. you and the girls are the best thick that ever happened to me. love mike. >> reporter: but was it really a
8:17 am
suicide note? >> the evidence shows there's no way he could have done what he did what he did. >> reporter: you're not in denial? >> no, no. >> reporter: kim started pushing the investigating agency ncis for more information, and she soon enlisted some important allies. an author and advocate for bereaved military families. >> i just do not believe that he pulled that trying sneer and michael maloney, a forensic investigator who had once worked for ncis. >> this is a homicide. there was someone else in that room. >> reporter: he left before the stahlman incident, but ncis did hire bloodstain expert mark reynolds. >> i see no evidence of homicide in the materials provided to me whatsoever. >> reporter: he says michael maloney is guessing. >> pure speculation. >> reporter: or just plain wrong.
8:18 am
>> there's no evidence to support anything other than a suicide. >> reporter: two experts, two very different views. >> if this was a suicide, would i have to accept it, but it's hard when you know that that's not what it is. the truth needs to come out. >> peter, good morning. if the last e-mail to his family was not a suicide note, what might it have been? >> well, it was a reference you're about to find my body, that you're going to learn that i had a relationship with another woman, that i'm about to be deployed and it's just uncertain and kim had this sent to a linguist who concluded it was not a suicide note, and when you're in a war zone, people speak cryptically and use strange phrases sometimes to try to communicate so that's still unsettled. >> still a debate after ten years. peter, thank you very much. his "48 hours" report airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 central right here on cbs. ahead, a woman whose body
8:19 am
chemistry keeps her from feeling any pain could help millions of other people. you're watching "cbs this morning." ng bounce. the bounce shirt has fewer wrinkles, less static, and more softness and freshness. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static. but one blows them all out of the water. hydro boost from neutrogena®. with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back. neutrogena® the savings add up... so it bounces back. with an extra 15% off!... introducing evri - kohl's exclusive new plus collection... save on bath towels... and kids spring tops... plus - take $10 off your $50 or more kids' sale purchase... plus - get kohl's cash! right now... at kohl's. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one.
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8:21 am
8:22 am
new research is shedding light on the genetic reasons why a woman in scotland feels virtually no pain. 71-year-old jo cameron is her name. she also experiences very little anxiety or fear. and her body appears to heal very quickly. now, scientists say they know why. it's a mutation in a previously unidentified gene. elizabeth palmer is in london wi refused to have any drugs after surgery. jo cameron has never felt pain.
8:23 am
not after wrist surgery, not when she had her hip replaced. not even giving birth to her children. >> i felt things. i felt my body stretching. i felt peculiar feelings, but no pain. >> researchers at london university's college think they know why. they found a mutation, a bit missing from one of her genes that affected jo's body chemistry, so she simply doesn't feel what the rest of us call pain. have a look at her here. in her doctor's office, happily chewing chilies so hot they make her husband wince. a pain-free life may sound great, but it does have a downside. jo often doesn't realize when she's hurt herself. >> when i'm ironing, it's only after i see a mark that i realize i have ironed my arm. >> for doctors, this is a discovery. >> a vast problem of 6% to 7% of
8:24 am
the population have excruciating pain so we need new therapy. >> millions of patients suffering chronic and acute pain have to rely at the moment on addictive drugs. >> we hope we'll be able to help people in the future by harnessing the knowledge we gain from the mutation in jo and trying to mimice who spend a lot of their lives in agony. anthony. >> elizabeth palmer in london, thank you. she scribed child birth as a, quote, peculiar feeling. >> imagine ironing your arm. you wonder how she ended up on her arm. >> no physical pain, but also no fear or anxiety. >> she said it was like a tickle. on the surface, it sounds like a
8:25 am
good thing, but i think a little pain is okay. just a little bit. >> a lot of great music comes from pain. >> exactly. >> nesn wants to pay this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 8:25 am. i am michelle griego. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the parking lot of the west oakland bart station. few details have been released. we know a young woman was killed in the the shooter is still on the run. if you dined at sauced bbq and spirits in livermore over the weekend, you may have been exposed to measles. symptoms can appear up to two weeks later. tim sloan is stepping down as ceo and president of wells fargo. its general counsel, alan
8:26 am
parker will take over on an and term basis. >> we have news updates on all of your favorite social media platforms, including our website, media platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
welcome back. it is busy for the castro valley commute this morning. traffic alert continues with lane still blocked for an earlier big rig accident. they have the big rig towed off the freeway, that is good news
8:28 am
but the damages done. you're very backed up well into castro valley. getting to 880 is tough this morning. only the left lane is open because of the fuel spill. we have trouble in half moon bay on highway 1. one lane is blocked because of an injury accident. expect delays in both directions. here is a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we have had slow and go conditions all morning long. we have had road were causing some of these delays. it is sluggish at the toll plaza and foggy out of marin county heading onto them golden gate bridge. limited visibility there. be cautious heading into the city. i am tracking the fog across parts of the bay area and some sunshine. here is a live look of a beautiful, blue sky. we have a dry day today. it is a nice break from the rain. daytime highs in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. plenty of sunshine for your beautiful weekend ahead. we will warm-up. about 70 degrees inland on saturday and mid 70s inland on
8:29 am
sunday. the pollen count will be heavy this weekend. it will be skyhigh. still warm on monday, showers return with our next weather system next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. her system next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. brand-name styles rd with the latest at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. ♪ inside out got ♪ i'm feeling good. ♪ doing it my own way, ♪ every single day. ♪ and it feels good to feel good. ♪ start your day with sunsweet amazin! prune juice. and feel good. and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love,
8:30 am
at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. ♪ ♪ ♪ listen to that. goose bumps. a father's heartfelt rendition of -- i love this song, "ava maria" at a disney hotel is making him an internet sensation. he says his daughter walked up to the pianist and said can my dad sing? the dad it turns out is a very, very good singer and i love the daughter's expression looking up at her dad. looks so proud. like i knew my dad could sing and what's so great is he's wearing the jersey and the short
8:31 am
and the shoes. i love this story. >> doesn't look like an opera fan. >> very, very beautiful voice. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. lawyers for patriots owner robert kraft filed a motion to have video evidence in the prostitution case he faces thrown out. the video allegedly captures kraft receiving sexual favors in january at a florida day spa. his lawyers say police made unfounded and irresponsible claims of human trafficking there to justify putting hidden cameras inside the business. kraft denies in engaging in any illegal activity. "the hollywood reporter" says siegfried & roy's former animal handler says the legendary performers covered up the reason why a white tiger mauled roy during a 2003 las vegas show. chris lawrence says the illusionist made up a story that roy suffered a stroke and the tiger was trying to save him. but lawrence says roy had been
8:32 am
treating the tigers like props rather than respecting them. he also says roy did not follow the usual procedure during the show which caused the tiger to attack. lawrence says he's battled ptsd since the incident. siegfried & roy did not respond to the hollywood reporter's request for comment. cbs news also reached out to the duo for comment but did not immediately hear back. "usa today" reports nasa and the european space agency will pay volunteers about $19,000 each to stay in bed for two months. it's part of a study to see how the human body changes in weightlessness and apparently bed rest simulates waitlessness in space. okay. volunteers must do everything while lying flat, including eating, exercising and bathing. scientists hope to develop ways to reduce the negative effects of weightlessness on astronauts. where do i apply? >> very tempting to volunteer for that except for the bathing while laying flat.
8:33 am
>> how do you exercise? >> and how do you go to the bathroom by going flat. i want to know that. >> maybe you don't. >> okay. moving right along. i am curious. "time" reports on why pope francis who not let his worshippers kiss his rick in a viral video saying he was concerned about spreading germs. some say the pope's behavior reflected his humble approach to the papacy. others noted that he had let more than three dozen people kiss his ring without protest. francis says he's happy to receive the ring kiss in small groups as he did on wednesday where the spread of germs is contained. i just think if i finally get to the line and go to kiss the pope's ring and he pulls back his hand i would be a little hurt. >> a little disappointed. >> i want to kiss the ring. wow air's sudden shutdown stranded thousands of passengers in north america and europe the iceland-based airline is one of at least eight budget airlines in seven months to seese operations. many wild travellers were already at the airport when they learned their airline was no longer flying, yikes.
8:34 am
>> we rushed the airport and now we're trying to figure out how to get home. >> i don't think that they went bankrupt overnight. i believe this had to be a time coming so you knew that it was a possibility when i flew over here a few days ago that you might not be able to take my return trip. >> they put me in a hotel and then the hotel kicked me how the. >> i was boarding my flight and said your connecting flight is cancelled. we're very sorry and i couldn't believe it. >> hopefully i get my money back. i'm hoping at least. i don't really want to waste $700 for nothing. >> i'll say. brian kelly is the founder and ceo of you know him the points guy, a website and media brand that offers advice on air travel. he joins us at the table. hey, ryan. >> thanks for having me. >> we're glad you're here n.january there was an article that said that wow has outwowed itself. $49 from the u.s. to five european cities. you think -- it's what your mom and dad used to say. if it's too good to be true it is. >> yes, unfortunately. wow came into the market several years ago. even $99 fares to europe really
8:35 am
opened up the market for a lot of people. >> and they were doing okay for a long time. >> for a long time. >> how were they doing okay, the introductory rate and then prices go up. >> kind of like how startups are worth billions of dollars and lose money every year. the same with airlines. trying to build critical mass with people trusting the airline. everything is about psychology with airlines, and they were trying to break into a market, take customers away from the main carriers. the problem, is you know, once your credit runs up in the airline business you need a lot of cash to run airlines, so if you don't have, you know, that line of credit, which happened this week, i mean, they started taking the planes away right away. >> the point that the woman made who got stranded and she said they probably knew it was going to happen. why did they let me fly? >> well, you know, everything -- you know, they had a prayer that more funding would come in. it was about to. a u.s. hedge fund was about to invest which would have kept things going. it just at the very last minute didn't and now thousand of people are stranded. >> what do you do? >> the first thing you do. >> i'm now in paris with no way
8:36 am
home. >> so a lot of airlines are offering rescue fares. the problem with the rescue fares is all the flights out of, especially reykjavik are full for the next six days and you have to pay out of your own pocket. the sail no longer. they are not paying for anything. >> can you call your credit card company? >> the very best tip i have is your shed card should be able to assist. several cards give you trip interruption and cancellation insurance. why you buy airfare use a credit card that offers that. some that have no annual feels will cover up to $10,000 so you'll get your ticket price back and it will cover your hotel for five nights so people who book use the right card can buy a new ticket out and rim burst it later on. >> i like the guy who said i showed up for my flight, not the flight but airline was cancelled, and we heard about quite a few cancellations of budget airlines in recent months. >> yeah. >> where do you stand on them going forward? would you buy a budget ticket? >> you know, i -- i would -- you
8:37 am
know, there's none right now -- >> i'm 6'7" so i don't generally fly because i don't fit in the seats. >> for people who are not 6'7"? >> i would but use a credit card that offers protection and if you don't have a credit card that offers protection buy trip insurance because you are takin% a risk. >> not from the airline. >> the airlines offer trip protection and whenever they make it easy to tack on the end, that's not the best policy. get an independent policy backed by an insurer that gives you peace of mind. if you're going cheap, make sure you've got the protection. >> or buy two seats and you can stretch out even if you're 6'7". >> with $99 seats. brian, thank you very much. appreciate it. monarch butterflies may in trouble. ahead, we'll take to you a remote forest in central mexico for one of nature's
8:38 am
good friday morning to you. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. we are finally catching a break from the rain with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies this afternoon. daytime highs in the upper 60s to low to mid 60s. we continue to warm up with plenty of sunshine just-in-time for our weekend. 70 degrees inland saturday, mid 70s inland on sunday. we have one conditions on monday still with rain returning tuesday, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. y, wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend.
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♪ >> every spring millions of monarch butterflies migrate into the united states. it's part of an incredible annual journey of several thousand miles from mexico to canada before the butterflies return in the fall, but the u.s. fish and wildlife service warns the monarch is in trouble. the agency has until june to
8:42 am
determine whether the species requires federal protection as an endangered species due in part to climate change. we start with this migration in michoacan, mexico and got access to areas where the tourists are not allowed. 100 miles from mexico city and 9,000 feet above sea level you'll find at first what seems to be nothing at all. if you came to see the butterflies, well, the skies here are empty. but look closer. the trees in this forest are dripping with monarchs, millions huddled together for warmth until the sun hits and one by one they fly. >> how does it is feel to see them for the first time each year? >> i feel like a newborn. >> reporter: eduardo directs the world wildlife fund's mop arc
8:43 am
butterfly reserve in mexico. they measure the reserves by area. 15 acres of coverage is the largest population in more than a decade, up 144% over last year. >> the monarch butterflies are in trouble, everybody is into saving it. >> reporter: a senior scientist with the center for biological diversity made a special trip to see the monarchs this year. >> i am scared that this is the last big bumper year, this year because of perfect weather last year, it was like a cinderella weather year. everything that could go right did. and these are the most monarchs we may see for a while. >> reporter: we were led into a restricted area, the reserve. a clearing where monarchs fill the air like confetti. >> what they are thinking right now. what are they thinking trying now? what do you think they are thinking? >> they are thinking we must
8:44 am
back. >> must get back. >> the hour is late and we have many miles to travel. >> the monarchs we saw were likely on their way to america the very day. by late march the species had been sighted in a dozen states as far north as oklahoma. late they are spring and summer three generations of monarchs should blanket the entire united states east of the rockies and then in mid-august a special super generation will fly all the way back to mexico to these very same mountains. >> so these butterflies are the great, great grandchildren of the butterflies that were here last win thor. >> yeah. this is the fifth generation. >> just a few ago landon worried he might be seeing the last generation. between 1994 and 2016 this eastern monarch butterfly population plunged 60% and a federal review found a substantial probability of collapse in the next two decades. >> this year was a fluke due to weather.
8:45 am
>> curry offered the petition to protect the monarch as a federally endangered species. >> in the united states monarchs are threatened by climate change because of more severe storms when they are migrating in the spring and fall. >> so the bigger storms, just blow them out of the air? >> blow them out of the air, disrupt migration. cause them to get stuck in places or if it's too warm then they stay north too long and then it gets cold and then they die. >> reporter: in fact, an estimated 40% of all insect species are in decline. a diouf that threatens an animal much higher on the food chain. >> the human being eat biodiversity. >> reporter: our presence on the planet is dependant on their presence on planet. >> my point exactly. >> they are so important culturally. no one has ever said i hope the mop arc goes extinct. >> hope we're not in trouble for getting into that remote part of the park. i can imagine some people thinking i like one butterfly on
8:46 am
a flower in my yard but a whole swarm of them. >> i'm one of those people. >> a little freaked out. >> i love that spectacle. it's really beautiful. >> it is spectacular. they are in trouble, and if they are in trouble we're in trouble and here's the thing. if insects go away, it impacts the food supply. >> yes. >> ant it doesn't mean you won't be going like this in the summertime because mosquitos, biting flies, they are all still thriving. no luck on that front. >> i think they are beautiful. >> i didn't know they were always orange. >> the monarch is always orange. >> gayle says she's seen green butterflies. >> i'm seeing green and orange butterflies. >> cbd oil, watch out. >> i'm going. >> you've watching some "cbs this morning." >> now for the g
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
on today's "cbs this morning" podcast, we talk with
8:50 am
author kate quinn about his latest historical fiction "the huntress." listen wherever you like to get your podcast. >> and if you're into pranks, what do you do? >> watch out. it's april fool's day on monday. be advised. >> we'll be ready. we'll be on the lookout. a look back at all that matters. >> i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i have been accused of. >> a sudden decision to drop criminal charges against actor jussie smollett. >> a 16-count indictment gets dismissed. unusual. it's almost not strong enough of a word. >> if convicted in both cases michael avenatti could face up to nearly 100 years in prison. he maintains his innocence and believes he'll be exonerated. >> ultimately we're going to get to the bottom of this, and i'm confident that justice is going to be served. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> the white house is preparing for a fight with democrats over special counsel robert mueller's final report on russian
8:51 am
interference in the 2016 election. >> this is pretty much as good as a non-guilty verdict. >> no collusion. no obstruction. . >> we want to take the time to honor one of the brightest stars right here at cbs news that we lost this week to leukemia. >> such an incredible spirit in this place and has been an incredible mentor to so many kids. she was fierce and fearless. everything was possible. nothing was impossible. >> having lunch and coffee and drinks and water with everyone running for. >> when you drink alone, are you thinking about running for president? >> i am, a good question. we have breakfast together in the morning. >> wouldn't it be nice if it was the best day of your life? ♪ >> are you saving retail for the long run? >> i think we're saving it. >> i bought three things. oh, my god. >> i want to try it. >> i want to go look at
8:52 am
something. i like her. >> norah o'donnell is off. she had an a defense secretary. >> i norah o'donnell is recovering. >> even norah o'donnell can't hop out of bed after one of those. >> she is tough and we're thinking you, norah. please get some rest. snows this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ ♪ >> every time she hits the floor in that split i feel like i need to call a doctor. >> can probably hear me screaming across the gym coming down and it just happened and it kind of stuck after that. >> with the rise of social media, mom-shaming has really been amplified and it's turned parenting into this kind of competitive sport. >> i remember years ago when my kids were in elementary school and i brought cupcakes from the store. i didn't bake them myself and a mother says to me oh, you didn't have time to make them. and i thought you don't even know -- >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." that was patty running around
8:53 am
our studio. >> our floor director. >> just say hello. say hello. >> many shades of red right now. >> show me the crown.
8:54 am
show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice.
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and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. get xfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today. this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 8:55 am. i am michelle griego. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the parking lot of the west oakland bart station. few details about the shooting have been released but we do know the suspect remains at large. major traffic reported on 238 in castro valley. two lanes are closed because of a fuel spill. the chp says a big rig crashed into a car around 4 am. it is unclear when the rain
8:56 am
lanes will reopen. the public offering for lyft is listed at $72 per share listing the company is valued at more than $22 million. you can find it under the ticker symbol lyft. we have news updates on all of your favorite social media platforms, including our website, media platforms, including our website,
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welcome back. we are looking at the roadways and seeing some foggy
8:58 am
conditions as you work your way across the golden gate bridge. we have limited visibility, use caution. it is friday light coming down the 101 heading toward san francisco. here is a live look at the bay bridge. it has thinned out quite nicely this morning. you should have a pretty easy ride working your way from the maze across the upper deck into san francisco. it is slow coming off the skyway. it looks good on the san mateo bridge. it is an easy ride between 101 and 880.
8:59 am
happy friday to you. we are tracking low clouds owner salesforce tower camera. above the clouds, beautiful, blue skies. you can see mount diablo above the low clouds. let's show you are high temperatures. we are looking at upper 50s to low to mid 60s as we have met through the day with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and a nice break from the rain. that will continue with the ridge of high pressure building in for us warming up this weekend with plenty of sunshine. on saturday, we are looking at about 70 degrees inland, low 60s for the bay, upper 50s for the coast. sunday gets even warmer in the mid 70s inland, mid 60s in the bay and mid 50s for the coast. rain returns next tuesday. the coast. rain returns next tuesday.
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