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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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when you close the border you stop a lot of the drugs from coming in. oncethe us to apply. she is
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urging congress to act immediately. turning to weather now we take a live look over the bay from our exclusive salesforce camera beautiful tonight outside. this weekend we will be rain- free. >> looking forward to that. >> it's about time. the weekend was not rain free but the week will be. so good timing by mother nature. this weekend is the first rain free weekend we have heard had. we did have a few showers in lake mendocino and napa county earlier today. that has moved out. tomorrow morning plan on a chilly morning with clear skies and plan on only not only rain free but cloud free. see how long the cloud free streak will remain that's coming up in a few minutes. finally.>>ming nexfr ply model to murder sus the body of
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doctor found in the trunk of a car found in las vegas. also ahead, bay area police said a guy with an open house and left with a bunch of expensive lingerie. coming up at 10:30 a girl killed in a bar parking lot. the suspect and what passengers are afraid of tonight.
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25-year-old playboy model is sitting in jail tonight, arrested in connection with the murder of a 71-year-old psychiatrist for monterey. tonight's some new details are being revealed about their relationship. two weeks ago the body of doctor thomas burchard was found stuffed in the trunk of a car along the nevada highway. a week later, the fbi arrested kelsey turner in stockton. a
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friend of the slain doctor told salinas station ksp w that bircher had a close relationship, not only with kelsey, but also with her mother. a friend claims that bircher paid the women's rent, gave them thousands of dollars every week. >> he told me he met kelsey on a website, these women were like an escape for him to have somewhere to go. >> the doctors friends say once the cash flow stopped, kelsey moved to las vegas. the rent also claims that burchard was planning to visit vegas to check on her. >> he says, it seems that kelsey is having some trouble with her boyfriend out there in vegas. i feel partly responsible for this. >> kelsey will be extradited back to nevada to face charges. a bizarre theft now in san mateo. it happened during an open house. drama chyna reports a guy walked in pretended to be interested in buying the home but walked out with a bunch of
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expensive lingerie. >> reporter: the officer we talk with today said he hasn't seen a case like this before. according to the realtor did not want to be on camera the man introduced himself as james before walking into take a look at the home. it happened next was partially caught on a surveillance camera. >> what started out as a typical client interaction at an open house ended in one of the most bizarre ways possible. the agent let's a man to the house and shuts the door as he goes outside. you can then see the man walk out of the camera's view to take a look at one of the bedrooms. when he comes back, officers say you can notice of visible balls by his stomach and it looks like he just stepped something under his shirt. >> this is a peculiar case and that's why it's important for people to be aware of the ramifications of inviting unknown people into their homes. >> reporter: officer hops said
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the man stole five bras and those are the only items he left with. the san mateo police department is hoping someone will know who this man is and help them solve this case. >> we don't know with the mindset of this man is. and that's why it is important to sit down with him and find out why he walked into this house, if he stole these bras and, you know we should probably take a look at his background, too. >> reporter: the realtor also tells me that in most cases he leaves the front door wide open during open houses so he can keep an eye on the clients inside. he said in this case, the homeowners asked him to close the door so the cat would not get out. in san mateo, andrea nakano, kpnx 5. tonight a pricey violin that was taken off the minibus has been returned to its rightful owner. >> william pick up the instrument from san francisco police, the eighth-grader said he accidentally left the violin underneath his seat on the 30 bus last month while he was
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doing math homework. >> i am very happy, and thank you officers so much for your help. without you, i would not have found it. this woman was seen picking up the violin and walking off the bus with it. her lawyer insists she was not trying to steal it. he said she called two schools in the area to see if anyone had reported it missing. the woman wrought the violin to the richmond station after police put out a press release about the incident, including her photo. police are still investigating, so far no charges have been filed and william tells as his violin is worth about $1200. in our next half g payoff? >> why so many investors are hitching a ride not turning a p> yes, they are losing money but at the same time they are trying to construct a $1 trillion market.
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coming up in the weather, the inventors taking a lift this weekend. we are leaving the 60s and some of you will go back to the 70s but how long will the warm and dry weather last? the forecast is coming up next. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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we have had so much rain lately, it's going to be so nice to have some sunshine this weekend. you were saying earlier, 28 days of rain in february and
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how much you have total do you think we have had? >> we have had 16 days of total rainfall which is more than half. i don't know about you, we are out of the drought. for about eight years, every time you had sunshine, oh yeah it sunny but we need the rain, you don't need to say that anymore the entire state of california is out of a drought you can just enjoy sunshine which i implore you to do this weekend as it will be sunny. livermore and santa rosa you're calling up to 51, oakland 56, san francisco 54. and is currently clear skies in san jose. the 11 1/2 hours of darkness, we will drop down into the mid- 40s, san rafael and san jose and santa rosa 41 in rar is cle again. the radar is clear and likely will stay that way until tuesday. that is our next chance of rainfall you can see in a
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rainfall forecast your nothing for the weekend, only field trips monday night and less than 1/10" with turning on tuesday. so no big storms heading our way but there is a big pattern change coming our way next week. let's talk about the pattern change that is drying us out. low pressure that was to our west all week long is now lifting through oregon and the pacific northwest heading away from us. in this ridge of high pressure which will get no closer than about 500 miles from the bay area is just strong enough, to take the storm track and the rain and keep it just to our north so it won't take much to bring it back but it's not coming back this weekend. tomorrow morning we are dry and clear, tomorrow evening, great evening for barbecuing and doing something outside. sunday morning we are still clear but watch it change by sunday afternoon. we begin to go cloudy and we will be cloudy and monday and watch the rain likely return to the bay area with some scattered showers on tuesday. so that rain gets close to us or hits us in the form of some scattered showers starting the middle of next week to the next
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several days will be mainly dry. so mainly drive for the weekend. clouds increase sunday afternoon and monday. we will see some showers, especially in the north bay on tuesday with more widespread rainfall likely but not until about this time next week so the second half of next week looks wet. we will go to 70 tomorrow, napa an court and santa rosa get pretty close, san rafael 68, san jose 69 degrees and gilroy you will 70, san francisco 64 degrees and sunshine, despite the cloud cover on sunday and monday, 60s to mid 70s, slight chance of a shower on tuesday and better chance of rain next tuesday and friday. we have earned it and so now we get to enjoy a dry weekend. that is your forecast. in our next half hour it could be considered the ultimate invasion of privacy. >> wait until you see what a california couple found hidden inside of their air b&b. ? how do we ss ic straight ahead, the warriors in
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the land of 10,000 lakes, minneapolis, 48 minutes of regulation, not enough.
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it has been a busy week for sports. equally we do have burn glenn here to some it all up. i just wanted thank you for keeping me awake you are like the shot of espresso. >> thank you. >> we had a simulcast with our
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sister station and we're kind of juggling both balls in the air tonight. nothing quiet about it, nba the warriors up top a little crowded at the top of the western conference. to marcus cousin, nice and loose before the game trying his best to distract one of the announcers,, 5 seconds left and he is fouled, wait a minute, shot waved off? he was not in shooting motion with the foul? he is dumbfounded, look at that. so they take it out again, no problem, curry, corner pocket 3. his 11th of the night, he had 37, 5/10 nd leyou see the scores tied at 130. and there is contact, oh, the arm grab. you don't call that at the end of the game, can you do that? so anthony towns made the first free throw and that's all that they really needed.
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minnesota down by 19 they rally back to win, 131-130 in overtime. mark fox to the sidelines calling x's and ill o's for the cal bears, the new men's basketball coach at of the college game this past season after nine year run in georgia. but he is familiar with the west coast, prior to jordan he was the head coach in nevada where he led the wolfpack to the tournament three times in five years. on ncaa minds minced tournament, zion williamson at duke, tech was on the floor, williamson missed, didn't miss this time. lob city, virginia tech, down, but not out. they rallied against the team he had to sweat out the chance to tie him. matt hill? no, as time ran out. look at that, that close to tying the game, 75-23, the final duke to get off the hook again they face michigan state sunday in the elite eight. baseball, could the giants it
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on the board this time? not back to back shutouts to start the season! that's never happened to them. aim 2 of the season, getting all loose with the padres in san diego. in those retro burger king uniforms, 2nd inning, mario found a hole with dear colin, brought in a couple of runs. and evan longoria, got us out of here took behind the with the ninth inning blast for the teams first run for the season. giants on the short end final up 4 -1. we've got hardware headed out in oakland for the a's effort last season. bottom nine, scoreless until chris davis connected. third run for the air in oakland led 2 minus 0. bases loaded and simmons found a hole, ellie went on to win 6 minus 2.
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tonight, please are viewing bodycam video from the deli shooting last month. lethal force was necessary they say after 20-year-old man woke up and reached for gun in his
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lap. his family says the video confirms that police overreacted . they plan to file a civil suit. new fallout for southwest airlines tonight since the faa grounded the entire boeing 737 max fleet. the airline is reducing service through may. southwest's largest carrier, so far they have canceled almost 3000 flights because of the grounded aircraft. santa clara county is reporting a second case of measles, just this week. health officials say the latest person was infected while traveling overseas. they're now reaching out to anyone who could of been exposed while that person was contagious. cruz. s is a special ca de la 10:30 for the deadly violence outside of the west oakland bar station tonight, devin fehely reports a 16-year-old has been arrested, accused of shooting a teenage girl.
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>> reporter: there still so much we don't know about what happened here last night for the details we do have are deeply disturbing about an hour before midnight, the 16-year- old boy gunned down a 17-year- old girl. >> we have a female victim and he is starting cpr. >> reporter: the 17-year-old girl knew her attacker and while the shooting happened in the parking lot of the west oakland station, the argument where the fight that triggered it began someplace else. >> although witnesses said all they saw was a silhouette. >> reporter: witnesses said they saw shadowy figure run away from the scene but it didn't take detectives long to shed light on who they believe the gunman's. arresting a 16-year-old oakland boy this afternoon. even though the fight didn't start on the train or the station itself, art passenger said news of the deadly shooting left them on alert and on edge. >> it's pretty dangerous so i usually don't write alone i'm usually with my mom or my
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girlfriend. >> i'm always a little cautious and that someone got shot and killed that's concerning. >> reporter: investigators have not said how the gunman and the victim knew each other or what the motive was for the murder. but from passengers who frequent the station, this shooting was simply too close for comfort. >> i don't think doesn't up about safety. i don't think they do enough in terms of operations. i use this station a lot. i think about it now and again. department >> reporter: part police were quick to emphasize that the shooting did not involve any other passengers or start on one of their trains. the explanation of that narrative only goes so far saying that they did ultimately end in their parking lot. in oakland, devin fehely. >> the us attorney general is now promising to release a redacted version of the robert muller report in a matter of weeks. he says it is nearly 400 pages long and needs to be tional sec
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and ongoing investigations. late today, president trump said he accepts bars written commitment to lawmakers. >> i have great confidence confidence in the attorney general and if that is what he would like to do i have nothing to hide. >> we are obviously willing to concede today that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy, but remember that none of these activities were appropriate. e democrats have been pushing to see the report. boris said moeller found that the president not conspire with russia to influence the 2016 election. but it does not clear on the question of obstruction of justice. strike the first and the weight of billion-dollar startups has hit the market. san francisco-based lyft is now the new york stock exchange. the shares opened this morning at $87 that is up 21% remits offering price of 72 bucks. melissa kane shows us the stop closed its first day of trading
10:35 pm
up more than 8%. >> reporter: the securities exchange commission said they have a history of net losses and we may not be able to achieve or maintain profitability in the future. and, we encourage net losses of 680 to make and 911.3 million in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. >> yes, they are losing money but they are trying to construct a $1 trillion market. >> reporter: alejandro ortiz is an analyst for share post research they trade shares of companies like lyft before the go cup public. he said lyft is growing at an alarming rate. >> that just doesn't happen. >> reporter: in sure is the editor at large it cnet and say bump because it's the first
10:36 pm
writes your company to go public. >> a lot of what lyft represents here is not just a tech stock. it's actually the first opportunity anyone has in the public market to that on these ridesharing companies. >> reporter: still, the company does need to keep growing and become profitable at some point , and that plan involves scooter share, bike share and autonomous cars. >> reporter: a lot of lives future it's and autonomous driving. that is not good news. >> i believe in technology, but the thing is, over on lyft, the focus how to replace drivers is sad. >> reporter: and he is skeptical that autonomous cars will be on the road anytime soon. >> even airplane if you put it in auto mode you need a real person to control it and to be there. >> reporter: he does not plan to join the numbers of people who have bought shares of lyft are you >> how are they going to put their money in closing
10:37 pm
companies? good luck to them. seriously. >> reporter: lyft is certainly not the only company to go public while now not being profitable. famously, amazon and twitter did the same thing and then later achieve profitability. later this year, we got pinterest and uber both tech companies, neither of those are profitable either, they are going to be public so we're going to be back asking similar questions later this year. in san francisco, melissa kane, kpix 5. strike a mysterious flight on a bay area flight has several people recovering tonight. the united flight was heading from baltimore to sfo but it had to land in washington dc. passengers reported a strong order in the cabin they said that was similar to fuel. about 20 people complained about stomach and chest pains along with headaches. officials are still investigating the cause of the odor. united is offering to cover passengers' medical bills. take a look at this brazen
10:38 pm
bicycle robbery in campbell. surveillance video complements stealing this black road bike from the wheel away cycle center. it happened in the afternoon a couple weeks ago. the suspect rights away. once he gets out the door, anyone with information is asked to call the campbell police price tag nearly 5 months after the devastating campfire survivors are taking initial steps towards rebuilding. reporter steve large shows as a man with the very large plan to build again. >> reporter: all the construction is starting with one home owned by a couple who never considered living anywhere else. what colors the house going to be? >> it's going to be white with black trim. a little bit of a southern style. >> reporter: makin and jason took me to the place they will soon call home again. >> right now we are standing in
10:39 pm
our lot that we lost in the campfire. >> reporter: this is the last picture of their last home showing flames of the campfire barreling down on it before burning it to the ground along with thousands of other homes in this community. >> it's all going to be brand- new. >> reporter: now the town of their dice has issued the first building permit since the fire. they plan to rebuild a nearly identical home. >> same floor plan, it's going to be a bit bigger but this was our home and this is what we want to rebuild. >> reporter: home of paradise has only received 21 building permit application since the campfire. the bizarre and application was the first to get all the paperwork done. >> it's not just for us it's for the whole town. it's time to rebuild. >> reporter: it's a permit that makin bizarre said proves a point who doubt paradises resilience. you think a lot of people are counting paradise out? >> yes, it has been a big thing that we hear. and we are on the
10:40 pm
opposite side of that we don't believe that paradise is a lost caught at all. >> reporter: rebuilding paradise will start right here. >> the population will be small at first but as people start to rebuild, it will grow back up and we will be here for. >> reporter: they said they will start construction in just a couple weeks. in paradise, steve large, kpix 5. coming up, one couples nightmare story . raising concerns about air b&b. >> what they found hidden inside and steps the company has taken in the aftermath. was a bay area company discovered that has scientists buzzing with hope. what have found for the first time in decades. it seems like decades since we've had a dry couple of days. we have had a very soggy margin that will change for the weekend. how long will we
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a couple who rented the property for a southern california getaway said their stay left them feeling violated. reporter stacy butler shows us they're just out disturbing discovery. >> we just wanted a romantic getaway, you know the whole description is what rolled us in. it has good ratings and everything so we felt comfortable going with airbnb. >> reporter: at their romantic getaway turn cold after they kicked in for the night on tuesday. when christian noticed something odd about the smoke detector across from their bed he took his cell phone video.
10:44 pm
>> i actually came up to it and noticed that there was a hidden camera here. i just open it up and found there was a slot and there was a micro usb in there and turned it off, put it away. >> reporter: turned off it was a fake smoke detector hiding a hidden camera with the missing st card. >> if there's somebody else out there doing that i want people to know. if they are going to rent it out, look through the whole room. anything that looks suspicious. >> reporter: the couple confronted the homeowner who identified herself as colleen. she said she just put the device up that morning but she said the same device appears to be in the air b&b e for ren >> she said i'm going to call the cops and i said call them. >> reporter: the couple filed a police report. we tried to speak with the owner but men who claimed they were owners answer the door and said she wasn't home. >> i don't have anything to talk about. >> reporter: we spoke with the company and said the safety of our company is our priority.
10:45 pm
air b&b prohibits hidden cameras and we take seriously any reports very seriously. we promptly removed this property and refunded miss solace. >> after looking at the fake smoke alarm they did not find an st card or wi-fi capability that means there was no video recorded so they can't charge for any crime. airbnb says they have removed that home and have refunded those renters. tonight in environmental restoration effort in san francisco is paying off. >> the discovered that scientists made that hasn't been seen in the city for decades. >> reporter: the presidio trust has been restoring this meadow off and on for about 18 years. and yet, just last week, something new popped up. these. special bees, silver, bigger bees, also known as as reporter
10:46 pm
miserable problems. to do that right? the females burrow holes to deposit their eggs, eggs that the presidio trust says may take a year to hatch. >> this size has not been seen, never and a small area has not been recorded since 1928 in san francisco. artificial intelligence the silver bigger bees looks similar to to the honeybees except the furs not yellow as the name implies, it's silver. db replied appeared after staffers remove thousands of ice plants revealing thousands of sand dunes. >> a lot of the stuff is really starting to come to fruition. >> reporter: the mail silver bigger bees do not sting. while not considered endangered, they are rare for san francisco, so the city of trust doesn't want the exact location revealed.
10:47 pm
somewhere in the presidio, don ward, kpix 5. >> several species of birds, frogs, manuals and plants also returned to the presidio after the restoration. well, it finally felt like spring outside today. >> we have been tracking the weekend forecast and boy does it look good. we have earned it, yes. how about seven sunshine and 70 degrees? it felt like we would never get to that point. we had some thunderstorms, even today we had some showers in the north they. the weekend is going to be excellent outside in the mainly dry weather will last into next week. dry on the radar right now we somewh mild. we are in the 50do to 51we have had colder. overnight tonight, no 30s but pretty close in our north bay and east bay valleys concorde 43 and santa rosa 42 degrees, number 6:58 is our sunrise
10:48 pm
tomorrow. we have had a lot of days without rainfall but no one day has been a crazy washout. so since october 1, we are only 10% warmer than average than in san jose. only 12 percent wetter than average in san francisco it feels like those numbers should be 50, 60, 70 percent wetter than average, a lot of rain but not much yield when it comes to rainfall. don't worry about rain this weekend. how about the 70s this weekend and wine country. tomorrow, sunshine, 71 degrees, 73 with an increase in cloud cover we weave milder coming up on sunday into the low to mid 70s. talk about why it's happening the north, leave gave gage is anoriginal high pressure which is kind of bashful it's not going to get that close, close enough to nudge the storm just to the north the keep us dry
10:49 pm
for the next three days. tomorrow, sunshine. tomorrow evening we will have clear skies as well. sunday a subtle change, clouds building sunday afternoon and we got mostly cloudy but no rain injuring our forecast until tuesday at the earliest and even that is a decent chance of rain for the north. so we are mostly dry for the weekend clouds will increase later and we will also be pretty cloudy on monday but still pretty mild. northbay showers on tuesday and the that rain, no-rain wind will sag and will give us all a chance for invite next weekend. highs tomorrow looking good. back to normal. this is kind of average for this kind of year. last weekend of march, san rafael, 68 and redwood city, 67 degrees. 70s in our inland valleys. mainly northbay rain showers were dry and wednesday and widespread rain likely does return next thursday and friday but it will be mainly a get t t out and enjoy it. up next, wine goes high- tech. >> and a local winery using
10:50 pm
dearest britain.
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we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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seresto, serjake...eresto. seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. all right silicon valley tech has arrived in napa valley. >> some ambitious winemakers have brought in a robotic assistant to help make what they hope is a perfect glass of wine. the beginning of the end. report of dave bender with the details. >> reporter: winemakers in ancient egypt got the job done, but they didn't have this. meet felix, the intelligent
10:53 pm
winemaking assistant. it is data on display at the top of its fermentation dome at paul months winery in napa. christian wrote the software. >> christian is making adjustments constantly. >> reporter: adjustments like bacon should the temperature these containers is exactly where it needs to be. the colors on this map shows where grapes and different types of wine are grown. the system measures everything from the ground and up above. >> we put a plane up in the air twice a week. >> reporter: the data analyzed by more software with a cool name, vigor for vineyard infrared growth operational radar. the software makes sure each plant gets the right amount of water, no more, no less. down the road, there's another company, imagery, it uses data not to make line but to sell it. >> our mandate is to increase their sales by 5-30 percent using the software. >> reporter: it geathers their
10:54 pm
data so wind sellers can learn more about the customers. >> we can see they love chardonnay and talk about it on social media. >> he says it's a win for customers and also for people who love a good glass of wine. >> how we're making better experiences for people to this wonderful beverage that his been through the almost the beginning of mankind. still to come, it would have made history, instead it didn't happen and it's
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history denied today because a suit didn't fit. >> it was denied, for sure. the first ever all female spacewalk was supposed to happen at the international space station, but a problem with the size of the spacesuit stopped it from happening. instead a man and woman completed the mission today. nasa has been getting berated online for not being able to make a new plan in time so the all female spacewalk could have taken place. >> that's too bad. the news continues next at 11:00. the bay area cities that will be dealing with a rise in sales tax in a few days. >> plus we watch this crazy chase unfolded moments ago on a california freeway. wait till you see the dramatic ending.
10:58 pm
>> and forget lyft and uber, a new taxi service is now soaring across the bay area and we'll take you on board. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door.
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don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. it's an execution by firing squad. >> now at 11:00 vallejo police shoot and kill a rapper in a taco bell drive-thru, our first look at the body cam footage. >> reporter: first the 737 max fleet was grounded and then came the cancellations, what you need your next flight. >> and a wrong-way chase on an l.a.
11:00 pm
freeway, the driver slams into oncoming traffic. wait till you see how this chaotic scene finally played out. >> sick of traffic? take the high road literally, the taxi chopper service launching in the bay area. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we begin with that newly released body camera video from a deadly shooting in a taco bell drive-thru. kpix5's da lin is in vallejo and a warning, the video is graphic. >> reporter: the taco bell has since shut down, but the shooting happened here at the drive-thru. six officers shot willie mccoy and tonight they released all six officers' chest cam footage. police responded to a 911 call. a driver later identified as 20- year-old willie mccoy passed out in his mercedes at the taco bell drive-thru. police say he had respondi


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