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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  March 30, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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it's an execution by firing squad. >> a family outraged this morning over the deadly police shooting of a local rapper, what annually released video reveals. grounded 737 max airplanes, frustration is nearing a boiling point. and the bay area cities that will be dealing with a rise in sales tax in a couple of days. it is 6:00 a.m. on saturday, march 30th, good morning. >> i'm melissa cane. >> we are not dealing with the possibility of rain happens
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investigators are looking at whether pa sensor failure activated that system causing pilots to lose control of the plane. nearly after five months of the devastating camp fire, they're taking steps in healing rebuilding in paradise, this is a town that has a long way to be whole again, it's starting with one home, a couple who never considered living anywhere else. >> what color will the house
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be? >> it will be white with black trim, a little bit of a southern style. >> this couple took me to the place where they'll call home again. >> we are are standing in the lot we lost in the camp fire, this is the lost paradise home, the camp fire was burning it down to the ground, along with thousands of homes in the community. >> it will be brand-new. >> the town of it paradise has issued the permit to build the home. >> it will be a little bigger, the same floor plan and this is what we want to rebuild. >> they've received 21 building applications since the camp fire, and they have gotten the go ahead, that the soil is clean. >> it's not just for us, it's for the whole town, it's time to go and rebuild.
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>> it's something that proves a point, who doubt paradise's resilience. >> a lot of people are counting paradise out? >> it's been a big thing that we hear and we're on the opposite side of that. we don't believe that paradise is a lost cause at all. >> rebuilding paradise will start right here. >> the population will be small at first, but as people start to rebuild, it will build back up. and now that they have permit for it they'll start construction in a few weeks. a second case of measles has been confirmed in santa clara county. one person got infected traveling internationally and returned to home. the health department is reaching out for anyone who may have made contact with that person. there was another case of
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measles when an international tourist visited different populations, and the risk to the public in the new case is very low. and if you need to buy a big ticket item this week may be a good weekend to do it. taxes going up. and it's going up in certain counties. the smallest increase is in los gatos, and alameda's new taxes is close. this is on top of the statewide range if 7 and a quarter per cent. and they want to spend millions to upgrade the dmv to get rid of the wait times and governor newsone wants to add
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162 million. it would involve buildings, self-service kiosks and bring shorter wait times. and the legislature has to approve an increase to the dmv budget. unless you snagged a monthly spot you're out of luck. bart says monthly parking permits sold out after days being toward riders, the transit agency said you can get on the wait list, it's part of the long term project, apartment shops and restaurants are in the works. >> coming up, one couple ease nightmare stories raising concerns about air b and b. >> what was in the rental. >> and a murder suspect after a body of a doctor was found in the trunk of a car in las vegas.
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a 25-year-old playboy model is in jail arrested in connection with a 71-year-old psychiatrist in california. >> we're learning more about their relationship. two weeks ago, the body of this doctor was found stuck in s at he had the in relationship th lsand moth hes rent s
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dollars every week. kelsey on have somewhertogo. s saonce e cash flow stopped she moved to las vegas, and he was planning to visit las vegas to check on her. >> it seems like she was having trouble with her boyfriend in las vegas. i feel partly responsible for this. >> kelsey will be extradited from nevada to face charges. and the theft of women's underwear from a home that's up for sale. investigators release surveillance video of the incident which was reported to police sunday. the theft happened during an open house hosted by a real estate agent. the man introduced himself as james as he walked in to look at the home. investigators point out a visible bulge under the suspect's shirt. >> this is a peculiar case, and
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that's why it's important for people to be aware of the ramifications of inviting unknown people into their homes. the man stole 5 bras and those are the only items he took. they're hoping someone knows who this man is and hethem solve the case. and a couple who rented party for a southern california get away, it left them feeling violated, there was a disturbing discovery. >> we want a romantic get away, it has good ratings and everything, we felt comfortable going with the air b and b. >> they checked if for the night on tuesday. when christian noticed something odd about the smoke detector from the wall across from the bed, he took this cellphone video. >> i actually came up to it and noticed there was a hidden camera right here. >> i found out there was a micro usb in there and turned it off and put it away.
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>> it turns out police say there was a smoke detector hiding a camera with a missing sd card. >> i want people to know about it. if you rent it out, look through a whole room, anything that looks suspicious. the couple confronted the homeowner who identified themselves as pauline. she put the device up that morning. the same device appears to be in the air bnb photo advertising the room for rent. >> i'm going to call the cops. >> go ahead, i already called them. >> they tried to file a police report. >> i don't know nothing. >> we contacted air bnb, and they released a statement:
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. okth fake smoke hat after alarm, they did not find an actual sd card or wifi capability, so that means there was no video recorded so they can't charge the owners with a crime. they've removed that host and refunded the renters. a pricy violin that was taken off a mini bus in san francisco has been returned to its rightful owner. william picked up the instrument yesterday, he accidentally left the vial in under the seat of his 38 bus last month when he was doing math home work. >> i'm very happy, i'm pleased and thank you officers so much for all of your help. without you i would not have gotten it. >> this woman was seen picking up the vial in and walking off the bus with it. she called two schools in the area to see if anyone reported
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it missing, the woman brought the violin to the richmond station thursday to talk to police about the incident. police are investigating and so far charges have been filed. and williams told us that his vial in is worth about $12,000. you pointed out at the top of the newscast how nice yesterday was, i know you're a san jose guy. i'll use san jose as an example of how much nicer this weekend will be. it's 64 for the daytime high in san diego, look at today, 70, that will be a 6 degree warmup from what you remember about yesterday. i'll show you sunday, sunday we'll hit 75 and i can do some arithmetic on that too. that's 11 degrees warmer than what yesterday was. this weekend is going to be nice. there will be fewer clouds in the sky, we're definitely not getting raped on and we'll be warmer, here are the headlines, no rain this weekend.
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a few light showers will return on tuesday, i'll show you that in the futurecast in one second and perhaps somewhat more impressive rain comes back for the end of next week. the other thing to keep in mind here is the pollen is going to be an issue. any time this time of the year, you start seeing a forecast that is sunny and warm after a few days, maybe we had light rain come through, you can expect if the trees to start throwing out pollen, right now the alder and ash and juniper trees, the scale goes to 12. this is the first time, so far since we've been doing the pollen report, that we had anything getting into 11, there's a heads up for monday. that covers the sneeze forecast. let's get into the rain forecast, if we look at the live satellite, this is us this morning. this is our sunny forecast, we'll switch from live, this is the futurecast, we are seeing what the computer believes is
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going to happen. here's sunday, sunday we're staying sunny, that's 3 in the afternoon, maybe a few clouds off the coast, we know sunday will be warmer today with plenty of sunshine and here comes monday. to start off monday morning, the clouds have come back, it will be a cloudy drive to work for you on monday. to see when we get the rain, we go further, there's the next storm sitting out there, let's bring that one forward and this gets here late monday going into tuesday. did you see that weak band of rain going on tuesday. light showers for tuesday, it shouldn't be much, a little rain for tuesday, for the north bay and we get to the end of the week and that storm looks impressive, and that's with we look at the seven-day forecast, and the end of it has more likely opportunities for rain. don't get too excited about that tuesday's storm. it doesn't look like we'll get much out of it. a few light showers are possible, and a break on wednesday and it plays out, and
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we'll see how it will be next week. we have a great weekend coming our way. >> let us have it this happy weekend. >> you can have it, and i think we'll have a chance to get out and enjoy this one. >> thank you so much, darren, and we have video here, take a look at this brazen bicycle robbery in campbell. this camera caught this man stealing a bike in the center. the suspect then rides away, once he gets out the door. now, in with information is asked to call campbell police. good morning, everybody. we'll get to it and get to it quick. i have got warriors to talk about, the regular season is coming down on me. seven games are left. time you what happened in the land of 10,000 for 50 years, cracker barrel
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good morning, everybody. see what's over my shoulder, the warriors and the minnesota timberwolves, boy, did they battle it out in overtime number last night. roll it on up, carla, did they body up the announcers, no, they were throwing off their game.
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warriors down 3, kevin durant, shot, foul, good? the ref said no. the warriors are still down three. they take it out again, steph curry, corner pocket for three, he hit it, and 11th of the night, he had 37 points, 5/10ths of a second left. kevin durant, grabbing karl- anthony towns, towns made the first rethrow and that's all he needed. minnesota down by 19 and rallied and won it. and the warriors fell into first place tie in the conference with denver with 7 regular season games left. every game crucial as you want to be. the to seed once the playoffs start. we segue from that to your san francisco giants, will they get on the board yesterday?
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maybe get a win? how about one of two? pregame ritual? well, we're trying to get the mojo. there they are in the burger king uniforms. they get it to holland, he opened it and got the scoring. and they were making sure they wouldn't be shut out again a solo blast for the team's first run for the season. it was the padres on top, final 4-1. the golden glove hardware handed out in oakland, for the a's last season. ran chris davis mustled it out of there. they led 2-0. the lead was tied at 2 in the 8th and they got through with the bases, and they won 6-2 and it dropped the
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a's record from 1 and 3 for the year. here's what we have to look for later on today. the ncaa tournament play for the women, stanford cardinal, second seed in their region face mississippi -- excuse me, missouri state for the right to move on and that drive into tampa and the women's final 4. shout out to kentucky, auburn and duke, a shoutout to connecticut, mississippi state, louisville and oregon, the women, they were victorious in ncaa tournament play on yesterday. that is sports at this moment. i will see you later on today. the time now is 6:26, ahead in our next half-hour, will a big bet on lift pay off. >> why so many investors are hitching a ride, despite the company not turning a profit. >> forget lyft so with xfinity mobile
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i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with ur nope. you sure you' oh it's him. good call.
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customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. . welcome back, it is about 6:30, good morning. >> let's start this half-hour with a check on the forecast. i'll show you how beautiful a view is from our roof. this is the camera we got on top of the building here, the view we get over the bay bridge, this is one view.
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the sun is not even coming up here until we get to 6:58 this morning. i'll do one better than that. i'll go higher than the roof and we'll go to the top of the salesforce tower and from there we'll look north out over the bay and one of the things that stands out about a view like that this morning, there are no clouds, there are not even low stratus clouds, the marine layer is not coming in through the golden gate this morning. there is patchy fog as you get along the coast. we're starting out with a clear morning and it's relatively warm. the numbers are in the 40s and san francisco is at 50, and santa rosa, it's 41, and this time of the year we've done it, over the last few weeks a nice downanthere be t upto 63 r n fr t ofit will be warmer than that inland, many inland locations today will hit 70, it will be a nice one
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coming our way, sunny for saturday, a bit warmer on sunday and the rain is coming back for tuesday, not a lot, but tuesday is the return, i'll talk to you about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. for now, melissa, back to you. and the first in the way of multibillion dollar startups have hit the market. lyft is being trade on nasdaq. it's at 81 and it had the offering at 71 and it went up 8%. in a document filed by lyft with the security exchange commission, we have a history of net losses and we may not be able to maintain and achieve profitability in the future and
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we occurred losses of: yes, they're losing money, at the same time they're trying to disrupt a $1 trillion market. and an analyst who does company research says lyft is growing at an amazing rate. >> 150% year after year it doesn't happen. >> and lyft may be getting a bump because it's the first ride share company to go public, a lot of what lyft represents here is not just a tech stock. it's the first opportunity anyone has in the public market to bet on these ride sharing companies. >> still the company does need to keep growing and to become profitable at some point and that plan involves scooter share, bike share and autonomous cars. >> a in autonomous driving. >> for lyft drivers, that is not good news, i believe in
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technology, but the thing is uber and lyft, the focus how to replace drivers which is sad. >> and he's skeptical that autonomous cars will be on the roads soon. >> if you have an airplane if you put in auto mode, you need a real person to control it and be there. >> he does not plan to join the numbers of people who have bought shares of lyft. >> how are they going to put their money in losing companies, how can they do it? good luck to them. >> lyft is not the only company to go public while in the being profitable, amazon and twitter did the same thing, and pinterest and uber are set to go this year and they're not yet profitable. >> a 17-year-old was shooting late thursday night at the bart station in west oakland, and they say she knew the suspect.
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an argument led to that shooting, it's the latest in a series of violent crimes that has some bart passengers on edge. >> i don't think bart does enough about safety and i don't think bart does enough in terms of operations, i use this station a lot, i do think about it now, and again. >> investigators have not said how the gunman and the victim knew each other or what the motive was for the shooting. and bay area parents were among a parade of executives and tycoons in federal court yesterday. they're accused of bribing their kids way into elite colleges. >> did your daughter play volleyball. >> among them the heiress to the hot pockets fortune. she is accused of paying $100,000 to get their daughter into a college for folly ball recruits and another $50,000
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and had photo shots as a water polo player to get her daughter into usc. hecharged in this scheme. six appeared in court and five are expected in a judge, and that includes a palo alto hedge fund manager. and the battle of the u.s. and mexico border is entering another chapter. president trump will close another section of the border if mexico doesn't stop undocumented immigrants from coming into the u.s., the immigration system is at a breaking point with overcrowding leading to releases in arizona and texas. the president has closed to shut the border before and this is the first time that he gave a somewhat specific timetable, there hes a likelihood that i'll be closing the rder week, and that's fine me ve ha
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be a profit making operation and closing the border will stop a lot of drugs from coming in. >> they want to allow central americans to apply for us asylum while in the home countries, she's urging congress to act immediately. >> and the u.s. attorney general is promising a version of special counsel robert mueller's report in a matter of weeks. he's going to release it it by mid-april in the latest and itn needs onigatns. ihave g confe the attorn what he would like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> we're willing to concede today that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy, but re report and
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supporting evidence. william barr says the mueller found the president and his campaign did not conspire with russia and the 2016 election. the report does not exonerate mr. trump on the question of obstruction of justice, that is a decision that mr. barr and mr. rose instein made separately. we asked the former san francisco mayor brown if he is on a victory lap. >> he's survived what he should not have been able to survive. unfortunately, nobody talked. >> well, i do think -- >> that's such a typical thing. >> he did it, the mueller report is complete, the attorney general isn't releasing it and they'll release it and nobody talked. >> not in my time. >> i'm a democrat, you have to understand. >> we'll have more on kpi kfox. and more than 20,000 people
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attended a national memorial service at a massacre in two mosques in new zealand, it's been two weeks since the shooter attacked the mosques and at christchurch the name of 50 victims were read and cat stevens sung a song as he converted to islam in the late 70s, and the prime minister is calling for freedom. >> anyone who can't practice their religion freely is not welcome here, violence and extremism is not welcome here. the gunman is still in jail awaiting his murder trial. we learned that facebook may restrict who can post live videos half that new zealand massacre. the company may limit access to
6:35 am
live streaming based on certain criteria including whether the user has violated community standards in the past. the suspect live streamed for 17 minutes before that video was taken down. meanwhile a business insider reports some of mark zuckerberg's posts have vanished. they were mistakenly deleteed a few years ago and they included some pivotal moments in the company's history like the acquisition of m in 2012. and e insect areasand, it oing higtech, a r for local nea w tool that los liket's out of a
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a puzzling 30-year-old mystery has been solved along the french coast. locals have been cleaning up these phones that have been washing up on beaches in western france. they found a lost shipping container in a cave. they've become a mascot to highlight the plastic pollution in the ocean. a new startup is offering flying taxi service in fuocions
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called blade, you can book helicopters for $195 per seat each way, i recently had a meeting in the east bay, i park comparing uber versus po transportation and thought that i could compare against blade, it's not easily navigate the roads so it means tunneling or going on the air. we're betting the on the air. >> san francisco airport monterey and napa, a flight between palo alto and oakland takes ten minutes after takeoff. an environmental restoration is taking off. scientists made a discovery that hasn't been seen for decades. the trust has been restoring this meadow off and on for 18 years, and yet just
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last week, something new popped up. bees, iaessilver digger bees, also known [ latin name ] >> they love sand, the females burough holes to deposit their eggs and it may take a year to hatch. >> they haven't seen the bees, the number this in small area hasn't been recorded since 1928 in san francisco. >> the single digger bees look like a honey bee, the bees look silver and they look similar to the honey be. >> we're getting to the stage, three days after the decoration where a lot of stuff is getting
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to fruition. >> the male silver digger bee do not sting. they're rare for san francisco, so the trust doesn't want the exact location revealed. somewhere several species of bees and birds and plants have returned following that restoration. and they had to postpone the decision for the walk around the international space station because of a wardrobe issue. >> there were not enough space suits to fit women. they need a medium sized suit. there's only one medium sized suit that is ready for use. each of the two women will go to space, but they won't go together. and in the meantime, let's get a check of what's happening closer to earth. >> i hope they get that size
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thing figured out. i want to see women up there, it's time we see that. the last time i started off in the last half-hour, i talked about san jose and talked about how this weekend would be warmer oakland, it was 63 for a high yesterday, and today we're going to 66, it's a little warmer, it's not that big of a deal. you noticed the bigger deal inland. look at sun, it's going to be 70 on sunday, now, there is a difference, that's a 70-degree warmup, what you remember feeling like, in oakland we're going to 66 today. there are 63 for san francisco, pacific is going to 60, santa rosa is going to # 2 and concord is at 70, by the way getting back to oakland for a second, it will be nice and it will be beautifully sunny, you don't have to worry about the rain taking on the angels.
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today there's nothing overhead following clouds, what we'll do is switch from the live satellite to the futurecast, we can play this forward. and as we do, that sunday will be a lot like today. that sunday afternoon at 3:00, there might be a little bit of the par reason layer building off the coast, maybe a few clouds, but sunday is for the most part going to be just as nice as today. in fact, it will be a little warmer on sunday as we just saw, with temperatures going to 70 degrees, 11 degrees from san jose from yesterday. let's talk about when the rain got here. we got cloudy again, there's your commute on monday morning, no rain on monday, you' be able to tell things have changed to start the week, look at the rain sitting out there. to follow out that one, there's the storm responsible for that change, i'll bring that one forward now, and this gets us to tuesday, in fact, i'll stop it on tuesday morning, that says 3:00 a.m. on tuesday, the focus for this one will be a logical too far
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north. yes, we might see a few light showers from this across the bay area. the majority of this storm will be the far north redwood coast, tuesday we have to plan on some light rain. remember that when we get to the seven-day forecast, you'll see rain on tuesday, it's not a big deal. it's the end of this coming week where things start to get a little more impressive, that's thursday and friday another system comes in, we'll look at the seven-day forecast and we'll see a couple of opportunities for rain on here. tuesdays, we know it's not that big of a deal. let's move ahead, thursday and friday, late next week, that will likely be the next chance to see more widespread come back, in the meantime, start thinking about the low 70 in this weekend and mid-60s across the bay, guys, back to you. silicon valley tech has arrived in napa valleys wine makers have brought in a robotic assistant in the hopes
6:45 am
of making a perfect grass of wine. >> reporter: wine makers in ancient egypt got the jobs done, but they didn't have this. meet the intelligent wine making assistant. it's data on display at the dome in the winery in napa. christian wrote the software. >> it's making adjustments constantly. >> it's to make sure the temperatures are exactly where it needs to be. and where grapes are grown, and the winery measures everything from the ground and from up above. >> we put a plane in the sky twice a week, every monday and typically thursday, data analyzed by more software by vigor. >> what it's able to do is tell us roughly how much water each plant needs. >> the software makes sure each plant gets the right amount of water, no more, no less, down
6:46 am
the road there's another company, it uses big data not to make wine but to sell it. >> our main date is to -- mandate is to increase sales using our software by 30%. >> we can learn more about our customers. >> this person is a chardonnay lover, we can see how they talk about it on social media. >> it's win for companies and for people who just love a good glass of wine. >> how do we make better experiences and happiness for people through this wonderful beverage that's been through the beginning of mankind? >> a military officer found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, authorities ruled it a suicide at the time. his widow said he would never have killed himself. >> the evidence shows he could not have done what he did. >> you're not in denial? >> no. >> on the next 48 hours, he looks into the investigation and finds evidence that the colonel's death was a homicide. at the heart of that mystery,
6:47 am
an e-mail sent to the widow hours before the officer's death, sorry about what you're about to find out. >> the widow sent this note to a linguist, a specialist to analyze this and that linguist concluded it was not a suicide note. >> and you can catch 48 hours tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on kpix5. coming up, giving disabled vets a chance to enjoy the great outdoo yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
6:48 am realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. we fish and eat, that's the mantra of a his and wife team who offer trips for
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disabled veterans. >> this so winner much more. >> reto fish. >> when i'm at home i'm always inside. >> the army veteran who kept our borders safe during the cuban missile crisis has ptsd and back pain. >> i'm on my scooter. >> at collins lake near marysville 20 veterans board fishing boats thanks to the purple heart anglers. he founded the group with the support of his wife debra to host disabled veterans on day trips. >> it's a huge thank you to the veterans. >> what do yo veterat out of this? >> normalcy, it's regular, let's go fishing. >> they've taken 2,000 wounded warriors fishing, small groups go all over california, oregon, hawaiian alaska for a trip of a
6:50 am
lifetime. >> that's one of my dreams to go to alaskan catch a big salmon. >> this trip isn't just about catching a big fish. >> the trips cast a lifeline with anything with ptsd and traumatic brain injuries, and they catch veterans and go home calmer and happier. >> when my husband says he tried to kill himself and that's not that man any more, the credit is huge. >> many donate their time and boats like tom, he says the couple inspires him to give back to those who have served our country. >> they have a lot of heart, it's almost endless heart for people. >> so, for taking disabled veterans on meaningful day trips, this goes to
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z36p9z zi0z y36p9y yi0y
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. time now 6:56 time for the final 5. the sales tax will go up in many parts of the bay area. it will in these counties. and a suspect is under arrest in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old girl in oakland, it happened late thursday night in the parking lot of the west oakland bart system. the victim, police say, knew the suspect who was identified as a 16-year-old male. santa clara county is
6:53 am
reporting a second case of the measles this week, the latest person got infected traveling overseas, they're reaching out to anyone who could have been exposed while that person was contagious. a new fallout for southwest since the faa grounded the boeing 737 max float. they're reducing service through may. so far it has cancelled almost 3,000 flights because of the grounded planes. vallejo police have released video from a deadly shooting last month. six officers opened fire, and lethal force was necessary after a 20-year-old man reached up for a handgun in his lap. the video confirms that the police overreacted, they plan to file a civil suit. you'll have a beautiful week, it will be warmer than friday was, there won't be any clouds in the sky. you may notice a few on sunday and a little along the coast this morning. that's about it. a great looking weekend. the rain comes back, it will be
6:54 am
light on tuesday, a few light showers and then better opportunities for rain by late parts of next week. more on that once we get there. let's get out there and enjoy this weekend. it's fans. >> it's time to call it a morning. thanks for watching kpix
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