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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> body cam video shows a controversial police shooting at a vallejo taco bell. now questions being raised about police tactics in the minutes before officers opened fire. thank you so much for joining us. >> kpix 5 live in vallejo with more on how the situation was handled. katie? >> reporter: brian, i had a chance to talk today with don cameron who actually trains police officers on how to handle situations much like this one. he said based on the video, he thinks the shooting was justified. >> gun, gun. call it out. >> what? >> there's a gun in his lap. >> reporter: this is the body
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camera video released yesterday from one of the six officers involved in the shooting on february 9th. >> back seat is clear. >> reporter: it all started with a 911 call saying a man was passed out behind the wheel at the taco bell drive thru. when officers got there, they found the driver asleep in the car and saw he had a gun in his lap. >> why do you have a gun sitting on your lap in a fast- food line? >> reporter: don cameron has more than 50 years of experience in law enforcement first as a police officer, and now as a police academy instructor. he says based on the video, the officers did exactly what they are trained to do. >> they formulated a plan. they communicated with one another. they called other officers into the situation. >> reporter: for almost 4:00 during the video, the officers talk about how they can get the gun away from the driver who was later identified as 21-year- old willie mccoy. >> we him out. >> i don't want to give him a chance. >> i want to go in there and grab that gun and i'll yank him
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out. >> if he reaches for it -- >> yep. >> reporter: as police started to box the car in with their cruisers, mccoy started to move. [ indiscernible ] >> when he woke up, you can see in the video he leans forward, his left elbow and shoulder dip towards his lap where the gun was at. he was reaching for the gun. at that point, the officers shot him. >> reporter: mccoy's family held a press conference saying the officers only assumed he was reaching for the gun and point out it was less than four seconds from the time he started moving to when officers opened fire. >> at no point in time did he lift his arm with a gun in it. no one sees that. >> it's an execution by a firing squad. >> reporter: cameron says based on the video, when officers saw mccoy leaning down, they were forced to protect themselves. >> when somebody is reaching for a gun, you don't say, ok,
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wait a second and see what they are going to do. you can't do that. if he woke up, saw the police are yelling show me your hands, show me your hands, show me your hands and he put his hands up, that's a different story. there's no shooting there. >> reporter: vallejo police released the video yesterday t could be a couple of weeks before the city releases its report into whether the use of deadly force was justified in this situation. all six officers involved in that shooting are back on duty. live in vallejo, katie nielsen, kpix 5. a judge has authorized multiple police agencies to release misconduct records before 2019. it comes in response to suits challenging a state law enacted january 1 that requires the release of records related to sexual assault by police officers. officers-involved shootings and use of force resulting in great bodily injury. the decision came two weeks after the san francisco police officers association filed a motion to block the release of misconduct records before the start of the year.
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now the san francisco police department and multiple agencies in contra costa county are not allowed to keep these records from the public. since the start of the year, over a dozen law enforcement groups have tried to challenge the state law in court losing nearly every case. a suspected drunk driver also facing charges tonight for beating up a customer at a peninsula gas station hours earlier. jose castro martinez was stopped by the chp just before midnight last night and charged with a dui. it turns out he was also wanted for beating up a man at the kwik stop in redwood city around 9:00. the victim at the gas station suffered serious, but nonlife- threatening injuries. there are two fundraising campaigns going head to head in san francisco. thish sue a homeless navigationcenter on the waterfront. it sits along across from pier 30 south of the bay bridge. kpix 5 deven feely got opinions from both sides. >> reporter: there are
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currently competing go fund me campaignwhich people have given tens of thousands of dollars either in support or opposition to the idea of a massive homeless shelter on the parking lot behind me. >> i don't feel this is the right place for it. people in this area pay top dollar. >> reporter: it's an idea as polarizing as the embarcadero is popular. >> i have news for you, fellas. they are on the street. we need to help them. >> reporter: on this parking spot in the shadow of the bay bridge, the city wants to build a temporary, 200-bed homeless shelter and people have not been shy about sharing their opinions and money for and against the idea. in fact, it's the subject of dueling go fund me campaigns with opponents raising just shy of $75,000 and supporters chipping in more than $105,000 in response. >> they have a right to be in the city. i'm not saying that. i feel a better place would maybe be a little bit more off of this -- the embarcadero. it's perfect, prime real estate. why would you put a homeless
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shelter on the embarcadero? >> reporter: they say they are concerned about the size and scale of the shelter and feel the process has been rushed to stop opposition. they say the speed to which it has taken shape matches the desperate need for more house ago it is the right spot. if you walk up and down this part of the embarcadero, you'll see there's always a lot of people out here, homeless people. they need to have a place to go where they can be safe at night. i mean, it breaks my heart when it is cold and rainy. >> reporter: the final vote on the proposal was originally scheduled for april 23. there has been some discussion of pushing that date back in order to give the city some additional time to see if they can't get more homeowners on board with the idea. in san francisco, kpix 5. there's another public hearing on the navigation center that's set for wednesday at the foundation on the embarcadero. a protest in san francisco to call attention to the polite of palestinians in gaza.
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more than 100 people marched through the mission district this afternoon carrying signs and palestinian flags. they expressed anger at israel and the support it receives from the united states. >> we're asking for the united states to stop funding israel. we're asking people to boy caught, divest and sanction israel. >> protesters marking one year since the so-called great march of return when palestinians in gaza began weekly demonstrations demanding the right to go back to land they held before the state of israel was formed. president trump could make good on his threat to close the southern border with mexico next week. the president says it's not doing enough to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the u.s. cbs news kenneth craig reports from new york. >> reporter: president trump is considering taking drastic measures to secure the southern border and stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. >> there's a very good likelihood i'll be closing the border next week. >> reporter: on friday, secretary of state mike pompeo
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announced the state department would stop sending aid to migrant countries including el salvador, guatemala and honduras. those countries make up the so- called northern try angle and account for the number of central american migrants crossing the u.s.-mexico border. during a campaign rally for lindsey graham, mike pence said the united states has to end illegal immigration. >> we have a crisis at our southern border getting worse by the day. this week it was reported that 4,000 people attempted to come into our country illegally in a single day. >> reporter: the immigration debate is certain to be a central issue of the 2020 presidential election. former congressman beto o'rourke kicked off his presidential campaign in el paso, texas, saturday. >> we will find security not through walls, not through miltization. we will find security by
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focusing on our ports of entry that can connect us to the rest of the world! >> reporter: officials say 32,000 migrants have made their way into el paso this year. that's up from 30,000 in all of 2017 and 2018 combined. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. our political reporter melissa cane will have more on that story tonight at 6:00. starting monday, on-line shoppers in california will have to pay sales tax even if retailers are based out of state. sellers without a physical presence in the state have long been exempt and brick and mortar stores have complained about an unfair advantage. last year, the u.s. supreme court ruled that virtually all on-line retailers must be included to reflect changes in interstate commerce. that means states can impose sales taxes on any seller with a certain amount of transactions or revenue. california expects a windfall of roughly half a billion
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dollars a year. if you've been considering a big purchase at a brick and mortar store, you might want to do it this weekend because sales tax is going up in more than 50 california cities starting monday. that includes half a dozen bay area cities. the sales tax in alameda jumping from 9.25% to 9.75%. redwood city and antioch raising the rate from 8.75 to 9.25% and it is going up in los gatos and in sant rosa. sonoma county also raising the sales tax by 1/8 of a point including sebastopol and sonoma. searchers trying to find a father who went into the water to save his son. facebook could change its policy over live streaming. what might get users banned. if you are standing on top of a sales force tower, first, we would call 911 and, second,
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you'd have this view. it's nice over the city. it will be changing as we head into the
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a desperate search continues for a man when he jumped into a swift-moving river to rescue his 1-year-old son. the 41-year-old man was out fishing with his three kids when his 1-year-old fell out of the boat. the man went into the frigid river to rescue him. his 10-year-old daughter called 911 and the coast guard responded and found the boy, but the father had disappeared. >> the child did not have a pulse upon initially being removed from the water. cpr was started right away, and that continued. fortunately, upon arrival at the hospital, that child did have a pulse. >> initially, the toddler was hospitalized in critical condition, but he is better tonight.
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a police chase in southern california tied up traffic all night and it injured two officers. it all happened when a driver led police on a wild cat and mouse pursuit that shot down i- 5 for 12 hours. the suspect getting on and off the interstate. at one point driving in the wrong direction. one officer fired at him. his car was eventually boxed in and that led to an hours long standoff. when he finally emerged, he was shot with rubber bullets, taken into custody about 10:00 p.m. the freeway didn't open until 10:00 this morning. two officers suffered minor injuries and a crash during the chase. facebook is reportedly considering restrictions on who can post live videos in the wake of the new zealand mosque massacres. facebook ceo sheryl sandberg says the company may limit access to live streaming based on certain criteria including whether or not the user violated facebook's community standards in the past. the suspect in the new zealand shootings live streamed for 17 minutes before that video was
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taken down. in the meantime, twitter is considering a new feature that would label offensive tweets by public figures. the company says it is exploring ways to give users more context to tweets that violate the platform's rules, but that it deems news worthy and in the public interest. the tech giant however draws a line at direct, violent threats against individuals. landmarks and cities around the world going dark. lights switched off for one hour all to spread awareness about climate change. hong kong flipped the switch leaving the bustling city dark for han hour. the symbolic effort started in2007 in sydney, australia. in india, new delhi's famous gate went dark. brian hackney has the forecast in the bay area. it is a gorgeous day. >> i'm glad you approve.
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>> thank you for that. >> tomorrow will be a repeat performance. it's all encore all the time at least until monday when things begin to cloud up. in the meantime, things don't look bad at all. high pressure settled in over the west coast. it will be sunny on sunday. temperatures will be in the mid- 70s. a change in that low pressure you see in the upper left-hand corner of your tv screen which really is over the eastern pacific and not on your tv screen. it begins to move into the east coast and bring us more clouds. it will be chilly to start out sunday morning. numbers upper 40s, low 50s, but sunshine and will set a theme for the day. look at all those people e babridge tole their plaza d the numbers right now are still fairly mild as we look towards the back-to-back suspension structure of the old part of the bay bridge. san francisco at 60, oakland 65 degrees. the pollen report, it's prime weather for stuffy noses with pollen being spiked after a
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high level for monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's that time of year. future cast shows that we've got low pressure that will be moving in the pacific northwest by tuesday. showers are going to be spreading over the north bay especially. if you are looking for some relief from the rain, it's not coming this week. it is going to be just like it was this past week. intermittently wet. not a huge gully washer, but just a little bit of rain from time to time. in fact, it's not going to be much on monday. maybe 100th of an inch will work its way toward san francisco. .13 on tuesday and .13 on wednesday just enough to mess up the commute. the recipe for accidents is just add water. we will have some on tuesday and wednesday. starry skies, cool temperatures tonight. sunny tomorrow and a little rain on the way. on again, off again like last week is in the offing for the upcoming week. momentarily, i think about 45 minutes from -- no, 50minutes
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from now, the a's will take on the angels or whatever they are now. high temperature forecast tomorrow will be in the low to mid-70s. sunday is going to be nice. forecast for the rest of the week if you like the rain, you are going to find monday night and tuesday very nice. pretty much to your liking. we get a break on wednesday and on saturday. it's kind of something for everybody sort of week unless you like snow and in that case you'll have to head east to the hills. ladies and gentlemen, that's weather. the harried forecast just entered the studio. you are not going to see him until we take it break. no, you are going to see him. >> i am coming back and the game i have got. my reaction on to what happened to tiger woods today. i've
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before we went to break, vern was doing this -- i thought it was the international symbol for home alone. i wasn't sure. >> that was my reaction over what happened today in golf. you know what i call this show? i call this the create off the dribble show? you know why? our top two stories, the games are in progress. the suits, the suits are saying you are contractually not obligated to show those on another network hence the long commercial toss in engaging the anchors. ncaa women's tournament, thestanford game with missouri state still ongoing, so we will have highlights of that probably in our 6:00 hour as we will the men because gonzaga is doing battle with texas tech. texas tech, they don't want to
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go away. this could be a bracket buster in ncaa. we have the usf dons. fans, here is your new men's basketball coach. that's todd golden. press conference monday. he moves over to the head job after three seasons as an assistant to kyle smith. smith just left to take the job at washington state. the smith-golden relationship runs deep. smith recruited golden to play at st. mary's and we talked about that yesterday. >> having been around coach smith for so long as a player for st. mary's and on the coaching staff, how much of him, his philosophy, his style seeps into what you want to bring to the program. >> honestly, a lot. he's my mentor. he's a guy i've known since 17 years old. he's an important part of my life. >> did he recruit you? >> he did. he's the first coach from st. mary's that recruited me and
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brought me on my visit there. i learned a lot from him over the 15 years we've known each other. it's my job to keep this program going the way it was headed and really just to elevate it one step further and make that kind of ncaa run. new cal men's coach mike fox introduced. it will be at berkeley as cal seats a new era in its own right. now for the warriors. they've had about a day to get this out of the system. into the game at minnesota, is that a foul in the act of shooting? rev waved it off. got it to stephen curry. he buried one that tied the game. this is in overtime. soft tickle foul on durant under the basket. you just don't call that given the time left. led to a call. karl-anthony towns free throw where the officiating took the
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spotlight and emotions flowed after the game. >> i saw a foul that should never have been called to decide the game like that. guys out there fighting [ bleep ] to fight and compete and win the game by playing basketball. it's a tough way to go out. >> you can get back refing the game after the overtime. >> i seen the play. i want to keep my money. [ bleep ] -- let me stop talking about officiating. >> let's pivot to lebron james in street clothes. that's the only way you'll see him at the lakers games now. the team announced they are shutting him down for the remainder of the season. l.a. is out of the playoff hunt. this will be the first time james will miss the postseason since 2005. now golf. tiger woods looking over a would-be tiger swinging a club. cute kid right there. austin, texas, is where we are. world match play. had it going. two up, two to play and this
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shot finished off rory mcilroy. that's your boy. it's on to the quarterfinals. it came down to this putt to extend his match. no. his putter failed him. biergard to the semifinals. soccer still rooking for a win. they hosted l.a. fc in white and the wake continues. belez saw to that with his third goal of the match and they won it 5-0. san jose's record has dropped to 0-4. we have scoring updates. we have scoring updates. texas tech has defeated the top seed gonzaga in ncaa men's ball 75-69. stanford still ahead with seven or so seconds to play over missouri state. shout out cal rugby winners 29- 19 over top-ranked st. mary's. >> nice. well done. thank you, vern. we'll be right back. >> we will like she said.
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♪ rolling stones are canceling their upcoming north american tour blaming an unspecified health problem effecting mick jagger. the 17-date tour was set to start next month in miami, but the 75-year-old jagger's doctor advised against it. jagger personally apologized to fans on twitter saying "i really hate letting you down like this. i am devastated for having to postpone the tour, but i will
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be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as i can." that will do it for us at 5:00 we'll see captioning sponsored by cb >> ninan: shutting it down. the president threatens to close the u.s.-mexican border. >> we're closing the border, and we'll keep it closed for a long time. >> they are our fellow human beings and deserve to be treated like our fellow human beings. ( cheers and applause ) >> ninan: also tonight, drawing battle lines over the timetable to release the mueller report. protests turn deadly as tens of thousands rally along gaza's border with israel. wild weather brings a tornado and spring snow to colorado. and convincing video game warriors to trade this their virtual weapons for real ones. >> oh, this is kind of like the military!


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