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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 31, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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c1 a little boy connected to life support after an accidental shooting, now his family appealing to the governor to grant a special request. >> plus, it is a sign of the season. abandoned seal pups. what marine experts want yeah to want you to know. >> they are dividing themselves in different camps this morning. it is sunday, march 31st, 2019. >> let's get started with a look at the forecast. >> i'm happy to say sunday will be a little nicer than saturday was even. >> that is huge. >> a couple degrees warmer,
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plenty of sunshine. it is monday. late monday night when the rain starts to come back but before i get there, let me get you ready for the headlines on what to expect. we have sunny and warm today. rain returns monday night, but that is just the first storm of a couple that are coming our way for next week. it is later next week when the better rain gets here. we'll talk more about that later. sunny and warm is the maintaining away to start today. we're not sunny and warm yet obviously. it will feel exactly the same way yesterday morning did at this time. we might be one or wo degrees warmer than yesterday so we're around 50 degrees. if you remember yesterday afternoon that is what this will feel like as well. 66 officially in the city for san francisco. if why take a look at cross the bay area as a whole, we'll range from the mid-60s on the coast to mid-70s inland.
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that says 75 degrees for many inland locations today. sunny and warm. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. we'll look ahead for the more impressive rain in a bit. relatives of a four-year- old boy critically wounded by a gunshot have made a plea. they want the boy's father to get a temporary release from prison the toddler apparently found a gun in the home of his mother's boyfriend and accidentally shot himself last week. the father nathan jackson is currently serving time so he has not been able to visit his son who is in a coma at children's hospital in oakland. a prison official says nathan jackson is serving assault for a firearm. >> even if they have him escorted by guards and we have to pay for it, whatever it takes because if this is the end and my grandson leaves here, i don't want him to regret staying good-bye.
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>> so far the governor has not commented on the request. >> the gun he found is in jail charged with child abuse, and criminal firearm storage. san francisco police are searching for a gunman this morning after a shooting that left two people injured. it happened last night just after 8:00. officers heard gunshots near third avenue. the victims were transported to the hospital. no word on their condition. and heyward police are on the hunt of someone assaulting two officers yesterday. police have not released details, but they say both officers were not seriously hurt and are okay. meanwhile, a pair of sheriff deputies escaped serious injury after a driver rammed a stolen car into their cruisers on the freeway yesterday afternoon. the deputies were trying to pull it over when that driver took off. he jumped on to interstate 880.
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the driver intentionally hit two of their patrol cars and made a u-turn and hit another head on the deputies are okay. it was a wanted parolee and he was arrested along with a second suspect passed out in the back seat from drugs and alcohol. she campaigns to be elected in 2020. harris began her first major policy push last week. she wants a rapid increase in pay for schoolteachers across the nation. the federal government would invest $315 billion over ten years for teachers' salaries and she said it would help to close the average pay gap of 11% for teachers and other college related professionals. we asked willie brown who has the best chance of winning. >> let me tell you. i don't understand how all of us have missed what is clearly apparent.
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that is the one democrat known almost by every democrat in the nation and an opinion held and incredible success she enjoyed in 2018 and no matter what they say about the affordable care act it was nancy pelosi who did that. she raises more money than any other democrat and has clearly the fear factor against trump. >> believe me, i -- it should be nancy pelosi. she should be in the contest. >> but i thought jerry brown was supposed to be the next person to jump into the contest who you wanted to see. >> well, i think jerry brown would have been a good candidate but nancy as i thought about it and i only thought about this last week at a party when she walked in and she had 18 people literally 18 security guards and everyone wanted to take a photograph with her. it was my party but everyone wanted to take a photograph
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with her which i felt, wait a minute. she should be ruining the 20 potential nominee's parties like she ruined mine and believe me that represented an opportunity to come forward with a candidate. she is a woman, she has incredible money raising ability, she has proven she can legislate with the affordable care act. she has proven she can beat trump. she stared him down on the shutdown. she stared him down on the wall. and she remained highly dignified and so far he hasn't given her a funny name. >> why not? >> after she sees this broadcast, you and i may very well be run out of town. she doesn't want to be president. but i'm telling you it is the most natural thing for democrats to really consider nancy pelosi. now she is very formidable
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and has stood up to the president and she has done a good job of hurting within her own party but would she have a chance in the event she jumped in? >> nationwide when you look where tem carats need to win, republicans often use her to campaign against other people. that is how much of a polarizing figure she is and what she does for the republican base, so for those reasons i don't know if she would have the nationwide appeal you would need to win this race, although she is clearly smart and knows how things work, but we don't have a long history of speakers of the house winning the presidency. it just doesn't usually happen that way. and i don't think she is interested. moving on. there is still no sign of a missing man. rescue crews have been coming the river all weekend.
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the 41-year-old father was fishing with his three children on friday when his one-year-old fell overboard. he was the only one on the boat without a life vest. his ten-year-old called 911. the coast guard rescued the one- year-old but the father was know where to be found. >> the child didn't have a pulse upon being taken out of the water. cpr was started right away and continued and for the nail upon arrival at the hospital, that child did have a pulse. the child's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. it is puffing season and a busy time for those rescuing wildlife. this was the scene yesterday at the beach in san mateo county. sometimes knew elephant seal babies can get stuck onshore where they are often lost and emaciated. >> they are born in january and february and their moms leave after weaning them four weeks
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and they are alone. they have never swam in the open ocean. so sometimes they strand along our beaches. >> the marine mammal center says not to return stranded animals to the water. just keep a watch from the distance and call the 24 hour hotline. this is eviction day for people at a homeless camp. it is called hope village and located south of the airport in san jose. it's included a kitchen, restroom and showers, but is unfit for residential use because it is under the airport's flight path. they have given hope village residents vouchers to stay at hotels for up to 30 days. they are looking for another site. san francisco has a huge homeless problem and the latest is about the waterfront area. he wants to build a 200-bed
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navigation center, but nearby residents oppose the project. now some of those have started a gofundme campaign for legal fees to fight the proposal. some have started they're on fundraising campaign. >> i just don't feel like this is the right place for it. people in this area pay top dollar. >> it is the right spot. if you walk up and down this part you see there is always a lot of people out here homeless people. they need to have a place to go where they can be safe at night. >> now that a final decision on the center is up to the court commission because its owns that land. they will vote on april 23rd but that date may be moved back to allow more public input. >> >> a dangerous confrontation caught on camera. a man goes after a package thief and loses more than just his delivery.
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the round table this morning. they are discussing the fight over the mueller report. how
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the mueller report, its future, what it may hold and what it is about. eric, you are on the house committee that is called for this. you want it on tuesday. attorney general says it will be a couple weeks. >> we're going to see every word, every period, every comma. i believe because of the magnitude of the this investigation we should see it immediately. just because the president has been cleared criminally doesn't mean there is wrongdoing that we shouldn't hold him to account or at least protect our national security from. >> i'm interested on the timing of this. it is a 400 page report and i'm a person to ask for these reports all the time. if you asked the justice department to redact something, they hand people 40 pages or
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different things and say, let's go at it. it umpqua didn't take it doesn't take weeks to do. why the delay? >> mostly to protect the president. this is a two-year investigation, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search wants, 37 indictments, 6 guilty pleas, 84 words quoted from the mueller report on that four-page report and that was 15 pages shorter. do you think they are the ing it back so temperature drops? a lot of this air has gone out of this tire. >> it will come back. >> the question that is open isn't just on russian collusion. it is on whether or not the president's conduct when the investigation began obstructtion of justice correct?
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>> no. i think he may not have colluded in the way it meets the beyond the reasonable doubt standard criminal law but if he asked the russians to keep hacking and he is doing the deal he wasn't straight with the public about, that is still concerning from a national standpoint. we need to know about that. then yes on the obstruction of justice piece, no person is above the law. again, we're quite skeptical how the attorney general clears the president and the obstruction of justice piece when mueller was appointed to get rid of the conflicts of interest with the appointed attorney general. why didn't mueller make that decisionth that is something we want to know. >> going forward, the attorney general says there is nothing indictable. >> right. >> as congress, you can't do anything about that. >> i accept that in a rule of
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law country. >> then the next thing is impeach. if you found something impeachment. we have to make sure the rule of law still stands and look at if any impeachable offenses occurred. >> he would not turn over grand jury material, classified information or he would not turn anything that would hurt the interests of peripheral persons. to me donald trump, jr., jared kushner, if they were involved in any way, people like them, we need to know about.
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that is the call. if they don't produce it. >> we have subpoena power. >> i want to talk about the future of the border and presidential race. the rain is coming back. it is not coming back today. you have a fantastic second half to your weekend, but once we get back into this workweek, the rain will come back. two separate systems. the first thing i want to do is get you ready for sunday and how fantastic this is going to be. if you liked saturday you'll love this one. plenty of sunshine. many locations sun is coming up 6:56 this morning. if you look at the daytime highs, i showed you generally how we were going to do for the
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coast and the bay. redwood city 71. fremont 73. san jose will hit 75. start making your plans to take advantage of this one. now we'll talk about the first storm which comes in very late tomorrow night. if we look at the big picture or the satellite, we're clear. let's pow ter forecast model and bring the change forward. the clouds have come in by the time we get to midnight tonight, but the rain doesn't get here until late on monday. look at the time here. that says monday at 7:00 p.m. see the leading edge of the rain? let's get a better idea on what the start of this will look like. here we are monday night. 7:00. mainly for the north bay at this point where we noticed some of the leading showers. we'll take it from 7:00 monday, play it forward. here we are 9:00 monday, mainly showers for the north bay and scattered. this is not going to be widespread heavy rain, but we'll notice the showers have begun here monday night and it stays with us into early tuesday. in fact for tuesday, like
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midnight, now the early morning hours. here is tuesday morning at 1:00 a.m. maybe some light rain left over for the tuesday morning commute to work. don't plan on that being a major mess. it is not going to be heavy rain, but the roads could be a little slick for your drive into work on tuesday morning. then it starts to break apart and fall apart by the time we get into the rest of tuesday. if you look at the rainfall totals it is not that much. if we get to the seven-day forecast, take a look past that one. i want you to look at that thursday, friday, saturday storm. now that one looks more impressive. the timing on that one, looks like thursday night through saturday we need to start planning on rain, but some of the more impressive rain friday night into saturday morning and afternoon. >> i saw rain in monday's forecast but you said late monday. >> that is a good clarification because when you look at the seven-day forecast, you're going to see rain coming down, you won't get that all day long. it isn't getting here until
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monday night. >> thank you. a los angeles man has a frightening story to tell and security camera video to prove it. he was home last week when his ring video doorbell alerted him a man was stealing a package from the porch. he got hit by the getaway car. he wasn't seriously injured and was able to report the license plate number to the police. >> within 45 minutes, the car was surrounded. four people in the car were arrested. >> the police reportedly found out people's stolen packages in the suspect's car. he did get his back. they had some expensive tools inside. evan lowe is calling for harsher penalties for porch pirates to expand it to include porches and doorsteps.
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a baseball fan is hospitalized after an attack. a 45-year-old was in a stadium parking lot on the phone with his wife when he was attacked. she said she heard a man cursing at her husband accusing him of touching someone. she said it was clear her husband did not know what the man was talking about. >> next thing i hear is a bat sound and from now i know that that was him hitting the ground and i heard the person tell the other person get to the car. >> she says she also heard a lot of strangers trying to help. so far police have only a vague description of the attacker who remains at large. >> a a man has a piece of sports memorabilia that could fetch millions and he paid just pennies for a rare babe ruth slugger in 1921. the card's current owner bought it for $2 in 1921. it has been authenticated as a
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genuine card to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. good morning. i have some thrills. i have some big shots. i got huge moments from saturday night. where do i even begin? spoiler alert. i happen to know. let's look at hall of fame mer
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to watch his son derrick star in san diego. he doubled down the right field line. good enough to score. the giants their first win of the year 3-2. angels and a's. oakland. that is not coming back, a home run. a's won this one final of 4-2. brent burns a slap shot. shortstop there. seven game losing streak. they won 4-3. >> sierra and russell wilson. watch sister anna wilson play for the cardinals. cardinals won voling them into the elite eight of the women's
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tournament. on the men's side. matt rooney inside. texas tech won 75-69. perdue's carson ed wards 42 points against virginia. was it enough to beat my team? five seconds left. down by two. missed free throw. wild scramble. somehow the rock got there. we go to overtime. tied at 70. in the extra period, deandre hunter strange and going glass right on pure guts to put the cavs there for good. they won 80-75. uva on their way for the first time since a young and i do mean young uncle vern roamed the campus in virginia, 1984. that is sports at this hour. we have a whole bunch of ncaa play later on in the day. have a good one. in our next half-hour, got some shopping to do? >> you might want to get it done today, because tomorrow it
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welcome back. time is 6:29. >> it is going to be just as
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nice as yesterday. >> that is pretty huge. yesterday was great. >> that is huge but it doesn't last. as we get into this week, i'll show you the rain coming back, but before i get there. look at sunday. fantastic. that is the view by the way from our camera looking out over the city. sunny and warm today. the rain is coming back late tomorrow, not big. it will be light rain for monday night and probably a little rain for the tuesday morning commute but not a major deal. it is later in the week when the rain gets here. more on that with the complete forecast. it is 51 in the city for san francisco. 48 across the bay in oakland. 48 in san jose. these numbers are exactly where they were yesterday after this time except maybe a degree or two warmer. i doubt you'll notice but it is 1 to 2 degrees warmer than what it was. for the afternoon 3 to 4 degrees warmer in the city.
6:31 am
66 today for san francisco proper. that is for the city. across the bay area as a whole, we'll range from the mid-60s at the coast to the mid-70s inland. 75 today for places like santa rosa, san jose. and looking ahead, there comes the next rainmaker. that is coming up in the complete forecast. and body camera video of a fatal officer-involved shooting, a controversy about whether it was handled appropriately. >> now the shooting happened last month at a taco bell drive through. the police had responded to a 911 call and they found a gun on his lap. they blocked in his vehicle and they say he woke up and appeared to be reaching for the gun. officers responded by opening fire. when someone is reaching
6:32 am
for a ung, you don't say say okay, wait a second and see what they are going to do. if you say, show he your hands, and he shows hands that is different. they are saying high- capacity magazines are here to stay. they blocked the law to prevent gun own first from owning magazines holding more than ten bullets. they argued banning them violated the second amendment. and more americans appear to be turning sour on e- cigarettes. that is from two national surveys over a five-year period. overall the number of adults who say e-cigarettes are just as bad as regular keep is going up. that number tripmed from 2012
6:33 am
to 2017. the change in public perceptions could help to dis courage young people from vaping. president donald trump is back in his florida vacation home since the relation of the summary of mueller's report. >> we'll see if the attorney general plays game with this, deadline. we may have to go to court. >> on the investigation into u.s. election interference by russia, attorney general william barr announced friday he will give a redacts version to congress next month. the house has set a tuesday deadline for the full report to be turned over without redactions. the department of justice says a redacts version is necessary for national security purposes and barr said the report does not conclude the president committed a crime, but also does not exonerate the president for obstruction of justice. >> we asked willie brown about
6:34 am
president donald trump's victory lap. is it deserve smithsonian >> totally and completely. he has survived what he should not have been able to survive. unfortunately nobody talked. >> well, i do think -- it is a typical thing. he did it. the mueller report. you'll say no body talked. will this guy ever get a break? >> not in my time. i'm a democrat. this guy, he is really a thorn inside of a political party, in fact two political parties and as a result of those, those of us don't want an outsider taking over everything bus as an insider you have to be envious of a guy like you that suffered the slings and arrows from the press and turned around and got to be able to shut it back.
6:35 am
>> well, not really. you can be proud of some things. you can be proud of bill clinton. you can be proud of yon f. kennedy and proud of the peanut man, but you can't be proud of trump. he won't let yeah. well, i think it is a little premature for there to be such a huge victory lap. we saw there could be any number of things that don't rise to the level of criminal conduct but can look really bad. >> what is the measure of bad with this guy? >> [ laughter ] >> that is true. but he knows the issues with public relations and how things appear. >> i will tell you that he literally counts on nobody reading anything and he creates it, makes it up and it is far more entertaining when he gives his interpretation of the contents there of. so what do you think the chances are once that full report comes out that the
6:36 am
narrative changes dramatically? >> not dramatically because we're not going to see criminal indictments or things rising to that level and as the congressman said they accept that, but certainly you can see democrats digging through it to find things that they want to highlight as bad things, not maybe illegal things but things that don't shed a positive light on the administration so there will definitely be tons of interns digging through every page looking for things that they can talk about, that they say well he may be legally exonerated but in the court of the public opinion these are problems. >> do you remember when the ken star report came out? >> i do. >> i remember vaguely they had stacks and stacks of the report everywhere. >> yes. >> i wonder if it will be similar. >> i think it crashed the internet. sites were trying to post it and they didn't have the band windth. >> that is true.
6:37 am
>> moving on. president donald trump has made repeated threats to shus down the border with mexico and now he will cut off aid to three countries. they have not stopped the flow of migrants coming to the southern border. they will end it to three countries where a majority of migrants cruising into the u.s./mexico border are coming from. california governor blasted the cuts saying he is demonizing them while putting in place policies for these families will be worse in their home countries. the governor plans to visit el salvador in the week of april 7th to offer california support to families fleeing violence there. >> starting tomorrow online shoppers in california will have to pay sales tax even if
6:38 am
the retailers are out of state. >> brick and mortar stores complained they are put at a disadvantage. states contacts online retailers even ones located outside of state lines. so california officials are expecting a win fall of a half billion dollars this year. and if you have been considering a big purchase at a brick and mortar store, you might watt to do it today. sales tax is going up in 50 cities in california tomorrow, and that includes a dozen bay area cities. >> redwood city are raising the rate to 9 and a quarter. sales tax going up. they are raising the sales tax by .08. and still to come, trouble
6:39 am
at the border. congressman joins again to discuss the alarming new numbers of asylum seekers. >> if you have tickets to see the rolling stones in santa clara, the bad news. they are putting their tour on hold. the ross spring dress event is here-finally!
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fo once, again, the u.s./mexico border is front and center in the news and joining us is east bay congressman, and the president is talking about shutting down the border. your response? >> that is not leadership, it
6:43 am
is show man ship. the real issue, they are fleeing poverty and violence and a president that we have right now just uses his politicallish sure but unwilling to work with mexico and other south american countries to address those underlying issues. don't go to the border. go beyond the border. >> he is talking about cutting off aid unless they get a grip on the caravans going north. >> leadership is working with them in a construction way. prance it is a marshall plan, but if why don't address why those folks are leaving, why a mother would walk through a desert with her child with little food and clothing to our border, then we will never socks this problem. >> when whee talk about central and south america, it is a double edge sword. we say, let's help them and other times they say know when we go in with the military or
6:44 am
something like that, we shouldn't be involved in there. should we get involved in the economy in the politics of central and south america? >> if we don't want thousands of people presenting themselves at our border, we do. in the long term it would cost us less than bidding a wall that mexico will never pay for and the humanitarian needs we have to pay for. this is something the president has been unwilling to do, but we need a president who would. >> did obama show leadership on that issue? some say he was ducking it. >> this issue has been challenging for many presidents. i'm saying the next president should go beyond the border. >> it is sort of this issue has changed in this situation from people that are here illegally already, what to do with them. that's what we talked about. now we're talking about this wave of people rolling up here and that wave that many people denied was happening, it is happening. >> yes. but, again, address the humanitarian crisis as people
6:45 am
present. make sure we have resources at the courts and the aid we need. if you don't understand why someone would be willing to walk thousands of miles to get to the united states, then you're never going to address the underlying problem. i'm suggesting the way the president is addressing this, he is making it a political issue, but not doing anything to help. >> do you think this will play in to the presidential? >> i don't believe this is a lead issue. we ran on healthcare, jobs and he head the wo i works, impeachment. >> what do you see as the issues facing presidential contenders? >> healthcare. it is the number one issue. going across the country, across my district, for, too many people their health-care plan is the charity of strangers. you see these gofundme accounts all over the bay area where someone gets sick and they
6:46 am
don't have a plan they can count on. they need you to click that link and send $20 your way. that shouldn't happen in the united states. democrats facing a wide variety of choices. what do you think would be the thing democrats are looking for? >> coverage for all which is to me a public option that puts pressure on the private in shirers to bring down the costs but to solve the unsolve ac. invest in cures in our life time. if we take just half of the trillion dollars tax cut the president gave where 83% went to 1% of the people and put that in data sharings, targeted therapies, and look at every alzheimer's patient and say we're going to bring down the cost and save life. >> you have been talking with democrats. what are they looking for?
6:47 am
>> go big, be bold, do good. >> i can do that. i see these folks. i hear them and because of how i was raised and the policies i would offer i'm for that. >> thank you for joining us. we'll stay tuned to you as well as the future of this race. eric swal well, but right now we'll look at the weather. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> of course. >> as beautiful as sunday is going to be and it will be, the headline i want to bring is tuesday morning's commute to work. won't be bad, but there is going to be some light rain coming in for the tuesday morning commute. i am going to focus on that in a lot of detail, but first sunday morning. sunrise coming up at 6:56. this is the view from the top of the sales force tower looking toward the east. you can see all those pretty reds out there. this is your sunday. start making plans. we're in the mid-40s to low 50s out there now, but we're going to the mid-60s to mid-70s for
6:48 am
daytime highs today. think back to yesterday. then add about 3 degrees on top of that, because we will be about 3 degrees warmer today. now, you know what sunday will be look. get out and enjoy it. >> the next rainmaker. if we look on the futurecast, we can see the leading edge of the rain by monday night. see that says 7:00 p.m.? it is not until monday evening that the first band of showers arrive. by monday night we're seeing some showers mainly for the north bay. but i want to play this into tuesday morning because that is when this becomes a minor issue for your tuesday drive to work. this is tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. right there. and right here. if you see that, it is a few bands of light green. when you see light green and it is spotty like that, it is not a majorrish sure but it is enough that tuesday morning the windshield wipers may come on. it should not be a major impact for tuesday, but the roads
6:49 am
might get a little slick and then tuesday afternoon a few scattered showers going and that is about it. that is the end of storm number one. now a comparison. this is the first rainmaker of the week. it is monday night through tuesday p.m. now i'll switch the map. we'll look at the next storm for thursday night through saturday. the rainfall totals are going to get a bit bigger, as much as half-inch of rain for the second storm you'll see in the seven-day forecast. you can see the totals starting to add up there. that is storm number two. in the meantime if you were making plans to get out for sunday, it is still the trees, ash and juniper. 9.1 is high but look at tuesday and wednesday. it is going to be higher than that. you think about going to the a's game. it will be wonderful weather. upper 6 os to low 70s. we'll outline the details on
6:50 am
those two separate rainmakers one more time. monday night through tuesday afternoon and then thursday night through saturday, the more impressive rain. >> back over to you. thanks. rolling stone fans are learning you can't always get what you want even if you bought a ticket. they postponed their tour yesterday, because of an unspecified help problem for mick jagger. the tour 17 stops. he will make a full recovery and when he does they will reschedule the days. he tweeted i really hate letting you down like this. i'm devastated for having to postpone the tour, but i will work hard to be back on stage as soon as i can. a young man in texas has
6:51 am
been able to go forward. he hopes to become a doctor. >> it is a very surreal feeling to have all those colleges, it is an honor. it is really humble. >> you don't have to be a perfect person, you don't have to be a genius. you just have to be willing to better yourself. they are just some of the schools he gets to choose from. i'm so honored to be with you guys. thank you so much for having
6:52 am
6:53 am
fo now this month studentness and donors gather together at the ritz-carlton hotel in san
6:54 am
francisco to celebrate. >> it was an opportunity to say thank you for everything the organization las done. nfl fullback eddie williams, tonight is a homecoming. he will give the keynote address at the ritz-carlton in san francisco. >> it is kind of surreal to be honest. >> 14 years after he was inn an sra scalare dreaming of the future. tonight the room he will address is young people who survived push length lives too and guided by their mentors at students rising above. he is one of them. when we met him in 2014 he was president of the black student union at santa clara high school and captain of the basketball team. >> what many of his classmates didn't know then, his mother was struggling to pay the bills. >> it was not easy at all. i pushed through it. >> right into franklin and
6:55 am
marshall college and now five years later, he takes the stage at the student's rising above gala. after i got an offer at the new york times and i'm the first in my family to graduate from college. >> students rising above says these are the success stories that have fueled sra over two decades. >> we have alumni that are change makers, data scientists. we're celebrating a lot tonight with our students. >> on this night 75 students stand waving pennants with the names of the colleges they will attend next fall. when eddie williams takes the stage, he has these words for them about the power of their painful stories. >> wield your story as y a weap against hatred and division and in justice and people
6:56 am
6:57 am
looking for a reason to stay in bed? yes on these weekends. yes. >> exactly. you may want to apply here. nasa scientists are looking for 24 volunteers who want to spend two months lying down. but there is a catch. you have to do everything in a reclined position. that means eat, shower, exercise and get dressed. the pay, about $19,000. researchers say they hope to find ways to counteract the weightlessness in space so astronauts don't have too spend so much time exercising while in space. >> when it is cold outside and i'm under the covers, i can do all that stuff. >> but for the amount of time that study wants you to, after 19 days or 19 weeks or whatever it was. too much of a good thing. >> beautiful view of our camera. you can see the haze out there
6:58 am
that tells you there is high pressure in place. this is going to be a sunny and warm day. rain
6:59 am
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