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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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new overnight, flames breakout near a bay area highway. this morning, the origin traced back to a secluded encampment. >> a bay area priest arrested on child sex abuse charges, with the church told parishioners at mass. former vice president joe biden on a defense this morning. what a nevada politician says he did that made her feel uncomfortable. good morning everyone, it is monday, april 1. >> hope you enjoyed the sunny weather over the last couple of days because it's a changing. >> that's right and we are tracking a week weather system that will bring the return of scattered showers as early as this evening. some changes ahead on this april fools, no joke here. here is a live look with our roof came. you can see quite tower with mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s at this hour. your weather headlines, mostly cloudy, and mild start to the
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day. as we had through the afternoon, mainly dry and most bodies. to this evening, scattered showers with the week weather system. we will continue to see scattered showers for tomorrow. tracking a few weather systems this week. one storm in particular does look stronger than the others. we will show you this on future cast coming up in a few minutes. >> taking a look at the roadways right now, a couple of things to look out for, extra volume westbound, which is a commute direction out of berkeley, no major delays or accidents. but we are getting reports of a trouble spot on the upper east shore freeway, westbound i-80 at east top road. if you are commuting along 80 this morning, still clearing this obstruction out of the road. it is blocking the slow lane and we are seeing busier patterns coming out of tracy as you head into the ultimate pass. richmond center field which looks pretty good, no major
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delays through here. looks like an easy ride between east bay and marin. we are following the latest on a fire at a homeless encampment. >> you can see at one point the flames really breaking out and it took firefighters a while to even get to the fire because it's such steep terrain. once they got there it took them more than five minutes to put the fire out. you could see a lot of stuff there left behind for back of a letter word. firefighters now are trying to determine the exact cause of the fire. and east bay priest is behind bars charged with sexually abusing a child. >> emily turned joins us following the investigation. >> seems like one thing after another. now the effort is to find out if there are any other victims.
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this right here is father david mendoza. you can see his picture on your screen. he is accused of sexually abusing a teenager part of his congregation at st. john's catholic church in san lorenzo. the teen was about 14 or 15 at the time and he is the only one who has come forward. since the alleged abuse father mendoza was moved to corpus christi church in fremont. the group snap, short for the survivors network of those abused by priests, was out this weekend corpus christi church handing out information in an effort to encourage any other possible victims to come forward. >> usually child molesters don't have one victim. it's alleged he had a victim he repeatedly molested 30 times at least. our fear is he molested here as well. >> we will keep a close eye on that, but in a statement, the diocese said while we don't have all the details, the alleged behavior is in clear violation of the diocese code of conduct on the charter for the protection of children and
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young people. the priest is currently being held in alameda county jail and a $900,000 bond. he will be in court for the first time tomorrow. a marin man is accused of offering cash for facebook to girls as young as 13 in exchange for sexual acts. nvidia showing columbia police arresting thomas renno on thursday. they said he offered at least five minors roughly $100 for sexual favors. he is also suspected of sharing pornographic material. the community of fairfax is in disbelief. >> i saw him three weeks ago about and he was walking down. i got home i got from you look familiar. and i said i know who you are. it messes with the mind and people around you. >> is charged with aggravated crimes of commercial exploitation, pornography and the use of mass media to propose sexual activities.
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this morning a homicide investigation is underway after a woman was found dead on the sidewalk and a point. her body was discovered on so soon and north broadway avenue just after midnight saturday. it's not clear who the woman is or how she died, but a red high heel shoe was left at the scene. fans are mourning the death of a rapper and grammy nominee, nipsey hussle. he and two others were shot yesterday in front of nipsey hussle's marathon clothing store. one of several businesses he owned in south los angeles. fans swarmed to the area as news of a shooting spread. he never denied his past ties to gangs, he was considered an up-and-coming hip-hop artist and his debut album victory lap was nominated for a grammy as best rap album. new zealand is one step hosted a change in gun laws and banning weapons used in the mosque attacks i killed 50 people less than a month ago. leaders on both sides are on board the plane to prohibit military style semiautomatic guns and high-capacity
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magazines in the country. investigators say a loophole allowed the government to legally obtain the weapons used in the attack. the gun ban would take effect april 12. president trump is not backing away from his threat to shut down the southern border as soon as this week. the department of homeland security says it's experiencing a systemwide meltdown as it struggles to deal with a surge of asylum-seekers. >> 100,000 people will cross the border this month alone. that is a crisis. >> president trump says mexico and democrats are to blame. on saturday the trumpet administration cut off aid to el salvador, guatemala and honduras for the majority of migrants crossing the southern border originate. >> the presidents cutting off aid to these countries will not solve that problem. >> democrats insist aid was aimed at reducing illegal immigration.
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joe biden hasn't yet declared his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, but he is dealing with an alleged incident. lucy florez, a democrat and assemblywoman says biden made contact with her anyway she found inappropriate at a campaign rally in 2014. florez first read about the incident in an article published on the cut. very unexpectedly and out of nowhere, i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then planned a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> joe biden says he has offered countless handshakes and hugs on the campaign trail. he released a statement saying, and not once ever did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully, but it was never my intention. he is expected to announce a decision on his presidential
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bid for 2020 in the coming weeks. celebrity attorney michael often oddie is due back in court to face charges for bank and wire fraud in orange county. prosecutors say he filed fixed tax returns to secure $4 million in bank loans and pocketed 1.6 million that belonged to a client. he was also charged in new york last week for allegedly attempting to extort tens of millions of dollars from nike. he denies the charges against him. senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling on the faa to suspend boeing from a committee that make safety recommendations. he says it doesn't make sense to have billing on the committee , while the safety of boeing 737 max jets are under investigation. in a letter to the faa schumer asked the identities of all members of the community be made public. he asked the faa to reform the committee. >> the public is on edge, congress is demanding answers, now is the time. two 737 max jets crashed
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within five months of each other. a lion air flight crashed in a indonesia killing 189 people and an ethiopian airlines flight crashed in ethiopia in march killing 157 people. the crash has spurred the worldwide grounding of the 737 max jets. later today road that has been closed for over a month is expected to reopen. at 5 o'clock engineers are scheduled to remove the barriers and reopen sausalito boulevard. the mudslide happened on february 14. the department of public works is in the process of reviewing proposals from consulting firms to supervise the cleanup of the debris pile. once a firm has been secured, the city will have a better idea when debris removal can begin. most people call 911 from a cell phone, but it's creating a big problem. one call center says an old system prevents emergency crews from finding you.
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we have some new video this morning coming out of peru where 20 people have died in a bus fire. this is just outside of the capital of lima. the 20 people, most of them are on the second deck of this bus. this was at a bus stop that is technically illegal in a poorer suburb of lima, peru. that is where these people boarded the bus. no idea at this point what caused the bus to catch fire, but at least 10 people are injured as well as a number of people died. have you ever used your cell phone to call 911? at times, 911 operators can't easily identify where you are calling from. >> every day more than 600,000
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people call 911. today about 80% of calls come from cell phones. when a phone collect's to multiple cell towers it's difficult to pinpoint the location. there is a startup called rapid sos to help. the company spent six years creating technology transforming emergency communications. >> we estimate over 10,000 lives a year could be more saved if we could more accurately locate people and their emergency. >> partnering with companies like apple, google and uber they will offer the data location enhancement to call centers for free. now there is a new high- tech way to measure the snowpack involving laser winds with the development of nasa. a king airplane is equipped with a high frequency laser pointer that scans the snowpack. california is proposing funding the technology for the next decade. data collected is nearly
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perfect. >> it truly is a game changer, we have never seen this before. we can pretty much guarantee the water manager he will get within a few% this much volume of runoff into the reservoir. >> the area snow survey can divide up the snowpack by elevation until water managers when snow will melt. you can already see it, cars stacking up getting a little bit busy. backed up to the 880 overpass. if you are a fast track user, you are doing much better working your way through there. just a heads up if you are paying cash you will see some delays working your ways westbound. you're moving a pretty nice speed heading into san francisco, drive times around 12 to 15 minutes from the maze were 80 and 580 made over towards the central freeway in san francisco. most of the bay area bridges
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are pretty quiet, no wind advisories or anything like that. it's a pretty easy ride if you're commuting out of hayward. 101 clear, also as well as 880. here is a live look near the coliseum. taillights working their way northbound, no delays. southbound we have extra volume in hayward, but overall traffic it nice speed in the fremont. everything is on time this morning, no delays for bart, caltrain is looking good out of southbay. i heads up, we do have roadwork to report. if you're commuting on 680, this will be out until 6 o'clock this morning. various lanes closed, not seeing a lot of delays, but i heads up as the commute progresses you may see more cars on the roadway. speaking of more cars on the road we come it's getting busier as you work your way out of tracy told the altamont pass. stop and go conditions from
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outhouse once you get to northland on 580 it proves nicely. we are seeing slight delays reflected under the bay bridge. at the east shore freeway right looking good out of richmond westbound and a break, no delays. we do have a minor snag westbound 80 at red top road to the right shoulder. the roadways are dry, that's the good news. a good start to the day with mostly cloudy skies, we will ease you into monday. mild start, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. looking north of the golden gate with mostly cloudy skies. here is high def doppler, you can see the green livermore to san jose, east bay tri-valley is ground clatter. not rain, but we are tracking a few isolated spotty showers across the north bay. over santa rosa you can see the isolated spotty shower this morning. here is a satellite and radar view of a low pressure system
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bringing a week weather system our way. that is why we are look at increasing scattered showers for this evening. the ridge of high pressure that brought beautiful sunny and warm weather will move to the east and away from us. it will open the door for a few weather systems to move in. future caste through the day, mainly dry, mostly cloudy skies through this evening. there we go stopping the clock at 6 pm with scattered showers at north bay and san francisco peninsula. tonight scattered showers to the san francisco peninsula, east bay and southbay. for tomorrow morning, scattered showers. in some spots tomorrow it will be a wet start to the day, we will keep the chance of scattered activity through tuesday. again, we are tracking a few weather systems. the strongest storm system will be on friday. this is on future caste. friday we could add the rain and the wind. a stronger storm system to watch by the end of the workweek. pollen count is high.
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medium to high levels for today and then it skyrockets for tuesday, very close to 12. this is a scale from 1 to 12. it's 11.8 tuesday, still high wednesday and thursday. daytime highs today above av age for this time of year. still warm, 71 in mountain view, 73 sadock eric, san jose at 74 in the afternoon. 71 un walnut creek, looking at 67 for berkeley, alameda. 68 for oakland. here is that 70 forecast, scattered showers for your tuesday, a break on wednesday, scattered showers for thursday and there we go with the stronger storm on friday. it is a quick mover, scattered showers saturday and a drier day on sunday. new this morning, the carcass of a pregnant sperm whale that washed up on an italian tourist spot had over 49 spots of plastic in its
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stomach. that is according to the country's environment minister. he says a mixture of garbage bags, plastic bags, fishing nets , plates, tubes and a bag of a washing machine liquid was in her stomach. for the examinations are still needed to determine the exact cause of death. the mavericks big wave contest has been officially called off. the contest window ended yesterday. the surf at half moon bay didn't measure up to the world league standard 40 foot waves this season. this year would be the first time women competed in the event . now we have to wait until winter. straightahead this morning, uc berkeley creating a 3-d printer. one scientists say that could manufacture life itself. >> and we are taking a li to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection.
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grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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welcome back, it is 5:23. your monday morning drive is getting a bit busy. a live look with traffic backing up beyond the 880 overpass. a slow ride connecting over towards the bay bridge. toll plaza with the metering lights on.
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the good news is he will ease up as you head into san francisco. speaking of, we are getting reports of a new trouble spot near sasser chavez. more on that next. patients with pancreatic cancer who are overweight or obese before the age of 50 are more likely to die of a disease according to a new study. the american cancer society researchers say the increase in pancreatic cancer rates since the turn-of-the-century is associated with more middle- aged americans gaining excess weight compared to earlier generations. a new survey published in the journal of pediatrics finds more than 60% as united states parents support tackling and youth football. youth soccer and hockey have age restrictions. the biggest supporters of new youth football rules are college-educated mothers who understand the risks of concussions. a new study from northwestern university finds older adults with osteoarthritis he walked for an hour every week reduced their week risk of becoming disabled by 85%.
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researchers say that's about 10 minutes of walking a day. there is a new 3-d printer ship taking printer ship at uc berkeley. >> it could create organs like livers and kidneys. it is an insane new method developed by researchers at cal and lawrence livermore lab called volumetric printing. it is inspired by ct scans and helps form a 3-d image from x- rays coming in different directions. with this 3-d technology, objects are created not in layers, but all at once, with light rays hyper focused on a gui resin. >> in this when you see something that is really magical. it is fun to watch. i think it might happen in the next decade. we might see a functional oregon ready to be implanted or transplanted. >> since it is cheaper and faster than other 3-d printing methods, scientists hope to
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license this process to the manufacturing industry as a new way to mass produce plastic products in the future. but they say it will be a long journey before that happens. another advantage to volumetric renting, it involves nearly 0 waste is the unused resin can be reused
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live from the cvs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 no is. >> right now a computer glitch delays flights across the country. how flights in and out of the bay area are affected. speculation and position from the man in charge of facebook, white mark zuckerberg now once regulation on the tech industry. >> we hope you enjoy the weekend some. we are tracking another round of rain coming this week. good morning. it is april fools' day. >> let's check in with our forecast. >> no fooling here on this
5:30 am
april fools. we are tracking a few weather systems this week that will bring the return of the rain. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. a mild to start. here is what you can expect, your weather headlines if you're headed out the door for work and school, partly to mostly cloudy this morning, a mild start, mainly dry this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and we are tracking a week weather system for this evening and that will bring scattered showers this evening into tomorrow. now in stronger storm roles and later this week. will time out for you on future cash and what you can expect coming up. take a look at the roadways right now as you work your way in and out of san francisco. southbound 101, a broken down vehicle that was blocking at least one link, it looks like chp got that out pretty quickly but a little slow north of
5:31 am
there so keep that in mind as you are committing in san francisco. take a look at one of our live shots. this is one of one not too far from 17th streets. you can see those headlights moving at a nice me. so far no delays to report. not the case at the bay bridge, you have a backup beyond 880, not quite to the maze just yet but it is building. westbound 37, not bad as he work away between 80 and 101, a little slow coming out of alejo. 26 minutes is or drivetime. eastbound right at wilson, we are getting reports of some debris. we will look more into that but we are seeing some slight delays because of that. it is blocking at least one link. if you want to use the richmond bridge instead, you are good to go with only some slight delays at the toll plaza. >> a technical outage is impacting major airlines and causing flight delays. jackie is live in san jose this morning. what have you learned? >> reporter: fortunately i
5:32 am
think the issue is on its way to being resolved here. as you can see, check out the departure board, there are no delays, no cancellations, everything seems to be running smoothly here so far. delta and southwest without earlier that they were having problems systemwide. they were unsure of when they would be back up and running. acetyl reported 15 delays earlier, one cancellation. three alaska airlines, to united, seven southwest, one frontier, one air canada and one canceled alaska airlines. the saa is reporting several airlines were experiencing issues with a non-faa flight plan and weights balance program called aero data. mainline operations and regional operations are affected to varying degrees. the airlines that were primarily affected southwest, united, jetblue, alaska and delta but as it was mentioned earlier, every think your him and that is seems to be running smoothly, no crazy long lines, no sense of panic. everything is okay.
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>> remember it is always good to call had any time you go to the airport. we will see. thank you. >> in south carolina a community is a memory a college student killed after she got into a car she thought was her uber. hundreds gather at the university of south carolina last night to honor 21-year-old samantha josephson. the college senior went missing on friday after a night out with friends. police say around 2 am she got into a black and paula. she mistook it for her uber. the driver of that cart nathaniel rowland attacked her and then dumped her body in a wooded area. the victim's mother spoke in court yesterday calling her daughter suspected killer evil. >> vile and unacceptable. he should never be given the right to walk free again or given the opportunity to hurt anyone else. samantha josephson, my daughter's name is samantha josephson. don't ever forget her name.
5:34 am
>> rowland allegedly activated the cars childproof locks to keep josephson from escaping. he is now facing murder and kidnapping charges. >> a baseball fan is hospitalized in a medically induced coma after an attack outside dodger stadium in los angeles. 45-year-old rafael was in a stadium parking lot on the phone with his wife when he was attacked. crystal said she heard a man cursing at her husband accusing him of touching someone. she says it was clear her husband did not know what the man was talking about. >> now i know that that was him hitting the ground and i heard the person tell the other person get to the car. >> reyna says she also heard a lot of strangers trying to help. so far police have only a vague description of the attacker who has still not been found. >> the search is on for a man who stabbed someone with a sword in san francisco while wearing a make america great again had.
5:35 am
this happened just before 10 on saturday night near the church of eight wheels. that was on the rollerskating rink on fillmore street. the suspect allegedly slashed the victim across his wrist and hand. is not clear what led up to this altercation. the victim is expected to recover. >> actor jesse is telling out of public view after prosecutors dropped charges against him for allegedly staging his own hate crime. he was a no-show this weekend for his nomination at the naacp image awards but his name still came up more than once. some on stage and said they supported him while comedian chris rock had a different take roasting smollett during an award presentation. >> what the heck is he thinking? you don't even get the you know more. that q is respect. you don't get no respect for me. >> 16 charges were dropped last week. now chicago mayor says he
5:36 am
should reimburse the city for $130,000 that would cover over time by police officers who worked on the case for weeks. his attorney says the mayor has no legal basis to demand that money. >> facebook ceo is asking for the government's help. >> emily turner on mark zuckerberg's push to regulate the internet. >> it is a big change of what zuckerberg has been sang in the past. now the ceo of facebook once the government to not only play a part in policing the internet but to play a big one. in his piece for the washington post, he issued an invitation think what the rules governing the internet allow generation of entrepreneurs to build services that change the world and create a lot of value in people's lives. it is time to update these rules to define clear responsibilities for people, companies and governments going forward. he went on to outline four major areas for that, harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. this all comes less than two
5:37 am
weeks after new zealand massacre was broadcast live on that site along with a litany of other social media shortfalls this year. >> you had the hearings on capitol hill, you had all the talk of the underhanded politics that mark zuckerberg and charles had and all these other things that happened. it was a very tough year for them and i think they are coming on the other side and saying okay, we need to find someone to work with everybody because everyone hates us right now. >> his moves are without his critics. they range from other tech leaders to the federal communications commission to first amendment rights advocates and there is also criticism of the op-ed itself think this is facebook's way of trying to shape or even manipulate the regulatory process and less of a call to action. either way it has caused quite a stir amid a broader conversation that could have some really far-reaching implications for companies based right here in the bay area. michelle. >> thank you. apple is counseling its highly anticipated wireless charging
5:38 am
-- it does not meet company standards. it is a black eye for apple which tends to announce products when they are ready to hit stores shelves. they were supposed to be able to charge an iphone and air pod simultaneously. >> lift taking on wall street plus new york is taking a california approach to combating plastic waste in that state. we're live at the new york stock exchange with this morning's money watch report. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with technology industrials and healthcare shares which gave the market a boost friday. the nasdaq gained 60 and the sap 500 added 18. we are indicating a slightly higher open this morning. lift finished at more than $70 a share in its public debut, a gain of 8.7% over its price. its public debut is being looked to as a possible template for other ipos
5:39 am
expecting rival uber. lawmakers in york have passed legislation that will make the state the third in the nation to ban plastic bags. legislation bans most plastic bags provided to customers at supermarkets and other retail businesses. it does however allow counties to opt in for a five cent fee on paper bags. new york lawmakers are expected to approve tolls to drive into the busiest sections of manhattan. >> it is april. wedding season just around the corner but many americans are declining a lot of invitations. why is this? >> bank says about a fifth of people say they cannot go because they cannot afford to. the average wedding guest dispensed $628 on the festivities. the national experts say guests should bust the budgets to attend. >> rsvp no. >> that is what you have to do. >> thank you so much. >> the time now is 5:39.
5:40 am
>> sneakers with an extra kick. a bay area winery collaborating with a legendary shoe company but are these wine infused jordans too good to be true? >> interesting. we are starting off the work week and no rain chances. we will talk about will see our strongest storm. i will show you that on future cast coming up. >> delays through the to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. good monday morning. it is 5:42. here is a look looking north at the golden gate. we are tracking our next weather system, a week weather system. i will let you know when we
5:43 am
will see the return of the showers. we will time it out for you on future cast taking you in our by our. >> we have some positive news coming out of sausalito in the wake of that mudslide in february. now it looks like they are going to be reopening south salida boulevard by the end of today. they are planning on removing the barriers by about 5 pm. still a lot of work to be done after that mudslide which was on valentine's day. it took down a couple of houses. you are looking at some of the damage there. you very -- may remember one woman was in her bed when her house slid about a block and she ended up miraculously uninjured. the debris removal still going to take a long time in the city of sausalito just renewed its emergency declaration to continue the process. back to you. >> disney's dumbo flew its way
5:44 am
to the top of the box office over the weekend. the live-action remake of the classic animated film featuring danny devito, michael keaton and colin farrell brought in $45 million and rounding out the top five, director jordan peals came in second place. disney's captain marvel came in third, romantic drama five feet apart took fourth-place and unplanned came in fifth. >> speaking of movies, the blockbuster store in bend oregon is the last one on earth. at its peak in 2004, there were more than 9000 around the world but since july, the video rental chain had been reduced to just two locations invent and in perth australia. the one in perth officially shut its doors yesterday but the manager of the oregon blockbuster says business is still going strong. >> a northbay winery wants to make sure your feet smell as good as were one. >> it is launching a popular basketball shoe equipped with a corkscrew. take a look.
5:45 am
>> there it is. these are the jordan cabernet sauvignon limited edition sneakers. you can see the logo of the person jumping holding a wine bought -- wine box in one hand. one more shoe feature. it is an april fools joke. it is april 1. it is only half a prank. only half a prank. the wine is real and the shoes are real just without the elaborate features without having the insoles marinated in wine. why would you want your fee to smell like wind? >> good points. >> probably not a good thing. >> marinated in sweats. i have to use that on the basketball court. >> gianna, save us. please. let me save us from this moment. we are busy this morning to the altamonte past, not a lot of
5:46 am
accidents. a lot of folks are hitting the roadways this morning so you will see some delays as you work your way westbound. this is the typical stuff for those super commuters making that trek out of tracy. most of the delays right around mountain house, you will see that stop and go condition at least in northland. that is what it looks like here on our maps. and okay right towards the double interchange but lots of volume on the westbound side. all those headlights working their way towards 680. travel times a little sluggish, you're looking at at least 37 minutes. that portion of the right is definitely getting busy this morning as well is the east shore freeway. a 90 minute ride to go from highway four. we are definitely sing a few more cars on the roadway right now. westbound 37 as you work your way out of alejo towards nevada, it is about a 26 minute drive time between 80 and 101. earlier trouble spots have now been cleared. no troubles on the san mateo bridge. your commute takes you over to
5:47 am
92 working her way over towards the peninsula, you should be good to go. we are looking at about a 15 minute drive time to go between 880 over towards 101. tell it's heading westbound. if you're headed towards the east bay, 5:20, that is building for the morning drive. it gets much better once you get past the lights onto the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco. checking or drivetime, 14 minutes so totally terrible. it looks like the golden gate as well as the san mateo are all in the green so no delays to report there. if you want to skip the roadways and use mass transit, so far so good. caltrain checking in with no troubles. it is dry roadways today so enjoy it while you can. here is mary with your forecast. >> a great thing to have dry for that morning commutes. we are looking at a few weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and i will time it out for you just a
5:48 am
moment when we could see some wet roadways for our morning commute. here's a live look at their salesforce tower camera looking north at the golden gate with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. it is a mild start to the day. 55 in oakland, livermore in the upper 40s, mid-50s in san francisco, 54 san jose as well as santa rosa. you can see a driver for the most part, all of this green as well as the east bay, that is actually ground clutter. we are checking if you spotty showers offshore and then up across the northbay. so seeming and you can see showers near eldridge and sonoma and just south along 101 there. here is what you can expect as you are heading out the door for work and school, rightly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, mainly dry this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies but scattered showers, that returns this evening continuing tonight into tomorrow. so satellite and radar view, there is that low pressure system that we are tracking bring a week weather system our way.
5:49 am
it will bring some scattered showers as we had through this evening first for the northbay and then into the san francisco peninsula this evening. 4 pm, mainly dry, mostly cloudy skies. we go stopping to clock on future cast at 6 pm. you can see to the northbay, san francisco peninsula as we go through tonight, this is stopping the clock again at 9 pm. scattered showers continuing especially for the tri-valley east bay and several disco peninsula, parts of the south bay. as we look ahead to tomorrow morning, some locations will get that wet start to the day so scattered showers for your tuesday, that will continue for the rest of your tuesday there. rainfall amounts, we are not expecting a lot today, anywhere from just a 10th of an inch, 200 to 407 inch of rain. then as we go through tomorrow, we're just going to add on 500 to about a 10th, a quarter inch of rain for you. so as we fast-forward all the way to the end of the workweek on friday, that will be our stronger storm system bringing the rain and the wind,
5:50 am
widespread rain to end out the work week. pollen count is high so medium high for today, it increases for tomorrow, skyhigh at 11.8, the scale 1-12. 10.8 for wednesday and thursday. sunrise at 6:55. daytime highs today above average for this time of year, mid-60s in san francisco, fremont, mountain view, mid-70s in san jose in upper 60s close to 70. scattered showers for tomorrow, a break on wednesday. scattered showers thursday. a rainy day on friday, scattered showers saturday but then drier weather for sunday. >> thank you. no video of your worst nightmare if you have bad allergies. look at this. those plumes of green clouds exploding from trees. that is pollen. this is in georgia in an area southwest of atlanta. the breeze from this helicopter knocked the pollen off branches as it passed by.
5:51 am
this makes me want to sneeze right now. >> you would be sneezing four days if you were there. >> on that note, spring is in full bloom. >> thousands of people are flocking to the sierra to check out daffodil hill. this is one of the main attractions in amador county, a burst of yellow and white flowers lined the hillside. unusual weather kept daffodil hill from opening last year so the crowds are coming in full force this spring to check out the sights and the smells. >> it seems like it is never ending and i personally didn't know the daffodils came in so many different colors. it is beautiful. it is very overwhelming. >> check out daffodil hill while you can pick it is expected to stay open only as long as the weather allows. you would be sneezing there also. >> i would. >> time check is 5:51. >> a search for a donor 23 years later. this morning, one man's mission to say thank you. >> a live look outside from our for comfort food at a comfortable price,
5:52 am
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. we are saying good morning to the east bay. berkeley we are seeing mostly cloudy skies, amateurs 55. this is our lawrence science camera. i will let you know what you can expect tracking a weather system. i will let you know when the showers will return in taking you through the week when that
5:55 am
stronger storm system will arrive in just a few minutes. >> checking the roadways if you are heading out the door and taking 101 out of the south bay, we are starting to see traffic little on the northbound 101 side. we are using if you break lights south of there as well. you are definitely tracking tapping the brake lights. lots of delays. we will have a look at the bay bridge coming up next. >> a northern california grandfather is on a mission to share his gratitude. >> he wants us to think the bay area family you found it in their hearts to give him a heart. nine-year-old jackson received a heart transplant 23 years ago. a gift of life he has never forgotten. the operation took place at california pacific medical center. now he and his wife of 68 years want to find his donors family to just say thank you. >> i would love to make contact with that family if there was some way. i think they would be so proud to see that i still am here at 90 and doing as well as i am. i want to thank them from the
5:56 am
bottom of their heart, my heart. >> so sweet. jack knows his daughter was a 44-year-old man who died of a brain aneurysm in november 1995. he is hoping the family will see his story and reach out. he says he would love to meet them. >> a priest accused of sexual assault is behind bars and now there is a group trying to find other victims. i had that story coming up. plus a systemwide outage across several airports across the country. it affects a lot of travelers. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> new development in the effort to fix the computer glitch that is causing problems at airports here in the bay area and across the country. >> an outpouring of emotion in southern california as fans
6:00 am
gather at the site were a grammy nominated rapper was gunned down over the weekend. >> i money for california wildfire relief efforts is in jeopardy when the u.s. senate votes later today. >> good morning everyone. it is monday, april 1. i michelle. >> good morning. say goodbye to the sunny weather. hello clouds. >> that is right. we're tracking if you weather systems that will bring the return of the wet weather but we will help ease you in to the work week. here's a live look without beautiful treasure island camera. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, a mild star, upper 40s to low to mid 50s on this monday morning. your weather headlines as you head out the door for work and school partly to mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures this morning. we will see mainly dry conditions today with mostly cloudy skies as we had throughout afternoon. scattered showers return this evening with a week weather system. will time it all out for you taking you hour by


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