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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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driving, the new plan to lower california's .08 limit. a bear area tech execs is homeland security violated his civil rights. when he refused to hand over his phone to customs agents at sfo. we have a break from the rain this morning, looking a from our exclusive sales force terror cameras looking north. a little hazy out there, but we are not expecting rain today. that does not mean we are in the clear. >> we are looking at more rain coming as early as tomorrow into your friday. but enjoy today, mainly dry conditions, slight chance of an isolated shower, but we are looking at a nice break from the rain. here is a look at our san jose camera, good morning in the south bay with temperatures around 55. 54 in concord, oakland 55, livermore 52 in santa rosa at 52.
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your weather headlines, spotty isolated showers this morning and areas of fog for the tri- valleys. mostly cloudy to the afternoon, a slight chance of an isolated shower. the driest day of the week today, but not completely dry. we do have the chance for a shower, but showers return for your thursday and a soaking rain on friday. a stronger storm system, we are tracking that. i will show you future cast and when all of the rain will arise. not a lot of trouble spots on the freeway, most of our construction work is wrapping up . we will get a look at highway 4. westbound commuting out of antioch into pittsburgh towards the shore freeway we are seeing nice speeds right now. we did have construction west bend 4 between 242 and 680. looks like that is wrapping up. you are in the green, 61 miles per hour, no delays along highway 4. we do have brake lights, typical stuff out of the ultimate pass, west on 580 and out of tracy. we are seeing a look at 580 to
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205, most backup starts around the mountain house area. likek westbound 37 from to 101, if you are traveling from east bay towards marin, only a 22 minute drive. new this morning, pestriannl condn after being hit by a in b these are a pictures from the scene. this was about 10:20 last night at martin luther king jr. way and adeline street. the victim is a 55-year-old man who is at highland hospital this morning. the driver of the car is reportedly cooperating with investigators and there are road closures around the accident scene. a pedestrian was hit by a car last night in san francisco just after 9 at 37th and fulton outside the golden gate park senior center or the park. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. california lawmakers are proposing aggressive bills that
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might make you reconsider driving after having a drink or two. kpix jackie word is over highway 24 with what this would mean for drivers. >> reporter: if these two bills were to pass and become laws, it would make california essentially very hard to drive drunk and, compared to anywhere else in the country. if state senator jerry hill gets his way, these laws in california would be as harsh as they are in utah. the first bill being proposed is named after a 22-year-old man who was in the navy. he was killed when a drunk driver smashed into his jeep crumbling it into a pile of metal. if passed, the first bill would require everyone convicted of a dui, even first-time offenders, to use interlocking ignition devices. >> that means they cannot drive their car unless they breathe into this device and breathe clean. >> reporter: a second, more controversial bill would bring
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california's legal drinking limit from a blood alcohol content from .0 8.05. that amounts to one or two drinks for our for women under 160 pounds and no more than two drinks for men under 200 pounds. really strict there. mothers against drunk driving will be meeting up with national transportation safety board members in sacramento today at 10:30 in support of both of these bills. developing news, a look at sfo where a bay area tech exec says his constitutional rights were violated. now the aclu has filed a complaint with him still in homeland security. andrea's gal said he would return from a business trip in november and custom agents demanded he unlock his company phone and laptop. the devices contain proprietary information and he signed a nondisclosure human so he asked to speak to apple or an attorney. he says the agents continued to
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interrogate and threaten him. he rates, the times overdue for congress to step in and provide meaningful oversight with legislation to rain and cpps agreed business misconduct. the agents let him leave without unlocking his devices. customs and border protection says as a matter of policy they can't comment on pending litigation. in solano county, family and friends are remembering to teenagers who died while trying to rescue a dog from an irrigation canal work jacob hourmouzus in jacob schneider were electrocuted monday morning near dixon avenue and interstate 80 and dixon. one of them touched an electrified gate. this was the scene yesterday evening at a vigil for the high school students at hall memorial park. friends of the teens are still in disbelief. >> i love that everyone came together for him, that's what he would want. >> 's much e whole town right here. the fact that we can all come together like this is something powerful. not many places can do that.
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>> the two friends were on a walk when a dog fell from a bridge and into the canal. another friend managed to pull all three from the canal while another dialed 911. the dog survived. a man suspected of murdering rapper nipsey hussle is expected to be in court in the next two days. video posted shows lapd handcuffing 29-year-old eric holder about 20 miles southeast of where hustle was killed sunday afternoon. according to investigators they had a verbal confrontation the day of the fatal shooting. lapd says holder left but returned later with a gun and fired multiple shots while returning to a waiting vehicle. hussle's fans reacted to the rest yesterday. >> just so happy, thank god. >> you arole your life. >> investigators say holder is a member of a gang, but they
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believe the dispute was not gang related. the ghost ship warehouse trial is underway. the tenant and creative director are accused of involuntary manslaughter. 36 people died when flames swept through the artist collective in 2016 during a party. many of the victims were trapped inside the warehouse on a second store. yesterday, but sites discussed witnesses and evidence with the judge. they will begin jury selection soon and that is expected to take two weeks. a federal judge has ruled pg&e won't be able to pay dividends to shareholders after emerging from see unless it meets wildfire prevention rules. the judge said the utility has not done enough to prevent future wildfire is it also called for random inspections of pg&e's tree trimming process. pg&e safety issues have been under scrutiny since the deadly and destructive pipeline explosion in san bruno back in 2010.
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this morning president trump's mar-a-lago resort is beefing up security after a big breach. the woman was arrested at the florida resort according to court documents. she made her way and by presenting two chinese passports and told the secret service agent she was there to use the pool. she changed her story saying she was there for a chinese- american friendship event and that is when reportedly she became verbally aggressive. >> from an intelligence one of you, we are deeply interested in who sent her there, what she was doing there, how did she get as far as she did through security and what kind of malware was on the thumb drive. >> according to an affidavit agents found her for cell phones, a laptop and an external hard drive also contained a thumb drive with malicious malware. president trump intends to delay the fight over healthcare until after the 2020 election. >> we will be the party of
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healthcare. republicans should not run away from healthcare, you can't do it. >> healthcare was among many issues discussed by president trump at a republican fundraiser in washington. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell does not support a delay on the healthcare overhaul. >> made it clear to him we were not going to be doing that in the senate. >> republicans tried to repeal and replace the affordable care act when they control both chambers of congress, but that plan failed to pass. chicago making history, the city elected its first black woman mayor. she will be sworn in may 20. lori lightfoot defeated tony pretwinkle by a wide margin . lightfoot is not only the first african-american woman elected mayor of chicago, she is also the first openly gay woman to win the seat as well. >> i remembered something martin said in tht whyou cat see the staircase.
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>> lightfoot promised to reform the chicago police department, which was the subject of a department of justice investigation that found a pattern of excessive force and racial bias. san francisco mayor london braid offered her congratulations saying all across our country more and more black women are showing what they can do in positions of leadership in each of the selected opens the door for more young girls and boys to follow in our paths. the time is 10 minutes after five. no more circling the block, how san jose homeowners are tackling a longtime parking problem in helping college students get to class on time. we're tracking a few spotty showers this morning on high def doppler. what a drier day in comparison to the rest of the week today. we are tracking a stronger storm system, when you can expect to see widespread rain and future cost coming up. it has begun, the backup at the bay bridge is building, travel times to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection.
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preapproved by their parents. some other safety features, parents can pause the internet, track tickets locations and limits greentown. they just kids plan cost about five dollars a month, or $9.99 a month with tracking. packing has been a problem for generations of students at san jose student city. there is a phone app that allows drivers to reserve spots on private driveways. once the driver confirms the purchase, the app reveals the address. drivers then check in when they get there to let the homeowner know how long we will be staying. >> are you really thinking about just yourself? or do you want to give back to the community and think about a sustainable environment for not just this generation, but the generation that comes after us? >> some people who live in the negley park area are worried about security. there will be a lot more unfamiliar cars there. ever wish you had more leg room when you fly? an italian seat company has come up with a new seat that
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lets you stand up. this is the sky writer 3.0. the newest version of an infamous standing seat, looks similar to a bicycle seat, but with back support attached. they are getting some interest, but no orders just yet. >> i like it, i always feel so claustrophobic. i wouldn't mind stretching out. >> even for a trip from here to france for 10 hours weeks >> i like to have variety. was in, history art and travel fans, two lucky people have the chance to win a trip of a lifetime. airbnb offering to guest an exclusive on this day at the louvre in paris. and includes a tour and a chance to click glasses in front of the mona lisa. visitors will be treated to dinner, a private concert, and later -- >> to top it all off they will spend the right beneath glass pyramid that has been designed specifically for this
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occasion is over at the 30th anniversary of the pyramid. >> all you have to do is answer the question, why would you be the perfect guest for mona lisa? airbnb will select the most original response. you have until april 12 to submit your answers. >> i'm in, i'm going to come up with something. >> you just got back from europe. >> i went in december but skipped the loop because tourist trap. >> maybe you will get to go. if it's going to come to life like the movie with the dinosaurs, hopefully not. [ laughter ] >> if you have an idea that will help me out, tweet me. >> can i be a +1? >> yes [ laughter ]. to the road with right now, if you have to leave to freeways. good news if you're coming off the east shore freeway, less than 80 looks good with no major snags to report. as you make your way out of
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hercules and to richmond and berkeley eveincl the freeway with no delays. only about a 16 minute drive time. that is it from highway 4 to the maze, 60 miles per hour is the average speed. however if you are traveling on surface streets in berkeley, heads up, we have a pretty serious accident. there are lane closures in and around the area of martin luther king jr. way around adaline. no more guess to where the lanes will reopen, try to avoid the area if you can. a back about the bay bridge, you can see traffic is backed up beyond the 880 overpass. it is building. coming off of 880 looks pretty good with some flashing lights off to the side coming out of the connector with east shore freeway. we will look into that, but looks like it's not causing any delays. a look at the other side of the bridge as you come off the skyway heading into san francisco. extra volume, we saw some slightly slower speeds around treasure island, no styled vehicles or accidents, just a little low into san francisco. take a look at traffic coming
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out of marin county, not bad at all with 101 from 37 down to the golden gate bridge. mite d time. easy ride if you are commuting out of marin. we haven't seen any delays, you are clear into san francisco. take a look at traffic in the city. a heads up, we do have construction that traffic control will be in effect between bryant and harrison. roadways are dry, that is the good news. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies, mainly dry for today. today, the driest out of our week. we do have a few showers possible, but we will take what we can get. here is a look at the salesforce tower camera. with low clouds in the sky we are looking at temperatures on the mild side and low to mid 50s. 54 for you in concord, also downtown san francisco. 55 in oakland and san jose. 52 in livermore and santa rosa. the high def doppler, you can see mainly dry, although still a few spotty showers out there.
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taking you out to the tri- valley in the east bay to fremont, a few showers to kick off your wednesday. here is what you can expect, mostly cloudy skies, i will keep a chance of a shower in the forecast. more showers for your thursday, and the wettest day out of the week will be on friday with the stronger storm system moving in. satellite and radar view. if into the unsettled weather pattern for us. we are tracking this stronger storm on friday that will bring widespread, soaking rain for us. timing it out for you on future cast and what you can expect . a few spotty showers at 10 am. as we go through the afternoon, mainly dry and mostly cloudy. a slight chance of an isolated shower, even to the afternoon. but check out thursday at 4 pm on future cast with showers moving in. friday again will be the wettest day of the week with the stronger storm system. all of us will see the rain on friday. pollen count, because of the rain at least pollen count is
5:20 am
lower. medium today, tomorrow and lower for your friday because of the rain we are expecting. saturday it climbs back up and we will continue with higher pollen count levels by the weekend and early next week because of drier weather. sierra snowpack, great to see this. we have seen incredible, record amount of snowfall in the sierra. 162% of average for the sierra snowpack. daytime highs around where we should be, 63 in san francisco, 65 in oakland and fremont, 65 in san jose in mid 60s for santa rosa and napa. here is the seven day forecast, mostly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower. showers for your thursday, renee on friday, some showers for saturday, especially in the morning. drying out after that for sunday. and early next week we warm-up with a little more sunshine. the time now, 5:20. back to our conversation about travel, jet lag may be good for your brain. but that flight! researchers explain how travel stress on the brain may help
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. welcome back, we are
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getting rid of a couple new crashes in the south bay. southbound 880 at montague expressway, look out for a three car crash to the right shoulder. also, south 101 in lawrence expressway we have a crash to the side of the roadway. both of these accidents not causing major delays as they are in the non-commute direction. however, as morning traffic gets busier you might see spectator slowing. we will keep an eye on that. the newest football league has halted operations just eight games into its inaugural season. alliance of american football told most employees they would be fired today, shocking players and coaches alike. the leg tried to set itself up as a developmental league for players trying to make the nfl. the american cancer society says people need to change their behaviors to reduce their cancer risk. an estimated 45% of u.s. cancer deaths this year are
5:25 am
associated with factors such as smoking, excess body weight, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and in a healthy diet. the biggest risk factor is smoking, which accounts for 29% of all cancer deaths. researchers at northwestern university say that jet lag could help your brain ward off the effects of degenerative diseases. they tested jet lag on fruit flies, which have a similar 24- hour pattern to people and find the time changes produced a little bit of stress, which protected their neurons related to huntington's disease. scientists do say it confirms a link between circadian rhythms and neurodegenerative diseases including alzheimer's and parkinson's disease. in sacramento, the ladies of labor and delivery seem to be bumping to the same beats. >> we have 14 of us pregnant this year, so why not take a picture? so we took a picture and it just happened to circulate. >> under medical center is having a baby boom, but this time the patient's are the nurses and it's not the first
5:26 am
time. >> and two years ago, 2017, we had 13 nurses pregnant. >> maybe we will get it again next year. [ laughter ] >> it is the largest earth centered apartment in northern california. a couple bills being proposed this morning in sacramento may make you rethin
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y38kzy yi0y ♪ ♪
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star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort now at 5:30, a terminally ill child exposed to measles i california hospital. state lawmakers look to overhaul dui laws. the crackdown in california roads. live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera, scattered showers across the east bay. more rain yet to come. storm system. out
5:30 am
good morning, it's wednesday, april 3. >> mary is tracking the next round of rain. >> like it or not. here we go again, today mainly dry, the drier day out of the week. more rain to come. we are looking at a live look at treasure island and a beautiful live look with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are low to mid 50s at this hour. definitely a mild start to the day. your weather headlines, spotty showers this morning, especially the east bay tri- valley areas with fog inland. cloudy skies in an isolated shower possible throughout the day. more showers thursday, a soaking widespread rain on friday. we will time it out for you taking you hour by hour on future cast coming up in what you can expect. you can expect delays as we have through the morgan hill into san jose a couple new accidents to report.
5:31 am
your drive times right now, north 101 out of san jose to work her way into the peninsula. 37 minutes towards f sfl. if you break lights from the two 8680 connector. we do have a couple of classes. southall the one at lawrence expressway, activity on the right shoulder. in a crash at montague expressway. three cars involved in the accident, a possible rollover to the right side of the roadway. south of there lots of pockets slumming into morgan hill. the traffic hazard stalled on west 80 at the 680 connector. there is one lane blocked and we are seeing slight delays as you approach the scene. we will look at a look at the bay bridge in a few minutes. the way the law in california is now, people can have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and not think twice about it. if these two bills being proposed this morning pass and become law, a lot of these drivers may rethink doing that
5:32 am
and may think twice about having even just that small amount of alcohol. the first bill would be named after a 22-year-old who was killed when a drunk driver smashed into the jeep he was in. it would require everyone to have a dui, even first-time offenders, to use interlocking ignition devices. his mother is in support of the strict bill. >> he chose to serve and he is serving in ways we never anticipated. >> 1000 people are killed every year from drunk drivers. 20,000 are injured. we want to reduce the number. this will do it. >> a second proposed bill will bring california's legal drinking limit down from a blood alcohol content of .08 to .05, amounting to one or two drinks per hour for women hundred 160 pounds and no more than two drinks for men under 200 pounds. if these past, they would be some of the harshest drunk driving laws in the country.
5:33 am
they are being proposed at 10:30 in sacramento this morning. new video to show you of a traffic stop in walnut creek that could've gone sideways in seconds. >> if anybody reaches for a gun, you guys are getting shot. >> after the officer pulled over the car, he noticed a loaded gun magazine in the center console. seconds later things got more heated when he asked the passenger to step out of the car. >>, with your hands up. if you reach for anything, you're getting shot. there is a gun magazine in the car, i already told you to stop reaching for stuff. >> police were looking for three suspects involving credit card fraud at cvs last month. the car they pulled overmatched the description of the getaway car. all three were arrested for a slew of charges, including possession of a loaded, stolen firearm, felony forgery and multiple warrants. the search continues for a man accused of ability attack at a denny's restaurant early
5:34 am
sunday morning in fremont. police released these surveillance images of the suspect appears to be wearing a black beanie. the victim says the man came in and became combative with a denny's worker so he stepped in. the victim's mom told us the man identified himself as a doorãdelivery person picking up some food. >> the minute he got there, the guy smashed his face and. >> doorãis working with police to identify the delivery person. doorãhas deactivated the person from the platform. >> a woman believes her terminally ill child has measles after he was exposed to the disease while being treated at uc davis medical center in sacramento. he was having seizures last month and had tumors. days later doctors told her that during her son's hospital stay he had been exposed to measles. >> when i found out, i felt mortified. my son is already terminal, i don't have any area to risk any
5:35 am
potential anything with him. because i'm just like walking around him with a plastic bubble just to try to keep him here as long as i can. >> uc davis medical center says the source of the medical exposure was a young girl who wasn't diagnosed until after she was in the hospital. the hospital does not believe exposed boy has the disease. a new policy change at california state university's will turn a classroom into a courtroom. sexual assault victims cannot only be questioned, but it would be done in front of their alleged attackers. san jose state university announced in an email that all csu's revised of the policies on how to handle sexual assault and sexual misconduct cases. instead of an investigator determining if the accused violated school policy, the student will have the right to a hearing. an officer would question the alleged victim and witnesses with the accused in the same room. >> there are some cases where
5:36 am
the victim does falsely accuse the guy. i feel like in those situations there is opportunity for him to tell what is right and wrong. >> i feel like it's hard to lie to someone on your directly in front of them. >> i would feel like my word doesn't mean anything when i am the victim. >> change comes after the university of sout aault sued t a judge ruled that any student accused of sexual misconduct facing expulsion or suspension should be able to question the credibility of witnesses in the alleged victim. they will hold information sessions with students starting next week. some northern california parents and two of the most recognizable faces in the college admission scheme are set to face a judge. last month prosecutors arrested 50 people in the operation varsity blues. actresses felicity huffman and hussle are among a group of wealthy parents expected in court today.
5:37 am
they accused of paying a college prep business to cheat on standardized test and/or bribe coaches to get kids into competitive schools. today's hearing will be the first time lori laughlin speaks out in her alleged role. the earthquake seen in california has been particularly quiet in california, but could that change experts say the earthquake drought is bound to end with destructive results. it's been nearly 5 years the state experienced it last earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 or stronger. in 2000 for a 6.0 quake rattled napa, 20 years earlier a 6.7 hit northridge in southern california. scientists with usgs said the rate at which? hit varies, but they are inevitable to relieve tectonic forces. scientists warn the catastrophes can vary from large faults like the san andreas or lesser-known like the hayward. avocado prices went up 34% yesterday, the biggest single day price hike for the through in 10 years.
5:38 am
it comes after president trump made threats to close the u.s. mexico border. experts say there could be more price jumps in the coming weeks. avocados are grown here in california, but the season has just started. uld getting close to a na trade deal. diane king hall without store and much more in this morning's money watch. >> let's start with a recap of the stocks. they finished mixed yesterday on wall street. the dow slipped 79 points and nasdaq rose 19 and s&p 500 was flat. the u.s. and china are nearing a final trade deal. financials on both sides have sorted out most of the outstanding items. the parties are reportedly still haggling over how to implement and enforce terms. private sector job creation slowed in march. payroll processor adp says companies added just 129,000 jobs, weaker than expected. keep in mind the report is often looked to for clues to the government monthly job
5:39 am
report due friday. but the two can sometimes diverge. for instance, last month the government reported the economy grew by 20,000 jobs in february, which was the weakest gain since 2017. we hear that goodwill is squaring off with amazon, what can you tell us about this? >> the nonprofit operation is working with start up to nab online sales. the two are creating a browser add-on to alert shoppers when an item they have been looking for on amazon becomes available through bedwell sites. consumers can click a pop-up link to purchase the second hand, cheaper version. the feature could rollout to include federal inventory across the u.s.. >> more options for shoppers, not bad. i like it, good to see you as always. apparently google has an a cappella choir.
5:40 am
>> they will perform a 20 students from san jose's jon jay elementary school at the tech museum for innovation this sunday. they are raising money for music for minors, a nonprofit that funds music classes for 25,000 bay area children. a little-known fact people, can be used to sing and an a cappella choir. >> i was part of a group called the middle ods. just a tease. >> i like it, i like it. >> what about you? you should chime in? >> not one of my talents [ laughter ]. we appreciate your. 20 minutes now before 6 o'clock. >> they call it hay from heaven. coming up, disastrous floods lingering in the midwest, the effort underway to reach stranded livestock. tracking a few showers on live doppler, but a dryer day today. we are tracking a powerful storm system. when we will see widespread rain , coming up.
5:41 am
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at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. and wednesday morning, it's 5:43. here's a look south with a cloudy start to the day. mild temperatures this morning. we are tracking our next storm system. we will timeout for you when the rain returns coming up in a few minutes. we have heard of a water droplet, but how about a hay drop? farmers in nebraska are calling it hay from heaven. many farmers say they are still struggling after the historic flooding in the midwest. the nebraska national guard is helping out with much-needed supplies. there using 135 helicopters to deliver hay to cattle that can't get to feed or the ranger can't get to them. >> it is something that has been done before in the army,
5:44 am
but never in nebraska. to be able to help out in this way is hitting home a little bit for me to understanding the need they have. >> so far the guard has flown five missions over the past week. one man on a cross-country road trip as he never knew the adventure he was seeking with me to a chance encounter. >> a happy reunion, matthew has been on the road for the last four months with a goal of skiing as much as he could. his trip brought them to a trail in colorado where he came across amelia. she was malnourished and scared and awfully cute. he took her to the vet for treatment and rehab. when he got back on the road. after amelia got better, he found out she needed a home. >> i said give me a call when she was ready and then i would make the drive. we are about to start an adventure together with love, time and effort. >> he drove in another 1100 miles to go back to colorado to pick her up and he plans on
5:45 am
taking her to a few more states before bringing her home with him to maine. >> they can go ski together one day. >> rescue pets are the best pets. >> yes they are, i love that. >> you've got one. >> i have two, a dog and a cat. >> do they get along? >> luckily the dog is smaller than the, so there is no harm no foul. let's check the roads, it's 5:45. >> busy at the bay bridge, no accidents or incidents. but the meter lights are on and look at this live look you will see stop and go conditions as you work your way not quite to the maze just yet. but that will probably change pretty quickly. slow and go. once you get past the metering lights it eases pretty nicely into san francisco. again, you have those brake lights slowing you down on the east shore freeway commute coming out of berkeley.
5:46 am
right now you're seeing okay speeds, drive time is 16 minutes traveling from highway 4 hercules towards the maze. if you railhead through berkeley this morning we have a service street problem, lots of activity for an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian martin luther king jr. way at adeline. avoid the area if you can until the of those lanes. let's get a look at the nimitz freeway, north on the taillights past the coliseum headlights. you will see okay conditions here, the delays really start building through the hayward area. as you can see, we have slightly slower speeds as you pass the 238 connector working southbound towards the san mateo bridge. a 21 minute drive time down to 237. if you're trying to hop on the san mateo bridge, so far so good. we did hear reports of possible bridge lights being out around the high-rise portion. doesn't look like it's causing any delays. the traffic is pretty much business as usual commuting out of hayward towards foster city. 101 pretty quiet right now.
5:47 am
westmount 80, all the headlights towards the 680 dublin interchange with extra volume. this part is okay, it is east of there. most wranglers will come out of tracy this morning. you have stop and go conditions at least to northland, but it eases up nicely toward 680. 680 southbound getting a little busy working your way through pleasanton. that's a look at your morning drive, let's check your forecast. a nice and dryer start to the day. enjoy it, because we are looking at more rain coming this week. here is a look at our salesforce tower camera with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures and low to mid 50s at this hour. starting off the day mild, 54 in concord, oakland good morning at 55. 52 in livermore, santa rosa and downtown san francisco coming in at 54. high def doppler, mainly dry with a fuse body showers lighting up the radar screen was showers right over 580. the valley across pleasanton and sunil, that's pretty much
5:48 am
about it. a dryer day today, we are looking at a few showers heading through wednesday. more showers for thursday, the wettest day of the week will be on friday. widespread soaking rain friday. because of all of our rain this winter and spring, we are no longer any drought. we haven't been able to say that , not only from the bay area, as well as the entire estate, since december 20, 2011. it is been a long time. the entire state no longer any drought. abnormally dry for southern california. that is pretty much about it. they are not technically in a drought, just a little bit drier. we're tracking our next storm system that will bring widespread rain, soaking rain for friday. that will be a storm system to watch. as we go through the day, we are looking at mainly dry conditions with mostly cloudy guys, a few isolated showers at 10 am and as we go to the afternoon we are looking at mostly cloudy skies with a
5:49 am
slight chance of an isolated shower. then here comes more wet weather for us as we have through thursday in the afternoon and check out friday. we are talking about the widespread rain, the wettest day of the week will be on friday. because of the rain, good news for allergy sufferers, medium will with a pollen count for today. tomorrow even lower for friday because of the rain and it creeps back up for saturday into the weekend and early next week with drier weather. the sunrise at 6:52 and sunset at 6:54. daytime highs are and where we should be for this time of year. 63 in san francisco, oakland. mid 60s for santa rosa and napa. here is a seven-day forecast, which you can expect mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of an isolated shower. showers for your thursday, rainy day on friday pressing have the giants opener. it does look wet, unfodrayearly next week.
5:50 am
new video out of southern california showing thousands of jellyfish taking over the harbor in ventura co colonists say fierce winds are pushing sea creatures and the coves, making them become more visible. or it might make the house nervous getting close. ecologists say the jellyfish do not sting. about 35 miles away from the harbor in santa barbara this guy needed to be rescued from a beach after he was found sick and alone. the seal pup was likely born about two months ago and left its mother, not being cared for at a local wildlife institute. when it is fully healthy, the pup will be released at san miguel island. >> you video of the day. straightahead, bay area wildfire survivors are turning to a less stressful way to rebuild their lives. taking a look at the richmond san rafael bridge this wednesday morning, things are movi
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
happy wednesday to you, good morning to the east bay. berkeley, where i grew up, you can see that he skies this morning. mild temperatures in berkeley at the uc berkeley campus, 51. you can see dry for the most part and a few spotty showers. let's zoom into the tri-valley and east bay. a few showers around 580 near pleasanton, livermore and sunil. a wet start to the day. we're tracking a stronger storm system. details on future cast, coming up. taking a look at the roadways right now, if you are committing to the south that we have a crash at the 880 expressway. two right lanes are blocked for fire crews, injuries reported in the crash with a bit of a backup fine accident. northbound is moving at okay speeds, but northbound 101 starting to see some delays for the morning drive. we do have a
5:55 am
trouble spot on the east shore, upper east shore. details on that, coming up in the next report. five minutes for 6 o'clock and it has been nearly a year and a half since e fire devastated neighborhoods around santa rosa. >> they are turning to a construction method that will get them home sooner. they are using a company called hybrid prefab phone homes customizing floorplans built in a factory module and delivering them to the site. one home arrived in four pieces and he is waiting on the finishing touches. >> if you know what you want, or know what you had in want to replicate it, it makes it pretty easy. >> the company's managing partner says the sites cost about 20 percent stanczyk and additional construction. they offer something that appeals to everybody, especially traumatize fire victims. >> most of them are living on their properties. every day they look outside and
5:56 am
see what is not there anymore. whatever that home may be. >> the inventor says the homes average about 8 to 14 months to build compared with two years for the traditional method. of those neighborhoods looking normal again. four minutes before 6 o'clock, in the next half hour we are hearing from loved ones of the two teenagers killed while trying to rescue a dog in solano county. >> if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and then and get behind the wheel, you may want to rethink that. a couple of new bills being proposed this morning would really crackdown on that.
5:57 am
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parents from the bay area and hollywood celebrities had to court this morning in connection with a college admissions scam. details on today's hearing.
6:00 am
congressional democrats taking matters into their own hands after the attorney general missed the deadline to handover the mother reports. we are learning more about the suspect in the killing of a california wrapper as the lapd enforces new rules to prevent more violence at the scene of the shooting. good morning, it is wednesday, april 3. we have another storm nipping at our heels. mary has more info on that. >> we are tracking the next storm system that will bring widespread rain, get ready for that. for today, mainly dry. today will be the drier day out of the week. enjoy it. nothing like yesterday morning. a look at our sales force camera, temperatures in the low to mid 50s at this hour. whether headlines, spotty showers's morning in the east bay tri-valley. areas of fog inland. mainly dry, mostly cloudy, can't completely rule out an isolated shower through the day.
6:01 am
more showers for your thur


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