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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 3, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. new at noon, the hollywood actresses and implicated in the nationwide college admission scheme had to court. thank you for joining us, i am kenny choi. >> i am anne makovec. the celebrities drawing a crowd outside of the courthouse in boston. here is a live look, you can
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see a lot of media there clambering, and waiting until some of these people come out of the courtroom. as far as we know, neither of the famous plaintiffs, or actually defendants in this case have exited the courtroom. >> the most high-profile celebrity defendants are facing a judge today. actress felicity huffman was seen arriving at a boston federal courtroom, followed by lori loughlin, who appeared hours later. luisa moeller has details from boston. >> reporter: actress felicity huffman strolled into boston federal court hours before her 2:30 appearance before a judge. actress lori loughlin will soon join her, both to face charges they cheated and bribed to get the kids into elite colleges. investigators say lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband paid $500,000 in bribes to have their daughters:ms. it usc crew team, even though neither participated in crew.
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and, felicity huffman is accused of giving $15,000 to the admitted architect of the college admission scheme, rick singer, to have her daughter's ugly. the american public does not like this type of thing, especially when most people are fighting hard to get the kids into school, and sacrificing, and that sort of thing. there is not a lot of sympathy for someone like these folks. >> reporter: the charges may be appalling. don't expect other tv stars, or other accused parents to face time behind bars. >> on the other hand it is not murder. it is not espionage. there is no question that you could probably make some sort of a deal that may involve fines. >> this is another live look from boston right now. outside the federal courthouse, you can see all of those cameras and officials are learning up, waiting for people to come out.
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that was luis moellerepog from boston. rick singer has pleaded guilty to money laundering and racketeering among other crimes. we will have much more on the story coming up on kpix 5 news tonight at 5:rn lawmaker introducing some of the toughest dui laws in the country. jackie war is joining us live with how this will affect drivers. >> reporter: if passed, these two bills would punish drivers for driving drunk after only having a small amount of alcohol. if state senator jerry hill gets his way, california would be as how harsh is utah is against drunk driving. the first building proposed is named after a 22-year-old man who was in the navy. matthew klotzbach was killed, when a drunk driver smashed into the gp he was in, crumbling it up, into a pile of metal. if passed, this first bill would require everyone convicted of a dui, even first- time offenders, to use interlocking ignition devices. >> that means, they cannot drive their car, unless they breathe into this device, and breathe clean. >> a second more controversial bill would bring california's legal drinking limit down from
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a blood alcohol content of .08 2.05. that amounts to only one or two drinks per hour for women under 160 pounds. and, no more than two drinks from and under 200 pounds. mothers against drunk driving joint members of the national transportation safety board this morning in sacramento in support of these two bills. in berkeley, fire crews sprayed on this garbage truck, after some stuff inside the truck caught fire. he responded before 10 am this morning. a california monroe street, and put out the flames. excavators are shifting through the truck's contents to determine what caused the blaze. a dead gray whale was found washed up along in east bay shoreline this morning, spectators gathered along the shore in san pablo bay in rodeo. >> officials will perform a
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necropsy. two dead gray whales were found floating in the san francisco bay. researchers determined one of them died of managers. on the hills of the string of pedestrian death in san push tpush boost street gh enoo safety. an elderly woman was hit by a car near the senior center. it is one of many pedestrian industries and deaths this year alone. it is spurring the office nda to roll out fixes faster. nobody should die if they are walking, drug driving, or biking around san francisco. we will do everything we can to fix our streets. we want to see if there is a way to shorten the time it takes to rebuild a straight street. >> expects changes on streets across the city, including howard, fifth, and sixth streets. among those changes, protected bike lanes, and more visible crosswalks. a former netflix executive assuming the streaming country company over claims she was fired after announcing her edas manager last year.
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she says after she told her supervisor she was pregnant, he began to ignore her, cut her out of meetings, and made deprecating remarks about her appearance. she claims after she complains to hr, the supervisor fired her the next day. netflix responded to the lawsuit saying we have previously looked into these claims, and determined they were unfounded. netflix works hard to ensure that play employees with families or starting a family have the flexibility and support that they need. democrats in the house have voted to subpoena the justice department for the full mother report. they refused to budge on their demands to see it without delay, and without reductions. >> the committee is entitled, and my see all of the material, and make judgments as to what can be redacted to the public release by ourselves. >> general bar has promised to deliver a report by mid april. the democrats are not having it. if the two sides can't
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negotiate, the fight over the reports release could end up in court. two more women have come forward claiming that former vice president joe biden made them feel uncountable when he touch them. italy brand reports that the controversy is generating discussions about the entire me to movement. >> reporter: for women have told their stories about how former vice president joe biden touch them in a way that made them feel uncomfortable biden has released a couple of statements writing not once, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. >> poked fun at the situation at a fundraiser in washington tuesday night. >> welcome to the world, joe, you having a good time, joe? >> reporter: politicians from both sides are weighing in on biden's actions, and how they have been interpreted. >> it is not what you intended, it is how it was received. >> this is no country for creepy old man. it needs to stop. >> reporter: so our talkshows and comedians. >> what is it with american vice presidents. on e of them are normal. el me,u
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bey near e a woman guwithout a chaperone. is there a middle ground? >> he talks close, he touch his hair, that is what he is like. i feel it will be really unfortunate if we got rid of everybody who was just an affectionate kind of person. >> reporter: the new york times reporter who broke the sexual abuse allegations against movie producer harvey weinstein says distinctions need to be drawn between his alleged behavior, and biden. >> a lot of these moments are created in public, they occurred in events, that occurred in front of other people, it is a totally different scenario, than something like harvey weinstein, he was accused of drawing women into secure secluded places so he could take a vantage of them. >> reporter: bite biden has not spoken publicly about the accusations. 's team has released quotes from female friends and former colleagues, who said that he never crossed the line. lieutenant governor justin fairfax is maintaining his innocence after two women claimed they were sexually assaulted by him.
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>> i voluntarily submitted to two separate polygraph examinations, with respect to the allegations made bydr. tyson, and the allegations made by ms. watson. i passed both tests on the first try. >> his accusers allegations stand for more than a decade ago. the encounters with both women were consensual. >> he is using his hand on the back of my neck. i could not say anything. >> he did things that you should not do to someone without their permission. >> vanessa tyson says fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on her in boston back in 2004. meredith watson says that in 2000, fairfax her while they were students at duke university. republicans in the virginia legislator are calling for public hearings, meanwhile, the house democratic caucus has called for fairfax's resignation. growing outrage and calls for a boycott after the kingdom of of brunei says it will stone
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came into death. the tiny nation of brunei says it will stone to death, not only game in, but also people who commit adultery. cay death sentence. bery, , and these can a kind of law that does not belong in the 21st century. we are astonished that brunei is going forward with it. >> the brutal punishment has sparked an international outcry. celebrities like elton john and ellen stood degenerates are calling on fans to boycott hotels owned by the sultan of brunei. still ahead, rescuing leftovers from school cafeterias. the innovative way when district is making sure that food does not go to waste. plus a article at a southern california harbor, what is bringing on this jellyfish invasion. it is a cloudy day, but mainly dry, tracking a few showers on high def doppler.
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here is a live look from the treasure island camera of the ercast skies. we are tracking a big storm system, a powerful one, that will bring widespread rain. i'll show you that on future cast, and when you will
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a senate committee is going to vote today on the bill on cracking down on robo calls scammers. under the traced act, the government would have more power to employees impose fines on fraudsters. carriers will be required to improve their technologies, so
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consumers can easily determine if a call is real or spam. at&t, sprint, verizon, to adopt the new technology. according to one industry estimate, more than 26 billion robo calls were made to mobile numbers across the u.s. last your phone, as might as well. the justice department has worn to the academy of motion pictures over a potential rule change that could suppress competition from netflix and other streaming services. director steven spielberg, who is an academy board member, reportedly plans to suggest about movies that debut on streaming services should not be eligible for an offer. netflix made waves this year by winning three oscars for its foreign language drama roma. in a letter obtained by friday, the doj reportedly raise concerns that the possible new rules could violate antitrust laws. an academy spokesperson told variety, the group has responded accordingly to that the og later. let's see how stocks are trading on wall street this afternoon. the dow is down just a bit,
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down about 17 points right now. ten odvery daa th leov reporter ed earns this shows how it works. the pilot fooledfood program is happening at woodland elementary. students get breakfast and lunch at school, but on the weekends, they may be without food. that is where the south bend based a nonprofit cultivate comes in. it is providing weekend meals to a small group of students here. >> mostly we rescue food that has been made, but never served by catering companies, large food service businesses, like the school system, you do not always the school system. >> reporter: it rescues the unused food here. >> and over preparing is part of what happens and, with that well-prepared food, compare combine it with other food, and make individual frozen meals out of it. >> reporter: the ball bottom line with the program is that
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20 students here will receive a backpack with eight individual frozen meals every friday until the end of school. >> we were wasting a lot of food , there was not anything to do with the food. so they came to the school three times a week, and rescued our food. so, they're going back to cultivate processing the food, and it is going back to our students. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce leverage leadership academy helped get the program going. >> it really just all came together. it is making a big impact, so i am proud of that. >> it was heartbreaking to hear that children go home on the weekends, and don't have we, and we wanted to fill that need. >> reporter: a big deal for the students on the receiving end. >> that was advanced is reporting. the elkhart school system wants to expand the food program to other schools as well. is a jellyfish invasion down in 17 southern california
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harbor, bringing across of curious people. people in oxnard got a surprise this week. thousands of men jellyfish appearing in the telling channel islands harbor. winds and currents have been pushing them into coves, making them visible. people have been flocking to the area to check them out. >> there is more people now, especially over the weekend, that is, and what to see, bring the kids to see the jellyfish and take pictures. >> good news, in case anyone gets too close, moon and jellyfish do not sting. checking on our forecast, a little bit of a break, mary. >> that is right, nice to see this. we are looking at mainly dry conditions, a cloudy afternoon, and ourselves force our camera. temperatures are running in the upper 50s at this hour. high def doppler, and you can see drive for most of us. although, we are tracking spotty showers at this lunchtime our. you can see a few showers across the peninsula, palo alto, right around italo
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valley, near cupertino, across the south bay. mostly cloudy skies in a few showers for us, i just can't completely rule that out as we head for the rest of the day. stsystem. r your thursday, and this is the satellite radar view. so, unsettled weather for us. there is that low pressure system we are watching, that will bring that soaking rain for all of this across the bay area. future cast as we take you through the day, hour by hour, this is stop the clock at 5 pm, dry. a few isolated showers as possible. as we go through thursday, scattered showers, and it turns even wetter on friday. the wettest day of the week will be on friday. so, all of us will see that rain to end of the work week. the good news, because of the rain, our pollen count is down. it is medium for today, tomorrow, even though her for friday because of the rain, and then it creeps back up as we head through saturday into
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sunday. and, early next week, due to drier weather. our sunset at 7:34, and sunrise at 6:50. daytime highs today, right around where we should be for this time of year. 63 in san francisco, 65 in oakland, 68 in san jose, mid 60s for santa rosa, as well as for napa. he is that seven day forecast, and what you can expect. again, scattered showers for thursday, a rainy day on friday, and it does look wet for the giants opener. some giant's shower saturday, dryer for the end of the weekend, and into next week. still ahead, a teenager saved up his cash for mowing lawns
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we have a heartwarming story nevada. a some surprises and struggling mom, and buys her a car. >> he is only 13 years old. hi selling a car. so, he reached out to offer to give them his xbox, and to some yard work in exchange for that car. the seller took him up on that offer.
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>> i saw people on youtube, and they get their mom a car. then, just like surprise their mom with a car. and then i wanted to do it. >> i lost it, what 13 d 13-year- old do you know buys their mom a car. >> that story is going viral. so sweet. we have a reminder before we go to break, if you have a consumer problem or question, email us, that is consumer watch at or call the hotline at
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♪ >> sally: obviously there's still some details we need to work out. >> ridge: we will. you won't be unhappy. >> wyatt: uh, i'd like to see the final agreement, if you don't mind. >> quinn: why? what are you, her agent? >> wyatt: boyfriend. same idea, i just don't get paid. >> ridge: what did bill say when you told him? >> wyatt: look, i appreciate the effort he made in trying to get us working at spencer together, but, um, i don't think he wanted to be in the fashion industry in the first place. >> eric: so you're back on board at forrester? >> sally: i think this collaboration with the music video will be a great launch for my athletic-wear line. but most importantly, your support and belief in me...


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