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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. . now at noon, a violent carjacking caught on camera in the south bay. police just announced an arrest. good afternoon. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> i'm kenny choi. sanose.say a 14-year-old jack ward a closer look at
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the video and how officers tracked down the suspect. >> reporter: it was right here yesterday morning just after 10:00 when a man camungr andedyh this surveillance video taken from above the garage of the victim's home, you can clearly see the alleged carjacker attack the 72-year-old man, punching him in the face and shoving him up against his own car. at one point the suspect showed him a gun and forcibly took his keys. >> it was in broad daylight. very bold. walked up to him, so a scary situation. >> reporter: from here the suspect took off in the nissan and drove off. just ten minutes later, police responded to the scene of a hit-and-run at story and mcginnis drive. same suspect, who the nissan ran a red light. they arrested a 14-year-old boy and believe he is responsible for both crimes. they're seeing a rise in crimes involving kids.
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>> unfortunately, we have been seeing crimes like this committed by juveniles, so we are just asking residents and people to be aware of the surroundings. if they seeel in santa clara coy juvenile hall, facing multiple charges including carjacking and elder abuse. jackie ward, kpix 5. the man attacked in his driveway had just installed the security cameras last week. he is recovering from the injuries. so is the person hit in the car accident. police in brentwood looking into a single car crash that left two people pinned inside of the vehicle early this morning. officers initially had responded to a report of shots fired and that is when they found this car that had crashed into a wall on oak street at lot drive. then three people described as suspects were in the car. one ran off and was chased down by police. firefighters had to extricate the other two. all three were brought to the hospital. police did find a gun hidden in
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nearby bushes. today a law firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit against boeing. it is representing the family of a passenger killed in last month' p in ethiopia involving a boeing 737 max airplane. 24-year-old was an advocate for healthcare and was travelling for work at the time of the crash. she was a niece of consumer advocate ralph nader. attorneys representing them held a news conference in chicago this morning. >> there are basic fundamentals to making sure a plane is safe. it starts with design and testing. that is the responsibility of the manufacturer and in this case, the supplier. >> my sister was intensely competitive and never wanted to be the second child in anything but age. as we grew, sammy out stripped me in many ways. she had so much to teach me about compassion, self awareness, sensitivity to
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others, focus, and just straight joyfulness. >> this is the first lawsuit filed on behalf of an american lv crash. ll bg'rgen proced butldainlane. soce tling cbsliev aenso m ast e 737 max shortly after take off. the pilots followed the procedure and turned off the feature, but w. they then appeared to deviate from guidelines by turning the system back on, pushing the plane into a dive. new at noon, president trump is threatening to slap tariffs on cars produced in mexico unless the country does more to stop migrants from entering the u.s. within a year. if that doesn't work, he will make good on his threat to close the border. democrats are putting new procedure on the president. natalie brand tells us three different house committees are looking into topics likentrump
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took part in a white house meeting on thursday about investing in america's under served community. he did not address reports in the new york times in washington post that some investigators on special counsel robert mueller's team believe attorney general william barr left out important details in his summary of the report. >> the people that have involvedn trocey and need to find a way to validate it. they lost in 2016. they lost on the collusion battle and are looking for any and everything they can to continue to attack this president. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee authorized sen the fuo redaction. richard neal cited a little known tax law for his demand of the tax returns and wants returns from eight other trump businesses. >> we have repeatedly pointed out that this is about policy and not politics. >> reporter: the president does
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not appear ready to comply. >> until such t tha i'mot aud we inclined to do that. >> reporter: they want the tax returns by next wednesday but the white house is likely to launch a legal challenge to could potentially take years to resolve. democrats are also scrutinizing the security incident last weekend at mar-a-lago. the house intelligence committee requested a briefing from the secret service following the arrest of a chinese woman who tried to gain access to the president's resort carrying computer malware. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. >> president trump responded to the new york times report this morning calling it a fake newspaper with no legitimate sources. another democratic contender has entered the 2020 fray. ohio representative ryan. he once challenged nancy pelosi for leadership of the house is hoping to bring his rust belt perspective to an increasingly crowded race.
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he will contend with notables including elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and rising stars like california senator kamala harris. some critical dna results are expected to shed light on a mystery a decade in the making. a boy went missing when he was 6 years old. he may have resurfaced. a 14-year-old said he was held for 8 years. >> he said he was tired and passed around and is lost. >> reporter: timmothy pitzen went missing after his mother committed suicide. she struggled with mental illness. the boy has been taken to cincinnati children's hospital where he is being evaluated. drugs were used in the the f medicine says boys were given anesthesia so they would be unconscious when the
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swam them out. it was administered despite concerns it would cause hallucinations. and lift off. lift off of the 72 and progress resupply vehicle, destination station two orbits are from now. >> the russian cargo ship progress successfully docked at the international space station at 7:22 our time. it will stay docked until july. an emotional fight over a northern california cell tower. >> i won't stop until it is done, until that thing is gone. >> the child health concerns that have some families cto rove school campus. new trouble for tesla as the ceo squares off with the feds. show on high defidespread, heavy rain, with a powerful storm system. we'll time it out for you on futurecast coming up in a few minutes.
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. they're working to shut down a cell phone tower after some parents say it may be linked to childhood cancer. families at weston elementary school in rippon claim the tower could have exposed their kids to harmful radiation. carter evans spoke to the families. >> my son missed growing up with his friends. my son lost all of his hair. >> reporter: kelly prime's son,
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kyle, was just 10 years old when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016. five months later, kyle's friend and class mate, mason, developed brain cancer. >> 14 hours to get the tumor out and he had five weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. had to learn to walk, talk, eat, everything all over again. >> reporteoliahis year. >> at what point are you saying we have to take a close look at the school here? >> reporter: the moment i found out that mason had been diagnosed it popped into my mind that something was not okay. >> reporter: the moms believe the recent increase in cancer cases could be caused by radiation from radio frequency or rf waves coming from this cell tower located on the elementary school campus. >> it is classified as a carcinogen. that tells us there is some evidence out. there we're not naive there could be other components, other environmental influences, but the bottom line that we feel in
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regards to this tower is it doesn't belong there. if there is any indications that it is unsafe. >> you figure is not worth the risk. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the school district hired engineers to measure the exposure. it met government standards in all respects and posed no threats to student safety. the parents hired their own investigator, who found much higher rf levels than the district did, but still within government safety standards. >> sprint takes safety very seriously. >> reporter: sprint says three tests have shown the cell tower is operating 100 times below the federal limit. >> let meou, dosprintelieve the. it is not a safety concern to the community but we do hear the community's concerns, so we're quickly working to relocate the tower. >> reporter: cbs news medical contributor oncologist david ths
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warrants further investigation but those have not been at higher risk at developing cancer. >> look at the incidents of cancer in proximity to the towers. we have to look at data, but the data today both in adults and children don't point to these causing cancer. >> reporter: the american cancer society says there is little evidence to support data that being near a cell tower might increase the risk of cancer, but it also says very few human studies have focused specifically on the risk. carter evans, ripon, california. >> the school district also tells cbs news it has been in touch with the california department of health and has tested the school's soil and thf those tests. oakland plans to invest millions more dollars on a rol eeriment to hoe the homeless. >> they're a tough sheds city calls comty. you have hot water, you have showers, you have porta potties.
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you can wash your hands, sanitizer. >> but there is a not so well known down side to the tough sheds. wfrpz show you in the original report -- we'll show you in the original report. it airs tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. the future of the berkeley pier could become more clear. the water emergency transportation authority is expected to vote on whether to move forward with the plan to restore and revive it. the city council has given approval. if it is revived it could lead to new ferry service in berkeley. tell us la's ceo faced a judge today. he arrived at a manhattan federal court, facing contempt charges for tweeting about the production forecast in violation with anrgs he has a first amendment right to keep tweeting. it es la announcing the deliveries were down from the previous year and built only 77,000 vehicles, well behind the promised pace of production and that sent shares of tesla
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sagging more than 7% today. let's see how the dow is doing this afternoon. it is up about 154 points. media and internet companies leading the early gains, facebook rising about 2%. disney up about 1%. time for a check on the weather forecast. another storm, mary. >> that's right. this is a strong storm, quite unusual for april. this this is a powerful storm that will bring widespread rain. i'll time it out for you when you'll see the rain where you are coming up. here is a look at the sales force tower camera. a cloudy afternoon for us. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. here is high def doppler. dry for the most part. a few spotty showers lighting up our high def doppler radar. along the peninsula and south bay, a few showers from san mateo, palo alto and a few showers near sunny vale at this lunch time. we have moist south west flow so unsettled weather for today and we're tracking the next storm
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system that will move in for your friday. let's time it out for you, taking you hour by hour and what you can expect. a few isolated showers through the day could see sun breaks as we head through the afternoon. for tomorrow morning, stopping the clock at 5:00 a.m., you can see scattered showers, so wet in spots for the morning commute and watch as that rain moves in. this is at noon. widespread rain could see heavy rain at times with the strong cold front, but it is a quick move g out. by friday, this is stopping the clock at 5:00 p.m. there, so friday evening, we're already dry for the most part with scattered showers for your saturday. our sunset at 7:35 and our sunset tomorrow at 6:49 a.m.. daytime highs today will be in the low to mid-60s for many locations and that is near normal for this time of the year. 63 in san francisco. 64 oakland. 65 in fremont and 66 for san jose. by the way, the giants' home opener, a lot of people talking about that. it does look wet.
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the storm system moves in exactly when the giants will have their first pitch tomorrow at 1:35 so not the best news there, but here is the 7-day forecast. rainy and breezy day tomorrow. shower iing it is wrong for the giants' fans sake. >> it looks like it will be delayed for tomorrow evening probably for the best. >> thank you. ground breaking new mystery series is coming to the cw tonight. the story of a young, blind woman navigating the murder of a close friend. >> are you going to get a guide dog? >> i'm kind of a loner. my dad thinks i need a friend. >> i'm kind of a loner, too. >> actress perry mattfield plays murphy while struggling to have her story taken seriously, even by the police. >> it is the first time you see her start to try to navate and
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do something about this and she is exposed to a world that she has never been exposed to before. >> you can watch the series premiere of in the dark tonight at 9:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12. still ahead, prince harry taking on one of the hottest online games. why he says fortnite should be banned. >> taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. people coming and going smoothly at this hour. we'll be right back.
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. prince harry speaking out about the dapg of video games. >> he is warning parents that games are designed to keep kids hooked. 250 million people have played the massively popular online game fortnite since it debuted. it creates a rush i dicti >> the yng kids, the the g but not one theame ntrol and rul ttidon't >> b common sense media found 60% of all u.s. teens have played the game and nearly one in four parents are
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concerned about the amount of time their kids spend playing it. here is a reminder. if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail us consumer watch at
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. today's tip of the day, graffiti egg plant. it looks like someone wrote
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graffiti on the egg plant. the flavor is incredible. it is like a japanese egg plant with the e texture of an american, the large egg plant. it is a perfect combination. storage is important. the color is nice and bright. the purple, the white, the light to be green.tle of the in the fridge right away. i use these in so many different recipes. what i like about them the most is i cut them in small spears and put them in the oven, a little bit of obviousive oil, salt and pepper, cloves of garlic inside of there. when they come out after 15 minut, the flavor is out of this world. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. coming up at 5:00, an east
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bay roadway so riddled with pothole you can actually see it from space. a fix is in the works for this street. we'll have this story and lots more at 5:00. >> fill the potholes. that will do it
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♪ >> ridge: you're concerned about hope. you want to protect her.
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i get it. >> brooke: yes. she's suffered so much, ridge, and now taylor wants her to lose her marriage, too. >> ridge: no. >> brooke: yes! >> ridge: [ sighs ] >> brooke: she wants steffy with liam and hope with thomas. >> ridge: she's concerned about our grandson. >> brooke: it's more than that, if taylor had her way. ♪ ♪ >> sally: i think it's good to talk about things -- get everything out in the open. >> quinn: mm-hmm. well, if there's something you want to say to me, be my guest.


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