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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  April 4, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the cbs evening news this thursday, the case startled family, neighbors and the f.b.i. it turns out someone claiming to be a long-missing boy in ohio has perpetrated an elaborate hoax. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> heartbreaking news for the family of timmothy pitzen. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for boey sensor played a role in the ethiopian airlines crash. >> it's our responsibility to eliminate this risk. >> glor: the attorney general defends his special counsel summary as some investigators say it was sanitized. >> there's an easy answer to
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this-- release the mueller report. >> your money, your health. the unforeseen costs of suffering a miscarriage. >> this is the har a young man found yesterday in kentucky told police that he was timmothy pitzen of illinois, who was six when he vanished more than seven years ago. the young man said he escaped from two kidnappers. but the f.b.i. said today a d.n.a. test shows his story was a lie. adriana diaz has more on a false lead that provided false hope for investigators and a grief- stricken family. >> yeah. >> it's like reliving that day all over again.
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theamily of timmothy pitzen, who vanished when he was six years old in 2011, is broken after the f.b.i.'s stunning announcement that the claim he'd been found was a hoax. >> unfortunately, this child is not our beloved timmothy. we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for you. >> reporter: in a statement late today, the f.b.i. said d.n.a. results have been returned indicating that the person in question is not timmothy pitzen. cbs news has learned the person is actually 23-year-old brian michael rini of medina, ohio, who has a long criminal history. the claim came from this person who appeared in this quiet kentucky neighborhood early yesterday startling neighbors who ed pole.>>or aapoli rt,he mn ed himse-y old timmothy pitzen and said he'd "escaped two kidnappers that had been holding him for seven years."thmen are white and
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have tattoos. the real timmothy pitzen has been missing for nearly eight years. when he was six, cameras captured his mother, amy fry- pitzen, walking him out of school and taking him to water parks. she was later found dead at a hotel of an apparent suicide. she left a note saying her son was safe but would never be found. despite the false hope, the search for timmothy now continues. >> my prayer has always been that when he was old enough, he would find us if we couldn't find him. >> glor: adriana, it's incredibly sad to hear from the family. but where does the search for the actual boy go from here? >> reporter: well, jeff, the fact that his name is making headlines is raising awareness about his case the f.b.i. also said today that they remain committed to timmothy and one day reuniting him with his family, but they added that, unfortunately, that day is not today. we're also learning more about the man allegedly behind this
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hoax. he has a long criminal history, including making false statements. jeff. >> glor: all right, there is a big development tonight in the investigation into the crash of a boeing 737 max 8 jet. the company today admitted a faulty sensor was a major factor in the crash of an ethiopian air flight, as well as a crash in indonesia last october. 346 lives were lost in those two accidents. kris van cleave is following this. >> we're deeply saddened by and we are sorry for the pain these accidents have caused worldwide. >> reporter: for the first time, boeing c.e.o. dennis muilenburg is acknowledging the flight control system on the 737 max may be to blame in both deadly crashes. >> it is our responsibility to eliminate this risk. we own it. and we know how to do it. >> repor followed the release of a preliminary report into the crash of ethiopian flight 302 which shows striking similarities to the lion air
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crash in october. within 44 seconds of flight 302 taking off, a sensor malfunctioned, activating the anti-stall system mcas two minutes into the flight. 20 seconds later it went off again, putting the plane into a dive. the pilots were able to pull up some before turning mcas off, as boeing instructed. but it was too late. the plane was losing altitude and gaining speed. the pilots were unable to regain control of the aircraft. about 30 seconds before the end, they turned the system back on. mcas fired again, putting the plane into a 40-degree nosedive that reached 575 miles an hour. >> with an mcas failure such as they suffered, the nose pitching down radically multiple times would create, literally, the most difficult situation i can imagine in an aircraft. >> reporter: 24-year-old samya stumo was one of the eight americans killed on flight 302. >> obviously, this could have been prevented. and that's what makes me cry. >> reporter: samya's family
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announced a lawsuit today against boeing. >> this is not an accident. this is something that could have been prevented and should have been prevented. >> reporter: boeing believes it has a software update that fixes the issues with mcas, but during the testing of that update, they found an issue with how it integrates with other systems. that's going to take a couple of more weeks to fix before the f.a.a. can begin its approval process. jeff. >> glor: still sounds like boeing has a lot of explaining and work to do here, kris. thank you very much. we learned today that some of robert mueller's investigators were split on whether president trump committed a crime. attorney general william barr in a summary of mueller's report concluded mr. trump did not obstruct justice. democrats say they are not satisfied with that. paula reid has more. >> there's an easy answer to this-- release the mueller report as soon as possible. >> reporter: democrats on capitol hill today seized on news reports that some special counsel investigators are
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unhappy with the attorney general's summary of their work. >> the public needs to see the whole report-- no executive privilege, no redacting. eventually, it all comes out. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed the special counsel team was split on whether the president obstructed justice with some investigators believing mr. trump had committed a crime. and several news outlets cited anonymous sources claiming some of the more than a dozen special counsel prosecutors felt barr did not accurately convey their findings to congress. barr received mueller's report on friday, march 22, and two days later, sent a four-page letter to lawmakers summarizing the principal conclusions of the investigation. he revealed, "the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government," but mueller could not exonerate the president on obstruction. barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein then concluded that the evidence was not
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sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. president trump declared total victory. >> the collusion delusion is over. ( cheers ) >> reporter: but democrats question how barr reached a conclusion mueller himself could not make. barr has defended himself and promised to release a fuller version of the report by mid- april. today, the justice department said every page of the report "may contain material protected under law," such as confidential grand jury information and must be reviewed. at the white house, press secretary sarah sanders dismissed the democrats' backlash as sour grapes. >> they lost in 2016. they lost on the collusion battle, and now they're looking for any and everything they can to continue to attack this president because they have no message. >> reporter: house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler has asked the attorney general for all communication between the justice department and the special counsel. barr is unlikely to comply, but
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lawmakers can ask him about it next week when he testifies on capitol hill. >> glor: paula thank you very much. the president today backed off his threat to immediately close the southern border to stop migrants and drugs from entering the u.s. some white house advisers and republican senators warned a closure would hurt the u.s. economy. mr. trump told reporters before shutting the border he would slap a 25% tariff on cars coming into the united states. jeff bezos, the world's richest man, finalized his divorce today, instantly turning mackenzie bezos into a billionaire many times over. jericka duncan has details on this. >> reporter: in her first and only tweet, mackenzie bezos posted today that she was "grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with jeff." the 48-year-old went on to say she was giving all her interest in "the washington post" and her soon-to-besblue origin to well as 75% of their amazonos wl the voting rights.
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mackenzie bezos' stake in amazon is said to be worth roughly $35 billion, making her one of the top five richest women in the world. 55-year-old jeff bezos retweeted mckenzie's message adding, "she has been an extraordinary partner, ally and mother." the couple first announced their plans to divorce in january. at the time jeff bezos posted on twitter, "after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce." soon after, the "national enquirer" published alleged photos and text messages between jeff bezos and former television news anchor lauren sanchez. the couple were together for 25 years and have four children. one amazon investor reportedly said the resolution removed some uncertainty around the stock.ny. ththutast.ea six inches of rains
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fallen in some areas, triggering flash flooding. hail. a new outbreak of storms, including tornadoes, threaten the southern plains this weekend. now our investigation into hidden health costs. in this case, the unexpected bills that sometimes come after a miscarriage. about 10% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. anna werner looks into the financial and emotional toll in our series "your money, your health." >> this is the ultrasound from when we saw his heartbeat. >> reporter: lauren dill lost her son, simon augustus, last year, four months before his due date. >> my midwife came in, and she said, "you know what we have here is a perfect little baby without a heartbeat." and those words are just etched in my memory. >> reporter: dill had what's called a silent miscarriage, ly caused by a blood clot inhe umbilical cord. nexte hours labor.he
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>> i knew that once i delivered him, i wouldn't have long before i had to say goodbye. it was hard. >> reporter: not long after, the medical bills started pouring in for ultrasounds, medical tests, and parts of the labor and delivery not covered by her insurer. the couple's total out-of-pocket spending? some $4500, more than the cost of her other son's full-term birth. about nine months later, as we sit here, you are still paying for the pregnancy loss. >> yeah. i am paying for delivery of my baby who had died, and that's hard. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for women to have out-of-pocket expenses for miscarriage procedures, because costs for vaginal deliveries, c-sections, or surgical d & cs can vary, depending on the location, level of anesthesia, and the different co-pays and deductibles. but for grieving families, it's often too much. >> i didn't feel like we were going to lose her that day.
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>> reporter: jodi and alex loughlin lost the baby girl they named noel in the seventh month. she lived just 32 minutes. >> almost $30,000 for those procedures. >> reporter: then came the insurance company denials for two in-utero surgeries performed to try to save the baby's life, costing some $42,000. they fought the bills but paid $5,000 in the end. >> you come back with a box of belongings and no baby. you come home to bills, and that's-- that's what you're getting out of what you've just been through. >> yay! >> reporter: they now have a one-year-old daughter, but are setting up a foundation called "noel's light" to help other families. c you say hi to sim. heildrenbut says thell has two >> we don't want to forget him.
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he lived, and he's part of our family. >> reporter: part of the problem is that surgical and other costs can vary depending on how a miscarriage or a loss happens. efforts to save a baby, as happened in the loughlin's case, can also drive up costs and leave grieving mothers and fathers with more unexpected financial pain. but, jeff, that's why the couple we featured, the loughlin's, have been starting this foundation to try to help other families. >> glor: it's good they're trying to do something to help everyone. this should not happen. anna, thanks very much. coming up here next on the "cbs evening news," the search for an american tourist kidnapped at gunpoint while on safari in africa. also ahead here, a standoff with a man suspected of shooting two officers. cers. ♪ ♪
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roxana saberi has this story. >> reporter: authorities in uganda tell cbs news they're expanding their search beyond the country's most popular wildlife park in hopes of rescuing the two hostages. police say american kimberly sue endicott and her local driver jean-paul mirenge remezo were on a safari with two elderly tourists in queen elizabeth national park on tuesday evening when four gunmen ambushed their car. >> reporter: police say the elderly couple were left behind and raised the alarm and that the kidnappers later used endicott's cell phone to demand a $500,000 ransom.t erica's offn unrelated event earlier this week. >> please remember, that any payment to a terrorist or terrorist regime gives m
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>> reporter: with 10 national parks and wildlife, including more than half the world's endangered mountain gorillas, uganda attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. but now authorities worry the booming industry will suffer. the u.s. embassy in kampala is warning americans to exercise caution in the area and tourism operators tell cbs news cancellations are flooding in. roxana saberi, cbs news, london. >> glor: still ahead here tonight, a controversial pick for the federal reserve. i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ rktion of diffe k i'm in ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine.
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late today, officials in chicago said the city will file a civil lawsuit against jussie smollett after he refused to pay the cost of the investigation into his claim that he was the victim of a hate crime, about $130,000. the police department says it was a hoax. prosecutors later dropped all charges against smollett. president trump said today he is recommending herman cain for a seat on the federal reserve board, which sets interest rates. cain is a political ally of the president, a one-time c.e.o. of godfather's pizza. he also ran for president in 2012. some republicans, including mitt romney, are criticizing the choice. pope francis today appointed archbishop wilton gregory as the first african american archbishop of washington, d.c. his predecessors, cardinalsmcich he cley sex abuse scandal.ago, and s atarchbishop nce 2005. up next, where you can find
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>> glor: you might not think riding dirt bikes would help with math class. chip reid is about to change your mind. >> reporter: racing down city streets on dirt bikes while doing wheelies has been popular in baltimore for decades. about 20 years ago, it was outlawed, but it's so much a part of the culture in some neighborhoods, it's been impossible to eliminate. >> what's the machine again? >> reporter: brittany young grew up watching dirt bikers. now, as a former teacher of technology with an engineering degree, she's always looking for ways to get young students interested in stem-- short for science, technology, engineering, and math. >> for me, i heard stem is boring, it's hard. and i was like, no, we just haven't put it in a context in ways for people to understand. >> reporter: and what even young kid here understand is dirt bikes. so she created an organization called "b360" to channel that passion. >> is everybody excited? >> yes! >> reporter: we met young
6:58 pm
and a group of baltimore public school students at the imagining research center at the university of maryland, baltimore county. >> 2, one. >> good job. >> reporter: where they learned how to a 3d scan of one of the students on a dirt bike will be turned into a digital image and then into a 12-foot statue using 3d printing. if that sounds complicated, it is. but it appeared to inspire some young minds. >> my dream is to become an engineer so i can make one of the fastest dirt bikealso eainrnsi wde exactly how their bikes work and how to ride them safely. when you look at the faces of your students, do you see future engineers? >> yes! i see, actually, myself in each one. >> reporter: brittany young, turning what was seen as a street nuisance into an on ramp to the technology highway. chip reid, cbs news, baltimore. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news for to
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we are on storm watch. when the rain is expected to let loose. the shocking new ruling in the death of a family who plunged off and ocean cliff in mendocino county. a carjacking attack caught on camera. a southbay man beaten up in his driveway. wait until you hear the age of the suspect. >> i don't care if you have a gun. i will not give you my keys. >> how the battle to put out an intense fire ended up killing fish in one bay area stream. >> once the phone are in the creek and official dead, there is not a lot you can do. our original report. is using tough sheds to house the homeless really working in oakland? >> we spoke to a man who said this program helped him get off the street initially, he is worried he will end up back where he started.


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