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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 5, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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know that we are going to constantly be in touch with you, bugging you, at some point! >> and you will be in good hands. >> we cannot wait to meet him jing zh .ing zh good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, april 5th, 2019. welcome to cbs this morning. president trump heads to the mexico border today after postponing his threat to close it. why he's now threatening tariffs if mexico cannot block migrants and drugs from entering the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo will be here in studio 57 today talking about trying to break the deadlock over a trade deal with china. we'll ask him if he believes chinese spies are trying to exploit security spies at mar-a-lago. >> security officials say they
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will sue jussie smollett to pay for the investigation into the beating that turned out to be a hoax. >> and we hear from marin morris. how the singer song writer is using her fame to push for change. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> if the drugs don't stop, mexico can stop them if they want, we're going to tear up the cars. the cars are very big. if that doesn't work, we're going to close the border. >> the president gives mexico one year to meet his demand. >> president trump heads to california today to visit the u.s./mexico bo u.s./mexico border. michael cohen is offering new evidence that can be a value into evidence against the president. boeing is reviewing a faulty censor that may be to blame in the crash of two jets. >> it's our responsibility to x
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eliminate this risk. the young man who claims to be a long missing boy lied about his identity. >> we know that you are out there somewhere and we will never stop looking for you. the city of chicago intends to sue actor jussie smollett for money spent investigating what police say turned out to be a hoax. >> president trump tweeting a video mocking joe biden. >> responding i see that you are special presidential as always. alex morgan, a historic kick, 100. >> lori loughlin signing autography on her way to court. >> i thought she was advised not to do that. >> if i was the prosecutor, i would be, like, i'm becky, can you sign this? >> on cbs this morning. weather man in charlotte going viral because of his sweet dance moves. >> meteorologist is said to slide like this challenge.
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>> look at him go. oh, yeah. ♪ >> hold on, here we go. >> the moon walk. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> i did nothing. >> i will say nothing about that. i'm saying i thought weatherman nick looked really good but i don't think we should encourage that. not many people can pull off what he just did. bravo to him. anthony? >> it's friday. >> good morning. >> welcome to cbs this morning. we're going to begin with this. president trump is returning to the southern border today to wrap up a startling week in
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u.s./mexican relations. it began with a threat to shut down the border. yesterday the president said he will give mexico one year to step up its drug and immigration enforcement. >> that reprieve came with the threat of penalties on cars and other products imported from mexico. >> we would start with the tariffs and we'll see what happens, but they are removing people out of mexico on the way up to the united states. >> chip reid is along the border in ca lex leciko california. >> reporter: today the president will get a tour of the wall and the border crossing down there. the president said after he issued the threat to shut down the border completely, mexico has done a better job on slowing the flow of people across the border. for now at least he's changed his mind about closing it. >> we're going to give them a one year warning.
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>> president trump isn't shutting down the border, at least for now. >> and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products, in particular cars. if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> reporter: that's a far cry from president trump's urgent language last friday. >> if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. we'll close it and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> reporter: he had been ramping up calls for mexico to crack down on illegal crossing. >> if they don't, and i'm telling you right now, we will close the damn border. >> reporter: about $1.7 billion of goods and services flow across the border daily according to the u.s. chamber of commerce and the potential economic impact with even his allies. >> closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country. >> there would be a lot of unintended consequences. >> closing legal crossings at the border would be devastating.
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>> reporter: the president changed his tune on thursday. >> i will say this. that mexico the last four days has really done a great job. i don't think we'll ever have to close the border. >> reporter: though he tried to walk back his one year deadline within the span of a day. >> no, i didn't say that. we're going to -- we would start with the tariffs and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: for now republicans are breathing a little easier. >> friends don't let friends do dumb things. it really would have been a mistake. >> reporter: this is the state of the art version of the wall that the president wants. it's got razor wire down here. up on the top 30 feet high, slats so you can see through it. but it's going to cost billions of dollars and take a very long time before the entire border wall looks like this. >> some scary looking stuff. thanks, chip. the justice department is defending attorney general william barr's summary of the special counsel's report after criticism over how he reported on its findings.
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barr concluded there was not enough evidence to prove obstruction of justice by president trump or anyone else. we're learning that robert mueller's team disagreed over that issue. paula reid is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. next week when will bam yiam ba heads to capitol hill he is expected to face a firing squad of questions about the special counsel investigation as democratic lawmakers renew their focus on the russia probe. cbs news has confirmed there was a split within the special counsel's team about whether or not the president obstructed justice with some investigators believing the president had committed a crime while in office. that's partly why mueller made a point to acknowledge that there was evidence that he found on both sides of that question. now house judiciary chairman jerry nadler has requested all communication between the special counsel and the justice department after several news
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outlets citing anonymous sources claim some investigators feel barr did not accurately convey their findings to congress. and house speaker nancy pelosi is also seizing on these reports to double down on her demand for the full mueller report. but in a rare statement the attorney general shot back. he says that every page of the mueller report was marked with a warning that it could contain confidential grand jury information. barr also says that he continues to work on a redacted version of the mueller report that he expects to release in mid april. anthony. >> paul lark the president's former attorney michael cohen says he has new information damaging to the president. what evidence does he claim to have? >> reporter: well, anthony, he only has about 30 days before he's expected to report to prison to gone a three year prison sentence. in a letter to lawmakers he said he has finally accessed a hard drive that has 14 million files and if he could help them go through it, he would have to need his sentence to be delayed
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or perhaps reduced. it's not clear if federal prosecutors will go for that, because they said his cooperation has been incomplete. >> paula, thank you. >> that's one way to dangle. by the way, i have all this other information on this hard drive. >> 14 million files you might be interested in. >> let's slowly go through it. more to come, thank you. boeing admits for the first time a faulty censor may be to blame for two deadly crashes of its new 737 max 8 jets. 437 people were killed in the lion air and eegt yocrashes tha happened five months apart. chris is at reagan international airport. >> reporter: we finally got our hands on that preliminary report and it paints a terrifying picture, a worst case scenario really for the pilots of the ethiopian airlines flight 302.
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boeing is now apologizing and pledging to fix the problems. >> we're taking a comprehensive disciplined approach and taking the time to get the software update right. >> reporter: in a prerecorded message boeing's ce odo says it will be ready to flight after admitting the flight control system could be a deadly factor in the two major crash. >> it will be among the safest airplanes ever to fly. >> reporter: that followed a preliminary report detailing the situation that unfolded on flight 302. within 44 seconds of takeoff a censor malfunctioned activating the -- 20 seconds later it went off again putting the plane into a dive. the pilots were able to pull up some as boeing instructed but were not able to regain control. with conflicting alarms sounding
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about 30 seconds before crashing, the pilots turned the system back on and m-cast fired again putting the plane into a 40 degree nose dive hitting a speed of 575 miles an hour. 737 captain, a spokesperson says boeing must train pilots to operate the system. >> this is beyond trust but verified. we're in the show me stage and that's where this is going to continue to be. >> a 24-year-old was one of the eight americans among the 157 killed on flight 302. >> the potential of my sister and 156 others driven straight into the ground because of boeing's greed. >> her family is suing boeing and they've also filed a complaint against the faa. >> this the worst pain a human being can experience and it has to stop. no more people should die. >> reporter: while testing the software updates for the 737 max
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aimed at fixing the issues of m-cast, they have found an integration issue with how the update works with other systems on the plane. that's going to take a few weeks to sort out. that's before it can be sent to the faa for approval. anthony. >> chris, thank you. so upsetting to read what they went through on this plane. >> it was terrifying because they knew exactly what was happening. they knew they were in big trouble and nothing they could do about it. it's terrifying to me. >> we'll continue to follow every step of the process. >> yes. we're learning new details about the criminal history of a man who allegedly claimed to be timmothy pitzen, an illinois boy who disappeared nearly eight years ago. the man is actually brian rini. the 23-year-old was released from jail less than a month ago. adriania diaz is in kentucky where rini first claimed to be timmothy. >> reporter: it was on this block where he appeared saying
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he was timmothy pitzen. we spoke to neighbor whose said he looked tired and scared. they said they feel pity for rini but they're shattered and left to pick up the pieces again. timothy's family said they never gave up hope he would be found. the break in the case is now heartbreak. >> it's devastating. it's like reliving that day. >> police were called to a kentucky neighborhood wednesday after people reported seeing a person acting suspiciously. she saw a man ducking behind cars and moving away when people got close. >> i kind of thought that he was out there up to no good, period. >> reporter: according to a police report, the man told them he was 14-year-old timmothy pitzen who had gone missing in 2011. he allegedly said he'd escaped his kidnapers but a dna test proved otherwise. >> it's not timmothy. >> reporter: police say the man
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was actually 23-year-old brian rini. according to ohio correction records, he has a lengthy rap sheet including past charges over false statements. he served more than a year in prison for burglary and vandalism and was released less than a months ago on parole. the real timmothy pitzen went missing when he was 6 years old around the same time his mother was found dead in a hotel room of an apparent suicide. she left a note saying he was safe but would never be found. in 2011 timmothy's father spoke to our station and made a direct appeal to whomever had his son. >> i forgive you for having my son. i just wish you would drop him off at a hospital, police department and he can come home to his family. >> reporter: now the family is appealing again, but this time for prayers. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for you, praying for you and loving you.
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>> reporter: the fbi isn't commenting about any charges potentially being brought against rini, but his brother jonathan did speak out apologizing to the pitzen family. he said he can't seen his brother for years but calls him, quote, nuts and is not surprised by the incident. >> it is heartbreaking and bizarre. thank you so much. there's so many questions. did he have any knowledge of timmothy pitzen? he gives his name and birth date. he just appears out of jail. >> we all got our hopes up. >> we really did. so disappointing to hear that news. >> and what his poor family went through through this whole thing. >> so many questions still. the search for an american woman kidnapped in an african wildlife park. kimberly sue endicott and a driver were taken. the country's top police officer is leading the search. the u.s. embas sy is warning
7:16 am
americans in the same area to be careful. roxanne, good morning to you. >> good morning. authorities tell cbs news that, quote, hard negotiations are taking place for the release of the two hostages. we're told the kidnapers are not backing down on their demand for a ransom. authorities in uganda tell cbs news since the kidnappings in queen elizabeth national park they've made repeated demand near a ransom of half a million dollars and the search for the two hostages has now expanded beyond the parks where four men abducted them at gunpoint. >> the security teams have cut off all of this area from the border in search for the victims, especially because the pack is near the border. >> they've been using her phone
7:17 am
to negotiate her release and she's been on the phone every day. she runs a skin care clinic and was on safari in uganda at the same time as a san diego based conservation group. >> do you think it could have been you? >> there has been so much increased tension with the police and security. it dawned on us it could have been us. >> the national parks attract hundreds of thousands of tourists a year rgs bbut now authorities worry the booming industry will take a hit after it did in 1999 after rebels killed eight foreign tourists including two americans. cancellations are already flooding in. the identities of the kidnapers are not clear. u.s. officials tell cbs news the government believes that they're amateurs, but the fear is they'll sell endicott to a terrorist group. the official policy is not to pay hostage takers.
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>> thank you. we have some exciting news to announce here at cbs this morning. diana miller has been named the new executive producer of our show. diana is an emmy, peabody and award winning producer. she's helping guiding the show's coverage since 2014. >> she has overseen numerous interviews including sitting down with governor ralph northam and r. kelly. now this is also a very cool thing, audience people. all three morning network news shows, listen to this, are led by women. >> wow. >> i saw that this morning. i thought wow too. we're excited about the future here at cbs with diana at the helm. >> and we should even nordstrom who has led our control room the past several months, the entire team, we don't ever skip a beat.
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we keep going producing the broadcast in the mornings. congratulations to all. >> it has been a great one two punch and we are ready to go. ahead, the risk you could be taking by having just one or two drinks a day. >> that's right. i know, don't turn off the the best of the rain is going to call in the late morning. you can see over my shoulder, i've outlined the hours of the morning and put what the percent chance of rain is. look at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., can you see the trouble spots and that's when it's coming through and in the afternoon, things lighter. by the late morning with showers for the bay area through the late morning and into the early afternoon. there's the rest of your 7-day forecast. sunday, no rain.
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we have much more news ahead. an engineer is charged with poisoning a co-worker by putting a toxic metal in her food and water. plus the city of chicago billed jussie smollett for the investigation of his alleged hoax. jeff and mckenzie bezos have settled their 25 year marriage. we'll have more on that settlement. you're watching cbs this morning. we'll have more on the settlement. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪fire (uh) (uh) what if we turn it up a notch? ♪fire (it's all about) (uh, uh) what if we go off the map? ♪fire (woo, woo, woo) ♪fire
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good morning. it is 7:26. i'm michelle griego. the vacant building caught fire before midnight. the flames spread to a comic bookstore with people still inside. fortunately no one was hurt. police in san jose are searching for a killer this morning after a fatal stabbing at a shopping center on capital avenue. the victim was stabbed at least once and was later pronounced dead. no suspects have been identified. and a live look at the recently renamed oracle park in san francisco where today the giants will play their first home game of the baseball season and first pitch against the tampa bay rays
7:27 am
will be thrown at 1:35. we'll have news throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
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good morning to you. we are tracking some trouble spots in the south bay. this morning, let's get to the first one. that is in san jose right now. it is being cleared and in the process, but you can see still slow as you're moving through -- westbound 237 at 880. one lane was blocked, but good news, it looks like it's clearing. another one at south 101 and embark road. the off-ramp is backed up, but from hill yard to airport looks good. how about the weather. >> take a look at the live radar. heavier bands of rain, now approaching the coast around point rays and that will continue to work its way onshore over the next several in ours and heaviest rain comes in the late morning between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. that's when you should expect the
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most impressive rain.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning". you are who? >> i'm
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insurance companies and emergency managers use these managers to prepare americans for the hurricane threat. chicago officials say they're prepared to sue actor jussie smollett over his hoax. he claims he was beaten in january by two men who he said were yelling homophobic and racial slurs. yesterday was the deadline to reimburse $130,000. the letter says this. if the payment is not timely made, they will prosecute you for making a false statement. cbs legal analyst rickki kliema joins us at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> he has denied he's made a false statement, he says he's telling the truthful if he pays, doesn't that admit in some way that, yes, i lied? >> you're raising what his fierce lawyers will say, which
7:33 am
is there's no way we're going to pay you and we will not cooperate with the lawsuit because we, that is jussie, is innocent f we have to look at his risks. let's keep this in mind. the prosecution is the county of cook county. this is the city of chicago. two different governmental entities. the city is suing. so if jussie smollett decides he's going to take this on and go to trial and not make the money, he risks publicity, risks his future in terms of his career. but really the city goes also to the point it's a civil case. you have depositions. >> that's a key point. does he have to testify? >> yeah. does he have to testify? and when will the details of the settlement and the case come out? >> ultimately it could all become public. when you do a deposition, that's not in a court of law, but it
7:34 am
also is not a sealed document unless you move to have it sealed. there's no reason to have this sealed. so they can do all this kind of discovery. then if you actually get into a court of law, the entire proceeding is public. and most important in a civilian suit, the burden of proof is very low. the% of evidence or as i like to say, on the scale of justice, it's a little feather whereas in a criminal case it has to be like a big rock. that's the big difference in the burden. >> they're asking for $130,000 because that's how much they spent in resources. >> in overtime. we dome talk about the rest of it. >> does it backfire on the city of chicago? >> i don't see it back fooering beyond the fact you're always taking into consideration race is a factor within the city, there have been protests in the city. you had a protest the other day. you had the chief's bra term order of police say they wanted
7:35 am
kim fox to resign. across the street you had a lot of people protesting the police. very, very important. you have a new mayor. lori lightfoot is coming into office. this lawsuit was fired by rahm emanuel. she was a former federal prosecutor. let's keep that in mind and she is very disturbed about all of this, and so she wants to look into a better explanation from the county prosecutor kim fox as to why this guy got to walk. >> very quick will i if you're jussie smollett's lawyers, it seems like a small price to pay. >> it seems like a problem with lawyers. >> it often is a problem with lawyers. >> i still think it's like admitting guilt. >> they're acknowledging that the police are working really hard. why not say, look, i'm really sorry i wasted the time of the
7:36 am
chicago police. not only am i going to donate $130,000, but i'm going to donate to the fallen police soldiers. >> but he feels like he's the victim here. he's blaming the police. >> you may be better off as we used to say, pay the nuisance values, otherwise drubl fees and attorney fees and costs. >> are you okay with that? >> it's not my decision. all right. a california engineer accused of trying to kill a co-worker by slowly poisoning her over a year is in custody this morning. prosecutors say 34-year-old david xu added toxic metal to nical engineer.
7:37 am
this morning he is behind bars. his bail set at $2 million. david xu's attorney escorted his family out of a bay area courtroom on thursday this week. he pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and poisoning. >> as you all know he's presumed innocent. these are only allegations. >> reporter: prosecutors say he spiked a co-worker's food and water on soevl indications starting back in october of 2017. no one at the business would answer our questions. >> it's very unusual that we see a case involved the attempt to kill somebody by use of poison. >> reporter: court documents say for mons she noted a strange taste or smell from her water and food left unattended in the office and immediately suffered
7:38 am
significant health problems, at times requiring emergency care at a hospital. she later reviewed a surveillance camera in her office and found evidence of xu adding a substance to her water bottle on two occasions this year. two of her relatives also were sickened after drinking from her water bottle. all had levels of cadmium. it can cause kidney failure and other serious health problems according to dr. levine who studies toxicology at the university of southern california. >> that's why it's potentially carcinogenic. >> we want to make sure the case him as a loving
7:39 am
father. he's due back in court next month. >> all right, nikole, thank you. a divorce will soon make jeff bezos' wife one of the richest women. and if you're on the go, subscribe to our podcast. you can get today's top stories in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't.
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amazon founder jeff bezos will likely still be the world's richest man after hisdy vors from his wife mackenzie is finalized. after the divorce announcement, she'll receive $36 billion in amazon stock. his worth is estimated at nearly $150 billion. tony dokoupil shows us how the
7:44 am
couple's split could affect them. they've had four children in that time. even though mackenzie bezos appears to be giving up the marriage, she's grateful to put all behind hem. mackenzie bezos would get a 4% stake in amazon worth $35.8 billion. that would make her the third richest woman in the world, she's walking away with just a quarter of the more than 78.8 million shares the couple now owns and is also giving up all of her voting power. >> i think it shows mackenzie wants to move on with her life. >> she was one of mackenzie's first amazon employees. >> it's not just jeff. she helped build the fortune.
7:45 am
>> jeff bezos revealed what his wife said to him. >> i wanted to quit my job and do a crazy thing that probably wouldn't work since most startups don't and i wasn't sure what would happen at that. mackenzie, also princeton grad and sitting in the second row told me i should go for it. >> reporter: publicly it was revealed that the divorce was amicable. >> i think it did make some investors nervous. it showed a more reckless or personal side of his life which was concerned to some people. >> the divorce is expected to finalize within the next 90 days. jeff bezos will still own 12% of amazon making him the largest shareholder. mackenzie will give up her claims to the "washington post"
7:46 am
and exploration companies blue origins both owned by her husband jeff. i love that we're reporting 35.8. that 8 represents $800,000. >> they both are kind and gracious to one another an i think divorce no matter what the circumstances, i think, are always very painful. the fact that they can walk away -- only the two of them really know. all of these people don't really know what goes on behind closed doors between a couple. only the two of them know and they've decided to end it in a very graceful. >> and classy. >> classy manner. they've got four children together. >> you hope the statements represent the reality. >> i hope so too. >> thanks to you and the whole team to have included that his
7:47 am
wife went to princeton. >> and she's a smart cookie too. a stunl was reportedly admitted to harvard after his father bought a well, we got a chance of rain that's going to come through for the first half of today, but it will stay with us by 1:00. by the time we get passed 1:00 today, the best of the rain will be behind us. we'll have a few scattered showers taking us into friday afternoon once we get to 4:00 or 5:00, but you're going to get nice breaks in the afternoon with blue skies as well. a few showers for saturday. no big deal. and then no rain on sunday. sunday is the best looking day in the whole 7-day forecast. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with
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♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of the headlines from around the globe. boston university is investigating a report that a student was admitted after his dad paid for a house owned by the fencing coach. his father -- i should say nerve lived there and later sold it at
7:52 am
a loss. he denies the purchase was a bribe and his son is successful with excellent grades. the coach did not respond to comments. sounds like the story is not over. prince harry suggested a ban on the popular video fortnite. he called the battle royal game more addictive than alcohol and drugs. he blames it for breaking down families. >> people are wondering if the arrest of an intruder at mar-a-lago is part of an effort by china to spy on the president. mike pompeo will be here in studio. xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
7:53 am
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it is 7:56. i'm anne mackovec. firefighters say 140 people are displaced after a fire burned through this apartment complex in santa rosa and the fire broke out near steel lane. new images of a wreck in vallejo. two cars crashed near the redwood exit. one on its roof and one badly damaged on the side of the road. witnesses say both drivers ran away from the scene. an oakland's monthly first friday street festival is back. it is set to run from 5:00 to 9:00 this evening on telegraph avenue between west grant
7:57 am
and 27th street. news updates through the date and your favorite platforms including
7:58 am
good morning to you. we are tracking new trouble spots this morning. and those are in the east bay and they are headed towards the north bay. taking a live look at the rich man -- it's the result. not only of the toll bridge, but also of the fact we have an accident right now. 580 at richmond and we're having an issue there. the crash 580 at westbound parkway has been moved to the right shoulder, you everything looks good. in the meantime, how about our weather. >> we're going to see the best of the rain come through between now and just about say, 1:00 this afternoon. that's when the wide spread steady rain moves over the entire bay area and by the time we get to the afternoon today, you might get breaks of blue skies before the next rain comes in -- the rain is saturday morning and the sunday is the best part of
7:59 am
the weekend. no rain on sunday and a few showers return for monday.
8:00 am
lexi . xi good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, april 5th, 2019. welcome back to cbs this morning. mike pompeo is in studio 57. ahead we'll talk about threats from china and other countries against the u.s. and how to stop them. singer song writer mare rin morris worked for years to make it big. she talks about changing the country music world as we preview this weekend's country music awards. here's our eye opener. president trump is returning
8:01 am
to the southern border today to wrap up a week in u.s./mexico relations. >> after he issued his threat, mexico has done a better job on slowing the flow of people across the border. william barr to face a firing squad of questions as democratic lawmakers renew their focus on the russia probe. we finally got our hands on that preliminary report and it paints a terrifying picture for the pilots of flight 302. timmothy pitzen's family feels pity for reini. the kidnapers are not backing down on their demands for a ransom. doesn't that admit in some way that i lied? >> you are raising exactly what his very fierce lawyers will say which is there is no way we are going to pay you. an italian manufacturer is making an attempt the introducing stand-up airplane seats. here's one of the few things i know about seats. if you're standing, not a seat.
8:02 am
i'm looking forward to next year's innovation in cramming more of us into airplanes. pile. no classes, no seat belts. >> may it never come to that, but just the thought of standing on a flight the whole time is very unattractive. >> packing us in like sardines. >> exactly. >> very funny visual. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell. john is off today. we begin with this. president trump visits the border city of calexico, california later today. it's the next move in a shifting response to what he calls a border crisis. the president repeatedly threatened this week to close the border with mexico and now he is giving mexico a one year warning to stop the flow of drugs and migrants. he is threatening trade sanctions if it is not done. >> mexico understands that we're
8:03 am
going to close the border or i'm going to tariff the cars. i'll do one or the other. probably start off with the tariffs. i don't think we'll ever have to close the border, because the penalty of tariffs on cars coming into the united states from mexico at 25% will be massive. >> also yesterday the white house abruptly pulled the nomination of ron virello. the homeland security committee had already approved it. he will remain as acting director. the head of boeing is apologizing as the airplane maker acknowledges some of the software played a role in two deadly accidents. boeing ceo says faulty censor data triggered the anti-stall system in both crashes. a newly released report by investigators says the left censor on the ethiopian airlines jet malfunctioned just seconds
8:04 am
into last month's flight. about two minutes after takeoff, the anti-stall system known as m-cast kicked in pushing the plane's nose down. it was pushed down three times before the flight crashed killing all 157 on board. members of congress want answers. >> i think we need far more inquiry and of course we should hear from boeing. it is critical that the flying public be safe and feel safe. >> boeing says the software fix for the problem is at least a couple of weeks away from going to the faa for approval. investigators are also looking at how the 737 max jets were certified as safe to fly. senator martha mcsally is continuing her fight to change how military academies handle cases of sexual assault this time in a speech at the naval academy. we spoke with the arizona republican last month after she revealed she was raped by a
8:05 am
superior officer while serving in the air force. she was disgusted by treatment of her case and in a speech yesterday she decided to share that importance publicly. >> by the grace of god i didn't fall into the abyss. it didn't crush me. by the grace of god, it actually deep ended my resolve too fight for others. >> in a house hearing this week, military attorneys defended ranking commanders role in handling the assault cases. reports of sexual assault are up by about 50% at u.s. service academies and nearly 10% in the military overall. forgive me for saying this, but we are continug to report on this story, so if anyone knows of an instance in which they have been assaulted and not been treated fairly, we want to hear about it here at cbs this morning. >> i think it's good you put that out there. the man accused of murdering 50 people at two mosques in new zealand is headed for a mental health examination. he appeared on a video link in
8:06 am
christchurch overnight. the judge ordered him to undergo two valuations to see if he is fit to stand trial. he is charged with 50 counts of murder. the white supremacist could enter a plea when he returns to court in june. the fbi is joining an investigation to the suspicious fires that destroyed three historically black louisiana churches in just ten days. all three churches were located in st. landry parish. in each case the building was empty at the time of the fire and no one was hurt. the fire investigator says the crime scenes share several patterns, but it's too soon to say if the fires are connected. security is being increased at other places of worship. cbs news foreign correspondents were honored in washington last night. elizabeth palmer, debra patta
8:07 am
and holly williams were recognized for free speech. it's always nice when you can root for the hometown team and deliver every time. >> those are three first class reporters. >> i can tell you my friends who watch cbs news regularly, they always say you have the best foreign correspondentings, all those women. >> they do. >> i know. everyone out in the field, such a good job. >> really exciting. speaking about foreign affairs, the secretary of state mike pompeo is here in studio 57 to discuss u.s. relations with china and other countries and
8:08 am
8:09 am
oprah calls me and goes oh my god, it's oprah on the fun. sunday will honor the best in country music. maren morris opens up about using her music to open up women's empowerment. >> i remember when i wrote the song, there's a line that says i won't play the victim, i don't fit that mold, but shut up and sing. hell no, i won't. >> she's terrific. ashe she says the me too movement is being felt in country music. you're watching cbs this morning. some things are out of
8:10 am
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8:14 am
. president trump says the u.s. is very close to a highly anticipated trade deal with china. the president met yesterday with china's top trade negotiators at the white house but he says there is still ways to go. the two sides hope to resolve dfr differences over certain tariffs and claims over chinese cyber theft. this comes as the fbi looks into why a chinese woman entered the president's mar-a-lago resort. she was carrying a device with computer malware. mike pompeo joins us to talk about a lot of different hot spots around the world. how are you? >> it's good to be with. >> let's talk about mar-a-lago. the chinese woman goes into the president's private club. she's got four cell phones. she's got malware.
8:15 am
is this an act of espionage. >> i can't talk about the details. there is an active investigation takes place. this tells the american people the threat that china poses. it's one of the topics that's being discussed in these trade negotiations, the theft of american intellectual property is a big business to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars and president trump is determined to pushback against it. >> china is stealing hundreds of billions of dollars? >> intellectual property. they take it through software companies that do business in china. they flat-out steal it. it's been going on for decades. the first president to actually take it seriously is president trump and secretary ma chunuchi secretary ligare doing their be to get it stopped. >> how are we fighting back
8:16 am
against that chinese threat? you've described it as a threat to our democracy from the chinese. >> it very much is. they very much want to undermine our western values. the rule of law transparency, all the things that we hold most dear, china has a different value set. they're an important trading partner. we have -- in kansas we sold a lot of product sbs into china. president trump wants that too, but we have to change the relationship in a way that it is fair, that they're not sealing our stuff and pushback against them, whether the threat is in the south china sea, is to our intellectual property or the threat of their espionage here in the united states. >> this week the 70s anniversary of nato, probably the most important alliance in the world. i know you addressed a number of the ministers and warned about this chinese threat as well as russian aggression. the latest russian aggression of course in venezuela. when is there going to be a resolution to that situation? >> so it was great to have all
8:17 am
the foreign ministers from now 29 nations that make up nato. it was an important meeting to both celebrate 70 years of success but to take the mantel from the founders. the threats have changed. i was a young soldier paroling the east german border. the threat from russia today is different. the threats to nato from china today are fundamentally different and that's what we spoke about. as for venezuela, this administration is engaged in helping the venezuela people restore democracy. it's something they're demanding. >> will you go there? >> i'm going to head to the region before too long. i'll visit some of the great partners and allies the state department has built up. >> i want to turn now to north korea because you have been heavily involved in this. you've met more with kim jong-un than just about anybody else. president trump's second summit with the north korean leader failed to produce an agreement to declare and denuclearize their nuclear reps.
8:18 am
will be there a third summit? >> i'm confident there will be. >> when? >> i don't know. we came out of hanoi with a deeper understanding, the positions of two sides had. we were able to make progress. we didn't get as far as the world is demanding. >> are you zpoidisappointed? >> it's a negotiation. you always hope you'll make progress better faster. we're determined. i'm convinced the north koreans are determined as well. chairman kim has promised me, he's promised president trump he will denuclearize. now it's the mission of my team to make sure that happen. >> this is going to really come to a head next week again because the president of south korea moon jae in is coming to the white house to meet with president trump and you. will you agree so this some easf economic sanctions? >> president trump has been
8:19 am
unambiguous. our administration's policy is clear. economic sanctions, united nations security council sanctions will not be lifted until we achieve the ultimate objective that we set out now almost two years ago. >> so it's my understanding the south koreans are really pshiusg the u.s. to try and open some of these economic sanctions, the case on the manufacturing park, the reopening of tourism in north korea. they want to continue this. you're saying the u.s. is going to say no, we're not going there? >> i talk to my south korean counter part a lot. she's a capable minister for their country. their neighbors, south koreans have family members, but they've been great partners. we've worked closely to enforce the sanction. >> just to give the context of why i'm asking, it's my knowing the south koreans are pushing for that because the diplomatic channels have gone cold. have the diplomatic channels gone cold? >> nope. >> they're still open? >> yes. >> with the north koreans? >> yes. >> between the u.s. and the north? >> yes.
8:20 am
>> and the south and the north. >> yes. we've had conversations after hanoi about how to move forward. >> and again, the significance of next week, april 11th, the day that the southi korean president will meet with the president. it's my understanding kim jong-un will give a big speech. are we expecting some sort of surprise out of north korea? >> it's a big day. it's an annual event where the leader of north korea speaks to his people. we'll watch very closely what he says. i don't expect there will be great surprise, but i do hope he will share his sentiment, his sentiment that to engage with the united states and that we'll have a brighter future for the north korean people. we hope that's what he'll talk about with his people and we'll be watching it very closely. >> i want to talk quickly about saudi arabia. it has been six months since the murder of "washington post"
8:21 am
columnist jamal khashoggi. this week we saw the first pictures out of riyadh of what is saudi arabia's first nuclear reactor. it's close to completion. is the u.s. going to allow saudi arabia to become a nuclear power? >> we work closely with the king of saudi arabia for two years on this very issue. i can't tell you where the negotiations sit because they're still ongoing. make no mistake about it. we only wish that the previous administration had taken that threat seriously with respect to the islamic republic of iran. they cut a deal that puts iran on a path towards nuclear weapons. >> does that make it okay for saudi arabia to -- >> we will not permit that to happen. we will not permit that to happen anywhere in the world. we will never write $150 million check to the saudis and hand them over the capacity to threaten isreal and the united
8:22 am
states with nuclear weapons. never. >> secretary pompeo, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll be right back. you're watching cbs this morning. what if i have a cousin in the big city? what if we go visit my cousin that lives off the grid? ♪ wow! introducing the hybrid that will shatter perceptions. the all-new built for speed rav4 hybrid. toyota. let's go places. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. are confusing quilted northern are confusing quilted northernf. for a bouncy castle. they're both durable, flexible and nice to have at parties. but quilted northern is not a bouncy castle. it's just really nice toilet paper.
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8:25 am
good morning. it is 8:25. i'm michelle griego. a cal fire maintenance facility caught fire light night. four vehicles were destroyed and four damaged, but still salvageable and the cause of the fire is under investigation. oakland's monthly first friday street festival scheduled for today is now cancelled due to the weather. the event is expected to return next month. and a live look at the recently renamed oracle park in san francisco where today the giant will play their first home game of the baseball season and first pitch against the tampa bay rays will be 1:35 but the weather could
8:26 am
delay that. news throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
8:27 am
good morning to you. it's 8:27. we're tracking this accident on 580 westbound. it's in the east bay near richmond as you make your way through the san rafael bridge. they moved it to harbor at the center divide. it's slowing things significantly as you head over the richmond, san raphael bridge. this is unusual for this time of the
8:28 am
morning. and you can see some rain drops on our cameras right there because that rain is starting to move through the area. taking another look at another bridge. how about the bay bridge. it's stacked up and you can see the haze and that's the clouds making its way through our area and it will ramp up. let's head to the san mateo bridge where not too many brake lights in place. moving well as you're headed towards the peninsula this morning. and also your travel times for most part looking good. they are in the green. now, let's take a look at the weather. for right now, we are rainy. that's going to start to ramp up as we move into the afternoon hours around 1:00 is likely when see the peak of that. that will -- we might see breaks of sunshine moving into saturday. that's something to look forward to on a friday and saturday we're going to see scattered showers and there as that unsettled pattern -- moving saturday, my anniversary, thank you very
8:29 am
much. things will dry out and we'll see sunshine by the middle of next week. we have a few showers we have to get to until then. thanks.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." we look at the basketball home of michigan spar stance. michigan state plays texas tech and virginia takes an auburn tomorrow night here on cbs. practicing my sportscasting. >> are you planning on that? >> don't you know? this is my future ambition. >> we'll try to help you out with that. >> j.b. is already working on it. >> is he? >> yes. >> he's got it covered. >> what do you plan on calling? which games? >> golf.
8:31 am
>> golf? >> i'm better at golf. >> you're going to be a host on the golf channel? this i want to see. game of thrones emilia clarke is speaks to cbs news about her battle with a life-threatening health scare. the actress revealed last month she suffered several brain aneurysms at the age of 24. ahead of the season 8 premiere sme met with tracy smith to discuss her experience. >> the second one i actually died. if a part of your brain doesn't get blood to it for a minute, it will no longer work. it's like your short circuit. so i had that. and they didn't know what it was. so they literally were looking at the brain and they're like it could be her concentration, >> my decent taste in men. no, but there was always kind of
8:32 am
funny things and for a long time i thought it was my ability to act. >> you really did. >> a deep paranoia. what if something short circuited in my brain and can't act anymore? it's been my reason for living for a long time. >> watch the interview on contract cbs sunday morning." >> in today's "morning round," direct to medication consumer services. companies allow people to order prescription drugs for conditions like hair loz and erectile dysfunction without seeing a doctor face-to-face. so you simply pick out what medicine you want, fill out a questionnaire, and then submit it for review by a doctor. after answering about 20 question, one of our producers was able to order generic viagra from roman in a couple of hours. he did not talk with a doctor. about an a fan.
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8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> i'm very concerned. pretty alarmed by the potential risk. >> thank you, dr. narula. also good to have you here. country singer marin morris,
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
this morning we are hearing from country music star marin morris as we count down to the country music awards, right here on cbs. >> she's nominated for female artist of the year. her new album "girl" debuted at number one.
8:41 am
to now the 289-year-old singer-songwriter is using her voice to push for change in the music industry. ♪ girl, why don't you stop your crying ♪ >> i think that it's really an interesting time to be in music right now with all of the post me too conversations. it makes you recognize in yourself things that you've allowed that aren't acceptable. everything from a program director of a radio station hanging on you and being drunk and inappropriate to feeling like you have to laugh at someone's joke that isn't funny. i've learned that i don't have to do those things. ♪ i've cursed on a sunday, i've chooted and i've lied ♪
8:42 am
women in country music have been grossly underrepresented when it comes to country radio. >> she's using everything she has to make sure it's constantly being talked about, and that's incredibly powerful. ♪ can i get a hallelujah can av i get an amen ♪ >> we wrote the song "flavor" for my record, there's a line in the bridge that says i won't play the victim, i don't fit that mold, but shut up and sing, hell no, i won't. ♪ do what i'm told, shut up and sing, well, hell, no, i won't ♪ it felt like a moment for me to be brave enough to say and put on a record and now sing in every live show. >> an openly gay americana singer brandy carlisle. >> nashville is known as being a
8:43 am
little bit more of a conservative place, artists don't tend to tackle social issue, but it's also extremely groundbreaking, extremely inclusive. i just think that i've somehow been lucky in the risky moves i've made in my career, and my hope for country music is that it stays true to itself but also doesn't get left behind. >> it's easy to look at maren morris and say she's this overnight success, but she's been working hard at it for years since she was a teenager in local texas, playing in local bars. >> oh, my god. i tried out for every television talent show and i remember the cattle call auditions for "american idol." you get ten seconds in a row of four people for these like 25-year-old producers. they said none of us made it and you have to do the walk of shame
8:44 am
like through the tunnel of the stadium and go back to the parking lot where your mom is parked and just, like, cry on the way home. ♪ baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ >> there are probably about a million times when maren morris could have said i'm sick of hearing no and stopped pursuing her dreams but she kept writing and now that she has a platform, no telling what she'll do next. >> singing is honestly my first love and always will be. i love writing songs. i love expressing my voice in that way. but there's just something so transcendent about being on stage and having a gift that moves people. >> she's just really impressive artist. i mean, in every way. she's so -- with she went to nashville to be a songwriter so she was writing for other people
8:45 am
and one of her bosses said but these songs sound like you, you should sing them, and that's how everything started. yeah. >> i love her stuff. >> she doesn't need to cry in the parking lot anymore. >> she sure doesn't. and if she can get more women on country radio, that will be an extraordinary feat, because there ant enou there aren't enough. >> the awards air right here on cbs. >> and you can hear our extended interview with ashley mcbryde on today's "cbs this morning" podcast. she won an award for new female artist of the year. listen wherever you like to get your favorite podcasts. next, we'll take a look at "all that mattered" this week.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
this morning we're said good luck to suzie shactman who is th years. she started as an intern and became dan rather's right hand woman. she helped teach and inspire so many at cbs. when i first moved into "60 minutes" with a cheap suit and bad haircut, she saved me. >> every time i see you it's like a booster shot of sunshine. >> we love you, zye. thank you for your decades of hard work. we owill all miss you. >> i like what jim axelrod said, a booster shot of sunshine. >> her dad worked here for a
8:50 am
long time. it's like 60 years of shactmans. >> she can do what she wants. that does it for us. we take a look a back. have a good week. we'll see you monday. former vice president joe biden is disputing a claim he acted inappropriately. >> i get it. i hear what they're saying. >> the accusation speaks to a part of his behavior what appears harmless. >> it isn't what you intended. >> she said she was headed to the pool, but she didn't even have a swimsuit. >> she lied her through. >> the first openly gay mayor in chicago. >> you created a movement for change. >> we may soon know whether some of these parents are going to take this all the way to trial or whether they're going to seek some kind of a plea deal? some of these parents are going to serve prison time. >> the man accused of killing rapper nipsey hussle is in custody. >> nipsey hussle is an artist who touched our city. >> i couldn't feel my head.
8:51 am
i couldn't hold my head up. it's like i walked into a trap. >> and then what happened? >> he forcibly sexually assaulted me. >> diana miller has been named the new executive producer of our show. >> all three morning network news shows are led by women. >> we should mention, even nordstrom who leads our control room, we don't skip a beat. ♪ don't hustle me don't hustle me ♪ >> hi. i'm norah. >> we have gayle rising. ♪ here she is >> lurking is the word. >> we love when gayle is lurking. >> gayle king is on fire. >> wheel take nice anothers. >> you would too. >> oh, yes. my impressive ego is at the precipice of collapse. >> that got everybody a good laugh. >> you're here to sort it all
8:52 am
out. what do you do? i don't know. my tongue is weird. >> can we please take a look at your recycling? >> i think it would be funny to go to gayle's house. >> i don't. >> it's funny. we were ringing the bell. >> tell them i'm not home. >> avengers end game is selling for nearly $10,000 on ebay. it's the experience of being there on opening night. >> you know what the experience would be like? having $10,000. >> i was a little jealous that you were in the video with drizy. my drake. >> you saw me text and it made me jealous. i i'm so glad i could return the favor. >> maybe you could put in a good word. >> she said, norah, that you would never do another show where you play the title character. >> where i'm -- >> where you create the show.
8:53 am
oo >> i'm sorry you have to go now. thank you very much. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. it is 8:55. i'm michelle griego. a historic building in sa soon building is at risk of collapsing. the flames spread to a comic bookstore with people inside. fortunately no one was hurt. police are searching for a killer after a fatal stabbing on capital avenue. the victim was stabbed at least once and was later pronounced dead. no suspects have been identified. and a live look now at the recently renamed oracle park in san francisco where today the giant will play their first home game of the baseball season and the first pitch against the tampa bay rays will be
8:56 am
thrown at 1:35. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
8:57 am
good morning to you. those of you in the north bay, we have really important news to pass along to you at 8:57. you are taking a live lookout of our camera, this is 101 northbound. all lanes blocked before the robin williams tunnel. there's flashing lights on the southbound side. this is not a great situation. in fact, taking a look at this camera
8:58 am
right here. 21 miles an hour thanks to this accident and 50 miles an hour going the opposite direction. not too terrible, but they'll likely be some looky lou who's are going to slow things down. everything looks good once you make it toward the bridge. the bridge -- it's in the clearing stages. but it's slow and go as you make your way to the toll plaza headed toward marin. a new accident in pacifica northbound. over to the right shoulder, but slowing things down. daren. >> in the north bay where the folk cents for the heaviest rain have been. high depth doppler over my shoulder and i'm going to look at the bright reds and orange and santa rosa, it's a bullseye downtown. heaviest rain has moved east into the hills. but it has been steady. if we look at this from a wider view, and i'm going to play the last hour. we're going to slow it down and we're going to watch the last hour of radar. look how steady that has been. everybody else gets in on the rain over
8:59 am
the next two to three hours and stays steady through 1:00 this afternoon.
9:00 am
wayne: you can't lose! - (screaming) wayne: we make it wayne in the club. you've got the big deal! tiffany: yeah! cat: wait, wait, wait, wait. wayne: is it good? - show me what you got. jonathan: it's a new bmw! - (screaming) wayne: season ten-- we're going bigger! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, welcome to "let's make a deal." thanks for tuning in, america. wayne brady here, i need two people. let's make a deal, let's go. on the end, on the end, the snow lady on the end, yes, you. and you right there, yes, come on over.


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