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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  April 6, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now on kpix 5 news this morning, the chp gives the all clear after a bomb scare shuts down the benicia bridge for several hours. and more falling concrete on the richmond san rafael bridge. the push for a solution to distracted driving. let's get starts this morning with our forecast. >> we had already started the
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conversation right before the newscast. both of you got rain on the way in to work. >> not good for the hair. >> the walk in. it wasn't a lot. but don't be surprised if you get a few slight showers early in the morning. let me show you the bay bridge. you can see the beautiful lights reflecting off one of the dropping of rain on our lens, and the numbers are in the mid-50s. it's actually warm. that's one of the nicer things. the temperatures will feel quite nice. 56degrees is a pretty popular number. if we look at the live radar. there's not a lot on here but there are a few spotty showers, and if we come in for a closer look, you'll see a little here and a little there. none of it lasts that long. we have a little more for the north bay. the takeaway is it's really just morning showers. we're going to keep it cloudy through the afternoon.
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the gray skies will stick with us for much of the day. sunday is going to be the nicest day in the weekend forecast. 62 today. and that's for the city proper. and there's the forecast going from the coast to the bay and inland. we'll be near 70 inland. back in a few minutes with the rest of the forecast. new details. interstate 680 is open over the benicia bridge after a bomb scare. the highway patrol says the threat came from a man who threatened to jump off the bridge and claimed he had explosives in his pickup. authorities were able to take him into custody. a bomb squad was called to the scene to make sure that there were no slows in the vehicle or on the bridge. the bomb squad determined that the bridge was completely safe around midnight.
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the suspect is 54-year-old rodney brinkerhauf. there's more bridge trouble on the richmond san rafael bridge. lanes closed for the second time in two months because of falling concrete. a caltrans employee was seen inspecting the concrete yesterday in a cherry picker. and he was knocking away loose concrete. and we have photos for you. the largest chunk was nearly the size of a football. and you can see pebbles and chunks knocked off by the worker. in another photo, the upper side of the upper deck clearly shows where the chunks fell away. you may remember back in early february, chunks of falling concrete damaged a car on the lower deck, closing the bridge for nine hours. this morning, caltrans says that the bridge is safe to
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drive across. drivers today are as distracted as ever by devices. there's a new effort to make cell phone restrictions tighter. >> the chp ticketed this driver while looking down at her phone on the freeway. >> we see people looking at their phone, whether they are texting, trying to get directions, looking places up. but their eyes are no longer on the road. >> reporter: two years ago it was made illegal to hold your phone at all. >> we all want to go home to our loved ones. >> reporter: he lost a cousin to a distracted driver.
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>> my cousin was at a red light. and another male was going about 45 miles per hour and rear ended him from the back. he died about a day later and it was because of that situation. >> cell phone technology like gps and hands free have become so common place that an outright ban might be a tough sell. >> we've become so dependent on them. i'm all for limiting distractions. but how that would work as a ambulance, i'm not really sure. >> reporter: putting the brakes on distracted driving, a potential plan for california that regulators hope will be a road map for the rest of the country as well. this is just a proposal. no state lawmakers have introduced a bill to completely ban cell phone use in california. prosecutors in santa clara county have determined no wrongdoing in the december shooting death of a woman.
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we have body cam video. this happened near lee and fruitvale avenues. it turned outline that police were pursuing the wrong car but the car had been reported stolen. and the driver, jennifer vasquez crashed, refused orders to stop and rammed the patrol car. >> i understand they have a job but i believe in her situation there could have been some deescalation. >> the district attorney's report says they tried other ways to take her into custody. a basketball coach is in custody, accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. he was arrested last sunday. he assaulted the vim over a one- year period ending in march. he was a national basketball coach in alma den valley and is
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being held without bail. this happened at mount tam saint park where a car went over a cliff the day before. the car landed on top of an older wreckage from 15 years ago. >> you're not familiar with the road and when that happens, the consequences are grave. rather than going off the road or hitting another car or a guardrail, you're looking at traveling long distances through trees and downhill sides that have no forgiveness. >> the accident from thursday killed a 53-year-old man from inveriness and injured his 13- year-old son. a nurse is among those indicted into drug sales on the dark net. a raid turned up $2 million in cash and crypto currency.
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the indictment was just announced along with three others. they are accused of selling heroin and opioids. the u.s. attorney says investigators used the same technology to crack the case. and more than 7 tons of cocaine have been seized from international waters. a coast guard crew based in alameda unloaded 14,000 pounds of cocaine from a ship in the san diego area yesterday. the haul was a result of six different drug busts off the coast of mexico and central and south america. santa cruz county, the bureau of cannabis control has said that firms with, can make deliveries even in cases where pot shops are
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ed. two dozen cities. coming up, a 17-year-old girl gets rear ended. but the minor fender bender took a violent turn when she tried to get the driver's information. pain at the pump is
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a recent fare for one uber driver was almost the last ride of his life. the driver and his passenger got t boned by another car in
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vallejo. the uber driver still can't believe he survived. >> if i just seen the video i would assume that the person in the car was dead. >> parker and his passenger suffered moderate injuries. the suspect is still on the loose. the car may have been stolen. in sacramento, a violent road rage attack all caught on camera. a teen involved in a minor fender bender stopped to inspect the damage on her car. little did she know the other driver would come out swinging. >> reporter: when she got out of her car, she was on the phone with police taking a look at the damage and couldn't see the driver coming. >> this person is crazy. what is happening? all this over something so small. >> reporter: it was apparently not small to this person driving a black suv. it led to an attack in the
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middle of the street. >> she was hitting me and it was crazy. >> reporter: she had to slam on her brakes to avoid an accident and that forced the driver of the suv to do the same thing. she noticed the driver was following her. >> i don't know if they were trying to get in front of me. i had no idea. >> reporter: you can see her getting rear ended at the light. and the other woman getting out and bangs on her window. >> she was screaming i'll kill you. i'll mess you up. >> the driver lunges at her. >> she grabs my phone and throws it in the gutter and assaults me. >> reporter: they are knocked to the ground. and you can't see much other than legs and arms. >> i think she must have gotten me really good on my head.
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my head was hurting. >> reporter: eventually two men stop but the other driver didn't stick around. >> i'm not sure what my game will be if i see her again. probably just run the opposite direction. >> reporter: she's hoping the surveillance video and the crystal clear pictures that her friend took will help police find the other driver. the cost of gasoline is soaring. and analysts say it will probably get worse. the website gas buddy predicts prices will jump over $4 a gallon in california in the next few weeks, the highest since 2015. one major reason is slowed refinery activity in the bay area and in southern california because of problems or maintenance. >> when demand continues to be very robust and supply is affected by the inability for refiners to produce, they want
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to take advantage of the prices like anybody else does. >> reporter: the $4 mark has already been surpassed at some locations. a street in moraga has sunk more than a foot. a sinkhole opened up on center street in 2016. this is the giant skoal at center street and ream boulevard. repairs were finalized in 2017. and now the street has sunk again. they completed a visual inspection of the area just a few days ago. >> what's going to happen here? >> i don't know yet. once we find out about the report we'll learn more about the conditions and discuss the issue with the property owners. >> one engineer says the failure of a partial tax leaves
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moraga with no money for repairs. reservoirs in marin county are filled to capacity after a strong rainy season. when mount tam gets a lot of rain, the excess water flowings into seven reservoirs. that translates into a two-year water supply even if next winter turns out to be relatively dry. and on that subject, i can't imagine that anyone needs more rain right now. >> that was the same with yesterday's storm. we got 6/10 of an inch in santa rosa and 2/10 in san francisco. the north bay has been under the focus of the storms. but for the morning, there's the rain right in the bay. that's the camera on the roof at kpix 5 looking at the bay bridge. you can see plenty of drops of rain on here. and that's what the early morning drive is going to be like. there's light spotty rain out
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there. i'll show you what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. what i want you to see is the reflection on the roadway. that's the rain that's gotten the streets slick enough. it's not heavy, widespread rain, but just enough to get the roads wet. those are the drops that we were seeing on the cameras. we can see a little over here and a bit up here. and there's light rain falling on that very camera view we were looking at on the golden gate bridge as you enter the city. we're pretty quiet if you look on the big picture. let's switch from live radar and now futurecast, and we'll play it through the morning. see the time? 9a.m. and very similar story at 9 a.m. plenty of clouds around and the sun is already up by this point but it's a cloudy start to the day. and there are spotty showers mixed in. just enough to keep things kind of damp and not enough to keep a steady kind of rain going.
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at 2:00, it's still cloudy, right through 2:00 in the afternoon today. and a few more showers trying to get in on the coast. the rain won't be a big deal with today. more just the fact that it looks gray and it will look like it could rain at any point. on sunday, by the time we get to sunday afternoon, right there i'm going to stop it. look how much more of a break we'll get. still cloudy. and at least you'll see more blue sky on sunday, the temperatures will go up a little bit for sunday. sunday is the better day of the two. and if we look at how much rain we're going to get. we're looking at less than a tenth of an inch. all right. allergy sufferers. pollen numbers are better, not as good as we'd like them. definitely better than the last few days. a 6.3 for today. that's medium. and we're still dealing with the alder, the ash, and the
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juniper trees. those are the big offenders. and we're waiting for grass to come in and that's the big problem. daytime highs in the mid-60s. we're going to keep a small chance of rain on monday but that is not impressive. i don't want you to look at the rain and think a storm is coming. just a few light showers and plenty of sunshine by the middle of next week. >> that's hopeful. >> it is more hopeful. i know you guys tend to pay close attention to that stuff. with monday's rain, it won't be enough to mess with the drive or anything like that for the start of the week. >> i know we need the rain. i just want sunshine. >> you'll get some for the middle of the week. but for today, it's gray. this next story is for the breakfast lovers. i'm a tea, toast, and fruit guy. >> i skip most mornings. >> we have the latest
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restaurant serving up pancakes. >> they are too large to call a short stack. they made their debut yesterday at the stonestown galleria. there's only a limited amount each day. the restaurant will only serve the pancakes three times a day. you're on notice, get there early. google's real estate wheeling and dealing continues in the south bay. in december, it built two homes, including this one. and then they resold it. they kept the second which is closer to downtown. google has spent more than $300 million in the area. it's part of the plan to build a megacampus in downtown san jose. a couple of baseball games to show you. a lot of round ball to show you too. you bet i do. ahead, we have friday action
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with the golden
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good morning, everybody. got the nba up top. of course, you might notice the icons over my shoulder. that would be cleveland. that would be the warriors. sunday is not involving cleveland. that's against another team.
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but it got even bigger. on the attack. and steph curry off the strain. bucket, and he was feeling it. warriors by 19 at the half. third quarter, more dubs. and draymond green scored 25. two minutes left. curry, his ninth three pointer of the game. he scored 40. 120-114 warriors. if they win sunday they'll be the top seed in the conference for the playoffs. can we pivot to baseball? yes, we can. bruce bochy tosses out the first pitch. home opener against tampa. and back to back first inning homers, it was 4-0 like that. giants in the ninth inning down
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three. evan longoria and his shot landed in a glove. tampa won 5-2 and giants' record fell. pick it up bottom of the 4th inning. and 1-1 game until carlos correa went yard. an extra base hit. and a's lost the first of a 10 game road trip. let's pivot to ncaa. former high school star doing it for oregon at the women's final four. third quarter, excuse me. how did her dad feel about it? yeah. tied at 67. chloe jackson strong inside. baylor defeated oregon 72-67. the game's sunday's final against uconn. a nine point lead on notre dame. needed the luck of the irish.
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90 seconds left. and jessica sheppard and notre dame won it 81-76. boy, what a power to the lineup coming up for sunday's ncaa championship final. livermore high school softball, a big, big game against foothill. foothill is kind of the patriots of softball in the bay area. the two are going to be like this about 6:15 tonight to settle matters in the 25th annual livermore stampede softball tournament. that'll do it. some of you i'll see later on at the watch party. it's ncaa men's ball today. and uva plays auburn and we have texas tech running up and down the floor. texas tech in the final four.
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they'll have to finish it out if they want to get by michigan state. in the next half hour, president trump's contentious trip to california. >> what he did at the border and the protests in beverly hills. lacrosse player ar ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> and welcome back. it's just about 6:30. good morning. >> and let's get started this half hour with a check of the forecast. >> guys, i'm keeping my eyes on the view behind you. see how the clouds are hanging over the city. and if we look at the camera that looks back over the bridge. there are drops of rain on it. you'll get misted on when you step outside. there's not a lot of rain falling. but it's spotty showers. this is looking across the bay bridge. the view that's more telling is coming off the golden gate bridge, heading southbound into the city. and when you see the reflection, you know the roads are wet enough that you'll have slick driving. there's the transamerica tower. and as far as the temperatures. it's relatively warm. nice thing about the low clouds we were seeing on treasure island, all the low clouds are
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look a blanket. 56 in oakland right now. 56 in san jose and san francisco. and santa rosa, 54. two weeks ago you were in the mid- and upper 30s for morning lows. it's in the mid-50s. it's going to feel a lot nicer when you step outside. just a few scattered showers working across the bay. i'll track the rest of the day. it's going to stay cloudy. and don't expect light rain to last all day. i'll be back with more in the complete forecast. president trump spent the night in las vegas after making a couple of stops in southern california. one of the stops was in the imperial county of the town of caress, calexico. >> it's better than the previous wall. >> the president toured a 2- mile stretch of new fencing in
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the area. it's a long planned replacement for an older barrier. the president headed to a fundraiser in beverly hills. protesters criticized what they call dangerous policies. the president attended a reelection fundraiser at the home of a republican donor. according to a member of the republican national committee, the president told the gathering he thinks he can win california in 2020. he lost the state in 2016. gavin newsom heads to el salvador today. he wants to find out who is prompting thousands to leave and seek new lives in america. this will be his first official trip outside the u.s. as governor. new information as surfaced
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about special counsel robert mueller's report on russian interference. his team was split on whether the president obstructed justice. some believed he had committed a crime. sources claim more than a dozen prosecutors feel attorney general william barr did not accurately convey the findings to congress. some are demanding the full report be released immediately. and joe biden made his first public appearance yesterday. several women have accused him of inappropriate touching. he joked about the claims. >> i just want you to know i have permission to hug lonnie. he gave me permission to touch him. >> several women have come forward with stories about biden over the years. they call his behavior an invasion of personal space. >> i'm not sorry for any of my
6:34 am
intentions or anything i've ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally. >> biden posted a video acknowledging that his actions made some women feel uneasy. he's expected to announce a decision on a presidential run soon. >> uncle joe is having his troubles and he's having his troubles because he can't remember where he was five years ago. it's kind of amazing. that's really who joe biden is. >> and we'll have more on that tomorrow morning at 6:00 on kpix 5. an ohio man who posed as a missing person is charged with making false statements to federal authorities. he has been a juvenile sex trafficking victim twice
6:35 am
before. he learned about timothy pit zen from 2020. it's a peculiar dilemma. the school's lacrosse field is not ready because of birds. >> reporter: the lacrosse team is battling for the end of the season and the toughest i point yet, a bird and four eggs. >> we get the field and one tiny bird comes along. >> they hope to have the last home game on this brand new field. >> i'm going to be a senior and i wanted to get one game in my junior year. >> just days before the gates were to open. this kill deer bird flew in and made a nest. >> they often pick not the greatest spots. >> reporter: a bird enthusiast says the birds are protected by a 101-year-old treaty. >> once upon a time we killed
6:36 am
them for their feathers. >> they like to nest in grass areas. somehow they got confused and are nesting in plastic grass. >> i can't say shoo, shoo. >> the protected bird is now literally protected by its mate and by its 80-foot perimeter. >> the kids deserve a great place to play. >> the district hopes the birds will fly away soon. >> we should kick it out by football season, unless it brings its whole family. we'd have a problem. >> using it as a learning lesson to live harmoniously with nature. in southern california, an investigation is underway after a family discovered a hateful message on their lawn.
6:37 am
there were two swastikas burned into the grass. two more were found imprinted on the street nearby. >> very offensive. horrible. it's a horrible thing to have your property messed up. and they don't even know what they are doing. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video. because the homeowners are not jewish, the case is being investigated as felony vandalism rather than a hate crime. a bay area apple store hit four times in one week. and the cameras were rolling. the huge haul the suspects got away with. and nearly two dozen long lost siblings, how one california woman found her brothers and sisters. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. this morning, berkeley police are on the hunt for the people who robbed one apple store four times in less than a week. take a look at your screen there. police released these images of three suspects. investigators say more than $20,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. the thieves hit the store twice last thursday and they returned on monday night and again on thursday morning. this is not the first time that they've been targeted. in december, a driver crash add u-haul truck into the front
6:41 am
window in an attempt to rob the store and failed to get inside. police are trying to track down the owner of a dog that attacked two middle school students in north beach on wednesday afternoon. the dog ran up and bit them on the leg. the animal and its owner left the park shortly after the attack. witnesses tell police the dog was large and white with black and gray spots. the owner was a woman in her 30s wearing a black shirt and a purple vest. a warning about a fisher- price swing. ten infants have died after rolling over in the swing. the warning did not elaborate on what led to the deaths. it's recommended that consumers stop using all models of the rock and play swing. a breach of privacy for a
6:42 am
family on vacation. they discovered they were being live streamed from an airbnb living room. they found a hidden camera and a live feed. they tracked the camera down in what appears to be a smoke detector alarm. they confronted the owner of the home who was reluctant but told them there was only one camera in the house. airbnb policies prohibit cameras. a unique piece of history in san jose. winter field was the longtime home of san jose university's track team. a lot of alumni, former track athletes, and current students consider it hallowed ground. the land is needed for a south campus parking garage. it would also be used by fans
6:43 am
attending local football games. in recent years, the facility has not been maintained that well but it's used by students and university neighbors for exercise. >> i think it's really bad. and i think once this is gone, the whole history of that era is going to be gone with it. >> and that history includes olympic athletes who are immortalized for the black power salute in mexico city in 1968. the spartans won men's track championships in 1969. a california woman was in for a big surprise when she took a dna test. she has 22 half brothers and sisters. torrey cooper has the story. >> it's a lot to take in. finding out that half of your dna is not from the person you
6:44 am
thought. >> reporter: at 17 years old she learned she was donor conceived. >> my father was diagnosed with a serious form of dementia and it's hereditary. and i was concerned and my mom told me. he's still your father. that didn't change but biologically he's not actually your father. >> in 2018 her husband wanted to try out the 23 and me dna kit for fun but she was hesitant. >> we spit in the tube and sent it off. and i'm headed out for a camping trip with my mom and kids, and i have five close relative matches. >> before she could return home she received a phone call. and one of my half brothers called me and i was on the trip with my mom. and i said how many of us are there? and he said you're number 21. and they knew who the donor was
6:45 am
and i've met him as well. >> his dna matched up on soon after, she was linked to the facebook page. the next few months were spent meeting up with her half siblings. >> i was really nervous and walked in and it was like meeting versions of myself. all of these people have so much in common with me and they are nice obviously. and they are friendly and we have a lot of the same interests and same mannerisms. >> she started making new memories and she has met the donor, and there could be several others out there. it was like that missing piece had been found. >> that report was from tory cooper. she and her half siblings have several get-togethers coming up. i know that both you and melissa got a little bit of
6:46 am
rain. and i'm going to use the cameras on the bridges as an example to show you what you'll encounter if you're about to get in the car. this is the richmond bridge. and the streets are a little wet. and there are a couple of drops on the lens, maybe one there are, there's a couple there. and light rain shows up better when you look at the roadway here coming off the golden gate bridge. you can see the shine of the lights. and the third bridge view. from the top of the salesforce tower. and i want you to see what's going on here. a few light showers, and you can see light rain coming down in the east bay. so light showers in oakland as we take a look at the high def doppler. the view we were just looking at on the camera where you could tell it was misty looking from the salesforce tower looking east, that right there
6:47 am
is the light band of rain. it's not heavy. it's just light rain over the east bay. a little more noticeable rain for half moon bay. the darker shades of green tell you this is going to be a little bit heavier. it's noticeably lighter in the. we'll watch how this goes. there's 9 a.m, another spotty shower. 10a.m. a few more spotty showers, and into the afternoon things start to quiet down. there's a chance for light rain but mainly confined to the morning. and in the afternoon, things start quieting down. by the time we get to sunday afternoon, the clouds will actually break, and by the time we get to sunday, we'll get more breaks of blue sky. sunday is the nicer day of the two. just a few morning showers, staying cloudy through the
6:48 am
afternoon. and more sun returns on sunday. saturday, 62 officially in the city for the daytime high. and if we check out the daytime highs across the rest of the bay area. 64 for santa rosa. and 67 in mountain view. and 68 for san jose and concord, the warmest temperatures. and in the 7-day forecast we know sunday will be the nicest day in the weekend. but in the 7-day forecast there's a small chance of rain on monday. don't count on much. this is not going to be a big deal. and the sun comes back for the second half of next week, guys. and next week, cbs this morning will begin a series, bringing you important stories about schools across the nation. vladimir duthiers tells us about a school in colorado has the an unusual tactic to battle bulls. >> this school in lamar, colorado, is using an anti- bullying program funded by the sale of pot. as you know, pot is legal in colorado so they are using the revenues of what used to be in
6:49 am
some states an illicit drug to fund anti-bullying programs. >> that's part of the serious school matters. the feds have granted approval to build a cell phone tower in sequoia national part. it will be disguised as a pine tree and placed in a commercial area. and a 5g has arrived. south korea is the first country to roll out the networks. >> reporter: you've been hearing about 5g for years, about how it's going to be 10 times faster than 4g and you'll be able to download a movie in a matter of seconds. it's here. samsung is launching the galaxy s 10. a litmus test for companies around the world to see how
6:50 am
many consumers actually sign up. the largest telephone operator in south korea launched this week, saying they are aiming for 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. customers are paying between 70 and $115 a month for the updated service. they are highlights what 5g can mean. virtual reality and augmented reality. sitting with your friends at a baseball match without going to the match or being in the same city as your friends. the smallest provider has 18,000 units. the trump administration has been pushing allies to remove, from their networks, claiming it's too close to the chinese
6:51 am
government. >> reporter: many countries around the world will be watching the rollout carefully. cnn, seoul. still ahead, they start as mentorships and turn into more. how one bay area man is helping students to make valuable connections.
6:52 am
a move to the bay area from another state was eye-opening for this jefferson award winner. >> the challenge of getting a good education. >> how he created a program aimed at all three issues. >> reporter: they are making plans like all friends do.
6:53 am
>> i give so much thanks for the having her in my life. >> reporter: sharing life's highs and lows is a weekly adventure. both are part of the student mentor project or tsmp a mentorship program that pairs underserved children with cal students. >> a mentor is somebody they need to stay on track. >> need combined with simple economics inspired him. and he offers $6,000 in scholarship money to cal students in exchange for the three-year commitment. >> reporter: the college mentor agrees to help a middle schooler by spending one to two hours together every week for three years. >> reporter: the first year is low. the middle year is middle, and the third year, the senior year is the bigger amount. so they'll stick with it.
6:54 am
>> reporter: he works with other established mentorship programs to select the students. funding is private and he runs the organization himself. he's able to put 98% of donations into the programs. >> i've had nobody walk away. once they meet it becomes important to them. >> a lifelong friendship is just beginning. >> she's so funny and wise, and every time i come here it's like a breath of fresh air. >> i love seeing what's happened with the program. >> providing mentorship opportunities, this week's jefferson award goes to bill godwin. and we are looking for more nominations
6:55 am
6:56 am
and it is 6:56 and time for the your final five. >> the cost of gasoline is shooting through the proverbial roof and analysts say it's likely to get first. gas buddy predicts that prices will go over $4 a gallon in the next few weeks, the highest since 2015. and governor gavin newsom heads to el salvador. he wants to find out who is prompting thousands to leave. and federal officials are
6:57 am
urging leaders in california to put more restrictions on drivers when it comes to cell phones. among the moves, extending the yacking while driving ban to include hands free devices. and the richmond san rafael bridge is back up and running. it was closed for the second time in two months due to falling concrete. and interstate 680 is open over the benicia bridge after a bomb scare. the california highway patrol says the threat came from a man who called 911, threatening to jump off the bridge. a good example of what much of today will look like. the gray skies are sticking around for a good part of saturday and part of sunday too. a few showers. and you'll likely encounter a few stray showers. and it stays that way through
6:58 am
the first half of the day. back in the mid-70s for tomorrow. and monday a weak system in a tries to give us light rain. there's not a lot to that. monday's rain will be barely noticeable for most of us. and then we're done. we get into the middle of next week. the sunshine comes back, and we keep it to the mid- to upper 60s. >> well, we had a good run. >> i like all of the suns on that 7-day. >> the more of that we see after the winter, the happier everybody gets. >> it's time for us to call it a morning. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. narrator: today on "lucky dog," a german shepherd found on the street shows a lot of potential. brandon: i think i have a pretty good idea what i'm going to do with you. narrator: not only could she help one woman heal from a devastating loss... cindy: my dog was my everything. narrator: ...but if she can prove that she's got the skills, she could make a difference in the lives of countless others. cindy: i've already been an emotional wreck this morning just waiting for this day, so excited.


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