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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at etoodrich. >>and i am brian hackney. elsen leaving her position. this comes two days after she accompanied the president to a visit at the southern border. he has been unhappy with the number of border crossings by migrant families. nielsen reportedly has been frustrated by lack of help from other departments. the president treated i am pleased to announce that kevin macolino and the current u.s. customs and border protection commissioner will become acting secretary. confident that kevin will do a great job. >> backer in the bay area san francisco police said car break-
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ins are down and the city but police are warning residents and tourists of a hotspot. they say crooks have been targeting golden gate park. devin fehely has the details double >> the good news is car break- ins across the city or down significantly. unfortunately that is not true here in golden gate park. the broken back window of this tesla at golden gate park is but a small example of a much larger problem. >> i have had our car broken into three times. >> san francisco police department has tried to curb the troubling trend or but the alarming number of car break- ins and other property crimes plaguing the city. in the effort appears to be paying off, breakage down 21%. everywhere that is but golden gate park dahlbeck >> we should not have to worry about walking out of the apartment or house and wondering am i gonna have my window broken today. that should be the furthest thing from my mind. >> police received 168 reported
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break-ins through the end of march. that's 56 a month, to every day. some drivers wonder if more police and the patrols might be a deterrent to others think money and manpower should still go to violent crimes first about >> property crime is at the bottom of the list. is not victimless but it certainly should be down at the bottom of what we spend our money on. >> it is not clear what this city to the curb the crumbs have been successful in other parts of the city and have been less so here in golden gate park. park police help tracked on a suspect wanted in connection too homicide in el cerrito last month about michael hill was arrested at the richmond station last night. also they say he killed a transient on san pablo avenue on march 30. park police said they surveillance video helped him i be identified about they said
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some kind of cutting instrument was used in the homicide but they haven't release many details about the motive is not clear. he is now in custody on $1 million bill. >> the highway patrol is warning the loss of a motorcycle officer cart killed on the southern california freeway steve lichen was making a traffic stop at about 430 afternoon and he was on the shoulder of i-15 in ty when ano slammed into him. the crash pinned him and his motorcycle between two cars. last not members of various law enforcement agencies joined the procession as a hearse carried his body from the hospital to the cotyrooffice. feofficerso k reflected today on le>> was fo he meant a lot to me as he did for others as well. >> he was a 27 year veteran of the chp. yesterday's crash injured two other people come of the driver identified as michael callahan
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is now under arrest on suspicion of murder and dui. >> a heavy police presence in hawthorne after a shootout wounded an officer and the suspect about police stood with helmets, weapons and bulletproof vests to a s.w.a.t. team rushed to the scene on reports that an armed man was chasing a woman through the lobby double they confronted the man at the shopping center and then gunfire erupted, hitting an officer in the lake a double police of the size now under arrest had a high-powered rifle. >> authorities in milpitas are searching for missing man who is considered at risk police are asking for help to find this man, mark urban norton darby he walked away from his home about a month ago and he has not been seen since double lee said he left vital medication behind, putting his health in danger. search grizz of set up a post dozens of people were scaring the area today and search dogs were used to locate the 63-year-
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old.he was last seen wearing a red vest, black jeans and hiking booster but >> a woman who was abducted on a safari in a national park in uganda is safe this evening.both she was rescued along with her driver and the bordering democratic republic of congo double meg oliver has the latest. >> this photo shows kimberly sue endicott moments after she was rescued from the congo to tickertape sources found the american tourist in her driver on sunday, five days after they were kidnapped by safari in a national park in uganda double they were located across the border in the democratic republic of congo to we have learned the tour group wild frontiers paid an undisclosed amount to secure her release. and it was significantly lower than the initial $500,000 ransom her captors demanded. earlier in the week he was secretary of state mike pompeo said paying ransom violates american policy double >> please remember that any payment to a terrorist is money
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so they can seize more of our people to make >> that began tuesday with four gunmen ambition their vehicle in this national park double hundreds of thousands of tourists visit that park each year..>> this is the first abduction we have had of a tourist in uganda for the last five years double >> the embassy is advising americans that they should exercise caution in the region to meg oliver, cbs news. >> president trump tweeted pleased to report that the american tourist and tour guide there abducted in uganda have been released double god bless them and their families double >> police investigating an assault on a train that left a man injured about it happened at 8:30 pm last night double police blocked out the entire station for about a half hour. as trains rolled through without stopping double they made one arrest and the man who was hurt is expected to be all right and is not clear what or led up to it double >> at the end of an era at oakland oracle arena darby
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>> the home of the warriors is hosting its last regular-season game tonight double katie nielsen is celebrating tonight with the team before their move across the bay. >> we are less than 30 minutes away from tipoff here at oracle arena. this will be the last regular- season game that the warriors ever play here.up today it is a party. you can see all of the fans are decked out in their team gear there are balloons everywhere here on the plaza and the band is playing right outside the door. the team played their first home game here in 1967. it was the permanent home in 1971, almost 50 years and 2000 regular-seasongames here other teams former stars will make appearances before the game tonight to mark the occasion. the oakland symphony is performing the national anthem.
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next season they will start playing at their new home at shea center in san francisco double this again the last regular-season home game ever going to be played here at oracle arena, definitely a bittersweet day for the fans who remember all of the championships here at our big they have so many memories double the tipoff happening at 5:30 double katie nielsen, kpix 5 double >> still ahead, a brazen method smash and grab in the northbay. new video of a distracted driver slamming into a car and the warning authorities want you to know.but >> is it possible to have three days in a row of to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. there is no video to show you, a smash and grab in nampa.
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an suv ramming through the security gate but this cigarettes and more smokeshop. and early friday morning this happened are but seconds later three men entered the store with lasting bins to steal cigarettes and cigars. they were in and out in 2-0 police said the suv had stolen place double >> here's another reason authorities are warning drivers to pay attention. the firefighters tweeting this video out today showing the driver of a truck slamming into the car in front of it double as it passed a fire truck on the shoulder of highway 24 dahlbeck cruiser urging drivers to keep their eyes on that is what's happening on the shoulder. >> the 2020 presidential election is a year and a half away but the presidential hopefuls are already vying for the job. it's a busy weekend with campaign events across the country. reporter melissa ray has a
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closer look double >> senator bernie sanders -- cory booker. south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg on the campaign working to drum up support for their 2020 white house bids double the list of candidates is long provoked with each doing their best to stand out, depending on issues like healthcare and immigration. >> we are a democracy, it is on every single one of us for as long is it persists to use our one of pated double ver >> president trump also making
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appearance of the weekend, speaking to the republican jewish coalition in las vegas double for the commander-in- chief compared to silent asylum- seekers and allege people are codes to the asylum process by lawyers. >> the asylum program is a scam. some of the roughest people you have ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. they read a page given by lawyers. they told him what to say double >> trump also reiterated remarks from my friday event saying our country is full double melissa rainey kpix 5 double >> eric swalwell could jump into the crowded democratic pool as early as tomorrow. the atlantic reports the accomplished the congress and plans to e late show with steph colbert tomorrow night after kpix 5 news 11. >> motel 6 will $12 billion to settle a lawsuit of their
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practice of handing over guest information to federal immigration authorities. what santa stated general said the motel chain share the names and personal information of about 80,000 guests without a warrant double the disclosure that involved seven motel 6 location between 2015 and 2017 double the state attorney general office of the information resulted in i.c.e. target investigation of many guests with spanish sounding names. motel 6 released the statement, the safety and security of our guests which includes protecting guest information is or type rarity. we are pleased to be able to reach resolution in this matter double >> and avalanche forced authorities to hold traffic on highway 50 in the sierra this morning. you can see snow blocking planes and fog pond near echo summit double caltrans got to the area about 10:30 and were able to clear it completely and likely no cars were caught in the avalanche double >> you are out there during the
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week and you wonder how the runoff will be. they had so much snow in so much runoff double >> >> i'm sure you can add to that. >> there is more snow and more runoff. [ laughter ] >> i had to watch her pictures skiing on the slopes. we have a few light showers up there double there's nothing in the immediate bay area as we look at the skyline, a fe als in the foreground about a mild day today double conquered at 72 and if you look at ocean beach, and the highway and 72 at concord, it's 68 at oakland and livermore 73. san francisco is at 65. here it is from high atop the west coast, high pressure to the south and perfect corridor for moisture to come in between the two and that's what has happened.
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crazy sunshine and you know the weatherman would say mostly cloudy but really the sense was mostly sunny day. the clouds were high in thin south of the golden gate. a little bit thicker on the north star but tomorrow there will be more clouds but mostly cloudy for the northbay, central bait and south bay. the numbers are in the low 50s and then recover to the lostant 70s and the south bay. there is a thread of some rain up north of the golden gate as you can see. you can see tomorrow at 4:00, up in the northbay and northern marin county and much of sonoma county and in lake county for sure, there will be some showers. south of that just clouds and drive. then a few showers monday night in the wee tuesday morning or a possibility and that would be it. just all clears up for tuesday, it looks like clear skies as the front presses through.
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the pollen report shows things down a bit for sunday and monday and elevated on wednesday . we will look for clouds in son for tomorrow and a shower chance late tomorrow but not much. it will be clearing and breezy and chilly on tuesday. there's cold air behind this so temperatures will be in the 60s for the rest of the week that we will be dry to the giants are playing the padres down and what we used to call jack murphy stage and stadium in san francisco. the padres are taking on the giants and mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. 62 degrees it came time.we are looking at showers late and wind out of the southwest after sunset. and then for the rest, seattle has showers and atlanta has thunder storms and new york 72 and clouds double the lows will be in the upper 40s and low 50s. and then we look for daytime ties tomorrow above-average, san francisco is 66 in san jose 74.
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in the south but the numbers will be in the mid-70s, it was warm in the south bay today with what appeared to be sunshine. some high clouds of their. the numbers will be in the low 70s in the east bay. north of the golden gate it will look cloudy tomorrow and maybe a few showers by the afternoon. the north especially, up around ukiah watching the broadcast it will be wet on monday garbo we are calling for showers north of the golden gate but not much. we look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, mostly sunny but not as warm. we will be in the mid 60s for the rest of the week. should we go to a break? let's go to a break right now.but dennis? >> hello everybody, showers double a little tears as the warriors close out there [phone ringing]
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these fans will make the trip across the bay bridge next year double >> i am just hoping that some more of the blue collars like you know like her family right here can make that trip over there. >> that's a great point because it will be more expensive. >> it has become that here so it's just a matter of you know can the warriors continue to represent the community that made them. >> as for the actual game, they are out with a toe injury to the the warriors can clinch the overall number one seed with a win tonight. baseball, this guy had a bigger piece of the stands at the plate today then tampa. the very first pitch of the , drew pomeranz aligned in the bleachers dahlbeck christian royal got a start for tampa today. he was the 2013 first round pick and was traded for evan
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longoria. he put one in the right field today. the giants at the tying run's in the seventh run and it was a great spot for the new kid, kevin pillar to make friends. he goes down swinging. the rays were looking for some insurance and got it in a weird way. look at this unoccupied base. longoria made a great play trying to catch it. even and upset bruce bodie could not get the bats going to build the giants loss, 3-0 garbo >> the astros flexor muscles against the angels. josh reddick has a single to right. he lays out to rob it. die yes can't get that one. he just gets over his head and his outstretched glove double
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top of the second, they come back. part of a three-hit day. and then in the six, john begley with a two run blast. the a's reclaim the lead at 7-6. tying run at third and alex redmond has a fly ball to center field. three runners in the boston sears comes up firing. he beats the tag. it came down to the bottom of the ninth double jose altuve is up. that ended the game, the astros be the eight, 9-8. they fell 6- 7 on the season. texas open, look at this, he
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had to roll up his pants leg to get into the water. look at this save. he gets it near the grain and he is out with the bogie. he has a fourth-place finish. six birdies on the back nine to put away the tournament. connors had the qualified just to be in the turnabout on monday one it with his first career pga event. he's going to the masters next week garbo he saw he was able to get three free throws in the game last night. he was the player at wisconsin green bay. >> for some reasoni just looked back over my shoulder because i knew where my mom sat. i looked at my mom and she was like this. she had her hands on her face. i was like oh great.
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i remember i gave her the business so i said thanks mom you're supposed to be leaving your son. i hope your mom didn't do that. >> virginia and texas tech, winner take all tomorrow night with the national championship game. baylor be the defending champion notre dame in the women's game. let's go inside, the warriors are about to tip off with the clippers. if they win, they clinch home card court
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the biggest name and country music are under one roof tonight for the 54th academy of country music awards in las vegas. acm award winner rita mapping á reba mcentire is hosting again. you can catch the acm awards tonight at 9:00 right here on kpix 5. >> that is it for a us tonight. you found something out about lake tahoe? >>of water in the lake, is supposed to be the highest since 1900. i think you should have done a story about that.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> quijano: released. an american woman and her safari guide, abducted in uganda, are safe, after a random is paid to free them. breaking news-- homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is leaving her post. also tonight, severe weather. storms thunder across the country, with damaging hail, rain and wind. millions are threatened. israel's embattled prime minister faces voters this week. will benjamin netanyahu's controversial plans get him re-elected? and, puppy-palooza. the giant litter born to a single great dane-- 19 dogs in all. >> does it ever get old to hold a puppy? >> never. >> never.


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