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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a bay area woman's plea for help after her brother suddenly vanishes. why she is blaming the saudi government. a california woman free at last after being abducted and held for ransom in uganda and tonight, we hear from her friend. a bittersweet game at the oracle arena, golden state warriors failed or farewell to oakland before heading across the bay. good evening. we begin tonight with the man's disappearance. his family says he was doing community work in saudi arabia, when he was suddenly detained. joe vasquez spoke to his sister. >>reporter: i spoke to san francisco women tonight who tells me she is extremely worried about her brother, she is hear from witnesses that she is being or he's being tortured so violently that it could end up killing him. >> this is very, very painful. >> reporter: areej sadhan says
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her brother abdul sadhan was arrested at work in saudi arabia last month, at the offices of the red crescent organization, that is the red cross of muslim work. she says those the secret police who took him away without a warrant, without saying why, or where they were taking him. she says he was disappeared. >> they were or they referred as a forced disappearance. so when someone gets kidnapped, or detained, you can't community to them at all. basically they just vanish. >> reporter: he is an american citizen. they live in the bay area with other citizens. he went to college in belmont. he left the u.s. after his student visa ran out. e e got s who claims he saw abdul in prison getting severely tortured. >> they said he's in danger and that he might that torture. and that is what i got very, very scared. >> reporter: he may have spoken
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out against the saudi government but that is not clear as the regime has not return their calls. they hope taking his were public will not make a difference. >> the word can get around about this. >> reporter: he says the saudi regime has always been oppressive it is not usually care about that publicity but he says the given the murder of, and negative reaction to other arrests, russia could make up difference in this case. >> i think those of us especially in the bay area, we have a's connection with his sister. have number of influential members of congress including the house speaker, who we can get to play a particular role in paying attention to this case. >> reporter: they reject nancy pelosi's office and are told by staff or that there is not much that they can do because abdul is not an american citizen. >> we left a message with nancy pelosi's office as well as the saudi consulate, but no word back.
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in orange county woman cannot at gunpoint in uganda is free and safe tonight. kimberly endicott of costa mesa was abducted along with her tour guide on tuesday. and queen elizabeth national park, where they had gone to look at wildlife. britney hopper explains how they were both freed. >> reporter: a sigh of relief for many loved ones in costa mesa sunday night as news spread that 56-year-old kimberly sue endicott and her tour guide were recovered after being taken hostage by gunpoint while on a safari in uganda. >> it hit home really hard, definitely. >> reporter: rhonda lynn says she cannot believe she saw her friend and former coworker's name on the news went been taken hostage. the two worked together at this salon in costa mesa before endicott started her own skin care clinic. this is a picture of her moment klein describes her as a free spirit. >> hard-working, really, a great mother. >> reporter: another friend says
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endicott is known to enjoy traveling alone. >> i want to hear about what happened, you know. you are so dependent coming over there by yourself. it's scary. >> reporter: she was on safari 14 gunman held her and her tour guide for $500,000 ransom. the abductors had been using endicott's phone to negotiate her release and that they were in contact with authorities nearly every day. you got a police force so that the pair were rescued during a joint operation and were in good health. the skaters talk about will be happening weatherwise as we look at the golden gate bridge, we can tell you that it is crazy out there, little bit foggy as well. there was a break from the rain but a chance of you widespread showers starting tomorrow evening in central babel for that, in the north bay, and right now, up over mendocino, about 20 miles north of san francisco but, to the bay area and there is nothing happening, not yet but let's look at the
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future cast because that will show us this week front with that will come down and first spread right across the lake county, tomorrow, midday, tomorrow morning. and for the central bay, it will take a while to get farther south, and the north bay will certainly get some rain but the central bay, not much south of the golden gate bridge and by tuesday, watch what happens. it clears out. there is the potential for a few showers, after sunset tomorrow night, in the central bay area, but before that in the north bay, we will have more details as we cover the forecast in a few minutes. stanford university has expelled a student linked to the nationwide college admissions scandal. according to stan for the young one presented balls sailing credentials in her application in 2016. the schools sailing coach was fired last month after he admitted involvement in a scheme involving phony recruits. but only one of the three students implicated actually enrolled. that the university says in a statement, we determined that some of the material the students application is false, and in accordance with our
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policies, have rescinded admission. any credits earned have also been vacated. the student is no longer on stanford campus. kristin nelson is out as the . just two days ago, she was sitting next to mr. trump down in southern california. as he examined the newly renovated border fence but the president has often blamed her for an increase in border crossings. at the same time congress has complained about how migrants are being treated. today the president tweeted, i am pleased to announce that kevin mcelroy, the current u.s. customs and border protection commissioner, will become acting sec. i have confidence that kevin will do a great job. he played a key role in caring of the job in menstruation's family separation policy before it was reversed by the courts. we're learning motel 6 will pay a $12 million settlement after getting or giving this
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information to federal immigration authorities. the motel chain share the names and personal information of about 80,000 guests without a warrant. involved seven motel 6 locations between 2015 and 2017. the state attorney general's office of the information resulted in isis targeted investigation, many guests with spanish sounding names. gov. gavin newsom is in el salvador tonight. duck sovereign is on assignment covering the governor and his trip to el salvador. we shared this tripcapita he plans to meet with human rights leaders and families affected by violence and poverty in the region. he said he wanted to examine the root causes that drive people toward the u.s. he released a statement saying in part, as washington advocated responsibility on the world stage, and in the region,
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california will step up to be part of a multilateral solution. taiwanese americans gather to market important anniversary. yea since the pas the taiwan relations act. today's events included music and dance performances, meant to highlight common interest between the u.s. and taiwan. congress enacted the tra on april 10, 1979, to protect security and commercial interest between the two countries. this was right after the u.s. shifted its diplomatic recognition from taipei to beijing. >> plaster, taiwan was the seventh largest global trading partner to the state of california. so you can imagine how close the business ties are between taiwan and the united states. and that these ties benefit the people of both sides. >> the tra is widely seen as a
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key factor that helps taiwan develop into a vibrant democracy. a big warehouse fire in philadelphia, dozens of crews were called to the scene to fight the blaze. flames could be seen for miles. the fire tore through the building and police had to shut down the streets and evacuate nearby restaurants. no injuries were reported and there is no word on the cause of the fire. is warmer temperatures move in, cal fire is rolling out emergency drills for firefighters and law- enforcement agents these to best prepare for the next wildfire. today, training exercise is to race in lake of the pines in nevada county. a total of 20 engines and crews and scenarios. neighbors also took part by educating themselves on building defensible space and planning exit routes for the community in the event of a fire. >> this gives us opportunity to work with the cooperatives, those who you may not work with on an everyday basis but also helps the community see what we are doing, learn how to do an evacuation successfully, so
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it's all around helping everyone. >> they say the urban interface of the lake of the pines community is especially good training with the homes so close together. to protect people when it is unsafe to be outside. because of bad air. or extreme heat. public health officials want to be better prepared such as when smoke hangs over the city for days, like he did during the camp fire in butte county. the time after events like this, they went ahead as scheduled but some residents say it should have been canceled. >> i think it should have been shut down, you know people had masks on, it was coming all over the place. you could hardly breathe. >> the department of public health has a set of proposals for canceling permitted events including festivals and concerts. but also, set up cleaner air centers and cooling spots in
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air-conditioned buildings. the city is poised to install a new set of red light cameras to replace models that no longer work. back in the 1990s, san francisco set up cameras at 20 intersections and they did produce results with a red light related crashes dropping by up to 40% in those spots. but the campers have been falling apart in the shady or the city shut down the project. after 47 seasons in oakland, golden state warriors play their last regular season home game here at oracle arena. the bittersweet sendoff, coming up. that is what the late some people trying to get to the game, a sideshow in the middle of an intersection by the coliseum. the burmese python is one of the largest snakes in the world, but this one is
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♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort truly a bittersweet goodby t gulaas gaat arene nelson e as warriorsser innd. rtsofans are end of an era, after almost 50 years here at oracle arena, the warriors
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played their last regular season home game for something fans a say they could definitely feel in the energy here tonight. it lived up to its name as the sold out crowds deafening roar is rained down on the hardwood, just like the confetti. >> energy is high but is always high. >> reporter: this has been the home of the warriors for 47 seasons, almost 2000 home games and tonight, the last ever regular-season game at oracle. >> i was like no, you have to be there, of course i met playoffs but i needed to be here today , too. >> reporter: plenty of cell fees and signs and shirts to mark the historic game. >> number one fan.
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>> reporter: he says he earned that title after coming here for more than 40 years. >> it is bittersweet, going to miss oakland, that's where i was born and raised, so i'm going to miss oakland but i'm still excited about this new stadium, to. >> reporter: even the youngest fans got to the last home game, like four-year-old simone, who definitely had her priorities straight. ice cream first, venture for the team. >> there's a lot of history here so it is a bittersweet night. >> this is not going to be the last warriors game at oracle arena, because they will continue to play their postseason games here, it won't be until the start of next season that they move across the bay to the chase center in san francisco. check out team members reactions when they received the early 2000 throwbacks were today's game. these jerseys were popularized by the we believe warriors team that upset the mavericks in the first round of the 2007
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playoffs. second year jordan bell was especially excited and started dancing when he got his jersey. in some oakland police officers also part of tonight's oracle finale, the squad working tonight's game posed for this photo in front of the newly unveiled 47 seasons banner. some fans had a hard time getting to the game because of this. a sideshow in the middle of a busy intersection near the coliseum. people on a sideshow shut down the intersection international boulevard and 42nd ave. this afternoon, this video shows several cars doing doughnuts and spinning dangerously close to people who are watching the sons. they sent us this video of the view from above. check out the traffic that is piling up in all directions. at one point a few people on the top of a bus that was stopped during the shied or the sideshow. no word yet if they were able to track down the drivers involved. >> reporter: this wreck tied up
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traffic in oakland this morning, you can see one car crushed under the back of the truck there, it all happened when a lexus with a flat tire in the far right lane was rear- ended by a box truck. 10 minutes later a ford sedan rear-ended the track. there were four people in that board. to a hospitalized with major injuries, crews had to pull one person from the vehicle. police say the car break- ins are down across the city, but one famous attraction seems to be a stronghold for hopeful criminals. golden gate park remains a hot spot for one of the cities most common crimes. sf pd re e end of daivers wonder mi a deterrent and others say the money and manpower should go to more violent crimes first. property crime is kind of at the bottom of the list. not a victimless crime, per se, but certainly should be down near the bottom of what we
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spend our money on. >> the richmond station is using mounted officers and placed playing closed officers. a continued investigation, into separate crashes. the airline says it will cancel about 90 flights a day. affected customers may be contacted directly. a live look at sfo tonight, there are clear skies right now, but the work week shows that this is soon to affect the bay area. the cold front coming on third for mendocino. and it will work its way into sonoma. it shows that we got nothing in the bay area. not yet, anyway.
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tomorrow morning, not much better by three in the afternoon, lake county is wet, the northern end of sonoma county, a few showers, this is by 3 pm for the vast majority. it whips on through, and you can see some showers by 8:00 at night, giants will playing the padres at that time. the showers, you see the final band of rain that straight over the county, what happens to it? he goes through overnight tuesday night, and then later in the day on tuesday, we clear out. so monday, a lot of clouds that we had today, south they had some sun, and the numbers don't suffer, really. it will be a nice day, and tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and a few showers were there with the north bay into the central bay. right now, we are looking at highs today, as we look toward san francisco from treasure island.
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oakland was at 70 in san francisco, 68, there is ocean beach, concord right now's in the 60s, and so is san jose, santa rosa has 50 degrees. here is what is happening, low- pressure will blast through, will get clouds tomorrow, numbers will still be warm, and north bay first and the rest of the day will get wet. mostly cloudy in the north bay, partly cloudy for central and south bay, by the afternoon clouds up in the north bay in a spangle or two and the pollen report shows levels are relatively low, first couple of days and as we get were tuesday and wednesday the ramp up a bit. so here is your expected drizzle tonight, clouds and then rain chances monday night, except for the north bay. we will be earlier. clears on tuesday and a sunny week ahead so not too bad. giants taking on the padres at six: 45 and there is a chance of a shower or two from were for the game. overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s, daytime highs tomorrow, mid-60s to mid 70s and the bay area, and after
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chance of showers spreading south late in the day tomorrow, look at the rest of the week, tuesday through the weekend, looks not bad at all. it will be cooler and breezy on tuesday but we will take the sun. scientists are use two snakes but this one is beyond what they are used to finding. plus, businesses are now making their food more photogenic. the call for marketing that is turning into green for restaurants. coming up next on game day, on location tonight from oracle, the last regular-season game and oracle arena history. the warriors when will have reaction and one-on-one with rick perry who is here when this place opened in 1968 and the giants struggle comingup. show me the crown.
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one of the largest in the world was just discovered in florida. take a look at this picture. a team of researchers are holding up the 17 foot long python that weighed 140 pounds. and had 73 developing at six.
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burmese python's are already among the largest but that when is colossal. >> on average most that are found in the everglades of florida are between six burmese python's are already among the largest but that when is colossal. >> on average most that are found in the everglades of florida are between 6 to 10 feet long. >> and his name was monte. still ahead, how school social media is changing the food scene and the drastic way.
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jewels love to takes photo of her food and shared on social media and apparently that is a trend. now restaurants are finding a way to capitalize on this trend. in fact, this bagel store in brooklyn is now an international destination, thanks to these colorful creations. businesses are now coming up with share were the dishes to take advantage for the free publicity. >> we love to photograph our food so something does looks pretty, they want to kind of take part in this cultural, societal trend and go to the restaurant and show that they took part in that. >> this raises the just in question, how many russians are hiring these influencers to help get their dishes get attention on social media.
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