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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. now at noon, a dog mauls a man in a bay area backyard. police shoot and kill the animal. good afternoon, i'm ann in for kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. it happened at a home in daly city. jackie ward is on the scene with the moments leading up to the mauling. >> reporter: the people i spoke to say there are a lot of neor that live in
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they he never seen one attack someone. the attack happened around 7:00 this morning in the backyard of this home. this man has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years and says he has never heard gun shots here before. >> a lot of dogs in this neighborhood. there's been an increase in dog ownership lately. i haven't seen anything unusual as far as aggressive dogs or aggressive neighbors due to the dogs. >> daly city police say they responded to a call of loose dog attacking someone. the dog was still going after the victim. a 40-year-old man, when officers got to the scene. police say out of fear for the safety of the injured man, they shot and killed the dog. the circumstances leading up to this attack are still unknown. >> if it's a threat, i can seee >> information about the dog's owner has not been made public. it did not belong to the man
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who was attacked. a neighbor i spoke to off camera was still visibly shaken hours after it happened. she says it's not something you can unsee. in daly city, jackie ward, kpix5. >> a man has died this morning after being trapped when his house caught on fire in oakland. kpix5 kristen ayres has that story. >> reporter: firefighters still on scene at this home in west oakland this morning. we spoke to friends and relatives of the man who died. they say he had lived here for more than six decades. the fire broke out on the second story of a stately west victorian. chopper 5 captured images of the burned out with smoke. the man who lived here was still inside. >> we located a victim on the second floor. the victim did parish. >> an elderly man who went by the name by d.c. lived here for
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more than 60 years. stunned friends and family, including the man's son, gathered outside the home. they declined to speak to reporters. off camera, they told us the man was an oakland native whose family passed down the home over generations. firefighters say it's unclear how the fire began and why the man was unable to get out. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. arson investigator is on scene and he is looking into the origin as well as the cause. >> in oakland, kristen ayres, kpix5. two stations are back open after a person was hit and killed by a train. it happened before 7:30 this morning. that station and the richmond station were both closed during the investigation. and that caused major delays. you can see the platforms were packed. ac transit provided buses to get commuters on the road. the stations reopened around 10:00 a.m. huffman plead guilty.
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bruce and devina isaacson's daughter was admitted with a falsified soccer profile. the complaint says the couple took part in the scheme, paying with shares of facebook stock. their duty was to set a good example. instead, we harmed and misguided them. we will have more at 5:00. >> fire crews mopping up the scene of a structure fire in west santa rosa. it happened around midnight on the fire was caused by improperly discarded smoking material. the damage, about $150,000. no reports of any injuries. a four-year-old is safe with his family after he was found wandering alone overnight in santa rosa. sheriff deputies say the child was found at 3:00 this morning walking near a car wash. the four-year-old told deputies
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he took off after his woke up at his uncle's ohm. deputies reunited the boy with his mom shortly after. >> chp is mourning a 28 year veteran of the agency who was stuck and killed by a car during a traffic stop in river side county on saturday. >> april 6, 2019. [ bell ringing ] >> the bell toll sergeant steven lacone was held at the chp academy this morning. the sergeant was remembered by the chp as a friend, father, husband, and hero who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve his community. the suspect faces murder and dui charges. a bay area state senator has a plan to funnel more money into public schools. it involves getting big corporations a tax hike. state senator wants to raise
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the corporate tax rate. the .2% would be impacted. their rate would bump up by 2%. skinner named companies like facebook, google, mcdonald's, apple, and wal-mart. the taxes could raise $2 billion for schools. the bill would also target companies who pay their ceo more than 300 times that of other employees salary. a shakeup in the trump administration. secret service director is on his way out. just weeks after an alarming security breech at the president's mar-a-lago resort. investigators fear is the work of chinese esagwhile reins in h for now. president trump has chosen a career secret service official, james murray, to take his place. >> that comes just one day aft homeland security secretary -- what the president hinted that prompted that move. >> neil son is out as
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secretary of department of homeland security. >> i want to thank the president for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country. i'm for ever grateful and proud of the men and women of dhs who work very hard every day. >> it's part of a massive overhaul of dhs that is being engineered and directed by steven miller, one of the president's advisers and a hard liner on immigration. >> we want to go in a tougher direction. >> neilson will be remembered as the defender of the president's zero tolerance policy. leading to families separations. >> i share the president's goal of securing the border. >> president trump visited the border last friday. he hinted changes could be coming. >> we want to have everything just perfected. we'll see what happens. we may be going at a different -- you'll be seeing -- we may be going in a different direction. >> many of them families and
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children. so did the president's frustration. the president is un frustrated with the increasing number s. >> derslyndabin february alone than 76,000 people were arrested or turned away at the southern border. that amounts to nearly two people a minute. >> our country is full. we're full. our system is full. our country is full. can't come in. our country is full. >> customs and border protection commission now takes over as the acting head of dhs. he joins four others currently in an acting capacity in the trump administration. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. neilson is now the 12th cabinet member to leave the trump administration during his time in office. today, another california democrat may throw his hat into the er to announce his 2020 bid on the late show with steven colbert. that airs tonight right after the kpix5 news at 11:00.
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he e-mailed this flier to supporters announcing a rally this sunday. another hint he intends to run. he tweeted this out yesterday saying, i'll release my taxes, no questions asked. of course, referring to the president's on going refusal to make his was kidnapped on an african safari has been rescued. five days after kimberly was taken hostage by four gunman in uganda. security forces rescued her and her tour guide across the border. they demanded half a million in ransom. at least some of it was paid. but it's not clear who paid it. >> the police and the government of uganda, we don't do ransom and we can never encourage that. >> the kidnappers were able to escape after the rescue and uganda forces are looking for them. tourists at the popular par seem unphased by the incident.
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the u.s. embassy is warning ng shares fell by 5% to be after the company said it would cut back production of the plane. american airlines is extending flight cancellations through june 5 due to the continued grounding of the max jets. the move will affect roughly 90 flights a day. american airlines will contact affected passengers to rebook their flights. travelers will be eligible for a refund. boeing is working to fix the software problem after two deadly crashes in less than five months. coming up, a deadly super bug spreading across the globe. how a weakened immune system could put you at risk. >> prompting big changes to ride share companies. the new social media push to keep passengers safe. >> we're dealing with areas of fog this afternoon. here is a foggy golden gate
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bridge. hard to make out the towers. this is a live look. you can see the cloudy skies as well. we're tracking a cold front when we could see more showers. we'll show you that on future cast coming up.
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a deadly drug resistant superbug is spreading across the world this afternoon. the global infection is called the canada oris. it hit countries like venezuela, spain, britain, india, pakistan, and south africa over the past five
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years. according to the cdc, they spread to 12 states in this country, including here in california. the bug targets people with weakened immune systems. pinterest is testing. between 15 to 17 bucks a share. that adds up to a value of $11.3 billion. it is lowballing its evaluation amid recent evaluations the stock may be over valued. in a regulatory filing, it may never achieve or maintain profitability. and take a look at the big board right now. the dow is down about 116 points. industrial and tech companies led stocks lower in earlier trading. ride comper are suring up t safety efforts after the murder of a south carolina college student who got into the wrong vehicle by mistake. uber is launching a social media and advertising push to remind passengers about safety and recommends always verifying
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your driver and vehicle description with the information provided in the app. while lyft says some vehicles have colored dash board displays to help passengers identify their ride. let's check in with mary with a look at our forecast. >> we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. east at the bay bridge, temperatures are on the warm side. you can see 73 in cann cord. 66 in oakland. livermore 70. 65 in san francisco. 71 in santa rosa. above average temperatures as we head throughout the rest of the afternoon. the ridge of high pressure that brought warm temperatures yesterday will continue to push to the east. we are tracking a cold front that will bring light scattered showers for some of us as we go through the day. future cast here we are at 3:00 p.m. you can see scattered showers first for the north bay. as we head through this evening, stopping the clock at 7:00 p.m. you can see scattered activity.
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that will continue spotty showers by 11:00 p.m. not all of us will see that rain. in spots, because of this cold front. for tomorrow morning, a isolated showers possible. as we head through the rest of your tuesday, we are expecting clearing and the big weather story for tomorrow will be the wind. future cast wind gusts as we go through the day tomorrow behind today's cold front. we are going to see the winds kick up, especially along the coast we'll see the strongest winds. allergy sufferers, pollen count, looking at medium, high levels for today, tomorrow as well as for wednesday. but wednesday and thursday, sky high in the high category. so allergy sufferers, by the le8 our sunris6:. tomorrow morning, daytime highs 66 san francisco. 72 in fremont. san jose, concorde, and livermore. 71 for fairfield. there is that seven-day
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forecast. so scattered light rain showers as we head through the afternoon and evening. turning windy for tomorrow and check out the rest of the workweek into the weekend. with dry weather with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. >> sunshine is looking good. >> oh yeah. mary, thanks. pursuing your dream in healthcare while still in school. coming up, the bay area student who didn't let homelessness get in the way. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, e- mail us. we'll be right back.
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this just in, right now, police in san francisco are investigating a report of a small explosion. this is in the tenderloin. it appears to be a shipping container that blew up. no injuries reported and it's unclear if anyone has been arrested. today, student rising above scholar is making her mark at work while she is still in high school. >> as kristen ayres shows us, jess is pursuing her dream career in healthcare. >> reporter: it's just another day at work no naemplee
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jes ropes kaiser permanente's humid resource office in san francisco. >> i learned that sort of the way you portray yourself in front of other people is very important and even the smallest things you do, little details really matter. >> navigating difficult adult situations is not new to jes. at 13 years old, her family lost their home. >> the bay area is not a very cheap place to live in. we weren't able to pay for the rent fully and on time. that kind of led up to us moving into a homeless shelter. >> jes, her mom, and five sibl for ly a ye. >> it was a little scary. >> getting to school was tough. >> waking up and not knowing whether or not you're going to go to school wasmade education priority. >> it was really important for me. it was kind of just my way to escape, i guess. >> through a work study
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program at ica, the high school senior is adding hr pro to her resume. >> managers and teachers are impressed. >> she's a breath of fresh air. she comes with the utmost professionalism. >> jes is poised. particularly around adults. that's what this job experience does. >> her family now has a home of their own. and she's busy planning a career in healthcare after college. but she also has a message for other who's are struggling. >> don't compare your nd th to meone's highlight reel. itdoesn't affect your acceptance. the only thing that will affect it is your will to go. >> for students rising above,
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especially when you cook them with spaghetti, it's fabulous. it is like the ro world. selection and storage is important. by the way, in the italian community, usually, it's long. maybe two, three feet. the way they have grown for retail reasons, they are grown
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smaller so they can display them. when they are three feet long, how do you display them? selection, when you buy them, beautiful color like this. mint green all the way around. fairly firm to the touch. it's very, very important. then you want to store them in the refrigerator when you get them home. they feel like they are hearty, but they don't last long. buy them and enjoy them within three to four days. the opal squash in the market, they are small, and i'm tony, your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. >> coming up at 5:00, an unexpected voice in the fight for control. a 13-year-old bay area girl scout gives city hall an earful. that story and more coming up at 5:00. >> after that, it's ncaa action. pregame coverage starts at 5:30. then at 6:00, the university of virginia and texas tech are looking for the first national
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title in school history. after the game, our very own, dennis o'donnell and the game day crew will break down the action. then it's a special edition kpix news. and dennis. >> look what we got. >> oh my goodness. >> this is the u.s. open trophy that is coming to pebble beach. >> oh my goodness. >> in june. >> i don't
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>> shauna: bill spencer? wyatt's father? >> quinn: [ chuckling ] yes. shauna, what's wrong? >> bill: sounds good to me. katie? >> katie: oh, yeah, sure. you know what i always say, never too early to learn corporate law. >> bill: [ laughs ] alright, justin, school that boy. a-and make sure he takes notes. [ phone receiver clicks ] wow, huh? that kid of ours is something else. >> katie: yeah, he certainly is. >> bill: you know, i have accomplished a lot in my life, and i'm, uh...proud of many, many things. bunog me morproud than being a father.


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