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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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his arrest. >> reporter: this driver is out of a job behind bars and pulleys believe that this is the first time that he has prayed on his customers. jackie gordon wilson was an uber driver but in the surveillance video he is not picking up passengers. he is picking up personal property on a drive on san mateo. a couple who lives there wanted to conceal their identity. >> thinking twice about taking writers further after this trip i think everybody should. this is a big deal. and use this to facilitate committing a crime. >> reporter: this was shared on a surveillance platform and that is when neighbor started connecting the dots. >> posting the videos to the form and within about 15 minutes, someone came up with a hit and said he is an uber driver with a license plate, which i immediately handed over
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to the corresponding officers and it just got the ball rolling from there. >> reporter: please confirm that he was an uber driver who had just dropped off passengers at the airport and he returned to burglarize the home of his passengers when a security alarm went off. he then drove a few blocks over to nash drive and ransacked this couple's home. >> family heirlooms that i am hoping i can get back. they go back all the way to the holocaust. that to me is the memory of mike grandmother. >> reporter: led police to his home in rancho cordova. >> without additional evidence that led us to believe there may be additional victims. >> reporter: right your drivers do not have as much oversight when it comes to background checks like cabdrivers. safety oversight when it comes to background checks like cabdrivers. >> it's coming at a price for someone in north carolina. we had a victim here in san mateo d now we've had a residential burglary. >> i want to redo a statement saying we removed the drivers
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access to the application as soon as we were made aware of the allegations and stand ready to assist police. we do hope that the couple gets their property back as much of it is a replaceable. that's the latest here. juliette goodrich kpix5. they have posted tips on how to say stay for and taking a rideshare and we've posted them online. police are investigating a drowning and after 12:30 crews were called to vasona lake after receiving reports of a man jumping into the water but never resurfacing. and they arrived they found the body of a man and pulled him out. his identity has not been released. >> life in daily sitting, a 30- year-old man is recovering after being mauled in his own backyard. he is in critical condition recovering from surgery after
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the attack. >> this was the scene in daly city this morning, a flood of police officers and animal control after a 30-year-old man was mauled in his backyard by a neighbor's dog. the man identified as the 35- year-old was in the backyard with his dog when it was believed the neighbors dog broke through a back fence. >> the attack was brutal and could be seen and heard by neighbors, a neighbor who saw the attack spoke off-camera. >> i saw blood down his arms and immediately ran back in the house, called 911. >> officers and paramedics arrived in the screaming came to an end. >> while i was on the phone i heard gunshots. >> the gunshot the docket been shot and killed by officers. the man was badly injured with
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bites and flesh wounds over much of his body. >> when they had him laying down you see all of his wounds, his arm, it was open, like you see flesh, it was tough to see. >> daly city police have not offered a comment at this point about their use of force policy when it comes to duty weapons and dog mauling. we are waiting to hear from them. ondrea board bolden a fire broke out on the second story of a home near 16th and linden streets after five t this morning. we caught these images of the house with smoke still coming from the top for a. friends and relatives told us the man who went by dc was not a native and
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whose family had passed down the home for generations. a person was hit and killed by a bart train this morning before 7:30 a.m. the richmond station was closed causing major delays. the platforms were packed and easy transit provided busters to get communities on the road. the stations (10:00. felicity huffman has a agreed to a guilty plea in a cheating scandal. she and 12 other parents including 5 from the bay area are pleading guilty to paying thousands of dollars to help their kids to their way into top schools. wilson walker his life it stanford with details on that. reporter: it's been a month since the scandal broke out of the middle of nowhere in this wave of new developments. one student has been expelled and apparently had falsified sailing credentials on her
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application. the ceiling coach was fired last month accused of taking bribes. we have a wave of new please pleas mostly from parents accused. >> felicity huffman is accused of paying $15,000 for her daughter's participation in the college entrance exam cheating scheme. she released a statement saying i am in full acceptance of my guilt with deep regret and shame over what i have done and my daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions. >> her pleading guilty at this early stage shows that she does indeed have remorse. it was very, very smart. >> there were a handful of guilty plea is as well. >> was she involved? >> one has is said to have paid 100-- $10,000-- $3000 in
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recruiting schemes. there will be 2 guilty pleas as well, a $7000 bogus entrance exam for his son and another for doing the same for his daughter. and finally, bruce and davina isackson are paying for entrance for both of their dollars and they allegedly paid $600,000 partly in facebook stock through an attorney and they released a statement. >> no words can express how profoundly sorry we are. our duty as parents did not set and guide and we have misguided them. we have worked cooperatively with prosecutors and will continue to do so as we take full responsibility responsibility for our bad judgment. >> critical point, he was also
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facing a complaint from the irs accused of underpaying his taxes because he had deducted his bribery payments as charitable contributions. one school of thought is that most of these parents will not face prison time. large fines or community service. the irs complaint and tax fraud complaint is the type of thing that could put these people in prison for a couple of months. he has good reason to cooperate. that sentencing will be up to a judge so we will see how the chips fall for each of these folks depending on circumstances. live at stanford university kpix5. a servicemember and contractors were killed in a roadside bombing. the taliban is taking responsibility for the suicide bombing. three american soldiers were also wounded in c the names of those killed will not be released until next of kin can be notified. a federal judge blocked
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pres. trump's-- while the cases are reviewed. the ruling which goes into effect on friday impacts asylum- seekers from under a sink-- honduras and guatemala. the policy launched in january marked an unprecedented change to the us asylum system. families had typically been released with notices to appear in court and is likely the administration will appeal the ruling. at the live news desk, a bay area congressman has added his name to the growing list of those who want to be the democratic nominee for president in 2020. it is representative eric swalwell who appeared on the late show with stephen colbert this evening. the 38-year-old is on his fourth term in congress and today he told colbert he wants to address the frustrations
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that he has been hearing from american voters. >> i see a country in quicksand, unable to solve problems and threats from abroad, unable to make life better for people at home. nothing gets done. i've talked to teachers and truckers and nurses and they feel like we are running in place. i'm ready to solve these problems. i'm ready to run for president of the united states. >> [ applause ] >> there it is. the official announcement. he has already emailed a flyer to supporters about a rally he is holding this sunday at dublin high school. it should be packed. the interview airs tonight after the kpix5 news at 11:00. a southbay mma fighter nea killed him. >> not being able to stand up being able to walk, i'm so happy.
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his mysterious plunge from an overpass. an outcry over this video and the search for the women seen yanking down an american flag supporting law enforcement. i'm in alameda were perhaps the best argument for controlling the high cost of rent is coming from twin 13- year-old girls. we will have the story coming up. we are also going to talk about what's happening tonight. the fog and sprinkles and the prospect for something completely different coming up in the forecast after the break.
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and mma fire fighter that suffered a mysterious fall from a highway overpass is taking steps to a long recovery. we were able to speak with him today. >> i talked to sam and his mother and his mother teared up as he-- as she saw her son. she said he was ashen and and lifeless and cold to the touch. he has been fighting ever since to regain his life. >> broken back, shattered pelvis and it's a roadmap to
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trauma. >> i'm so used to doing this, walking running training doing everything i possibly can to be the best version of myself as a fighter. >> two weeks ago a passing but passerby found him floating in the river and it appears he fell or perhaps was pushed plummeting 60 feet to the river below. >> he looked like he was already dead. he was cold, he was white, and the only reason i knew that he was still alive was that they had the monitor on and i could see his heart eating. >> he is a fighter's heart and was not ready to throw in the towel. he has survived five surgeries, wean himself off of a breathing tube and took his first faltering steps toward leaving the wheelchair behind. >> it superhard but being able to stand up and walk, i'm so happy. >> while strength is returning his memories have not.
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there is an investigation of what happened but the families focuses on his recovery. as for all of the progress he has made he knows he has still has quite a fight ahead of them. >> i have my son. this is my life, so that's all i care about. >> it's going to be a long road of recovering and making sure i'm back to normal but i definitely see myself getting back. >> he plans to meet with doctors tomorrow to assess his progress and determine how much longer he will likely have to remain here at the hospital. >> susie steimle kpix5. new video shows the moment that a woman tears down an american flag. she pulls it from a storefront. it was a blue line flag meant to honor law enforcement. this happened last month and police are treating it as an act of vandalism. two teenaged sisters are taking on a grown-up issue. >> their campaign for
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affordable housing. >> whoever coined the adage that children should be seen and not heard has never been to alameda city council. >> they feel right at home at wood middle school in alameda and on girl scout camping trips but it turns out the twins are pretty comfortable other places as well. >> hello. >> earlier this year she delivered a speech to city council about the need for rent control in the city. >> over the past year some girl scout meetings have had to turn into girl scout going away parties. the main cause of this is lack of rent control. i was super nervous before but i was inhe it i guess i was lik in the zone. like, i got it. >> you nailed it? >> yes. >> they say half the girl scout troop has had to move away because of rent increases so they summoned up the courage to
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look the adults in the eye and say they are tired of it happening. >> i think involving kids is very important so they can know what's going on and they can affect change because politicians don't want to listen to adults. they can listen to kids. >> the parents have always been politically active but love the refreshing and simple approach to their take of what adults think is a complicated problem. >> i think adults are worried about the different power that will be enacted but people need a place to live. the should be a basic right. >> the principal says kids secretly worry a lot about the world's problems and it can relieve stress if they feel they can make a difference. >> is some 13-year-olds can speak up than you think to yourself, a lot of people could speak up. it should be easier. >> they say as long as high rent is forcing people out they will continue to speak out on the subject which should come as no surprise to those working at city hall. >> john ramose kpix5.
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show me the crown.
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show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy!
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yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. get xfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today. a life look at sfo. delta airlines is flying high after a new report declared it the best airline in the country. the annual airline quality rating report was released today. researchers wait how often flights arrived on time, mishandled baggage, received complaints, and while delta came out on top jetblue ring to second followed by southwest and alaska airlines. last year's winner, frontier, came in dead last. >> those who are last come in
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first and vice versa. we are going to start with an explanation of what is going on with this. we have light showers moving through the bay area about an hour and a half before the giants take on the padres. it's not going to be in ideal conditions by any means. the golden gate bridge is slick and concord still has 70. much of the bay area is reporting cloudy skies. these are just light showers. if you go to the north bay napa and santa rosa reported rain in the last hour but as this heads south it is dying on the vine. there's not much left as a gets to our neck of the woods. there the showers that move toward napa heading it's way toward pulling back and showing you a full light if you light showers on the coast side. what's next? future cast shows that it blows apart as it comes south. we will get a few drops but it would be lucky if we got more than a few hundredths of an
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inch. >> the field will be slick but they will get the game under their belts. let's hope they win against the padres. >> if you showers will be moving from north to south. tomorrow totally different. more son, it'll be breezy-- more sunlight, it'll be breezy. we have more pressure to the south and low pressure to the north but the high-pressure wind wins. the wind picks up in terms of how admit wendy. here you are at midnight but watch what happens tomorrow along the coast. the red colors indicate higher wind up to 30 or 40 mph inland but at the coastline it will be flat-out windy. for the giants in the padres, clouds and fog, a sprinkle or two but not much. 62 degrees. as you head out the door we have partly cloudy along the coast and mostly sunny elsewhere. numbers will be in the 60s with
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sunshine. it begins to bump up towards wednesday and thursday. >> north bay showers will head south and tuesday will be cooler, sunnier, breezy, and mostly sunny through the week. we will be looking for the sun to come out tomorrow and wednesday and partly cloudy skies on thursday. as we look ahead the numbers stay warm so after we endure sprinkles tonight we will be rewarded with sunshine tomorrow. hopefully the wind is blowing. the madness tonight in minneapolis, one school will be a national champion for the first time. why? the head coach is ready to let loos
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and then they were 2. >> we are about 56 minutes away from tipoff for the national championship game. for the first time in 40 years the national title game will feature 2 schools that have never been this far before. how do you prepare? texas tech has already canceled classes with the expect tati they are either going to party hard or drown their sorrows. virginia made history for the wrong reasons last year as the first number one seed to lose to a 16 seed in the opening
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round. the coach remembers how difficult it was for a starting guard to face the media. >> i said we are going to go up there and it will be one of the hardest things you will have to do. how you are feeling and what you are going to have to respond to but it's going to mark your life and be something that we are going to try to overcome. the texas tech head coach has given up quite a bit to teach his team about sacrifice but it's going to be worth it if they win tonight. >> it's no desserts no candy. i haven't had any ice cream, candy, cake since the first day of practice. a couple of things. a pop tart is not a desert. that's a breakfast. i've eaten a lot of pop tarts since october. >> you can the whatever you
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want but i think he has the perfect mentality going into the national championship game. their defense is fantastic. >> unbelievable. >> they've been the most consistent team coming into the game while virginia has nearly lost three or four games. >> the report tonight on location at some drunken bar somewhere. >> thanks for watching kpix5 news at 5:00 . pregame coverage is coming up right now. you can watch a when life makes you uncomfortable,
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