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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 9, 2019 3:12am-3:59am PDT

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prosecutors told told the judge, she changes her story for whoever she encounters. nine days ago, she was able to talk her way through two checkpoints and pass several secret service agents before the receptionist realized she had no reason to be there. at the time of her arrest, she was carrying two pass parts, four cell phones and a thumb drive full of malicious software. but a search of her room recovered a signal debltectors.
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the fbi has joined the secret service and joined concerns about the club. >> mar-a-lago has hundreds of people that go through any week. you need to vet all those people. every single one who goes through the doors has some access to the president. >> reporter: she will remain in jail for now, even though her lawyer says it was a misunderstanding. but prosecutors said they believe it's more serious than that, amid reports that may play a role of the secret service director. >> thank you very much. in a few hours israeli voters will go to the polls. benjamin netanyahu faces a tough race as he seeks a fifth term in jerusalem. >> reporter: there is nothing
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subtle about this billboard. benjamin netanyahu has practically put president trump on the ballot in this election. the prime minister of israel has highlighted the golan heights. another campaign stop, moscow, where president vladimir putin arranged the returns of an israeli soldier, missing for 15 years. the political analyst at channel 13, said netanyahu was trying to fire up his base this weekend, announcing he would annex the settlements, that most of the world considers occupied territo territory. >> after president trump recognized sovereignty in the golan heights, he has the
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possibility to do something sila >> we saw the trump effect in a tel aviv market. what do you think of president trump? >> he's good. >> reporter: netanyahu is facing the first challenge in years from this candidate, benny gantz. president trump figures prominently in this campaign. his relationship with netanyahu is seen as an advantage here. is it a disadvantage for you? >> i think the relationship between people is important. but i think the relationship between countries is more so. >> reporter: tomorrow's election is the first step, jeff, then, the question, who can form a coalition government. coming up next, an american woman heads home from africa, after she was abducted and held for ransom.
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would be home after being freed from kidnappers in africa. kimberly endicott was held for ransom. deborah patter reports. >> reporter: barefoot. her pants ripped. utterly depleted but safe. a disoriented kimberly sue arrived last night after ransom was paid for her he learelease. she was abducted along with her guide. a massivele ugandan-head security situation, provided drogue and reconnaissance report. >> we're happy it had a good outcome for her guide, as well. we're looking forward to having her come home. >> reporter: the kidnappers used
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her phone to demand $500,000. it's unclear who paid the ransom. but it was less than the asking price. after the money drop, endicott and her guide were put on this motorcycle and taken to another vehicle and drove them back to their lodge. foreign tourists did not seem put off by the incident. >> i seem safe with the personality here. everything seems well organized. >> reporter: endicott didn't stay long. after a hot shower and a good night's rest, she was flown out to the u.s. embassy in the capital of kampala this morning. the hunt for the perpetrators ane president believes that even though they are safe, security will be beefed up. 1 ctis r meomen.
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diagnose nod with breast cancer this year. tonight, there are new guidelines for some women. >> reporter: the american cancer society recommends average risk women, age 45 to 54, get a mammogram every year. then, starting at age 55, every other year. today, the american college of physicians say for some women it should be less frequent. the acp recommend that the majority of women get a mammogram every other year, starting at age 50. but there are exceptions. women who have had a prior abnormal screening, a diagnosis of breast cancer or a genetic mutation. annual mammographies can lead to
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more harm. and that annual mammograms show no significant difference in breast cancer death rate. the new guidance is meant to provide clarity to existing and conflicting screening recommendations. the acp said that doctors should not use breast exams for breast cancer. >> these are constantly being revised. why is that? >> reporter: we are. it can be hard to find the sweet spot between benefits and harms. the best thing is for a woman to sit with her doctor and speak about her concerns and the beliefs of what she wants. still to coming the teenager that overcame so much on her journey to oz.
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when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week.
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i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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we end here tonight in the land of oz. the wicked witch doesn't stand a chance against this dorothy and her dog. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: the yellow brick road took erin bishop on a surprise journey, playing the role of dorothy in "the wizard . i was expecting glenda. i'm a secondary character. >> reporter: but her mom saw
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erin as a star. at 3 years old, erin hat her first surgery to repair brittle bone disease. in her 17 years, erin has had 103 bone fractures and 10 energies. >> she had scarring on the beautiful body. and instead of calling them scars, they're lines of courage. >> reporter: that courage has led erin and her dog through trials and triumphs. >> since it's "the wizard of oz," he had to be toto. >> he is bigger than i remember. >> we couldn't put him in a basket. >> oh, toto. >> reporter: her wheelchair sometimes prompts unwanted reactions. >> there's a lot of people who see the chair first. and their first question is what's wrong with you. you're not asking me because you
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want to get to know me, you're just curious for five seconds. you're not seeing me as another person w is doing her own thing. >> she makes me set are what you set upon yourself. >> i want them to see me as anyone else on the stage. and overall, disability should be embraced. ♪ why can't i >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, hasbrook heights, new jersey. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from new york city, i'm jeff at's whe you'll find me ♪
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this is "the cbs overnight news." >> welcome to the overnight news. heads continue to roll inside the trump administration. one day after kirstjen nielsen resigned as homeland secretary, the secret service chief the following her out the door. nielsen will be replaced by an acting secretary and he will join a growing list of cabinet officials not confirmed by the senate. anto tnk the president for getting an opportunity to serve this country. >> reporter: president trump ordered an overhaul of the
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homeland security agency. >> i will support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours, 5 officials have been purged, as part of a plan directed by steven miller. >> you cannot conceive of a nation without a strong, secure border. >> reporter: the shakeup comes amid a surge of people from mexico. contributing to the president's frustration with his immigration team. president trump, seeking to galvanize his base ahead of the 2020 election, signaled big changes were coming last week during a border visit. he pulled the nomination of ron vite vitello, saying he wanted to move in a tougher direction. >> we want to everything
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perfecto. >> reporter: today, the president also fired the head of the secret service. tex alice. cbs learned that alice learned that personnel changes were coming a few weeks ago. in may, he will be replaced by james murray, the assistant director of operations. also being ousted, citizenship and immigration services director francis sisna. later this week, kevin mcaleanen will be border chief. >> i briefed the media and testified in congress that our point. that breaking point has arrived this week at the border. >> he's repeated his threat to
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close the southern border. he may try to resume his controversial separation of families policy. a federal judge blocked the policy of sending asylum seekers back to mexico. it was a bloody day in america's longest war. three service members and a contractor were killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan. david martin has details. >> reporter: the taliban tweeted this photo, which they claim showed the moment after the bomb went off. a u.s. official said a convoy of american vehicles were overtaking a car that pulled over to the side of the road, apparently to let them pass. but when the convoy drew even with the car, it detonated. it happened near the main american base at bagram, most of the air force at kabul.
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south of kabul, t this is after a chief leader left following meetings about peace talks with the taliban. both sides are trying to strengthen their hand at the bargaining table. in the past three months, u.s. and afghan forces have killed thousands of taliban fighters and hundreds of their leaders. >> we believe that some of that pressure has contributed to the fact that the taliban is at the peace table for the first time since the war began. >> reporter: neither side thinks it can win, but attacks to gain leverage in the negotiations are expected to intensify in the spring, which is the start of the fighting season in afghanistan. the chinese woman who scammed her way into the mar-a-lago resort will have her
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day in report. >> reporter: in a prison jumpsuit, prosecutors told the judge she lies to everyone she encounters, having changed her story multiple times to find out why the chinese national was trying to get into mar-a-lago. nine days ago, she was able to talk her way through two checkpoints and secret service agents before the club's receptionist realized she had no time to be there. secret service found she was carrying two passports, four cell phones and a drive full of malicious software. but here's a signal detector that can locate hidden cameras, usb drives and sim cards. the secret service is looking at counterintelligence concerns at the president's club.
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>> mar l-a-lago has hundreds of people that go through any given week. you need to vet those people. any one of the people that go through the doors in mar-a-lago has some access to the president. felicity huffman and others have decided to plead guilty in the college admission scandal. >> reporter: she pled guilty. today, 1 of 13 parents admitting their rolls in the largest cheating scam ever prosecuted. huffman paid rick singer, to alter the scores of her daughter's entrance exam. huffman apologized, saying, my daughter knew nothing about my actions. and in my misguided andglty at .
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>> reporter: two other parents, bruce isakson and his wife admitted to paying to prescribe a sack esoccer coach to get the daughter into ucla. they said they failed their duty at parents and said they have harmed and embarrassed their children. they paid describe bribes to get a second quarter on the crew team. 20 parents have cases unresolved, including lori loughl loughlin. her and her husband are accused of paying to get their daughters into usc. >> that prison rorter: the man accused of
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taking the tests for the clients are expected to plead guilty. but there could be more
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this is "the cbs overnight news." >> illinois is the latest state to raise the legal age to buy tobacco to 21. congress is lobbying to make 21 the law of the land nationwide. vaping is on the rise among teens. >> reporter: the addictive mind does some crazy things. >> reporter: matt murphy got hooked on nicotine in high school. that turned into an addictio>>t
3:41 am
dependency without knowing. >> reporte his addiction followed him to college. >> i would have to bike back to the dorm every 15 minutes. >> reporter: how addictive are the products? >> nicotine are some of the most addictive chemicals known to man. >> reporter: e-cigarette use among middle and high school students is rising sharply. 1 in 20 middle school students reported trying e-cigarettes in the last 20 days. that is up from 2011. among high schoolers that jumped from 1.5% in 2011, to more than 20% in 2018. that kind of jump has doctors and health officials concerned. >> nicotine can interfere with memory and learning. in particularly, in younger individuals. >> reporter: 18-year-old sarah
3:42 am
ryan is a high school senior. >> i know few kids that have been expoesed to this issue. >> reporter: she calls herself an anti-tobacco and vaping activists. wants the legal age raised to 21-year-old. >> this shouldn't be part of a high school culture. if the age to purchase tobacco is 18, it has a bigger influence. >> reporter: why do you think it's been so hard to get this legislation passed in the rest of the country? >> iame why can't ycittoldengh toour co or o vape. >> reporter: that is fbeginning to change. nine states are raising the
3:43 am
legal limits to buy tobacco or vaping products. and robert holt of alabama, introduced a bill that would make 21 the legal age nationwide. >> the younger you are, the more vulnerable to becoming addicted. as the brain develops, it becomes more resistant to the changes that are associated with addiction. >> reporter: matt has kicked his habit nine months ago. his biggest message to teens thinking of vaping -- >> it's way easier to prevent than it is to stop. if you never dig yourself a hole, you never have to climb hole, you never have to climb out of the if your adventure keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips you may have overactive bladder, or oab. ohhhh... enough already! we need to see a doctor.
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it's springtime here in the u.s. but in another world, winter is coming. the eighth and final season of the hit series "game of thrones" takes flight in just five days. tracy smith sat down with the dragon queen herself, amelia clark. >> shall we begin? >> do we have a plan? >> i shall crucify the masters. return their cities to the dirt. >> reporter: spent time with amelia clark and it's easy to see she is not like the
3:47 am
character she plays on tv. what's the biggest difference between you and dany? >> my sense of humor. >> you stand in the presence of daenerys stornborn. >> reporter: daenerys targaryen, khaleesi, walks through fire, and is a contender to win the "game of thrones." >> they didn't communicate clearly. we had to discuss your surrender, not mine. >> reporter: "game of tlohrones is the biggest tv show on earth. it's famous for killing off its lead characters. but so far, clark has survived.
3:48 am
even though you are one of the most powerful characters in the show, i don't think audiences would be surprised if they kill you. >> this is the incredible writing and storiry tey storyt show. the way thehat life can be confusing, it doesn't shy away from that in storytelling. it embraces that. >> reporter: without giving anything away, when you read that final script, what happens to daenerys -- >> yeah. >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> it's sort of almost impossible to answer that question. >> reporter: without giving something away? >> mm-hmm. i have so much to say. about that. >> i have been sold like a brood mare. haee sdd defiled.
3:49 am
>> reporter: in a series known for its strong feel leaves, her character is probably the most dramat dramatic. >> she's a girl who has grown into a power could haeenoming frightened, sold piece of property that she was in the beginning of the show. >> reporter: amelia clark's own beginnings were much more pleasant. she was born in london and got her first taste of acting when she was 5 years old. >> we did this play and i forgot all my lines. and i remember just standing there and smiling and thinking, this is cool. everybody is there. what's going on? and felt so at ease and so comfortable on the stage. >> reporter: she went to drama school and landed two tv roles, including this soap opera.
3:50 am
>> you're stalking me like some pervert. >> reporter: she was asked to audition for "game of thrones." >> i remember, i was like, i'm . listened to some gangster rap before my audition. >> reporter: gangster rap because? >> empower myself up a little bit. >> come forward, my dear. >> reporter: but the part she got required more than swagger. her first scenes took guts. in the beginning, when you were most vulnerable, when you're sold to your husband. he rapes you. >> yeah. >> reporter: there's nudity that you need to see her vulnerabili vulnerability. >> yes. >> reporter: but was it tough? n >> there were moments when i was like going to cry for a second and be right back. >> reporter: it was after that
3:51 am
first season, that amelia clark faced a tougher challenge off-screen. you thought the first season of "game of thrones." and february 2011, you suddenly got the worst headache you had ever had? >> yeah. basically, i was in the gym. the most excruciating pain, like an elastic band went, snap. >> reporter: in your head? >> many my head. an enormous amount of pressure. i couldn't stand or walk. and in that moment, i knew i was being brain damaged. >> reporter: she had a hemorrhagic stroke, bleeding on the brain. but she got it fixed and returned to "game of thrones" for season two. >> thanks for giving me the job. sup super appreciate it. >> reporter: just that one
3:52 am
thing. >> i'm fine. >> reporter: you were fine. and went back to work. >> six weeks, i was back to work. >> reporter: as she was shooting these scenes, there was a swollen blood vessel lurking in clark's head. two years after the first one burst, she was back in the hospital with another brain bleed. this one almost killed her. >> the second one, a bit of my brain died. if a part of your brain doesn't get blood for a minute, it will no longer work. it will short circuit. i had that. they didn't know what it was. they were looking at the brain thinking, it could with her concentration and f prperiphera vision. i say it's my taste of men. there were these funny things. and for a long time, i thought it was my ability to act. >> reporter: you did? >> that was a deep paranoia from
3:53 am
the first one, as well. what if i can't act anymore? it's been my reason for living for a long time. >> reporter: the recovery process, trying to get through having someone open up your skull, trying to go past that, you discovered was really -- >> yeah. yes. the first time, it was difficult. it was harder to stay optimistic. >> reporter: how did you get through? >> you just -- that was a day-to-day thing. and i definitely went through a period of being down, to put it mildly. >> reporter: but she says playing a strong woman on tv helped her to be one. >> you go on set, and you play a badass, and you walk through fire. and that became the thing that just saved me from considering
3:54 am
my mortality. >> reporter: what do you do with the renown you'veot "game of thrones" and from this character? what do you do now? how do you use that? >> i'm really, really, really lucky. when you're typecast as a strong, empower eed female, you get those roles. >> reporter: she is using that renown for brian surgery survivors. >> i'm going to put my heart, soul and back for after-care for brain surgery recovery. and bringing awareness to the invisible disease that is brain injury. >> reporter: you are in the clear? >> completely in the calear. >> reporter: at 32, amelia clarke is optimistic about the future. >> you're saying good-bye to more than a character.
3:55 am
i'm saying good-bye to my 20s. it feels as exciting as
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if you missed the academy of country music awards on sunday night, here's a recap. keith ur gban was named entertainer of the year. but the star-studded night faced controversy. here's nancy o'dell. >> reporter: keith urban had never won until last night, and was very excited. as reba mcentire pointed out, for the second year in a row, no women were nominated in the show's top category. ♪ come to me my brother >> reporter: the somber mood, keith urban said, with his performance, was a sharp
3:58 am
contrast to his excitement when he was named entertainer of the year. >> keith urban. >> reporter: you seem genuinely surprised. none of us are surprised. >> i just, i've been there a few times. i love that i get to do what i get to do. this is whipped cream on ice cream. >> reba mcentire. >> reporter: in her monologue, reba mcentire noticed it had been cold in las vegas, in more ways than one. >> it was so cold, it prevented us from being nominated for performance of the year. >> reporter: even though she nor any other woman was, ca kacey sg and female artist of the year.
3:59 am
the awards went almost exclusively to men. musgraves says that country music has to do more to introduce all artists. >> i think there's a lot more work to be done in the quality department than just gender. ♪ i just want to love you >> reporter: dan and shay were joined by kelly clarkson, after picking up awards for song, single and duo of the year. >> i have makeup on. >> it's all natural. beautiful. >> this is the craziest feeling in the world. ♪ >> that's the overnight news for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back for the morning news and "cbs this
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morning." ♪ it's tuesday, april 9, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." now, we are here to present the championship trophy to the university of virginia. congratulations. >> overtime thriller, virginia edges past texas tech to win the first ncaa title, ever. homeland security shake up. who's in and who's out.


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