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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 9, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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at one bay area university today. why experts believe the president is forcing out high ranking officials at the department of homeland security. >> good morning, it's tuesday, aprili'mhe griego. >> i'm anne makovec. time to check your forecast. and it's windy, mary. >> the winds for today is the big story. you'll feel it once you step outside. winds right now, and they will continue to increase as we go through the day. 19 mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay. 12 in san jose. 21 mile-per-hour winds in downtown san francisco. increasing with those winds, 12 in oakland. 13 berkeley. 17 mile-per-hour winds in antioch out of the west and 12 right now for vallejo. we are watching the skies clear. it's going to be a much colder day by 7 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we'll have that sunshine. it is going to be windy especially as we head through the afternoon and for this evening.
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the strongest winds will be up in the hills and along the coast. although all of us will see the winds today. staying dry all week long, but because of that dry weather and the winds, that pollen count is going to go sky high. allergy sufferers, i'll let you know when we'll see the worst of it for that pollen count this week coming up in a few minutes. emily. i have an update on the traffic accident we've been keeping a close eye on and things looking up. let's look at our map. it's clear. northbound 101 at this point at willow, lanes are cleared and moved over to the right side and your drive timeout of the south bay, northbound on 101, about 43 minutes to get from hellyer to the airport. a new accident on eastbound 92 at life mark road. at least one lane is blocked. interestingly enough on the map, it looks like the delays are in the opposite breaks. we'll check with chp to get more information on that accident in the next few minutes and the drive times in the south bay
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are back in the green. 101 back in the green. 8 minutes on 101, 85 to 680. everywhere else, you are looking good. and now the richmond or the san mateo bridge, you can see the brake lights. there's a high wind advisory in effect for this bridge. not any of the others, but for this bridge. so if you are on this bridge, just take it slow. and you're going to have to, looking at that traffic. guys. after months of dropping some major hints, it's official. congressman swalwell is running for president. kpix5 jackie ward is live at dublin high school. swalwell's -- bust out the yearbook photo. >>reporter: there's been speculation about him running for months, but it's actually happening. >> i'm running for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> it's official. >> the democratic
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congressman from dublin represented california's 15 district for 6 years now. that includes parts of alameda and contra costa county. swallow owedos -- swalwell made the announcement. >> too many kids are dying and not enough people are doing enough about. it's investing in gang violence prevention programs and banning and buying back all 15 million of the assault weapons out there. >> swalwell is a member of the house intelligence and judiciary committees and he's seen on cable tv criticizing trump and swalwell is 38-year-old making his the youngest candidates and swalwell is the 19th democrat to throw his hat into nextunited states.
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jackie ward, kpix. >> a live look at capitol hill and that's where william barr will face the congressional lawmakers. this is the first time meet with lawmakers since the -- this is going to be a real hot seat. barr face questions about whether release the full document and the -- members of mueller's team feel that barr four-page summary of their report did not accurate dede pikt ac -- depict the investigation. president trump pushes a tougher stance on migrants hoping to enter the u.s. five senior officials have been purged asf a plan orchestratedby adviser and immigration hard liner miller. that including homeland security secretary, neilson and someead of the
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believe trump is trying to show up his support -- >> it's going to be a tough job because the president clearly wants whoever is in that position to be really tough. and that means separating families, communicating policies that a lot of people object to. >> yesterday, president trump renewed his threat to close the southern border after backing down last week under pressure from democratic and republican lawmakers. he's reportedly been pushing to reinstate a policy that separates migrant families at the border. happening today in san francisco, a proposal to shutdown juvenile hall is going to be presented at city hall. the mayor is not keen on the idea. a group of supervisors says the city spends too much on juvenile hall. $13 yea considering it's 75% empty. there are 150 beds, but only about 3 dozen juvenile prisoners at any given time.
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>> we are spending a crazy amount of money on an ineffective system. >> we need something that's going to change mindsets, something that's going to rehabilitate. >> this is irresponsible to begin a conversation or try and get people to commit to shutting it down or keeping it open. >> mayor breed says she's opposed to shutting down juvenile hall especially without a plan. she appointed a 30-member blue ribbon panel to study the issue. i'm christin ayers and we're looking at the staple center and that's where tickets will be available for the life of rapper nipsey hussle and the tickets are going to be needed to get into the celebration of life on thursday at 10:00 a.m. tickets available for free to all california residents and they'll be a precision in honor ofus on the o
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leio5 and a half miles long according to tmz. an uber driver is accused of trying to burglarize his passenger's home. he drove a couple of to the airport, he went back and tried to break into their home but an alarm went off. and that's when he went a few blocks over and ransacked a home on nash road. neighbors started connecting the dots. >> family heirlooms i'm hoping to get back, they're from my grandmother and go back to the holocaust, so if that's lost, to him, that was something to pawn off and to me that's a memory of my grandmother. >> uber says it has disabled the driver's access to the app as ready to assist police in the investigation. san mateo police shared tips on how to keep
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yourself safe when taking ride-sharing -- students at san jose state joining in on a form to talk about a policy on campus. how the university handles sexual assaults investigations. students accused of sexual misconduct will have a right to a live hearing and an officer with question the accuser in front of the accuser -- any accused student should be able to question the allege ability of a victim. a key announcement expected from boeing as they -- plus a $36 burger is about to make its debut in san francisco. >> now i'm hungry. well, it's going to be a cooler day today. sunny and windy. i'll let you know how strong the winds will be. i'll show you that on future cast, coming up. if you're headed from the north bay, there's an accident just passed the toll
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plaza at the golden gate bridge. we're tracking that. it doesn't seem to be making delays. i'll tell you where the delays are, coming up.
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good tuesday morning to you. we're taking you out to the south bay. san jose, good morning. mostly clear skies. in san jose, 55 degrees with a north, northwesterly wind. stronger winds later today. i'll let you know exactly when on future cast. emily. we are mostly good to go. here's a live look at the bay bridge where things are backing up pretty normal for this time of the year. nothing out of the ordinary. those cash lanes look to be moving all right and the hov lanes moving already. we are tracking a few trouble spots, but they're not in any major commute areas and i'll tell you where those are and how to get around them in a few minutes. later today, recovery operation will partially
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block highway 1 and half moon bay. authorities need to remove the wreckage of a car stolen in heyward in january. it's sitting on the surf line south of gray whale cove state bridge. the highway will be reduced to a single lane for six hours. representatives from facebook and goggle head to capitol hill to face questions about how their platforms are used by white supremacist. the house judiciary committee hearing coming after a shooting at a mosque. it was streamed live on facebook and goggle has been criticized for the role online searchs spread -- you tube, which is owned by goggle has been singled out for hosting such context. boeing investors are anxiously waiting on big news. the company is set to report the number of planes it delivered during the quarter and amid the boeing 737
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max jet planes didn't -- boeing halted those delivers following the global grounding of this type of model since march 13th. wall street expects boeing's total losses to be $5 billion. meanwhile the family of one of the american victims of last month's ethiopia's crash is suing boeing. the lawsuit was filed in the hometown of chicago. the suit claims boeing did not let pilots know about the risk and dangers of its automated anti-install system. >> holding boeing accountable and send a message to boeing and all other companies of similar size that regardless of how big you are, and regardless of your reach, inside the united states government, when you put profit over safety, you will be held accountable and brought to task in the united states of america. >> boeing has declined to comment on the lawsuit. 6:14. and a big health scare across the u.s. there's a record number of measles outbreaks
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and the total number of cases is up to 465. that's the highest number in five years. in all of 2014, 667 cases were reported. republic health officials says the current rate could surpass the year by june. it's surged to pockets of unvaccinated kids across the country. a martha stewart inspired burger is make its debut in san francisco. be prepared to cough up money. about $32. it's a turkey meat loop hamburger inspired by the cooking legend's recipe. it's served on a tray decorated with -- you can take home your packet of kale seeds and the dish available at fred's in san francisco's barny's new york store through mid-may. would you pay 30 bucks for that. >> what am i supposed to do kale seeds? >> yote. >> eat them.
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>> i'm going to start gardening because i ate that bigger. >> i can't grow anything when it is already sprouted. so to think i can grow something from a seed feels far fetched. >> i don't think you're supposed to eat them. >> you eat the kale seeds? >> i have no idea. >> it adds the crunch. >> i feel like you're supposed to plant them and get all martha stewart inspired. >> no, my living room has never looked like martha stewart. you know what looks good, the roadways. there's a few trouble spots and no major commute areas at that point. so that's great. we're going to take a look at mobile 5 where chris belligerent lien knee is headed toward the bay bridge and everything is moving right along. elsewhere, we are seeing a backup on a different bridge. that's in san mateo. there's a wind advisory in effect for this bridge. so as you can see,
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things are moving pretty slowly. a lot of brake lights. heavy volume for this time of the morning. that's only going to continue through your morning commute. now, here are the trouble spots we're talking about. 92, also. this is eastbound 92 at life mark road. one lane was blocked and it's slowing things down. they have, just in the last five minutes, cleared that lane so it's open. we should see that yellow and orange start to turn into green in the next couple of minutes and a little more orange on highway 4. westbound 4 from 160 to 80. that's going to take 38 minutes. pretty slow as you're moving out of antioch toward -- other than that, where every looks good on the east shore freeway. in the east bay, everything in the green except morgan hill. a new accident on 101 at cochran. this is slowing things down significantly. the onramp there is blocked. but it is backing things up onto 101 at this hour. also, slow coming
6:18 am
-- through ashton altieri mont-- through altamon pass. >> you can see the dublin camera shaking. here's a beautiful live look of the sunrise -- upper 40s in santa rosa. 50 in livermore. 54 in concord. 56 in oakland. and are 56 for san francisco and san jose. let's check the winds this morning. we are going to see the winds increase as we head through the day. 12 mile-per-hour winds in san jose out of the west, northwest. 21 mile-per-hour winds in downtown san francisco. 12 in oakland. 13 in berkeley 17 mile-per-hour winds in antioch and looking at 12 mile-per-hour winds in vallejo and napa.
6:19 am
15 to $30 mile per hour this afternoon -- 15 to 30 mile-per-hour winds this afternoon. all of us will see windy conditions today, but the strongest winds along the coast and in the hills. sunshine through your afternoon with cooler temperatures. we're talking about 5 to do 7 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. here's the satellite and radar view. we have a low pressure system to our north and a ridge of high pressure to our south. those two weather features so close together. we have a tight pressure gradient and that's why we have the windy conditions today. we also had that cold front that swept through yesterday and behind the front. we are watching the winds increase. future cast, as we take you through the day, you can see the clearing skies and enjoy the sunshine that will continue with the sunshine and high pressure and control through the week. let's check future cast wind gusts. the strongest winds along the coast, this is at 5:00 p.m. when we will see the strongest winds for today. and as we head through tonight, still looking at windy conditions. because of the dry weather, as well as
6:20 am
the winds, our pollen count is going to increase. heads up allergy sufferers and thursday looks like the worst day for our pollen count. sunrise at 6:43 and sunset at 7:39. daytime highs today, cooler compared to yesterday. you'll feel that difference. 63 in san francisco for a high. 65 in oakland and redwood city. 66 in fremont. daytime highs right where we should be. plenty of sunshine through the workweek. and into the weekend. here's dennis with sports. march madness, save the best for last. two teams that had never won the big dance and they went into overtime. the finish when we come back.
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virginia was on the wrong end of history when they became the first number one seed to lose to a san francisco in the nca tournament. texas tech
6:24 am
between them and this trophy. 15 seconds left. texas led by 3. and hutter to tie the game and he got it. tech up a ball with a second to go. but cover had the ball to win the game and his shot was block and we go into overtime. and virginia out scored tech 79. he does it again. they led by two. and then the tagger. jerome to key. cut the highlights somebody. virginia won their first ever, national title, 85-77 and austin was picked up from the twins yesterday and said goodbye to connor joe. so brandon belt was in left field with newly acquired austin. giants up a run. and kevin and -- his firs gian f sm the 5ea was
6:25 am
.reyes. madison baumgartner charged with five runs in 6 innings and grabbed his glove and headed to the clubhouse in disgust. 7th inning and para hit in the face by a fastball thrown by brad wick. amazingly, para suffered a cut lip. he's available to play tonight. giants lose 6-5. mark trying to sought the a's three-game losing streak. 6,000 fans showed up. second inning and that's a fair ball by mullan and it's going to get worse. jared throws to third base and it's in the dirt and chapman can't get it. orioles explode for 12 runs and davis was 0-3, extending his hit -- that's a record, a's lose
6:26 am
12-4. mike trout, the american league player of the week, he might make it two straight and take a h rune ctip his cap. angels won the baseball game 5-2. i don't know about you, you will done with march madness for this season. we got the masters teeing off on thursday. rounds three and four right here on the big 5. by the way, i'm picking hedecki to win it all. i'm dennis, see you tonight. >> bet your house i'm going to have trouble pronouncing that. it's 6:26. bart taking new steps to make the system safer and cracking down on fair evasion. bay area parents expected to plea guilty on the admissions college scandal to top universities.
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it's a magnet for talent. it's not just property leased. it's your workforce unleashed. for 160 years, savills has been bringing real intelligence to global real estate, ensuring not just any space, but the perfect workspace. because the most important dimension of a building is the human one. savills. a pair of competing proposals on police use of force policies in the spotlight in sacramento today. and a health warning at one bay area university. why staff and student was told to drink bottled water until further notice. good morning, it's tuesday, april 9th. michelle griego. >> i'mckov it's a windy >> a tra hold hair throw hai up a
6:31 am
spray because it's a windy day across the bay area and the winds are going to increase as we head through your afternoon. temperatures are in the 50s. and we are looking at 21 mile-per-hour winds in san francisco out of the west, northwest. 19 half moon bay. 12 mile-per-hour winds in heyward. oakland, 12 mile-per-hour winds. 13 in berkeley 17 mile-per-hour winds out of the west in antioch. breezy to windy conditions this morning. we are watching skies clear. a much cooler day today. we're talking 5 to 7 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. that sunshine across the bay area. and windy. all of us will see the winds today. the strongest winds will be in the hills and the coast. we'll stay dry all week long. because of the dry weather and the winds, of course the pollen count is going to go up. i'll let you know when we'll see the worst of it with the pollen count this week coming up. emily. when morning, that's always good news
6:32 am
for your commute. we're going to do a bridge check for you this morning starting with the golden gate where we're starting to see the sunrise. how beautiful is that. even more beautiful is there isn't a lot of traffic headed into san francisco this morning. if you're headed from the north bay, you're looking good. not as great if you're headed to the east bay. things are slowly moving through with the exception of the hov lane. once you make it over there, it's not too terrible. the golden gate bridge is looking good. let me move that to the san raphael bridge. not so great and backed up at 580. we are seeing slow go on the san mateo bridge. this is the only bridge in the bay area that's experiencing a wind advisee at this hour. if you're headed across 92, be careful and give yourself extra time and you know you might get blown around in that direction. >> emily, thank you. a new effort
6:33 am
underway to make sure bart riders -- part of the overhaul, officers working a mandatory sixth day and new technology at the gates to catch fare evadeers. they have visible employees and they want to make sure riders are paying their fare and deter crime. >> i think it's helpful. it makes people feel safe to ride bart. >> we know we need to step things up. and we need to show a strong satisfy presence, not just on the trains, on the platforms and the stations, and try to do it consistently. >> bart says the permanent solution is to hire 19 additional officers over the next five years. that will be discussed at budget meetings and the first one will be this thursday. 6:33. the dmv will give leaders an update on the long wait times and the state panel wants to know what the agency is doing to address the problem and what they've done so far. last month, the dmv
6:34 am
warned of the long lines and said they could get longer this summer as that real i.d. deadline approaches. that's october 1s ttling over how to reduce police shootings as they consider two different proposals today. the first would allow police to kill only, if there's no reasonable alternative like a verbal persuasion. a second is a plan that requires every police department to have policies on when officers should use deescalation tactics and lawmakers are expected to tackle those issues this morning in sacramento. at the live news desk, keeping a close eye on capitol hill and seeing william barr is facing congress, he's expected to testify today about the justice department's budget. however, that is not going to keep democrats from asking him about the mueller report and his handling of that report. he's been under pressure to release
6:35 am
that report and has not done so yet and could face tough questions from democrats. he has said he will release the mueller report mid april. guys. >> christin, thank you. an east bac i t congressman is running for president. swalwell made that announcement. he's in his 4th year in congress. he's a freak critic of president trump's foreign and immigration policies and he wants to address frustrations he's been hearing from american voters. >> and i see a country in quicksand. unable to solve problems and threat from abroad. unable to make life better for people here at home. nothing gets done. i've talked to teachers and nurses and truckers and they feel l they're running in place. i'm running for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> swalwell has
6:36 am
e-mailed this flyer to supporters about a rally he's loading this sunday at dublin high school. five bay area parents are among those expected to plea guiltye cused of paying thousands of dollars to help their kids cheat their way into a seat at top universities. also expected to plea guilty, huffman is accused of paying singer $15,000 to help her daughter. >> anything to say about your daughter, did she know what was going on? >> napa and san francisco -- two parents from -- peter sartario alleged did the same for his daughter and isaac isaacton paid
6:37 am
singer $17,000 in facebook stock. students and staff at sonoma park is told not to water an contamination. bottled water will be available on campus for the next couple of days or until the water is deemed safe. the head of the secret service is out of a job as the president continues to purge his homeland security officials. randolph alice is leaving his post. officials who spoken has says he's being forced out over a personality conflict over the agency and not the recent security breach at mara largo. neilson was forced out amid the president's growing frustration over the situation at the border. a federal judge in san francisco has blocked president trump's order forcing an asylum seekers to stay in mexico while their cases are reviewed and fm el salvador and
6:38 am
honduras and guatemala. before the president orderedehange, families were typically released into the u.s. with a notice to appear in court. the administration will likely appeal the ruling. voters in israel heading to the polls for a general election to determine the fate of netanyahu. the controversial prime minister for led that country for over a decade and he's facing accusations of corruption and could be indicted by israel's attorney general. netanyahu vowed to inex a settlement -- time now is 6:38. the battle over the bay area's famous flintstones house will escalate today. details on the expected announcement. health officials warning about a drug resistant super bug that has made hundreds of people sick across the u.s. and the market just opened up about ten minutes ago. let's look at the board.
6:39 am
the dow is down about 208 points. coming up, we'll get an update from to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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good tuesday morning to you. and you could see clear skies on air treasure island camera. westerly winds at 20 miles per hour in downtown san francisco. you can see birds out there. a beautiful view. we talk about how strong the winds will get on future cast. the winds are affecting your commute. there's a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge at this hour. i want to let you know about a delay on mass transit on bart. those trains -- they're working on getting that fixed, but we've seen those delays start to climb. we'll keep an eye
6:43 am
on the delays on the roadways sportily. the search continues this morning for two hikers in southern california. it has been three days since eric and gabriele wallace disappeared in mount baldy. the pair was headed toward cucamonga peak, but separated. >> i thought maybe she tripped or broke her ankle. maybe it slid them down to a crawl and he's trying to help her get down. >> splinter is an experienced hike e but deputies say the terrain is rough. search and rescue teams are expected to be on the trail today. california residents can sign up for tickets to attend nipsey hussle's celebration of life. hussle was shot and killed on march 31st in front of his clothing store. expert s--
6:44 am
experts are warning about a super bug. the super bug fun gus is added to the federalaffe thoseho are sick, elderly, and patients. over prescriptionful antibiotics is causing this -- >> it's scary. somebody has to come up with a solution and what can be done about it. a total of 587 cases have been reported nationwide. of those, 70% were in the new york and new jersey area. 6:44 this morning. a trade war opens up. smaum business -- small business owners weigh in. jason brooks joins you. >>reporter: the white house threatens to slap tariffs and $11 billion worth of european imports
6:45 am
and the u.s. has been waging -- to boeing rival air bus. that range of imports that could be hit is quite varied from airplane parts and wines and bicycles and kitchen knives. the european commission says as a result it's drawing up its list of targets in the u.s. it says it's open for talks with the u.s. the united states of course has been waged in a tariff battle with china over the past year. talks have pointed to optimism of a trade deal getting done. the confidence level got staggered at the beginning of the year due to the government shutdown, but the national confederation of business showed the third straight gain. there's expectations for future sells and earnings. stock market heading lower on the trade news with
6:46 am
europe. dow dropping 200 points and nasdaq down 21 and s&p losing -- >> jason brooks from kcbs radio. the owner of the flintstones' house plans to counter sue the city of hillsboro. the city file a lawsuit calling it visibility from 280 a public nuisance. the owner doesn't use in the house, but she uses it to entertain. fang and an attorney and the original architect of that home will make the announcement at 11:00 this morning. okay. i'll be waiting for that announcement. we want to get another check on traffic. >> i think a lot of kids are on spring break, so folks are staying home. they're taking it easy, and i support that. that makes my job easy. we have a live look right now. our mobile 5 unit is going to across the bay bridge. how often does that look for this time of the morning. pretty darn good, i
6:47 am
would say. seems not so great elsewhere. taking a look at our one trouble spot in the south bay in morgan hill. down to 11 miles an hour. an accident northbound 101 at cochran. this is a normal trouble spot that's not being helped by the fact there's an accident in the commute direction. in the south bay, everything looking good. mostly in the green. a few spots here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary in those -- in that area. things are starting to slowdown a little bit on your commute along the esure highway. once you get to 80, you have a little bit there as you're making your way along the e sure freeway. things in the green. everything there moving well. not a lot of brake lights and not a lot of volume either for this time of the morning. looking good as you're headed through oakland. things heavier at the 587 dublin interchange. not a lot of brake lights and there's more cars on the
6:48 am
road, it doesn't look too bad. your travel times, not in the green, but i'll take yellow over red any day. 36 minutes on 580. everywhere else looks in the yellow. 101, hellyer, it will take 52 minutes from the south bay to the airport. yellow, better than red. this is a bumpy ride for you or windy ride i should say. wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. you have to take your time because of that added volume. all right. thanks, emily. if you're rushing to get ready for work or school, take a moment to look at your screen. this is a look atthol sunse thisor. rising above mount diablo and the bay bridge. we'll see plenty of sun as we head through the day. temperatures this morning, upper 40s to low to mid 50s to kickoff your tuesday. we are watching the winds, they'll continue to increase like emily said. especially over the bridges this
6:49 am
morning. breezy to windy conditions as we start off the day. west -- 19 at half moon bay and 29 mile-per-hour winds out of the west, in the west. 15 at san ramon. 13 in berkeley and 17 mile-per-hour winds in antioch. this is just the start. we are going to see stronger winds as we head through our afternoon with northwesterly winds, 13. 15 to 30. gusts 40 to 50 miler per hour. all of us will see the winds and the strongest winds will be in the hills and the coast. plenty of sun today, and cooler daytime highs and 5 to 7 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. here's a satellite and radar view. there's the low pressure system to our north. and a ridge of high pressure to our south. those two weather features so close together, there's a tight pressure gradient which is why we are looking at windy conditions today. we also had a cold front that swept through yesterday. and that's also kicking up the winds for us behind the front. future cast just to
6:50 am
show you, clear skies as we head through your afternoon and we'll continue to see the sunshine with high pressure and control for us through the day. the windiest conditions will be along the coast, but all of us will see the winds today. this is at 5:00 p.m. when we're likely going to see the strongest winds as we head through our afternoon and windy conditions as we head through tonight. because of the dry weather and the winds, we are going to see the pollen count increase as we go through the week. medium high today. even higher for wednesday. but thursday, allergy sufferers, a heads up, thursday looks like the worst day for our pollen count at 11:00. the scale is 1 to 12 and friday, 10.5. daytime highs for today, right around where we should be for this time of year. we're above average yesterday. and near normal today. 69 palo alto. 68 for antioch. berkeley, a high of 65 as well as for oakland and 64 for
6:51 am
clear lake. here's the 7-day forecast. sunny, cool and windy. and to check out the rest of the workweek, we are dry with plenty of sunshine. a man is in the hospital this morning after this suv crashed into the fire station. it happened at 6:00 last night at the el monday take station. the driver is recovering at stanford hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a daily city man expected to recover from critical injuries after being mauled by a dog in his own backyard. it happened yesterday morning at a home on martin. police say 30-year-old gill galang was in the backyard with his own dog at the time and it's believed the neighbor's dog broke through a back fence and attacked and the police officers arrived and shot ask killed the neighbor's dog and galang was taken to the hospital. authorities did say he did need surgery, but he's expected to be okay. the time is 9 minutes before 7:00. supervisors in one
6:52 am
bay area city will launch an effort to shutdown juvenile hall. details on the plan that's already under fire from the mayor. >>reporter: arguably, dublin's high school famous alum is running for president. we'll tell you the details about his life, next. >> morning, ahead on cbs this morning, we're in charlottesville after the ncaa championship win. fans are calling it redemption. and last minute tax tips ahead of next week's filing deadline. what options you have if you owe money, but can't pay in full by april 15th. oh, no. see you at 7:00. we want to take a live look at 6:00. the sun is coming up and it is shining. we're loving that picture. it's 6:52. we will be right back.
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you can save hundreds a year. get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. i'm jackie ward live in dublin
6:56 am
after months of speculation, it's actually happening. >> i'm running for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> it's official. >> now it's official. >> boy, does it feel good to say that. >> congratulations! >> thank you. >> eric swalwell, the democratic congressman from dublin is running for president in his -- swalwell is a member of the house intelligence and judiciary committees and he's seen on cable tv criticizes president trump. swalwell is 38-year-old making him the younger candidates in a crowded field in this run for president. he's the 19th democrat to announce his campaign. it dublin, jackie ward, kpix5. >> it's 6:56. time for a look at top story. >> bart want to make sure rider -- part of the overhaul, officers working a mandatory 6th day and bart
6:57 am
will look at new technology at the gates to catch ferry vaders and they want to make sure riders are paying their fare. a proposal to shutdown juvenile hall in san francisco will be presented at city hall. a group of supervisors say it cost the city $13 million a year, but it's 75% empty and the mayor is against shut going down. lawmakers on capitol hill are ready to grill tech executives from facebook and goggle and the point of today's hearing is to understand how white supremacy use their platforms to spread hate. barr testifying in front of congress about the 2020 budget request. and that is as barr continues to face questions over releasing special counsel mueller's report -- a judge blocked the trump administration policy sending asylum seekers back to mexico to wait out their -- we are taking a
6:58 am
look at your trouble spots at the san mateo bridge. it is windy. there's a high wind advisory in effect. you can see folks are moving slowly over that span as they're making their way to the peninsula. taking a look at the bay bridge. not looking so bad. at least as far as it could be this morning. the richmond san raphael bridge is starting to stack up. it's not looking great at this hour this morning. either we're going to move through the golden gate bridge, i'm going to skip that one and instead, go here to this traffic control that's in effect. that's going to saturday at noon. it will be in effect until 6:00. that's going to be one lane closed south of pacifica. i'll tell you more about that later. guys. >> thanks, emily. check out air treasure island camera. beautiful blue skies and we'll continue to see the sunshine as we head through your tuesday. breezy to windy this morning. even in downtown san francisco. clocking winds at 21 miles per hour and skies clearing. a cool day today. windy as well. so the strong winds expected as we head
6:59 am
their our afternoon. staying dry all week long. but that pollen count will be going up. but check out that 7-dayt. if you fin w dr weath long with high pressure building in for us. plenty of sunshine today, but again, a strong wind. that's the big weather story for today. >> it's an aquanet kind of day. >> i'll take wind and pollen as long as we get the sunshine. >> it has been so long. >> and all of those 70s. >> yes! >> but on thursday, if you see my eyes puffy and me sniffling and sneezing, you know why. >> we'll bring the claritin. >> all right. >> we'll put it in your muffins in the morning. >> i'm glad you have my back. i don't know about that. >> if your muffins? >> before we leave you, i want to let you know it's national unicorn day. >> oh. >> very important information before you start your tuesday. >> what are we doing? >> i'm not sure what i'm going to
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