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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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it's shocking that other people still aren't fascinated and taking public transportation. >> a new measles care, this time the infected person right to major bay area transit systems and that is just the beginning. why is one s. bay city facing fees for too much of it. deciding whether or not to put a cannabis dispensary right beside this preschool. a scare for steph curry right before the playoffs. what happened to his foot on the court just a few minutes ago? our original report, a high school for home use, a man who has made it his mission to help kids with nowhere else to go. >> what if there is a kid on
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the block selling drugs right now and we don't want them doing that >> the new news at seven starts now with the measles care in san francisco. over three days last week and infected patient visited multiple locations in the city and even rode on caltrans. that is where ondrea barbara is life. >> reporter: this is the latest case of measles in the bay area following cases in santa clara and alameda county spirit we are told that none of those cases at this point is connected. the latest in a string of measles exposures did not hit any tourist hotspots but then had a pair of transit lines. caltrain and muni. >> one was this? last week? >> april 1, second and third. >> i wasn't on the train that week. >> reporter: it was not only public transportation for busy
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public spaces including the federal building on goldengate at a restaurant in the bottom floor of the san francisco public utilities commission building right across the street. >> the risk to the general public is low but if you are not immune or if you have never been vaccinated against measles and you do have measles as a child, you should review this list and be aware if you're in one of these locations? mech i have been vaccinated so i'm not too worried. >> reporter: the risk is higher for people who have not been vaccinated or are immunosuppressed and, if it's too young to get the vaccine. in most cases, people survived the measles but, it can have deadly complications. >> it can cause pneumonia and up to one in 20 children and, more rarely, people can develop encephalitis as a complication which is a brain infection. it can linger in the air
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for an hour after an infected person has been in a space no matter how crowded train or bus. >> it's not okay. i think a lot of people ride the train and to be exposed to something like that, that's not right. >> reporter: we have specific dates, times and locations of this latest measles exposure listed on our website that is . in the city, ondrea barbara life. charges in the college admission schedule just got more serious for five bay area families. three couples along with the peninsula liquor distributor and a mill valley father are all named in a new money- laundering indictment. that is in addition to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. they declined the lady about 13 other parents took yesterday. >> a lot of times, defendants file certain amounts of desire to get things over with. if the public is greatly interested in the case.
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>> the parents are facing serious jail time and money laundering carries up to 20 years for each count. most of us are used to trying to save water, it has become a part of life in california. now, over 1 million southbay residence could soon have to pay more because they saved too much. kpix 5 john ramos is in san jose with a plan that could raise rates by about 7% this year. >> reporter: a new 2 1/4% water surcharge has been proposed for customers and san jose and surrounding communities. it has a lot of water savers feeling betrayed. >> we are going to punish you for doing your duties. making good on the environment and everything. i don't get it anymore. >> reporter: the state public utilities commission sets the amount that the water company can charge based on how much water deep you see things people will use. last year, when water was possible, consumers continue to conserve. >> we don't sell the amount of
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water it was projected because people are changing their behavior and using less water and, because of that unfortunately we cannot cover our costs. >> reporter: the water company says it has a $9 million deficit so they are asking the puc to add a surcharge to people's bills for 2019 to cover the shortfall. it will be much, about two dollars and the average bill, customers have until april 18 to launch any protest with the puc and if approved, it will go into effect july 1. the dmv is in the hot seat again in sacramento, lawmakers grilling department official over continuing problems. a recent audit finding the dmv failed to recognize the real id program as a priority. 30% of windows were closed at offices in a subpar appointment system >>tried to see if we can figure out how to transform the dmv technologies. this is a transformation. it is a full on transformation.
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>> while this was going on, another embarrassment, homeland security notified the governor that the dmv incorrectly processed more than 3 million real id applications and will now need to fix that problem. preschoolers at the north bay are caught in the middle of a battle over a pot dispensary. lisa walker reports from santa rosa. >> reporter: santa rosa city council deciding on another marijuana dispensary but this one in a notable location, it would land right behind a preschool and childcare center, the owners of the preschool and childcare like they are faced with a loophole which would normally prohibit a dispensary right beside a school but they do not count that school as a k- 12 program, so, theoretically it would be allowable. there is another neighbor, a bike shop which is also opposed
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to it on grounds of traffic and parking concerns. >> they are saying because we are not k-12 full-time that we are not considered to be a school. in my view, it should not matter what age children are. >> people are going to need to work through that change, there is a lot of need for education, and education cannot start until we have facilities like this would open up. >> reporter: are from the representative of a fox that dispensary who said this would like a jupiter traffic or any safety issues but the issue is now in front of the santa rosa city council, they have been discussing this for several months and it appears as though we may get a decision on that dispensary tonight. and santa rosa, wilson walker. a bit of a scare for warriors start steph curry and fans. the worriers are less than a week before the playoffs. >> vanessa donald to show us what happened on the court. >> part of the reason the warriors have won three championships in the last four years is because they stayed healthy. the playoffs start this weekend but the question is, will steph
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curry be ready? the warriors a star player willed his foot in the first quarter tonight against new orleans. he tried to play through it before eventually heading to the locker room and the team called it eight mild right foot sprain. the bigger concern, the playoffs opener this weekend, golden state has already clenched home-court advantage throughout the western conference playoffs. and, a big shocker in the laker organization tonight. magic johnson announced he is stepping down as a lakers team president. he said he became unhappy in the role and it became too stressful. he missed at the playoffs despite citing the playoffs and they have not been to the postseason since 2013. the way your game is wrapping up, they will the basketball game. we have not heard steve kerr talk about the curry injury and will have that update. >> the timing is terrible. >> three days and four games, hopefully it's not that bad. in original report.
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>> the plan for a new bay area school for students and one of the toughest neighborhoods. >> what if that kid could get a mba . is bay city holding special election, the land issue that has folks so divided. >> it is hard, it is hard to pick a side. >> one busy east bay city wants to spend big bucks on big changes to its roads. people are already weighing in and you can too. my weekend coanchor, here is the weather, it is looking pretty good right through the weekend and yet, there are changes ahead and we will tell you about them as the sun sinks slowly into the west on this tuesday evening. it is all coming up after a break. each morning,
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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one.
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this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. one man who has made it his mission to help kids and one of the toughest neighborhoods of the east bay is developing a new school. >> as joe vasquez reports, the faculty might even include prisoners.
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>> reporter: astec dancers perform outside of a strip mall in east oakland. and ancient blessing on a new educational concept. in between the liquor store and the boarded-up storefronts on macarthur boulevard since the home is empowerment center. they are designing a school for kids growing up in the streets. it is to make the homies school a school district in the oakland school district for young people who have never else to go. >> it might be kids that are homeless, it might be kids involved in gangs, the assumption with those kids are, let us have the bar very low. maybe they will get a ged. i don't believe that. i am a product of that, of an undocumented most of my life, most people do not believe in the. anybody know a loved one that have recently passed? >> you may have recognized dr. cruz, 2011, we profiled his monthly homies dinner, young people packed into a ymca to learn about latino history and civics and remarkably, rival gang members often sat next to
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each other to learn about their culture. dr. cruz later won the jefferson award. and, just three years ago he became the first mexican born immigrant to get his phd in education at harvard university. >> you need to have security guards, we will have security guards but they will be grandmothers. >> reporter: his return to oakland to build the homies school is ambitious and will shock a lot of sensibilities. >> what if there is a kid on the block selling drugs and we don't want them necessarily doing that. we don't want them hurting the community. what if they have a business plan, they are deeply entrepreneurial, they are resourceful. what if that kid could get a mba and start up businesses that help the community. no one has really thought about a drug dealer to mba pipeline. why not us? >> reporter: their most controversial concept? they plan to have prisoners on the faculty. inmates serving life in prison would talk to the students by skype. >> if you listen to music, if
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you listen to these rap songs were they say they start time and sold drugs, they are talking to our children, why not have people who are really trying to educate them about something serious. >> reporter: these are prisoners who have turned their lives around and some have gotten advanced degrees and are ready to share their awful life lessons with students from their neighborhoods. dr. cruz said he would make sure the program is a safe. it is still in the planning stages, homies empowerment would be a open school in the oakland school district and not a charter and they are asking the community to pitch and to bring in books, computers, desks, to donate money and land and they need a lot of volunteers. >> would you look around this room, there are poor people, not people with a lot of beads, but this is the community getting together to say that we can make a difference. we can save ourselves. and i think that is what makes homies empowerment amazing. >> reporter: this may seem like a far-fetched dream especially to those who have never met dr. cruz, but he has already raised
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$700,000 out of a goal of 3 million. he has put together a staff and is determined to finish the new school and begin classes that will be unlike any others by the fall of 2020. >> prisoners teaching children, it sounds like a pretty unusual concept but dr. cruz says there are organizations already doing that. >> the squires program at san quentin is just one example. lifers lecture to kids to keep them from making their same mistakes. in alameda, a special election wraps up in less than an hour. the issue on the ballot, the date of a popular piece of land. on mckay avenue right by crabb cove. the friends of crab cove want to keep it open as an open space providing bikes and walking but others want permanent housing for the aging homeless population in alameda county. >> this is my town, i have my kids here and stuff like that. it's hard. it is hard to pick a side.
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>> is the voters decide to leave the land as is, alameda may need to pay almost $12 million to acquire ownership of it, the poll closes at 8 o'clock tonight. checking in with brian hackney, if that is any indication of what is coming, i am staying. >> travelers delights? is that what it is? whether you are sailing or taking a row, it will be a nice day in the bay area. we have temperatures come up a little bit, the wind will be with us this way and we do have wind advisory posted. there are winds in excess of about 30 miles per hour whistling to the san bruno gap with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. they will ease up overnight as we look out towards ocean beach, the height today, san francisco minutes, 64. we were all in the mid to upper 60s with a warm spot at 69. departures playing right now as we look towards the ballpark,
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butchers in the 60s in san francisco and steno did say being an exception. high pressure over the southern part of satellite image and in between in low to the south and the high up north, we have breezy conditions pretty much through the rest of the week. fundamentally, this is not changing too much. inland, not to bad but the bright red color, i will show you where the strongest gusts are for the next few days. they will be in excess of 30 miles per hour with dale warnings posted and wind advisory inside the gates and small craft advisory for the bait and, here's how it looks for tomorrow. though somebody's picky numbers are coming up slightly but it will still be breezy. a bit of a bite in the air. overnight, clear and breezy, a good night for stargazers, you can see mars in the south western sky after sunset, it will be windy tomorrow and sunny and mild and sunny through the rest of the week. taking out of that will be nice but it will be windy. and, nevada looks to be near 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine. new york and sunny as well.
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rate for chicago and 39. for us, we are a bit above average but it feels good. 71 in san jose, down in the south bay tomorrow, very mild day, low 70s, a lot of sun and wind out of the north to about 20. out of the east bay, the wind out of the north and west to the lower 70s and the northbay. very nice tomorrow, not a pop of low cloudiness and numbers will be in the low 70s and 68 degrees and sunshine. extended forecast, we will be looking at sunny side up and around the bay, mid 60s and a little bit chilly get into the weekend, things began to cloud up but at the moment, and does not look as if rain will be coming down. so finally, we get a chance to dry and feel ow saying about separating families at the border. plus, a man inches from desk, while getting in a workout.
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his condition on the incredible caught on camera video. tesla test drives the bay area police department.put their new patrol car through some training. i'm julian richard and concord, here's your chance to design three street that need help. it is up to you to help to decide what should be done. i will have the story coming up. pushback over a new chick- fil-a coming to san jose airport. the chains alleged anti-lgbtq rhetoric sparking backlash and ready city says this is a done deal. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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here's what you missed, resident trump says that he is not planning to restart the family separation policy at the border. >> i will tell you something, what you don't have why you see more people coming, they are coming like it is a picnic, let's go to disneyland. >> he also relic of a ruling from a federal court in san francisco blocking a trumpet ministration program that would keep asylum-seekers in mexico while u.s. courts processed the claims. in the meantime, attorney general william barr on capitol hill today for the first time since special counsel robert mueller's report on the ig says thaty are still going to report every docking it. >> within a week, i will be in a position to release it to the public.
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election night in israel edit to tv stations predicting a narrow victory for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he and the challenger both declared victories today and the final results are expected by friday. heart stopping video, a man on a treadmill get hit by an suv that barrels through a gym window and it happened in the la area and culver city. surveillance cameras caught a couple of angles on it and the man was thrown to the ground but incredibly, only suffered minor injuries. no word on why the driver lost control. one e. bay city wants to make big upgrades to three of its busiest roads. and, it wants to hear from you. i am juliette goodrich, the city of concord is gathering public opinion on how to change its roads. the three quarters from calgary to ygnacio valley road to galindo street, about three miles. willow pass road from market street to asheville drive also about three miles and, galindo street between cal road and
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willow pass road. about a half-mile. >> probably fewer back classes than most of the other communities around, walnut creek has a lot more. >> e sidewalks, there is no question of the sidewalks into the trees and that they put in our messy and they never do the cleanup. >> reporter: concord has set up a public what pay for comments and will have a meeting at the end of may. fremont police taking their new tesla patrol car where i spent today, chapter 5 was over the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton as please tested out the customized tesla model s. fremont police wanted to know whether the zero emissions car will be practical for patrol operations. thank you for that come up next, there are close calls. and then, there is this. how the people inside escaped death not once, but twice. show me the crown.
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>> verify. >> there you go. >> are close calls and then there is this. an suv was driving in washington state when powerlines fell right on top of it. a huge beam goes crashing right through the window. it all happened in a split second as you can see. not only could the people inside have been killed by that paul, they were also at risk of being electrocuted. amazingly, they walked away with only minor injuries. >> there are cameras everywhere to record everything. >> there really are. it's amazing. the guy on the treadmill. >> that also. >> lucky. big if you're watching at seven. >> we will see you at 11.
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