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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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where neighbors are fighting a plan to speed up service. susie? >> reporter: can, liz, throughout all of 2019 we have been hearing tech companies and cell phone companies talking about the excitement about 5g and the race to get there first. tonight, and morocco they are talking about the fight against it. many people here say, they don't want it. sitting at her home office, allie marks has a device that measures her rf exposure. she is surrounded by campaign materials that she has used in a decade of pushing back against ever-expanding cell phone towers. for her and the fight is personal. her husband started using a cell phone in 1986 and developed a brain tumor in 2008. >> use it all the time. held it to his right your, and then the tumor developed right where he held the phone. >> reporter: the fcc and cell
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phone companies state radiation exposure from cell phones is not dangerous. >> the fcc is lying to the public. >> every research has said it has not had a research -- harmful impact. >> reporter: she is taking on 5g now. running parallel to this fight against 5g is a race to be the first country to have it. the u.s. has been competing against china, now all wireless companies claim know-how 5g this year. some have lunch already. what exactly is it? >> possibly the way the internet runs will change because the technology. >> reporter: this man says they can change everything from education to ai, to healthcare and for consumers it's all about speed. >> the promise of 5g is that it is going to be significantly faster. so think of being able to download a movie, within minutes instead of waiting a
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long, long time. >> to maintain the speed of connection, cell phone companies claim they need additional cell towers in communities like morocco. allie says she would rather see these companies stick to fiber. there's a better way to do it. away from the premises. >> we don't need these so far -- so-called cell towers. >> reporter: regulating public safety is only the federal government, or state government can do. local governments are left to do things when it goes to public right-of-way but they get in the way of the permit process, they are at risk of being sued which what happened in nearby piedmont. which they are being careful. new video from the alameda department shows a package thief.
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caught in the act. on the top left corner, the driver and that bright yellow sweater, was following a delivery truck in this alameda neighborhood. the driver gets out and holds a package. the surveillance video wasn't the only one, watching the sky. >> what are you guys doing? stay right there. >> it didn't take long, alameda police officer caught up with the suspects who changed clothes and altered their appearances. they say the packages were not the only things that were stolen, the car was as well. >> a wet mess and oakland had fire crews scrambling this afternoon, an suv crashed into a fire hydrant on alice in
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seventh street in chinatown sending thousands of gallons soaring into the air. water gushing all over the streets, soaking a house right behind the hydrant. fi cws maged to get a handle on it. turning off the water flow. people are living the new reality, the price of gasoline tops for -- four dollars a gallon. julia is live in livermore, she says it's just the beginning. julia? >> reporter: it is. i can tell you in the east bay, i thought we went and hid over four dollars i was wrong. in livermore, we are talking regular unleaded for 26, just down the road in pleasanton $4.19. that is the case. a lot of the owners of the gas station say they have no choice. they have to raise the cost. >> is getting outrageous. >> reporter: paying at the pump. >>it makes me think twice
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before taking a long trip. >> reporter: owner of the valero gas station, is the last person to want to raise gas prices. he was the one giving away gas to government employees during the shutdown. >>unfortunately we do lose business, because we cannot even almost every day five cents or $.10 a goes out. >> reporter: according to gas, this is just the beginning. >>how much? >>$93.53. for 22 gallons. >> reporter: four days ago -- just a few days ago was always a quarter cheaper per gallon. were you surprised shut up so high? >> yes. we saw it in the news or must be a reason. >>we are not at the end of the tunnel's. >> reporter: petroleum analyst is with gas buddy, he says refineries including the valero one, have been off-line at some point. >>san francisco prices $.36 a
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gallon glass and we are not even into the real heavy driving season. that will begin for another few weeks. as refineries ramp up for memorial day. which is a launch of summertime driving. >> reporter: costco gas prices might save you money but not time. people in cars lined up for $3.24 per gallon. >> you gotta get gas, take the kids to school, gotta go to work. >>it's california, the get you for everything you got. >> reporter: the harsh reality is we are stuck with this, it will continue to go up. any tricks of the trade? the analyst i spoke to said not really you can fill up in the middle of the week, beginning of the week. it gets a little higher on the weekend. you can carpool, reduce your driving, but really we are stuck with this throughout the summer. in livermore, kpix5. new at 6, a different vibe coming to santa rosa junior
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college. the communityãmet commuter campus is going to build student housing on the corner of elliott avenue and armory drive near highway 101. don ford, on how the relatively small school can afford to pull this off. >> reporter: this college is a commuter college, students can come by bicycle, bus, walk. but in menstruation says, they the big plan in place to change that. they are planning to build a $43 million five-story, student housing complex, here on part of this parking lot. this is not a big university, and not a state college. santa rosa is a junior college, but with big university ideas. >> there's no secret, that affordable housing is a challenge. throughout the bay area. and in the north bay as well. in the aftermath of the fires, that occurred in 2017, 900 of her students lost their homes.
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900 out of 20,000. >> reporter: many of the students dropped out, and student housing is a priority. santa rosa jc doesn't have $43 million lying around. so they work a kind of swap deal with national student housing developers. they trade you a parking lot for a building. >> we would lease the land, for next to nothing. and they would invest in these construction and development of the student residence halls. >>#>> reporter: is called a public-private partnership. rents will average $850 a month per room. rooms will look like this, open common areas on each floor. outside has large open spaces with the main campus be in the building. >> when the fires had, that sped things up for us. we said, we have to fast track this. so instead of it becoming a idea it was >> having sustainable housing for people that can afford it, and you feel secure.
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>> having some housing at a jc campus is unbelievable. >> it's great for future students. i would've loved it if it was happening right now. when i'm enrolled now. >> reporter: completion and move in date is scheduled, august 1, 2022. in santa rosa, don ford, kpix5. that building will be able to house up to 360 students. a live look at sfo where passengers boarded a alaska airlines flight only to make a unscheduled stop. i'm in oakland, where a small advocacy group in oakland is using big visits to figure out, how these tiny plastic pallets are getting into the ocean. i we'll have that story coming up. people, at a north bay park, get caught in a wind vortex. the crazy weather phenomenon that sent them running for cover. as he looked to the west, it
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is a nice finish to this wednesday. things will be changing for tomorrow. i will have the details will recover the forecast when we come back. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. amazing video this evening from some people that were caught up in wild winds. it happened at a fairfield skate park. >> look at this. people took out their cell phones, and try to hold on. a moment when a freak when vortex came in. a city surveillance captured a man struggling to keep his footing. the force of the wind, ripped a metal concession stand booth to shreds, sending skate boards airborne. >> we heard a loud sound and i
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saw big large pieces of roofing lifted off the roof here at the skate park. and swirling. they were going probably over 100 feet in the air. >>the good news, no one was hurt by the flying debris. alaska airlines flight forced to divert all because of a passenger who repeatedly tried to light up a cigarette, inside the cabin. the red eye flight took off from sfo last night, it was on his way to philadelphia. it was diverted to chicago, police say the passenger was very belligerent. and was escorted off the plane. nowhere this evening, if the passenger will face any charges. contractors making some major progress this evening, at the cracked salesforce transit center. earlier today crew started installing new steel plates to help the cracked beams holding
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up the center. the building was closed last september, a month after it first opened. the contractors are now hopeful, that repairs will wrap up soon. >> we are making satisfactory progress, better than we hoped on the actual repair installation itself. when we were at fremont street, you saw the plates that are on site, they are actively being installed. and will be in the near future. >> no official date on when it will reopen, contractors are waiting on a final report on the building finished repairs. water and sonoma state university, is once again it's safe to drink. according to officials. a short time ago state water officials canceled a boil water notice that had been in effect since monday. the problem started on sunday when the universities well water pumping system, experienced a sudden drop in pressure. water officials, say that since the restrictions had been lifted, water could temporarily have a cloudy appearance. they say, it is still suitable for consumption. it was previously thought of as unsuitable.
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today an international team of scientists showed off, the first photo ever taken of a black hole. a black hole, is an area of space so deep indents, that nothing not even light can escape its gravitational pull. researchers discovered, this black hole at the center of the galaxy called an 87. it's approximately 55 million light years away from earth. scientists work for more than a decade to capture the image. a whole bunch of telescopes all over the world, were used together, to effectively behave like one giant telescope, the size of the earth. >> scientists say the photo opens the door to new discoveries, and that could include learning more about the black hole at the center of our universe the milky way. so einstein was right. >> what is that thing? >> you on-side would you go? >>do nothing? you go to nothingness.
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>> there is no absolute in science. it goes somewhere. >> einstein knew he -- knew they existed. i think they go on nobody knows what happens. >>i think you summed it up beautifully. >>there are certain days, in science one is a weather forecast. tomorrow, we are looking for increasing clouds, and temperatures will cool down a bit. 65 and seven cisco, oakland at 70, san jose 69, sent -- santa rosa 75. as you look at the skyline it's beautiful. 70 at concord oakland at 68, san francisco is at 63 degrees. santa rosa hit 70. it has been windy, it will stay that way. nothing munch is fundamentally going to change to keep winds
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under 30 miles per ever -- an hour. the low pressure that beating up colorado is reinforcing the winds, and a shot of moisture that will come into the bay area, but the form of clouds. as you can see in the future cast, we will hold it here. the earlier part of the day, for tomorrow. you can see, the north bay pretty much on the cloudy side. this tomorrow at 11. as time goes on,'s -- cloud start come over the bay area, but no rain. just temperatures. we will start with clouds in the north day, sunny elsewhere. penn state -- thursday looks like a mostly sunny start, but that will deteriorate. clouds will come in tomorrow afternoon. rockies are taking on the giants tomorrow night. cloudy, 57 gametime. daytime highs tomorrow, another nice day. temperatures mostly in the 60s, not as warm tomorrow and you will notice increasing clouds on thursday, afternoon. temperatures in the south bay still nice, upper 60s for the
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most part, sunny in the morning and increasing clouds in the evening. upper 60s will do it was 65 in danville, 65 in vallejo. up in the north bay the clouds come in earlier tomorrow, by noon you will be partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures will fall correspondingly. and chillier in ukiah. 58 degrees. 58 in lakeport. extended forecast calls for clouds tomorrow but friday, saturday, and sunday a mostly cloudy's -- weekend. mid-seventies on the weekends. a hint of rain coming in on monday. and then by tuesday, and wednesday it will be turned around and we will have more sunshine. in general, the feeling will be sunny but tomorrow will be cooler than it was today. one other thing, i know that is happening tomorrow, and i will be back. >> we loved having you here. thank you so much. new at 6, there is growing
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concern about the amount of plastic ending up in the world's oceans. >> and oakland nonprofit has found a way to make an impact. john raymo says, it involves working with big plastic reducers. >> reporter: this is a narrow, a small plastic pallet the brought material for most of our plastic products. they look like fish eggs, and have been mysteriously ending up in the ocean killing wildlife. now, a small advocacy group in oakland, is hoping to find out where these are coming from. >> here is one right here. >> reporter: in february volunteers and seven cisco participated in a worldwide search for these little plastic pallets and found them in ocean niche -- beach they are a danger to wildlife and the second largest source of micro-plastic pollution. the search for who's responsible, is not happening on the beach, but in an office in downtown oakland. >> as a owner of a publicly traded company you have, the power to engage management. >> reporter: conrad mccarron
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works for as you so, is an advocacy group that uses the power to wall street -- of wall street to use change. they filed something called share holder proposals. is a kind of initiative process, that puts public disclosure of these spills up to an embarrassing vote of company investors. >> they see it as a threat, announcing plastics all over the oceans, and is a negative issue. they need to protect their future market growth for plastics. >> reporter: karen says public perception of plastics has changed, and producers are scrambling to improve their image. in exchange for as you so, dropping his proposals, exxon and chevron phillips chemical, has agreed to report the number and size of these spills, and employees to help avoid these spills. and rather than taking years, the deals were struck in about three months. >> the fact that the companies have moved so rapidly to report signals to me they have stopped
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fighting the idea that they are not responsible for plastic pollution, they are embracing a measure of responsibility to clean up. >> reporter: is a david versus goliath victory to protect the planet by focusing on the board room. so how do these end up in the water? activist believes they are lost in the unloading and loading of ships or factories are often located near waterways. and oakland, kpix5. i am live at the shark take in san jose. fans are coming in, we are getting ready for playoff hockey. when we, come back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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the sharks are throwing their fans a free party. the playoff game tonight. we are inside the shark game at a look at tonight's game. a dennis! >> reporter: can you smell it? take a deep breath and smell the air. that is playoff fever and the warriors get it on this weekend at home. they drop the puck on the stanley cup playoffs against the biggest golden nights. who beat them, last year in the second round. they lost nine so it was refreshing to see more bodies on the ice yesterday. >> is the first time we had our
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whole group out there at least for a few months. so you see does not play a few months, and then you play for two weeks. and then you try to keep moving on. there is a lot at stake. >> martin jones, is a key for hannah -- san jose, 50th in percentages. he has to be better than that and eric olson, appears to be healthy, he was a big addition to san jose as well and he will be big tonight. baseball, the giants are looking to avoid losing their fourth straight series to start the season. that hasn't happened since the ronald reagan administration. these two dodger fans must have missed read the schedule. padres are in town not dodger blue. first pitch of the game, and manuel margot hot pitch behind the plate. eric didn't see it initially, and then races to the backstop, makes the cast -- catch. someone forgot to tell kevin, oracle park is not supposed to
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be hitter friendly. he hit a home run again. nine runs in the series, top of the six tied at one. manny machado, opposite home- field up there at rodriguez, he is third of the year. bottom eight, giants at the time on the third base. fly ball, left field. wil myers lost one earlier, he can't find it again. this time the ball found him. the giants win 1-9. the padres, when the series, and this game 3-1. alana smith has landed her first job out of college, with the eighth overall pick, and the wnba draft by the phoenix mercury, and christine anyway had her name one pick later anyway will play for the connecticut son. i am jack, out of my mind, game one stanley cup playoffs tonight. i'm going to san jose about you? >>absolutely. >>it smells like hockey and
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there. >> it smells like hockey, playoff fever, and let's see if the sharks can get a little revenge against the golden nights. >> sounds like a plan, thank you dennis. we will be right back.
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before we go we have some breaking news there was a power outage going on right now. it's affecting us, battery street and all the way to peer 23. >> we had our lights flicker a little but we are still on the air in the cbs evening news is coming up next. all for just $6.99. the new meat lovers slam is here. see you at denny's.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this wednesday, a deadly explosion in north carolina levels part of downtown durham. we have more on the many injured and hundreds evacuated. >> oh, my god. >> a deadly gas explosion in downtown durham, north carolina. >> one person is dead and over a dozen injured, including a firefighter. >> a major blizzard is set to pummel the midwest. we're well into spring! >> warnings are in effect from colorado to minnesota. >> we're not rid of this storm until late on friday. >> yes, i think spying did occur. >> glor: the attorney general says he believes the trump campaign was spied on. >> the border crisis in the spotlight. >> here in brownsville, even the bus station is overwhelmed. this group right here just got dropped off.


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