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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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10:30 in the night so what eight hours. i'll be at the airport. >> reporter: these women are trying to get to the first weekend of coachella. sfo is a long way from india. >> after i looked my flight and is delayed till 615. >> reporter: you ma repairs coming in september we will explain it coming up tonight news at 7 pm. live at sv -- sfo. i'm at the live news that's big news from with the scope based uber the company releasing more of its financial details . ahead of that hotly anticipated ipo. that uber will be listed on the u.s. stock exchange under the symbol uber. we do not know, it's anticipated operating -- offering price yet but the company is hoping, to sell, about $10 billion worth
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of its stock to the public. but, in its ipo filing, the uber -- the 12th -- uber disclosure of the uncertainty of business model, they $11.3 billion, and revenue in 2018. that's an increase of 42%. that's over 7.9 billion a year earlier, in 2017. but, it lost $1.8 billion in 2018. it has lost $8 billion since it was founded in 2009. not everybody is happy about the uber news. honestly some live pictures these are protest outside of city hall in san francisco. this is calling attention to income and equality in the high cost of living here in the bay area. public service workers, housing rights activists, all accusing uber and other tech firms of getting rich off of workers,
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and not paying their fair share of taxes. >> it will take the mayor to take us seriously. to really reach out to us and find out what our needs are. and to help us and see, we are a valued part of this community. >> many people are fearing the new wave of big tech ipos will unleash thousands of new millionaires on the city, further exasperating the divide between rich and poor, and the already skyhigh cost of housing not just in san francisco this is bay area wide. it is not yet clear, how much early investors, and that -- 12 -- uber executives , stand to make on this ipo. one thing to note, rival lift stock has falling sharply after its debut on the stock market just a few weeks ago. from the live news desk, i am can best deal. parts general manager earth has a announced her retirement.
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when grace told bart's board of directors she would step down in july, she took the entire board by surprise. she has surged as general manager since august 2011, and has tried to keep it steady as it faces a slew of challenges such as derivation, aging infrastructure and passengers rumbling over cleanliness and crime. >> it's never a great time to leave an organization that is is busy is this. we have accomplished the measure rr has passed and new trains have come and you train control in hayward maintenance facilities. >> the directors gave her a standing ovation after her announcement. oakland's mayor will not be ordered to testify in the case of the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. the defense claimed that mayor libby shaft is a crucial witness because she oversaw the
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fire department that was critically understaffed. today, the judge ruled, the attorneys have not presented sufficient evidence, to show that she has material knowledge about the case. warehouse master and creative director, are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly 2016 fire. the next big wildfire could mean more than major destruction to the communities in its path. it's cost could be felt by homeowners hundreds of miles away. in fact in the report predicts pg&e rates can double. if it's found for another disaster. wilson walker explains why. >> reporter: the math is straightforward pg&e makes about $17 billion in revenue every year. it is facing, about $30 billion in wildfire liabilities. >> skyrocketing rates rates that might double, it is absolutely crazy. >> reporter: rate increases of 100% is one possibility.
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it describes, recent wildfire costs as unsustainable, would likely dire results for power customers. mark tony had the utility reform network. >> we are absolutely against any sort of a ratepayer bail out let's come up with other funds. >> the money has to pop out somewhere in the economy is in california. is most likely that it will hit all of us in one way or another. >> reporter: stephen wiseman help the repair the report and he said wildfires have caused more than $36 billion in damages over just the past two years. that cost, is going to land somewhere. >> just like they had the florida hurricane plan and use property insurance. >> we need to step up our game. >> the governor will lay out his plan for covering these costs, one possibility is a state wide risk pool but like a rising insurance rates that will cost californians money. it's hard to see these costs going away as long as we face fires. better this destructive. >> the question is whether the
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steps we can take to change, the direction we are going in now. >> in a statement it is clear that more needs to be done to adapt and address the threat to extreme weather and wildfire. we will have more from the governor tomorrow. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix5. richmond police shot and killed a man who broken into a home and was attacking a family member . the man's daughter, called the police. she reported, he was attacking family members with a knife at their home on wilson avenue. she told police that her father had broken into the house through a window, and officers confronted the 55-year-old in the backyard. police say that the open fire, as he continued to attack a young boy on the back patio. >> the juvenile female was able to make that call to the police department to get the police officers out there in a timely fashion. and the absolutely protected that family from any further harm.
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>> a woman and boy had cuts on her stomach and face but they are expected to be okay. there was a domestic violence restraining order against the man who was shot and killed. a dramatic scene in london, giuliana santos arrested and dragged to court. he got the boot. and while he is live in london and tells us that he faces extradition to the u.s. ian? >> reporter: juliet, it was a chaotic scene out here in front of the ecuadorian embassy as julian assigns was dragged out. he said his asylum was no longer viable. he shot back saying what happened to him was against international law. or however you want to look at it. he woke up in the comfort of this embassy, tonight he is in a cell. he was dragged from the ecuadorian embassy in london,
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disheveled and transformed with thick beard the 47-year-old wikileaks founder shouted, the uk must resist. london police arrested him after his asylum status was withdrawn. once in custody he was hit with an indictment from u.s. justice department. it accuses him of conspiring with former u.s. intelligence analyst chelsea manning, to hack into a pentagon computer in 2010. he published thousands of classified government documents on wikileaks. his attorney says he will fight the u.s. request that they knew this day would come. >> just being with him, he wants to think all of his supporters for their ongoing support, and he said i told you so. >> he flashed a peace sign were the judge found him guilty of skipping bill in 2012. the judge blasted him saying he didn't get a fear hearing and he called him a narcissist. the judge did.
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after seven years he ran out his welcome. the country's president described him as aggressive, lawmakers in washington said that he should be returned to the u.s. to face charges. >> i am glad the wheels of justice are finally turning. you will get a fair trial, but he deserves to go to trial. >> reporter: and extradition hearing is scheduled for may 2 when he will appear by court from his prison cell. >> reporter: that extradition process could be quite lengthy. possibly taking years and expect his lawyer to fight tooth and nail to keep him out of u.s. custody. wikileaks is reaching out to supporters asking for donations because this is likely to cost them quite a bit of money to defend him. is a lot of money and a lot of time. thank you. attorney michael r menotti is facing a new list of 36 count federal indictment he's accused of stealing millions of
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dollars from clients, failing to pay taxes and committing bank fraud. among the claims that he divided clients money in legal settlements and the sale of stocks. he's also accused of failing to pay millions in payroll taxes, as the owner of the toli's coffee change -- chain. >> he failed to meet his obligations to the government and now faces severe consequences. if convicted of the crimes in the indictment. including significant jail time. substantial fines, and the forfeiture of his assets. he faces more than 300 years in prison, if convicted on all counts. he tweeted his denial of the charges, and his plans to plead not guilty. a couple of showers around the bay area today was breezy, windy in some locations and temperatures running 5-7 degrees colder than average. wind advisory for them immediate coastline in the city
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of san francisco has three more hours until it expires. this pattern will expire as well. coming up, sunshine, warmth and temperatures we haven't seen in half a year. we'll talk about not arrives coming up. >> thousands gathered to honor the wrapper seat -- the owner of the flintstone house takes us inside as her legal battle he sat. why she said she's being singled out. space x's most powerful rocket launches. but it's the landing that everyone is talking about.
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tran16, nippsy hustle was remembered today. that was followed by a long procession to the city streets, that is still going on right now. these are live pictures near the store where nippsy hustle
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or -- was killed. >> reporter: today this was a program that was given out during nippsy hustle's tribute. there are tributes from lebron james, this page is written by jay-z. also there was a letter sent in by the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. [ music ] stevie wonder sing tears and heaven for the memorial for nippsy hustle. he was compared to another rapper. snoop dogg. >> one thing that me and nick had was a kind spirit. >> reporter: nippsy was honest
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about his gang ties as a young man but got away from that when he found success in music, he and his brother invested in a business, in south la. it was also where he was shot to death. >> i want everyone to know, that nippsy put his heart, and soul on crenshaw. >> his legacy will go on for so long it will make kids want to change. >> i was in paradise. >> reporter: his longtime girlfriend and children took the stage. >> he was the strongest man that ever new, gentle father, a patient leader. a divine light. >> reporter: perhaps the best window was to his mother. who provided words of comfort. >> i think, the only way to overcome the darkness, is to be a light. >> if this man got a letter from barack obama. >> reporter: if you're not sure
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about his music or impact, the 44th president of the united states, can sum it up with a letter he sent in today. >> while most folks look at the crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up in only see gains, bullets and despair, nippsy stopped potential, he saw hope. >> reporter: the minister had some confusion earlier when he referred to nippsy hustle as nippsy russell. which was an nba star. at staples center, kpix5 . police arrested the son of a deputy sheriff or string of fires that three historically black churches, it happened in louisiana. police charge 21-year-old holden matthews with three counts of arson. investigators traced a gasoline and lighter to purchases he may just be for thbur. his father a veteran law officer, is said to be shocked.
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>>he is a employee of mine. a fine man. he was shocked and hurt. that any father would be. he was in terrible shape. >> all the churches that burned, were more than 100 years old. no one hurts in the fires. another first for space x, the weather conditions in florida finally, just perfect for this. [cheering] >> space x launching the second falcon heavy rocket into space about 90 minutes ago. the lift off was delayed 24 hours by high winds at the kennedy space center. this is the most powerful rocket in the world right now. the same one a year ago carried a tesla roadster into space with the spacesuited manikin star man in the driver seat. this time, the communication satellite for a saudi arabian consortium. here's a really cool part watch at the top of your screen.
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those of the two side boosters landing, in perfect unison back to cape canaveral. more impressive for the first time ever the main booster landing on a drone ship at sea. israel's attempt of landing a spacecraft on the moon came up short. the privately supported mission gave israel's the fourth nation to reach the lunar surface. mission control lost contact with that small robotic spacecraft minutes before touchdown. prime minister said, on hand for the occasion said if at first, you don't succeed, try again. people driving to oakland had to deal with a traffic mess after a crane toppled over on 880. it's spelled hydraulic fluid across several southbound lanes, chopper 5 was over the scene as crews were mopping up. this is by oak street near jaclyn square. the mess caused a traffic nightmare for hours. you can see the backup brought drivers to a standstill.
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all of the liens, finally reopening just about an hour ago. the legal battle is heating up between hillsborough and the owner of what's known as the flintstone home. that house sits on hillside near interstate 280. today the owner, florence vang said she plans to counter sue the city, she has been locked in a dispute over several dinosaur sculptures she added to the backyard. the city says she never had the proper permits and ignored orders to stop the work. her attorney believes it's racial discrimination. >> i absolutely believe she's been treated differently. i don't think any prior owner of the flintstone home, had any issues. that can compare to this. >> it's nonsense, and its offensive nonsense. everybody at townhall, has treated mrs. fang, with utmost respect, and completely fairly. >> the city says mrs. fang, does have a pending permit, application. officials hope to resolve this
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disagreement through the permitting process. certainly may not have felt that this morning when it was drizzly outside for some of you, windy outside and temperatures barely making it to 60 degrees in san francisco but there's a pattern change coming this time next week we might have temperatures 75 to 85 degrees. some changes are coming. we are chasing changes this afternoon. we have gone clear it was cloudy this morning the storm system passed by tour east, and we had a few drops of rain. now we are seeing clearing skies which will lead to a chilly night. only 60 degrees in livermore, santa rosa 62, santa rosa -- san francisco 58. with mainly clear skies mid 40s inland, concorde 46, livermore 44, we will drop to 50 degrees in san francisco. the rain showers we had earlier, are now gone and the reader will likely stay completely dry, for at least the next week. acting like the middle of april. we don't usually see them as rainfall. wind advisory for about 2 1/2
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more hours. for the city of san francisco in the immediate coastline. the winds have been howling 35- 45 miles per hour with stronger gusts. i will continue before relaxing overnight. let's go to saratoga for microclimate forecast. sunshine tomorrow much warmer much less wind. and a high of 72 degrees. we will be 3 degrees warmer at 75 degrees with sunshine on saturday. you may hit 80 next time this week saratoga. we are in the in between stage. this is your springtime ridge which typically warms us up. look how far west it is. remember winds go clockwise. over or around the ridge. we are seeing a rise in the storm track, that a corresponding drop in the storm track. that ridge is far enough away that the drop of the storm track is allowing the western edge of a couple storms, to clip the bay area. that's why it's windy outside and we saw a few showers in the north bay and east bay. we will see one more early next week for the ridge does move closer and we do warm-up significantly. that said we are clearing
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tonight. we will see mainly clear skies tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening should be mainly clear and saturday will start off with sunshine and we go to saturday evening good for your barbecue plans. you know what that means? lack of rainfall and everything blooming or growing or blossoming, the pollen count will be high anywhere from 9-11 on a 1-12 scale. the allergens will be very high for the next couple of days. more typical april pattern begins tomorrow, sunny, milder. warmest weather in almost half a year. moving in late next week. 70s tomorrow, concord 73, vallejo 7370 in oakland, 73 for san jose and napa. 73 for san francisco. milder saturday a little bit of us that pack sunday, monday, tuesday as the storm system passes. at the end of the seven-day forecast we have highs in the t degrees in our warmest inland
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spots by this time next week. a long time coming but the warm weather is almost here. back to you. some sharks fans never miss a home game one family, took it to another level. how did the neighbors feel? california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and ohio state football player said he removed many of his pro-trump tweets from twitter. that's in casey's picked to
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play pro football severances go. the move backfired for defensive end nick both up. only drawing attention to his pro-trump posts and other political commentary. he is expected to be a top pick in the nfl draft and he reportedly, met today with the 49ers. one now deleted tweet from 2016 called colin kaepernick a clown. that may not go over well with sharing a locker room that support the former 49ers quarterback. he also had tweet criticizing black panther and beyonci. the nfl draft is later this month. san jose sharks fans relishing the win last night. >> one family and san jose's taking it up a swatch. a fresh coat of paint. the jones family to showing off their true fan colors painting their home the bold shade of teal. that is the team color of the sharks. their home on 15th street, the fifth teal house and official shark territory. they tell us, it made the neighborhood more friendly. >> is a fun, bright colored really stands out, and it gets us to meet more of our
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neighbors they come and ask us about it. they are kind of thrilled as well. it is a unique color in the neighborhood. >>will be more coming up to keep up with the joneses. they say they're happy with the look they plan to keep the house teal for years to come. >> painting is expensive. >> keeping up with the joneses. >> coming up at 5:30, not just a computer listening to your alexa conversations, amazon explains why thousands of employees are being paid to monitor recordings, and what you can do to stop it. plus, the special straw that helps you survive for five days in the california mountains. >> i own a gun for obvious reasons that a lot of people do. , harris says yes she is a gun owner that fits with her campaign for stricter gun laws how it fits with it?
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