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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  April 13, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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each other. >> plethora? what are you talking about? ioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: severe weather severe weather. millions are in the path of dangerous storms moving through the south. also tonight, president trump says he may release detained migrants into sanctuary cities and democrats are fighting back this has less to do with immigration and more to do with a complete abuse of power. >> presidential hopeful, senator cory booker launches his first national campaign tour. >> i will be a president for all people in america. the number of injuries at trampoline parks country has skyrocketed. >> there may be a crowd atop
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the leader board but all eyes are are on tiger woods. >> ninan: good eve good evening, i'm reena ninan. a severe weather system threatening large parts of the south. the storm prediction center says the area could be hit by an unusual number of large and powerful tornadoes a possible twister has all ready touched down in eastern texas. knocking down power lines and damaging several homes. at least two deaths have been confirmed. and dozens injured. meteorologist, jeff joins us now. what's the late nest. >> this only happens maybe a handful of times a year. now into nighttime, the tornadoes are more dangerous. the bull's eye is over alexandria, louisiana, to jackson, mississippi, but the threat extends to birmingham over night. super cell thunderstorms, tornadoes, and some could be on the ground for a long time. the threat tomorrow is up and
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down the eastern seaboard. it expands so it's a bigger threat. but it's less severe. strong wind gusts possible. large hail, isolated tornadoes. here's the hour by hour, the purple over louisiana and southern arkansas, super cell thunderstorms. the possibility of tornadoes, that moves east over nashville. down to birmingham. over night tonight. then the threat moves east. so virginia all the way down to georgia and the carolinas. and probably as far north as pittsburgh, there could be severe weather with snow believe it or not in parts of the great lakes. >> so jeff, do we know why these threats are so severe this weekend? >> there's a large upper level uthwest. g out of the deep this is cold air in the upper atmosphere. that's mixing with a lot of warmth and humidity coming out of the gulf of mexico. causing really rapid, rising in strjet ream mosphere. windis spinning these thunderstorms and causing these
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tornadoes. >> jeff, thank you very much. another large caravan headt officis say reds o central american migrants have crossed into mexico. this as president trump considers sending undocumented immigrants in federal custody to so-called sanctuary cities. steve dorsey is at the white house. >> they want more people in their sanctuary cities, we'll if give them more people. we can give them a lot. >> if sanctuary cities like new york, chicago, and san francisco are willing to protect illegal immigrants, they can have all of them straight from the border. >> we'll bring the illegals. i call them the illegals. they came across the border illegally. we'll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular aa ta careof >>hori ciesrc deimation nts ofpresident's plan to ship migrants, far from the border, call it dehumanizing, costly, and
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possibly illegal. >> to use immigrants as pawns to put them in difficult and trying circumstances as political theater shows how low a human being can go. and this human being happens to be sadly, tragically, the president of the united states. >> mayor libby shaft says the trump administration wants to attack the enemies in democratic strongholds that don't fall in line with his extreme immigration policies. >> this has less to do with immigration and more to do with a complete abuse of power, and public resources. >> president trump spent the day at his virginia golf club, away from reporters but over night on twitter attacked report eredpardmela securityetg itfastor a spoksa at time as
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the president pressured the acting secretary to do anything illegal. the pentagon is preparing to increase the number of troops at the southern border amide discussions they could build and maintain migrant tent cities there. reena? steve dorsey at the white house. democratic presidential candidate, cory booker kicked off his first national campaign tour today. it was held in the senator's hometown of newark new jersey, thousands turned out. many holding signs that said justice for all. after the rally, senator booker sat down with face the nation's margaret brennan and spoke about the president's plan to send migrants to sanctuary cities. >> do you think this is an empty threat by the president to talk about busing people from the border into these sanctuary cities. he likes to create friction to jump start a congress that's not acting. >> i say he's trying to pit americans against each other. >> so you take the threat seriously. >> i take this, he's injecting fear into our country. and so if he was looking to
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solve a problem, he wouldn't be doing things to divide this country against itself. beware of anybody that's trying to tell you to be afraid in the strongest country in the world. opposed to showing strength and courage by pulling people together to find common sense solutions to solve this problem. >> that was marg et brennan talking with presidential candidate, cory booker. richard neil sent a new request for president trump's tax returns in a letter sent today to irs commissioner, charles redding. neil demanded six years of the president's personal and business tax returns by april 23rd. democrats wanted them delivered last wednesday. but the administration said it needed more time. if the new deadline is missed, the case could end up in federal court. one of the key players in the massive college cheating scandal is awaiting sentencing. mark admits he took the sat and act tests in place of students and in some cases, changed the answers so students could get a higher score.
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here's carter evans. >> reporter: 36-year-old mark ri dell is just the latest defendant to enter a guilty plea in federal court joining more than a dozen parents, including actress felicity huffman who have all ready admitted their roles. >> any defendant who comes in to plead guilty and cooperates with the prosecution gets a break. >> ri dell was all ready cooperating, explaining his role in the scheme, crafted by rick singer, who also pleaded guilty. singer paid him $10,000 per test to fly from his home in florida to test centers in texas and california. there, the former harvard graduate would secretly take the exams in mace of actual students. with some parents even providing samples of their children's handwriting so he could imitate it while taking the exam. in other cases, he would simply higherco. answers to achieve a 400 points higher in her case, but not too high according to prosecutors in order to avoid
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any suspicion of cheating. >> mark pleading guilty and knowing that he has been cooperating since february, well who can he cooperate against? the parents. >> more than a dozen parents could still fight the charges. including lori loughlin, accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into usc. and charged with money laundering for trying to write off the bribe as a charitable contribution. >> the longer she and her husband hold out, the higher her sentence will be. >> we're now learning some of the students allegedly involved in the scheme could potentially be charged as well. a source confirms to cbs news that students who are adults at the time have been sent target letters informing them they are part of the investigation. the u.s. attorneys office declined to comment. reena? carter, thank you, police release body cam video of a dramatic daylight shooting in florida. several officers were on the
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scene capturing the encounter from almost every angle. the incident started when the suspect allegedly stole a truck leading police on a high-speed chase kenneth craig has the details. >> police body camera video captured the traumatic show down between central florida deputies and a 30-year-old armed felon they say had a death wish, philip thomas marsh carjacked a woman at gunpoint yesterday. >> westbound on 44 in the eastbound lanes. >> then led deputies on a hot pursuit across volusia county. >> he served agee years for robbery, aggravated battery and fire conviions. deay hs repoed earlier this wee made threats in the past. his latest run in with the law came to an end after deputies deployed stop sticks as marsh
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nearly took down a deputy in his path. he eventually jumped out of the stolen truck, turning the gun from hiss own head as he opened fire on the officers. police police returned fire. >> do it marsh died of his injuries. also during the shoot out, a bullet grazed the top of his head. sheriff, mike, says a 30 year veteran was treated and released from the hospital. we have a picture of his hat. the bullet hits the cap. strikes him in the skull and comes out of the top of the hat. a millimeter lower, and sergeant dane would have been killed. i reached out to the sheriff who told me his deputy is doing well and he's eager to return to work. and yesterday was the deputy's 55th birthday and what a birthday it must have been. coming up, a texas judge
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survives a gunman's attack, what she should have known. a lawmaker accuses trampoline parks of hiding the growing number of injuries.
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inan: a texas judge a texas judge is ambushed in front of her teen son. she survives. jim axle rod reports on her heroing experience in this week's 48 hours. we are never going to be the same. and we all feel that it never should is happened. >> november 6th, 2015, started as a typical texas friday night for judge julie and her son, will. >> we went to the football games every friday night. >> it was rainy. so after halftime, we decided to head home. will had his learners permit. so he drove. >> as we were pulling into the driveway, i saw a leaf bag that was blocking the gate. >> we thought it was strange.
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i thought it was a prank. and so we got out of the car. and i saw someone start to kind of walk down the street and all of a sudden they just started running straight at me so i turned around and ran back to my mom's side of the car. and then he pulled out a gun and started shooting. he shot four times through the driver's side window. i scooted down as far as i could in the seat. and i protected my head with my arm and my hand. i can remember thinking, i'm going to die in front of my own son. >> travis county 911. >> we just got shot at. >> is anybody injured. >> my mom is. please hurry. this guy just went up to the car and shot my mom. >> she told me she wa d th was li shocking at first. and then when she looked up and i saw blood everywhere, i knew that she was not okay. >> the judge had been shot in her upper body with unusual bullets that come apart when
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they hit flesh. the bullets caused hundreds of gunshot fragments and wounds. will said goodbye to me, i told him i loved him. and we waited for the police to come. it seemed like an eternity. >> once i heard the sirens coming. i ran down to the street. >> where'd he go? >> he went down that way. dressed in all black. >> police arrived. i told one officer that i was a judge. and i felt like it was related to my work. >> what the judge did not know is that a tip had come in to the district attorney's office saying that someone planned to shoot a judge. information that was not passed on. >> it was disappointing. there were signs in my neighborhood, had i known in addition that this threat had come in, i would have completely changed what i was doing. and my family. >> you can see jim's full report on 48 hours tonight at 10:00 9:00 central right here on cbs. ight at 10, 9up next, the new p
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make trampoline parks safer.
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the number of trampoline parks in the u.s. exploded and so have the injuries. cbs news confirmed six deaths since 2012. and the government says emergency room visits are up 600%. over a five-year period. here's meg oliver. >> jason ruptured both tendons in his knees after jumping into this foam pit at a trampoline park near chicago. >> i can't describe it. it was one of the most painful things i've ever had. >> less than an hour after he was at the hospital, we arrived trampoline expert. >> having this trampoline here next to a wall, how dangerous is that? >> dangerous. you get a brain bleed from
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hitting this. >> mcpherson has coached elite gymnasts for more than 40 years and testified in hundreds of plaintiff cases against trampoline parks. >> what kind of injuries do cases involved. >> two broken necks. a couple broken ankles. a couple open fractured elbows. >> with the broken necks, are we talking quadraplegics ? >> yes. >> in many case, visitors sign waivers like this one with forced arbitration clauses meaning they give up the right to take cases to work. >> trampoline marks want to avoid justice. and rig the system against anyone who is injured who may assert claims against them. >> are they trying to hide the number of deaths and injuries. >> they're trying to hide individual deaths. the total number. everything about the injuries that may cast them in a bad light. >> in 2011, there were 40
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trampoline parks nationwide. now the number jumped to more than 800. and there's no federal over seeing. does congress need to step in here? >> congress should have a role here. but the biggest deterrent to death and injury at these parks will be the park owners being hauled into court, having to pay. >> he signed one of the waivers to enter the get air trampoline park. >> when you will go to places, you trust in the fact that things are safe. i would tell any family out there, absolutely, do not go to these trampoline parks. >> we reached out to the park where he said he was hurt. they didn't return our calls. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. he's still in the hundred hunt and fans love it. tiger mania at the masters.
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ers at the masters in augusta, georgia. golf's most prestigious tournament, all eyes are on tiger woods.
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he started the day in the hunt for his is there. >> a tiger's on the prowl and smelling blood at augusta again. tiger for his birdie. his friday round of 4 under par 68 put him one stroke off the leaders. a security guard holding them back slipped and accidentally tripped woods. another hazard he over came on a dramatic day. >> it feels good to be back in contention. this is my third in a row that i've put myself there. keep progressing. keep playing. >> golf fans want to know, is this tiger charge the real deal? >> everyone should be behind him no matter what happened in the past. i think he was an icon for golf. just like nicholas and arnold palmer. there it is. a win for the ages. on this date in 1997, woods won
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his first of four green jackets. golf's generational player became a one-name global brand who dominated the sport for more than a decade. then his world collapsed. the adultery scandal, the divorce, dui and back problems. he hasn't won a major tournament in 12 years. but he's always trans fixed the galleries like no one else. >> it's the first time where he's taking a step back and enjoying it. the fact that he's soaking in the moment. i think that's the biggest difference that we see. his odds of winning were 14 to 1. someone bet 85,000. the pay out would be just under 1.2 million. we'll soon know whether the bet was smart moy. mark strauss man, thank you. when we return, he tried to steal, the owner tried to heal.
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nal story begins with a robbery, our final story begins with a robbery. but it sure didn't end the way you might think. here's dean reynolds. on saturday night at this 7/11, store owner, jay, spotted someone who made him suspicious. >> you can see him standing here. and i see him when he comes back that his hands are empty. >> he told an missouri to call 911 and he confronted the customer. >> he said i'll put it back. >> i said no, put everything on the counter. i want to see what you have in your pocket. i said why are you stling for m younger brother. i said you need food. i'll give you food. that's not a problem.lling bag free and waving off the 911 call. >> if the police had shown up, you could is pressed charges
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against them. >> absolutely. >> why didn't you? >> there's no point in doing that. he's a young kid. that will go on his record that he was a thief. he cannot do anything with his life. he will not get a good job. this is not going to solve his hunger problem. >> across the counter, citric bishop was a witness. >> i thought it was amazing. >> so you went home and did what? >> i posted it on facebook. it was over 1,000 shares. it brought tears to my eyes. >> we asked him why he did what he did. >> it's basically indian culture, if you give food to a hungry person, it's considered like, god will bless you cbs ne later on cbs 48 hours, i'm
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reena ninan in new york, for all of us at cbs news, thanks for joining us, good night. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix >> coming up, the problem, and a possible solution pick >> a hit and run crash in san francisco sends one car into a house, how it all unfolded pick >> two brothers arrested for a gruesome murder, police say they tried to cover it up. kpix five news at six start with safety concerns about the bridge. i am brian. >> for the furred -- third time bridge rterhow about brand-idge
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that is what a local lawmaker is proposing, because right now, confidence in the safety of this bridge, is eroding. >> they have told me that it is safe and yet more concrete is falling from the top deck, so it is a crisis of confidence, that is falling just as the bridge is falling to >> transportation officials say the bridge is safe, but many drivers aren't buying it. >> i am holding my breath every time i go over the bridge now. i'm hoping they figure out what is going on and get it fixed agreement they are investigating a female drivers claim about concrete chunks falling on her windshield. she said it happened just before 8 pm last night, driving on the lower deck port summary could really get hurt. >> it is very scary, knowing that the drivers that have had the concrete fall, they have had no warning and


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