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russia. mueller did not make a decision on the question of obstruction leaving it to barr who concluded there was enough evidence to prove obstruction of justice by president trump and anyone else. >> i'm not concerned about anything because frankly there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. and we never did anything wrong. >> but cbs knees confirmed the special counsel's team was split whether the trump obstructed justice and some believing the president did commit a crime. >> the public needs to see a whole report. no redacting. eventually it all comes out. >> the house now at noon, judiciary committee authorized subpoena investigators power if necessary looking into the to see the full unredacted report fire that ravaged and underlying evidence and lawmakers may call the iconic n -- on mueller, and thanks for joining attorney general us, i'm kenny choi. barr to testify. >> the attorney >> i'm michelle general has a job. griego. a live look in paris and let's take a look at the cathedral as many people are making
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their way out there to take another >> giuliani says he look at the charred plans to release a remains of the rebuttal. >> mueller says notre dame. the iconic expire collapsed. cooperate and ian lee joins us attorney general barr agreed to testify before congress again once with president the report is macrons latest remarks with released. how amazon is rebuilding, ian. cracking down on >>reporter: michelle, the french president is counterfeit products on its pretty optimistic website. and pretty taking down an ambitious, really believinhat they old hospital can rebuild within five year's time. building. today we were watching the dramatic restoration. something about investigators and when a storm clears that's the main out. look at the issue, going beautiful view from treasure island looking back at this city. the real story is a through the -- big warmup coming our way for the end of this week, and i'll have details going through the cathedral. it didn't stop tourist trying to get a look at the on that right after this. sacred structure and it has been over 24 hours since that fire started, but people here in disbelief. >> as flames raced through this masterpiece devouring pieces of history, no one
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knew what would survive. and now we have our first look inside wherthfrom the ashes and the mayor of -- the faithful believe jesus wore before the crucifix was saved outside, the two giant bell towers are still standing. >> we came close to full disaster. >> she filmed the disaster from her apartment and she prayed as many call the soul of paris crumbled. >> it was so fast and so violent. >> the fire broke out in the attic of the 800-gothic cathedral. it was undergoing a multi dollar renovation. it's more than a church, it's where bark became a saint and where kings and
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emperors were crowned. >> we will rise up again and build it again. >> repairing the roof could be a monumental task. france no longer has trees big enough to replace beams destroyed in the fire. during this holy week before easter, millions are praying this structure will be resurrected. michelle, tomorrow, bells at cathedrals across the country will ring out to mark the moment that fire started at notre dame. >> part of the roof removed -- we've been asking you to share your photos of your visits to notre dame and you can share your pictures on our facebook, instagram [explosion] >> an abandoned hospital went out pages and we have with a bang in more at florida. there were concerns an investigation is about today's explosion after a
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underway after a construction worker house caught fire in the city was in oakland. the two-alarm fire broke out before killed in a demolition condo. they made sure 10:00 in the basement home on wa everyone involved. bay area bowling drive near country club drive. the house appears catholic priest accused of sexual to be in good assault, maybe hide shape. no one was inside be a deep secret. >> we're learning when the fire hecc o started. meanwhile in san francisco, abicyt has unwant sexualcontac -threatening injuries after a blindfold, a being hit by a car. this happened around 8:30 this thong and a meth morning at 7th and barry street and police taped off pipe was recovered. one side of the is the device trying to cover up street. the bicyclist was his past. >> it's our taken to the hospital. the bmw's windshield was smashed. police say the driver stayed at argument that the the scene and is cooperating with this investigation. traffic diocese had knowledge of these nightmare for previous allegations and drivers crossing they kept him as a priest and allowed the dunn barton this rape of my client to happen. bridge. chopper 5 was overhead as all >> you can see eastbound lanes were blocked for three hours. police had to block off the entrance to "sins of omission" the bridge as they cleared out the tonight on kpix at area. a tow truck moved 7:00. residents say the name is racist. in and all lanes the board will meet reopened and the tonight at 6:00 to crash happened at 5:30 west of discuss possible
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thornton avenue and the toll plaza. options. so far this year, officials rejected it could be a sad day for the -- 15 po ten ten -- cousins got injured in last night's loss to the l.a. clippers and the potential -- recovery time is airlines are unclear at this point. this comes after planning to keep he's spent 12 jet 737 grounded. monthsfr a torn it's joining american and southwest after crashes in ethiopia achillis. the clippers -- game 3 is set for thursday at staple and indonesia. united is planning to keep their boeing 737 grounded center. we'll have more on until july. this -- american airlines until mid-august. taking a live look at the big board. let's see how the the venue's stock market is board of director doing. the dow is up about voted to stop hosting them. 84 points. amazon has come jackie ward on the underfire for not heated debate doing enough to vet leading up to today's vote. >>reporter: there's been a grassroots third party sellers effort to sway the and carter evans wer s board to get rid of gun shows since last spring. today that item was on the agenda. [applause] >> i think we're part of a movement. we're going to end gun shows everywhere on state
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property in dog ill california. >> ruth has led the after taking the charge since last put supplement she year. she says momentum normally orders and against the show here and across the then she got an state is in her e-mail saying the favor. >> san mateo third party seller item may not be the real thing. >> this is chalky county, san and brown and this is a fine party. francisco county, daley city voted to >> the company who stop endorsing gun makes the product shows and our says its products sold on amazon was surrounding counties say they don't want gun shows on county a threat to pet's safety. >> we're trying -- property. >> it offers shows the fact is today, for children under 12 which gloss fews that number is not and normalizes guns for young people. no one was -- zero. there are person after person shared stories counterfeits. >> mehte, he says about the people they've lost to gun violence. the company caught >> it was easter 3 billion listings last year before sunday, april 16th 1995, he was shot buyers saw them, but can't say how and killed. many counterfeits >> i want to thank made it onto the you, the board here site. >> our focus is how at the cal palace do we prevent for passing and counterfeit. >> when you find approving this one, whose fault is piece of important it? >> we'll make sure legislation to end the customer is whole on that gun shows here at product and we'll work with brands to
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dekalb palace. go after that bad actor. 95% of the time we >> any gun show on take action within schedule for the eight hours. end of this year >> inventor mark the current says that wasn't the case for his business. >> the forearm lifting straps make your forearms -- contract expires january 1, 2020. >> after listing his forearm forklift, he found the mayor wants dozens of fake and -- right now the navi centern i some using the same name, logo and photos. >> this is my wife and me. in parking lot >> he says it's not only extremely across the piers 30 difficult to track down the bad and 32. the idea faced backlash from actors, but also to take any legal neighborhoods and supervisor matt recourse against them. haney's proposal >> we have to find wants to put them deep in their centers in other website, then report them, still, neighborhoods that more and more days don't have as large are passing. and then finally they may or may not of a homeless take down the listing. >> amazon filed suit against a few population. relief for sellers who were counterfeiting his rescue officials. 25-year-old michael mercado and his two product and won young sons disappeared sunday $60,000 in 2016 and after they took their jeep to go hiking in sterling city. crews spent the that went to logardo. amazon wants to make it easier to past two days
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searching remove fakes but throughout the sierra foothills teaming up with and the sheriff says a good sellers in a project called samaritan found product zero and he them and drove them home before 1:00. no medical told us how -- with attention was needed for the just a few clicks. family and it's not >> you're giving them a lot of clear how they went responsibility. >> we are giving brands a lot of missing. lyft is responsibility. we'll always have some level of stepping up -- they vetting. there's powerful tools in there and will conduct daily criminal background you wouldn't want checks and they'll some random person monitor them for showing up and removing stuff from criminal convictions such as our store. >> they want to violent crimes and sexual offenses and keep the program by the company will require them to carry a license and invite. only 500 brands are up-to-date photo of their face and participating, but mehte says that drivers will still have to pace lyft's number will grow. background checks carter evans, seattle. which search local >> amazon is using artificial and national databases. intelligence to in two days, search for fakes. the public and the there's nothing trump fake about daren's administration and wil g forecast. you said sunshine coming and here it is. >> we have a perecialco counsel mueller's russia report. but the attorney general decided to beautiful day outside to enjoy. leave out some of a storm clears out the findings. and things look fantastic outside. natalie brand reports that's not i want to give you sitting well with democrats. a unique >>reporter: the perspective. that's a time lapse nearly 400-page report from special from our camera top counsel mueller will be made public of the sails floors
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thursday. but attorney tower shot. general william you can see the barr plans to redact grand jury testimony classified information, and cloudsr material related to sue that county. ongoing if you haven't done investigations. house speaker nancy pelosi told 60 cloud watching, minutes leslie stall the entire hopefully that makes up for that. document should be we're going to released. switch cameras and >> all we need do we're going to take a look at the camera that sits by is see the mueller the cliff house, and we're going to watch the clouds kind of move in, report. and clear out over >> in barr's four page report the ocean today. so, bottom line is, the clouds did clear out. we started out this day pretty dry, and now we're getting into a day that looks perfect. let's switch from the time lapse and i'll get into the rest of this forecast. we'll leave behind the live views and i want to show you how this storm still exists over the sierra, but that falls apart by the time we go through the rest of today. the real stormy is the warmup coming up. so we're going to look at this in a comparison of three locations across the bay area. oakland, an example first. i have tuesday through saturday and the daytime high for oakland
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right now is 67 degrees. we're going to be close today. but we're not going to be close over the next three days. look at that warmup for thursday. the 77. 10 degrees warmer than average by the time we get to thursday and the weekend rolls around. san jose, let's do your comparison. average daytime high is 70. the next five days and by the time we get to thursday, it's 83. it's more exaggerated now. and just to include the north bay on here, we're going to use santa rosa, 69 is the average daytime high and 83. that's well above average for this time of year. it doesn't last long. we have a couple of days here where we're going to get a nice warm spell and cool things back down going into the weekend and we have a nice weekend coming our way. and that shows up in the 7-day forecast. that 83 stands out for thursday. but 75 sounds good for saturday and sunday as well. and if you missed it for the coast, 70 at the beach. >> not bad. >> on thursday.>> fantastic. >> perfect. >> thanks. daren. still ahead,
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pound owe-- pounding the pavement and a bay area city makes the running --
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the list is out this afternoon for the best cities to run in. >> the bay area, definitely made the cut according to
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financial companies, smart asset, arlington, virginia came in first. but san francisco ranked second and rounding out the top five, it's washington, d.c., and madison wisconsin and minneapolis, minnesota. they base it on park accessible. if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail us, we'll be right back.
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coming up at 5:00, taking back their neighborhood. how a group of young oakland girls got together to clean up streets
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after this weekend's wild side show. we'll have that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. and daren, you said if you can get outside and enjoy the outdoors. it's nice. >> particularly with the low clouds. and big warmup coming up. mid 80s. >> love it. have a fantastic day, everyone. >> bye. have a good afternoon.
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>> brooke: all right. why don't we just take a breath here? i mean, this is very overwhelming for all of us. first of all, the news of finding out that you're storm's daughter, which is -- it's wonderful. >> katie: it's incredible. >> donna: it's such an unexpected gift. >> brooke: you're part of our family. >> flo: yeah, yeah. you're -- you're right. i know.
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it's just, um... it's just a lot. >> wyatt: yeah, no kidding. heh. >> brooke: but, uh, i-i'm at a loss, here. shauna, why would you insist that flo was never pregnant? >> shauna: because it's the truth. you've never been pregnant. and you've never given a baby up for adoption. i mean, this is absurd. >> hope: oh, my god.
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