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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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with the pricey goods. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. from chopper 5, you can see how bad this smash-and-grab was. police taping off the front of the store as they continue to search for any evidence left behind. >> anne mackovec
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joining us live from union square with the latest. anne. >>reporter: the sidewalk still closed at grant and fury. they're trying to repair the window, but first they have to get rid of that broken glass. that was some of the damage done bked into the windows after 4:30 a.m. the damage to the store is extensive. four large windows broken. the bottom frame of the glass wall mangled after a vehicle backed into the store front before dawn. the burglar left a tire behind before making off with several high end purses. police haven't said yet how much merchandise was taken noor -- taken nor how much was -- >> he's contracted to work with several retailers here. >> we're here to solve this. >> police investigators spent
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the morning combing many cameras on ury street as people walking through the area to take photos. >> it's scary to think that crime is escalating. >> back out here live now. the glass removal process continues which is actually quite interesting to watch in and of itself. in the meantime, police have not released a description of either the vehicle involved noor the suspects. live in san francisco, anne mackovec, kpix5. firefighters hope to save this building. a cooking incident forced flames to rip through the postino restaurant. it doesn't look too bad from the inside, but crews say most of the damage is on the inside. no one was hurt. within the hour, governor newsom spoke in southern california to make an
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announcement to lower prescription drug prices. >> o table wit massive negotiation at that table to drive down costs and put more money in your pocket books and make a difference in people's lives. >> the governor says he's joining los angeles county leaders and creating the biggest purchase center for drugs that will allow californians to sit together at the bargaining table across from big drug companies when negotiating prescription drug prices and this comes on the governor's 100 day being in office. an armed woman whose threats shutdown schools in colorado has been found dead. she killed herself. michelle medina has the latest. >>reporter: 18-year-old pais, the woman who police says was obsessed with the
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columbine shooting was found dead. a swat team descended on the area wednesday morning. cbs denver spoke with a witness. >> a woman kind of matching the description described as quote naked running with a firearm was spotted in the area this morning. >> pais had been on the run since landing in colorado monday night. >> we identified that she departed the airport and went to a store where she per -- where she percurred a woman. >> we spoke to a man claimine the young woman's father. >> [inaudible]. >> pais neighbor said nothing about the family stood out. >> the girl was quiet, keeps to herself. >> investigators say pais did not make any specific threat to any specific school. >> because of her
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comments and actions and travel here to the state, we considered her to be a credible threat. >> the investigation prompted hundreds of schools to close wednesday keeping more than half a million students at home. 20th anniversary of the columbine massacre which resulted in the death of one teachers and 12 students is saturday. michelle medina, cbs news, los angeles. >> authorities say pais legally purchased her weapon. we'll have more on this story on the kpix news at 5:00. dozens of medical professionals in five states are accusedheheoidhe involve approximately 350,000 opioid prescriptions. and more than 32 million pills. doc who opened an opioid dispensary right ind a dentist who allegedly pulled
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teeth to justify the prescriptions, the defendants face decades in prison if convicted. new rules from the u.s. attorney general could lead thousands of immigrants seeking asylum behind bars while their cases are being heard. they will no longer -- the ruling only applies to asylum seekers who enter the country illegally. not those who apply for asylum at a port of entry. it does not effect children or families and the new rules won't go into effect for 90 days and -- taking a live look in paris at noe sco catdral. devastating fire. a billion dollars have been pledged to rebuild the landmark. ian lee is in paris e frenhe cathral8 hours fire began at notre dame. cecil could hardly look at the
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destruction. she worshipped there for 44 guy is sad, she said. this is such a shock to me. as donations poured in, french president macron vows to rebuild the landmark in five years and make it more beautiful than before. france also issued a call to arms for architects from around the world to compete to design a new spot to replace the one destroyed. the five-year plan for rebuilding the famed cathedral would have it finished in time for the summer olympics in 2024 when 2024 when hundreds of -- parisians like blanch says there's no rush to build. firefighters are assessing the it's not for investigators to get inside to search for the cause. but authorities say it's a miracle that so many treasures were saved. >> paintings,
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chairs, and objects, you know, candles holders. >> at the vatican, pope fra tir lives to save the holy site and its priceless relics. ian lee, paris. >> at 6:00 service tonight at san francisco's gray's cathedral will include prayers for notre dame and people of paris. it is a sister cathedral to notre dame. the sixty school district in san raphael will get a new name. the group behind the change says the word dixie is associated with the confederacy, the white supremacy and segregation and the debate between the name has boiled over for months. the new name of the district is still up for discussion, but it's expected to cost $40,000. the 5th whale to wash ashore in the bay area since march is being battled by waives in pacifica. jackie ward is there. >>reporter: it's making the whale move a lot.
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yesterday, it was all the way down by the graffiti and people are watching waiting for what it will do next. >> it's crazy. it has been a long time since i have seen something like this. >> ben peters lives in the neighborhood next to the stretch of beach where this dead whale washed up tuesday. >> i saw the gash on the belly when i was down by the painted rock over there. pretty good size gash. >> marine biologist says the whale seems to be malnourished. >> biologist within california, alaska, oregon and washington are all seeing gray whales that's malnourished so skinny. >> another whale got washed up yesterday as well. from chopper 5, you can see this alone richmond and the carcass ended up along brooks island preservative reserve. >> they're going to do -- get out and get on the beaches and open these whales up to find a at's goi on with these guys. >> the marine mammal center is trying to figure out what's causing these whales to be
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malnourished. they're really skinny when they leave the coast of alaska. in pacifica, jackie ward, kpix5. >> marine biologist determined two of the previous found whales died from malnutrition and another hit by a ship. time magazine reveals its most influential people in the world. who made the cut. with kids becoming -- how ty cing rst. > a warming for tomorr detas, coming
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21st century technology may be pivotal -- andrew used still photographer and laser tech following to create a digital 3doi data reasesnus a normal picture never could. talents colleagues says his renderings could be used in the reconstruction. notre damen from a popular video game. assassinsdiin the landmark. pinterest could price its ipo higher than expected. it will set the final price tonight ahead of tomorrow's planned debay on the new york stock exchange. it planned to sale 75 million shares at 15 to $17, but the wall street
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journal reporting that the actual price could be closer to 18. as we take a look at the board and see how wall street is doing right now. the dow is up about 6 points. the number of drones piloted by everyday americans has taken off in recent years. the faa predicts by 2022, they'll be 2.24 million drones and 300,000 remote pilots. many will molai s raining. >>reporter: williams is assembling her tinylights. >> i like to build them. >> the 4th grader is part of a class run by global air media in baltimore that teaches drone assembly and flying technique and safety. >> when you're flying, you have to take account for the helicopters and the other planes flying around.
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>> drone ownership has skyrocketed. >> the same drones that the professionals are flying today, some of these kids are getting these drones for christmas, for birthdays and they haven't had the same level of training as the adults. >> safety is not just on the minds of these kids and the instructors it's also on the faa radar. >> the number one room is keep buzzy in site. >> the faa created short, animated videos starring buzzy the drone to remind kids they need to be able to actually see their drone while it's flying. keep it away from airports, and below 400 feet. in january, a drone shutdown new york liberty international airport after a pilot reported it came within feet of the plane he was about to land. a month earlier, more than 100,000 passengers were stranded at london's airport after a pair of drones flew into the airspace. a recent study showed the potentially severe impact of a drone. crashing into the wing of a small
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plane. those are the kind of scenarios drone safety teachers are trying to prevent. they hope throttling up on the guidance now will help students become safer pilots later. mola lenghi, cbs news, baltimore. >> a drone over a half a pound has to be registered with the faa. record-breakers and news -- among some of the magazine covers, singer taylor swift and news anchor gayle king and house speaker nancy pelosi, and egyptian soccer star muhammad and president trump just to name a few. the issueonhat stoo. >> i nome her too. >> i as well. we are looking at beautiful weather. so if you are looking at that sunshine, and thinking hey, i wish it would stick around, it actually will. here's a live look at our treasure island camera. beautiful blue skies and our temperature was warming up. and this is just the start of a big
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warmup for us with above average temperatures. and tomorrow, likely the warmest day out of the year so far. you can see our temperatures in the 60s. 68 right now in concord. 60 in oakland. livermore, 67. 60 in san francisco. downtown san francisco there, san jose at 66 and santa rosa at 65. satellite and radar, a strong ridge of high pressure is going of us for tomorrow. and with light offshore winds, that's why it's going to heat up for tomorrow. so future cast just to show you all ofhies all acros the bay area, and we were going to stay dry o pollen count for our allergy sufferers, looking at medium-high levels today, but increasing for thursday, friday, and saturday. our sunrise at least for tomorrow at 6:30 and our sunset today at 7:47. daytime highs running 26 degrees above average for this time of year. 67 in san
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francisco. 69 for a high in oakland. 72 in fremont. and 74 in san jose and napa. here's the 7-day forecast. sunshine today. even warmer still for tomorrow. check out our inland locations tomorrow. mid 80s. about 70 for the bay tomorrow. with plenty of sunshine. coastal fog in the morning tomorrow. but otherwise, in the morning, looking at clear skies. friday, temperatures a little cooler, but still above average and we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies for the weekend. average temperatures and sunshine. >> things heating up. and like this reality show, showdown like no the new seasoih big brother, and survivor. >> i want to know who thinks they have the edge over everybody else? >> several teams will be competing against each other as they race around
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the world. one of the contestants on the right is 34-year-old corey cole from san francisco. he's teaming up with his best friend tyler. i spoke with phil kegan today about why the show is shaking things up this season. >> for a long time, fans said what would happen if you took the best of the best, the most competitive from all three shows and you put them together in a big competition and what's bigger than the "amazing race." >> the 31st edition of the amazing race kicks offer at 9:00 on kpix5. still ahead, a big surprise for rescuers, what turned out to be very different about this abandoned pup.
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check it out. this burger could give you the munchies after you eat it. carl's junior is checking out a new -- they're call going the rocky mountain high. it will only be available at one store in denver for
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one day only. this saturday. 4:20, and if it's a hit it would remain on the menu. >> could you eat anything after that. >> it's an extra it patty. a puppy giving rescue crews in san diego a surprise.hat's bec it wasn't a all. take a look. this little guy is a coyote. a man walking his dog found him and called the humane society. official believe his mother may have been in the process of moving her pups to a new din when the little guy got left behind. >> the pup will be released in the same area. a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or a question, e-mail us at or call us at
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1-888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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coming up with gas prices hitting $4, there's new scrutiny on a surcharg e is moneyth s tonight at 5:00. all right. it's a great day, so get out there and enjoy. we climb the tower yesterday. tching younch >>xactly. next time you're going with us. >> i'm not sweating. it was very nice. >> enjoy your day.
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have a good one.
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thank you, brooke. it's true -- i did add some pretty racy new ingredients to the lemon bars today. [ chuckles ] >> charlie: heh. well, you see, i -- i've been encouraging pammy to get, um, more experimental. >> quinn: [ groans ] >> charlie: in the kitchen, i mean. >> quinn: n-not exactly why brooke asked to gather us together. >> brooke: no. uh... [ sighs ] well, today i discovered that, um...


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