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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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i am can pesky dough. demanding action after deadly hit and run. six-year-old angela garcia and his mother were struck and killed while walking on the crosswalk on saturday. andrea is in oakland with a huge show of support at the collision scene. ondrea? >> reporter: the crowd has send out here 26th, in the past few hours that they have been out here for two hours. morning and honoring ainge -- angel and honor. the march start this afternoon from international community school in protest of angel and alma garcia vasquez they were crossing after doing laundry at the laundromat when they were hit. students from international community high school, were out demanding more signs and lights the intersection with a message for the city council. >> imagine their families, crossing ttt run . i don't think they want that. so they should pay attention to this.
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>> reporter: there's a half mile stretch of foothill with no stop sign or stop lights. the suspect in this case, is still outstanding tonight he ditched the car a black mercedes, after hitting alma, a jail and their cousin. alan has a extensive criminal history. to be an accessory of murder. all that as well as eight 2018 attempted robbery charge. coming up neil, hear from council member while -- member that the city has in place for a change. live, kpix5. a shocking story out of al peters, she's a woman was arrested in the death of her three-year-old grandson. seven-year-old juice is into custody. she is facing murder charges. police were called to the family's home on monday, crews found the toddler unresponsive. they performed cpr, he was rushed to a local hospital, he did not survive.
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the grandmother, is being held at the santa clara county main jail. >>any family having a death of a three-year-old will be shocked in the art. they have been cooperative at times and sometimes it been guarded. again losing a three-year-old child, is not easy for anyone. as a father, i cannot imagine what they're going through. >> the grandmother remake her first grant -- court appearance tomorrow. a live look at the white house for the chump administration is healing the newly released mother report. -- robert mueller port. after two years of investigation the public and congress got its first look at the redacted version today. >>no collusion, no obstruction. [cheering] there never was and there never will be. >> the 400 place report -- page report was delivered to congress on a cd-rom, two years after attorney general william barth laid out the findings. >> depend >> vessel -- the special counsel confirmed, that they
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helped collusion, but the chump campaign did not. >> they dew point to 10 episodes for possible obstruction. including the president's firing of fbi director james call me. it says quote, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation into the fact that the president did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. however, we are unable to reach that judgment. we are also learning that when the president found out, a special counsel had been appointed, he told jeff sessions quote oh my god, this is terrible. this is the end of my presidency. trump went on to protect quote it takes years and years and i will not be able to do anything. the report adds, at one point to the president directed then white house counsel, don began to call the acting attorney general and say that robert mueller must be removed because of conflict of interest. democrats want the full unredacted report, and to hear
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from robert more directly. >> i think it was probably written with the intent, of providing congress a roadmap. >> they will allow congressional leaders to see a less redacted version of the report. california political heavyweights are weighing in on the molar report. melissa came here with that part of the story. melissa? >> reporter: yes, cell house keeper nancy pelosi is in ireland right now. we have not been able to speak with her. we did hear from several other california politicians who said, they are not at all ready to let the president off the hook. we also talked to a republican party official who told us, it is time to thateyen scbed it to a tee. >> reporter: she is the california committeewoman for the republican committee and she hopes, the new report will put a and to the debate whether the president colluded with russians, or obstructed
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justice. >> the president as he quoted is totally vindicated and i think there's is a great day for america. >> that is not likely, east bay congressman said this report raises numerous issues. >> is clear and the report says is the president and his team light so often, it harm to the investigation. there has to be a reckoning for that and and accountability for the president did it. >> reporter: california congressman adam schiff says, we should expect more from our president than simply not being a criminal. >> whether these acts are criminal or not, whether the obstruction of justice, was criminal or not, or whether these contacts, were efficiently illicit or not, they are unquestionably, dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic and should be condemned by every american. >> reporter: congress needs to see the full unredacted robert
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mueller report and all its investigations says harrison. but dylan says he's california politicians are not focusing on real problems. like homelessness and housing. >>economy, and jobs and we want to keep it that way. they should be focused on that. >> reporter: coming up at 6 we will take you back in time to when it was there was a democrat in the white house investigated by a will special counsel and what happened when she was on the other foot. >> issue of congress taking up this whether the president did obstruct justice, how likely is it to happen?
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>> -- >> reporter: we can see members of congress, investigating, under various committees but asking about a full-blown impeachment, that does not seem likely at this moment. house speaker nancy pelosi has repeatedly said, she would not pursue impeachment unless it was a bipartisan effort. so far, we have not seen any republicans, coming out in favor of that kind of move. also, remember back in the 90s when president clinton was impeached but not removed just impeached in the house by republicans, there is a big backlash and they certainly got in trouble with voters who saw it as a big waste of time. so democrats who learned that lesson, i think maybe are really careful about devoting time and resources to an impeachment proceeding that won't actually lead to a removal. allen. >>and nancy pelosi and senator -- chuck schumer did issue this treatment statement saying what as we continue to review the report one thing is clear, attorney general bark had a conclusion of the president did not obstruct justice, while robert mueller's report says -- seem to undercut the finding. we posted a link to the full redacted molar report, it is on a hospital employee is being credited of just arming a
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man. it turned out to be a pellet gun. the tent situation happen this morning just after nine a clock when a man drove in front of a hospital. he then, followed someone into the er and that's when he pulled out a pellet gun. as 911 calls were made a hospital employee jumped into action and took control, the situation. >> he walked up, he said put your hands up, the suspect sat down and he walked up to him grab the gun and through it and tackled him and took him to the ground. he was very brave. >> i don't know what his role is medical technician or exact title, but this was he was very humble about the whole thing and did what he felt needed to be done. >> i think whoeverdid that was very brave. very brave to tackle him and take care of business. >> no one was injured in the suspect was taken into custody. we are told, the hospital hero
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formally served in the military. he did not want to talk about defusing the situation. the town of moraga has a new sinkhole on his hand located at center street near reed boulevard. the city says it's caused by the same storm drain pipe that caused another scene: 2016. kpix5 says, this one may be harder to fix. don? >> reporter: allen, the challenge has to do jurisdiction and land ownership, the sinkhole is on a private property and you can tell, it's getting bigger and it's expanding even as the sinkhole expands into the street, while the street, is a private street. it's owned by different company. now the city, is talking to the different land owners, to shell out the money and pay for the repair. as you know anytime we try to get folks to pay a extreme amount of money, it can be very tricky. you can see the whole is not
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very big on the surface from the drone, but the public works director said there's nothing underneath that asphalt. >> is missing a two by five foot section. but below that hole, is a little cavern that is about 10 by 10 by 12 feet. >> reporter: the sinkhole formed in the parking lot of a gas station in an auto repair shop earlier this month. workers say it has expanded and not bigger over the last two weeks. mike peterson says it has affected his business. >> we lost part of our parking and interest is -- entrances to the lots. >> reporter: so far no timeline or cost estimate for the repair. the public works director says a large storm drain pipe eight feet in diameter, most likely caused the sinkhole. >> the corrugated metal pipe that 70 years old, the only last about 50 years. >> uses the same type cracked, and cause a large sinkhole in 2016. it swallowed the sidewalk. a traffic like, and a pg&e
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junction box and it took roughly $3 million to fix. so costly it earned a nickname, stinky mick sinkhole. >> reporter: the problem is the only fixed the portion of pipe under city owned land they didn't fix the other portion that runs under private land and that's where the new sinkhole is. >> time is not on our side. if we were to wait for that to degrade further there's a possibility for that pipe to collapse. at that point, the cost can triple, quadruple. >> reporter: the city of moraga trying to get taxpayers to pay for a brand-new pipe, the problem is, last year taxpayers, actually voters struck down that tax measure. so now, the responsibility falls on the land owner, we have not had any success reaching out to the landlord of this property. no indication what he plans to do.
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kpix5. let's take a live luck. it is the warmest day of the year so far. we are talking 70s even 80 degrees in our inland spots. we saw a lot of folks out there soaking in the sun and enjoying the parks in alameda county. even getting in some tennis. i hope you got a chance to step outside today because you're saying this is not going to hang around. >> especially near the water. san francisco can be 10 degrees cooler, the sunshine is going with a little bit. we have fog rolling in. it's coming back trust me it's only april. we will have plenty of warm weather. this particular warm-up will last 24 hours. there's the beginning of the end. the fog is rolling in ahead of schedule. and temperatures in cisco has gone from mid-70s under the mid- sixties. we are still in the low 80s. they won-2 degrees warmer than saturday's weather. this is a warmest day of the calendar year. concord 82 livermore 80, san jose 81 degrees. why is the weather changing? all the high-pressure ridge that is giving us a warm
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weather today, is getting a squeeze play there's a load to the north and south. both of those will help flip the went back to an onshore flow as soon as tomorrow. and you're the water, highs will be mainly in the 60s, not 70s or 80s. loud -- low cloud cover is coming back and all of us get a little bit of cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. compared to average we will still be warmer than average just not as warm as today. san jose 78 your item are oakland 72, san francisco your high is down to 66 degrees. we have your holiday weekend forecast and wendy warm-up may last, three times as long coming up in a few minutes. thank you. a crash involving a bus full of jail inmates, shutdown liens of 880 in san jose today. chopper five flew over there, the transportation bus they are the patrol units are surrounding it of course. five inmates were hospitalized with minor injuries. here's a closer look. the other vehicles involved. chp tells us a previous hit a rav4 and spun out of control. then hit the bus.
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the previous as you saw caught fire up the rav4, hit two other cars. southbound lanes were closed for an hour and a half during the morning commute. you can see the result. bumper to bumper traffic in the lanes reopened 9 am. and australian dj is accused of grabbing a toddler and faces a judge. >> once he saw the man running away that fatherly instinct kicked in. >>a witness tells us how he jumped into action to stop a suspect from getting way. >>a baby elephant seal is getting some attention. why that has experts worrying. fans are getting ready to watch the team get a last stand of a do or die game 5.
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and australian man is accused of trying to a two-year- old in san francisco. but found not guilty in court. he is accused of kidnapping and
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child endangerment. a man was walking with her son near 17th street last friday when witnesses say the man grabbed the toddler. >> shortly after walking by her, that's when we heard the struggle we heard her in distress. >> the mom screamed and rushed her son away before he ran off. this man, chased him and held him down until police arrived. the suspect's attorney suggest he might've had some sort of mental lapse of the moment. he is accused of grabbing the toddler. >> i think he had a break with no evil intent. it makes no sense for the man that i've gotten to know over two days. >> 's attorney says he was in the u.s. on business. he works as a dj in australia under the stage name dj roski. if convicted he could face up to eight years in prison. uber is rolling out safety features to make sure people
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are getting in the right car. the initiative comes two weeks after the murder of a college student. she mistakenly got into a car, thinking it was the right chair. a man has been arrested in that case. one of the new measures is a push notification, it reminds customers of the check your ride steps just before the car arrives. some of the steps arrived checking the make and model of car, confirming the license plate number, and looking at the driver photo provided on the app. this just in, electrical short circuit most likely start the deadly notre dame fire. police officials say investigator still don't know -- don't have the go-ahead to search the cathedral due to safety reasons. officials will not confirm their theory until they are allowed to enter the building. a baby elephant seal is drawing a crowd at san francisco's aquatic park that has marine experts warning people, stay back. check it out, the little pup pod itself out of the bay. wanting to soak up some sun on the popular san francisco beach.
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the pup is not in any trouble. volunteer with the marine mammals to please stay back seals often layout on beaches. you should just leave them alone. >> a big warm-up around the bay area. sky drone 5 giving us this beautiful view of the lafayette reservoir. paul is keeping an eye in temperatures as things might cooldown a bit. >> we mentioned yesterday, it will be a roller coaster ride going up and down. we are at the peak. temperatures will slide down 10- 15-20 degrees between now and saturday morning. let's look outside. currently in the financial district it is not foggy it is spectacular. 69 degrees officially in san francisco. at chrissy field right now it is already dropped to 57 degrees. concorde, livermore and san jose still in the 80s and close to 80 degrees in oakland and santa rosa. by a few degrees it is a warmest day. mild night tonight with partly cloudy skies. redwood city 53 san jose 55 in
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san rafael 52 degrees. we are heading south morgan hill, you will sneak into the 80s once again tomorrow. slightly cooler than today. a big cooldown coming in on saturday 69 degrees for a high a dozen degrees cooler on saturday will be three -- breezy as well. temperatures will climb as we head towards easter sunday. we should use graphics a couple minutes ago. there's a ridge of high pressure, offshore wind warm today even in oakland. that ridge moves and we have a southerly surge coming up from the slow. another low pressure moving into the pacific northwest in both of those will flip the wind direction back to an onshore flow and initial cloud cover. it typically drops the temperatures dramatically and i happen to run the water tomorrow and inland coming up on saturday. tomorrow morning clouds, fog hugging the coastline some of us get sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies as we head toward saturday cards for everyone to log cloud cover
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will spill into central valley. we may see some drizzle along the coast. we will get some afternoon sunshine and on easter sunday, after morning cloud cover it should be mostly sunny from nine a clock on. seasonable temperatures for sundays 50s at the coast we will rebound to low 70s. futurecast a bigger stronger ridge will hang out not just for one day but for 2-3 days. a longer warm-up as possible next week. we are cooler near the water tomorrow, significantly cooler everywhere and saturday, cloutier as well. we will do -- be pleasant for the easter holiday and warming up. highs tomorrow done the 60s for severed cisco pacifica down to 72 for oakland down to 76 in fremont, still 80 for concord, livermore and 81 for fairfield. saturday, everyone with highs in the 60s all of us.
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sunday, little milder and that warm-up next week will begin on tuesday. 80s will last for three days this time. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that is your kpix5 forecast. coming up the newest super bowl trophy, left with a dent. wait until you hear the wild story behind that.
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and the newly retired patriots tight and left a lasting mark on the new england team, and lombardi trophy while being honored at the red sox home opener. >> some guys were going up throughout the first pitch jules was rob -- warming up rob
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gronkowski got him in position and grokked -- he had a great idea to play around and get a swing in. we were under the impression you note no way to get a swing the lombardi trophy. literally at the last second, he froze a ball, and went to the front. rob gronkowski's parting gift. >> the ball left a sizable dent in the trophy, and a ready reminder of a patriots great. [ laughter ] >> you can afford to have it fixed. the san jose sharks are hungry for a win tonight. >> very much so. to do or die as they face the golden knights. game five of the western conference finals take a live look at the sap center fans are getting ready, with a street party outside the shark tank. a little face painting going on. they know what that state. the golden knights, coming off three straight wins looking to limited the shark at home.
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>> it looks like a lot of fun. >> coming up at 5:30 a huge cloud of smoke about to hang over the golden gate park. tens of thousands of people will dissent on hippie hill for the 420 celebration. how the city plans to control the crowds. >> alarming number of dead wells are showing up in the bay. scientist a tangible evidence of climate change. the outlook for their food supply. and never heard before 911 call from a california house of horrors. as a parent accused of torturing their 13 children face their sentencing.
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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. our top story at -- days ahead of the biggest pot party. a san francisco supervisor sounding a warning, about the 420 hippie hill event at the golden gate park. good evening to you. the big crowds are expected at the 420 party, at golden gate park. don ford on how everyone, seems
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to be getting ready. >> -- >> reporter: folks are getting ready for this weekend's big marijuana smoke out but for those who lived here for a while they see the crowd has changed. alisha mccord is part owner of land of the sun gift shop. she sells all things hippie. and all things grateful dead. >> a different feel, different group of people. it's not the locals anymore know, in fact i prefer people to get out of here. because it's so crazy. >> reporter: down the street, another street said they are close -- shops it they are closing up for the weekend. but escape from new york pizza says, britt -- business is great during the marijuana weekend. >> reporter: -- >> it's going to be busy i was here last year, a bunch of people, high on marijuana. if we get a lot of


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