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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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aunt said that they formed a human chain trying to save him. his teammates as well. >>that's what he loved to do, he's been playing football since he was seven years old. >> reporter: he had a full ride scholarship to wyoming he's already on the roster, supposed to play football in the fall after graduating in june. >> is a credit to his parents. it's a huge deal huge credit to his parents and family that supported him. >> reporter: justin is highwood -- hayward high school football coach and he called his students. and is organizing a vigil tonight. >> we are on spring break several separated. grieving alos not od thing.>> reporter: mee, she will stay at the beach, calling her son home one last time. >> i don't want him to be by himself i want him to co home. i was hoping i would see him.
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but who knows. >> reporter: just before the show we did here once again from the san mateo county sheriff's office they say, they still have not recovered the body, they are still out searching, if you have any information about wave meet -- what may have taken place, they hope you reach out to them they want to hear from you. for now we are live in hayward, kpix5. drivers and contra can't -- contra costa county. are still in a standstill after the fire fully engulfed areas. the driver managed to escape this fire unharmed. the caltrain is trying to clean up the mess. northbound traffic is backed up all the way to highway four. fremont police is still trying to figure out, why a man opened fire on a police officer
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last night. he was later shot and killed. by the officers. it happened at about 11 pm last night on civic center drive near the driveway to the washington hospital emergency room. investigators say a man walked toward a passing patrol call -- car, hitting the patrol car at least once. the officer inside the vehicle made a u-turn, grabbed his weapon and shot the suspect. moments later, two other officers showed up, and ordered the gunmen to surrender. >> the suspect crawled toward the firearm, grabbed onto the firearm as well. pointed it at the officers in both of our officers fired. at the suspect. >> that suspect died at the scene, they plan to release body cam and dash cam video. in a week. they will name the suspect in the officers involved as well in a few days. were getting our first look
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at the grandmother now charge in the death of her three-year- old grandson. we were allowed to take still pictures as to -- ph you -- investigators say she strangled the boys she was caring for at an lp does home on monday. >> there's nothing we can do to bring them back but will do everything we can to make sure, that the person responsible held accountable. in our condolences go out to the family. >> did grandmother has been charged with three counts, one count of murder one count of assault resulting in death and one count of child endangerment. a judge in a fatal stabbing case at a bart station says he will probably let prosecutors look at the suspects psychiatric history. john lee cowell is accused of killing 18-year-old neil wilson at the macarthur station last july. experts disagree whether he is competent to stand trial. today the judge finds good cause to grant that to cv
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mental health records. you will make a final ruling, next wednesday. and emotional dana southern california courtroom. it was sentencing day for the parents who admitted to torturing, and abusing their 13 children. reporter tina patel on the kids who addressed their kids -- their parents in court. >> my parents took my whole life from me. but now i am taking my life back. >> does the voice of the oldest turpin child now 30 years old. she tried to keep her privacy she continues her recovery. which is why the judge asked us not to show her face. she wanted to address her parents, david and louise turpin before they were sent sentenced for torture and folsom prison meant. >> my life may have been bad but it made me strong. i thought to become the person i am. >> the couple who had 13 children in all. broke down as one of their sons address the court speaking about the conditions of their home, and the way that they were raised. >> sometimes they still have nightmares. of things that had happened. such as my siblings, being chained up or getting bitten --
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beaten. >> aa is now 27 years old and he and his siblings are trying to move forward turning to their fate to help them make sense of what happens. >> i love my parents, and i have forgiven them. for a lot of the things that they did to us. >> david and louise turpin agreed to plead guilty were both given life sentences with the first chance of parole in 25 years. they read statements talking about their love for their family and their hope that having some sort of contact in the future. >>i am so proud of each and every one of my children. i miss all of my children. and i will be praying for them. >>i look forward to the day that i can see them and hug them, and tell them i am sorry. >> after the sentencing the attorney for the adult turpin children give an update on their condition. >> i think you can say there are thriving, they all have
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gained strength, they've gained weight. >> many of the siblings are now living independently, they stay in contact with each other, and plan to remain a close family. >> the one thing i learned from them, is that our clients are most of all, survivors, they're not victims. >> that attorney says all the children agree that the sentences their parents got was fair but they've different opinions if they want to have contact with their parents in the future. one of the children asked for a lighter sentence for the parents saying, quote they believed everything they did, was to protect us. police are looking for more information on a creepy incident captured by home security cameras. take a look at this, a girl was walking in a residential neighborhood, when she noticed a man following her in a car. you can see, she hides behind this truck right there. but, the driver backs up and tries to talk to her. she then, starts to run for safety.
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police do not know what the man's motives were, but the warning parents especially as more children are out on spring break. authorities are searching for the suspect of a fatal hit and run in richmond early this morning. is it assessed that hit a pedestrian with the pickup truck and fled the scene. police did not immediately release the victim's identity because family members are still being notified. democrats and congress demanding a unredacted version of the robert mueller report. today, the chairman of the house judiciary committee issued a subpoena to try to get it. nicole killian joins us now from capitol hill with the latest. nicole? >> reporter: tonight the justice department is pushing back against that subpoena request, and insist as being transparent. the department of justice says congressman jerry nadler subpoena for the full mueller report is premature and unnecessary. >> you need the whole report including the underlining documents unredacted. >> reporter: while the 448 page report did not find evidence of
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coordination or conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign in 2016, the special counsel was less clear on the issue of obstruction. leading the question to congress. >> he found numerous instances, where the president took steps to try to derail or shutdown the investigation. >> reporter: the justice department said the invitation for select group of lawmakers to view a less redacted version of the rep or, is sufficient. democrats have declined the invitation. -- kicking off the holiday weekend at his florida golf club , president trump called the robert mueller report crazy and said some of the comments about him are total bs. >> there was no collusion or collusion. >> -- >> reporter: as members of the fbi she said lost confidence and fired fbi director james coming --
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>> i know countless was a slip of the tongue. >> reporter: republicans say the time to move on is now. but there's a culture of lying at the white house they say and is calling on special counsel robert mueller to testify. massachusetts senator became the first presidential candidate to call for impeachment proceedings against the president. that's in light of the mueller report speaker pelosi cautioned one step at a time is for the president own campaign, spokesperson tells us, it has pulled in more than $1 million, since the reports been released. thank you nicole. president trump's press secretary is now trying to explain comments she made after fbi director james was fired. a day after the firing in 2017 sarah sanders had said countless members of the fbi contacted the white house to say they opposed james's leadership. according to the mueller report
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sanders told investigators her phrase was quote a slip of the tongue. sanders was asked about that on cbs this morning. >> look i've acknowledged the word countless, was a slip of the tongue, but it's no secret that a number of fbi, both current and former agreed with the president's decision. let's not forget that james was a disgrace beaker who authorized spying into the trump campaign. >> she also said getting rid of him in her words one of the best decisions the president ever made. let's take a live look at sfo there was an emergency landing happened this morning. a delta flight bound for jfk airport, returned shortly after takeoff today. after the crew smelled a smoky or -- odor in the cockpit they landed safely and will be inspected. the delta worked with passengers to get them on different flights. people are being warned ahead of 420 party in golden
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gate park, they say nearly a dozen people, were hospitalized last year celebrations of marijuana. and wilson walker is in san francisco with the details. wilson? >> reporter: yes, with 420 in san francisco here at hippie hill, comes with all sorts of problems. a arrange of problems things that are described as a nuisance things that are quite serious. there has been talk for a year that last year 12 people got sick here, it might have been struck ill by cannabis that was tainted with fat and all. -- said no -- fentynol. >> do not buy your cannabis on the street a lot of it was laced with fentynol. >> reporter: the dozen or so people that were rushed out of last year's 420 that were stricken by fentynol laced marijuana that has been
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reported for a year now. we asked the health department, is there any, hard evidence that those people were sickened by laced cannabis? >> i know how it's been reported , i do not know how people got exposed to the opioids that they did. >> that's not to downplay the dangers of fentynol laced drugs. spencer -- specifically with tainted methamphetamine. >> reporter: no confirmed cases of overdose of tainted marijuana. authorities are preparing for every kind of problem tomorrow. this is after all a event that kind of happens to the city. >> it is not something we recruit or solicit. for 20 happens. >> reporter: the park is asking everyone to be kind and respectful. >> treat this park which is hundred and 49 years old, as preciously as it deserves to be treated.
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>> reporter: and then they are the problems that swamp surrounding neighborhoods, every single year. >> every year. the city says a lot more buses and parking control they also admit 420 following on a saturday will also mean more people. >> we think the number might be increased 5-10,000. >> reporter: 5-10,000 more people on top of what we had last year? my goodness. i live in this neighborhood, i can assure you if you did like a survey of san francisco to see who is going to tahoe for spring skiing, the hate would be dramatically overrepresented. this is the weekend a lot of people run away from. terrible traffic do not try to move your car, don't try to drive to this neighborhood. and for jaws sake if you're coming to hippie hill, take public transportation you have been warned. we are live at golden gate park. kpix5. well, we are getting some
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answers right now after a disturbing number of gray whales washed ashore in the bay. what a investigation has revealed about the cause of the two most recent deaths. a backlash over a provocative political ad targeting a state housing bill, why some city leaders are calling it racist and offensive. all that snow from the winter storms is melting. and it's rushing into rivers. the danger for crowds hitting the water for the holiday weekend. it is that holiday weekend and the weekend weather will be a lot different, from what some of you are experiencing right now. the ocean breeze, is moving in linz. details on what you can expect as we look at the fog, invading san francisco on friday. we have it for you coming up.
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experts are shedding light, and what likelyaud a gray well to wash up dead on the pacifica beach. scientists from the marine mammal center performed the
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necropsy on that animal and they now think, it was killed by blunt force trauma. most likely, from a ship strike. the experts found the propeller wounds on the dead whale that washed up in richmond as well. it's disfigured, and appears, its tail had been severed. they also suspect it was also hit by a ship. a rescue at sea, you can see the coast guard pulling a person from the water three males off the coast. cruz received a distress call from a ship named never say never and quickly responded. they had to make an emergency landing at a flea market in santa cruz to refuel. when they arrived thick fog, made it hard for them to get them out but they eventually did. rivers are starting to run cold and fast as the snows melt. the's a warning for the holiday weekend. >> the rivers will start jumping up. this is a firsfor mother we have had. it will change day to day.
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guy cables was here outdoors center love this time of year. >> we have fun boating, but the flows are double and triple. for this time of year. we haven't had any mail yet. >> the fifth-largest snowpack in history have swift currents and high water. will be a popular white water rafting spots. >>too high in dangerous peak -- if you don't know what you're doing go the commercial and take lessons this year. >> experts say the water can be enticing on a hot spring day. but watch out. >> some people want to get the water because her sweaty and hot, once you get in the water the water so cold it overtakes them. >> is liquid snow, you have two minutes to get out or your body locks up and you drown. if you want to test the water from the bank. >> stay on the rivers edge and be very careful. might be mindful where children are. >> is better to be safe and then sorry.
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experts advise if you do want to do water sports as we can, where wetsuit, get training and have a guide. new damage from deadly storms that have been tearing through the south. the storm is being blamed for at least four deaths. this one spawned multiple tornadoes causing heavy rain and downing trees. it left tens of thousands of people, without power. in jackson mississippi, the storm ripped bricks on the side of this apartment building. those bricks were raining down on vehicles you can see what happened. luckily no one was hurt. we have our easter forecast and lots of fog out there. >> we do have fog over san francisco this is a transition day. yesterday everyone was warm, tomorrow everyone will be chilly, today it depends on where you are. we still have a few low 80s right now. its 80 degrees in concorde. but, it 63, foggy and breezy in san francisco.
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we have fallen 15 degrees in the past two hours and santa rosa. and 66 and open 68. here comes the marine air all of us get it tomorrow morning. close around 50. san jose 51, san jose -- san francisco 51. there could be drizzle which isn't picked up on radar. maybe on the hills or coastline. coming up tonight in early tomorrow. cherry blossom festival in japan town this weekend. sunday will be the sunnier choice although both days will be mild with temperatures, in the low to mid 60s in san francisco. tomorrow not to warm, cloudy start and minimal afternoon sunshine only high of 68 degrees. easter sunday the sun comes out earlier it will be mild with 74 degrees. a ridge of high pressure is now over eastern nevada it's gone. we have a low pressure to our south onshore flow in a storm that will state were north as well. onshore flow. two days we have the flow from the worst -- ocean and then a
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new ridge will come in. tomorrow morning it's about cloud cover. 7 am even if you're 81 or 82 degrees. you will still be damp, and chilly, and breezy tomorrow morning. some afternoon sunshine, after 2 pm. it will be rather cool. easter sunday, this particular computer model says all the clouds are gone by 7 am. i think the clouds will clear by 9-10 on sunday morning and sunday afternoon should be mainly clear and monday we will be mainly clear for all of next week because a new ridge of high pressure that's bigger and stronger and not as easy to leave. the entire week next week will be warmer than average. tomorrow you will wake up milder, sunnier. mother and son you're coming up sunday.
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next week, lots the 70s and 80s beginning monday and tuesday. 60s tomorrow, chilly day. fema 66 nampa 69 san francisco 62. mountain view 66 degrees. sunnier on easter sunday back to the 80s in linz on monday. pretty warm weather mid- seventies the other day mid-80s inland for tuesday, wednesday and thursday that is your easter holiday weekend forecast. thank you. two men trapped inside a burning car. body camera shows the intense moments officers braved the flames to get them out.
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a dramatic rescue in camden new jersey. a harrowing body camera footage shows police officers pulling people, trapped in a burning car. officers in good samaritan shattered the windows and pulled two men out just in the nick of time. two of the victims, suffered severe burns, russia the hospital for treatment. in paris, officials are now checking whether a computer glitch allowed the notre dame fire to grow out of control. officers in electrical short circuit, may have most likely caused the monday evening fire. a fire alarm, went off, but a computer bug showed the fire's location in the wrong place. public concert for notre dame has been planned at grace cathedral in san francisco on april 29. the san francisco sympathy --
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symphony, healing from paris will be putting on a free show, to celebrate the cathedral. some lucky kittens have a new lease on life today. that's after their mother nearly escaped a fire in california. here's a look of one of four of the healthy kittens. national park officials say their mother was captured and colored just a day before the fire broke out. they are about four weeks old, anilny. the smallest of that letter weighs less than a pound. the fire burned about 100,000 acres, and displaced much of the wildlife in that area. coming up at 5:30, a provocative political ad. opposing state housing bill that's being called racist. and offensive. custody leaders say it is taking advantage of a painful time in history. they all had a climate more difficult than this. three of the world's top
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climbers likely killed in the canadian rockies. the young american who devoted his life to tackling some of the most challenging mountains. a record-breaking flu season, why it is the longest in a decade.
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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. uproar over ads that oppose new at housing near public transit. critics say the messages are placed to try to stir up resentment from african- americans. good evening. a kpix5 political reporter on how those ads, it may be backfiring. >> reporter: we are here in san francisco right near the fillmore district and that is just one area that was substantially gentrified during some redevelopment efforts right after world war ii to. now, some activists


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