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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area gate park. oakland police stepping up enforcement this holiday weekend. a woman dragged by a train after getting her arm caught in the door how mta is responding. thank you for joining us. >> our top story. the 4/20 celebration. this is a look at festivities at
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4/20 this afternoon. rules in place for this years pot party. >> this is a 4/20, the first falling on a saturday since we it was made legal in california. >> reporter: pot enthusiasts came from all walks of life for all things weed. it is a tradition dating back to the 70s but much more regulated. the city started officially permitting the event 2 years ago as recreational pot became legal. >> this is one of the biggest joints i have ever seen. >> thank you very much. i like to smoke them big if i can. >> reporter: better security and a cleanup crew being paid for by local dispensaries where police officers and paramedics
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are standing by. this is after last year's debacle where users were hospitalized for opioid overdoses. narcan can reverse the effects and no cannabis sales are supposed to happen on site. they clearly were but no one wanted to talk about it. pets, glass and alcohol are technically banned but plenty made it through as did some entrepreneurs like this guy and his soul are lighter. >> getting it clean with glass, stash and sunshine. procreative smoking devices. >> this is a type i made out of a warren. >> reporter: this year, food trucks lined up to get a piece of the afterglow. >> this is munchy heaven. so many foods. it is world peace in ople from
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langndpassing a joint back and forth. the cost is about $200,000. kpix 5. caltrans has posted this morning on its electronic road signs. drive hi get a dui. 4/20 enthusiasts with munchies can get some treats today. ben & jerry's will give you a free pint and you can get sandwiches at ike's and the bird will have a free sandwich. customers line-up and follow them on instagram. authorities in alameda county are on the lookout to an we are onnohappen again. >> reporter: well, this area,
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right here -- sorry about that it is so windy out here. this area near the northbound on-ramp to interstate 880 here at 42nd avenue and oakland is known as the pit. you can see the tire marks from previous sideshows. oakland police say they are going to be staffing up to make sure we do not see a repeat of last weekend. last weekend's sideshow in oakland digressed to this. complete chaos at this intersection where a bus was set on fire and so was a semi truck. the crowd of more than 1000 ficould handle. the nearby >> there is no way to deal y to
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there is a fire. >> reporter: kelldeesofce kld police and california highway patrol will take a no tolerance approach to any illegal driving. >> you have to hit it early on and keep them from congregating which we do through enforcement and deterrence. >> reporter: to prevent a repeat, a level of destruction community leaders say gets worse every time. >> the streets are being destroyed and my vehicles are being destroyed. the safety of my pedestrians and families and children are at risk. >> reporter: oakland city council members -- represents the area where sideshows often occur. oakland police are not doing enough to stop the illegal gatherings and says the lack of action is going to get someone killed. >> one of those cars could get
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out of control and run over bystanders and kill people. i will guarantee you i will have the national guard here to address the , we need to do better. >> reporter: we were interrupted about a half a dozen times by drivers speeding past. >> i am so disturbed. this is my activity, right there. >> reporter: police have told us in the past the best way to stop sideshows is to prevent them from gathering together in the first place. that means tomorrow they will have extra officers on the road making sure they are handing out tickets and towing any cars of people that are involved. coming up tonight at 6:00 we will tell you a new bill that is working its way through the state legislature imposing tougher penalties on people
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participating in the sideshows. kpix 5. >> neighbors and oakland washed cars to raise money. drivers were donating $20 each and last saturday, a mother and six-year-old son were killed and runover in a crosswalk at foothill av a blacme hit them and going. volunteers today hope to raise $5000 to help the woman's husband and 2 other children. >> we had other community members drop off money and we are sure we are close to our goal. we are happy and grateful the community is coming together. they are making this happen. e $25,000 reward leading to an arrest. eating our look at the
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terrifying moment a woman got dragged by a train in san francisco. morning this is not easy to watch. as bad as it looks the woman is doing okay after spending several days in the hospital. this happened at the embarcadero station while a woman was trying to catch the train and her hand got stuck in the process. the train started moving and an investigation is in works. they were already in the process of installing new sensors before the woman got stuck. we meet all the technical requirements and regulations we always want to take advantage of tech logical developments and continue to make improvements to the design said whru mbta. meeting with leaders in holly hill she has been holding town
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halls and the early primary is likely to be crucial for harris in 20. the molar report released is prompting renewed calls for impeachment proceedings against president trump. melissa kane shows us the divide among democrats. >> reporter: i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. at a campaign event this was said and elizabeth warren said she supports impeaching president trump and admits she did not consult with democratic party leaders. >> with any other democrats about this, for me, this is not about politics. there are some decisions that are bigger than politics. >> reporter: this congresswoman tweeted she plans to sign on to a resolution to start the impeachment process.
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nancy pelosi had a cryptic response when she was asked about impeachment. >> the first article, the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that. >> reporter: nancy pelosi has been skeptical of impeachment in the past saying president trump is "not worth it". the nu 2e house told cnn that impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. we may have an answer soon. nancy pelosi sent a letter to congressional democrats saying the caucus is setting up a conference call for monday to discuss this grave matter. a law professor says the real question in impeachment is whether the president is paper office. under thatstandard,much evidenc attempted obstruction, so much evidence of dysfunction in the white house that you could easily put together a package. >> reporter: even if trump is impeached in the house, the senate would have to vote to remove the president from
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office. that seems unlikely. even if democrats do not impeach, it is said there is another option. >> mueller reminds us that the president could be indicted after he leaves office. the statute of limitations will not have run if trump leaves office in 2021 the statute will not have run on anything he did in that first year in office. >> reporter: kpix 5. still ahead a somber anniy ivors columbine high school shooting are honoring those who lost their lives, how wel ow u the g devastation. all that plus a windy saturday and there are major changes ahead for the work week coming up. we will document them in the forecast coming up.
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it was the school shooting that shot the nation before attacks became a seemingly routine. 12 students and a teacher were killed at colorado's columbine high school 20 years ago. the high school south of denver was ambushed by a pair of students with guns and homemade bombs. the 2 eventually killed themselves. images of students running from their lives were broadcast nationwide. many of the survivors use their traumatic experience as a way to help others. they say, even 20 years later, they will never forget. >> i did not understand and i had no concept of someone shooting at me, particularly in school. >> it was horrible it dominated my life for a long time. i still have a beautiful family and i have a life i was able to rebuild from that. >> last night survivors brought their children to this hilltop near columbine. 13 plaques name those who were
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killed. in france yellow vests were killed -- lining the ets for the 13th weekend in a row. demonstration took place less than a week after fire ripped through the notre dame cathedral, 3 of france's wealthiest families donated hundreds of millions of dollars for reconstruction. protesters pointed out that more than 900 million intonations are a glaring sign of economic inequality. states jobs search is being powered by 4 counties in the bay area. san mateo county tops the list with a rate of 2.4% followed by san francisco, marion county and santa clara all with jobless rates under 3%. at least 5 debts are blamed on the storm that destroyed homes in the southeast and the
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washington dc area. widespread power outages and delays with rains causing dangerous flooding. street closures and the storm is moving up the coast. the national weather service forecasts excessive rainfall in new england, this weekend. let's take a look across the bay throughout our bay area. the breeze has created clear conditions in some spots and we are in the weather center to tell you if there is a warm-up on the way. >> we have a warm-up on the way and back to us -- do you want to hear about tomorrow? >> the forecast is calling for sunny skies, blue as a robins egg out there with temperatures warming up on sunday. it was breezy today and as we demonstrated earlier, the outlook has some waving trees in the foreground. some patchy cloudsthe south bay afternoon. you can see these in san jose,
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a beautiful saturday and up to 67 degrees in concord. wind speeds -- it is blowing -- in the mid-20s and it is in the 20s for the south bay. oakland has gusts up to 36 miles per hour and it is windy as well. high atop the west coast, high- pressure building and and low pressure getting booted to the east. northwesterly winds wrapping up as a result. the high dominates the weather and it will be in the 80s by the time we had tuesday. pollen gets shaken up and allergens in the atmosphere get worse over the next few days. future cast shows clouds blooming over the south bay but rthwesterly direction is a dry direction, it looks like it will be clear tomorrow with sunny easter skies. and winds will ease up e
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tomorrow. warmer and we will be in the mid-80s by tuesday. oakland is taking on -- they are taking on the blue jays and it will be sunny and 70 degrees. 63 degrees tomorrow and beautiful in san francisco for the spring festival. tonight down to 50 and tomorrow the numbers recover into the 70s. in the extended forecast, pressure on and temperatures up. by tuesday it is smoking. turning the corner on us and that is whether. more on those blue jays. the oakland a's and the struggles continue against the blue jays. the pirates get thrown off by mother nature as the rain causes a delay midway through the game. we we'll be right back. show me the crown.
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the a's haven't been themselves since returning from their road trip. nojug they
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i thought 4/20 was supposed to mellow you out? scoring and 2 hits in the game. next inning, launching a 3 run shot to centerfield which makes it 4-0 blue jays. going 3-5 and 9-0 bottom of the eighth. popping one at the shower shallow left. making a catch with a bare hand. looking like a former giant. game out a hand and oakland bringing in first baseman to pitch. allowing one rung but limiting thge load days when 10-1. the a's have lost 4 of thei
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night delays and the game on time tonight. the game gets called off in the fifth with another storm rolling in. everyone was checking the weather in pittsburgh hoping they could play before the rain started falling. no score in the bottom of the fourth. a solo home run off holland giving the pirates a 1-0 lead. next happening, a single to left and martin overrunning allowing a score. the game is tied 1-1. bottom of the inning, tucker making his major-league debut getting his 2 run shot makes it 3-1 home s pittsburgh. enjoying his moment with a curtain call and the rain arrives causing a delay before the start of the six. three hours later it is delayed and no word on if they will resume the game. the la warriors looking to take a series run and and offensive machine and game 3. team
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getting some minutes from the oldest player on the team scoring 15 points shooting on thursday's game. the 35-year-old is averaging 11 points a game in the series. he has not looked anything like a 15 year veteran. >> i said in the film session oh to be 35 again. my son said i know you are 35 it wasn't that great. oh, to be andre at 35. he is hibettau and knowledge and it is a joy to watch him play. >> a great veteran player on the court. >> trying to tie the series with as many as 12 early. in the second quarter scoring and drying a foul to give nuggets the lead. finishing with 29 points. third-quarter, a 5 point lead
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and murray throws down the dunk over the spurs defended. 117-103 tying the series that 2 games apiece. dampers first win at san antonio since march 2012. eastern conference, tempers flare between the mets and the 76ers. two players were ejected. final minute sixers down 2 and finding a wind open going up by 1. it is the same score. getting 3 for the land. the next possession, long. tipp the lead. coming back to win 112-108 to take a 3-1 series lead. less than a week away from the nfl draft the raiders new
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general manager has sent all of the team scouts home and they are not expected to return. according to a nfl report, the raiders did not know who to trust and wanted to clear the room. maybe the scouts shouldn't feel too bad because his daughter tweeted during a lunch, he took his draft binder to the bathroom instead of leaving it with his own daughter. we will see what the secrecy is about in a few days. >> thank you so much. >> we we'll be right back.
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it is not your typical easter celebration. today, a crowd turned out for an easter egg hunt at the spooky winchester mystery house in san jose. >> children of all ages ran around searching for more than 5000 eggs. >> as a bonus, 13 golden eggs were hidden that could be redeemed for special prizes. what is in the school next? i always love that. hiding the golden eggs. since the ch u n llle thyou do at that yes,w leg. >> we always have that. you never had that? i am sorry brian. >> that is why i got into whether. >> cbs weekend news is next we
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will see you back here at 6:00 p.m. they'r captioning sponsored by cbs >> begnaud: a tiger attack at a u.s. zoo. visitors watched as the tiger malled a trainer. tso tonight, death and destruction-- there is a huge storm that has killed at least five people and it is moving orom the deep south to the northeast. >> this house behind us is totally destroyed. >> begnaud: a former white house counsel firing back. don mcgahn is responding to criticism that he helped robert mueller. we'll remember the columbine 13, 20 years after the school shooting that stunned this nation. >> they're going through a time where their wounds have been ripped open.>> begna: ankeepingt the beat. >> people demand us to sing now. they won't take no for an answer. >> begnaud: meet mike and moe,


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