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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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cloud of smoke. it is coming from hippie hill in golden gate park, chopper five was overhead at 41 20 this afternoon as thousands of people celebrated the annual pot holiday, kpix 5's and anne makovec was in the crowd. >> reporter: pot enthusiasts came from all walks of life. >> it is a holiday for pot smokers. >> reporter: a tradition dating back to the 70s but it is much more regulated these days. the city started officially permitting the event two years ago. after recreational pot became legal. ♪ san francisco, let's go. >> that is one of the biggest joints i have ever seen. >> i like smoking big i can. >> reporter: now added fencing, better security and a beefed up cleaning to crew is standing by. that is after last year's debacle, when nearly a dozen event goers were hospitalized
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for opioid overdoses. this year, our emergency workers are equipped with narcan, which can reverse the effect. no cannabis sales are supposed to happen on site, they clearly were, but no one really wanted to talk about that. >> 4/20. >> i have to go -- >> reporter: pets, glass, and alcohol are all technically not allowed. plenty made it through, as did some entrepreneurs like this guy with his solar later. >> it is a glass, stash, and sunshine. >> reporter: and some creative smoking devices. >> it is a pipe i made out of the side of the horn. >> reporter: this year, food trucks lined up to get a piece of the afterglow. this looks like munchy heaven? >> it is munchy heaven. >> you have people from all colors, religion, everything. they are all laughing and passing a joint back-and-forth. you not see that anywhere else. >> reporter: the cost of all of this? about $200,000. in golden gate park, anne
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makovec , kpix 5. as you can imagine, as befits a marijuana fest, it was fairly mellow. there were only seven arrests, one person needed medical treatment. the hippie hill area is now closed off for cleaning. meanwhile, of the thousands of people who just left, do not get behind the wheel of a car, chp will be out in force tonight, looking for impaired drivers. caltrans has reminders every few miles, it has changed up its electric roadsigns for the moment to read "drive high, get a dui". today, rideshare company lyft offers a $4.20 credit to people in many cities, all you have to do is enter the promo code "tran08 bay "tran area, 19". police are stepping up enforcement to avoid a repeat of a violent sideshow last week and.
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officers were outnumbered as a city bus and truck went up in flames. k nielsen tells us it is not just law enforcement cracking down, so are lawmakers. katie? >> reporter: we are actually here at the northbound interstate 880 at 42nd avenue, this is an area known as the pit. is popular for sideshows, one city council member is supporting a bill that talks about people convicted of working with those sideshows. last week, chaos at 42nd avenue and international boulevard where a bus was set on fire, and so was a semitruck. >> my streets are being destroyed. my vehicles are being destroyed. and, the safety of my pedestrians and families and children are at risk. >> reporter: oakland city councilman
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noel gallo represents the areas were sideshows often occur. he pointed out the magnitude of the problem during our interview this afternoon. >> from the schools to the street, we need to do better. >> reporter: when we were interrupted almost a half-dozen times by drivers, speeding past. >> i am really disturbed [ inaudible ] -- there is my activity right there. >> reporter: next week he is testifying in support of ab410, which would outline penalties for participants, including a car used in a sideshow for at least 30 days, and a repeat offender could face stricter penalties. if i catch you doing a second time, i get to keep your car. >> reporter: towing cars is one way police have dealt with sideshows in the past. but, last weekend, the sideshow
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grew to a crowd of more than 1000 people. which was more than nearby officers could handle. >> there is no way to possibly deal with that tremendous amount of gunfire, rocks, bubbles, fireworks, and trying to go in and control the scene while you have a bus on fire and a semi tractor trailer. >> reporter: the sheriff says this holiday weekend extra deputies and additional officers from oakland police and the california highway patrol will take a no tolerance approach to any illegal driving. >> you have to hit it early on, and you have to keep them from congregating into a pack. you do that through enforcement, and deterrence. >> reporter: tomorrow, extra officers will be on patrol, throughout the area, again. towing cars, if they are seen doing any kind of reckless maneuvers. now, councilman noel gallo will be at the state capitol on tuesday to testify in support of the bill, that would have stricter penalties for those convicted of participating in the sideshows. >> we will follow that for sure. thank you.
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neighbors in oakland watched cars to raise money. this woman and her six-year-old son were killed last saturday. in a crosswalk, a mile down the road at foothill and 26th, the driver took off in a black mercedes. today, volunteers hope to raise $5000 to help her husband and two other children. >> we had community members come in and drop off money without washing their cars. i am pretty sure we are close to the goal. i am really happy that the community came together, and we had people from all walks of life together, to make this happen. >> authorities still looking for the suspected hit-and-run driver, he is identified as mr. allen, there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.
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an 18-month-old child is in critical condition after plummeting 20 feet from a fire escape in oakland. officers were called to an apartment complex near martin luther king junior way, this afternoon. toddler was rushed to the hospital, he was in critical condition. police are investigating how the child got out onto the fire escape in the first place. tonight, san jose police are looking for help to find a missing woman with a medical condition. the 61-year-old was last seen yesterday on redbut court. she is about 5'5", weighs 110 help, give police a call if you see her. exclusive video of a hospital worker in santa clara county, jumping into action after an armed man stormed into the emergency room. it happened thursday, at good
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samaritan in san jose. watch as the employee approaches the suspect, sitting on the gurney, snatches a gun out of his hands, and then throws it to the ground. police say all began after the suspect walked into the er. flashing his gun, demanding to be seen. >> he walked up and grabbed the gun, through it, and tackled him to the ground. >> they are saying the nurses are detaining him right now. that they have a hold of the gun. >> this was the weapon involved, it turns out it was a pellet gun, but it looked a lot like a real gun, no shots were fired, the suspect was arrested. still to come, a woman is dragged under a train, and somehow survived. the safety upgrade that is already underway to keep it from happening again. a heartless case of animal cruelty tonight. search is on for a woman who dumped a bag and newborn puppies in the crash. one of the oldest buildings, is now about to close down. a group is pleading with the city to keep it open.
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just in time for easter, we will take you behind the scenes at san francisco's newest chocolate factory. >> you would think that would be enough? but, no. we also have a weather forecast with changes coming up this week. it is happening after the break. it is happening after the break. start your day here -- >> big changes on the way -- >> out the door whether -- >> that is right, this will really affect your evening -- >> real-time traffic -- >> caltrans has bought two lanes -- >> and all the news you need to know. >> we are getting a live look today, this project has just been given the green light -- >> start your day with us, and expect more. monday morning, on kpix 5 . on kpix 5 .
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disturbing new video tonight investigators are looking for
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this woman after she dropped a bag of puppies outside of a dumpster. the temperature hit about 90 degrees that day, rescuers say the puppies likely would have died if a worker at the store had not checked the trash. the puppies were just 3 days old, a rescue group is not taking care of them. state regulars are now looking into a terrifying mishap. a warning, it is terrifying to watch. believe it or not, the woman is relatively all right, she spent several days in the hospital,
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she is back home tonight. the agency said in a statement, this provides another layer of protection to offset unsafe behavior, such as trying to grab the doors as the train is leaving the station. coming up tonight at 11, we hear from a man who is on a platform when the woman is pulled from the train. a traffic alert for drivers in fremont, a stretch of 680 will be shut down in both directions overnight. caltrans is demolishing the old sheridan over crossing, the work will start just after midnight, and should be done around 8:30 am, drivers will be detoured to mission road. also starting tomorrow, san francisco workers will begin removing the supports that sit in the middle fremont street under the trans bay terminal. the new transit terminal has been shut down since september when workers discovered cracks. a one block stretch between howard and mission will be closed overnight, sundays through friday. the supports on first street will come down later, repairs to the transit center
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should be repaired by june, there is no date set for the reopening. new numbers from the state employment development department show that the four strongest job markets in the state are right here in the bay area. san mateo county tops the list with an unemployment rate in march of just 2.4%. followed by san francisco, and santa clara county, all with job unemployment rates under 3%. speaking of work, here is a dream job for a chocolate lover, a new chocolate factory just opened for business in san francisco. >> reporter: we got a sneak peek and a private tour of dandelion factory's new factory, here in the mission.
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the new factory and store represents a massive expansion for the boutique chocolatier. >> we are working on scaling up production processes by 10 times. that means 10 times the amount of chocolate that we are making at our valencia street location. >> reporter: it features an open factory design where customers can watch it as the cocoa beans are baked, and refined into the chocolate we know and love. >> i think it is neat to see how things are actually made. you know, if you go to the supermarket and just by a finished product, you do not really know where it is coming from. >> reporter: in addition to the factory floor, the building which once housed a printing shop, now has an upscale tasting room and store. >> it is inviting the public and, that is what we are here for. to get people to be excited about chocolate. to experience dandelion in all of its ways. >> reporter: dandelion factory has its own unique back story, with echoes of its silicon valley routes. it actually started in a garage, in palo alto. as you can see, they scaled quite a bit from those years. >> reporter: as it grows bigger with the new factory, the challenge is to maintain the
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quality of its smallbatch chocolate. dandelion factory is looking to build on its success, it currently has a pop-up store in the los angeles area, and is eyeing an expansion later. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> and we have learned the factory will offer daily tasting and tours, you will need to book those in advance. it was windy outside, i do not know if you notice? wind gusting up to about 35 miles per hour across parts of the coastal bay area. pretty good gusts inland as well. tomorrow, the wind will come down, and the temperatures will come up, but in both departments, just about that much. easter sunday, some low clouds on the shoreline, but on the other hand, things do warm into the mid-70s, in the warmer parts of the bay area, for sunday. it is looking pretty good, skies are of the east bay, the trees still being blown around in our dublin camera, looking out towards mt. diablo. it is still windy, it will
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continue to be overnight. a few clouds overlying san jose right now, concorde, 63 degrees, oakland, 58. in san jose, 57 degrees. wind speeds right now, they have settled down a bit. but, as they flow it is up to 35 miles per hour, in half moon bay, 30, in san rafael, 35, in pleasanton, 25 miles per hour as well. up in the north bay, it is windy. it will continue tonight. so, this is why, high pressure that is moving in, low pressure being booted to the east, that is a classic situation for northwesterly winds. it is a drier direction too, and that will clear us out tomorrow. so, we will get rid of it. we will have more sunshine. next week will be warm, the high pressure will dominate by then. and, it is the high pressure that is building, the temperatures will follow suit. so does the pollen, the allergens are being blown around by all of this, it is going to make allergy sufferers suffer all the more. over the bay area
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tonight, the clearer tomorrow. breezy tonight, increasing sunshine and warmer tomorrow, we really put the heat on by tuesday, for this time of year, anyway. mid-80s, that is something. it will be a beautiful day for the oakland a's to take on the toronto blue jays. the game time temperature tomorrow at 1:07 pm will be nice. it will as well for the cherry blossom festival in san francisco in japan town. it will be 63 degrees, 64 for the union spring street festival. 70s in the bay area, 73 in livermore, 74 in san jose, warmer than it was today. in the extended forecast, pressure is on, heat is on as
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well, mid-80s for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. it is a good beach week, if you can swing it. we cool down into the weekend, but, a nice week today, dry as well, and not a drop of rain insight. all right, think your house has what it takes to make it in hollywood? how picture-perfect bay area homes are earning their owners big bucks. the giants get thrown off by mother nature as a rain causes a delay midway through the game. we will be right back. me. we will be right back.
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it is hard enough to find your way around the winchester mystery house, but try and find easter eggs there? that is what plenty of kids set out to do, the "hoppening", as they called it, it included a visit from the jelly belly
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mascot. the kids had a really good time, we found some eggs. we told him last night to not expect to find too many eggs, we knew there were going to be a lot of kids. we got more than we thought we would. the a's returning from the road trip, they had three runs in the last four games, the struggles continue at the plate again today. umpires in oakland were not making saving calls, they were dealing with these unruly fans. boy, he got taken down, in the top of the third, against toronto, former athletic eric so guard signals off, his course, he has two hits in the game. they allow 6 runs in 3 1/3, now is 9-0, in the eighth. take a look at this, shortstop,
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reaches up and makes the catch with his bare hand. oakland brings in the first baseman to pitch, he allows one run, but eliminated the damage when he got him to pop out with the bases loaded to end the inning. today they started on time, but the game gets called off in the fifth inning with another storm rolling in. everyone was checking the weather, in pittsburgh, hoping they could play before the rain started falling, no score in the bottom of the fourth, he blasts solo home run. in the bottom of the inning, tucker making his major-league debut, he gets his first big- league hit and home run all in
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one suite, a two run shot makes it 3-1 pittsburgh, tucker enjoyed his moment with a curtain call. the rain did arrive before the start of the sixth inning, after a 3+ hour delay, the game was called with the pirates winning. the warriors are in l.a. looking to take a 3-1 lead. entree scored 15 points on 5 and 6 shooting in thursday's game 3 win. he is averaging 11 points of the game, and has not look anything like a 15 year veteran. >> like i said in the film session, to be 35 again, and my son said no, i saw you at 35, you are not that great. and, he is right. but, to be andre f-35, he is as smart of a player as i have been run. he makes everybody around him
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better because of his awareness and knowledge. and, it is a joy to watch him. the nuggets bench getting hyped as they tried to tie. they give the nuggets the league, they finish with 29 point. 3rd quarter, now a 5-point denver lead, jamal murray throws down the dock over two spurs defenders, and he had two, they win at two games apiece, it is denver's first win in san antonio since march of 2012. jared dudley and philadelphia's butler were ejected from the game, final minute, the sixers were down, misses loretta, rebound the onus, and find him wide open for the 3. he goes up to one, same score, 30 seconds to go, joe harris gets three, for the layup. they go up i one with 25 seconds left. the next position, he nearly loses the ball, tips it up to
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mike scott who, gets the corner three to give them a lead for good. they come to win 112-18 two take a 3-1 series lead. and, yesterday, less than a week away from the nfl draft, the raiders new general manager has sent all of the teams got home, they are not expected to return. according to an nfl network report, the raiders did not know who to trust, and wanted to clear the room. maybe the scouts should not feel too bad because his daughter tweeted that during a lunch, he took his draft finder to the bathroom with him, instead of leaving it with his own daughter. >> he keeps it professional. >> i'm guessing it was not for bathroom breathing. >> okay, i thought you would say something like that. >> okay, anyway. >> coming up in the next hour -- a presidential candidate uses the i-word. >> i have called on the house
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to initiate impeachment proceedings. why other prominent democrats like nancy pelosi may not give her the response she wants. this has some of the most difficult climbing you can find anywhere in the world. hope is fading for a group of missing climbers sponsored by a bay area company. it has been 20 years since the massacre here at columbine high school. a tiger goes on the attack at a kansas zoo. attack at a kansas zoo.
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you are watching kpix 5 news . the top story at 6:30 pm, the mueller report released two days ago is prompting renewed calls for impeachment proceedings against president trump. the top democrats are looking at the idea with a presidential candidate on one side, and the house speaker on the other. >> i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings.
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>> reporter: at a campaign event, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren says she and others support impeaching president trump. she says she has not talked with other democrat leaders. >> i have not talked with other democrats in leadership. this is not about politics, there are some decisions that are bigger than politics. >> reporter: new year congresswoman alexandria ocasio- cortez says she is on board. nancy police he had a perfect response when she was asked about impeachment. >> we believe that the first article, article 1, the legislative branch, has a responsibility of oversight of the democracy. we will exercise that. >> reporter: she has been skeptical of impeachment and the past saying that president trump is just not worth it. the number 2 democrat in the house, told cnn that impeachment is not worth it at
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this point. but, we may have an answer soon. the real question in impeachment is whether the president is fit for office. and under that standard, democrats can make a case. >> there is so much evidence of attempted obstruction, there is so much evidence of dysfunction in the white house that you could easily put together a package. >> reporter: even if trump is impeached in the house, the senate would have to vote to remove him from office, that seems unlikely. even if democrats do not impeach, he says there is another option. >> he does remind us that the president could be indicted after he leaves office. the statute of limitations will not have run if trump leaves
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office in 2021. climbers were reported missing on sunday, searchers found debris containing climbing equipment. >> it has some of the most difficult climbing you can find of the world. it may have been something off the top of the peak that broke loose and swept them off. there was nothing they could do about that. >> kelly was the youngest american to summit mount everest, he did it in 2003 at the age of 20. in a statement, north face called the climbers valued and loved members of the north face family, the company added we are doing everything we can to
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support their families, friends, and community during this difficult time. a massive storm that barreled through the southeast u.s. before moving north is blamed for at least five deaths, rain has caused dangerous flooding, trapping cars and making some roads impassable. several tornadoes also touched down. in north carolina firefighter nearly needed emergency help as her firehouse took a heavy hit. >> i walked into the day room to look up the window, the next thing i know, there was a loud boom, it sounded like the roof blew off, literally. >> the storm system is moving out to sea, but thousands of people caught in his path are without power this evening. in kansas a zookeeper is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a tiger, it happened this morning at the topeka zoo, while the zookeeper was inside with the tiger, officials say the zookeeper is the primary tiger keeper, and commonly cleans the habitat. but, the animals are not supposed to be inside while that is happening. >> there really is not a circumstance where they should be in the same space. this incident is very
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unfortunate, but he did what a wild animal, a wild tiger, does. >> the zoo was shut down for about 45 minutes after the attack, the facilities director says they are not considering euthanizing the tiger. yellow vests were back on the streets of paris today for the 23rd weekend in a row. things took a chaotic turn as protesters set off small fires and clashed with police. some radical demonstrators threw rocks and set motorcycles on fire. many others marched against rising prices and income in quality. this is just a week after fire rushed through the notre dame cathedral. police in northern ireland have been two arrests in the killing of a journalist. the 29-year-old was shot to death thursday during writing, today police released videos from the scene, one angle shows him watching the protests,
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other footage appears to show the suspect. this morning police arrested two men, aged 18 and 19. >> i believe both of those are members of the ira, i believe they were both involved in the attack. my consideration is whether those two individuals acted in isolation or in collusion with other individuals. i am keen for the community to come forward, to help me answer those questions. >> investigators believe he was probably hit by a stray bullet, she had just recently signed a book deal. today marks 20 years since one of the most shocking killings. people in mourning gathered to remember the people killed. one of the victims was a shy boy scout named daniel who
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joined the debate team. kenneth craig sat down with his father who was working with people for the last two decades to turn his pain interaction. >> reporter: his life is about the before and after. >> those years before columbine. family life was normal. after columbine it is grieving and pain, it is life without a key member of your family. >> reporter: his son daniel was 15. one of 12 students and a teacher who were killed in the mass shooting at columbine high school. >> we have a tragedy like this happen, it is like an earthquake. you have those waves coming out. we were there in the epicenter. >> reporter: do you feel as though this has defined you? >> i do feel it has defined me. it is a key event of my life.
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>> reporter: just two weeks before the massacre, daniel had brought up the issue of loopholes in gun control. >> he did not kill their spirits -- >> reporter: after that conversation, it drove his father to a new mission in life. >> how could i not react and respond? and do something to honor him. >> reporter: he has worked for two decades to strengthen gun laws and institute stricter background checks. >> i feel that we still have a lot of people who are in denial. who think that it would not happen to them. it is like, i did not think it would happen to me. they think somehow this problem will take care of itself. it has not. and it will not. >> reporter: the work has helped to move forward. so has his family. a year after daniel's death, they adopted a baby girl from china. on special occasions, he wears the shoes his son wore the day he died. do you feel his presence? >> i do. i feel that it gives me strength.
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to take on anything. >> reporter: his gentle spirit and shy grin are memorialized near the high school, where those in morning still remember the senseless violence the change the community for ever. kenneth craig, cbs news, littleton, colorado. still to come, a piece of east bay history is in jeopardy tonight. >> plus, why the iconic mormon temple in salt lake city is about to close its doors. its doors. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the old city of jerusalem is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors during the next few days because two important holidays, easter and passover, are happening at the same time. a historic closure in utah, leaders announced salt lake temple will shut its doors for the next four years. the reason the temple is in need of major renovations including strengthening the foundation in the event of an earthquake. church members say the effort is needed to preserve the temple for many generations to come. they plan on opening the doors to the public once again once the project is done. >> to be able to walk through it and see what has been done, and experience something that has not been available to people in over 125 years -- >> salt lake temple is a huge
6:42 pm
cultural icon. my great, great parents were married when it was dedicated, i have a commemorative plate from the event. and of course i love the temple. it is the center of my religious life. >> the salt lake temple is expected to close by the end of this year. back here in the bay area, a piece of culture is in jeopardy, one of the county's oldest buildings is about to shut down. along with the equestrian group that it calls home. >> reporter: like many of you, i knew nothing about the history when i was a kid. the family founded the city of concorde, this was where they hosted parties and celebrations. it was abandoned in the early 1900s, the horsemen's association restored it in
6:43 pm
1941, and has called this home ever since. now, the city of concorde is affecting the organization, and closing down this landmark. >> it is going to be broken into, it is going to be damaged. and i am worried it is going to be damaged beyond even city repair. >> reporter: that is the biggest concern when the city shuts down the adobe, all signs agree, squatters will likely move in and vandalize the landmark in concorde. for the last 6 years, mindy and her family have lived in a cottage behind the adobe, as full-time caretakers. mindy is also the vice president of the horsemen's association, which has looked after the adobe for many decades . the association pays a mere $1 lease, yearly. they are responsible for $10,000 in capital improvements. the city says they are subsidizing the nonprofit with very little community benefit, and return. the last equestrian event here was a couple of years ago. in fact, the horse arena is now
6:44 pm
covered with weeds. >> we cannot put any more money into the facility without a longer-term lease. >> reporter: the horsemen's association says they need time to turn it around. they have been on a month to month lease, they say banks require a long-term lease to loan money, so they can improve the property. it promised to pay for the repairs if the city gives them a long-term lease. >> we want to work with the city, we want the city to work with us. >> reporter: the association says their contribution cannot just be measured in dollars and cents. the association rents out the adobe for events, they give free weekly tours, and participate in local parades to promote city pride. this is one of the oldest buildings in the county. you're going to boarded up and nobody is going to see it? >> there is nowhere else to really go. in this area. for a horsemen's association. so, it is the end of an amazing era. really. >> reporter: the city gave the
6:45 pm
organization until october to move out. members are hoping they can appeal to the hearts of city leaders to change the decision. in concord , kpix 5. any actor can tell you it is hard to make it in the movies. >> but, some bay area homeowners are making big bucks in show business by renting their houses to hollywood. >> we were gone for a month, they painted, the house was purple, you can cash in on the search. want to experience life on mars without leaving earth? the new simulation sites that will soon be open to tourists. all that, plus the forecast.
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if you want to know what life on mars is like, just go to china. all right, from mars to the moon, tonight the smithsonian is dusting off a rarely seen piece of nasa history, for display.
6:49 pm
it is the spacesuit neil armstrong war on the apollo 11 mission, back in 1969. that is when he became the first person to walk on the mound. you can check it out in d.c., this summer. at the smithsonian's national air and space museum. on july 20th, it is going to be 50 years since we landed on the moon. and as i think, ray bradbury said, the surprise was not that we landed on the moon, the big surprise was that we never went back. we only went back a few times, but we did not explore anymore. it looks like china is taking up that responsibility. winds are gusting to 46 miles per hour. out at diablo, you can see the winds are kicking up out there as well, in livermore, gusts are up to 32 miles per hour, it is a windy saturday night in the bay area, wind will ease up a little bit tomorrow, a beautiful view of san jose, spackled and sunshine. as we approach sunset,
6:50 pm
tonight, concord now at 63 degrees, in san jose it is 57. the winds are up, the speeds right now are 20 miles per hour in san jose, half moon bay, 30, pleasanton 25, up in the north bay, between 10-25 miles per hour. it will continue to be breezy overnight tonight, as high pressure moves to the west of the bay area. high pressure blossoms over the west coast, as it built, the temperatures follow suit. we will be in the mid-80s by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday inland, it will not be
6:51 pm
that warm at the beaches, but it will not be bad either. pollen is up, as it gets blown around in the zipper wind. futurecast shows we have low clouds in the south bay, it will clear out overnight at the northwesterly flow will scour us out, a starry night, after midnight tonight. and with a nod to vincent van gogh, here is the forecast for tomorrow, cloudy and breezy overnight, increasing sunshine and warmer on sunday, the highs will be in the 80s. that is by tuesday. oakland a's are taking on the toronto blue jays tomorrow afternoon, 1:07 pm, not one of 6 pm, it will be sunny and 70 degrees. a nice day for a ballgame, cherry blossom festival in japan town, in san francisco, and the union street spring festival, that is happening tomorrow as well, it will be breezy and mild, and a temperature of about 64 degrees. overnight lows tonight, upper 40s and 50s, sunup on easter morning at 6:27 am. high temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than they were today, santa rosa, 76, out in fairfield, 79, in wine country, napa, 74, low to mid-70s if you are away from the coast, close to the coast, at pacifica, 62 degrees. as we look ahead, the numbers will warm into the 80s by
6:52 pm
monday time, tuesday, and wednesday. the warmest days will be midweek, it cuts a notch out of the high by friday, by the time we slowly cool down. hot times ahead in the old bay area. and, more news ahead as well. we will be back after the break. be back after k. it is about time, and what the bay area wants to know starting with kpix 5 news. >> it would begin with breaking news. >> we bring you a full hour at 5 am, followed by 6 am. then expect award-winning original reporting. with jeff glor and the cbs evening news at 6:30 am. expect more news, when you are home to watch. week next on kpix 5. on kpix 5. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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with the sky high cost of housing in the bay area, wouldn't it be nice if your home could make money while you are at work? >> it is actually possible, in fact we see some picture- perfect properties have even become famous.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: recognize this house? >> mommy -- >> reporter: is this the home of a scientist. in real life, the homeowner lives here. when matt and his wife rented their house for the movie -- >> the only way to get in was to shrink between the molecules -- >> reporter: -- there was only one catch, the outside had to match the color in the marvel comics. >> they painted it, we came home and the house was purple. >> reporter: matt, a general contractor, had just renovated his century old victorian when location scouts came calling. from movies to tv shows and photo shoots, the family has hosted at least one production a year for the last 14 years. matt says they have gotten paid between $1250-$5000 a day.
6:56 pm
>> they do pay pretty well. >> reporter: there are also opportunities outside of the movies. >> it is a never ending journey. >> reporter: michael story renting his home about two years ago after he left the corporate world. he is one of a growing number of people in the bay area that rents their houses by the hour. michael offers his house at $150 an hour for meetings and marketing shoes. clients range from small entrepreneurs to well-known companies. >> facebook, twitter, google, yelp -- >> reporter: he had about 200 looking faster, mostly during the day when the house would normally sit empty. >> i live in a photo studio. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for michael, it has become a business. he is even building his own home decor line out of the many requests he has gotten from the wooden macrami pieces on display. >> i make these things. >> reporter: renting your home can be lucrative, but it is not for everyone. this executive director -- you
6:57 pm
have a lot of people coming out, maybe moving your home around. >> if repenting is going to bother you, it is probably not a good idea. for us i am a general contractor. it does not phase me at all. >> reporter: if you're not faced and you want to rent out your space, the first step is to get the word out. they can post photos of your home in its film commission website. >> we do a blast to the location managers. >> reporter: you can also list another rental sites, the ceo says do not overthink the production crews might or might not want. >> you probably do not know what people are looking for. what you perceive as being an amazing space were not an amazing space -- you would be surprised. >> reporter: in fact, he was surprised to see his home chosen for several shoes, two for walmart. nick advises using the best possible photos for your
6:58 pm
listing. >> it pays off huge dividends because you have to give people an opportunity to see what they can do with the space. >> reporter: if your chosen to host the production, keep your neighbors in the loop, and walk through the property with the crew before and after, to survey any damage. when this will be wrapped up, matt declined the offer to repaint it. he repeated himself. a small price for big-screen fame. >> it felt great, it was awesome. >> reporter: kpix 5 . the production companies will have to get a permit from the city, if they are using city streets and parking. >> in this case, the crew paid the neighbors for keeping their lights on all night for shooting. but those houses are so nice to begin with. >> yes. >> it does not seem like they would need the money. >> just the novelty of being in a movie? >> what about my house? thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> need a cracker box?
6:59 pm
it might be your house, would you want a film crew in your house? you have been around film crews. you do not know. that is a good question. let me think about that. >> for news throughout the evening, we are always on . scratched floors. remember. >> think about it. think about it. - [narrator] the following is a paid presentation
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