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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  April 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. now, this morning an eyewitness account of the terrifying moment a woman gets caught in a moving train. get a dui if you drive high. they are cracking down on stoned drivers this 4/20 making. aloft professor believes democrats could make a case around the issue of fitness for office. we sit down with you in a bit. good morning. it is 6 am let's start off this easter sunday morning with us check of the forecast. i am happy to say it is not going to be as windy as yesterday. i have got to say that is
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standing out as your experience outside at all. today is breezy. but not going to be the nasty wind that we all lived through on saturday. i will explain how that is changing coming up. right off the bat i will let you know it won't be the same. 50 degrees now in concord, 66 oakland and 64 in the city of san francisco. santa rosa mid-40s so chilly but without as much of a wind chill it will feel better all around for the headlines less wind today, sunnier and warmer this afternoon by a few degrees but the big warm-up is coming by the time we get into the middle of this week. daytime highs inland nearing 90 i will show you some of those numbers coming up in the forecast. today is sunday, 66 degrees officially. but that just covers the city. let's get the rest of the bay area on here but look at the inland images at 77 and then, 62 at the coast. the coast is the one place today where we will have some left over wind.
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that is 15 to 20 mile our wind. everybody else has a bit of a breeze. i will be back with the rest of the forecast. a major freeway is shut down and alameda county, 680 is closed in both direction at sheridan road. it is because of construction the closures lasting until 9 am. detours are in place but there is a chance of major traffic backups even early on in easter sunday morning. investigators are looking into an incident on in san francisco muni train that left a passenger injured. here is a kim into the security video. the train moved and pulled the woman with it. she was quickly pulled down between the train and the platform.>> i turn around and i saw this frail old woman getting dragged along by the train, she was running trying to keep up with it a little bit. but the train is not slowing down, just moving along. i said oh my god.
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>> the woman was rushed to a hospital and she was eventually discharged but details of her injuries were not made available. the utilities commission is now investigating the doors on newer railcars in the san francisco muni system. here is a statement from san francisco's municipal transit agency. while we meet all of the technical requirements and regulations, we will also take advantage of technology developments and continue to make improvements to the design. meanwhile the state continues to investigate another problem involving those newer muni trains. some shear pins used to connect the railcars. this year's 4/20 day considered a holiday by marijuana enthusiasts is history. we spoke to a couple of people who celebrated yesterday at golden gate park in san francisco.>> i've always wanted to come because it is a bucket list of mine. >> it is one of the biggest joints i've ever seen.
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>> i like smoking big if i can. >> yesterday's event was mellow especially compared to last year when up to a dozen people overdosed on fentanyl laced pot. if you're only one person needed medical treatment but seven people were arrested for crimes ranging from trespassing to theft. many law enforcement officer spent part of the day looking for drivers under the influence of marijuana. because while consuming marijuana is legal under california law driving while high is still illegal.>> do you have marijuana in the car? are you around it tonight? i smell it. why do i smell it? >> if you're using cannabis products don't behind the wheel of a car. >> some experts suggest that pot users wait eight hours after smoking before driving. and wait 10 hours after ingesting edibles. law enforcement in oakland and alameda county are making arrests and impound cars if necessary . the sideshows will
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get out of hand. it is considered the county's toughest crackdown on the activity which involved illegal and dangerous vehicle stunts peered last sunday a bus and truck were set on fire as a large crowd looked on. this was on 42nd at international boulevard for the sheriff's department says extra deputies along with oakland police in california highway patrol will be looking for illegal driving.>> you have to hit it early on and then you have to keep them from congregating into a pack. you do that through enforcement and deterrence. >> my streets are being destroyed, my vehicles are being destroyed. and the safety of my pedestrians and families and children are at risk. >> oakland city councilmember noel gallo will testify in sacrament last week, he has supported tougher penalties for repeat offenders. the mueller report was released and some democrats in washington are calling for the house to start impeachment proceedings against president donald trump.
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but, party leaders are holding off on making that decision. senator elizabeth warren a candidate for president says she supports impeachment proceedings. and in the house new york representative, tweeted that she would sign on to a resolution to start the process. but when asked about impeachment, house speaker nancy pelosi gave it cryptic response. >> we believe that the first article, article 1, the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy. and we will exercise that. >> she has been skeptical of impeachment in the past and the number two democrat recently said impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. kpix 5 at mayor willie brown if there's a such a thing as exoneration and politics. when it comes to these investigations. >> i'm telling you if you have to say i've been exonerated, 90% of the people have no idea what you mean. anytime you use a word with that many symbols in it, so to
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speak, you've got a problem. you've got to keep it really simple. so don't say exonerated. say i've not been charged. >> came over was the thing. >> is a game over? >> even adam schiff says even if it is not criminal we have to expect more from the president for not being a criminal. there are ethical issues here. >> he advised that trump is running for reelection. as far as he concerned, it is over. game is over because now, adam and all of us who are democrats have got every day, try to keep stirring the pot. we don't have the investigation that might be coming. we have investigation that is gone. and nobody got indicted except the cats that pleaded guilty and are in jail. it is not a bad arrangement. >> for democrats. >> he lost a huge platform. every day he woke up and railed
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against the witchhunt. the media, filled the screens with that, that goes away. what's he got left?>> what do the democrats have left? >> he did not have the witchhunt to get elected. he was really about all kinds of other things. this guy is incredibly creative. he makes saturday night live survive. >> here is the thing he was never going to be indicted because muelndr felt constrained by department of justice guidelines that said you can't indict him so is it really fair to say he was exonerated by this report? there is a lot in it that says there were issues with >> when it comes to obstruction, you know there was left open and attorney general said we've made a determination that obstruction didn't take place. so, while the mueller report didn't exonerate the president it seems the attorney general
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william barr has at least for now, at least from the criminal prosecution remember it doesn't have to necessarily be a crime for to be impeachable. high crimes and misdemeanors may mean more than just things that are prohibited by our criminal code. so there is some wiggle room there if the house wanted to pursue such a thing. all right starting tonight in san francisco workers will begin removing the supports that sit in the middle of fremont street under the trans bay terminal per the new transit center has been shut down since september when workers discovered cracks in two beams. the work on fremont will take four weeks, one block stretch between howard will be closed overnight sunday through friday. the supports on the first street will come down later and repairs to the trans bay center should be finished by june. there is no date set for the reopening. the body of a swimmer who went missing last month in pacifica has been found near san francisco's area . the body of tyler collins turned up friday. nine miles from where he was last spotted at rockaway beach.
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collins and friends had decided to go for a swim in the early morning of march 26. he was then swept out to sea. they conducted 50 now her search and the rockaway beach has dangerous currents even for experienced swimmers. still ahead the tragic shift in the search for three climbers. a tiger in a zoo bites ti the hand that feeds it. a mistake that led to a terrifying animal attack. ake to a terr al attack.
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good morning, joining us is professor david levine from uc hastings school of law. we've got to go with the mueller report and i have to ask you, this is one of those inconclusive in conclusions i'm not quite sure how mueller handled it or if he handled it properly saying basically i have evidence or suggestions of obstruction of justice but i can't make a decision on it because you can't indict the president. so, hey congress on the american public have added. >> right he was stuck in he was
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stuck because of policy that he , mueller felt what he had to do was to lay it all out for the american people, laid out for congress and without a doubt he is leaving breadcrumbs for prosecutors in the future. because mueller reminds us that the president could be indicted after he leaves office. and the statute of limitations will not have run if, trump leaves office in 2021, the statute will not have run on anything that he did in the first year in office. so. >> what you are saying is he could be indicted for obstruction of justice? >> potentially could be, sure. >> even though they didn't find a crime? >> yes. >> how does that work if there wasn't a crime, how do you obstructed justice?>> if you are obstructing the proceeding many people like flynn were caught out because he lied to a federal official bid he lied to an fbi agent. even if it turns out that mr. flynn had not committed crimes,
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the virtue of simply lying to an fbi agent, that in and of itself is a crime because the idea is you need to give prosecutors we need to give investigators as much cooperation as possible so that then they can find out what happened. then they can determine whether or not crimes that occur or not and whether action needs to be taken or not. let's come back to another thing which is, let's not forget that while the report about the president was inconclusive, look at all the work being done already. look at the indictments, look at the referrals. two other prosecutors. there's another dozen in the report that is mentioned we don't know what those were about. so a lot of crime was discovered here. it may be the president did not commit a crime that could be prosecuted now. but there is a tremendous amount of work that mueller and his team did. >> but how much of what mueller did had to do with russian involvement? and how much had to do with let's say, trumps business ties , business associates?
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in other words spanning out so that you are being brought in and asked questions i have nothing to do with russia. or tangential. how does that work? >> on the russian part of it, nearly half the report is about what the russians did. our headlines are the president this and that. but there is meticulous detail in that report about what exactly the russians dead and one thing that absolutely congress needs to spend time is figuring out not only what happened but what is this administration doing to make sure that doesn't happen again. what sort of laws need to be passed to make sure that we can protect our elections from weather is the russians or the chinese or who knows who. you can't focus just on the piece about the president. mueller spent a tremendous amount of time of the russian side in congress needs to spend an equal amount of time on the russian side. >> do you think there's already talk about questions about democrats and hillary clinton's involvements with russia and
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the famous dossier report that had donald trump cavorting with prostitutes? is that going to be investigated? >> well, they use a provocative word when he said in his testimony a couple weeks ago that he thought perhaps his spine on the trump campaign had taken place. and that certainly is related to some of the information. whether william barr will take that seriously and direct people to investigate that even further, i don't know. will republicans want to see that happen? some of them well. will it happen? so far william barr has acted like he is a lawyer for president donald trump, he hasn't acted like the lawyer for the united states.>> have a call into investigations for that? >> i think they got sick of the republicans doing it when the republicans were controlling the house. >> i love justice when it merges with politics is such a you did i should do it come you can't do it i will do it, it goes around. >> wouldn't you like to see adults running the place for a
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change? >> david levine thank you for joining us. stick around because i want to talk about the role of special prosecutors from barry bonds to donald trump. but right now we will take a lighter look, an adult look at the weather. let me handle that description. first thing i have to focus on is the wind and the fact that it is not going to be windy today. not like yesterday. it looks pretty in a from the camera on top of the salesforce tower. this is our exclusive look at kpix 5. we see that thing in all directions and that is most impressive, a few low clouds over the bay and they will not stick around all day. more blue skies but i want to get to the wind. take a look at the wind speeds now, single digits, five mile- per-hour in santa rosa, three miles in san jose and anywhere you go they are single digits. even if we come for a closer look and look at the bay, it is single digits. the wind stream, the brighter the color the stronger the way
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then you can see the direction the wind is moving those are strong northwind off the coast with let's take the wind from where it is now and put this into the future cast. watch the streamlines because this is how the wind behaves and you will see a pattern by the time we get into the afternoon. they picked up a little bit. we got back into some more of an onshore flow here. if i put some numbers back on by the time we get into the afternoon and early evening it is like a 15 to 20 mile-per- hour breeze and that is typical. that is like a normal breezy day in san francisco, it will not be the 50 mile-per-hour gust we had yesterday. sunday will be better because it is single digit wind speeds. here are the daytime highs, and everybody goes up about three or four degrees from yesterday. when you factor in no wind and three degrees warmer on the thermometer all around is going to feel better . you won't have a wind chill factor and sunday is much better. there goes the storm responsible, see the clouds just spinning their way through the rate basin. that means hear things are quiet.
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let's go back to the streamlines to understand how things will change by the middle of the week. there is the wind rapping into the storm. that was here over the weekend. you can see how things are spinning into it. let's watch what happens. we will go to the wider view and in stead of being stuck here, these wins will advance to the middle of the week and look at the bright colors going over us. that is the ridge of high pressure and that is our warm- up. and that is what you're going to see in this seven-day forecast. and 89. on wednesday. for inland locations, do a little bit of arithmetic there, one more to granite would be 90. we've gotten there already. so it is going to be quite warm inland for the middle of the week. we will make it into the mid and upper 70s across the bay and even once again a couple beach days with tuesday and wednesday making it into the low 70s and no talk of rain in the seven-day forecast but >> i think winter lingered for
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so long it is really finally beginning to feel like spring and even summer. >> sometimes it is like flipping a switch and it says okay next season. not necessarily for good but the 70s will feel like it. three elite climbers are presumed that after being caught in an avalanche in canada's banff national park. american jeff ross kelly and two austrian climbers were reported missing wednesday after failing to return from the peak where they had been climbing. searches found signs of multiple avalanches and debris containing climbing equipment.>> this route has some of the most difficult climbing that you can find anywhere in the world with this may have been a cornice off the top of the peak that broke loose and swept them off the roof. and there is really nothing they could do about that.>> he was the youngest american to summit mount everest in 2003 at the age of 20.
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in a statement north face call the climbers valued and loved members of the north face family, the company added we are doing everything we can to support their families and friends and community during this difficult time. and kansas a zookeeper is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a tiger. it happened yesterday morning at the topeka zoo while a zookeeper was inside the tiger habitat. officials say this was the tiger keeper and commonly cleans and maintains a habitat but the animals are not supposed to also be inside while that is happening.>> there really isn't a circumstance where they should be in the same space. this incident is very unfortunate, he did what a wild animal, what a wild tiger does. >> busy was shut down for about 45 minutes after the attack. the facilities director said they are not considering euthanizing the tiger. coming up in sports the blue jays have flown into the coliseum and have silenced the a's bid mother nature putting
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it into the giants game yesterday. the game gets called y. gets ca due to rain, i'll coming up. co
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the giants are struggling enough at the plate the last thing they need is her mother nature to take out bats away from them. yesterday after a three hour rain delay that is exactly what happened. the game was called off in the 60s. everyone was checking the weather open to get the game in
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before the rain rolled in. bottom of the fifth inning the pirates tech are making his major-league debut, lunch is a hallmark for his first big- league hit. that was a game-winner. as the game is called after five innings because of rain with the pirates winning 3-1. umpires in oakland were also dealing with unruly fans fit top of the fourth inning they lunch at 31 shot and the jays crews to a win. >> the earthquakes with a big night against casey. he deflects it off and casey defender goes in for his second goal of the match. san jose gets their second win of the year with the final of 4- 1.>> the rockets missed the first 15 shots in the game, against the jazz. he ended his slump with a minute left and james barry's the three and they win to take it 3-0 seriously. >> the weary years -- the
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warriors in action today. it is hard enough to find your way around san jose's winchester mystery house, try finding easter eggs there. that's a plenty of kids try to do yesterday at an event called the hop. it had 5000 eggs, glitter tattoos, photo booth and a visit from the jelly belly mascot. >> the kids at a really good time we found some eggs we told them last night not to expect to find too many because we know there would be a lot of kids in they got more than they thought they would. >> the hunt was for the children and admission was free. check out this easter peep show in maryland. take a look at these marshmallow masterpieces for the christians from the minds of local artists and community groups for the artist getting the most votes will win a prize. coming up, pope
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francis celebrates easter mass. >> we will show you his message to millions of people following a rocky year. breaking news out of sri lanka, multiple attacks killing well over 100 people, the latest on me come back.
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live from the cbs day areas
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studios this is kpix 5 news. welcome back this morning the time is 6:29. >> good morning let's start the sapphire with the check of the forecast. the best part of today is not windy. like yesterday. i think that probably stands out in most people's minds for what was a little unpleasant about saturday. sunday doesn't have that. it will be breezy but not like yesterday. let's show off how beautiful the day is for the sunrise at 6:26. it is about three minutes ago you see the light coming in on the left-hand side. this is the top of the coast range looking south. this is you look at san jose this morning we did have a few low clouds that were hanging around very early and those are melting away down here in the south bay. we are seeing a bit of this over the bay but not quite like it was down in the south earlier. beautiful shot from treasure island and that's the scene from the top in the number in
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san jose is 48, 64 in the city. hear your headlines out the door today. less windy. it will be sunny and warm as well. so think of the improvement, about three degrees warmer and then no more nasty winfred so you put those two together today will feel much better than saturday did. 66 officially, for the city with a light breeze with that just covers san francisco. it will be 77 inland today . low 60s at the coast whereby the way it will be a bit windy along the coast. i will be back with more and just a bit. breaking news this morning out of the south asian country of sri lanka. at least 207 people are dead and 500 are wounded after a series of eight easter sunday bomb blast. nine foreigners are among the dead, the defense ministers says seven suspects have been arrested and the buildings attacked included churches and
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hotels in several cities. the first six explosions happened within a short time. hospitals have been overwhelmed with casualties as a precaution sri lanka's government has declared 6 pm to 6 government block and has blocked messaging sites. they have a history of violence but this is the worst violence since sri lanka civil war ended a decade ago. pope francis celebrated easter mass at the vatican today. later in a speech he denounced the slaughter of christians and foreigners in sri lanka. he referred to the attacks as cruel violence. >> closer to home a convenience store clerk is in the hospital, after police say he was a victim of a robbery and a hit and run. that incident happened friday on airport brevard in south san francisco. police say the suspect
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allegedly stole from the store and the clerk tried stopping him according to police. moments later the suspect got in a white car and hit the clerk before taking off. if you have information you are urged to call the police. neighbors are trying to raise money for the family of a mother and young child killed in a hit and run in oakland. yesterday some of the neighbors washed cars at high street and foothill boulevard asking drivers to donate $20 each. the woman and her six-year-old son were hit by a car and killed on april 13 at a crosswalk at foothill and 26. a black mercedes hit them and the driver kept going. volunteers a hoped to raise $5000 to help the woman's husband and two other children with expenses.>> i'm just really happy and grateful that the community came together and we have people from all over, all kinds of walks of life come together to make this happen. >> authorities are still looking for the hit and run suspect . he's identified as an
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there is a $25,000 award for his arrest. new numbers from the state employment development department say the four strongest job markets in the state are here in the bay area . san mateo county tops the list with an unemployment rate of 2.4%. that is followed by san francisco, all with jobless rate of under 3%. senator harris is in south carolina as she tries to build support for her white house run. yesterday the california democrat method met with leaders in holly hill . she's been holding several town hall meetings, south carolina's early primary is likely to be crucial for harrison 2020 and she's been busy securing endorsements there from prominent political figures. there are now 20 democrats in the running, so we asked former mayor willie brown how did these candidates stay fresh and this lengthy election season?
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>> the best way in my opinion, if i managed anyone of them, they would make the announcement . and then they go dark. and going dark would be to go to barber shops, beauty shops. grocery stores and places like that. no more real exposure. and pray for god that the tv cameras don't follow them. they will stay fresh because nobody will have seen them.>> how do you raise money? you have to be able to stay in the spotlight enough to keep the donations coming in see can be on the debate stage. >> with the internet being what it is these days and if you make it possible for everybody to think they are contributing, he will do all right on money . just make sure that everybody who gives you a dollar but you. but that does beg the question when you have this many people out there, and if they are saying the same thing, how do they keep interest going?
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everybody comes out with the statement. are they saying the same thing over another?>> if you go from beauty shop to barber shop -- >> these people are out there now. they're burning themselves out literally. >> they make the announcement and the third time there up they are making the same speech? it is horrible for them. i feel sorry for them frankly. i was out there discussing him and all this and it is clear he has no second act or if he is he hasn't unfolded it yet or hasn't allowed it to be seen. the same goes for amy. i watched her yesterday. it was not the fresh amy, interesting amy at 71st announce. same with kamala harris it is tough duty to stay up there, i now know why the cat in new jersey has disappeared. he knows that is his only way to survive. >> now social media, you can see everyone speech all the
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time is not the days when you could go from town to town and deliver the exact same speech for months at a time. >> what is it going to be that separates this crowd out from people beginning to fall off and really a clear sustained front-runner really emerges? >> it is always a combination of fundraising and polling. these are related, they reinforce each other but they sort of combine to get a little bit of a wheat from the chaff if you will. already seeing a bit of a cliff in between say sanders and biden and even harris. and a number of the other candidates. so once the money runs out for some of those folks who are not able to raise it anymore, then you will see them sort of dropping back out. to keep the seeds they already have in congress or the senate or whatever they do need to make a decision at some point. leaders of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints announced that salt lake
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temple will shut its doors for the next four years were the reason the 126-year-old mormon temple is in need of major renovations including strengthening its foundation in the event of an earthquake with the church member say the effort is needed to preserve the temple for generations to come. they plan and opening the doors to the public once it is done. the salt lake temple is expected to close by the end of this year. still ahead, the crs snow season coming to an end. it is one of the last weekends to hit the slopes near tahoe. just in time for easter we take ti we take you behind the scenes that san francisco's newest san francisco' chocolate factory. ocolate to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
6:40 am
on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. well, good morning, joining us is david levine, professor of law at hastings. i've got to ask you put you on the spot. exonerated or not can you tell
6:42 am
me? >> the report says if we could have exonerated the president, we would have. it is very clear that there is not a clear exoneration with respect to obstruction in with respect to collision you can fairly say the special prosecutor said there was not evidence of conspiracy. that's the technical term. meaning they couldn't find that there was a meeting of the minds of the campaign and the russians and that then they all acted upon that plan. that's what's missing. the trump campaign might have known the russians wanted to help or known what was coming through wikileaks but they didn't have evidence saying it was all part of one plan. that's the difference between knowing something is coming, versus being guilty of conspiracy. >> the second part is the reaction to the investigation whether or not the trump administration cooperated or tried to obstruct it. is that impeachable? do we see impeachment out of that? >> quite clearly we did. if you go back to nixon, one of
6:43 am
the main articles of impeachment was about obstruction of justice but of trying to impede the investigation. >> bill clinton? >> clinton well, his was different. has was lying to the grand jury. it was a little bit different it wasn't quite obstruction. he committed a crime and in fact at the end of his term he did pay for it and he reached a plea deal on the last day of his term where he paid a fine and other sanctions and he did admit that he did in fact lied to the grand jury. in terms of obstruction i do remember clinton being responsible for obstruct but nixon absolutely. it was an article of impeachment . had he not been designed he would have been impeached for directing people to stop the investigation. >> the decision to impeach his political but based on law produce enough and constitution do you see grounds enough to warrant in impeachment? >> i think what impeachment is is does this person to stay in office? did this has a person been taken care that the laws are being faithfully executed?
6:44 am
that's what the oath of office says. and there is so much evidence of attempted obstruction, so much evidence of just dysfunction in the white house that you could easily put together a together a package. now here's the issue. impeachment requires a majority of the house of representatives and as you heard nancy pelosi and the democrats are in charge of the house. let's say you could get over the reluctance of the leadership of the house to go ahead and impeach. conviction requires two thirds of the senate. we've never had a conviction in the senate including clinton. the chances of conviction are about zero.>> okay. question on the special prosecutors, each one of these, nixon, clinton and reagan had a ryan contra no special prosecutors. bush had a war based on lies, no special prosecutors. are the special prosecutors valid?>> it is a good tool? >> it is a good tool because there are times when there are conflicts of interest and you
6:45 am
have to deal with that conflict. now why did we get mueller ? one reason which is trump impulsively fired comey . if you had not, there would be no special prosecutor. they would be investing in an in the normal course and he would not have got quite so agitated or lost jeff sessions as the supervisor of the fbi and things would have gone very, very differently. in terms of why was the special prosecutor, because trump wanted to fire comey and as he told one of the reporters, i thought about the russian thing. all of that was very, very suspicious. >> by the way, both democrats and republicans wanted comey fired at some point didn't they? >> the democrats were not very happy with mr. comey over that hillary clinton things which he never should've done. >> their ego, washington. weeks, months. it is a tv series it is a reality sheppard and everyone somehow we need a referee david levine thank you for joining us. that's take a look at the
6:46 am
weather. following from your segment i will keep things political for a second look at the early morning light on city hall. this is from the camera on top of the salesforce tower looking back down at city hall. i can see where the light is coming from using another camera we will look east and you can see sunrise coming up over the bay. issue number one for today, is the wind considering how windy it was yesterday i want to make sure you are ready for today and that you know it is not going to be like yesterday . the wind is much better behaved. the current wind speeds from five miles per hour in santa rosa 23 in san jose, it is single digits ever rest for the bright colors showed the wind off the coast. but as we take a close up look through the bay we will get berkeley and everybody in single digit now. this will change throughout the day. we are going to watch these streamlines would show you how the wind is behaving the change is subtle but keep your eye on
6:47 am
the streamlines. the brighter the color and the faster they move the stronger the wind will get. as we advances to the avenue, the brighter colors start to pick up. it does get a little breezy today. if i put numbers on it by the time we get to 5 pm there is a 17 mile-per-hour breeze in the city. that is normal. that is typically what we have come everybody else has single digits. the other big issue and the weather is the warm-up that is about to happen over the next five days. i will use three locations, oakland and normal daytime high for this week is 67. yesterday we only made it to 62. below average but watch what happens over the next five days. that is quite the warm-up. low 80s for oakland but oakland technically be consider you in the bay and those temperatures will be a lot cooler than what we are about to see, san jose using you now . 70 is the average daytime high only 65 yesterday below average. watch the next five days. i the time we get into tuesday
6:48 am
86 and yes that says 89 on wednesday. and i'm going to pick on one my location here santa rosa at the northbay example, 70 the average and going up to 88 so here is your take away. about to get warm. by the time you get into the middle of the week and you can see that spelled out in that 7 day forecast. the coast, i didn't use the coast as an example but if you look at the 70s tuesday and wednesday we have 70 degrees coming our way. beach weather. back over to you. this weekend marks the end of the ski and snowboard season that many result and that tahoe area . most resorts had snowfall way above average this season. among those closing for the season after this weekend are northstar, sugar bowl, soda springs, homewood, kirkwood and diamond peak. mount rose will end next weekend.
6:49 am
also heavenly will be open through next weekend and then weekends only through may 27. donner ski ranch will also remain open through next weekend and switch to weekend skiing for as long as the conditions will allow. alpine meadows on squaw valley will keep operations going through may with squat running through july. chocoholics now have a chance to go behind the scene. >> yesterday the mayor london breed helped cut the region for dandelion chocolates newest factory. now open in san francisco's mission district at this location customers get a chance to watch the cocoa beans get roasted, ground and refined into chocolate. >> opening the doors and inviting the public and is what we are here for. to get people to be excited about chocolate, to experience dandelion. >> the factory offers dealer daily testing and chocolate making classes on the weekends. pursuing her dream
6:50 am
in the healthcare industry while in school. a student who didn't let homelessness get in the le ness get in the way. way.
6:51 am
6:52 am
today's students rising above scholar is making her mark at work while in high school. >> she is pursuing her dream career in healthcare. >> reporter: just another day at work for jess castaneda but no ordinary employee. >> these are the 1718 files. >> reporter: she is 18 and she is learning the ropes at kaiser permanente human resources office in san francisco. >> i've learned the way that you portray yourself in front of other people is very important and, even like the smallest things you do like little details matter.>>
6:53 am
reporter: navigating adult situations is not new to jess castaneda, and 13, her family lost their home. >> the bay area is not very cheap ways to live in. we were not able to pay for the rent fully and on time. so that kind of let up to is moving into a homeless shelter. >> she, her mom and five siblings would be homeless for nearly a year. >> it was scary . >> reporter: it into school was tough. >> waking up and not knowing if you're going to school was a big thing for me at the time. >> reporter: she made education her priority. >> it was really important for me, it was kind of just my way to escape i guess.>> reporter: through a work-study program at the academy, the high school senior is adding hr pro to her resume. >> any clinical managers. >> reporter: they are impressed. >> she's a breath of fresh air. she comes with the utmost
6:54 am
professionalism. >> she is very poised you can tell the way she carries herself around adults. that's what this job experience does. >> reporter: her family now has a home of their own and she is busy planning a career in healthcare after college but she also has a message for others who are struggling. >> don't compare your behind- the-scenes to someone's highlight reel. your background doesn't necessarily affect your acceptance to college honestly the only thing that is going to affected is your will to go.>> reporter: for students rising above. this is cbs healthwatch. sleep is so important to childhood development. here are three tips to help your kids sleep better. use a traditional alarm clock and remove the funds from the bedroom at night . it natural light . atural within 15 minutes of waking up. and make sure your child's f waking up. bed yo 's bed is just
6:55 am
just for sipping not r sipp homework or screen time. if problems persist consider seen seei seeing ecialist. a specialist. it is time for your final five. >> traffic alert to tell you about in fremont. a stretch of interstate 680 is set down in both directions were a couple more 80s. caltrans is demolishing the old cross and that was destroyed
6:56 am
after midnight. drivers will be detoured to mission road. starting tonight in san francisco workers beginning to remove the supports that sit in the middle of fremont street under the trans bay terminal. the new transit center has been shut down since september when workers discovered cracks in two beams for the closure will take four weeks and should be done sunday through friday. the body of a swimmer who went missing and pacifica last month has been found near san francisco's area . that tyler collins body was found nine miles away from where he was last spotted. he was slipped out to sea after he and friends decided to go for a swim at rockaway beach. a police officer and three suspects treated for injuries after a confrontation in south san francisco. police officers opened fire after the pickup caring
6:57 am
burglary suspect rammed two patrol cars in the three suspects were arrested and none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. we have several horrifying scenes this morning in the south asian island of sri lanka. at least 207 people are dead and nearly 500 are wounded after eight bomb explosions. the buildings attacked include churches and hotels in several cities. sri lanka's defense ministers at seven suspects have been arrested. okay turning things to weather, we've got a big warm- up coming our way by the middle of this week i'm a look at wednesday. 89 degree day forecast for inland locations. made an upper 70s throughout the bay and yes in the low 70s at the coast. that's a warm-up for the middle of the week. you have one day left of your weekend. not as windy as yesterday. a little bit of a breeze but not like yesterday. we had 50 miles per hour gusts yesterday. that won't happen today. >> is in the seven-day and i see lots of sunshine. thank you for joining us
6:58 am
this morning. >> sunday morning is next right here on kpix 5.
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