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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  April 22, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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picturesque park on the peninsula but off-limits to most people in the bay area. >> andria borba joins us live from foothills park in palo alto to explain why not everyone is welcome. >> reporter: there is one simple way to get into this park and it is an address here in palo alto. from the top of foothills park in palo alto, there are sweeping views all the way to mount diablo, miles of hiking trails and a quaint late. it all seemed so inviting until you take a gander at the front gate. stating, palo alto residents and their accompanied guests only. >> public parts should be open to the public, we can't imagine going to new york city and new or going to hold it park and having to show in san francisco id. >> reporter: a former palatal city councilmember and lifelong resident who happens to love foothills park. >> it has been exclusive to
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palo alto residents since the park was created in the 1960s which was a time when unfortunately palo alto has a history of racial segregation. >> reporter: palo alto also has a median home price of over $3 million. setting a very high price tag on access to the park. >> unfortunately, the housing prices have increased over the years and the policy has not changed along with that. >> i feel like yes, only the privileged are allowed to come here. >> reporter: we found sarah ochoa and her friend bianca lopez hanging by lake don kelly. bianca lives in palo alto but sarah does not meeting that she could not get past the guard stand on busy weekends without her friend were ids present proving residency are checked. not that maresidents can have this big space to be coming here, to go hiking or having natural space. i just think everyone should have the time to be here. >> reporter: christie with the city of palo alto says that
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this is not the only option. >> there are other open space preserves next door to foothills park. that pierce and thereafter reserve is operated by the city of palo alto and its next object there other options for anyone to come and enjoy a similar open space preserve. >> reporter: change the admission policy would be a decision of the city council and they have kicked around a few times but never settled on changing the requirements to get into this private yet public space. live in palo alto, ondrea borba. breaking news coming in, we get word from san francisco fire crews that they are working a cliff rescue at a beach. this is happening at the lincoln parking lot and we are told the victim is on the cliffside. chopper five is on the way as soon as we get more details the
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live pictures we will get them to you. other top stories at 5:30, a hit-and-run captured on home surveillance video in san jose. police say in air force veteran was crossing the street when he was hit by a car which then sped away. please are searching for the driver and fortunately, the victim walked away with minor cuts and bruises. orinda city leaders are working at a pilot permit program to help ease the city's parking crunch. some of the trouble is people parking on city streets and catching b.a.r.t. trains. now under the plan, the b.a.r.t. commuter program permits will cost in a range of $300 for six months. is a new effort to combat illegal dumping in east oakland. the goal is to find new ways to address the widespread problem. and alameda county supervisor is launching a pilot program that targets illegal dumpers. he says it is a problem that is too big for local jurisdictions to handle on their own. >> the folks doing the illegal dumping just go and dump somewhere else so we need to have strict compliance around illegal dumping throughout the entire state.
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>> the program includes a neighborhood survey and increased trash pickup and enforcement. tracking locations to emergency college at san francisco just got a lot easier. today the city's department of emergency management announced the launch of a new program with huber and rapid sos. the new partnership transmits real-time cell phone and car locations to 911 dispatchers. allowing for better location accuracy. >> people think when you call 911 we know exactly where you are. that's true have a landline but not necessarily true for a cell phone. the main change were talking about is enhanced location for all cell phone calls. regardless of whether you or any rideshare or not. san francisco is the first bay area city to launch the new emergency technology. today in san francisco a state senator and a civil rights activist publicly condemned a provocative political ad. >> san francisco is engaging in urban renewal leaving us out. urban removal. >> the aids healthcare foundation is sending out these
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mailers criticizing senator scott winters senate bill 50. that legislation is meant to make it easier to build housing near transit hubs. the mailers feature novelist james baldwin. they claim the bill would speed up to the vacation and displace minorities like in the 40s. >> this group has a history, it's very problematic and, what they are doing is lying about sb 50 is unacceptable. >> it is not about the people's progress. but, about the petty private political interests. a one person in a certain group. >> the aids healthcare foundation is based in los angeles and michael weinstein is the ceo. in a statement, a division of the aids healthcare foundation set out scott weiner should focus on the very real fear that sb 50 will hurt middle and working-class communities, especially those of color. the san diego mothers in
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police custody after she walked into a church holding a gun and a baby. police said the woman went into the church, a nondenominational church about noon yesterday and made threats about blowing it up. that is when churchgoers stepped in. >> and so, i could see them out of the corner of my eye and i was having a conversation with her, they were able to come around and grab her and get the weapon away from her. >> it turns out the gun was not loaded. police took the 10-month-old along with the woman's five- year-old daughter who was found later the child welfare services the woman is due in court on wednesday pick tesla is touting a plan to help self driving vehicles to be operational by sometime next year. tesla officials laid out their plans at an event in palo alto. he says the self driving system will include something called a neural network. processes thousands of frames per second from eight different cameras. he claims it is superior to lidar. the radar technology that competitors have been using. >> if you are turning onto a
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road that has a lot of high- speed traffic, you can turn a little bit, into the role that the chemistry was going on and things look good, then, they don't show any ongoing traffic than there you go. >> they also unveiled a robo taxi plan that would enable owners to use their smart phones to put cars into a right hailing service when they are not being used. tesla is investigating a fiery explosion in shanghai. this video appears to show a model s with smoke coming out of it and bursting into flames in a been reported and tesla did not confirm the details but, it did send a team to the site and is working with chinese authorities in the investigation. north korea's leaders preparing to travel to russia to meet with president vladimir putin. the north korean state media said that the trip will happen
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soon. a brief statement from the kremlin does confirm this from both countries have their agendas, russia wants greater access to the north mineral resources and the government in pyongyang wants to attract more russian investments. a major setback for samsung, the delay to with much anticipated foldable phone after reports of broken screens pick from banning plastic straws the climate change on the campaign trail, a look at how far our country has come since the first earth day. all new at six, disgraced founder elizabeth holmes faces a judge accused of lying and misleading patients about
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live news just want to get you over to san francisco where a cliff rescue is underway right now, you are seeing the pictures live from chopper five as we pull back, apparently, somebody heard a man yelling for help near the linkedin parking lot in the presidio and the sc department was called and. they have one of the most effective modern cliff rescue operations going because there are so many cliffs along the presidio down to fort funston and, points in between, a lot of people when the weather gets nice will hike down and sometimes they get themselves in a situation where they can't
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hike back up. this may be one of the situations right now. chopper five looking for the victim who is apparently trapped down along the cliff line somewhere. we are assuming they have located him. but, people got concerned, they heard him calling for help, they called and authorities and now they are preparing to go down and try to pull the sky out. this is near the linkedin parking lot in the presidio. we are told that they will need to rig a high angle rope rescue, that is something that can lever up over the cliff and go down. they will send firefighters with that experience to go down and get this individual. that is the latest right now from the live news desk, i'm ken bastida. were getting rid of a delay for samsung's new foldable phone.
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they say the galaxy fold will not be released for a few more weeks. for $2000 phone was originally slated to come out this friday and the delay comes after tech experts saw flickering display screens and other issues. and happen with a plastic film was peeled off the phone screen. people who preordered the device are being told they will get updates on shipping information in two weeks. today is earth day and people all around the world are pitching in to help clean the environment and make the world a better place. joy benedict is in los angeles with a look at what americans are doing on this 49th birthday. >> reporter: a day devoted to protecting the environment as people from new york to los angeles gather to plant flowers, cleanup trash and inspire change. >> we were having fun planting, spreading bolts, picking up trash and enjoying nature. >> reporter: these volunteers are dedicated to going green. they grab their shovels, digging and to show their commitment to a healthy earth. >> a day set aside for a nationwide help force. >> reporter: it began when americans took to the streets
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demanding of our mental reform fighting against oil spills and polluting factories. and, a lot has changed as some cities have now banned plastic bags and colleges and blues and releases. the original organizer says even more is needed. >> we are going to be trying to make every candidate address climate as a priority issue. >> reporter: devotees was increased attention on the environment during presidential debates. >> so people don't just give the broad rhetorical flourishes but also need to address in detail what it is they want to do. >> reporter: starting today in los angeles, restaurants will no longer be heading out straws unless you ask for one and that is because a new city ordinance takes things farther than the current state law to include fast food as well as take out establishments >> i think it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: the city is getting greener in new york demanding that all large existing buildings cut emissions by 10% of the city moves to 100% clean electricity. it is another step in preserving earth for future
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generations. joy benedict, cbs news los angeles. >> in honor of earth day, san francisco announced a new plan requiring commercial tolling owners to power is buildings with 100% renewable energy by 2030. the ambitious new plan to make san francisco the first city in the country to require this energy reduction. the mayor said that the plan is successful take a collaboration of different groups. >> will work with our local businesses, our building owners, the environmental groups, labor and community- based organizations and others. renewable electricity today is our path to an all electric zero emissions tomorrow. >> the plan rollout with faces and buildings with 500,000 square feet or bigger must make the transition by 2022. smaller buildings will have until the year 2024 or 2030 depending on their size. warmer temperatures as for the sierra meeting more melting
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snow. rachel wolf on how it's creating dangerous conditions for rivers and waterways. >> reporter: rivers are already flowing to three times what they are this time of year and when all of this beautiful hot weather, expect the rivers to rise even faster. >> with the higher sound and longer days with more sun in the sky, you will see increased snowmelt. >> reporter: experts it ready in the next two weeks river levels will rise, nathan ringel is president of roth california who has been doing white water rafting in this area for decades and he says areas like the middle and north fork of the american river which are already class for expert level will be even more dangerous this year because of a near record snowpack. he said those level iv rods will be age limited and highly regulated including more safety spotters along the route pics >> reporter: it gets colder because more snow that it comes from so, and it is deeper and it is going over the reservoirs, not staying there
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and, warming up in the reservoirs like it doesn't summertime. >> reporter: remember no matter what your age is or your certification level, always wear one of these personal flotation devices or lifejackets but it can and will save your life if you get into trouble. reporting in lotus, rachel wolf, kpix 5. speaking of warming up, you have been saying tomorrow will be the hottest day of the year so far >> it is and we are quite warm today and warming up a few more degrees coming up tomorrow. exercise a lot of caution if you're going out on the waterways but the water is colder than you think it is big around here, it's not cold but hot. 90 degrees today. in santa rosa, the high temperatures came in and it will get hotter tomorrow but, there is the first 90 for the bay area, 420 19, comparable close at 88, redwood city and san jose 83 and 82 and only 60 at the coastline. 50s overnight tonight in vallejo, 58 san jose 56 and the fiscal 55 baseball tonight with a beautiful night for baseball.
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get out and support of a's, they are fun and a good teen and young. playing baseball it is beautiful weather tonight as well pick first pitch after 7 o'clock, clear skies at 68 degrees. on the other side, if you're snoozing more, the pollen count has been hyper it is beginning to trail off as we come off of the peak season of pollen but, we will stay above average through the week as we expect sunshine, not much of a breeze and we are expecting no rainfall for the for seeable future. there is the ridge of high pressure center to the north or west, we get what we call in offshore wind, wind direction from now through october is just about everything as the storm season wraps up. to the west, with that mean? clockwise flow we watch it go up and down there is the wind, north to south, zenotowind. en more tomorrow compare today, 10 to 15 degrees above average but it also means clear skies and futurecast will confirm that mostly clear skies about tuesday and wednesday morning
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where a little bit of cloud cover may hit a san mateo and santa cruz coastline but, we will be warm this week because the original states of the west for the next couple of days. clear skies and a mild night, we should do lows in the 50s with sunshine smile and warm to hot inland right at the beach you will stay in the 60s and, the ridge moves and onshore flow does come back and temperatures will drop after the middle of the week work the two warmest days of the week will be tomorrow and wednesday. 18 degrees above average in concord, close to 90 small with a normal high of 71, san jose at 87, lots of 80s for campbell, los gatos, saratoga, para palo alto, redwood city, hop over the hills and happen bay equals pot 70 degrees. 90 in pleasanton, 90 in livermore, 90 in antioch, 91 for fairfield, travis air force base will float at the 90 degree mark,utcreek d alpe80 and 80s. berkeley 78, downtown oakland 82 degrees san francisco 75 at lakewood close to 90 degrees
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tomorrow. warm all of a sudden purple stay warm on wednesday but the coolie begins a few degrees cooler. there is a more significant cooling in the cooldown back to average by the weekend which is 70s and 80s inland and mid 60s near the ba
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students rising about scholar is a former high school
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football champ who went pro. >> as kristin eyre shows us, eddie williams that his biggest pride is his new life of service. >> reporter: when we first met students rising about scholar eddie williams, he was a teenage football star with big dreams of going pro. his baby face blighted a maturity gain through hardship>> to me it seems like all the things happening is like you are learning about life earlier that you should have to pick you just want to go play with your friends and on your bike. >> reporter: and said he was coping with the kinds of problems that might have crushed others, a father who was not around, a mother who died of cancer when eddie was in middle school. speaking at last month students rising above gala, he reflected on those times. >> i promise my mother before she died that i will go to college, i would work hard and that i would promise her and i looked her in her eye and said i will play in the nfl. orter: a promise fulfilled what he left the university of idaho and was
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drafted to the nfl in 2009. but, as he told students at the gala, even then, he knew something was missing. >> fighting success in finding purpose are not the same thing. as fun as the nfl was, i realized that we as human beings need transcendent purpose in order to thrive. >> reporter: it was after football that his career took an unexpected turn on the pitch to the pulpit. san francisco's bay city church is where we find eddie on this sunday morning. a young church and he is its proud senior pastor. >> jesus must come into you and change you from within. >> reporter: with his words he hopes to inspire a new generation and see his fledgling church grow in the same way that he has grown. with the help of students rising above. >> to know where i have come from, i married and with kids now to see our family flourish and cd rule that role that sra has played it's amazing. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am kristin errors. >> to learn more about students
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rising above and its scholars, go to our website, stomach giving influencers a run for their money. a couple of gorillas strike a pose with a park alright, you excited?
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yeah! waaahoo...
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well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. three years since the death of pop star prince >>'s memoir is slated to come out later this year. weeks before he died, he struck a book deal to write about his life. the publisher said the 288 page memoir called the beautiful ones will combine his unfinished manuscript with never before seen pictures and lyric sheets. the expected release date is october 29. a pair of morphing gorillas in congo are making a splash on social media. look at that, the two female gorillas striking a casual pose with the caretaker at the national park in congo pick another photo bombing in the back. that usually move with her arms
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but park folks say it is also common for them to walk with just their legs and looked very cool. the park is using the newfound internet fame to help raise money for africa's oldest national park. >> that is it for the news ns r now. new at six, disgraced ceo elizabeth holmes faces a judge, how all of the evidence in the case is delaying her trial. after several public health scares and all-important health checkup for the richmond san rafael bridge. we catch a ride on one of the fastest sailboats in the world. news at six starts right now with their nose founder elizabeth holmes in federal court. >> glenn ramirez is live in san jose where prosecutors are building their case against her. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes was once compared to steve jobs and apple computer but it all came crashing down in 2016 when the federal government brought
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to conspiracy and wire fraud charges against her and her partners for allegedly milking millions of dollars out of investors but this case is generated so much evidence it is now starting to slow the trial down. elizabeth holmes and her attorney step several news cameras and reporters on their way into federal court in san jose. >> hello elizabeth what you hope happens today? what are you looking for today? >> reporter: only silence after the question but in court, her attorneys asked for more time to look at the case against her including 20 million pages of evidence and a newly added four terabytes of promotional videos for her company. she and her business partner who were once romantically linked our


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