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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 23, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for over, check back with us a morninom the bca centerew yo it's tuesday, april 23. this is the "cbs morning news." democratic divide. lawmakers on the left split over the issue of impeachment while president trump files suit to block them from seeing his finances. the state of emergency in sri lanka. the country mourns the hundreds of lives lost in the eastern terror attack. a plane accident in texas kills six people. what we are now learning about the crash.
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good morning from studio 57 news room at cbs news head quarters here in new york. anne-marie green has the day off. good to be with you. house speaker, nancy pelosi is facing a democratic divide over the findings of special counsel robert mueller's report. she is urging lawmakers to use caution on impeaching president trump. some argue there's plenty of evidence to launch the impeachment process. meanwhile, the president is now suing to block a subpoena seeking information about his finances. plenty to get to. tom hanson is here in new york to do it. tom, good morning. >> good morning. in the report you mentioned, robert mueller laid out ten instances where president trump may have obstructed justice, but left it up to congress and what to do about it. as democrats debate impeachment in the wake of the mueller report, president trump, while at the white house easter celebration said he's not worried. at a cnn town hall last night --
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>> congress should take the steps toward impeachment. >> reporter: democrats were split. >> right into the heart of the election. all the congress is talking about is impeaching trump. trump, trump, trump, mueller, mueller, mueller. what i worry about is that works to trump's advantage. >> reporter: meanwhile, house democrats are moving forward with their own investigations. speaker nancy pelosi wants her party to let those play out writing the facts holding the president accountable can be gained outside the hearings. jerry nadler issued the latest subpoena, this one from don mcgahn, to ask him about president trump's alleged attempts to stop the special counsel's investigation. according to the report, mcgahn refused the president's request. president trump pushed back against those claims and many republican allies in congress say it's time for democrats to move on. >> if they are not more worried about what is in the report, they are worried about scoring political points.
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>> reporter: the subpoena to mcgahn ordered him to testify before the house judiciary committee on may 21st. mcgahn was a prominent figure in the mueller report. he told investigators president trump twice ordered him to fire mueller. >> tom hanson here in new york, thanks. a state of emergency is in effect from sri lanka following the country's deadliest violence since the civil war ended a decade ago. the death toll from easter sunday's terror attacks rose to 310 overnight. more than 500 people were hurt. the president of sri lanka declared this is day of mourning for the victims. we have learned the names of two of four americans killed here. a fifth grader at a school in washington, d.c. and dieter was from denver, visiting vee lonsr
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on a business trip. his father was understandably devastated. >> he was only 40 years old. never expect that you would outlive your son. it's kind of sad that i did. i always hoped i would go first. it didn't happen that way. >> so tough. police arrested 40 suspects in connection with the attacks which targeted churches and luxury hotels. sri lanka officials admit they were warned weeks ago of a possible attack from the same radical group being blamed. federal investigators are looking into the twin engine plane crash that killed all six people on board. the plane went down yesterday, 70 miles northwest of san antonio. the victims were all from houston and ranged in age from 45-65. no one on the ground was hurt. the plane was in the air less than 90 minutes when it started losing altitude and plunged to the ground.
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>> it came down and just hit the ground like a can. flattened it out. >> the pilot is 65-year-old banker jeffrey weiss. he volunteered with angel flight bringing sick people to hospitals in houston and dallas. he was not on a charity mission at the time of the crash. the supreme court will hear oral arguments to decide whether existing civil rights laws ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. federal law forbids workplace discrimination on the the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. it was not spofkly apply to lgbtq. it is prohibited under sex discrimination. police in indiana released clues about the man they believe murdered two teenagers. take a listen.
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>> down the hill. >> hard to hear, but that audio ll. n iamsmare kier's cone.gofor a key >> question to you, what will those closest to you think of when they find out that you brutally murdered two little girls? two children. only a coward would do such a thing. >> investigators also released this sketch of the man they say murdered the two teens. police believe he is from delphi or possibly works there. a powerful earthquake rocked the philippines today, a day after another quake hit the country, killing at least 11 people. this magnitude 6.3 quake hit in the afternoon local time. monday's earthquake farther
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north caused a supermarket to collapse, damaged buildings and an airport. they used cranes, crowbars and dogs to look for people in the rubble. at least 24 are reported missing. north korean leader, kim jong-un will visit russia to meet with russian president vladimir putin. it comes at a crucial moment for the diplomatic process trying to rid the north of the nuclear arsenal. they have not gotten what they most want with talks with the u.s. mexican police and immigration agents detained hundreds of central american migrants in a surprise raid on a caravan. migrants were walking along the highway yesterday. some women and children were screaming during the raid. mexico welcomed the first migrant caravans last year.
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the reception has gotten more tense since they overwhelmed u.s. border crossings, causing delays and angering some mexican residents. still to come on the morning news, the number of measles cases is rising. a florida couple has a tale 750 pound record swordfish. this is reeling in a record swordfish. this is the morning news. perfec. ♪ to share my culture with my community. ♪ to make each journey more elegant. ♪ i'm working for all the adventure two wheels can bring. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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disturbing predictions about social security and medicare and allegations of sexual assault against an nba coach. those are the headlines on the newsstands. a government report painting a dire report of social security and medicare. the report by the overseers of the program said medicare will run out of money by 2026. social security will be insolvent by 2035. congress should act sooner, rather than later. they count for 45% of the federal budget, not counting interest on government debt. usa today reports the number of measles cases grew by 71 as the fda reminded the public the vaccine is safe and effective. cdc is reporting 626 cases of the highly contagious virus across 22 states. that's the second highest number reported since measles was declared eliminated in 2000.
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doctors are fighting the anti-vaccine movement among some parents. >> they are getting information from sources that are incorrect, that are trying to sell them on ideas and studies that were fraudulent and debunked. >> most of the cases are part of two large outbreaks in new york. "the los angeles times" reports nba coach luke walton is accused of sexual assault. a lawsuit filed yesterday, the former host said she was assaulted by walton in a santa monica hotel. she went to his room to give him a copy of a book she had written when he pinned her down and groped her. no exact date for the alleged assault has been given. the suit says it happened after the book was published, that was 2014. walton was an assistant coach with the golden state warriors at the time. he is now the head coach of the sacramento kings after parting ways with the los angeles lakers earlier this month.
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they say they are investigating. walton did not respond to requests for comment. the boston herald reports 2020 hopeful, elizabeth warren, unveiled a plan to cancel student loan debt for tens of millions of americans. the proposal erases $50,000 worth of student loan dead with household income under $100,000. those making between $100,000 and $250,000 would see a benefit. warren proposed universal free public college. not all democratic candidates are on board with the plan which is estimated to cost more than a trillion dollars over a decade. the miami herald reports it was a record catch for a florida couple who went deep sea fishing. bill reeled in a state record 757 -- look how huge that thing is. my goodness. 757 pound swordfish. he was fishing near ila marada
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on the "cbs moneywatch," herman cain gives his reason for pulling out of consideration for a seat on the federal board. samsung delays the release of the new galaxy smartphone. why? diane is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning. noble companies reporting today include coca-cola, ebay, procter & gamble. stocked ended monday mixed with boeing contributing to most of the dow's losses. the dow closed down 48 points. s&p 500 gained two and nasdaq added 17. herman cain is withdrawaling his name for consideration on the federal reserve because the pay is too low. he would have received an annual salary of $183,000.
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that is less than the more than $203,000 the fed chair and vice chair are paid. a salary of board members are set by congress. allegations of sexual harassment against cain resurfaced. he denied the allegations. cain was one of president trump's picks for two open seats on the board. target is recalling wooden toy vehicles because they are a choking hazard. the nationwide recall includes eight bulls eye toys sold separately or part of a set. they were sold between october and november of last year. the toys can be returned for a full refund. no injuries have been reported. samsung is delaying the release of their smartphone. tech reviewers say they have had problems with breakingeens. the device was set to hit store shelves on friday, priced at $2,000. they plan a new release date in the coming weeks. >> ride share companies, uber
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and lyft could get competition. elon musk is promising self-driving taxis will hit the streets next year. they will be able to use a smartphone app to put their vehicle into commercial service when not using them. the vehicles would pick up riders on the company's network. tesla would collect 25% to 30% of the fare charged to riders. >> very interesting. diane, thanks. >> you got it. still ahead, the amazing spirit of determination from a 10-year-old girl. how she won a national handwriting contest after being born without hands. stay with us. ...there's eucrisa. it's a prescription ointment for ages 2 and up... ...that's steroid-free. it works both at and below the skin's surface... ...blocking overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site.
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duchess of cambridge are celebrating his first birthday. kensington palace posted photos of the prince to twitter yesterday. william and kate say they are thankful for all the birthday wishes. he is fifth in line to the royal throne. a maryland girl is inspiring others by showing there are no limits to what she can accomplish. the 10-year-old who was born without hands, just won a national handwriting competition. the third grader only learned to write cursive this year, but says it was pretty easy to write. she grips the pencil between her arms, or marker, as the case may be. she also likes rock climbing with her sister, veronica. >> anytime i fail, i keep doing it.
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i could always get to the top. >> great advice. she came to the u.s. from china about four years ago. that's when she learned to spearitende able t write in cursive in english. amazing. a selfie of a park ranger and two gorillas has gone viral. the photo shows two park rangers with a pair of orphaned mountain gorillas in the national park in the democratic park of congo. the gorillas learned to imitate their caretakers. they seemed comfortable next to each other. yikes. coming up on "cbs this morning," several presidential candidates took strong stances on the televised town hall. we'll explore whether their plans are realistic. this is the "cbs morning news.""
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ore victories for veterans, go to our top story this morning, house speaker nancy pelosi is urging democratic lawmakers to use caution on the issue of impeaching president trump. it comes amid a growing democratic divide of the findings of special counsel, robert mueller's report. the president is suing to block a subpoena seeking information about his finances. ntsb and faa are investigating the cause of a ein that killed all six people on board. it went down on monday. witnesses say it was in the air less than 90 minutes when it started losing altitude. it took a nose dive.
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no one on the ground was hurt. the hunt continues for a missing boy in illinois. detectives searched a neighborhood 50 miles northwest of chicago where the 5-year-old was reported missing. we have more. >> reporter: soon after the boy's mysterious disappearance last week, police dogs picked up his scent inside the family home, but not outside. in a statement, police said there's no indication that an abduction had taken place. >> you have our contact information. >> reporter: questions about the pa parents arose almost immediately. a.j. was born with opioids in his system, removed from the home once before by child welfare workers and there had been numerous complaints about neglect. jenelle lives across the street from the families foreclosed home. >> we have been questioned about what we have seen going on over there. >> reporter: what have you seen going on over there? >> we heard fighting and were concerned for the children.
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>> reporter: the police say the >> she doesn't know what happened to a.j. >> reporter: her attorney says that's because the cops are treating her like a suspect. the boy's father spoke to police on saturday and appealed to his missing son. >> a.j., please come home. we love you very much. you are not in trouble, we are worried. please, please come home. >> reporter: on saturday, both parents attended a community vigil for a.j., but arrived and departed separately. the couple's younger son was placed in a different home last friday and parents plan to contest that action at a hearing on tuesday. dean reynolds, cbs news, crystal lake, illinois. coming up later on "cbs this morning," several democratic strong promises during town halls last night.
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we will shed light on whether the plans are realistic. the countdown continues for prince harry and meghan's first baby. a look at royal births through the history of old traditions that are still being followed today. the host of "full frontal" joins us to review her second, not the white house correspond dinner. that's the "cbs morning news" this tuesday. thanks for watching. hope to see you back here tomorrow.
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good morning, everyone. taking a live look outside. this is of san's t, apri 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm
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kenny choi. it's just about 4:30 right now. you thought yesterday nice and warm. today is going to be better. another reason to smile this morning, mary. >> that's right, kenny and michelle. it's going to be a hot especially for our inland locations topping out in the low 90s. the warmest or hottest day of the year so far. check out our temperatures as we kickoff your temperatures. mid to upper 50s. so a cool to mild start to the day. this is a live look of the roof cam this morning. our micro climate forecast for the coast, and morning fog looking at afternoon sunshine in the upper 60s for the bay. mid to upper 70s to low 80s. our inland locations will soar into the low 90s this afternoon. we'll talk about oughou wk com. emily. >> heat upur trouble spots on the roadways.


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