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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  April 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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closer to shedding its interest in the coliseum property but, kpix 5's kit though said that it wants does not want strings attached any deal. >> reporter: it looks like the deal is moving forward for the oakland a's by the counties half of the coliseum peer, before the big boat, oakland mayor came down to the supervisors and earful. >> my message is simple, if you're going to sell this land to the a's, don't sell out east oakland. in the land deal from a public entity must include community benefits. starting with affordable housing. >> reporter: alameda county has voted to exclusively negotiate with the a's worth about $85 million, the county would able to wipe his hands clean and pay off all of its that. >> the county has wanted to get out for a long time to >> reporter: it would save the county about $30 million a year. money.supervisor says can be used for other services while
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still allowing the ace's estate and oakland. >> we wanted to stay in oakland and i think they are still pursuing the highway terminal site as the first site but even if they do that, they have plans to develop the coliseum site which will be a benefit to the community. >> reporter: leary reed who represents east oakland pleaded with the supervisors pics >> i am asking to do right by the district in which i represent. they are people that you do not forget. >> reporter: the oakland a's responded saying that they already have a long list of categories to guide them through negotiation including local impairment, living wages, and i displacement and affordable housing. lj jennings is the president of the bay area community benefit organization consortium of 200 churches in alameda county and he was at the vote today. did you see anything that encourages you that the county will impose a community benefit?
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>> are right now but we need to take the supervisors at their word and we need to hold their feet to the fire and we will need to make sure that we as the community come together to make sure that they do what they say. >> the county says it has no jurisdiction over community benefits because the city controls land use in the sale agreement is excited to be finalized over the next month. fbi agents raided a home in the oakland hills and authorities have not released many details but they say the 49-year-old suspect may be linked to a five bank robbery investigation. a san francisco skateboarder was killed in a collision with a dump truck south of market street pier 26- year-old pablo ramirez was hit by the truck on seventh street this afternoon. friends and say that he was a volunteer with san francisco skate club and mentor to teenagers. the governor fast tracking fire prevention, he came to the bay area to announce plans to build 35 fire breaks at designated spots but the governor is saying that the states while fire threat is not
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just to rural areas and the oakland hills fire shows more populated and urban errors are vulnerable as well. muni is taking just except in the wake of a door malfunction that injured a passenger. cameras not to the to the train capture the incident earlier this month, a woman's hand get caught in a rear door and she is dragged under the train leaving her seriously injured. today, the announcement on the back doors on the trains will remain locked. they have been able to replicate the problem but does not know how to fix it. >> i don't think we have a full understanding of the root cause or a solution. >> definitely more aware of getting in and out to be sure that nothing gets caught. >> the cars are part of the new fleet of cars and muni has been forced to run single cars after a pendant that connects cars broke off. the sf mta is bringing an independent consultant to figure out what to do next. operating a new muni light
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rail car is a sought after job requiring weeks of special training but we are learning about allegations of favoritism in the traded department from a former instructor. >> first and foremost it is a safety concern we are allowing people that are unqualified out there operating the rails. >> you can watch our original report, the trouble with muni trading tonight on the new kpix 5 news at seven. let's take a live look at the richmond center file bridge for a joint expansion project has been causing delays for weeks. police are asking commuters not to use surface streets. richmond police say that navigation apps like waze are sending commuters through city streets as a detour but officers say these apps will only increase drive times. divers can expect delays into summer. caltrans expects the joint expansion project to be over in july. stockton investigators are searching for the source of a massive blaze at a lumber yard. the fire broke out at about 3
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am and quickly grew to six alarms. the lumber yard is at the intersection of i-5 and highway four. the flames could be seen for miles. burning powerlines knocked down electricity to thousands of residents in that area. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. stomach east bay firefighters getting new digs, decades overdue. after being stuck in trailers for nearly 30 years, workers are finally breaking ground on a new san pablo fire station for contra costa found county fire fighters. don ford has the details. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years, fire station 70 has been living in a trailer. soon, that is about to change. the old station looked like this, red brick structure that was heavily damaged decades ago in the earthquake it was torn down and replaced with this, trailers that were only supposed to last a few years. now, a few blocks away,
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ceremony groundbreaking announces the beginning of the long past due new, $10 million firehouse for san pablo pics >> bipartisan continued to provide great service out of the trailer but, they will have much nicer to operate out of what the station. >> fire station 70 is one of our busiest stations in the district and they had three fires last night. >> reporter: the firefighters were out on a call for an eye toward their current living conditions. it is a small, the kitchen from the 80s. bedrooms jansen tiny rooms. their dispatch desk is in a hall. the standard size fire engine barely fits in the bank. >> we love our trailer. >> reporter: but you would love to get out of it >> yes, it's pretty cramped. we have increased our staffing over the past couple years and what that means is we need to turn closets into dorms the house more firefighters. >> reporter: the new fire house will be named in the honor to
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firefighters who lost their lives in 2007. they were trapped in a flash over while fighting a fire in san pablo. it will be named captain burton and engineer desmond firehouse. in their honor. in san pablo, don ford. >> the county says the new fire station should take a year to have to complete. the san francisco port commission will vote on the proposed navigation center on the embarcadero. the meeting is going on right now with people for and against the plan sharing their views. residence of recon hill, south beach and other waterfront neighborhoods staunchly opposed the plan and they believe a navigation center will turn the taurus heavy embarcadero into a dirty and dangerous place. meanwhile, the mayor and homeless advocates say it is needed to address the city's growing homeless problem. two brothers who say that they helped jussie smollett states that he'd come against himself are now suing the
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actors attorneys protect information. the suit filed on behalf of the brothers named the law firm as defendant and accuses them of making public statements that they lead a criminally homophobic violent racist attack against him even though they knew it was not true. >> is will be the first step in showing not only the citizens of chicago but the nation and internationally that the nation is not what they were traded to be. they hope this will be the first step in curing the wrongs that clients. >> small it continues to maintain his is in a sense and the lawsuit is being called ridiculous. a woman dumped puppies in a trashcan at coachella, the disturbing discovery when they searched her home. the winner of one of the largest jackpots in powerball history comes forward and talks
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about the moment he learned of his new fortunes. coming up, a string of break-ins in the south bay invitees maybe targeting businesses and one neighborhood.
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at the live news death, your finding out this afternoon that a federal judge has given bankrupt pg&e the authority to shell out more than $235 million in bonuses to its employees. sacramento bee is reporting a
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federal bankruptcy judge approved the plan at a hearing in san francisco this afternoon. eugenie said in a court filing that the money was intended to provide incentives to workers. it would not be doled out that the company did not meet its safety and financial goals. this comes as pg&e prepares for its new ceo who begins its job next week turkey is set to receive $30 million. his first day on the job, pg&e is going to bankruptcy proceedings and went to the state puc yesterday and asked that liability be passed on to the ratepayer, bills could go up more than $20 a month if that is approved. a 24-year-old man from suburban milwaukee stepped forward to claim $768 million powerball jackpot. manwell franco said that he screamed for about 5 to 10 minutes after realizing he had
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one. he purchased $10 worth of powerball timonth at a speedway gas station and saidt he had a good ckfeeleting about that day. >> i felt so lucky that i looked at the camera and i wanted to wink because i have the lucky feeling. >> the price is the third- largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history and franco says he will opt for the lump sum of cash and that will be about $477 million. a senator is calling for federal regulators to hold facebook ceo mark zuckerberg accountable for violating americans privacy. democratic senator ron white wrote in a letter to the federal trade commission, given his deceptive statements, his personal control over facebook and his role in approving key decisions related to the sharing of user data, the ftc can and must hold him personally responsible for these continued violations.
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the ftc has been probing facebook since march 2018 to determine if it violated a 2011 agreement with the government to better protect the private data of its users. senator white's call for accountability falls a report by the washington post last week and the ftc could see more oversight of his leadership as part of a settlement to end the federal inquiry. want teenagers suing apple for $1 billion. he claims that facial recognition technology incorrectly linked him to crimes. the 18-year-old claims he was wrongly pinned to apple store theft in new york, boston, new jersey and delaware. he believes apple's algorithm links video footage of the actual thief to his name. the lawsuit accused apple of negligence, defamation, emotional distress and slander among other things. according to the lawsuit, all charges have been dismissed except in new jersey. the mall, apple says it does not use facial recognition technology in the store. any proposal in the east
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bay for pedestrian and bike path through a big stretch of berkeley. a three mile greenway would stretch from downtown berkeley b.a.r.t. all the way to emeryville. the various concept drawings and the plant suggest reducing the width and number of car lanes to fit long multiblock linear parks. since some of the roadways along the proposed greenway are very wide, reducing the width would not impede on traffic. right now it is just an idea to the next step is to propose a project to the alamedcoty transportation commission to help secure further funding. new details about the southern california woman caught on camera dumping puppies into a dumpster 54 year old deborah cardwell was arrested at her coachella home on monday. animal control said that inside the house, they found 38 dogs living in filthy conditions. the dogs have been confiscated and authorities are trying to determine if one of them is the puppies mother. cardwell is being held on
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$10,000 bail. this k-9 officer got painfully sidetracked during a search. oden did not find the suspect however, he did find a porcupine and as you saw, did not go well for him. he ended up with more than 200 quills stuck around his face pick two of them near his left i. it took sedation and two hours of surgery but we are told oden is doing well and now recovering at home. stomach is about to get easier to make it amazon return. the retail partnership that will let you drop off your goods in store.
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a big night at the shark tank. >> the san jose sharks just hours from a winner takes all playoff game. dennis o'donnell is live at game seven, give us a preview. >> as we like to call, sharks territory. with the party outside, game seven, whatever is on, loser goes home. i guarantee you that the winner of this game will have the best goalie, that is always the way game seven is decided. >> here he is on the attack. he scores, 3-0 and the biggest vegas golden knights are all over the sharks. >> here is the thing about a goalie, he either gets too much credit or too much blanket you love him or you hate him.
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>> a man rises to such popular claim by stopping a hockey puck with his face. >> the tv sitcom cheers made a two-part episode about a hot goalie gone cold pics >> lighten up, he had an off night for that guy will take us all the way to the stanley cup. >> reporter: cheers to that estate sharks fans were happy to see martin jones stopping pucks once again. >> the confidence in this room has not wavered once. >> reporter: betty hahn has been behind the mic for every goalie in sharks history and we put the question to him. do we place too much emphasis on the goal is performance? >> i don't think so. it is the most important position and hockey and for me, it is the quarterback of the nfl. and you have a good one heading into the playoffs, you have a chance to win the super bowl. it is the same. if you have a good goalie, you
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have a shot at the stanley cup. if you don't have a good goalie, no way to >> reporter: that is the word for many hahn, and a lot of people who cover the sharks scene, tomorrow the sharks win or lose. they will be talking about martin jones and how he did. game seven, we go inside. back to you. >> i can't help to look at the gecko. he is photo bombing you. he is into it. how fun. a story of survival following this month's inferno at the notre dame cathedral pic authorities say the church's smallest residents somehow managed to survive. >> some 180,000 bees hunkered down in their hives and were found alive and protecting their queens. beehives installed on the roof in 2013 as part of a paris white initiative to boost declining numbers and fortunately beehives were located below the main area that was bird. when it is snake versus rat, usually you know who is
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going to win but, this rattlesnake picked the wrong rodent to mess with. slow-motion video shows a mid air kick from the rat fending off its attacker. this video was shot in 2016 outside of yuma, arizona and comes from ninja rats, a team of researchers from uc davis. uc riverside and san diego state. i don't know if you save money on his car insurance with paul deanno was also at the sharks party tonight. >> reporter: disk i will be 50% off in his body weight by the time the day is over, it's 88 degrees and you got the assignment. you will be the gecko today and you will take a bunch of cell fees and having smiling face meanwhile inside you are melting because the hottest day since last september but there it is, we are outside with dennis and the shark pregame, they always do this before a game in the playoffs, right next to the sap center. we are in the shade, late afternoon, this is the place to
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be we are on the shady side of the stadium but still it's in the 80s outside in san jose for the warmest day since the middle of last september. highs for today, vallejo hit 92 degrees. san jose, officially 88 and hayward 86. you want to cool off, half moon bay is a wonderful spot, it never warmed up to 61 degrees for a high and happy bay pick some records were set in concord. you made it above your record of 87 which was set last year. and, in santa rosa, a high today of 93 breaking a record that was set in 1946. a daily record high of 90 took a record-setting day for three or four different locations throughout the bay area including open overnight lows in the 50s, napa 59 oakland 57, the pollen count will remain high at an eight on the 1 to 12 scale and on wednesday it dropped a little but not that much thursday, friday, saturday backed up in 8 to 9 range. bottom line is it stays high for the next couple of days.
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air quality, not a spare the air day but are where the producer believed notice it will not be good air quality permit will be moderate air quality which is a step down from what we had today. you may notice a little bit of haze if you're driving around san francisco bay from an elevation you may look down and the haze throughout the bay area coming up tomorrow. a ridge of high pressure is a standing firm for now just to our west, keeping us high and dry for the next several days but as a slice to the south, getting thursday, we will begin to cool off significantly. the weather had lied, we will still be warm to hot tomorrow, away from the coast and a stronger sea breeze for the entire bay area on thursday. and, temperatures will be seasonable by the weekend. back to normal for saturday and sunday but the height most of the 80s with los altos, union city and campbell above average pick san ramon at 87 antioch 90 niche 86 sausalito is a good spot to be tomorrow. 74 degrees. baby got the outdoor table. covered at 89, beautiful st. helena at 90 degrees tomorrow.
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thursday, 5 to 7 degrees of cooling widespread and saturday another 3 to 4 degrees and sunday another 3 to 5 degrees. that we are backed average and next we will be cloudier and cooler. live outside the sap center, the heat is not stopping anyone from having a good time, game seven so who cares what the temperature is. but it is the warmest day of the calendar year and it will still be warm in san jose tomorrow. back to you and the cool, always 70 degrees studio. cleared for takeoff, the major step towards making drone delivery a reality.
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kohls partnership with amazon is expanding and wall street investors love that idea. two years after bringing the online retailer inside a few of its stores, the chain announced today it will begin accepting amazon returns for free at all of its stores beginning in july. analysts say that brick and mortar and online is a smart partnership. kohls stock ended the day up 12%. one company is taking a major leap toward delivering goods by drone here in the united states. the company, which is part of google is called winged.
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it is the first drone delivery company to receive faa certification and the company has already made more than 3000 deliveries in australia. and is now aiming to launch delivery trials later this year in virginia. but, there are certain challenges ahead. regulations is still in flux must be monitored by in air traffic management system just like larger aircraft. that's it for the news at five. news at six begins right now. bring on the spring heat, bay area temperatures at the 90 degree mark and some records were broken. and, we are not done yet. these break into a popular shopping mall again and again and why owners say they are being targeted. the woman accusing former winners assistant coach of sexual assault speaks out. why she says she waited years to come forward. news starts right i would like
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rebecca temperatures are part of the bay area. let's take a live look outside from the salesforce cameras way up high, they can see a long way, blue sky, warm temperatures all across the bay area today but we have those numbers the lower left corner of your screen. you can see 80s and 90s and we have team coverage this evening douglas began with paul deanno who is a life outside the shark tank in san jose. >> reporter: it is warm outside, the warmest weather we have seen since september and just to make you daily record highs were broken. this is an early 90 degrees wave of heat moving through that will last one or two days and our hottest inland spots before we cool down later this week. let's take a look at the numbers, concord hit a daily record high, that you set last year where it had 87 degrees.


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