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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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of the bay area. let's take a live look outside from the salesforce cameras way up high, they can see a long way, blue sky, warm temperatures all across the bay area today but we have those numbers the lower left corner of your screen. you can see 80s and 90s and we have team coverage this evening douglas began with paul deanno who is a life outside the shark tank in san jose. >> reporter: it is warm outside, the warmest weather we have seen since september and just to make you daily record highs were broken. this is an early 90 degrees wave of heat moving through that will last one or two days and our hottest inland spots before we cool down later this week. let's take a look at the numbers, concord hit a daily record high, that you set last year where it had 87 degrees. four degrees warmer today with a high of 91 oakland, downtown,
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in old record of 80 degrees today, 87 and santa rosa was the hotspot, the old record of 90 set in 1946 after world war ii, to date you beat that by three degrees with a high of 93 it is the warm outside, concord upper 80s and low 90s, livermore still limited to upper 80s, and san jose still in the mid-80s outside of people state warm inland for 24 more hours before the sea breeze returns. wilson walker is a livermore tonight with folks that are dealing with some springtime heat. >> reporter: the high temperature and livermore pushing 90 degrees and that is just warm enough to do this. this was the date when the call started picking up from richard west what to expect people start to turn on their air- conditioners and find out whether they work or don't work. >> reporter: after this casualty. >> the 29th week of 86. >> reporter: it h pretty well picks >> the last is about 12 years. >> reporter: it is often the capacitor that is a done picks >> this time of year, you get this and also, the condensing
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fan loaders. >> reporter: there is a device that can extend the life of a dying air-conditioning unit but not for long. >> that will last maybe a year, maybe two years, three. and that's it. >> reporter: as busy as he was today, he says he does not get the wave of panic calls until temperatures get to about 95. >> the heat is turning many people's attention to fires is a testament the governor was in the bay area today promoting his fire prevention plan. one piece of it, the construction, a fire break work in the east bay hills will begin next week. >> 4.5 million homes are in very high risk areas. including, all of the homes right out here in the east bay. contra costa county, alameda county, you're as vulnerable as butte county. >> additional aircraft will be
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added to firefighting efforts including new c130 and black hawk helicopters which will be able to fly and fight fires at night. we posted a full list of the areas around california designed for fuel reduction priority on an uptick in burglaries hitting a popular south bay shopping mall, business owners are now demanding more security out of fear that they are being targeted. glenn ramirez reports from san jose's vietnam town shopping center with the story. >> reporter: the shopping center has not had security on site to 24/7 and this might be changing now. the mall manager tells me that this is going to change. they will have more security. if you walk around the small, you will see a lot of businesses like this, boarded up because they had been broken into by burglars and some of the businesses happen hit multiple times. >> we have a broken into twice in the last 15 days.
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>> and she has a video to prove it. watch as the suspect walks to her door and breaks to the glass with a tire iron on easter on sunday night and once inside, he ransacked the place stealing two tablets used for point-of-sale purchases from under the counter. he even goes into the back kitchen to look for things to steal. and then, it's back outside, he meets up with an accomplice who is driving a dark colored car and appears to hand over the stolen goods. the burglar then walks away on foot while the person in the car drives away. >> the first time around it took our cash register with $200 and and and we don't keep it here anymore. it is completely empty. this time around, they took the ipads. >> reporter: not to mention the smashed the door, the next block the same thing happened at this restaurant and, one row over, they broke in and stole the cash register and jewelry from this address shop smashing the display cases. in the last month, merchants say at least seven shops and vietnam town had been broken into. >> where are they coming from?
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>> reporter: she owns the salon and has put her life savings into the business. >> very word, every day. >> reporter: vietnam town has private security but until now they have not been 24/7. a manager in the leasing office told kpix 5 that security will soon be upgraded to patrols around the clock. meanwhile, business owners can't help but feel like they are being targeted. >> a lot of time, asian businesses are known to be cash only like restaurants, small coffee shops. but, we are not the type of business and, they just want easy money. >> reporter: this mall is located next to the grand sensory shopping center and the walmart shopping center on the other side. the mall has entrances to both of those aside businesses and merchants are asking that the side entrances be closed because it will give burglars a one or two less ways to get out
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of here and they do commit a crime. a 26-year-old skateboarder was killed this afternoon in san francisco. he was hit by a dump truck south of market street. the crash happened on seventh street near minna. he has been identified as pablo ramirez and police officers try to save him but could not. friends gathered at the crash scene mourning the loss of their friend. he was a volunteer with san francisco skate club and mentor to teens. >> they had a 1-1, he taught them how to do a trick and i just want people to think about the people in the street that get hurt. >> this is the second fatal crash in just six weeks and a bicyclist was killed in march but the city has installed bike lanes along the stretch of road. police are looking for two women wanted for a home
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invasion robbery in the san francisco south beach neighborhood. police say the suspect broke into a man's home on brannan street just before 2 am. the woman took a rolex and a bb gun and assaulted a 26-year-old victim. they escaped in a car and so far, police have not released any descriptions of the vehicle or the suspect. bonita police are asking for help finding this guy, he is accused of robbing a bank on southhampton road. police say he walked into the bank holding a semi automatic handgun, walked out with an undisclosed amount of cash and the suspect has tattoos on his arms and the back of his hands as well as a teardrop under his left i. new information about the man who was the focus of an fbi raid. agents stormed his home early this morning and susie's time all his life and explains the suspect had a lengthy rap sheet. >> reporter: we have an update for you, just a couple of
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minutes ago, just the front of the home where the fbi raided took place, where duane michaela was living, opd just walked up to the house with a couple of vehicles here and they are conversing with the family right now. family has decided not to talk to us about the case but there is still a lot of development and as you mentioned, we looked into his criminal history and found that he has been charged with forgery in the past connected to bank fraud and, that is what this larger case is all about. neighbors say they are not surprised to hear it. chopper five shows the early- morning raid and the fbi and police surrounded his home where 49-year-old duane michaela lived with his parents becky is a suspected bank robber and is now in custody. >> i had no idea it would be this big. we knew things weren't right and we were all nervous on this block but, this is beyond. >> reporter: the fbi found what looked like an explosive device but later determined it was a
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fake bomb. >> we look into this out of an abundance of caution and we did not find a public safety threat. neighbors say they knew him to be loud and often heard him yelling at family members in the driveway. >> you could tell there was something brewing. >> yelling, yelling at his kids, his wife, at the wife screaming for us to call the cops. in the middle of the night. >> reporter: we dug into his criminal history and in 2009, he faced a series of crimes including a hit-and-run, lying to a police officer and receiving stolen property. in 1995, he was arrested for forgery and the police department confirms he entered a bank with a fake check. that led to 16 months in state prison. it is unclear if that forgery is tied to the ongoing fbi bank robbery investigation today but, neighbors say they are just glad to see him go. >> anyway, it is relieving >> we weren't comfortable with him in the neighborhood.
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>> reporter: the formal charges are expected to be released later today from the arrest that took place this morning and more on the fbi bank robbery investigation is expected next week. out of nowhere, he got on top of me and pinned me to the bed. >> coming up for the first time, we hear from the woman accusing former warriors assistant coach luke walden of sexual assault. would you give up a pay raise? why one bay area mayor is doing just that. it is asian-pacific heritage month here at kpix 5 and we are celebrating in a big way and we will show you the live in house celebration coming up in a live report.
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the woman accusing former warriors assistant coach luke walton of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit is speaking out for the first time. alan martin with what she has to say. >> moments ago, she appeared alongside her lawyer in los angeles. she is accusing walton, who is now head coach of the sacramento kings of forcing himself on her about three years ago. she says that she went to his hotel room to give him a copy of a book she had just written and that is when the alleged assault happened. >> out of nowhere, he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bet. and, held my arms down. with all of his weight, while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest. as i kept asking him to please stop and to get off, he laughed at me. >> she filed a lawsuit against walton earlier today in los
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angeles and said she did not come forward before because she feared for her safety and the stability of her job as an la sports reporter at the time. meanwhile, luke walton's attorney claims that she is what he claims an altar to nist it is not a victim. she said that he said that her accusations are baseless and not credible picked both the warriors and the sacramento kings are say looking into the allegations. alameda county is a step closer to selling its interest in the oakland coliseum site. the board of supervisors voted unanimously to begin exclusive negotiations with the oakland a's. the team would pay the county $85 million. allowing the county to get out of the sports business. that amount would clear the county of his coliseum debt and saving about $13 million a year. but what seems like a great deal comes with a warning from oakland's mayor. >> my message was simple. if you're going to sell this land to the a's, do not sell out east oakland.
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in the land deal from a public entity must include community benefits starting with affordable housing. >> the deal still needs a final vote expected in the coming month, what happens on that land would also need final approval from the city of oakland. a san francisco port commission expected to vote on the proposed navigation center on the embarcadero. the meeting is going on right now, people for and against the plan are sharing their views, neighbors staunchly are opposing the plant because they believe a navigation center will turn the taurus had the embarcadero into a dangerous place. meanwhile, mayor london and homeless advocates believe that it is needed to address the growing homeless problem. we are keeping an eye on the meeting and we will have the vote as soon as it comes in. san jose's mayor is projecting a proposed pay raise. the proposed salary voted to
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raise his salary $58,000 bring it to 190,000. but, in a memo today, he suggested limiting current and future increases to a maximum of 3% annually. that is the typical increase amount for most city employees. he also cited designs of budget challenges i had. even with the proposed raise, he would earn much less of that san francisco mayor london brady who makes more than $326,000. it would also earn less then libby shafter brings in about 203,000. checking with paul deanno life outside of the shark tank, it looks toasty down there and things are heating up on >>n, nnis coming up, but outside it's about 60 degrees warmer than the freezing temperature, we are up here at 90 degrees. a couple of weeks ago but wanted to be in the sun and
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this is the shady side building. and, we have the shade a pregame party. going on. folks are having a good time pick mainly wearing jerseys or t-shirts courtesy of the warmest weather we have seen in about 6 1/2 months. 90 degrees coming a bit earlier this year. than the past couple of years. it is still 90 degrees in concord right now, let me show you the current temperatures, livermore 86 and still 82 in the financial district of san francisco but in ocean beach during the 60s. san jose is 85 and santa rosa at 86 degrees. overnight, mild night, vallejo at 58, san francisco 56, and pacifica 52. baseball tonight, just minutes away, the a's are hosting the rangers, let's do it again tonight. 707 first pitch, mainly sunny skies, mainly clear skies and 77 degrees. that is pleasant for april baseball in the bay area. the micro climate for cassis and carlos, sunshine tomorrow
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night is warm is still above average with a high of 81 and 76 degrees will be high on thursday as more widespread cooling takes place beginning on thursday pick a ridge of high pressure centered to the west saying for now. wasn't moved to the south, the wind direction wrapping around the ridge will give us an onshore flow beginning thursday and that is why temperatures will fall even though we keep the mainly sunny skies. weather headlines have clear night tonight and mild temperatures will stay warm to hot for the middle of the week especially inlet and an earlier sea breeze on thursday will be to widespread cooler temperatures. who hits 90 tomorrow? not napa but you get close at 88, not san jose but you get close at 86. likely hitting 90 again pick santa rosa down to 85. downtown san fro down thte ft degrees a cooling for thursday and friday, 60 at the water 80s inland, we call more but keep sunshine over the weekend and see an increase in cloud cover early next week back out here outside the sap center coming up in a few seconds dennis o'donnell talking about the sports angle but a pretty good
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reason to be outside because, it is the warmest day that we have had in the bay area since mid-september. back to you in the studio. asian-pacific islander month will be kicking off next month. >> kit is down the hall live with us. >> reporter: coming live, we are celebrating asian-pacific heritage history month, and we have been doing this for about 15 years. this is a chance for community members to come in and celebrate all things asian and tell us what is vague and important happening in their lives and mix and mingle with the management and staff of reporters and anchors. and, we exchange ideas and also celebrate what it means to be asian. and, we do that through food. our attendees come hungry with high expectations and asian culture. it is one of the biggest senses to run out of food wehave learned the hard way not to do that.
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also, we had the music society playing some of their music. and, we have some local artist here as well. so, here we are very passionate about telling stories within minority communities, black, latino, lgbtq, and if you have any kind of story happening in your life that you want to share, would love to hear about it and we love telling ghost stories and we are passionate about the we can't do enough to help out diversity of the bay area. so we have a new step, send it to the news desk at but now, back to the party in the north studio. send it back to you. >> we love when this event comes. >> maybe 50 or 60 feet away from our studio, that is going on. they had to everybody for us. thank you. we will be right back.
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welcome back, everybody, we are going to take it into the mouth of a san jose sharks, check it out. got more teeth than logan, coming to the party, the san jose sharks will host a n fime e shar and the knhaenty throughout the series but the two people most likely to drop the gloves tonight are not kane
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and reeves, it is the two head coaches. >> the coaches are chattering, probably doing the most chatter, he is talking to the players constantly during the game which i have not seen before. ridiculous. >> i don't want to talk about that, but i think i'm going to have to because, they say that in the paper yesterday, it's not like. >> excuse me. can i have a final score for tonight's game? >> a final score? it will be for sure 5-6. >> don't hide that beautiful tattoo. that is gorgeous >> we are going to win 5-0. >> you heard it, that means the goalie is going to do good. she is talking about the goalie, let me tell you about joe's, saved 81 of 91 shots over the last two games after struggling and the sharks play-
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by-play man joined me earlier to break down his roller coaster series. >> when you get to the stanley cup playoffs, people say you can ride the coattails of a goalie all the way to the stanley cup finals. why is jones is so different from the beginning of the series right now? >> i wish we knew. i don't even know if the head coach knows why he has turned the script. but, for games and after he had already been pulled twice from the game, you are looking at a dire situation. now, here we stand, three games later, he may end up stealing the series for the sharks pickets unbelievable. >> reporter: two players have lost teeth, charo and then lebowski lost two teeth. why don't they wear a face mask to protect those teeth? >> they are tough. you and me, we would never expose these tv looks to oabe d losing teeth.
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it is a personal preference, a lot about where mouth guards but when you have a pocket you in the face with a mouthguard, it will not protect you all the way picks >> there is a reason i went into sports casting pics >> these are faces made-for-tv not hockey. >> reporter: nothing like a game seven pics >> it is what we do this business for and this will be my tent to call. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: by the way, the head coach cries too much. can, i never drink. only in game seven. so, i'm going inside with this cold one. cheers. go sharks.
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operating a new muni light rail car is a sought after job that requires weeks of special training but, we are learning about some allegations of favoritism in the training department.
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from a former instructor. >> first and foremost, a safety concern and we are allowing people unqualified out there on the rail pics >> you can watch our original report, the trouble with muni training, that is tonight on the news at seven. >> thank you for watching tonight. the cbs evening news is next >> will be back at the news at 7 pm. have a good night.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the cbs evening news this tuesday, isis claims responsibility for the wave of bombings in sri lanka as new video of the attackers emerges. >> it is a national day of mourning. >> the death toll has risen to 321. >> the funeral processions just haven't stopped. >> an entire new graveyard had to be dug. >> vice president joe biden will officially enter the presidential race on thursday. >> this as more democrats are calling for impeachment proceedings to begin against president trump. t glor: the acting head of homeland security tells "60 minutes" the trump administration's family separation policy is not coming iredue flowit pc ust. the shawe >> 20 shots fired!


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