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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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spring, it' out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with the fastest, most reliable internet from xfinity xfi. so you can be in with brilliantly connected devices in every room. and in with finding all your favorites on live tv and streaming apps with just your voice. this spring it's out with the old, and in with simple, easy, awesome. during the xfinity spring sale, get started with internet and tv for $35.00 each a month for a 1 year when you bundle both with 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. click, call, or visit a store today. he went today. he was facing , he was saying that i love you jesus. us now at 11, a victim in the
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crosswalk crash in sunnyvale describes the moment of impact. plus, -- bar is testing out new safety members -- measures. some writers wonder if they are too focused on reporting crimes rather than preventing them. ellie had other ideas. highlights and reaction in sports. good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> we begin with the latest on this veteran arrested for driving into a crowd in santa clara county. he is 34-year-old isaiah peoples of sunnyvale, they say that he intentionally ran his car into eight pedestrians in a cross work. tonight he is in jail, facing a counts of attempted murder. he police also said that the crash does not appear to be an
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act of terrorism. victims tonight. we are live in sunnyvale with his story. joe? >> reporter: two because it showed up here on crutches a short while ago. they tell me that following the crash that the driver was acting very bizarre. >> he was saying thanks god for giving me this opportunity and i love you jesus. i love you jesus. >> reporter: the 15-year-old and his cousin were both standing on the bikes in the crosswalk when suddenly chaos. a car came barreling down, seeming to speed up and smash right into them and six others. as the victims laid bloodied on the ground, the driver started acting odd. >> he went to the floor and he was facing the floor and he said i love you jesus. and then when the police officers arrived, he was saying you guys are amazing and thank you god. >> reporter: the witness saw the same thing. >> i yelled what are you doing?
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and then all of the time he was saying i love you jesus, i love you jesus. >> it was the ptsd when he was in the army because that is the only reason why he would do something like this. >> reporter: he said that his brother isaiah served in combat in iraq for 18 months as a gunner in the army. he came back with a severe case of ptsd. he stabilizes when he's on his medication with, but off his medication he his mother said that it gets bad. >> he did not come to my house because he said that they are watching my house and that they are trying to take him out. that he doesn't want to go to the military hospital because they are after him. >> reporter: they say that he has been under a lot of stress lately, worried about losing his job. he has been hospitalized before for psychotic episodes. when this happens he often sings gospel hymns, a call back from his childhood. his dad is a preacher. >> he is very religious and i think he thinks that state and
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rter: yesterday's him. victims, his mental illness conflicts with their pain, they say that this is no excuse and there is anger. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when he says i love you jesus? >> it got me mad. i was thinking he did this on purpose. he said thank you god for giving me this opportunity. and i was like, what opportunity? >> reporter: the two cousins have leg injuries. they have been released from the hospital, but we understand that five others went to the hospital, including the most critically injured of them. reporting live in sunnyvale, kpix 5. >> of course we will have continuing coverage of the story beginning at 4:30 am. you can see our full interview with the police on our website we had heat, we have fog and a gorgeous sunset. we have been enjoying the summerlike weather for the last two days but it sounds like
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paul, there is a cool down coming? >> there is a cool down coming in came this evening and it will keep firing at us with yos temperatures. the last 90s that you're going to see for the month of april. it is going to be cooling down. santa rosa, 92. on tour flow is back with westerly components of the wind. you felt it this evening around the water side. the he is gone. and that westerly component is now edlund, fairfield, antioch, concord. will still be above average tomorrow. we will not be in the 90s. only a high of 60 degrees in san francisco. still five degrees above average. so warm tomorrow and lend. weekend forecast will continue, that will be coming up in 10 minutes. one of the better highlights tonight. close, but not they are on the edge of their
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seats thisis at the arena, wher two fans say that they were happy to be there tonight, win or lose. >> reporter: tonight the warriors could not pull out a victory against the l.a. clippers. now it is onto game six. for one very special group of fans, it wasn't about winning, it was just about being here. warriors fans started out tonight, predicting a blowout. >> tonight. >> it is over. >> houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: but -- >> we are very upset, we believe that the warriors could have played a better game tonight. >> somehow they let it slip through their fingers. >> reporter: but the most enthusiastic of them all, might've been these men sitting quietly on the sidelines. is >> for me, this is a once-in-a- lifetime dream come true. >> i feel like i'm on cloud nine. >> reporter: they are former
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inmates, combined they has been more than two decades behind bars for crimes that they did not commit. >> i was never supposed to get out of prison. >> reporter: they are here tonight a special guest of the warriors with the innocence project, which works to free the wrongly convicted. >> the fact that the warriors recognize them, realize that these were people that should be respected and honored for what they endured, and included them in this event, we are very thankful. >> reporter: they said being here tonight after what they have been through -- >> when you're sitting there in a cell, watching on television. >> reporter: but they never dreamed of this. >> anyplace where i would want to be, any venue, it would be the warriors. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> the highlights for tonight's game is still ahead. tonight art is testing some new safety measures at one oakland station that is not only one of the busies, but one of the most dangerous. kpix 5's reporter shows us that
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this is part of a safety overhaul of the transit system after a number of high-profile crimes. >> reporter: this is one of the new emergency call boxes at the coliseum station. there are two more that are further down the platform. now the call box has a phone and it also has an overhead camera. both of which are activated as soon as they passenger pushes this button. >> police, what are your party? >> reporter: this is the voice of a part police dispatcher answering our test call. from a newly installed emergency call backs. >> the camera on the call boxes are overhead and they are trying to of the car themselves and their immediate surroundings. so bart police dispatch could
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see if this person is being attacked, what stress they are under. >> reporter: this is part of the safety and security action plan that they announced last august. one month after an 18-year-old was stabbed to death on the macarthur form in oakland. >> the goal is always to improve safety and security. this is something that our writers have reportedly told us that they want. >> reporter: but some writers question whether this will make these station safety. >> we need to start preventing these crimes rather than having those tools. >> reporter: he was one of half a dozen people that was beaten and robbed on a bart train two years ago. he said he was riding home from san francisco when a group of more than 40 teenagers jump the gates rest onto the train and attack the writers. they say that they need more officers on the trains and in the stations. >> they have a in the two years since our attack done significant efforts to prevent any of the storm crimes from happening again. >> reporter: they say that these are one of the many safety measures that they are tested across the system and a
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tool that made sense for the coliseum station specifically. >> we looked at crime and arrest statistics, but we also considered the fact that the coliseum is the high use station, it has the airport, and has even center going on. are they went online last friday. bart says that if the program is successful and the writers use them, they could roll it out across the system. the estimated cost, about $10 million. in oakland, kpix 5. >> the suspect in the macarthur station murder will undergo a new mental health screening next month. to determine if he is competent to stand trial in niah wilson's death. they say that the information gathered cannot be used as evidence in the potential murder trial. a pretty wild card chase spanning two cities, came to an end at a $.99 store tonight. this was at the heig seaultg won in the fronse of the
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took them through los angeles through orange county and then three hours later went back in l.a. county and police still hot on his tail, he ditched his car, left the victim inside and ran into a $.99 store. >> look at all these folks decided that they want to go. they they go they everybody's running out of the nanning the store. >> well stoppers rental, swarms of police were running in, weapons drawn, this time there was nowhere to run. they could not run out the police officers. the pastor meanwhile was found bloodied, but in the car okay. the victim was transported to the hospital. her condition tonight has not been released. coming up, the worst outbreak in decades. awarding tonight as measles spreads at an alarming rate.n s
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this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with the fastest, most reliable internet from xfinity xfi. so you can be in with brilliantly connected devices in every room. and in with finding all your favorites on live tv and streaming apps with just your voice. this spring it's out with the old, and in with simple, easy, awesome. during the xfinity spring sale, get started with internet and tv for $35.00 each a month for a 1 year when you bundle both with 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. click, call, or visit a store today. the government declared measles eliminated just 19 years ago. >> but tonight the cdc sa disea
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and more than two decades. so what is going on? >> reporter: of federal health officials award that the measles outbreak is on track to become the worst in 25 years. the cdc reported yesterday that there now 626 confirmed cases in 22 states. this is already the most sense 2014, when there were 667 cases for the entire year. the majority of the cases are new york city and nearby suburbs. at the current case, the nationwide total could surpass the number of cases reported in 1994. >> we are really concerned. >> reporter: more than 80% of the new york city cases have occurred in williamsburg brooklyn. this is among unvaccinated members of the orthodox jewish community. they say the count is now 390, this is up from 359 just last week. this includes two pregnant women. neither is hospitalized.
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the doctor is the deputy director of the cdc. >> some of the outbreaks are not yet under control so i do expect the numbers to rise. >> reporter: there have been other outbreaks in washington state and this weekend los angeles county. two weeks ago, the new york city health department took the unprecedented step of issuing an emergency order requiring anybody in williamsburg over the age of six months old to receive at least one dose proof that they have already been vaccinated. >> i hope that parents realize that measles can be serious and making sure that the children received this safe and effective vaccine is important. >> reporter: and according to the state health department, 10 miso cases have been reported in the bay area this year. including four in santa clara county. >> thank you. tonight test lab missed big on the first-quarter ordinance. the it lost seven and $2 million. -- $702 million. elon musk says that the demand
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is quite strong. on the other hand, investors like facebook earnings. meanwhile the social network is legal costs, due to a hostile fine from the federal trade commission. the agency has been investigated whether they violated a 2011 agreement promising to protect user privacy. it has not announced any findings just yet. wall street investors will be betting big on a wave of tech ipos coming up. as many six san francisco-based tech ipos expected this year. this is causing city real estate prices to climb up to one did an analyst told us that these numbers could be conservative. >> if it >> reporter:, air b&b, lyft,
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are long, sustainable businesses, we could see a similar trend,. >> the district supervisor plans to propose a tax on ipo income. those taxes are actually reduced in 2012, partly with the intention of making san francisco more inviting for tech companies. if you like dining out, you may want to listen to this next story. restaurant bills may soon however an extra charge. there is a new initiative to fight climate change. >> reporter: changes could be coming to your favorite restaurant. in addition to just been announced today, it is called -- >> being farm to fork does not stop at play, i think it continues on to every aspect of the business. >> reporter: restaurant owners have an option of charging customers an additional 1%, this would go to helps stop climate change. >> they're always going to be people that say i don't want to pay this. >> reporter: and he is right.
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talking to people today, they were split on the idea. >> i would not be interested in doing that. >> we are not asking our this fixed income people to pay that on their property tax, we are asking people that have made a choice to go out and spend money. >> reporter: if this is part of the program, you don't have to pay the one person if you do not want to. you could just ask your server to take it off the bill. >> i live in california and if you know this or not, it is pretty expensive here, what percent to somebody that does not make that much money maybe a lot. >> reporter: organizers say that 1% may not sound like a lot, but if enough restaurant sign up, it would add up pretty quickly. >> there is 78,000 restaurants in california, so if half of them joint on, that is almost 40,000, that is a decent chunk of money. forget -- >> reporter: organizers hope that their having 200 restaurant sign up by the end of the year. kpix 5.
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a reminder tonight for drivers to be exa careful and slow for animals crossing the road. at least two little fonts are recovering after a car struck and killed her mother. this is an west marin county. they wrap those young animals up and their sweatshirts until wildlife workers could come. they are being cared for by the phon rescue organization and sonoma. they will grow up in the company of other fonts until they're old enough to be returned to the wild. meanwhile, they are taking close attention to the falcon camera. they have been nesting for the past two years there. if you want to enjoy the good weather that we have had. >> 80s in berkeley.
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we did yesterday. how about 65 degrees in berkeley tomorrow. the cool down is coming, especially near the water. we will get a disabuse marine layer, words 54 degrees in san francisco. 64 in livermore. cooler tonight, beautiful night last night. redwood city, 55. the pollen count is going to stay high for a while. it should, it is late april. it is not raining and the pollen count will stay up through the weekend. we are cooling down. yes, it will be 80 degrees tomorrow. a couple of iday. miure of suand clouds. still the bridwie for the sevedays, wee t going to in ll. becaitmovinggs are changi. we had an offshore wind. now it is sliding south. which means the wind will go to
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the north -- from the north whe and two butchers near the water will fall 10-15 degrees tomorrow. widespread cloud cover, not happening. a little bit of fog. the air mass changes and it will change more on the weekend with the southwest flow. there is a gradual cool down, if you degrees every day starting tomorrow. lasted through the weekend and getting this back to normal temperatures by saturday. tomorrow, 60s near the water. we're still warm and lend. -- inland. san jose, 84. a lot more 70s tomorrow, including santa rosa's 79. oakland, 73. we cool down more on saturday. we keep the sunshine. will cool down more on sunday, monday and we keep the sunshine. this is not a bad thing. and then will be below average by next tuesday and wednesday.
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wake up with our team tomorrow. will have the latest on weather and traffic from 4:30 am all the way until 9 am. >> is a like a plan, thank you paul. a new space race is on right now. >> it is not to land of the moon, but to contact e tease. request to send a bold new message to intelligent life beyond earth. >> it may be that civilizations are watching and waiting for us to make contact. >> are we ready to signal to what is out there? we are barely getting along with each other, we get ready to get along with aliens? >> are special report the? to contact et ayres tomorrow night on the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm. coming up on sports, the request for the warrio tonight. at the oakland oracle arena. r draymond green , he said that
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. welcome back, everyone. the warriors have never lost two playoff games in the first round. this changed in a big way tonight. he did his part, but a combined 71 points, he was really the only warrior that had it going tonight. he knocks out one of his first
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four, clips of five in the second. he loves playing here. he stressed the l.a. lead by nine points. in the third quarter, he does not miss in the paint. they led by 10 heading into the fourth quarter. the warriors brought all the way back with 3:00 to go. for the lead 118-117. but williams scored eight straight points in the final 1 minute. the clippers win 129-121 and take their second game here at oracle, game six of friday back in l.a. >> reporter: what did you make of your defensive effort tonight? >> not good. >> reporter: you have mentioned asonlack of intensity, is there
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i didn start with the defensive intensity that i needed to. so i don't do that, i can expect anybody else to do. >> we're looking forward to going home. my guess is that, i don't think a lot of people that that this came six what happened. i think that our guys did and that all is all that matters. >> reporter: he meanwhile, the rockets are now resting up at home. he scored 26 in game five against the jazz. if the warriors closeout the clippers on friday, they will play houston sunday at oracle. but that certainly is no guarantee. up next the giants
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nfl news, lynch is re-tiring from the nfl. he has yet to make a formal announcement. >> reporter: they had a 1-0 lead. there goes pablo sandoval, he
11:31 pm
put one on the second deck. the giants win their third straight 4-0. he was hit in the back of the head by a foul ball. bottom of the ninth, a 2 out and base hit. he races him to score the winning run. the first walk off of the year for the a's. and they beat the rangers 6-5 to sweep the series. they are heating up a little bit. the nfl draft is tomorrow. and again, this series headed to l.a. for game
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the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> the next newscast is tomorrow bright and early for 30 a.m. to 9 am. wi captioning sponsored by cbs >> the u.s.-- listen to this-- would run out of avocados in three weeks if president trump shuts down the border with mexico. >> donald trump has shut down the border with mexico, and america has run dry of its precious avocados. now, renegade gangs of health- conscious millennials roam the landscape looking for green gold. >> give us the avocados for our toast, or you will die! i know it's high in fat, but it's the good kind of fat. it's called oleic acid. look it up! >> defend the avocados. >> every day they ge >>f you wahe avocados, talk to this guy. >> avocados?


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