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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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why investigators say the building may have been targeted. and this man shouted "i love jesus" moments after driving into a group of pedestrians in the south bay. this morning, he faces a judge. it's friday, april 26th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee tracking our forecast. >> good morning, michelle and kenny. happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the workweek. a spring-like day across the bay area. here's a pretty view with our mount vaca cam. you can check out the moon right now. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. here's what you can expect this afternoon. morning fog along the coast as well as for parts of the bay. we'll see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies along the coast at 60 degrees. so cool along the coast. and it's going to be a cool day for the bay with morning clouds and mostly sunny skies in the mid 60s. we are going to be warming up inland into the mid 80s with plenty of
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sunshine as we head through our afternoon. i'll let you know how cool it's going to get as we head through the weekend and when temps will be back down to where we should be coming up, emily. 5:01. we have a trouble spot to tell you about and those coming -- if you're coming in from highway 4 or crockett, in the meantime let's get to your travel times. highway 4 is in the green. the only spot we're seeing yellow is on the east shore freeway. that's thanks to the accident i was telling you about. let's check in on your bridges. the san mateo bridge is looking good. many too shabby and very few brake lights and lower than normal traffic as you make your way toward the peninsula. bay bridge metering lights are not up. the fas trak lanes are moving right along. it's a good moment to make your way into san francisco via the bay bridge. the richmond-san raphael bridge, things are not backed up. the flashing lights are due to construction. lane closures on and off throughout the morning until 6:00 a.m. that may
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cause some delays later in the morning, but for now it looks good. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. a couple of points of breaking news out of sri lanka. the arch busch off the colombo cancelled all sunday masses until further notice. that is for safety in the wake of the easter day bombings that killed more than 250 people. the other breaking news from overnight, sri lankan officials announcing the leader of those attacks died in the bombing, mohammed, he died in -- he was a member of the islamic state group which has taken responsibility for these attacks. he was known for his extremist speeches on social media. also a new travel advisory from the government in germany to avoid colombo. that is in addition to travel advisories from the u.s. and uk developing in alameda county, an
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officer is in stable condition after someone stabbed him near 6th and jefferson streets in oakland. a woman with a knife stabbed him at least once as he walked to his car after work. >> he was stabbed in the neck. he's conscious bleeding but he's bleeding. >> police say the officer was in plain clothes at the time. it's unclear if he was targeted. the suspect is under arrest. in east oakland, the driver of this car is behind bars this morning. witnesses say the suspect intentionally plowed into this preschool. you can see the car forced its way through this chain linked fence before crashing into a wall. it happened at the highland children's center. no children were hurt. one female adult staff member was injured. minutes before this, the suspect carjacked a vehicle. they say the suspect has children who attend the preschool which has a stay away order against him. happening today, the man police say slammed his car into a crowd of people in sunnyvale on tuesday will face a
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judge. kpix jackie ward is back at the scene of the crash with more. jackie. >>reporter: michelle, later today, the suspect peoples will face a judge for the first time in his court appearance. he's being charged with 8 counts of attempted murder and the 34-year-old has no former criminal history. he was bringing food to his bible staff. a woman who saw the whole thing happen on tuesday night said she couldn't believe what was going on. she said he wasn't distraught and didn't seem remorseful and seemed to be off his medication. >> it's hard to get my head wrapped around that he thought this was going to be okay. that driving a vehicle into 8 innocent people. these are 8 innocent people living their daily lives and he felt the need to run them over. >> peoples family tells us he suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder. he's on medication for. his mother said he becomes paranoid
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when he doesn't take it. this morning -- a 13-year-old girl is in the hospital who is in critical condition. that girl goes to school around here in sunnyvale. peoples is expected in court around 12:30 this afternoon. in sunnyvale, jackie ward, kpix5. >> jackie, thank you. 5:05. taking a live look in colorado this morning. this is the aftermath of a fiery chain-reaction crash on a freeway in jefferson county. several people are dead. and the freeway is still shutdown at this hour. this pileup involved 15 vehicles and three were semis. a semi barrelled westbound 70 and crashed into traffic. it appears the driver lost control. >> whether it was a lost load, some type of brake failure, we're looking at mechanical issues. >> traffic on i-70
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was at a standstill because another accident up the freeway and the semi rammed cared stuck in that congestion and the number of fatalities is unclear at this hour. a santa clara teacher is on leave -- music teacher kyle scheuerlein has been -- it's known to have organized the unite the right rally in charlottesville. scheuerlein's name surfaced when online names were leaked to the public. >> you look around, it's completely mixed so it's -- it would be really odd for someone that felt that way to go to this school. >> my first concern is always to look at their discipline record of disciplining children of color. >> we reached out to several times to scheuerlein for comment, but did not get a response. the nba and the sacramento kings
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are launching an investigation into the sexual assault claims against coach walton. this lawsuit filed on monday alleged that walton sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room back in 2014 while he was an assistant coach for the golden state warriors and the victim kelly tennant never went to police. she was working at a local sports reporter and said she feared possible repercussions. >> i thought he was going to rape me. out of nowhere, he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed. and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and face and chest. >> tennant's lawsuit is seeking punitive damages from walton. in a statement, walton's attorney called the accusations outrageous. said these claims are false and luke's innocence will be proven in court and the kings and nba say they take these allegations seriously and will collaborate to
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complete a thorough investigation. court officials say jury selection is in its final stages and opening statements could get underway next week. master tenant derrick and creative director harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter for the fire that killed 36 people in 2016. officials say opening statements are expected tuesday and wednesday and testify could start may 6th. a city report shows that berkeley 911 dispatchers are understaffed and overworked. the city spent $1 million in overtime in 2017 and under staffing is dragging down morale. it says that workers have little to know time to complete training requirements. the dispatch center is advised to boost resources to ensure that calls are being answered as quickly as possible. some mover driver in the bay area and other major cities are planning protest to highly what they claim are poor working conditions. and low waging. the drivers say they are paid below minimum wage levels required by some states. they plan to turn
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off the uber app and stop working for 12 hours on may 8th. that's the day uber makes its stock market debut. today the "new york times" reports the ride share company is planning to price its shares between 44 and $50. that would give it an evaluation between 80 and $90 billion. an update from bart license plate readers have been approved for parking station lots. the cameras will capture images of cars to prevent car thefts and break-ins. some people are worried about how the pictures may be used, but bart says they'll be privacy protections in places and photo and license information will be stored for 30 days unless it's apart of an ongoing investigation. bart says it will not share the data with immigration enforcement. it is 5:09. >> college students in quarentine. the california campuses on high alert for the measles this morning. we're tracking areas of fog along the coast in parts of the bay thanks
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to onshore flow. i'll let you know how that onshore flow will affect our weekend, coming up. it's affecting your commute if you're on the east shore freeway headed through highway 4 or from anywhere else on 80. take a look at this. you have to deal with lane closures as a result of this accident. i'll tell you how bad things are backed up, coming up. "curiouser and curiouser,"
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hundreds of students and factuality at two california universities are under qe and the action is response to a growing measles outbreak and reports of an infected student at ucla and those under quarentine is either unvaccinated or unable to prove their immune and the infected student attended classes at two buildings at ucla earlier this month and may have come in contact with students at cal state l.a. officials there are trying to determine how many students may have been exposed. cal state l.a. says it has nearly 200 people quarentine, but public health officials say dozens more could have been exposed since the student visited a library. >> they say they have 2,000 visitors in that library most don't sign in or out. we've had a lot of exposures to folks we went identify. >> students able to provide proof of
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vaccination will be released from quarentine. public health leaders say each case in. l. stem from international travelers. a measure to tighten california's school immunization law passed its first hurdle in los angeles. it would give state officials -- this morning, president trump has a plan to open up a million acres in california to new oil drilling. the chronicle reporting that the interior department has a program to drill for oil in central and southern california. primarily around bakersfield and santa barbara, but possibly in the sierra. if the plan gets final approval, it would end a five-year moratorium in california on leasing federal land to oil and gas developers. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk, and we are watching the, really, i don't know what we would call it. band wagon crazy -- it opened at
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midnight. it's the endgame movie. the finale of the marvel superhero saga. it's a three-hour movie. and theaters, nationwide were open all night long. and we caught up with fans an hour ago at the amc in san francisco. >> it is amazing. it is everything that you would not expect it to be. but it was glorifying, and heartwarming. >> heartwarming. yeah. we're hearing good reviews of this movie. kenny and michelle, i don't get into this. >> we can tell. >> what are the crazies of -- one of the crazies was our traffic gal, emily. >> she went and saw it last night, can you believe that? >> she did? >> yes. >> whether she lasted through the whole movie is -- >> i value sleep too much. >> she does too because she slept a little during the movie. we're going to get you on the band
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wagon crazy fantem. >> i fell a sleep and that's apart of working the morning show. it was good, the parts i was awake for. >> good effort. >> my husband loved it. >> hopefully he fills in you. let me fill you in on the traffic because there's serious issues. let's look live at the east shore freeway. all lanes are back open. but you can see that things are backed up pretty significantly thanks to that crash that's in place there. it's hard of tell what's on the right side of your screen, but it looks like it has been moved to the shoulder, but it's backed up. take a look at that almost to crockett. if you're headed from highway 4, you're going to have a backup. this accident is at pinole valley and the lanes have been blocked but moved ou slownd go making your way through the altamont pass down to 7 miles an hour, once you make it through that,
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you're good to go. a pair of accidents on southbound 101 and the first one at capitol expressway in the hov lane and slowing things down out of san jose, maybe you're headed to carmel, but give yourself extra time as you head out. another accident, this one is on the right-hand shoulder. it's blocked due to an accident on 101 northbound. that's right as you're getting on the onramp at the -- what do you call that, the airport. so just know if you're picking anybody you will at the airport, you may have to reroute around that. mayor -- mary check out the foggy condition looking in the. it's a cool start. 49 in santa rosa. 50 in livermore and 52 in san francisco. 52 in san jose and concord and oakland at 54. let's check the visibility because along the coast, you can see four miles at half moon bay and the cog along the coast through the golden gate gap and into
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the bay looking at a mile and a half for santa rosa for the visibility out there. what to expect? low clouds and fog this morning along the coast, parts of the bay. although clear skies inland as we kickoff your friday. again, in your repeat performance as we head through the afternoon, so we're going to have the clearing with mostly sunny skies as we go through the day. more cooling as we head through the weekend. that's been dry over the last several days and that will continue for us. a quick check of our reservoirs. and because of the sierra snow melt, we're looking good. 106% of average in shasta. oroville, 112% and folsom, 119% for our reservoir. high pressure still in place, but it's to our south. with the clockwise flow -- we're going to be cooler as we go through the next several days, and we're tracking this low pressure system
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that will bring stronger onshore flow as we go through the end of the weekend into next week. future cast just to show you, we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. enjoy it. tomorrow morning, again, starting off the day with low clouds and fog along the coast in parts of the bay. for tomorrow, mostly sunny to partly sunny, and then much cooler for your sunday. allergy sufferers, not too bad. medium for today pollen. medium-high for tomorrow. your tahoe report, it's hard to believe we're talking about hitting the slopes in late april. heavenly looking at rain chances sunday and spring-snow conditions for alpine meadows. current conditionslo variable inch is inalnd tohe sn base 48 stay open in may. low 60s and mid 60s in san francisco.
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low 70s in oakland. 80 degrees for fremont. mid 80s for concord, fairfield, livermore as well for san jose. low 80s for napa. cooler for your sunday. much cooler on sunday with that marin influence for all of the bay area. and we'll continue with that cool down into early next week. back to you. new this morning, the universe is expanding its faster than previously believed. according to a new study, the universe is getting bigger 9% faster. it's based on measurement collected by nasa's telescope. there's -- >> it involves weighing passengers at airports before boarding. fuel metrics owe-- fuel metrics says the readings could optimize the flight plane. air travel accounts
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well, good morning to you. if you're headed out on the east shore freeway. it's backed up on 80 at highway 4. that's the result of an accident and it has been cleared off the highway. it's backing things up. you're down to 13 miles an hour, and backed up to crockett. now your drive time once up get passed that accident is 17 minutes. once you get through it, you are good to go. this morning, mattel is setting aside millions of dollars to pay for a deadly recall. the toy manufacturer announced it set aside $20 million related to the cost of the rock and play. there's been more than 30 reports of infant deaths and they expect between 30 and $35 million in sells. people under stress over indulge on high in sugar foods -- easting a
5:25 am
spd the velopment of obes n healthy diet may lead to healthy kidneys. a study at john hopkins tracked more than 14,000 middle age adults and those who stuck to a plant-based diet had a 14% lower risk of developing kidney disease and that includes plenty of fruits and whole grains. researchers are discovering -- a study in the netherlands found good sleepers can neutralize bad memories overnight. insomnias are unable to clear their minds -- researchers say that explains why insomnia is a risk factor near anxiety and mood disorders. america is
5:26 am
stressed and angry. they tied -- when it comes to the most stressed out nations and a record-breaking 55% of americans said they experienced stress during a large part of the day. meanwhile, nearly half of americans said they felt worried during a lot of the day and 22% said they felt anger a lot. the man who slammed into a crowd of people who were walking in a crosswalk earlier --
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now at 5:30, if you video of the crash in santa clara county. the man accused of deliberately crashing into his them faces jud people are not driving the cars but live in them. the 49er take
5:30 am
their pick -- it's friday, april 26th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee where we're looking at a little fog this morning. that's going to clear out. >> that's right, kenny and michelle. a nice day across the bay area. areas of clouds and fog and clearing as we head through the rest of our friday. here's a live look with our south bay san jose camera under clear skies. good morning to you. san jose at 53. 49 in santa rosa. and looking at low to mid 50s from concord, oakland and livermore and san francisco. so normal high temperatures in san francisco as well for oakland, mid 60s and normally we should see highs in san jose and concord in the low 70s. for san francisco, you should be right around where we should be for this time of year. so very somber with our temperatures. 64 for a forecast high. oakland, low 70s. 5 degrees cooler than average. san jose and for
5:31 am
concord, we're forecasting 83 degrees. 12 to 13 degrees above average. cooler weather is on the way. stronger onshore flow. we'll let you know what the weekend forecast looks like coming up. emily. i can forecast your commute for you if you're headed from the east bay from the -- 5:31. you have a back up. there's an accident on the east shore freeway that's a result of this accident. there's been several other accidents. they say they moved this out of the lanes so it's off to the right-hand side. you can see it's really backed up at 80 and highway 4. give yourself extra time or prepare to be a little late this morning if you're headed in that direction. the backup has decreased a little bit. but it is still slow and go as you're making your way toward 580 or the bay bridge. we have that accident westbound 580 at vasco road. your slow and go traffic as you make your way throughout the altamont pass and speeds are not bad. down to the south bay, this accident
5:32 am
still in play here. southbound 101 at capital expressway. it's in the hov lane. they're in the process of moving that out. but it doesn't seem to be backing anything up as you're headed out of san jose. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have information on the -- the threat to the public appears to be over. police say that there was a person who was thinking of committing suicide there at 17th and geary boulevard. he locked himself in his home. they were trying to get him out. they called in the hostage negotiation team although there was no one else in the home. at 2:00 this morning, they decided to back off and they're monitoring the area. we want to get you up to speed on a breaking news story in colorado. taking a live look over the city of lakewood. that's the suburb of denver. there was a fiery crash overnight. multiple people about have died and it looks like it started with a semi
5:33 am
truck speeding on the shoulder of the road and all 12 vehicles were involved. i-70 shutdown. we are looking at the backup that that's causing in the morning rush hour. officers in denver are going to have an update for us in an hour on that. back to you. i'm jackie ward in sunnyvale. back at the scene where a man crashed into a crowd of people earlier this week. he's facing a judge for the first time later on today. police say the 34-year-old isaiah peoples was bringing food to his bible study group when this happened. when he collided into 8 people in a crosswalk. witnesses say they saw bicycles and people flying into the air. they say it seemed surreal and they couldn't believe what they were seeing and one witness tells us what the driver was saying. >> he was saying thank you jesus. he was rocking back and forth. he wasn't
5:34 am
distraught because he didn't seem remorseful. he seems to be o his medication. >> his family says he has post traumatic disorder. peoples is expected in court at 1:00. jackie ward, kpix5. uc berkeley is investigating robberies. the first one occurred just before 10:00 on wednesday night near center and oxford. the second happened at 10:15 near dwight way and bent view avenue. two hours later, near piedmont avenue and the fourth one on fulton near 4th street. a gun was used. no one was hurt, but investigators say the suspect stole electronic devices. the organizers of the homeless camp are asking people to donate cars. that's because last month, the city forced everyone out
5:35 am
of hope village, but gave them vouchers to stay at a motel for a month. that month has run out and people have nowhere to go. organizers say an old car could provide them invaluable shelter. >> a vehicle gives you the ability to move around and make job interviews or look for a job. that would be probably the single best thing. second, it's a safe place to store your property. being in a car is better than being -- sleeping in the dirt. >> anyone wishing to donate can get in contract with the contra costa catholic workers. byob it bring on a new meaning. bring your own baby. state agencies could opt into the program, but it's not required. babies would be eligible from ages 6 weeks to six months old or until they start crawling, which ever comes first.
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5:35. former vice-president biden capped off his candidacy with a fundraiser -- in his campaign video, he criticized pennsylvania current resident. >> if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house, forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. who we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> although biden is the front runner, the competition is thick. the biggest one-party slate since 1856. california senator and rival harris is welcoming biden to the race. she says that the more, the merrier. o'rourke is holding a town hall at the irish culture center in san francisco on sunday. the 49ers made their pick in the
5:37 am
nfl draft. defensive end bosa of ohio state. he's known for his sacks and his tweets. aside from his conservative views, critics say the 49ers were in desperate need of a quarterback that can sack quarterbacks and disrupt the back field. [cheers and applause] >> at the 49ers draft party last night, it appeared -- a loud roar as the pick was announced. bosa was under fire -- he says he's not worried about his political views affecting his relationships with his two new teammates. >> i think my teammates will learn what kind of person i am when i get in the locker room with them. i've never had an issue getting along with teammates. >> fans of the draft party said they were aware of his questionable social media history, but they're more concerned about how he's going to perform on the
5:38 am
field and not off the field. the raiders had three top picks and raised eyebrows with the first. oakland took farrell, a defensive end out of clemson. the two-time all american had 27 sacks over the last three seasons. this in, the u.s. economy showing growth. also this morning, microsoft and amazon making some headlines. diane king hall joining us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch report. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, kenny. wall street has a lot to digest today because gdp, amazon results, a shrew of other results coming out. stocks finished mixed yesterday. the dow tumbled 134 points -- excuse me, the dow gained 16. microsoft joined the club of companies ever valued at $1 trillion. and shares of the giant -- they closed out more than 3%. microsoft joins apple and am
5:39 am
azon as the only u.s. companies to ever reach a trillion dollar mark. amazon will offer one day delivery for prime members in the u.s. the company hopes cutting delivery times in half -- amazon faces more competition from a rival retailers like wall and target. amazon hasn't -- the marvel superhero movie is breaking box office records. avengers game is the top pre-seller on vandango. average prices for a ticket are just about $9. sellers on ebay are
5:40 am
offering tickets for $125. 200 and 500 bucks. >> it's supply and demand. diane king hall, thank you. after 13 days of teasing fans, taylor swift revealed what's behind the count down on her instagram page. >> when the clock strikes midnight, the pop star released his single called "me" along with this new video. it features colorful props and costumes and easter eggs for fans to decode. she says "me" is a song for those to embrace and celebrate their individuality. i didn't say that correctly. i'm going to get coffee. time is 5:40. >> it could be the best thing in beauty. we're talking about cbd. is it safe and does it really work? we'll tell you coming up. i'll let you know how cool it's
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it's finally friday and it's 5:43. here's a cool view with our mountain vaca cam of the moon. this is a third quarter moon phase you're looking at right now with clear skies. we are going to see temperatures very similar to yesterday. but a cool down is coming thanks to stronger onshore flow. your weekend forecast is coming
5:44 am
up. this morning, walgreens is testing cameras in the bay area that can guess shoppers ages, genders and moods. the technology is aimed at targeting ads. walgreens installed refrigerator doors with cameras instead of clear door. walgreens says the cameras are used to count people passing by. it could be the next big thing in beauty and wellness. cbd products containing the ingredients have been popping up at cvs and -- cbd products were introduced in san francisco in the beauty sections. shoppers can find creams and serums and oils selling cbd. >> most customers come in for pain relief and redness, irritation. inflammation for the skin. >> the products at
5:45 am
neman market range from $124 to $125 and the -- >> patients are looking for options that are more natural, and that they feel comfortable with using. i think with that said, the science is not there to support their use at this time. >> the cbd beauty industry is so new, the fda is trying to figure out how to regulate it. there's a public hearing for stakeholders to share their experiences and challenges. a video reminds us to lock our doors in tahoe. check out this curious bear opening a car door. the homeowner says they woke up to find their car door open and thought it was a thief until they looked at their ring camera. the bear didn't linger around for long. the lights may have scared the bears away. >> it's amazing what they can do.
5:46 am
opening up door. in oregon kids aren't the only ones enjoying riding the school bus. >> a customize van picks up dogs and take them to an infield for the day and the dogs socialize and get exercise while their human owners are busy. >> how did you get the idea to do this? >> i love dogs. i mean -- >> it's that simple? >> yeah. i love dogs and i was looking -- i'm looking for the best for them. >> montoya says his kids will occasionally play with the dogs and at the end of the day he takes the dogs back home in the doggy school bus. >> they get to socialize and hangout. >> party. >> go outside. >> chill out. it's school. >> we can maybe run a dog business here. have them in the studio running around. >> that would be so
5:47 am
much fun. >> i could only wonder the random bloopers popping up on the screen. >> more show with the dogs. unfortunately your commute has gone to the dogs because there's backups. although it's friday, at least you have that. let's look at our most recent accident that's still in play. westbound 80 at san pueblo avenue. the first accident had lanes shutdown has lanes cleared. there's been several finder benders in the wake of this. it's slow and go, not glow. you'll see break lights glow. backed up onto highway 4 at some parts. this accident, westbound 580 at vasco road has been -- pretty typical for this time of the morning. down in the south bay, this one still in the hov lane. they're waiting on a tow truck to get down there. it's backed up a little bit on
5:48 am
southbound 101 passed 280. but once you get passed there, you are good to go. plenty of room to drive. now, northbound 101, this is at the airport. it has been moved to the right shoulder, but it's slowing things down a little bit as you're making your way onto that onramp. if you're picking anybody up at the airport, be aware of that. there's construction in play until 6:00 this morning. northbound 880 from 29th to 23rd. we're not seeing backups as a result which is good news and also construction and this is emergency construction on the san raphael bridge. and this will be in effect until 6:00 a.m. drive times is 43 miles an hour and not affecting your commute in the eastbound or westbound direction. we have seen several trouble spots throughout the week. mary. thanks, emily. we have the friday feeling. it's going to be a nice day across the bay area. pleasant conditions on this spring friday. here is a live look of our san jose camera with clear
5:49 am
skies. san jose at 53 right now. many locations in the low to mid 50s. a cool start and i want to pinpoint san jose, and your five-day forecast. for today looking at 83. well above average by 13 degrees and the normal high for this time of year, 70. cooler on sunday, but warm. 81 tomorrow -- saturday there. for sunday, 76. and as we go through early next week, we're going to dip down to right around normal for those high temperatures, so you can see that cooling trend over the next several days. here's what you can expect. so starting off the day with low clouds and fog along the coast in parts of the bay, clear for our inland locations. a repeat performance as we head through the afternoon with more cooling this weekend all because of stronger onshore flow. the visibility, checking that for you. half moon bay at 5 miles. so along the coast through the golden gate gap and into the bay, tracking low clouds and fog.
5:50 am
in santa rosa, about two miles for the visibility this morning. the ridge of high pressure that's kept us high and dry and this is the same ridge that brought record heat earlier this week, is now down to our south. with the flow around that ridge drawing onshore winds so the onshore flow is back. this low pressure system is actually going to bring even cooler temperatures with a stronger sea breeze by later in the weekend. and into early next week. so on future cast, we'll see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and clearing out. tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog, they are back for the coast and for parts of the bay. looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies tomorrow. allergy sufferers, looking good. medium for today. medium-high tomorrow, and back to medium for sunday and monday. our sunrise at 6:20 and our sunset at 7:55. daytime highs today, looking at cool conditions along the coast. low 60s in pacifica. mid 60s in san
5:51 am
francisco. low 70s in oakland. about 80 degrees as well as for san jose. if you're heading out to the earth day beach cleanup tomorrow morning in pacifica, low clouds and cool and mid 50s there. here's the 7-day forecast and what you can expect, cooler for saturday and cooler sunday with strong on flow flow and marin influence for all of us across the bay area and cooler by next week. back to you. >> thank you. today is arbor day and we observe the holiday on the last friday in april every year. arbor day encourages all americans to plant and care for trees. the national day calendar states a newspaper editor established the day back in 1872. time check, 5:51. >> straight ahead, all eyes on this nest in alameda county. the excitement surrounding this hatch linings. a look at the richmond-san raphael bridge. lane closures until 6:00 a.m. as emily said. she'll have a full
5:52 am
encoack.n your
5:53 am
5:54 am
good morning, here at 5:54. we have a traffic alert in place. i want to let you know about that. lanes closed westbound 24. this is the commute direction. take a look at that. down to 14 miles an hour as you try to make your way from walnut creek closer to oakland. a traffic alert, several lanes blocked this hour. i'll tell you just how bad that backup is a little later. emily, thank you. let's take a live look to a very special screening
5:55 am
in berkeley where we are anxiously awaiting a third falcon to hatch on the cal campus. the camera looks directly onto the nest. the two others already have been born. now, that mamma hawk right there, she just sat on the two eggs. and her hatchlings. >> did you see she was almost looking at the camera. >> yeah. >> what are you looking at? >> she's a good actress. >> cameras are there and they were installed earlier this year after a crowd-funding effort. >> [bird noising] >> the nest is at the -- the parent was annie and granel and the camera caught mom coming back with the chicks' first ever meal. >> the best visually have seen of the chicks are here. it's just -- just seeing, to me, seeing that beautiful bird, it gets my adrenalin going. >> if you like to keep an eye on the
5:56 am
falcon family and see when the third egg will hatch, we posted a link to the live stream at an oil company is hit with a fine -- details on the decision. plus the army veteran who slammed into a crowd of people earlier this week is expected to face a judge later on this morning. we'll tell you where the investigation stands now.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
a bay area police officer is stabbed in the neck while leaving work. details on this disturbing attack. the trump administration unveils a new plan to significantly expand the use of a controversial drilling technique in central california. and the organizers of a privately funded homeless encampment is asking for help om the p gdorni
6:00 am
griegoday,thi'michelle otartm kenny choi. on. autiful day and 'lle that clearing and afternoon sunshine. a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. it is a cool 50 degrees in livermore as well as for santa rosa. 52 in downtown san francisco. 53 in concord. good morning to you. oakland, san jose at 54. so your microclimate forecast for the coast morning fog, mostly sunny to partly cloudy. for the bay, mostly sunny and mild. inland, warming up to the mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. stronger sea breeze kicks in for us for the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up. >> the good news is it's friday, and the bad news is you have a traff


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