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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 26, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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privately funded homeless encampment is asking for help om the p gdorni griegoday,thi'michelle otartm kenny choi. on. autiful day and 'lle that clearing and afternoon sunshine. a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. it is a cool 50 degrees in livermore as well as for santa rosa. 52 in downtown san francisco. 53 in concord. good morning to you. oakland, san jose at 54. so your microclimate forecast for the coast morning fog, mostly sunny to partly cloudy. for the bay, mostly sunny and mild. inland, warming up to the mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. stronger sea breeze kicks in for us for the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up.
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>> the good news is it's friday, and the bad news is you have a traffic alert in effect. especially coming from walnut creek. you need to leave ear yerl -- leave earlier because this is causing backups. this is at camino pueblo. an accident is closing two lanes, we're checking in with chp, but your speeds are slow as you make your way westbound. your drive time on 24 is 15 minutes. but that's longer than it would normally take for this time of the morning. we're keeping an eye on this accident in play on san pueblo avenue on westbound 80. it has been moved to the side and there's been finder benders in the wake of that backup. that backup decreases significantly. so that's good news for those of you coming in via highway 4 or over the carquinez bridge. your drive is 61 miles an hour. a new crash at gulf link. it doesn't seem like it's backing things up -- not
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the golden gate, but the bay bridge. at the toll plaza, your speeds are 9 miles an hour and the metering lights not on. a police officer is recovering after someone stabbed him near 6th street and -- a woman with a knife stabbed him at least once as he walked to his car after work. >> he was stabbed in the neck. he's conscious bleeding, but he's bleeding. >> opd says the officer is in stable condition this morning and the suspect is under arrest. police say it's unclear whether the officer who was in plain clothes at the time was targeted. happening today, the man police say slammed his car into a crowd of people in sunnyvale on tuesday will face a judge. kpix5 jackie ward is at the scene of the crash this morning. >>reporter: that's right, michelle. the suspects driver peoples is expected to see a judge in a few hours today. he's facing
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history. veranh e ar. food to his bible study group at the time of the crash. a woman who saw the whole thing happen said she couldn'tbeliev what was going on. she said he wasn't distraught or remorseful and looked off his medication. >> it's hard to get my head around that he thought it was okay to drive a vehicle into 8 innocent people. these were 8 innocent people living their daily lives and he felt the need to run them over. >> peoples' family tells us he suffers from severe post traumatic stress that he's on medication for. and his mother said he becomes paranoid when he doesn't take. some of the people he told police he intentionally hit with his car are still in the hospital including a 13-year-old girl in critical conditioning. she goes to school around here, and they do have counselors on hand for anyone who knows her, and needs some help right now. peoples is expected in court at 1:00.
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jackie ward, kpix5. an update on the ghost warehouse ship fire. master tenant alemena and harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter for a fire that killed 36 people. opening statements are expected on tuesday and wednesday. testimony could start on may 6th. today the man charged in a high profile kidnapping case in vallejo will head to court to set a trial date. 41-year-old matthew mueller is charged with abducting denise at her home. police accused her of making up the story and apologize. mueller has been sentenced on federal charges, but prosecutors say they filed state charges because they want him held fully accountable. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have information
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after a scary situation in the richmond dis ue and gea boulevard. police say at around 8:00 p.m., a person was threatening suicide. and they weren't sure if there werese inside his home. they brought in a crisis hostage negotiation's team and six hours later at 2:00 this morning, they decided he was a threat to him self and not the rest of the neighborhood. they backed off that, but still monitoring the area. back to you. the trump administration is attempting to open up a million acres of land in california to oil drilling. this would allow developers to use the technique of fracking on public and private land in 8 california counties. california has a moratorium on leasing california land to oil and gas companies. in the past, federal judges blocked opened up federal lands of fracking -- a company that caused the worst california coastal oil spill in 25
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years slapped with a fine more than $3 million. the penalty is against houston based plains all american pipeline. last year, jury found the company failed to maintain a pipeline in 2015 that sent 140,000 gallons of crude oil gushing onto a beach near santa barbara. the spill blackened beaches for miles, killed wildlife and hurt tourism and fishing. additional damages could be leveed at a restitution hearing next month. those in -- last month the city shutdown the privately funded shelter giving them vouchers to stay at a motel for a month. the month passed and the people once again have nowhere to go. advocates say an old car could provide them with critical shelter. >> a vehicle gives you the ability to move around and to make job interviews or look for a job. that would be
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probably the single best thing. second, it's a safe space to store your property. >> a car is everything, and you know, we're able to just go to the store without having to lug it home and safe because you can lock your doors. >> anyone wishing to donate should contact the costa declare a catholic worker's organization. 6:07. an escalation in the measles outbreak as two california universities are forced into quarentine. why a judge is facing federal charges after an incident involving federal immigration -- we're tracking the fog with onshore flow. we'll let you know what you can expect as we head through the day today where you live, coming up. if you're commuting on highway 24, you can expect delays because there's a traffic alert in effect in the westbound direction. take a look at that. that backup is backing up -- give yourself extra time if this is apart of
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good friday morning to you. it is almost 6:11. a live look of our trans america cam. you can see the cloudy, foggy conditions as we start off the day. temps running in the low to mid 50s. clearing as we head through our afternoon. we are going to see temps cooling down. i'll show you the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. you do have a traffic alert in effect right now. this is at highway 24. it's slowing things down in the westbound direction if this is apart of your commute, just be prepared because it's going to be slow and go passed lafayette. 12 miles an hour towards the tunnel. give yourself the extra time because you're going to need it. i'll tell you your other trouble spots later. a judge in massachusetts is facing charges after she helped an undocumented
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immigrant escape custody. she's helped a man avoid an immigration agent last year by letting him leave out of a back door after a hearing. they called joseph's arrest a motivated attack on the independence of the courts. judge joseph's attorney says she's innocent. >> this prosecution is absolutely political. shelly joseph is absolutely innocent. that's all we're going to have to say until trial. >> a former court officer is also facing a federal perjury charge for his alleged involvement. 6:12. developing this morning, thousands of travelers are stranded now that the pilots of scandinavia are on strike. a statement from scandinavian airlines says negotiations continue with the pilots. and that they hope to reach an agreement to end the strike as soon
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as possible. uber shares will be priced between $44 and $50 per share when the company goes public next month. the san francisco based company made the announcement earlier this morning that would give uber an evaluation between 80 and $90. and that's lower than the previous estimates thate wbierlln. hundreds of students and factuality at two los angeles universities are under quarentine. this order came in response to reports of an infected student at ucla. those under quarentine are either unvaccinated or unable to prove they're immune. the infected student attended classes at two buildings at ucla earlier this month. a cal state los angeles student has been diagnosed with the measles and school officials are trying to determine how many people may have been exposed after the student went to the library. nearly 200 people are quarentine but health officials say that dozens more could have been exposed.
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>> they say they have 2,000 visitors in that library a day. most of them don't sign in or out. so we've had a lot of exposure to folks that we actually can't identify. >> students who are able to provide proof of immunization will be released from quarentine. the cases at both schools stem from international travelers. work is underway on the first new academic -- the university broke ground on a science and innovation complex yesterday. the 8-story building will have -- it's expected to be completed by 2021. avengers endgame hit theaters overnight. >> even if there's a small chance, we owe this to everyone who is not in this room to it
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broke records in multiple countries and shown in more than 4,000 locations in the u.s. many sold out. some fans in the bay area pulled an all-nighter to see the film. >> it was a good movie. no potty breaks. i saw it twice. >> does it live up to the hype? >> yes. i would say 90% of my expectations reached. >> the best avenger movie ever. oh, my goodness. i think i want to cry a little bit. it's great. >> it is amazing. it's everything that you would not expect it to be. but it was glorifying and heartwarming. >> a live look in san francisco where there's another showing in less than two hours and movie experts believe endgame could earn a record-break 300 millions at the box office. emily chipped in.
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>> i thought you did so good not telling us about the movie and i realized it's because you fell asleep. >> the girl sitting point. >> because somebody dies? no, don't tell me. >> don't ruin it for everyone who is watching. >> it's an avenger's movie. some people live, some people die and it's sad. sad is what our commute is like on 24. we have a traffic alert in effect. give yourself extra time. there's lanes closed at least two lanes closed in the westbound direction. there's an accident, camino pueblo and it's backed up to ten miles an hour and it's slow and go for the majority of your commute westbound on highway 24 this morning. now we had an earlier accident. this one at san pueblo accident, it right-hand shoulder. everything is good to go. new accident, this
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one eastbound 580 at gulf links and moved to the right shoulder. down to 9 miles an hour on the toll plaza. southbound 680 at washington, one lane is blocked. it's not affecting your commute. as the traffic ramps up, that backup may begin. greenville road accident moved to the right shoulder. it's blocking one lane. coming to the altamont pass, you're down to 17 miles an hour. for this time of the morning, that's not bad. it's friday light for that part of your commute. over to the peninsula. there's a northbound 101 accident moved to the right shoulder, but in the far outside lane. there was a closure because they have to get a tow truck there. that car is completely totalled so they have to get that out of the way. luckily it doesn't seem like it's backing anything up at this hour. for those of you who are commuting northbound on 880, they did have construction in place until 6:00 this the morning. that has been moved
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out of the way. it seems like everything is good to go in that direction. now as far as the richmond raphael bridges is concerned, they were supposed to end those closures atked up -- give yelra .i thanks, emily. we made it to the end of the workweek with cooler temperatures after starting off the week with record heat. as we go through next week, we'll be back down to where we should be for this time of year. it has been too hot for you, you're going to like the next few days. here's a live look of our mount vaca cam of the sun rising in the sky. a beautiful view there. looking at mostly sunny skies on our mountain vaca cam. temperatures running in the low to mid 50s. a cool start to the day. here's what you can expect. now areas of low clouds and fog along the coast in parts of the bay this morning, inland looking at clear skies. we'll see clearing as we head through the day. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies this afternoon with mild daytime highs. warm inland, cool
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along the coast. and more cooling this week with stronger onshore flow. we had record snow in the sierra this winter and with the sierra snow melt, we are looking good for our reservoirs. that reservoir update shasta, 160% of average. 112% for oroville. folsom, 119% of average. so great news there. even with our dry weather, our reservoirs are shaping up well. here is high pressure that is in place. this is that ridge that brought the record heat earlier this week. it has moved south with that clockwise flow around that ridge drawing in onshore winds and we're going to continue to cool things down. this low pressure system that we're watching to our west will bring even cooler weather with a stronger sea breeze by late weekend into early next week. on future cast, looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. great weather for today. and as we head through tomorrow
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morning, again, morning clouds, and fog, along the coast and parts of the bay, looking at partly sunny skies for your saturday. cooler for tomorrow. much cooler for your sunday. sunday rise at 6:20. sunset at 7:55. daytime highs will be right around where we should be for this time of year in san francisco. other locations above average for this time of year. san jose and concord looking a 129 to 13 degrees above average. san jose, a high of 83 degrees. 84 under morgan hill and antioch, 85. 85 in brentwood. 58 in -- 85 in livermore. 80 in santa rosa. check out lake port at 87. cooler for your saturday. much cooler on sunday and then we cool things down considerably so by next week. back to you. >> mary, thank you. 6:20, we're learning more about a deadly pileup involving multiple semi trucks in colorado. the latest on this crash.
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we're looking at the city of san francisco. you can see all of that fog, but mary told us it's going to clear out later today and it's going to be a pretty nice day. it's 6:20. we'll be right back. ♪ 1,2,3,4 this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with the fastest,
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in colorado this morning, this is the aftermath of a fiery chain-reaction crash on a freeway in jefferson county. several people are dead, and the freeway is shutdown at this hour. the pileup involved 15 vehicles. at least three were semis including one carrying lumber fuelling the flames. witnesses say a semi trailer barrelled down interstate 70 west of the denver and crashed into oncoming traffic. and investigators say it appears the driver lost control. >> the truck come flying by. >> he had to 80, 90
6:25 am
miles an hour. as he gets to the bridge, he cuts in and exploded the whole thing. >> whether it was a loss load, some type of brake failure, we're looking at mechanical issues. >> officials say among those hurt was one firefighter who suffered minor injuries after being hit by debris believed to be the result of a tire that exploded. in alameda county, a carjacking suspect is in custody after witnesses say he intentionally drove into an east oakland preschool at the highland children's center on 86th avenue. the car forced its way through the chain-linked fence before crashing into a wall. no children were hurt. but a female staff member was rushed to the hospital. investigators say the suspect carjacked a vehicle minutes before the crash. police say the suspect has children who attend that school, and he has been ordered to stay away from the campus. bart is installing license plate readers in
6:26 am
its parking lot. bart says it will prevent crimes and break-ins and car thefts and privacy advocates worry about recording every car that comes in. last year bart was accused of sharing information with federal immigration agents. >> we have a concern that we are over-stating our assurance that this information is inaccessible -- bart says data will be stored for 30 days and not shared with any agency conducting immigration enforcement. 6:26. the lawsuit against former warriors assistant coach walton has sparked new investigations. we'll have the latest developments. >>reporter: plus the army veteran who told police he intentionally crashed into 8 people in a crosswalk is facing a judge for the first time today. and taking a live look outside. this is at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have problems on the roads this
6:27 am
morning especially in the east bay on highway 24. emily will have more on that in just a bit. we'll be right bag.
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california regulators decide on a rate hike request from pg&e as the embattled utility steps up its wildfire efforts. mixed reactions to the top draft picks over past comments made on
6:31 am
social media. it is friday, april 26th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we want to kick it over to mary lee. i love your morning text when you say happy fri-yay. >> i'm glad. it's friday, we're happy about that, and we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. spring-like weather for sure. a live look at our mount vaca camera of a gorgeous sunrise. pretty sight. temperatures running in the low to mid 50s. a cool start. your microclimate forecast and what you can expect, morning fog and 60 degrees. for the bay, mid 60s with mostly sunny skies. mild, pleasant daytime highs and for our inland locations, warming up into the mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. so a warm day inland. i'll let you know how strong that so shore breeze kicks in as we head through the weekend and into next week and that means cooler temps. emily.
6:32 am
it's hot on the roadways if you're on highway 24. the traffic alert in effect. this is has an hour. it's a mess on 24. it's red pretty much all the way backed up passed lafayette to 680. if highway 24 is apart of your commute, you need to get out the door because it's bad news. the ask is at camino pueblo. lanes blocked and it doesn't get better until you get to the tunnel. 24 is the only way to get passed that back up. there's a traffic backup on westbound 4. there's an accident. this is at 680. it doesn't seem to be causing backups, but there's a delay through pittsburgh. i have hot spots i'll tell you about in a little bit. >>reporter: i'm jackie ward in sunnyvale where a man crashed into a group of people in the crosswalk earlier this week. that suspected driver is due back in court this morning. 34-year-old isaiah
6:33 am
peoples is an army veteran and police say that he is sh slammed into 8 people in this crosswalk. witnesses say they saw bicycles and people flying in the air. they say, it all seemed surreal and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. one witness testimonies us what she heard the driver saying shortly after the collision. >> he was saying "thank you jesus." he was rocking back and forth. he didn't seem remorseful. he looked like somebody that was off his medication. >> peoples family tells us he suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder and has paranoid thoughts when he's off his medication. police have not determined a motive yet. now peoples is due in court at 1:00 thisfterno inun jackie ward, kpix5. pg&e is raising your power bill to cover wildfire related costs. california regulators approved
6:34 am
a $373 million pg&e rake hike and customers will see a $3.50 increase over 12 months. the utility says the money earned will help cover costs from wildfires in 2016 and 2017. and wildfire prevention efforts. meantime, pg&e is asking for a $22 a month increase for wildfire safety. i'm anne mackovec at the live desk. we're going to palm beach florida and a hearing is going on for robber kraft. his lawyers is asking a judge to throw out video that shows him paying for sex for a massage parlor. they say that was a violation of that privacy when the video was taken, but the -- that hearing just began. he's pleaded not guilty to those charges. >> anne, thank you. authorities in sri lanka says the
6:35 am
suspected mastermind of the attacks died in a bombing. there could be more attacks plans. there's a warning this morning advising against non essential travel to the country. the easter sunday bombings on churches and hotels near the sri lankan capitol killed 253 people and injured more than 400 others. the in, ba and sacramento kings are launching an investigation into the sexual assault claims against coach walton. a lawsuit filed monday alleges that walton sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room in 2014 while he was an assistant coach for the warriors and the accuser tennant never went to police and she was working as a local sports reporter and she feared possible repercussions. >> i thought he was going to rape me. out of nowhere, he got on top of me, and pinned me down to the bed. and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck, and
6:36 am
my face, and my chest. >> tennant's lawsuit is seeking unspecified punitive damages from walton's. walton's attorneys calls the accusations outrageous -- the kings and the nba say they take these allegations seriously and will collaborate to complete a complete and thorough investigation. the 49ers made their pick in the draft. but they said the 49ers were in desperate need of a -- [cheers and applause] >> defense end bosa much ohio state is known for his sacks and his tweets about political and racial subjects and he says he's not worried about his political views affecting his relationship with his new teammates. >> i think my teammates will learn what kind of person i am when i get in the locker
6:37 am
room with them. i have never had a problem getting along with teammates. i've always been a great teammate. >> fans at the draft party said they were aware of his questionable social media, but they're more concerned about how he's going to perform on the field and not off the field. president trump and vice-president pence will address -- some 75,000 attendees are expected to attend the event at the indiana convention center. the national rifle association spent about $30 million to help president trump get elected in 2016. form early vice-president biden is hitting the campaign trail after officially entering the presidential race yesterday morning. the 76-year-old officially jumped into the race with a video attacking president trump for his response to the white supremacist violence in virginia. biden spent the day in virginia capped off with a fundraiser in philadelphia. another contender for the democratic presidential nomination will
6:38 am
visit the bay area this weekend. o'rourke will hold a -- lawmakers are moving ahead to cap rent increases statewide. a bill from assembly man chew of san francisco passed a committee vote. the measure would tie maximum annual rent hikes to cost of living, but could not exceed 10% in any single year and a second bille that would have expanded rent control in california did not make it out of committee. one east bay city is facing a shortage of 911 dispatchers. the report straight ahead. we'll show you how a robot dog is helping a man. the dow is down by 40 points. we have an update from
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good friday morning to you. if you're heading out to the cherry blossom festival this weekend, already thinking about the weekend here, and sunny skies. great weather in the mid 70s. big cool down is on the way. i'll show you the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> you got to get to work. if you're going via highway 24, i have bad news. it's backed up. you're looking at telegraph. it's nice moving along here, but that's because it's going to take you a long time it get there. it's backed all the way up to 680. i'll tell you that drive times along with others, coming up. a major hig opened up at costco and tenth street was shutdown after this cement truck overturned and creeps finished clearing the debris. the cement truck hit a guardrail and
6:43 am
flipped over onto the highway sending cement down below. >> there was no honking or screeching. >> just loise, like just loud. >> the debris shattered car windows and covered a number of vehicles, but nobody below the ramp was hurt. the driver was treated for cuts. a new city reporter reveals berkeley 911 dispatchers are overworked and over staffed. the city spent $1 million in overtime in 2017 and under staffing is dragging down morale. the dispatch center is advised to boost resources to ensure calls are being answered as quickly as possible. at least five people are dead across two state msor eouth. a state of emergency after a violent ef4 tornado tore
6:44 am
through the town of ruston. the violent storms blamed for the death of a mother and her two children killed when flood waters swept away their car. it is 6:43. amazon exceeding expectations and the u.s. economy smashing the -- >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. the economy showed swagger in the first quarter. the government reported a gain of -- that blew away market expectations and it was an improve from the 2.2% in the 4th credit. they can credit local and government state funding. they combined -- posted the strongest spending in three years making up for the federal government shutdown that offset the weakest consumer spending in a year. investments were down from the prior quarter. corporate earningsow in. amazonontinues cleanup.
6:45 am
had another big quarter. big revenue gain. the company is going to spend much more money as it wants to cut free two-day shipping for prime customers down to free one-day shipping. that's keeping its stock gain in check a little bit considering just how big of a quarter that amazon had with its profit hitting a record high. not such a good quarter for intel. the chip maker reported disappointing results and cut his guidance for the memory chip -- it has taken out other stocks. big board, the dow lower by 27 points and nasdaq down 21 -- intel down 9.5%. michelle and kenny back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. 6:45. we heard of therapy dogs, but what about a therapy robot dog? >> it's designed to help patients who are unable to care for a real pet, so meet jenny. she's 15 pounds and what looks like a yellow lab. jenny barks, she wags her tail just
6:46 am
a real dog. she responds to touch. tom stephens created his creation tom bot after his mother was diagnosed with alzheimer's and beloved dog had to be taken away. >> my mom was devastated so i -- >> there's increasing numbers of studies that show that people thrive and feel better when they have some kind of physical contact. >> they go on the market for $450 and the synthetic fur was created by the creature shop which produces the muppets. >> it looks like the real thing. >> it really does and it's helping patients. 6:46 we have problems. >> it's bad news if you're commuting through highway 24. you need to give yourself extra time. it's about double the amount of time it would take you to get from 680 to 580. courtesy of that
6:47 am
crash. this is at camino pueblo. once you get passed that, it's good. but it's slow680. nged the this right there on 85. northbound 85 at winchester and one lane is blocked making your way out of the south bay. there's backups, but there's an accident as you're at the highway 480, 680 interchange. it's backing things up additionally. in addition to the regular slow and go through pittsburgh for the morning commute. off to the tracy triangle as you're coming through the altamont pass, down to 22 miles an hour and it has been moved to the right shoulder at greenville road, but it's slow. you're good to go once you get to the dublin interchange. to the san raphael bridge, speeds down to 21 miles an hour passed the toll plaza. emergency construction in place and the land closures were set to end at 6:00,
6:48 am
however the right-hand shoulder is closed. you're going to need to give yourself extra time if you're headed over the richmond san -- metering lighs on since 5:45. and slow and go. it isn't terrible because it's friday, so there's fewer people making their way across the bay bridge this morning, but it's slow on the san mateo bridge. you can see brake lights as you make your way onto the span. eastbound, you're looking good. not too much traffic there. your travel times, no longer in the green anywhere. but the good news is nothing is in the red. everyone just in the yellow. it's going to take you half an hour on 580. same thing on the east shore freeway. slower on highway 4. 38 minutes and the better part of an hour as you make your way out of the south bay into the airport. mary. >> thank you, emily. we're happy it's friday. what a difference a
6:49 am
day can make. check out our treasure island camera. a cloudy start tooo in the low to mid 50s. the visibility tracking the fog along the coast through the golden gateor the visibility. a mile and three quarters in santa rosa and two and a half for napa. morning and low clouds -- inland, you're starting off the day with clear skies. staying cool near the coast and warm inland for today with above average temperatures. that marin influence -- good morning to san jose. in the afternoon, a high of 83 degrees. and we're going to begin to cool things down as we go through the next several days. so by tuesday, near normal daytime highs. here's the satellite and radar view. that strong ridge of high pressure that brought the heat earlier in the week has pushed to the south.
6:50 am
with that clockwise flow around that ridge drawing onshore winds, we're tracking this area of low pressure and that will bring even stronger onshore winds for us. so that stronger sea breeze and marine influence as we go later in the week and into next week. future cast as we take you through the day, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll begin to see the clouds, and fog roll back in for the coast and parts of the bay and partly sunny skies saturday. starting about hitting the slopes. it's hard to believe this. ski resorts open. tahoe report and alpine meadows will stay open through may and squaw valley will stay hope, hopefully into early july. daytime highs today, now for san francisco, right around where we should be for this time of year, but concord, san jose and oakland, above average for this time. so for the south bay, 83 in santa clara and san is jose. 84 for you in
6:51 am
morgan hill. 80 in fremont. antioch, brentwood, mid 80s as well -- 69 for san leandro. 80 for santa rosa. here's the 7-day forecast. you can see that gradual cool down as we go through the week, but a pleasant weekend. temperatures for sunday will be much cooler. we're going to continue to cool things down as we head through next week. back down to where we should be for this time of year beginning tuesday. back to you. this morning, a santa clara county teacher is on leave on possible ties to a hate group. scheuerlein has been suspended. they're looking into whether he has ties to the white supremacist group. it's known to have organized the unite the right rally in charlottesville. scheuerlein's name
6:52 am
surfaced when -- >> you look around and it's completely mixed so it's -- it would be really odd for someone that felt that way to go to this school. >> my first concern is always to be look at their discipline record of disciplining children of color. >> we reached out several tiles to scheuerlein, but did not get a response. 6:52. students at two california universities are forced into quarentine as the nationwide measles continues to grow. >>reporter:-- taking a look outside from mount vaca. it's 6:52. we'll be right back
6:53 am
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i'm jackie ward in sunnyvale where a man earlier this week hit 8 people in the crosswalk here. today that man is expected in court. he's being charged with 8 counts of
6:56 am
attempted murder. 34-year-oldpeoples is an army veteran who had no ingi fd to his bible study group. the woman who saw the whole thing said she couldn't believe what was going on and said he didn't seem distraught and didn't seem remorseful and looks like he was off medication. his family says he's on medication. his mother says he becomes paranoid when he doesn't take it. the people he told police he intentionally hit with his car is in the hospital including a 13-year-old girl in critical condition. there's guidance counselors at her school and that's close to where we are right now and peoples is due back in court this afternoon. jackie ward, kpix5. 6:56. time for a look at this morning's top stories. an oakland police officer is recovering in the hospital after someone stabbed him. a he walked
6:57 am
to his car after work. he's in stable condition and the suspect is under arrest. a shelter-in-place order has been lifted ingh spd surrounded a home where a man was barricaded inside. police backed off saying there's no threat to the public. hundreds of students and factuality are under quarentine at two california universities at ucla and -- in colorado, a driver faces multiple counts of vehicular homicide after a fiery crash on interstate 70. a semi trailer slammed into several cars stopped in traffic. it's unclear how many people died in this crash. uber shares will be priced between $44 and $50 per share when the company goes public. it will give uber an evaluation of 80 and $90 billion,
6:58 am
whicheviousstimates. if you're headed in via highway 24, you're going to need to give yourself extra time. double the normal amount of time. look at that. 31 minutes to get from 680 to 580 due to a crash. it has been moved out of the area, but the bacbe down. down to 16 miles an hour. once you hit the tunnel, you're good to go, but getting there is going to be tough. this accident on northbound 101 at 237. there are others in the south bay. this one is at northbound 85 at winchester. there's another one moved to the right-hand shoulder on 280 at mcloughlin. there's an accident at the 680 interchange. that's causing a delay, but there's an additional delay as you make your way through pittsburgh on the westbound highway 4 direction. there's also another accident, this one westbound 580 greenville road moved to the right
6:59 am
shoulder. down to nine miles an hour through the altamont pass. mary. morning fog and turning partly sunny with temperatures around 60 degrees. a cool day along the coast. for the bay, morning clouds and then mostly sunny to partly sunny skies in the mid 60s inland. warming up to the mid 80s. here's what you can expect where you live. looking at 78 in san raphael. 80 in -- there's the 7-day forecast. and cooling things down by the weekend and especially into next week with stronger onshore flow. temperatures by monday, tuesday, wednesday, looking at right around where we should be for this time of year. but on this friday, looking great for the weekend. >> sounds fantastic. >> saturday inland looking good. we're thinking about going to the drive-in to see the avengers. >> i can't tell you what happened because i slept through part of it.
7:00 am
>> all right. thank you for watching, kpix5 this morning as we take a look at quick tower in san francisco. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. sglnchtsz welcome to cbs this morning. the measles outbreak reaches two huge universities in los angeles causing them to quarantine hundreds of students and staff. a the student may have exposed them to the virus. a tourist kidnap ed >> i have no idea what their motivation is at this point. all i know is they took me away. a new tax law means thousands of gold star military families are paying higher


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