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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 27, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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black toyota camry. they say he shot and killed a relative in oakland then across the bay, and commit a second homicide in san francisco. police went to catch them before anyone else gets hurt. betty? >> reporter: police tell us he is armed and dangerous and they need the public's help in locating him. friends and family tell us that the violence began this morning when he killed his cousin. >> only thing i heard was gunshots, i heard about five or six and then it hit the floor. >> reporter: kelvin douglas lives next door to stefon jefferson who police say is on the run tonight. douglas says jefferson lived on and off at this home on market street for years. >> when i saw him last sunday he didn't look mentally right. >> reporter: just after 10 this morning police say the victim, marcus jackson, was shot multiple times in the driveway. and the 43-year-old suspect
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stole his four door black toyota camry. neighbor say before jefferson took off he ran his cousin over with the car. it happened at a complex that jackson owned. >> he was loving, he was a family guy, he was a friend, he would give you the shirt right off his back. he was pretty much a good person, he worked hard. >> need to start doing something about this, this is not right, you should not have a land owner get out of his car and get on down for no reason. >> jackson died at the scene. >> reporter: his coworkers told us he worked in the maintenance department for the city of berkeley. as loved ones were just beginning to deal with their grief, san francisco police circulated these photos of jefferson. they say he killed another person in the bayview district this afternoon. >> reporter: the stolen car police believe stefon jefferson may be still driving has a license plate 7wvy390.
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separately this afternoon around 3:30 there was a deadly shooting at people's park in berkeley. polly police there have not been able to confirm whether there is some sort of connection with these crimes that happened in san francisco and oakland, but they currently are still looking for a getaway car and a suspect there. we just learned tonight that the bayview shooting victim has been identified by the san francisco medical examiner as laran davis, he was a 49-year- old san francisco resident. at this hour, police are still looking for stiphane jeffers -- stefon jefferson. if you have any information police want to hear from you. live in san francisco, kpix 5. tonight an announcement from sunnyvale police has some members of the local muslim community questioning their safety. officers believed the driver who intentionally hit the group of eight pedestrians with his car was motivated by race and
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religion. kay nielsen is at the crash scene tonight. katie? >> reporter: community members have been leaving candles, flowers and signs. now, investigators say the suspect, an iraq war veteran, specifically targeted people he thought were muslim. tonight's meeting at the muslim community association, when the biggest mosques in the bay area was supposed to be about finalizing plans to celebrate the holy month of ramadan which starts next weekend. instead, much of tonight's conversation was about safety. >> the most frightening thing about it is that people are thinking twice about coming to their places of worship because they do not know if they are safe here. >> reporter: the meeting comes only hours after this afternoon's disturbing announcement from sunnyvale's police chief. >> based on our investigation new evidence shows that the defendant intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief that
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they were of the muslim face. faith. >> reporter: wally police chief would not reveal the specific evidence that allow them to believe that isaiah people's targeted muslims is medically specifically, they are investing this investing this as a possible hate crime. >> we have zero tolerance for any possible hate crime. we are standing with the victims together that were on the street corner. >> reporter: as the sunset of the muslim community association tonight, member say they are relying on faith to get them through this unnerving time. >> there are a lot of people out there that have very negative feelings towards muslims and has just become a part of life actually and there is nothing really much that you can do. >> it doesn't matter. innocent people being hurt, pray for peace. >> reporter: in light of today's developments mosque leaders say they are going to
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be increasing security immediately. they also have an active shooter drill planned for next month an unsettling reality for a place of worship. live in sunnyvale katie nielsen kpix 5. tonight to the mayor of sunnyvale said "our committee stands unified against the senseless acts of violence motivated by hate, and we strongly condemn them." well, stunning sunset tonight, time-lapse shows you in the fog moving in over the city, never get tired of looking at this definitely felt the cooldown coming on today. warmer temperatures earlier this week paul? >> we are waiting for the cooldown inland but yes it did make in your the water over the past couple of days because of the onshore flow. notice on the map behind me all the westerly components. i will show it to you. we are looking at the graphics now and see the westerly component to the wind which is pushing the marine air and and will drop the temperatures away
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from the water tomorrow. very comfortable for your saturday. san francisco still above average with a high of 64 degrees, san jose much cooler than just a couple of days ago but nine degrees above average will talk about that when we go back down the average and below average coming up in a few minutes. big night for bay area sports fans, the sharks kicked off their series against the avalanche with a win and the warriors closed their series with the clippers with a sort of comfortable leave lead. they let them get back a little bit. >> within 12 points, >> sizable lead. >> yeah. >> i think they are going to be a problem in the future though, the clippers. very talented team. it was a busy night, but the good thing is we get to do all of this again on sunday. next time the dubs will no longer be playing the clippers. celebrities in the house for game six inl.a., clippers lead by 10 early but late in the first kevin durant pulls up and
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hit the three. he finishes with 38 points in the first half. l.a. had a 19 point half time deficit in the third quarter but to rant quiets the clippers with another three. he finishes with a playoff career 55 points and golden state wins 129-110 to advance to the second round. two meanwhile the sharks starting the second round series against colorado. kind of won early in the second.. most of the scores on the deflection giving colorado a 2- 1 lead. now the game is tied into later in the period. san jose then gets the leading goes on to win 5-2 to take a 1- 0 series lead. we have more coming up in sports including reactions from the sharks and warriors on their big win. >> playoff time, nothing like it. thank you. an all day meltdown getting to the giants game made it tougher for someba up and runni after thousands of people got stuck awaiting crews set and
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sent out more buses to keep things running, but an operator shortage slowed things again. the meltdown was caused by a failure of an overhead wire in a downtown tunnel. >> the two are not related we did put out a blog post and update last night ourselves about operator availability and we have been putting out information on social media, bylines to our writers so they know what their options are. >> it is terrible, if we had enough operators to fill the runs, we would be able to have shuttles, a sufficient amount of shuttles to be able to get the residence to where they are going to. >> for her part san francisco mayor tweeted out saying "the city needs to invest in the system." and what happened today is "unacceptable." hundreds of students and staff at 27 california universities have been quarantined as health officials try to avoid a possible measles
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outbreak. >> ucla and california state university issued the order after two confirmed cases. veronica veronica de la cruz is here with the details. >> reporter: ucla and cal state los angeles more than 900 students and staff have been quarantined or sent home this week. health officials have been trying to determine if they contain just cal state or ucla student who used the campus library exposed others. >> we do need verification that folks who were in contact with the case are, in fact, either fully immunized or we have an established blood test that shows that they have immunity. >> reporter: today several hundred students at both schools have been cleared to return after proving their immunity to the highly contagious virus. the vaccine became a requirement. at all uc schools in 2017 but didn't can claim exemption for medical or religious reasons. this week, the cdc said measles cases nationwide had a 25 year high, 695 cases in 2019 so far with eight months ago.
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the majority of cases in this year's outbreak are in new york state and most cases have occurred in ultra-orthodox and jewish communities. now, according to the health department 10 measles cases have been reported in the bay area this year including four in santa clara county. now, some people are calling this racially insensitive. coming up, bay area fire department is taking a little heat for this lunar new year's card. an hours long standoff ends with swat officers running into an alameda county hotel. celebrities and politicians alike doing special treatment to report out. tonight that claims vip got special help during one of california's worst wild files wire wildfires ever. [pho ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it!
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or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. and because is america's #1 brokerage site r ey on yo home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. new at 11 alameda county firefighters are catching he tonight. they are accused of taking racist photos. we find out the fire chief has to say about all of this. >> those photos were said to be taken right here, inside station 22 in san lorenzo. the community is demanding disciplinary action be kenow. chatown the chamber of
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commerce says the first time he saw the winner near carter from station 22 of the efhters inforcinracist stereotypes, like incompetent driving, be too short to reach a ladder and blowing up fireworks all while wearing bamboo hats. in a statement the alameda county fire department chief said the department takes this issue very seriously "it is inconsistent with our values and the respect we demand our employees demonstrate for the communities we serve" "the matter is under investigation as a personnel matter, as such, we have no further comment." in a letter on april 3rd carl alerted the department that the photos may have been taken on duty calling it a disgusting example of a firehouse, acting more like a frat house. he is hoping the chief will take disciplinary action immediately. >> if they are taking on the asian community, they could also be taking on hispanic community, african-american committee or other communities. so something got to be done.
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>> reporter: carl says for starters he would like to see some kind of education and sensitivity training. right now, it is unclear if any of this firefighters were on duty when those photos were taken. in san lorenzo susie steimle kpix 5. a crash ending into an intense standoff in fremont swat use a battering ram to smashed on a fence. this all started with an investigation into a stolen car. officers made contact with two suspects, one with a loaded weapon. invest it in investigation led officers to the motel with two subsets suspects believed to be armed to barricaded themselves inside. chopper five cut two of the suspects being arrested with nowhere to go. they emerged from a broken glass door with their hands up. two other suspects were also arrested. also in fremont tonight, kpix 5 shows us that police have released some video of their officersnv a
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gun battle last week, take a look. >> keep your hands up! keep your hands up! >> reporter: the dash camera video release by fremont police shows the suspect still alive. >> initially raise his hands above his head as if he might surrender with and began to move toward the handgun. officers again warned him not to reach. >> reporter: fremont police say the gunman shot into a passing patrol car. and then we'll shot himself when officer ryan did a u-turn, grabbed his rifle and returned fire. a pair of officers who rushed to the scene moments later tried to get him to surrender. >> he suddenly lurched towards the handgun, picked it up off ain the officers and was ndgun able to fire two rounds towards them. >> reporter: complied with the new state law fremont police released the video 10 days after the shooting, greatly accelerating a process that in the past has taken months or years. >> it is have
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gone throsomething you do not know the challenge. >> reporter: rosie chavez whose nephew was shot and killed by police in 2017 says releasing the video of police shootings ensures honesty and accountability. >> we just want accountability and transparency. we are not going to get our loved ones back and no civil lawsuit is one to bring the back, no money will bring them back. but, we want them to be accountable. >> reporter: fremont police shows the video of the officers defending themselves against the suspect, determined to do them harm. >> reporter: >> it is clear that he had a deadly vendetta against police officers no officer likes using deadly force, the men and women who go into policing it do so because they are selfless and they want to be guardians and protectors of the community. >> reporter: kpix 5. some good news to report in oakland tonight, please officer there is out of the hospital and atme ning t off
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work. police say he was walking into a parking lot last night near headquarters when a woman attacked him. she was arrested police are still trying to figure out if he was ambushed or if this was simply a random attack. tonight, did celebrities and portably connected people get special treatment during one of california's worst wildfires ever? a report out tonight claims some vip homeowners slow down the firefight by asking for special help. sarah has the story from malibu. >> reporter: the woolsey fire was one of the most destructive in california history but did everyone get a fair shot in saving their homes? a new l.a. times report tonight suggests they didn't. the l.a. times story cites that an after action review that states "a significant number of requests by political figures to check on specific addresses of homes to ensure their protection stm department leadership to accomplish priority objectives." upsetting news to the malibu
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mayor general population. so, my feeling would be you should be doing now. and, if you did, shame lost my home and i was hospitalized during the event. >> reporter: we reached out to allie fire about the times report and they responded with a statement that reads in " in part these requests not interfere with the primary responsibility, of saving lives and protecting property, and no time were any laf d firefighting resources redirected to check the status of any properties during the woolsey fire." we put in a request to review the after action report our selves, and we will be sure to update you once we receive it. reporting invalid you malibu kpix 5. san francisco police confirming moments ago the suspect stefon jefferson hills wanted for a murder in san francisco and oakland has been apprehended and in douglas county, nevada. again stefon jefferson now in
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custody after being chased by police from a murder in san francisco and in oakland. will have the latest on is time for your weekend, i am happy to report that again the weekend weather is going to be really nice to get outside. friday night and the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, let us get right to the weather map. we are looking at 64 in concord. livermore and san jose in the 60s, san francisco, santa rosa in the 50s. mostly low 50s as you start your tomorrow morning. our final tahoe report, alpine meadows no new snow but is no base of 211 inches, not that it is almost may. ski heavenly, a chance of a few rain showers on saturday, and the base anywhere 48-200 inches at squaw valley. it has been an excellent snow season for skiers and snowboarders. 62% above average the snowpack ended up this year. he may be skiing until july at
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your favorite ski resort. low-pressure we off to our west, high pressure to the south, that is the sweet spot. you get an onshore flow. light to moderate onshore flow, this pattern holds for a while which means temperatures will be very comfortable, near average for at least the next week. low cloud cover a little bit tomorrow morning, hugging the coastline. high cloud cover giving is a beautiful sunset tomorrow night, more widespread cloud cover at e coast on sunday morning. traveling to phoenix or las vegas? rain is in their forecast early next week on monday if you rain showers there or some showers in orange county and southern california. i will miss us to the south, we will stay dry. near average hie , thwn coinues morning d cove the sunny and pleasant. oakland three degrees above average, high of 70. palo alto 74. remark 75. dublin 72, pittsburgh 77, vallejo saturday high 71.
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if you're heading into san francisco, sonoma 73 and wine country looking good as well. 80s for highs tomorrow before you cooldown into the 70s on sunday. look at this, cleveland it will snow this weekend, we get the 60s near the bay, we get the 70s inland, it is going to be a beautiful stretch of weather for the next seven days. and it is friday night so it is almost the weekend. >> thank you paul. and cleveland no longer has a playoff team. >> darn. two playoff games were in action the warriors in game six trying to close out the clippers and move on (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
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it is a series that many did not expect to go past five games but it has been hard for the warriors to shake off the pesky clippers. kevin durant looked determined to ended the series tonight. he gets this layup and one pug by six. they finished the night with a triple-double. as for katie? second quarter he buries his three from the top of the key giving him 28 points was still over seven minutes left in the half and the warriors go up by 10. final seconds of the half, durrant again from deep finishes with 38 points in the first half and golden state leads 72-53 at the break. fourth quarter the clippers cut the deficit to 14 but knocks down the dropper, the jumper, that gives and 50 points for the night and the warriors win 129-110 to win the series.
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next up? it is the houston rockets on sunday afternoon. >> was this the best game offensively you have ever had? >> i don't know. i don't know. i scored 50 points but i missed some good shots tonight. i feel it i made a few more. >> that was one of the great performances i've ever seen in my life. i have seen some good ones. been around some decent players. he just carried us. >> some decent players. ski still to come the sharks
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the sharks had their own version of miracle on ice as they came back from a 3-1 deficit down 3-0 in the third period. tonight he opted for drama or less drama in the tank. they started their second game series against the avalanche. two minutes into the game, gabriel bourque leads quick, and now is 2-1 colorado, then marcus sorensen ignites a 2-1 break that ends with a joe thornton goal to tie the game and the later in the same. kevin labanc skates through the avalanche defense and scores the go-ahead goal. the sharks go on to win the game when one 5-2. >> the series is brought us that much more together knowing we had to go through that elimination type game, every game, it just brought us that much closer together. we are a tight group here and
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is going to be hard to stop us. >> metallica rocking the national anthem before the giants and yankees at oracle part. new york meeting 3-1. the ball gets by brandon bell left a allowing dj lemahieu to score so yankees go on to win 7-3. and the blue jays top prospect making his major-league debut tonight. in front of his dad hall of famer. tie the two with the a's bottom of the ninth, brandon drury goes deep for a 2-1 walk off run as toronto wins 4-2. >> day two of the nfl draft. and the raiders took
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