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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. a man accused of a killing rampage and that the area is under arrest. how authorities were able to track him down. inside a synagogue, what we are learning about the 19-year- old gunman? we begin with the manhunt for accuse bay area killer that is. he was captured in douglas county nevada. is linked to three homicides in different cities. the shootings happened in oakland, san francisco and a people's park in berkeley. he shot a sheriff sergeant
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before he was taken into custody. >> currently mr. jefferson is in the douglas county jail. because he is here we have first crack at him. but we take it very seriously when a local douglas county deputy is shot. we have been covering this story since yesterday. we are live now at the second crime scene from yesterday's rampage. >> reporter: family and friends set up this make sure makeshift memorial for the second victim in this rampage. they knew him as big lou. neighbors say the suspect shot and killed him while he worked as a janitor for this building . in his family also live in this building. emotions running high. family members grieving the death of the 49-year-old davis. they are still in shock.
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>> is like a dream. my dad, he was such a positive person. always try to give positive vibes. >> reporter: they share this video, father and daughter singing in the car. this is a picture of davis with his five kids. they want to know the motive? >> why kill ? >> when he got shot he was on the job. he killed him right here. >> reporter: family members say the suspect and the victim knew each other. but no history of hostilities. the victim's mother-in-law talked briefly with the suspect before the shooting. she said the suspect, jefferson, appeared mentally >> he was real red and his eyes were big and bloodshot. he shot him in his face and blew his brains out. >> reporter: a few hours before the killing in san francisco, please say jefferson shot and
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killed his cousin, marcus jackson in oakland friday morning. neighbors say jefferson stole his cousin's car and ran him over while he was on the ground. investigators say jefferson also drove to people's park in berkeley friday afternoon and they say they he shot and killed another man. police have not identify the third victim. last night he led police in a car chase and nevada. >> the driver fired a handgun, striking one deputy in the hand. two deputies returned fire at the suspect. he continued down the road. >> reporter: they say jefferson suffered from a minor gunshot wound. he later crashed the car and surrender. he and the sergeant were both rushed to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is facing a number of charges. the three murder charges and also the shooting of that sergeant in nevada. talking to a lot of family
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members of the victims, the big question remains why. it appears he targeted people he knew but the big question, why did he target these people? >> thank you. another developing story out of southern california. one person it didn't three others wounded after another deadly shooting at a house of worship today. this time it happened at a synagogue near san diego. gunfire erupted at 1130 this morning and people were celebrating the last day of passover. the 19-year-old is in custody. authorities investigate his motive. our reporter has the latest. >> reporter: gunfire broke out saturday afternoon at a synagogue in southern california, just north of san diego. authorities confirmed that one person was killed and three others were injured. >> about 1123 this morning, a white male adult entered the chabad temple. this individual had an ar type assault weapon
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and open fire on the people inside the synagogue. >> reporter: the file and shattered the, the jewish sabbath as people gather to celebrate the final day of passover. >> the officer was exiting the freeway and clearly saw his suspect could be helpful. the suspect pulled over and jumped out of his car with his hands up and was immediately taken into custody. >> reporter: as a precaution the police department is providing extra patrols to nearby houses of worship. outside the white house, president trump express his deepest condolences to the victims of the synagogue shooting . >> at this moment it looks like a hate crime. my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. will get to the bottom of it. >> governor gavin newsom tweeted, no one should ever fear going to their place of worship.
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the country and world and a state must be called out, california stands with them. senator dianne feinstein tweeted, it come to a place where people can't worship without the fear of gun violence. enough is enough. in light of the events there, police departments will be stepping up patrols. san francisco, san jose and oakland police will be making extra passing calls at local synagogues. this just in about an hour ago. four people killed after a construction crane fell onto a street in downtown seattle. it happened near interstate 5. we don't have any other details available at this time. four people killed in a construction crane accident in seattle washington. we will monitor the situation and bring you updates as soon as we get them. jaeawn money. e move udown the detention facility is next- door to the courthouse.
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you shoot hosts about 400 inmates . the sheriff department so shutting it down will save tens of millions of dollars. authorities are in the process of transferring the inmates to a jail in dublin. right now police officers have to drive to dublin to get there suspects book . the same go to relatives the people who are incarcerated. the jail in oakland will officially close down in june. oakland volunteers cleaned up a big mess left behind at a elementary school campus it was vandalized early this month. about 40 people dedicated their saturday morning to clean it up and zenaida community school and seed . a power wash the floor and replenish the gardens . event was organized by volunteer group of neighboring school crocker highlands elementary. >> we came over here to leave the campus better than it was before. clean it up. weed, plant some new plants and really let the school community know that we care about them
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and we want to pitch in and help with the cleanup effort. >> this is what the campus looked like on april 2, vandal splattered paint and busted laptops. officials say whoever did it cause thousands of dollars of damage. so far no arrests have been made. police hosted a gun buyback today in san francisco's bayview district. anybody could trade in and unloaded pistol or rifle for cash and no westerns asked. if you handled over entire boxes. a group called brothers against guns helped organize the event and are hoping to make the bayview safer . >> it means a lot because we are saving lives. one gun can save thousands of lives. we got 25 guns in the first half hour. we save 25,000 lives. >> today's by bock went on at oakdale avenue and third street. hundreds of people remain
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oriented onto southern california campuses amid fears of a measles outbreak. 183 people remain oriented at cal state la and 46 are quarantined at ucla. that is because they may have been exposed to the measles. ucla officials confirmed what other students have contracted the highly contagious disease. dr. said the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated. coming up, a new push with stanford researchers, to tackle concussions. how they are getting help from a nfl quarterback. a fiery explosion outside a fast food restaurant sent people running for cover. what was behind the blast? we will have a look at the rest of the weekend forecast and what changes are ahead as we are live over the skies of san francisco. all coming up after the break.
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president donald j. trump weighing in on the 49ers first round pick in the nfl draft. he tweeted congratulations for being picked number two in the nfl draft, you will be a great player for years to come, maybe one of the best. big talent. san francisco will embrace you but always stay true to yourself, make america great again. he is a 21-year-old defensive lineman he is been in hot water because of his controversial tweets including calling capron a clown. he tweeted that beyonci's music is trash. those posters and spend deleted and he has apologized for them. former 49ers quarterback
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steve young making headlines today. we tell you how the hall of famer is bringing more awareness to concussion in the nfl. >> reporter: stanford university held its first ever concussion summit today. they got help from steve young. he has a documented history of concussions during his playing time. >> there desperate to tell you if you are okay or not because i'm worried. i have a number of concussions. i am kind of panic. >> concussions ultimately ended his career. like many former players he does not know what the long- term effects may be. the hits of the head he took in his prime . >> i want to live long because i have kids, this stuff gets super serious. yes, it is on my mind. of course it is. >> he has been working for years to stanford university to better understand the effects of concussion another brain trauma among athletes . >> your brain, every time i
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miss a word, my wife thinks, what does that mean ? >> is that the nature of the injury? >> reporter: doctors say the effects of concussions are cumulative. scientists are working on objective test making it easier for doctors to diagnose and harder for players eager to return to the game to dismiss. >> you can think of concussion as an acute disorientation. one of the things that is affected is your attention, your ability to track and maintain precision of a moving object. >> a piece of the puzzle so i can now in 30 seconds whether i am impaired? rental most of the panelists seem to agree that developing an objective test can represent a change for the sports industry. new video, dramatic explosion outside a fast food restaurant in arkansas.
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take a look. dash cam video showing a truck in flames in the drive through window of a burger king. seconds later a propane tank in the truck's bed explodes into a ball of fire sending employees and customers running for cover. >> it was loud, you felt it. you saw the flames coming out the back of the truck. when it quit, it went boom. >> he came through the drive- through window, the first window, the lady was checking him out that i believe you have a propane tank that has a leak. >> it happened yesterday just northeast of little rock. police made sure everyone got out and away from the flames. the driver was taken to the hospital, no word on his congestion. back here a small earthquake rattled parts of contract cost the county today around 230 this morning. it was about a 3.4 but was enough to wake up our producer in pleasant hill. >> there is your ad line.
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i have to get my mind back on weather. with a lot of clouds over the bay area, especially near the shoreline. you can go into the east of mount diablo and dublin. there's too much clouds. diablo bumps up about two millimeters of height because of tectonic forces. on the shoreline it looks bleak out there on ocean beach. san francisco, 57 degrees, santa rosa 66. we will have clouds by the coast tomorrow morning, partly cloudy around the a and 52 degrees inland, we will be about 48 degrees and sunshine. en isn't great but is not going to get anywhere so that is probably good news for the week ahead. future cast shows low pressure will be building in over the desert southwest and as a result later in the week it
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will be breezy but it will be brought dry and mostly sunny. except for the shoreline tomorrow, pretty much sums up the forecast for the bay area. coastal clouds thick and overnight. low 70s inland. very pleasant weather all week long it won't warm up but it won't cool down much. the new york yankees will take on san francisco giants, first pitch at 1:05 pm under partly sunny skies. 61 degrees. cherry blossom festival this weekend in cupertino, home of apple computer. this weekend cherry blossoms. 75 degrees tomorrow down there. san francisco little windy tomorrow if you're heading out to the airport. winds will be out of the west, high of 67 degrees. for the rest, new york has rain and 52 degrees. sunshine, chicago partly cloudy and 45.
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overnight lows for the bay area will be in the upper 40s for santa rosa and up and for feeling conquered tonight. is down to 51 degrees, mountain view will be 52 degrees in san jose 51. high clouds tomorrow for everybody. few low clouds at the shoreline. san francisco tops out at 62, santa rosa 75, napa 71 and livermore 75 degrees. the extended forecast, fog and low clouds in the morning and son in the afternoon. that sounds familiar from like last summer. monday, tuesday, wednesday, mostly sunny skies. temperatures will not warm up or cool down much. 70s in the in-line and 60s around the bay. we had pretty good beach weather last week but not this week unless you like freezing. coming up in sports, the oakland a's and giants having trouble this weekend is there starting to struggle and that warriors move on.
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will he play game one against the rockets. have their chances of playing, next quirt
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the giants have run won three games in a row before coming home. re hoping that st
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continue new york and having 13 players on the injured list. willie mays on the house the oracle park today. new york led one nothing on the fifth. derek loaded the bases. that brings home a run. to nothing lead. it gets worse. four pitches later gary sanchez launches a ball 467 feet into the left field bleachers for a grand slam. first of his career. that blows the game wide open before going into the night 6-0 . the giants rally. eric hits his first home run as a giant and a solo shot cuts the deficit. new york brings in, chapman faces just one batter, striking out sandoval to end it and the yankees hang onto it. 604, they have one eight of the last nine. bottom of the first, bases
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loaded for the blue jays. this looks like any ending double play. throws well wide of first, two runs of forgets toronto a quick to nothing lead. it is now 61 in the sixth inning. right-center field going three for five in the game. jay's when this 17 to 1. a's ball game below 500 at 14 and 15. both of them will tell you they are good to go for game one against the rockets. but the splash brothers maybe on the bench to start the series. steph curry and clay thompson are questionable with ankle injuries . the warriors finally closed out there series in game six last night. kevin durrant couldn't be stopped. a career high for him. 38 of those points came. clippers trying to slow down durrant but even they admit it
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is almost impossible. >> i mean he is kevin durrant. >> i promise we tried. >> we didn't roll over. you know what just give us 50 tonight. of course not, we tried everything. we tried everything, we had several different coverages. it didn't work. it did not work. meanwhile on the ice, sharks added early goal to the colorado avalanche and come back to win game one of their second-round series. team two was forced to play without had their captain. the coach feels nothing will be like that series. game seven when they came back from a three-zero deficit in the third. two totally different games. game 72 nights ago where you have two teams, someone's going home for the summer.
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to replicate that kind of desperation is hard in game one in the series. it wasn't the same as that game but not many games are. >> to the draft, heisman trophy runner-up just two years ago. then he returns for a senior year and tore his acl. today washington took a chance on him, selecting him in the fourth round of the draft. for the first time in the draft, clemson tigers, hunter renfro in the fifth round. renfro caught the game-winning touchdown in 2017 national championship game with the tigers. now he will join his tiger teammates in oakland. he wasn't the only pass catcher they picked on saturday. over the last three days, raiders will have six of the nine pics on defensive players. as for the 49ers, they have five pics today. the first was utah punter who
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will likely replace the current punter. also panther hayden smith in the sixth round. >> have you ever met willie mays ? >> i have not met him. you get in there and you're like wow . >> that would be cool. i asked dennis, if he was ask a bowl. he said absolutely. we will be right back.
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the weather couldn't have been better for that parade that hit the streets of petaluma today. >> the annual butter and eggs day parade kicked out this morning in downtown petaluma. there was plenty of music, games and food. also clover the cow's 50th birthday. we even spotted a former giants pitcher, having some fun. >> it's a lot of fun. we're out here celebrating the community, family and friends. we have a cow also. >> the butter and eggs day parade pulled in about 35,000 attendees. good day for butter and eggs. they are for now we will show you some
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of the cloudy weather on the bay area. see you at 6:00. president trump in wisconsin to talk up the economy as the white oouse correspondents' association holds their annual dinner without him. also tonight, surprise snowstorm. b's supposed to be spring, but millions across the midwest are bracing for one last winter wallop. >> you never get used to it. alninan: military families who have already lost a loved one in combfo


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