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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  April 28, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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from yesterday. cloudaround if you metingyour grfor your part of the bay area, we are going to do that again. only more clouds. look at that camera that sits on top of the sales force camera. that is our exclusive view. the bay bridge looks pretty enough but the low clouds here stand out and that is about the first part of the morning for us. low clouds are spread across much of the bay area. temperatures low to mid-50s, where ever you go. 49degrees for santa rosa. as far as the headlines and getting you out the door this morning. more low clouds this morning than yesterday, but sunday afternoon is pretty much a repeat of saturday, which means it will be a beautiful afternoon. it will be a bit breezy, we'll get the cloud out of here by the time we get into the early afternoon for most of us. a small chance of rain come our way by next weekend.
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doesn't look like a big deal. few morning clouds for the city at 69 degrees and for the bay in general, we'll be in the mid- 60sch look how warm inlap. 75 today. stina few minutes. of the guys, back over to you. storm damage is going from bad to worse in eastern africa. at least five people are confirmed dead, the result of a major cyclone that has been dumping rain on the country of mozambique since thursday. houses have begun to collapse and rescuers have tried to help people trapped by rising flood waters. even more rain is forecast over the next few days, and there are concerns that rivers could burst their banks and leave large areas underwater. united nations officials told reuters that some villages have been entirely wiped out. a man is in custody. one woman is dead and three people are injured.
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the shooting happened yesterday morning at a synagogue. authorities identified the suspect as john earnest. sh after that shooting. a manifesto was published online yesterday. the writer described plans to kill crews and referred to himself as an anti semite and white supremacist. >> we are reviewing its validity and authenticity. >> reporter: this is prompting security concerns at some synagogues here in the bay area. >> it seems like it is risky to go to synagogue now. although that is not going to deter me. >> reporter: i think it is horrible that there are people out there that would you know, attack a place of worship. especially when people are out there praying. >> reporter: the san jose, san francisco and oakland police department are among those who
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have announced they are increasing patrols at places of worship. in the manifesto, he describes jews says he could not sit idly by. he begins with a letter, imagining what his friends and family would say about his actions, writing, quote to may family and phren, i can already hear your choices, how could you throw your life away? you had everything, a loving family, great friend, a church. you were doing well in nursing school. the manifesto points for the new zealand shootings for inspiration. deputies have confirmed they are investigating him as a suspect in a fire at a mosque a month ago. the deadly shooting happened exactly 6 months after the tree of life synagogue massacre in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. last night more than 100 people turned out to hold a vigil. they and pray ther of pittsburg
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also reached out to send condolences. >> president trump offered his sympathies to the victims during a rally with supporters in wisconsin. >> tonight america's heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting. our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded, and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. >> reporter: the president also reached out to governor gavin newsom. last night he post on twitter, appreciated the call from the president. working with state, local and federal officials on today's horrific shooting. we must all call out hate against any and all communities, wherever it lives. stay with us for continuing coverage as this story develops. democratic presidential candidate joe biden also offered his condolences,
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posting on twitter one should have to worship in fear. phil and i asked former san francisco mayor willie br by tr and the fact that biden is in the race is a relief of all of us who are democrats. we have been praying to get him in there, to offset the other appearance of bernie. it ought to happen beautifully. the two old guys going after each other is going to make it wonderful for harris, for the rest. >> they are leaving it up to columnists and other writers on the internet. the candidates haven't been too
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nasty. >> i'm laughing. says. the closing lean doesn't say you know, hoo ray. it says please send me money. every one of her communications, that is the tag line. that is how she has raised all that money. >> mayor brown, the knockout between bernie sanders and joe biden about where the democrats should go, but ultimately, is joe biden the guy that is going to get the nomination? >> i think it will be very difficult for joe biden to get the nomination. i think the person that is going to get the nomination is the person who is going to prove to the democratic national committee, and all those votes, that they can dump trump. >> you don't see biden in there? >> biden can't do that and it will be clear when the south begins to reject biden with all ose black votersa on us
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clarence thomas to replace our guy, thursday good marshall, it is not going to stand. has biden got in his corner? >> number one the things we are talking about are things people know about. to some step there is a belief this is baked into his stock price, if you will. for some folks he is going to be popular in states like south carolina early on. they think people are willing to overlook it because right now elect ability is a big, big draw and poll after poll shows voters believe biden is the most electable, if they don't love his policies, they believe he can beat donald trump. >> and believe may the credibility of that would come if he would turn around and grab a woman as his running mate. preferably a woman of color. >> do you know who it is?
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>> that kind of a ticket. >> and who might that be, mayor brown? your good friend, kamala harris? and a lot of people, each you have said, a biden harris ticket would be something that you would be happy about? >> so president obama has talked about a circular firing squad about the party lurching to the left and nobody being able to prove they are liberal enough. who emerges from this field? >> anything can happen. a yearbook gets uncovered a tape. but right now, i think republicans are hoping for that circular firing squad, they are betting on it. so whoever emerges is going to be beaten up pretty good by having 20 other campaigns doing opposition rearch on them. that is a lot of investigating
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a lot of teacher being interviewed, things like that. now details this morning. the fbi has opened a federal hate crime investigation against isaiah peoples. he is the iraq war veteran accused of running down people. police say he targeted victims because he believed some of them were muslim. four people were killed after a crane collapsed. two were inside their cars when the crane came down on their vehicle. firefighters say three other people, including a mother and baby girl, were wounded and taken to a hospital. >> i saw people running from the interstate, and i that you something was wrong. and that could have been me. i was going to go to the grocery store and i normally go there. i would be going that way and that could have happened to me.
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>> seattle has recently seen a boom in construction. 6:10. coming up, the meltdown is over. but what about muni management? some san francisco leaders are talking about major changes. and bay area wildlife workers have a message for beachgoers. stop it with the selfies. ifrs
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. good morning. joining us east bay congressman mark desonia, what a week it has been since the mueller report landed what are we going to do now? >> i think the american public is so worn out with controversy with this president, having read the report twice, i think it is amazing. >> where do we go with it from here? do we cop to probe the obstruction from justice? realistically, what do you think will happen? >> i think on the obstruction the committee and the chair has been clear. when i read the obstruction part he says there are 10 case,
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firing of comey, directing mcgann to get rid of the special counsel. what mueller does say he didn't believe they could indict because of a ruling from the people at the department of justice but he says there are constitutional ways to do that. >> are we going to pursue that? >> yes. >> you've got 200 pages of very compelling researched legal investigatory work that basically directs the congress to do its job. >> do you think we are going to see a move toward impeachment? i don't i have already supported impeachment. this president has lied multiple times. he lied about covering up his affairs, directing people to break the law. >> this is going to be on the front burner in the come months. you guys are going to keep it out there and we are going to be having the hearings. >> it is our responsibility to provide oversight. the founders provided an equal e e of rresentatives for co.
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historically has that oversight after the harding and teapot dome. congress said you can opinion people. >> we have to. it is our responsibility. >> do you think the american public wants you to be spending the tame on this? >> i think so. but irrespective of that, the constitution requires us to do it. there is a reason what i there is a continues institution i don't do you see other investigations? are we going to be looking at president trump's taxes? asking for business dealings, security clearances? is there going to be obstruction of justice or a whole myriad of investigations that we are going to be walking? >> all of those things you have mentioned we have already moved on. that is what congress' job is. pass legislation and provide oversight. >> so this will be ongoing?
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and do you see the speaker? is she in favor mixed messages >> i think the speakers very much in favor of us providing the oversight what. >> what is the end game of this? is it impreachment? >> to find the truth and let the public see it. and the goal of doing that, usually there is a goal for a hearing, right? either legislative or something leak that. and the goal it to provide oversight and get to the truth i don't now that we have gotten to the truth of the russian investigation is anybody proposing legislation on thousand to handle foreign interference with john i can't the first one dealt with how we fund our campaigns and how the american public and you as journalisted tell the american public a very important component of that is oversight of foreign involvement in social media in the news. if you have something in social media you have paid for and you
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are from a foreign enemy, you have to notify on the made that right. so we are getting nowhere fast? >> i wouldn't say that. i mean, the house having the majority, the democrats have the majority. having speaker palosi in charge. i do think the american public is worn out with this administration. but, having said that, we are citizens of the united states of america. we have a responsibility to get to the truth. can you stick around a little bit? speaking of truth, we'd like to get to the truth of the conference call between nancy pelosi and democrats. we are going to take a lookout. it is something affecting our lives. the weather i don't phil, i can tell you there is no proof the russians have had anything to do with our weather.
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certainly not this marine layer this morning. look at the view above san jose. low grade clouds. a quick overview. how widespread. san jose, you are waking up to them. they won't last long. definitely over the pay. if we look at another camera's haven't taj point, this citizen land. this is just on the edge of the central valley. the coast would be this way behind me. in fact, that is mount diablo out there in the distance. the coast is over there. the clouds are blanketing much of the inland parts of the valley. here's your low grade blanket of clouds, sitting right over the bay bridge. as far as what we can expect, if we come in for a look at the view where we have the include, pretty much in where you go, andnd to stay like this until
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about 10:00 this morning. if we look at more than what we are seeing where the clouds are, these numbers tell you how highway. where it says 10 miles you don't have any issues. it is not like this is fog on the ground, it is a low bank of gray clouds. some of these squeezing out a little bit of rain. if we are going to see any rain here, it will be a few light showers that show up along the coast for the next few hours. maybe a few sprinkles for places like half moon bay. maybe there is the forecast for the rest of this day. temperatures a littleicaller than yesterday. a couple of degrees for the bay and the coast. notes brea cooler land concormiddleart stweek
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so certainly this weeyoare looking for somethin, in so hth today on the bay. 62, it will be a bit cloudy by the time we get there at 1:00 in the afternoon. still good day to be outside for the game or anything else. it stays like this for the next 7 days. the only thing that does change, maybe a few clouds increase by the end of the week the temperatures go down a little. 75 inland today, only 70 on tuesday. but it is not like that is a major cooldown. that is about it, guys. back with more of this, coming up the in next half hour. and the marine mammal center is urging beachgoers to stop taking seal selfies. wildlife officials say the seals need their space, especially the pups. they are very vulnerable. this message comes as seals are giving birth to pups along north coast beaches. onway
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for by a train after her happened got stuck in a door. and there have been two go techtive sheer pins, the piece of equipment that connects one train car to another. it is time to have an oversight body that asks tough questions that doesn't just rubber stamp what staff brings before it. it is time to have strong leadership and account ability. >> reporter: this past friday a muni train tore down wire and other equipment. in response to that, san francisco mayor posted on tweet yes we need to invest in muni
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and our system. up a little extra time if you are taking through continue that kosta this bend. free buses are being provided to shuttle ridders between the stations. you can fine more details on our website, regulars at one sonoma winery are raising a glass. >> reporter: the ravens wood winery will close next month. staff will stop taking reservations on may 17th. ravens wood opened in 1991. now earlier this month, the brand was purchased by modesto- based eand jgallon le. it is not clear what will happen to the 13-acre property ansting room. coming up in sports. the giants watoipe out a 6-
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0 deficit. and steph curry says he will play but are they downplaying their ankle injuries? ♪
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(vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ . the giants won three games in a row on the road before coming home to face the yankees. with new york having 13 players on the injured list there was hope that wenting streak would cop. willie mays in the house.
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gary sanchez, 467 feet into the left field bleachers for a grand slam and new york wins 6- 4. the a's in front tow where this police officer got a little too close to the action with a ball that was still in play. sogard scores, and the blue jays win 7-1. friday's series clinching win over the clippers may have come at a price for the warriors. curry and thompson suffered ankle injuries and are questionable for today's game. pop vip and the spurs facing denver, the final minute of the game the nuggets clinched a 2- point lead. denver wins. to win the series they will play port happened in the second round.
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the raiders had five picks, noticeably hunter reason fro. he will be genesis energy his college teammates in oakland. as for the 49ers, they had five picks yesterday. the first was utah punter mitch, who will likely replace bradley pennian. and by the way, that game between the warriors and the rockets today, it bill tipoff at 12:30 at oracle arena. and in downtown san jose today, it is the sharks and the colorado avalanche in game 2 of the second round stanley cup playoff series. today's game starts at 4:30 p.m. the traditional pregame rally is free to everyone. the sharks have won four straight playoff games. come up in our xt half hour. a plan to fix student loan
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. izabetwhere reason says her pl will help 95% of people paying back their student loans.
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. welcome back. i'm melissa king. let's start this half hour with a check of our forecast. >> reporter: 6:30. guys. the sun has been up for 12 minutes. take a look at the reason why from our camera that sits on top of the coast raping. a lot of clouds at ha inthismor
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the marine layer worked its way in from the coast. the sun not visible yet, but we are high enough here so that we can see it. that is a good way to see the difference. of course if we go below them, this is the camera on top of the sales force tower. we are looking up at the gray here. if you are ready to step outside, low 50s for most of us. anywhere from 53 to concord. here are the headlines on today. by the afternoon, more blue sky, think back to yesterday. sunday is going to be just like saturday was. we are going to clear out these clouds for the next few hours. small chance of rain by next weekend. more on that come up in a bit. here's the rest of your forecast for today. we are going to stay in the 50s on the coast, and we'll keep
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the clouds around. in again mid-60s across the bay. and look how warm we are going to be inland. that is a 75. guys, back over to you. and happening today, one of the many 2020 presidential candidates is making a campaign stop in the bay area. democrat beto o'rourke will hold a town hall meeting here. it is set for 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the irish cultural center in san francisco. o'rourke began his swing in southern california yesterday. he held a rally at los angeles trade technical college, where he focused on immigration reform. >> never again is another child put in a cage, sent to a foster care home while that mom is deported back to her country of origin, the very place from which she fled. we must rewrite our immigration laws in our own image to reflect communities like this one here in los angeles, like
6:33 am
el paso, lake this country. >> reporter: o'rourke will continue include his california visit in san diego on tuesday. democrat presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren has a student loan forgiveness plan that could boost the economy. households making less than $100,000 a year would see $50,000 of student debt canceled. households making between $100,000 and $250,000 would see some debt relief, based on how much they made. warren's plan would prevent the ira from taxing it as income. and here's the kicker. tuition would be free for public colleges. how would all t paid warren's revenue plan calls for a 2% tax on families making more than $50 million a year and a 3% tax on those making more than a billion dollars. >> you built that great fortune
6:34 am
protected by police and firefighters that all of us helped pay to support. so you made it big. good for you. but here's the deal. when you make it big, make it so everybody else gets a chance to make it in america. >> reporter: warren's plan could spur economic growth, mainly because graduates would have more money to spend on homes and cars and other projects. phil and i asked former mayor willie brown about what he sees are the difference between democratic candidates for president. >> a question on the democratic side. already, one of the first issues is whether or not the boston bomber should be aloud to vote? i mean, where is this democratic primary going? is this going to be about beating trump or out doing each other on whatever pop issue pops up? i don't one of the good things about biden entering the race, he will be the shield to stop
6:35 am
people from continuously running toward bernie. the business of allowing the boston bomber to vote was a bernie deal. because bernie brought that up. nobody in his right mind would put that in the mix if you are trying to win the presidency. you may have the philosophy that you have a criminal record and you are in jail, you ought to be able to vote. but you don't say that when you are trying to get somebody from indiana to vote for you. are you kidding me? >> sometimes in the bay area we see where there is a lot of politicians, on policies, is that the differences between the candidates start lacking small and smaller. and they turn on these very, very hair splitting things. like should felons be able to vote? maybe violent ones shouldn't. you start getting into this nitpicking thing when you have a lot of people who, on big issues, tend to agree.
6:36 am
you get into very nitpicky issues. >> the problem is the public sees that as evidence of something bigger. and the bigger stuff they go oh, you are all sounding the same. let me tell you. i don't know anybody on the streets, literally, including the people who have jackets, who are interested in that. that is not an issue. people don't think a second time about that. there are too many people without jackets that don't vote. >> you are talking about criminal jackets? >> absolutely. >> i love it when you talk streets. >> i was like jackets? >> thought you were talking fashion for a second. >> oh my god. you guys are truly white. >> we have a lot of fun. you know, we were saying before that the primary season is so long that it is almost impossible to stay engaged. that there is excitement when people announce, and then it is like okay, well talk to me in a
6:37 am
year. >> exactly. it is difficult. you have to kind of keep things rolling out, like elizeth en has. and kamala harris recently called for impeachment. you have to find ways to make headlines. you want to keep people interested. as the campaign goes we think it is a big challenge. beto o'rourke had an event las vegas where only 35 people or so showed up it can be difficult to get the turnout all the way through. the white house correspondent's dinner is nothing like used to be. the annual extravaganza was held in washington d.c. but without any comedians. performances by comedians had been a tradition the yolks and made about him and he skipped the dinner for the third straight year. the event is officially a celebration of the first amendment and a fundraiser for
6:38 am
scholarships and young journalists. still to come. a conference call among house democrats. what congress is going to do about the mueller report. . stanford recruits a 49ers legend in the battle to protect athletes from head trauma on the field and beyond. ♪
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(vo) i know what you're thinking.
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electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ . welcome back. joining us congressman joining us from the great concord area. listen, this week these last couple of weeks, everything has been centering around the democratic party around hear. there is a tremendous call for impeachment proceedings, both among some of the members hear,
6:42 am
but is nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, ready to go that way? or is she worried about fatigue? or this? >> she is not ready for impeachment. she said famously, not long ago, he is not wouldn't it. we had to con, call. a lot of members got to express themselves as groups of politicians do, as you know, dealing with us. and there is different feelings about how we approach it. i think the one constant is we have to do oversight and public hearings so the american public can see what happens. is there a fear of a backlash on this? >> particularly, if you are too politicalch i think that is what republicans did with bill clinton and it showed in the polling. k you have aware of
6:43 am
that. and that is, so far, watching adam schiff, jerry nadler, they have all been, i think, railroad good. their tone is right. we are going to go after the fact and that will lead us to the american people to the truth. without the russian collusion with trump, let's be honest. a lot of the air we want out of the balloon. it just did and i don't know why. >> that is just the american public was, does not seem to be as gripped by this. now they are going to stir around and say what else have we got on the agenda? so aside from investigating the president, what else do you think the tacks, now that they control the house, going to do in this year that affects the american public? >> first of all, we are going to provide oversight. if we do overreach like senator mccarthy did, then it will be back. what about the new green deal? >> that is legislation. >> are we going to do that?
6:44 am
>> yes, there will be climate change, i think, legislation, the new green deal will be part of that discussion. it hopefully, when it gets finalized and it is in the form of pills, it will go to the communities and there will be public hearings and posts. >> immigration, do you see the democrats come out with an immigration plan? i think we have to agree awhile ago there was a crisis in florida. i think it is real now i don't there has always been a challenge at the border. i have said that on your show before. do you see any chance or movement toward come up with a constructive solution? >> i think it is our responsibility to have florida panhandle plan. we need to if he more infrastructure having been down there we need more judges, more law enforcement people, more counseling. then we have to look at our immigration policies i don't we keep hearing that for years and
6:45 am
years. we could be playing this tape five years ago. >> there is a reason for that if you look at the history. steve bannon decided it was a good lay for them for republicans. can now, i don't think this president witness a solution because he likes the fight. it helps him in his political narrative. whether we get it or not, i think it is our responsibility as democrats to have our own plan. you know something really specific, big pharma. drug prices. it is key to healthcare. could be done, everybody says this should be done -e went we have had multiple hearings. i have a pill in my pocket because i have incurable cancer. it costs $400 a day. i think it is worth it because it saves my life.
6:46 am
we should look at what is valuable to the american public, and who paid for it. a lot of the research, taxpayers did. we have examples of the pharmaceutical companies paying the generics. we have lots of examples of the pharmaceutical companies gaming the system. >> if you could put half as much attention into that and some of the other stuff, i think we could get better. >> we do, nobody reports on it. we'll keep an eye on it. and now let's look at a brighter picture. can't get much brighter than that. the weather. >> reporter: well the first camera i'm going to show is a bright one. but these three views are going to look quite different. look at the first one. the camera that sits on treasure island. lacking up at the bay bridge. now i'm going to give you a different view. same bring, instead of looking at it from treasure island we are going to go to the top of the sales force tower at 1070 feet high and you can see a different story here. look at the low bank of clouds sitting up above it.
6:47 am
if we go even higher than our camera on the sales force tower to the top of mount vaca, the mountain that sits on the border between the central valley and the bay area, when we look back toward the bay area from this camera at about 2800 feet high, look at that blanket of clouds right there. we all live out that way, underneath it. as you are starting your day today, it is going to be gray wherever you are. most likely you are waking up to a little gray and you can see that here on the map that shows us how wide spread the marine layer has gotten more importanit is not like it is fog. the numbers here show you how far u can see the roadways in miles.
6:48 am
everybody else is doing okay. there might be drizzle with this on the coast but the futurecast model is able to pick up on a few showers around half moon bay. that is it. first half of the day is cloudy. second half of the day, it melts away for all of us except at the coast. temperatures will be right where they should be for this time of the year. two weak systems, one up to our negotiate here, another out here to our west. you can see the way the arrows are moving because of those two. the system out here to our southwest, tries to get in with a little bit of rain. monday there will be weak to ou allergy reports shows us we need to be taking allergy
6:49 am
pills. the grasses are just now starting to come in, in a bit more formidable way. we'll keep an eye on saturday. guys, back over to you. a former 49er is making headlines, stanford university recruited hall of fame quarterback steve young for its first ever sports concussion summit. yesterday young was part of a panel to discuss concerns about the head trauma he suffered years ago in the field and his fear that those hits could impact his health even today. he has been working for years with doctors and scientists at stanford tobetter understand the effects of concussions and other brain trauma on athletes. >> as a guy to wants to live long because i have kids, this stuff gets super serious. >> reporter: researchers at
6:50 am
stanford are working on objective tests for concussions, making them easier for doctors to diagnose and hard foreplayers eager to return to the game to dismiss. and still ahead, he earned success in school and in the nfl. how this student's rising above scholar later found an unexpected purpose.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
. today's students rising above scholars, a former high school football champ who we want pro. >> eddie williams says his biggest pride is his new life of service. >> when we first met, students rising above scholar eddie williams, he was a teenage football star with big dreams of going pro. his baby face belied a maturity gained through hardship. >> you are learning about life earlier than you should have to. >> reporter: instead, eddie was coping with the kinds of problems that mate have crushed others. a father who juan around. a mother who died of cancer when he was in mal.
6:54 am
eddie reflect on throes times. i promised my mother, i promised her before she died, i'm going to work hard and then go play in the nfl. >> he left the university of idaho and was drafted to the nfl in 2009. but as eddie told students at the gala, even then he that you something was missing. >> finding success and finding purpose are not the same thing. as fun as the nfl was, i realized that we, as human beings, we need transcendent purpose in order to thrive. >> reporter: his career we want from the pitch to the pulpit. san francisco's bay city church is where we find eddie on this sunday morning. it is a young church and he is its proud senior pastor. >> jesus can change you from within. >> reporter: with his words, he hopes to insp generation, and see his fledgeling church grow in the same way he has grown with the
6:55 am
help of students rising above. >> i have got kids now, i'm married. to see our family flourish. it is amazing. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm kristen ayers
6:56 am
. it is 6:55. a time for a look at this morning's top stories. beto o'rourke is beginning in the bay area today. he will hold a town hall meeting at the irish cultural center in san francisco from 11:30 a.m. to it p.m. a major cyclone continues to cause damage in mozambique. houses have begun to collapse and rescuers are trying to help people trapped by rising flood waters. a man is in custody accused
6:57 am
of opening fire with an assault rifle at a synagogue in san diego county. one woman is dead and three others are injured. the shooting happened late yesterday morning. the fbi has opened a federal hate crime investigation against isaiah peeples. he is the iraq war veteran accused of running down 8 people last week. police believe he targeted the victims because he believed some of them were muslim? in opportunity san jose today the sharks will try to win their fifth straight stanley cup playoff game. puck drops at 4:30 p.m. and it is going to look gray out there for the first part of today out there at least through the morning. blue skies coming out, we'll be in the mid 70s inland today, mid-60s for the bay and stuck in the 50s all day at the coast where the clouds are never going to clear entirely for today.
6:58 am
a little bit of a warming trend by early next week. thanks for joining us. that's right. cbs sunday morning is next. electr's not for you. and, you're proright. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected.
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