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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 29, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this weekend's shooting at a california synagogue as she -- planned services planned in bay area after the devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. scheduled testimony on the mueller report. good morning, it's monday, april 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. good morning. it is 6:00 as we kickoff this hour. let's get a check of our forecast with mary. >> happy monday to you, kenny and michelle. a cool and cloudy start to the day and foggy on our trans america cam. temperatures running in the low to mid 50s at this hour. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy sunshine. for the coast, partly sunny and cool in the upper 50s. for the microclimate forecast for the bay, mostly sunny with highs in the mid 60s. so a mild day for you. and inland, warming up with plenty of sunshine in the mid 70s. we'll let you know what you can expect for that workweek
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forecast and the pollen forecast in a few minutes, emily. you can expect delays at 6:00 this morning. let's start with this one right here. this is on 101. it's starting to back things up. you're down to 30 miles an hour. there's two accidents, one is at willow road and another one at marsh. there's one lane blocked there. that's going to slow things down as your commute wraps up this morning. we'll keep a close eye on your delays. southbound 880 at davis, one lane blocked. this has gotten worse throughout the morning and another one southbound 880 at a street. kenny. developing news from overnight. police are investigating if a fire at a bay yay! uber office is that of an arsonist. jackie ward has more details. >>reporter: police reportedly have the man who did this in custody. take a look at the damage here at this uber building. it's not much but you can see what
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looks like a pile of ash. this happened before 11:00 last night. the san mateo fire department responded to the call and a witness who lives across the street from the office says they saw a man lighting a fire trying to set the uber office ablaze. >> i see an individual put something down and runaway and a few seconds later, the flames went up in the air and it got bigger and bigger and i called 911 and by the time they got here, it died out on its own. >> this building is an uber green light spot. employees help drivers do things like activate their account or get a vehicle inspection. we have calls into local police and fire departments to try and get more information on what may have happened here last night. in daly city, jackie ward. a funeral is planned today for the woman killed in the synagogue shooting in san diego county. hundreds gathered
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in poway to remember victims. 60-year-old kaye died shielding the rabbi from gunfire goldstein was shot in the hand. this is -- this is what he told his congregation. >> it's going to remind me how vulnerable we are, and how heroic we can be. >> earnest is charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he will be arraigned on wednesday. today the city of san francisco will host a solidarity concert for the notre dame cathedral in paris after a fire -- breed will join elected officials at the city's grace cathedral for the show. it will include performances by -- it is set for tonight at 6:00 and open to the public. a 4.3 earthquake rocked northern california
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overnight. the quake struck after midnight. it was centered 14 miles north of ukiah. so far no reports of any damage or injuries. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have breaking news from mozambique. 38 people and it is expected to rise killed. that's higher than authorities initially announced. and the damage just continues as the storm moves across the region very slowly. and they're expecting more rain, about 20 inches over the next five days. this is the strongest storm to hit that region since records began. back to you. >> anne, thank you. a california student is among the dead after a crane crashed in downtown seattle. two people who died in saturday's accident were crane operators. the other two victims were in cars that were crushed when a large segment of that crane fell
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onto the street below. sarah wong was in one of the six cars crushed by the crane. she was a freshman majoring in nursing at seattle university and her friend remembers her smile. >> i want people to remember how loving and caring of a person she was. to show that love to everyone she comes across and to show that joy that's infectious to other people. >> the cause of the collapse is still unclear and investigators are looking at weather conditions while the crane was in use. and maintenance records on the equipment. attorney general william barr is fighting with house investigators over scheduled testimony on the mueller report. barr is supposed to appeal before house and senate lawmakers to discuss the report. chairman jerry thatted letter wants to allow each member of his panel to have one five minute round of questions and lawmakers want to give their attorneys to ask questions after they have heard
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barr's testimony and barr refused to testimony under that format. the commander of the guantanamo bay -- saying it was due to a lack of confidence to his ability to command. firing comes after an investigation, but the military has not provided specifics. about 40 prisoners are held at the facility down to 700 from its peak in 2003. the san francisco marin food bank announced big plans to expand. it released a report showing 35 million people are missing meals in san francisco and marin every year. to help close that gap, they'll add another 28,000 square feet facility. it will upgrade the marin facility in san raphael. that's expected to be completed in september. time is 6:06. residents of one bay area neighborhood are taking matters into
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their own hands after a deadly hit-and-run that left community members devastated. why one mayor is putting the brakes in the busy stretch of the east bay. we're tracking two weather systems. how will that affect our weather in the bay area and how it will affect our pollen count. northbound 101 is apart of why you are commute, you might have traffic. this is apart of one of those accidents. i have more on this a little later. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast.
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good monday morning to you. hopefully this puts a smile on your face. isn't that a beautiful view with the vaca camera. other locations, a cloudy start. i'll let you know what you can expect as we take you through your monday. the weather where you live coming up in a few minutes. it might be a
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golden star as far as your weather. there was an accident early this morning, and it hasn't been able to recover. your drive time in the red. it's going to take you half an hour to get from 4 to the maze and once you're on the bridge, there's a delay there as well. travel time in the yellow. if you are coming on 580. and then coming out of the south bay, it's yellow thanks to an accident on northbound 101 at willow road. the only place in the green is if you're coming out of antioch highway 4. you're looking good. let's look to 880. and the nimitz seem to be moving along well. congratulations to you, you're the lucky ones. and when it comes to the 580, 680 dublin interchange, everything is moving along. a heavier flow, but nothing terrible. no accidents to report in that direction. guys. 6:11. mother and aunt of a missing southern california boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder. flores was reported missing last week and according to the san bernardino
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county sheriff's office, his mother jackie contreras and aunt are held without bay. authority was called to do a well fair check and duke's mother said she hasn't seen her son in two weeks. we're waiting word to see if the body pulled from the -- first responders recovered the remains near the ritz carlton over the weekend south of popular beach and that's where a heyward student vanished while body boarding. authorities have not identified the body, but police say the person appears to have been in the water for some time. a dui suspect is accused of killing a woman and her dog. the woman was crossing butterfield road with two dogs when they were hit. one dog survived. neighbors have put up an unusual sidewalk memorial in the meantime.
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it's a homemade sign urging those to slowdown to 25 miles per hour. >> she's a good friend, you know. and her dogs were our dog's buddy. so i just -- she was a really good person in this community. >> investigator are that 30-year-old jams boswell has been booked on charges much dui and gross -- and gross vehicular homicide. oakland mayor shaft is among those concerned, the three-year project would divert traffic onto city streets and lead to backups and shaft was skeptical. the rebuild was necessary at all. the $182 million project would involve work on east and eastbound interstate 80 as well as southbound i-880. a travelling exhibit that sends visitors on a 360 degree immersed experience into the broadway musical hamilton is open in
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chicago. take a look. the exhibit features 19 rooms of hamilton's life. and miranda narrates an audio tour. there's a surprised guest on saturday and handed out doughnuts to the first attendees of this exhibition. >> i take a hamilton quiz every morning. >> no, you don't. >> i have the app and i'm obsessed. >> how many questions can there be about the same musical? >> it's more about alexander hamilton and what you learn in the musical. it's history. >> it's all good. >> you're going to teach us american history before you know it which is great. i can teach you what you need to know about the traffic which is not in good shape. i'm going to make this picture bigger so you can see the delays and these are our caltrans camera. i want to show you on this the east shore freeway. look at how bad that backup is. it is not good at this moment. that's because of an accident that
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happened hours ago. it has been cleared. it's not on the map anymore, but what is on the map is the delay. you can see it backed up passed el -- almost to highway 4. it's going to be slow and go toward the foot of the maze or the san raphael bridge. the san raphael bridge is slow and go once you get passed the toll plaza. it's slowing down. and we have red on the map. if you're crossing that bridge this morning, give yourself a little bit of extra time because you are going to need it. now, off to the south bay or the peninsula rather, northbound 101 at marsh, one lane is blocked. that's backing things up and this accident at willow road. there's several lanes blocked. down to 10 miles an hour northbound. that's going to get worse as the traffic increases this morning. off to northbound 880 at davis, one lane is blocked. 17 miles an hour heading north. if you're headed southbound on 880, right there at a street, there's lanes blocked due to that accident as well. coming through the altamont pass, it's windy. everything has been
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moved to the right shoulder from an earlier crash. let's look at mobile 5 as everything looking good as you're headed into san francisco. i'll tell you where else you can expect delays as we head through the red lights. it's a cool and cloudy start to the day, so we have temperatures running in the low to mid 50s at this hour. you can see clouds in the sky. looking east on our sails forest camera of the bay bridge. let's check the winds. emily was talking about the breezy to windy conditions. so 11 miles-per-hour winds. 8 miles per hour. and 11 miles-per-hour in berkeley 12 miles-per-hour in fairfield, a south, southwesterly winds. here's what you can expect. a cooling cloudy start. a mild monday for us in the afternoon. we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid 70s inland and warming
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up beginning from the middle part of the week and the end of the workweek. i want to pinpoint san jose and your weather. temperatures for today and tomorrow right around where we should be. low 70s. and then we begin that warmup starting wednesday. and then check out those temperatures as we rise. the normal high for this time of year is 70. we'll be about 80 degrees by friday in san jose. here's the satellite and radar view. we're tracking this area of low pressure to our south. that's bringing the rain to southern california and the desert southwest. for us, that means breezy onshore winds. southwesterly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hours for the coast and the bay. this will impact the pacific northwest. for us, a stronger onshore flow or stronger marin influence for tomorrow and that means temperatures will be cooler. as we head through the rest of today on future cast, you can see mostly sunny skies as we go through tomorrow
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morning. once again, a cloudy start could be foggy as well. and then looking at partly sunny skies for your tuesday afternoon. allergy forecast, medium for today. it's better for allergy sufferers tomorrow. even dropping a little bit lower and then right back up for wednesday and for thursday into the medium high category. predominant ash -- wednesday looks like the worst day out of that 5-day forecast for allergy sufferers. sunset at 7:58. daytime highs again right around where we should be for this time of year. if not, a little bit warmer in some spots. let's show you the south bay. looking at 70 in mountain view. 72 santa clara. 75 in morgan hill. mid 70s in concord. upper 70s in benecia. 72 in san leeandro.
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low 70s for santa rosa and petaluma. 70s in ukiah. here's the 7-day forecast. it gets cooler tomorrow. as high pressure builds back in, plenty of sunshine wednesday and thursday and friday in some spots warming up. temperatures a little bit cooler by the weekend, but still very pleasant. kenny. >> sounds good, mary. it's 6:19. one east bay city is falling short when it comes to answering 911 calls and details on this new report. heading -- chris, our photographer is driving, and he just drove by bob's doughnuts so we want doughnuts. >> we're hungry. >> kenny wants anpastrami -- wants a pastrami sandwich. >> did we tell you
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we're hungry?
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several men are recovering this
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morning after getting trapped in a virginia cave for two days. this happened on friday when six men were looking for a camping spot east of the roanoke. over the weekend, one of the men was able to scale the cave without a rope and call 911. rescue crews weren't able to get to the others until last night. hyperthermia and ex exhaust set in -- exhausted, but each men were in good spirit. >> we warmed them up and then we rigged some hall lines to help bring them up the different drops. >> five men were taken to the hospital. in the meantime we have learned the cave is on private pro are -- the cave is on private property and the group didn't have permission to be there. washburn university student corey on the left here was injured in an off campus
6:24 am
shooting in toe -- but the shooting killed his teammate simons. officers are reportedly investigating several leads. the giants say they are aware of this situation, and are gathering information. 6242 -- 6:24. the berkeley city oughtauditor found the city spent $1 million in overtime in 2016. and they're not meeting state requirements of answering 95% of calls. they answered 89% of calls within that timeframe. >> it's a challenge to retain some dispatchers because of their current recruitment and training model so we have talked with the department about how to
6:25 am
improve that. >> salaries run between 64 and 90,000. the auditor says the department agreed to recommendations they have made and committed to addressing them. a sonoma county winery is preparing for their last call. staff will stop taking reservations on may 17th. they're known for their -- earlier this month, modesto based e and j gallo purchased the brand. 6:25. a disturbing new report reveals boeing removed a safety feature from its 737 max planes ahead of deadly crashes. >>reporter: a suspected arsonist in daly city tries to set fire to an office building that uber is in. taking a live look outside, this time at the bay
6:26 am
bridge toll plaza where it's 53 degrees right now. you can see traffic is stacking up as people are making their way from the east bay into san francisco. 6:25. we'll be right back. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. members of the bay area jewish community come together in a show of support for those affected by this weekend's synagogue shooting.
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one of the leading contenders for the democratic nomination comes to the bay area. the message from o'rourke to california voters. it's monday, april 29th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time is just about 6:30. we want to check in with mary lee. it's cloudy, but it's going to change. >> that's right, kenny and michelle. it's a cloudy start to the workweek. i did find the sunshine on our mount vaca camera. beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 50s. your microclimate forecast and what to expect along the coast, partly sunny skies this afternoon. a cool day in the bay. mild conditions in the mid 60s. breezy with southwesterly winds and inland warming up to the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. i'll let you know what to expect taking you through
6:31 am
the workweek as well as allergy sufferers. expect delays. there's trouble spots we're tracking. first a live look at mobile 5. our photographer chris just making his way on lumbar toward the golden gate bridge. we'll look live later from that camera. those in the opposite direction, things are slower as you make your way into the city. travel times, you're in the red or the yellow. the worst is 580 westbound, and east shore freeway hasn't been able to recover from an early morning accident that has been cleared, but your commute is anything but clear. highway 4 in the yellow and same thing out of the south bay via northbound 101. >>reporter: we're live in daly city where police are investigating a case of arson.
6:32 am
we're off john daly avenue. you can see this ash at the foot of the building where uber has an office. this is the damage we could see this morning. a witness says around 10:40 last night, they saw someone trying to intentionally set this office building on fire. the san mateo fire department responded. the witness explains what he saw happen. >> i just seen a shadow. somebody put something and ran away and a few seconds away, flames went up. i mean, it was intentional. >> this building is a driver service center for uber. uber representative was here to answer drivers questions in person and help them get on the road as soon as possible and we have calls to the local police department and fire department trying to get information trying to confirm they have a suspect in custody. jackie ward, kpix5. a bay area law firm will be filing lawsuits on behalf of the families of ten canadians killed in the crash
6:33 am
of an ethiopia aircraft earlier this month. the victims are all from the toronto area. the complaint will be filed in federal district court in chicago against boeing. and a press conference will be held after that. separate claims also will be filed today against the faa on behalf of the families. meanwhile southwest airlines said that boeing 737 did not say they deactivated the safety -- according to the wall street journal, the faa did not know about the change. it both crashes pilots could not regain control of the aircraft and in all, 346 people were killed. a ban entry in sri lanka for all face coverings. this is breaking news after a series
6:34 am
of bombings killed more than 250 people on easter sunday. so this ban is covering all public places and people cannot wear garment that hinders identification and this is going to be an issue for muslim women who wear partial vails and 10% of the population in sri lanka is muslim. back to you. a woman who sacrificed her life to save her rabbi will be laid to rest in southern california. laura kaye was at the temple on saturday to pray for her mother who just passed. when a shooter opened fire she stepped in front of rabbi goldstein. three people were hurt when the shooting started in the middle of sabbath service. and 8-year-old -- her uncle, 34-year-old perertz was hit in the leg. the suspected shooter is due in court on wednesday. in berkeley, the jewish
6:35 am
community prayed for the victims of the shooting in yesterday's holocaust remembrance ceremony. >> we must speak out -- >> that's just heartbreaking. we've been fighting for tolerance, and we've made progress and now we're losing around with this increase in attacks on religious institutions. >> this comes as a new report shows a spike in hate crimes across california. california senator and presidential candidate harris addressed the issue in ohio last night. >> racism and anti-recidivism, sexism, phobia, transphobia are real in this country. let us agree that whenever and wherever we see those expressions of hate, we must all stand up and speak out. >> according to state data, california saw a 44% jump in the number of hate
6:36 am
crimes reported from 2014 to 2017. the fbi has launched a hate crime investigation into last tuesday's crosswalk crash in sunnyvale. iraq war veteran peoples intentionally drove his car into a group of people because he believed they were muslim. 8 people were hurt. the youngest, a 13-year-old girl remains hospitalized with critical injuries. 6:36. democratic presidential candidate biden kicking off his 2020 campaign today with his first event in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. over the next few weeks, biden will head through a number of early voting states include, iowa, new hampshire and carolina. it launched -- it tops all the other democratic candidates and o'rourke is expected to visit modesto. he was in san francisco over the weekend fuelling questions from
6:37 am
voters. he talked about the high cost of medical care and he mentioned the impact of climate change in california. >> for two weeks, the people of this community were wearing masks on their face, last year because of the smoke that came here from wildfires that raged at historic levels. >> i feel like he could carry the day, in the general election, and that matters a lot to me. >> california has an earlier primarily for the 2020 election cycle which could mean why more candidates are making more trips to the golden states than in previous years. in tennessee, a 7th body has been discovered in the rural part of sumter county. police say at least one person survived the killing spree and called 911. an hours long manhunt led police to the suspect. officer shot and wounded cummings before taking him into custody. police are investigating the motive. 6:37. a resolution natury
6:38 am
home care health care program is allowing patients to pay their family members to take care of them. we'll explain how this works. california's legalization of recreation marijuana is leading to problems. we'll have more on the pot party buses. the stock market opened up as we take a look at the board and the dow is down about 11 points. coming up, we'll get an update from our financial reporter jason brooks. while shopping at sears,
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bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ good monday morning to you. it's a new workweek and it's going to be a beautiful day. good morning to you with partly cloudy skies. catching some sunshine out there over downtown san jose. right now, in san jose, you're at 52 degrees. you'll see highs in the low 70s in san
6:42 am
jose. we'll talk about what you can expect where you live coming up in a few minutes, emily. the one bright spot in your traffic forecast is if you're coming from marin because that's the only bridge in the green. the golden gate is looking good. everybody else in the red. the san mateo bridge -- you're in the red. give yourself extra time. on the numb -- on the nimitz, things are starting to showdown. video showing a man walking out of a gallery with the sculpture. the work by french artist fred allord featured a shopping basket filled with silver bottles and police arrested the suspect identified as 61-year-old gank and she's charged with grand larson. the valedictorian used his speech to make
6:43 am
a big announcement. >> i held another triumph and -- not who i thought i should be, but who the lord haz made me,-- lord god has made me and i'm proud to be a gay son of god. >> he graduated in utah. he says his big announcement came with praise and criticism. and says he's figuring out what comes next. but easton says his support network is enough to get started. 6:43. the debut of avengers endgame shot -- >> they surpassed expectations earning more than a billion dollars at its box office debut. >> just like that. >> just like that. >> endgame claimed more than 20 box office records and estimates reached
6:44 am
$350 million, the biggest domestic debut surpassing avengers infit-- infinity. >> they have been good at not giving us spoilers. we love you for that. >> thank you. so how is the avenger's success affecting the stock market. >> jason brooks. did you see it? >> no. i did not get around to that. but the movie is being well received by wall street. there haven't been big movies in 2019 for the box office. this one is resonated. and highs moving for cmc. i-max's stock is up 3.5 and disney, they're moving lower this morning. consumers spending picked up in march by 9/10th of a percent according to the government
6:45 am
and that was the strongest game in almost ten years, but it came after a first weak -- income growth a little weaker than the prior month, so the savings rate dropped to 6.5%. a flat day for the stock market. let's see how we're doing so far. the dow moving lower by two points and nasdaq is up 8 points and s&p up higher by 3 points. >> jason brooks from cbc -- a health care program is paying family members to care for their elderly loved ones and it's called self-directed care. the program is funded by medicaid. freedom care uses the program and oversees thousands of patients and the ceo believes it could make a big dent in the shortage of caretakers while improving the outcome of
6:46 am
patients. >> you can feel comforted and good everyday when you leave the house knowing your mom is in the best hands. >> it allows me to not stress. >> her biggest wish was to die in her own home. she didn't want to go to a nursing home. >> the program is only eligible to medicaid recipients and a nurse determined eligible and how many weekly hour of care each patient receives. it's 6:46. let's check the roads. what's going on out there? >> nothing good, unfortunately. everything in the red. all of why you are drive times are starting to slowdown especially the east shore freeway where you're looking live right now. san pueblo road is slow and go. an accident earlier this morning that has been cleared. look at the backup almost all the way up to highway 4. slow going over the richmond-san raphael bridge. it has been slow and go in that direction all morning. westbound 580 at central. that has been moved to the right
6:47 am
shoulder, but it's orange speeds so slow and go as you're making your way towards the bay bridge this morning. to the bay bridge, there's a stall at treasure island and one just passed the toll plaza. that's going to slow things down as you make your way into the city. headed out of the city, there's an accident on eastbound 80 at 7th street. they're working hard to get that out of the yay!. at 92 and 880, there's a stalled big rig that is in the process of being moved out. the bay bridge doesn't look too bad at the toll plaza. once you make it towards the toll plaza, it will be slow. a lot of brake lights westbound towards the peninsula. the eastbound direction looks pretty darn good. there's an accident southbound 880 at a street. if you are trying to make to the san mateo bridge, it's going to be slow or going toward the dumbarton bridge, it's slow because there's another accident that popped up in the last 15 minutes. northbound 101 is going to start to backup thanks to a lane closure at willow. i'll tell you how
6:48 am
long that commute will be in later on in the show. >> thanks, emily. i know it's monday and something to get you going. it's going to be a nice day across the bay area. a pleasant spring day. here's a live look at our sails forest camera looking north. you can see breaks in the clouds. temperatures running in the low to mid 50s. a cool start. let's check the winds. in san jose, 11 miles per hour. 10 in fremont and 10 in heyward. 11 oakland. 10 in berkeley looking at breezy conditions in antioch and vallejo at 12 miles per hour. and a south, southwesterly breeze at -- a cool and cloudy start and a mild afternoon with highs inland in the low to mid 70s and warming up later this week. i want to pinpoint oakland in your five-day forecast. for today, exactly where we should be.
6:49 am
67 degrees and that's normal. dipping a little for tomorrow at 66. warming back up to above average temperatures beginning wednesday, thursday, and especially for friday. that's pretty much the trend for all of us as we head through the next several days. so this low pressure system bringing the rain for southern california and the desert southwest is bringing a breezy onshore flow for us in the bay area. that means southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, we're tracking our next weather system and that will bring stronger on show flow. a stronger marin influence. temperatures will be cooler for your tuesday. future cast, as we take you through the day, enjoy the sunshine. mostly sunny skies for today. tomorrow, again in the morning, we'll see those low clouds as well as the fog along the coast, and our inland locations and looking at partly sunny skies. allergy sufferers, your pollen report, medium for today. it gets better for tomorrow. so it is going to be lower for your
6:50 am
tuesday. it looks like the best day for allergy sufferers, but it climbs back up for wednesday and for thursday in the medium to high category. for today, highs around where we should be for this time of year or a few degrees warmer. for the south bay, you'll see highs around 73 in santa clara. 72 in san jose. 57 morgan hill. mid 70s for antioch and brentwood, livermore, pleasanton, dublin in the mid 70s. berkeley, a high at 65 and oakland and alameda, and 67. 72 in san leandro and low 70s under santa rosa and napa. upper 70s in ukiah. cooler for tuesday. warming up beginning wednesday, thursday. especially for friday to end out the workweek and cooler for the weekend. michelle. >> mary, thank you. four bay area teens are facing charges in connection with a robbery that
6:51 am
sparked a chase. they robbed a store in vacaville and ran off. they got off interstate 80 and got back ongoing the wrong way. their car crashed into two others and the teens ran off. they were quickly thought. police believe the robbery was planned out ahead of time. >> using multiple people to go into the store. overwhelmed the employees and take products. >> one teen suspect suffered a broken arm and no other injuries reported. there were illegal activity and sideshow activity throughout the bay area last night on the summit the mount diablo. only one driver did a few burnouts on the shoulder of the two-lane mountain road. the driver was immediately stopped by a chp officer before anyone was hurt. this morning, a bay area lawmaker is pushing to keep drivers safe on pot party buses. here's what it looks like inside one of those buses. emerald farm tours has neon lights
6:52 am
lining the walls while folks onboard enjoy their bill. a bill will close the loophole in the law and require party buses, limos and taxi cabs to have windows protecting drivers in the effects of secondhand cannabis smoke. >> we need to make sure that drivers on the road are not consuming and those folks are protected if other people in the vehicle are consuming. >> i wouldn't blow smoke in the driver's face. the driver is there to do a job. >> the bill requires everyone on the party bus or limo be over the age of 21 if marijuana is consumed. time is 6:52. a student from california is among those dead after a horrific crane accident in washington state. what investigators are now focused on. >>reporter: police in daly city are investigating a case at arson at an uber office building. we'll tell you what one witness saw last night.
6:53 am
still ahead on cbs, as apps sell your data -- we'll show you the privacy risk. actress jackson's return to broadway. how her performance could make history. we'll see that and more at 7:00. more at 7:00. e. i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >>reporter: i'm jackie ward live in daly city where police announced they do have someone in custody for a case of arson that they're investigating. we're here on an uber office building. you can see the damage. the extent of the damage is minimal here. outside it looks like a pile of ash and burn marks, but police do have the person they say did this in custody. this happened just before 11:00 last night. the san mateo fire department responded to the call and a person who lives across the street from the office said they saw a person trying to light the building on fire. a 26-year-old mail,
6:57 am
long was near the rear of the business when they arrested him. and he is being charged with arson. they are continuing this investigation. this building is an uber green light office. employees help drivers do everything from activating their accounts to registering or getting a vehicle inspection. we will learn more information as the morning goes on and we'll bring you that information as soon as possible. jackie ward, kpix5. >> jackie, thank you. 6:57. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> bail is set for a dui suspect accused of killing a woman and her dog. a woman in her 70s was crossing butterfield road saturday when they were hit. one dog survived and investigators say james boswell has been booked on charges of dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. a california -- a construction crane fell from the roof of a building
6:58 am
saturday. the crane hit six cars and injured four people. today the city of san francisco will hold a solidarity concert for the notre dame camacho tree dram-- cathedral. a funeral is planned in poway for the woman killed in the synagogue shooting. kaye died after shielding the rabbi from a shooting. the former vice-president will hold his campaign in event in pennsylvania. let's get to the peninsula where we're starting to see issues, if northbound 101 is apart of your commute, you need extra time. willow road, there are several lanes blocked and down to 15 miles an hour as you make your way northbound. further north, the east shore freeway
6:59 am
not looking good. and drive times is 34 minutes from highway 4 to the maze thanks to an accident earlier this morning that has backed things up. further south of that -- a crash coming through the east shore freeway and last but not least, and one as you make your way through the san mateo bridge. mary. a cloudy start for parts of the bay, although san jose, good morning to you and catching sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 50s, so a cool start. mostly sunny skies as we head through our afternoon. it's going it be a pleasant day across the bay area. 62 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. low 70s for san jose. fremont, napa. temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. a little cooler for your tuesday. stronger on show flow kicks in. warming up beginning wednesday through the workweek. cooler for the weekend. >> have a fantastic
7:00 am
start to your workweek. and thank you for watching kpix5 this morning. >> your next local update at 7:26. and don't forget cbs this morning. that's coming up next. have a great day, everyone. on 29th, 2019. welcome to cbs this morning. a gunman motivated by hate opens fire at a synagogue during passover, killing one and injuring three others. we talk to the rabbi and an 8-year-old girl who were injured in the attack. >> it was very, very scary, and like i'm not supposed to go threw these stuff. >> no, you're not. >> see why the girl's uncle is being hailed as a hero who saved lives. five men trapped hundreds of feet underground are rescued from a cave in southwest virginia. see why they got stranded and how search crews


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