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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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life during last week's synagogue shooting. those are responding to trump's -- good morning, it is tuesday, april 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. good morning, it's the top of the hour. let's get you ready for the day and your work with our first forecast, mary. >> good morning, kenny and michelle. a breezy to windy day. so tracking the winds for you this morning. that's the big weather story for today as well as cooler temperatures. all thanks to onshore flow. 10 miles-per-hour winds at half moon bay. and fremont 12 miles-per-hour. pleasant and livermore at 15 miles-per-hour winds and 20 in san ramon. you can see just how breezy to windy it is as we start off our tuesday. 17 miles-per-hour winds in berkeley as well as vallejo. your microclimate forecast, partly sunny and breezy along the coast and upper 50s. southwesterly winds about 10 to 12 miles per hour. for the bay, mostly
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sunny and breeze. low 60s to temperatures cooler than yesterday. below average temps for this time of year. inland location, mild in the low 70s. we talk about a warmup as we go through the workweek and when we could see a chance of a few showers, emily. we have a chance of a few accidents and they're backing things up in the east bay. the first of which is on the east shore freeway at cutting build. it has been moved to the right shoulder. it's starting to back things up even though it has been moved to the right shoulder. down to 36 miles an hour as you get closer to the richmond-san raphael bridge. you have to deal with delays and the same on the east shore freeway towards berkeley that will stack up. this is not an accident, but a stall. slow and go as you make your way to the bay bridge where you can see your speeds are in
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the red as you're working toward the toll plaza. the metering lights are on and has been on since 5:30 and things are stacking up to the foot of the maze. once you make it through here, you're good to go as soon as you get into san francisco. off to another trouble spot, this and southbound 101 at petaluma. give yourself extra time. >> emily, thank you. statements begin in the ghostship trial two years after the warehouse burned with dozens of people trapped inside. kpix5 jackie ward is in oakland with all the details. jackie. >>reporter: this trial has been a long time coming and it has been 29 months since the ghostship warehouse fire that killed 36 people. the two men on trial today, derrick almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. if they're found guilty, they could be if prison for decades. the two men have been in jail for almost two years
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already. they were charged six months after -- the converted warehouse called the ghostship, illegally housed artist in a building that was never zoned for residential tenants. harris supporters have been outside the courthouse everyday. >> it's a terrible situation all the way around. i think it's wrong that -- that max is in jail. i think it's wrong that this tragedy happened. >> the jury consist of nine women and three men. they were chosen from a pool of 480 people and were sworn in yesterday. the trial is expected to last several months with a couple of breaks already scheduled. opening statements begin today. they are expected to continue tomorrow, and the judge, judge thompson is expecting opening -- or testimony rather to begin on may 6th. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. this morning, there's a new
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warning from bay area health officials for those travelling this summer. there's an outbreak of measles across the country. 704 cases in 22 states and alameda and contra costa and san francisco counties put out a statement yesterday. they say if you are travelling internationally, get your vaccine records up-to-date. >> if you're an adult that isn't sure and you can't find any vaccine records, it's probably worth getting another vaccine to make sure you're protected and we estimate around 93% protected and after the second dose, 97% or more. >> i have been vaccinated since i was little and never found a reason why you shouldn't. i think everyone should. it's for the health of everyone around us. >> officials say that international travelers who are unvaccinated have likely been bringing back the disease from other countries. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk.
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we have been monitoring venezuela -- you can see teargas though, this is video from about an hour ago as people are starting to take to the streets of caracas basically choosing sides, if they're trying to support the opposition or the current socialist leader who believes he's president. it depends on who you ask right now and a lot of countries splitting sides, but the current president, nicholas maduro, they want to over throw this regime. this is going to be a very fast moving situation. we're keeping an eye on this this morning. >> anne, thank you. this morning, a u.s. army veteran is behind bars accused of plotting terror attacks in california. prosecutors arrested domingo on friday for plotting to bomb a white supremacist rally in long beach. investigators say the 26-year-old
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recently converted to islam. and planned retribution for the new zealand mosque attacks, but agents stepped in and [inaudible] the scheme. >> he purchased several hundred three inch long nails specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human body. >> the fbi first launched an investigation after noticing his internet post. last month he wrote, america needs another vegas event to kickoff civil unrest. referring to the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas. if convicted, domingo faces up to 15 years in prison. 6:06. this morning, family and friends continue to remember the woman who sacrificed her life to save her rabbi during this week's synagogue shooting in southern california. [singing] this land is your land >> music and messages of peace last night at a vigil for 60-year-old laurie kaye. authorities estimate that at least 4,000 people gathered at poway high school and they had a single
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message. hate will not win. the 60-year-old was shot to death when a gunman opened fire inside a synagogue in poway on saturday, the last day of passover. trump will meet with pelosi and schumer to discuss a possible plan to fix the nation's aging infrastructure. it comes one day after the president sent a member - owe the memo orders applications to be judged within a six-month period and adds fees for asylum and work permit applications and civil rights advocates says that violates international laws for migrants fleeing for safety reasons. >> they're fleeing persecution and trying to get to safety and to expect them to pay for an application fee, it's not like they have endless resources in order to pay for these services. >> the memo from president trump to
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the u.s. attorney general and the homeland security secretary gives them 90 days to take action. happening today in santa clara county, packard enterprise is opening its headquarters -- the new office is located on america center drive just off 237. and offers 220,000 square feet of space. the company says the new office will bring together workers from all over the bay area in one spot instead of being spread out. time now is 6:08. a new push to the state capitol to make sure first responders don't lose communications during the height of an emergency. days after a crane collapsed killed four people, new indications on what might be responsible for this tragedy. i'm tracking a weather system that could bring a few showers back to the bay area. i'll show you future cast in our latest weather models coming up.
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the nimitz freeway looks good. but to get through this area, you have to get through this accident. i'll tell you how long the backup is, coming up. ng up.
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good tuesday morning to you. i'm tracking the winds, heads up to the east bay and the tri-valley. it's a windy start. san ramon, 20 miles-per-hour winds out of the south, southwest. 17 in vallejo. 20 miles-per-hour winds in fairfield. i'll let you now how long the winds will stick around. we have several accidents in our traffic center. let's get you out the door with your main travel times. 41 minutes making your way through the tracy triangle. you're in the yellow on the east shore freeway and highway 4. it's slowing down and rapidly at that rate. southbound 101 or
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excuse me, the southbound 101, 42 minutes from hellyer to the airport. metering lights are on and traffic backed up to the foot of the maze at this hour. nice gray day with some gray weather to drive into the city this morning. also slow and go, kind of a gray outlook here, if you're crossing the san mateo bridge, brake lights are on and everything in the eastbound direction looks good. investigators in hawaii are trying to figure out what caused a helicopter crash. the chopper came crashing down on a roadway yesterday on the eastern side of oahu. the chopper spun out of control before nose diving into the ground. there was a huge explosion on impact sending debris flying onto homes and cars a mile away. >> i could see the helicopter kind of like explode where pieces were kind of flying off. and i know one piece hit my roof and i said the helicopter is heading towards me. i should run. >> the helicopter was owned by a tour
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company and authorities have not identified the victims. new developments this morning in a deadly crane collapse in seattle. experts say workers who were disassembling the crane had removed the pins that secured sections together. dramatic dash cam video shows the amendment it crash down at goggles new campus on saturday. travis and another iron worker were in the crane when it fell. two other people including college student sarah wong from southern california were killed in cars below. state lawmakers will consider a bill to prevent wire service -- the issue of throttling was raise during the mendocino fire complex fire. his crews had their internet speeds slowed when the tdepartment alerted verizon, the carrier suggested they upgrade to more expensive data plan. the entertainment world is mourning the
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loss of john singleton. >> either they don't know, they don't show or don't care about what's going on in the hood. >> singleton burst onto the scene at age 24 when boys in the hood. he became the first african-american director and the first nominated for an academy award. he was from the south central part of los angeles and his movies reflected the circumstances he saw grew up. he was released from life support after suffering a stroke. he was 51-year-old. 6:15. this may be a first, a dominos restaurant employee got a ticket after police say he attacked his coworker for very revealing a spoiler in the new avenger's movie. we won't tell you what that spoiler was. officers were called to the restaurant on sunday night. the 33-year-old employee was issued a citation for
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assault by contact. it's not clear if he still has his job at dominos this morning following that alleged attack. >> i appreciate it because you guys have done a good job about not giving me spoilers. but -- >> that's taking movies too seriously. >> just another level. >> just eat pizza and you'll feel better. >> i'm afraid the pizza isn't going to help you on your commute this morning because it's slow and go. we're seeing things stack up. let's lookout to mobile 5. live on the roadways. photographer chris making his way toward the maze and he hasn't hit the traffic yet, but he is going to because it's typical for this time of the morning. you can see the brake lights this are in the distance. moving along, getting to the maze. or out of it, southbound 880, 16th, there's a crash that's been moved to the right shoulder and passed that, there is a stall right in the middle lane. it's blocked at 23rd and that backup is now starting to back up all the way well into oakland at this hour of the morning. off to highway 4, where things are starting to slowdown. your drive time at least 39 minute and
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that will update to something longer because it's in the red for parts of highway 4. at 680 at main, there's a lane blocked due to a stall and it will make its way out of the area and hopefully it won't back things up too terribly. an accident at cutting has been moved to the right shoulder, but with the east shore freeway, the damage is done. 29 miles an hour. as you cross the san raphael bridge, it's slow and go. lane closures until 6:00. it's clearing, but it will be slow westbound. a new crash to report passed mayor island on westbound 37. it's slow this time of the morning, but slower down to 4 miles an hour if you're making your way into marin county this morning. you're going to need extra time there. in the meantime, in sonoma county, we have a crash that's just passed petaluma boulevard. it has been moved to the left lane, but once you get
6:18 am
passed that as you head into the narrows, take a look at that. it's red heading south. today, it's all about that stronger onshore marin influence for us. cooler temps and breezy to windy conditions. heads up for the east bay and the tri-valley, you're experiencing windy conditions to start off your tuesday. here's a live look with our san jose camera with mostly cloudy skies. san jose, 56 degrees. good morning to you. concord at 57. oakland, you're at 55. livermore 54. 52 in downtown san francisco. and right now 50 degrees for santa rosa. your weather headlines, breezy to windy this morning. cool and cloudy conditions. that stronger sea breeze for today means cooler daytime highs. and we'll keep the breezy conditions going as we head through the day, is the westerly winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll warmup tomorrow and the rest of the workweek. i want to pinpoint san jose, and five-day trend. for you in san
6:19 am
jose, 70 degrees. below average for this time of year. the normal high 72. for tomorrow, mid 70s. thursday, upper 70s. check out friday. san jose, you'll be at 80 degrees to end out of the workweek and mid 70s saturday. this trend will be the case for the entire bay area. here's the satellite and radar view, high pressure in place. we are looking at onshore flow. so cooler temperatures for today. future cast, taking you through your afternoon, we'll see mostly sunny skies so even though we're starting offer the day cloudy, we are going to see clearing as we go through your afternoon, and then plenty of sunshine for tomorrow as high pressure begins to build in and will strengthen as we go through the workweek. there is a chance to see a few showers with our next weather system for sunday. watching that closely for you. we'll see if the weather models come into better agreement on this as we get closer to the weekend. allergy sufferers, your pollen count, great news. medium for today
6:20 am
and tomorrow. but it increases thursday and friday. medium-high by the end of the workweek, due to the drier and warmer conditions. sunrise at 6:15. sunset at 7:59. daytime highs about 1 to 4 degrees cooler than average. looking at 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 69 in fremont. mountain view vallejo, concord at 69. 70 in fairfield and san jose. here's your 7-day forecast and what you can expect with high pressure building in, there we go with the warmup for the workweek, cooler saturday. rain chances possibly on sunday. >> mary, thank you. 6:20. it looks like we'll have to wait longer for the opening of san francisco's new billion dollar subway. what's behind the potential delay. and let's take another outside. san francisco is 54 degrees right now. you can see all those clouds in the sky right now. it is 6:20.
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new this morning, after 30 years japan's emperor is stepping down from the thrown. emperor yeto is the first japanese monarch to advocate in 200 years. this video showing one of the ceremonies on the imperial grounds. he made a speech, but expected to make a final farewell later today. exceed to the -- exceed to the thrown tomorrow. the opening of san francisco's long awaiting central subway could be delayed once again. service between the south of market neighborhood and china town was originally slated to again -- work could take extra months due to construction delays at one of the stations. the sfmta is still targeting a december opening, but acknowledges it might not meet that goal. meanwhile the mayor of san francisco is calling for a
6:25 am
search to find the replacement for the chief of the sfmta. ed reiskin announced yesterday he's leaving the agency in august after nearly 8 years on the job. he has been under fire from city leaders who feel that muni has been too slow to respond to a series of breakdowns. recent problems at muni include a break down in train service for much of last friday, a woman being dragged onto the tracks, faulty doors and failing couplings between train cars and a whistleblower telling kpix5, he's been pressured to hire people not qualified to work on a light rail system. with the challenges muni is facing, what do you think the priority should be for the new chief? you can weigh in on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages. 6:25. governor newsom is pushing to -- and other vulnerable targets in the wake of recent attacks. plus opening statements are set to begin in a few
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hours in the ghostship trial. both defendants are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. the bay area man accused of gunning down three people in a matter
6:30 am
of hours makes a shocking courtroom announcement. one bay area city is -- it's tuesday, april 30th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 630 trm. we are want to kick it over to mary lee with a look at our conditions. cooler today. >> that's right, kenny and michelle. if you're headed out the door for work and school, cooler today and breezy to windy today. tracking the winds and you can see as east bay as well as for the tri-valley, the windiest spots for you. 12 miles-per-hour winds in pleasant. 15 in livermore. boy, very windy for you looking at concord, 14. 17 in berkeley vallejo, 24 miles-per-hour winds in fairfield. this is because of a stronger onshore flow. partly sunny for the coast. breezy, in the upper 50s so a cool
6:31 am
day along the coast, southwesterly 10 to $20 mile per hour. sunny and breezily. low 60s and inland locations, plenty of sunshine and mild in the low 70s. i'll let you know what you can expect as we take you through the rest of today on future cast and when we'll see a chance for a few showers. you can expect delays especially in the bay bridge is apart of your commute. take a look at mobile 5. we have our photographer chris on the ground. he's stuck in traffic making his way. he's right about to head through the toll plaza where things are slow and go headed into the city this morning. we have another slow spot that's coming through the altamont pass. 14 miles an hour making your way toward the dublin interchange. things are slowing down at the 580, 680 interchange. i was looking on our live cameras and i'm not sure what that is. that's not popping up with chp or our cameras, but i'll
6:32 am
figure that out. your drive times popping out of the green and into the red. you're looking like you'll be 40 minutes out of the altamont pass and half an hour on the east shore and not too bad on the 101. a man charged in the bay area killing spree is held on 1 millions bond after a stunning courthouse admission. jefferson was arrested after injuring a deputy in a shootout in nevada. he made his first court appearance in douglas county, nevada and had this to say. >> first and foremost, i want to apologize to the city and to all the people involved with the fiasco involving me. please, forgive me. my intentions was never to hurt anyone. the police that i shot, it was my brothern. >> he's accused of murdering three men in the span of five hours on friday. his cousin in oakland, another man in san francisco, and a third man in
6:33 am
berkeley calvin kelly was gunned down at this picnic table. he played chest and dominos there and kelly's friend says he has no idea why he was targeted. the deputy was shot in the hand and underwent surgery. i'm anne mackovec from the live news desk. we have pictures where there's an uprising against the socialist leader maduro and the opposition leader juan guaido called for it. members of the military and opposition leaders have been taking to the streets. there's teargas. this video was taken an hour ago and things have escalated since then. and we also just heard from u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo who says the u.s. is backing the opposition here. they are backing this coo against
6:34 am
the government. this has been beautifuling for months and it's coming to a head. we're keeping an eye on it. >>reporter: opening statements will start in a few hours for the ghostship fire. two and a half years after 36 people died in that fire. harris and almena face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and found guilty they could be in prison for three decades. 6 months later, harris and almena were charged. on july of 2018, almena and harris pled no contest and in august of 2018, their plea deals were rejected which led us to the start of trial. almena was the master -- we spoken to people who support harris who are tired of waiting for this trial to begin. >> i'm ready to get this started and over with and ready to see people heal.
6:35 am
>> the 12 jurors, nine women and three men were sworn in yesterday and the trial is expected to last several months and the judge in this case scheduled break in late august and again in october. opening statements will start today, though most likely continue into tomorrow. testimony is expected to start on may 6th. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. today, san jose's police chief will talk about a proposed crackdown on illegal sideshows. if you stop to watch one of these dangerous events, you might get arrested or a ticket. police chief garcia will argue in a memo to the city council. >> the cars speed away, but we end up with the spectators. >> the chief calls sideshows dangerous to participants, spectators and the public. and could lead to other crimes such
6:36 am
as street violence and looting. it's after similar ordinances in l.a. and san diego. a driver rammed a -- he has been charged. 28-year-old garcia facing 7 counts including multiple felonies. the crash happened on thursday at the highland children's center in oakland. fortunately no one was injured. one city in contra costa county is receiving backlash over plans to demolish a library for a new development project. the proposed development in pleasant hill will sit on 15 acres at the intersection of oak park boulevard and -- the new facility is expected to open in 2021, but the county wants to sell the old library. it will leave the city without a library for two years. the real-estate market is soften
6:37 am
and delaying the sale of the land could cost millions. >> as soon as we sale that property to a developer, the higher dollar value we'll get. >> i think the community just assumed we would always have library services and they wouldn't be interrupted. so this is what's surprising at this point. >> county supervisors could approve demolition of the library as soon as their meeting next week. federal disaster aid is on the horizon for california crabers who suffered through the 2015 to 2016 commercial season. toxic algae disrupted the fishing industry back then. more than $25 million to improve the state's commercial crab industry is on its way. as well as direct aid to the crabers and seafood protesters and -- president trump three of his children and his business are suing to prevent two banks from turning over their financial records. two house committees issued subpoenas to
6:38 am
capital one and dulch bank asking the information. they said they need the information -- dulch bank says they'll comply with court orders and capital one has yet to comment. we're learning more about governor newsom's plan to protect worship. a $22 million proposal -- the california legislative jewish caucus made this request. the 15 million nonprofit security grant would go to nonprofit organizations and schools to fund reinforced gates, doors, security guards, and lighting and alarms. >> we are united as a state. condemning hate. >> people took the time to get to know each other and communicate with those people, they might not do what they do. >> the counsel on american islamic nations say the mosque pays for their own security. the security grant
6:39 am
provided $500,000. time now is 6:38. a south bay city councilman is the latest victim of the bay area's housing crime and how he hopes his experience could help others in the future. pickle is the next food crave. the market opened up ten minutes ago and let's look at the big board and the dow is up about 20 points. coming up, we'll get an update from financial reporter jason burks.
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to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. happy tuesday to you. if you're heading out to the giants game where the giants taking on the dodgers. first pitch at 6:45. temps in the mid 50s. grab a jacket if you're headed to the game. i'm tracking a weather system that could bring a few showers later in the week. we'll show you future cast in my full forecast
6:43 am
coming up, michelle. >> mary, thank you. san mateo county is putting their faith in technology to protect critical facilities like jails and courts. they have launch a drone detection system to lookout for drones conducting surveillance or delivering contraband. they map the drone's flight path and the pilot's location. a san jose city councilman is feeling the impact of the housing -- council member raul made it public he needed a 25% raise because he was being forced to move out of his rental home in the downtown area. the owners is retiring and selling the home and offering to sale it to the council member, but he can't afford it. he says he will use this personal experience to sway other council members. >> i've been fighting for this all along. now i'll get to bring this personal perspective to help tell that story to my colleagues to say this is real and this is what our community is going through as
6:44 am
well. >> complicating the situation, palaras must reside within his district in downtown san jose and he has pets. bay area home prices have dipped a bit and shares plunge on reports of disappointing earnings for alphabet. >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, michelle and kenny. we could see how high the home prices are in the bay area. according to kay shellers, prices grew in february and the biggest markets in california remain the reason for that. as the bay area, los angeles and san diego all saw annual growth of less than 2%. the bay area coming in at 1.4%. even with the slowing prices, on a national level, the average home price is now 11% higher than the prior peak in july of 2006 and prices are risen over 50% since the bottom of the housing bust in early 2012. goggle parent
6:45 am
alphabet piles up the money. its revenue rose 17% in the first quarter over $37 billion. that was the weakest revenue growth for goggle since 2015 and a reason for that, it's not dominating online advertising as it used to. a lot of competition and amazon made a big move in that regard and that is goggle's primarily revenue generator. as a result, its stock is plunging over 8%. that's taking out $6 billion in goggles cap. that will have an impact on wall street. let's see how we're doing. the dow is going back and forth. up 2-points, but goggle and the s&p down by 7 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from cbcs radio, thank you. we're hungry because this is breakfast time. let's talk about pickles. >> pickles in the morning, that's not bad. a new hot item
6:46 am
isn't the pickles themselves. it's the juice. in new york, the pickle guys is a restaurant that has a wide variety and the store owner says the juice is a popular hangover treatment and fitness fanatics believe the potassium and sodium inside helps the muscle, but some like it because of the taste. >> pickle juice is refreshing. >> what do you like about it? >> it's -- the tartness. >> i like telling my family and friends since pickle ice cream sounds funny. that sounds gross, and i'm never going to try it, but no, it's the best thing ever. >> she says it's the best. pickle flavored ice cream. i believe her. there's pickle bouquets for that special someone and it's popping up in pickled flavored popcorn and vodka and cotton candy. my brother-in-law makes spicy ones
6:47 am
where my husband sweats every time he eats them. >> bring some for emily too. >> i love pickles. i will eat anything that's pickled flavored and it's sour when it comes to your commute unfortunately. we have trouble spots we want to tell you about. let's start with a trouble spot out of the south bay down to 18 miles an hour as you make your way through morgan hill. once you're passed that, it's okay. two accidents now, northbound 101. this is really going to start to cause a problem. northbound 101 out of the south bay to the peninsula, get ready to leave early. several lanes blocked at peninsula. that's an injury accident so it's not going anywhere. give yourself extra time to get out of the door. this is 238 and i have been checking with chp and they haven't posted a lot of information. there's one lane blocked in the northbound direction. it's slow in the opposite direction and probably rubbernecking going
6:48 am
on once you make your way to the san mateo bridge. not great, but i can say it's not terrible either if you're making your way westbound. live to mobile 5 getting ready to go onto the embarcadero. it looks good once you're in the city and getting here is the trouble. crashes through oakland and one southbound 880 at 16. this has been moved to the right shoulder and delays behind that little blue box. you can't see it, but it's starting to slow things down in that direction as well as a stall over there. westbound highway 4, slow and go. this drive time is popping into the red this morning. 47 minutes to make your way from 160 to the east shore freeway. give yourself the extra time you need there. emily. thanks, mary. watching the winds kick up. so breezy to windy. heads up for the east bay and
6:49 am
tri-valley. tracking windy conditions to kickoff your tuesday here. here's a live look at the sails forest camera. cloudy and cool start and low to mid 50s. your weather headlines and what you can expect. that stronger sea breeze for today and cooler temperatures and also continuing to stay breezy as we head through our afternoon. southwesterly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll warm things up for tomorrow through the rest. workweek. i want to pinpoint oakland and your five-day trend. 66 today. the normal high for this time of year is 67. below average by a degree. wednesday, 70 degrees. thursday, 72. for friday warming up to 74. and saturday, in the upper 60s. so beginning tomorrow, we will be above average for this time of year. that will be the trend for all of the bay area as we go through the next five days. satellite and radar view, that ridge of high pressure in place. onshore flow and that means cooler temps and below average
6:50 am
temperatures across the bay area. future cast as we take you through your afternoon, and you can see plenty of sunshine, so starting off cloudy, we are going to see clearing as we head through our afternoon and high pressure builds in for us. we are tracking a weather system that could bring a few showers for our sunday. this is on future cast. so as the weather models come into better agreement, we'll have a better idea what to expect for the weekend, but right now, there's a chance to see a few showers on wednesday. allergy forecast, your pollen report, great news allergy sufferers, medium today and tomorrow and increasing thursday and friday into the medium to high category. for today, cooler. south bay, 69 in palo alto and fremont, 730 for santa clara, sunnyvale and san jose. 71 for a high for you in campbell. low 70s antioch and brentwood. 67 in dublin. 69 for pleasant
6:51 am
hill. berkeley a high of 63. 63 for alameda. 64 san leandro. low 70s for santa rosa and pat lou that. ukiah, mid 70s. here's the 7-day forecast and what you can expect. wednesday, we'll start to warmup through the rest of the workweek and cooler saturday with shower chances on sunday. michelle. >> marys. researchers are expected to -- daren peck sent us this video. rangers tell us the gray whale was discovered yesterday morning. this is the 6th dead whale discovered in the past two months. the san diego zoo said goodbye to its last pandas. the pandas were on loan from the chinese -- the 26-year-old mother and her 6-year-old son were supposed to leave over the weekend, but the zoo kept them until
6:52 am
yesterday to make sure everyone had a last chance to say goodbye. >> my kids are excited. they got to make it on time and the field trip wasn't cancelled because of the rain, so they're going to get to see the pandas. >> the departures of the pandas means the end of the pandas habitat. time is 6:52. bay area health officials issue a new warning in connection with the measles outbreak. we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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6:56 am
years and they were charged six months after a music event on 2016. the converted warehouse housed illegal artist. almena has been called the master tenant with harris described as his second in command. the jurors contest of nine women and three men. the judge, thomas scheduled breaks and the first one in late august. opening statements will start today, but they will most likely continue tomorrow. we'll hear testimony starting on may 6th. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk and we're watching the beginning of a coo. opposition leader guaido called for it in his social media video. members of the military, about 100 joined him in the streets of camacho racas
6:57 am
and this is a head to head against opposition supporters and those supporting the current socialist president. nicholas maduro who is basically blowing this off. we heard from u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo who says the u.s. is supporting the opposition coo. time for a look at the top stories. >> jefferson telling a judge i'm sorry. jefferson is being held on $1 billion bail. he was arrested friday after wounding a deputy in a shootout in nevada. jefferson is accused of murdering three men in the span of five hours on friday. he could face more than 20 years behind bars for his alleged crimes in nevada alone. the fbi says an army veteran arrested for planning terror -- the 26-year-old suspect was arrested last week. president trump
6:58 am
wants to crackdown on migrants seeking asylum by outlining several measures including a fee for asylum applications and adjudication within 180 days and no work authorizations inform relief is granted. bay area health officials are asking travelers to get their measles shot before heading overseas. there's 704 cases in 22 states and experts say that unvaccinated travelers have likely been bringing the disease from other countries. well, let's get a look at your trouble spots and one is the bay bridge. one accident at the toll plaza and that's backed up to the foot of the maze. there's a stall at treasure island, so you need extra time as you come across the bay bridge this morning. you need extra time if you're making your way out of the altamont pass. a new accident, 580 at grant line and one lane blocked and a 45 minute ride to the dublin interchange. once you get there, it doesn't look terrible, but it's pretty slow slog as you make your way
6:59 am
there. northbound 101, you need to leave early if this is apart of your commute because there's a pair of accidents in the northbound direction that's starting to back things up at 7 miles an hour in the northbound direction because of those two accidents and i have learned there's one lane closed 880 at 238 due to this accident. mary. we're going to help get you out the door as you leave for work and school. windy and breezy in the tri-valley with the stronger sea breeze for today. temps willing cooler below average for this time of year and we'll keep those breezy conditions going throughout the day with southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll warmup beginning tomorrow through the workweek. for today, daytime highs in the low 60s in san francisco. mid 60s in oakland. mountain view, 70. and fairfield. there we go with the warmup through the workweek. friday, the warmest day of the week. cooler saturday with rain chances sunday. >> have a fantastic
7:00 am
day. big sports day. the sharks in action, the playoffs with the warriors and the giants taking on the rivals. >> dodgers. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> it's all tonight. >> we have a lot going on. have a great day, everybody. you. it is april 30th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." a former soldier is accused of planning a mass murder in southern california. the first series of terror attacks. see how an online post tip offend investigators. a minnesota jury is deciding whether a former police officer is guilty of murder for shooting an unarmed yoga teacher. how just one piece of testimony could decide the verdict. measles cases hit a 25-year high. how one state is moving to change the law so more people are vaccinated and what to d


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