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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 30, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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day. big sports day. the sharks in action, the playoffs with the warriors and the giants taking on the rivals. >> dodgers. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> it's all tonight. >> we have a lot going on. have a great day, everybody. you. it is april 30th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." a former soldier is accused of planning a mass murder in southern california. the first series of terror attacks. see how an online post tip offend investigators. a minnesota jury is deciding whether a former police officer is guilty of murder for shooting an unarmed yoga teacher. how just one piece of testimony could decide the verdict. measles cases hit a 25-year high. how one state is moving to change the law so more people are vaccinated and what to do if
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you might be at risk. plus, we're announcing this year's tony award nominations. o bebe neuwir bebe neuwirth will help us reveal the top nominees. today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> law enforcement was able to identify a man bent on mass murder and stop him. >> the fbi thwarts a terror plot in california. >> army veteran apparently wanted to avenge the mass shootings in new zealand. >> the leader of isis is seen publicly for the first time in nearly five years in a new propaganda video. >> the fbi says it was warned about a threat minutes before the california synagogue attack. >> the man accused is due in court. >> three died after a tour helicopter crashed in a hawaii neighborhood. >> it's still not clear what caused the crash. >> joe biden travels to pittsburgh for his first public rally, the 2020 presidential
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candidate. >> if i'm going to beat donald trump in 2020 it's going to happen here. >> in hollywood, sadness over the death of john singleton. >> he was the first black director to be an os consider nominee. >> the president welcomes the baylor bears at the white house. >> all that. >> gayle king goes to a certain restaurant for her son's birthday every year. red lobster for the seafood lover in year ♪ happy birthday to you >> and all that matters. >> "game of thrones" latest episode became the most tweeted episode in television history of. >> the takeaway from this is you all need to start tweeting about this show a little bit more. >> on "cbs this morning." >> one thing that many people are still talking about today is how dark the episode was. i mean too dark to see anything. >> it was like listening to a very violent podcast. there were so many blacked out parts of the show i thought i
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was reading the mueller report at one point. >> what was that? what was that? the first people to die in the battle was hbo's lighting crew. what was that? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." if you're going to watch that episode eat some carrots first so you can see what's going on in the dark. >> wait, wait, wait. i don't get it because carrots are good for your eyes. when i was a little kid my grandmother used to say that but doctors say there is no validity to that. >> hello. i'm glad i'm here. >> yeah. i made it, john dickerson. >> our fact checker in residence, gayle king, has made it from the west coast where she was about ten minutes ago before she -- >> 5:45 we had just landed at
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jfk. of course, it's drizzly and that gate thing isn't there. the plane was an hour taking off but other than that it's been a wonderful morning. >> i know but the doctor did tell me that once. i'm not trying to be a fact checker. my grandmother told me it's true. >> we're glad you made it five minutes before the broadcast. a big show ahead. >> thank goodness you're here. now we turn to the news. a u.s. army veteran is being held without bail accused of plotting an attack in california to avenge the killings of muslims. mark domingo is facing terrorism charges. prosecutors say he planned to set off a bomb in long beach on sunday. >> domingo served a tour in afghanistan and recently converted to islam. he allegedly talked about a series of attacks throughout southern california. jonathan vigliotti is following this alleged plot which officials say developed quickly. jonathan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. federal prosecutors say domingo
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wanted to punish americans for attacks on muslims around the world. investigators believe he worked alone for two months and was in the final stages of this plan. they say they were monitoring him 24/7 leading up to his arrest. >> sometimes we get ask what had keeps you up at night? this is a case that keeps us up at night. >> reporter: the arrest of mark domingo prevented revenge fueled bloodshed. >> law enforcement was able to identify a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder and stop him. >> reporter: prosecutors allege the 26-year-old army veteran planned to detonate a bomb sunday at a white nationalist rally in long beach, california, but he was arrested friday after taking possession of what he thought was an ied from an undercover fbi agent while scoping out a spot in a park to plant the bomb. the explosive was a dummy. >> mr. domingo said that he wanted to kill jews as they walked to synagogue. at other times he said he wanted
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to kill and target police officers. >> reporter: authorities say the infantryman who served a stint in afghanistan recently converted to islam and was quickly radicalized. the investigation began after the fbi saw an apparent online post from domingo saying america needs another vegas event to give a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world. he was referring to the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas that killed 58 people. he also allegedly sought retribution for last month's mosque killing in new zealand. >> i am speechless. >> reporter: james thought his brother's religious conversion helped him cope with personal issues. >> i thought maybe my brother finally find some sort of guidance in this world. >> reporter: domingo had no prior criminal record. norah, if he is convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. >> great work by the fbi there. jonathan, thank you. intelligence officials tell
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cbs news they believe a new recording here is authentic. the video that surfaced yesterday sos abu bakr al baghdadi is alive and well and looking to expand the group's global reach. now, this is the first time we've seen him in about five years. charlie d'agata was in syria last month when isis lost its last territory and has been studying the video. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, norah. this video is all about abu bakr al baghdadi stepping out of the shadows to show that he's still calling the shots and rallying supporters around the globe. the beard is a bit grayer aside from a reddish dye and he seems to have put on a few pounds from his last public appearance. five long years ago in mosul when he announced the creation of the so-called caliphate. we watched that all come to an end last month in eastern syria in that final isis military defeat in baghouz and defeat that destruction around him a lot of those isis families said they still supported baghdadi until the very end and would continue to do so.
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as for his whereabouts soldiers we were with think he slipped into the syrian desert most likely crossing over into iraq but while he has lost all his territory, the whole point of this video is to show that isis remains a potent force aiming to expand its reach across the globe. john. >> all right, charlie d'agata in london, thank you, charlie. the 19-year-old nursing student accused of killing one person and wounding three others at a synagogue is now charged with a hate crime. the chabad poway near san diego held a funeral for the 60-year-old woman who died protecting her rabbi. david begnaud attended. >> reporter: we've come here because the suspected gunman is going to be arraigned later today and face a judge. yesterday we were at the chabad house 30 minutes from here for the memorial service. the family invited the media to be inside for it. we couldn't help but notice as the mourners were pouring in they were walking through doors
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that still had bullet holes in them. ♪ mourners packed the chabad of poway monday to celebrate the life of lori kaye. there were so many people they couldn't get in. her daughter remembered her as a colorful woman and chose to wear her mom's pink dress. >> my best friend, my greatest advocate, my dancing partner. >> reporter: the fbi now confirms they were warned about the attack just minutes before it happened. but didn't have enough time or information to stop it. we spoke to a man who says he alerted the fbi after seeing the shooter's supposed anti-semitic manifesto on the online forum. >> as soon as i saw stories out of california about an active shooter, i knew that it was connected to the warning that i saw because the manifesto said that he was in california. >> reporter: in a statement the family of suspected gunman john
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earnest disavowed his actions saying how our son was attracted to such darkness is a terrifying mystery to us. to our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. rabbi yisroel goldstein was one of three injured. >> this was an attack on humanity and we need to recognize that we need to change something. we need to do something radically different because the status quo is not working. >> reporter: you know the suspected shooter is also accused of setting fire to a mosque. that happened last month. we've been told that the family of the shooter does not plan to hire a defense attorney for him which means a public defender is likelying to to represent him. the memorial was so incredibly powerful, the daughter of the victim said to the crowd at one point, i believe my mother would forgive her killer. >> wow, david, that's very powerful. thank you so much, david.
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president trump meets with top democrats this morning for the first time in months. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer want to discuss a, quote, big and bold infrastructure bill. the talks could show whether any legislative compromise is possible before the 2020 election. paula reid is at the white house. so, paula, does it seem like they might be able to work together on anything, this group? >> reporter: john, it's not looking good. in a letter yesterday to the president democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said they're looking forward to hearing the president's ideas on how to fund infrastructure. but economic adviser larry kudlow said yesterday the white house is not committed to any speck funding method and several top administration officials tell cbs news the white house is not bringing any ideas to the table today. now, the president's previous meetings with pelosi and schumer have devofrled into finger-pointing, bickering and even the president walking out in frustration. the white house says the
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conversation today will likely extend to other highly charged issues including immigration and border security. john. >> that's right, paul l.a. the last time they were together they had one of those finger-pointing sessions on the issue of immigration. the president's now issued new restrictions on asylum seekers so what can you tell us about those restrictions and on this issue of immigration if there's any possible agreement? >> reporter: well, last night the president issued a memorandum having to do specifically with asylum seekers and wants to make it harder for them to get work while their cases are being processed. he's also adding a filing fee for asylum applications. he also wants to impose a 180-day time limit to resolve these claims. this immigration court is currently backed with hundreds of thousands of cases and this push comes as the president seeks to rally his base ahead of 2020. but it's unclear whether any of these initiatives will hold up in court. >> all right, paula, thanks so much, paula reid at the white house. the president, trump
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organization and his three oldest children are now suing deutsche bank and capital one to stop them from releasing his banking records to congress. two house committees have put out subpoenas for those documents. the president's lawyers claim the request from congress has no legitimate or lawful purpose. house democrats say this lawsuit is meritless. the subpoenas are part of an investigation of the president's finances. deutsche bank has already said it will hand over appropriate information to all authorized investigations. former vice president joe biden heads to iowa this morning after launching his campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. biden held his first rally yesterday in the swing state of pennsylvania. reaching out to traditional democratic voters. ed o'keefe covered that rally in pittsburgh. ed, i heard a mention of independents. >> he did, absolutely. the biden campaign has just released a video using president obama's words and voice to tell the story of biden's career. it's not an endorsement but a sign he plans to tout his accomplishments and back out on the trail for himself for the first time in about a dozen
7:14 am
years biden went hard at president trump. >> donald trump is only president -- is the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> reporter: in his first campaign rally biden was clear about the need for democrats to win back pennsylvania. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020 it's going to happen here. >> reporter: in 2016 president trump pulled off a surprising win in the state that voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012. >> i make no apologies. i am a union man. period. >> reporter: working class americans and labor unions could be key to winning back michigan and wisconsin. two states that went republican in 2016. >> the stock market is roaring but you don't feel it. >> reporter: he made an emotional appeal on the economy. >> there's $2 trillion ctax cut
7:15 am
last year. did you feel it? did you get anything from it? of course not. of course. all went to folks at the top. >> reporter: clearly the president is paying attention. on twitter he mocked sleepy joe biden and pointed out that pittsburgh is having one of the best economic years in its history. in fact, in march, pennsylvania's unemployment rate dipped to 3.9%, the lowest level since 1976. one other thing biden did monday he once again apologized for how he handled the 1991 committee hearings with anita hill who accused clarence thomas of sexual harassment. folks in the crowd are trying to move on saying it wasn't biden who harassed anita hill but clarence thomas. >> interesting. >> so as far as launches go how did he do? >> pretty good. you know, decent size crowd. predominantly union members, several who had been in the union for 40 years but said
7:16 am
they're happy to hear it and disputed the president's suggestion the rank and union file members aren't likely to support biden. they said, no, we're more likely to support biden an trump. >> now it begins again. thank you, ed. tributes pouring in for groundbreaking director john singleton. this was a big surprise to a lot of people yesterday. he died at the age of 51 following complications from a stroke. singleton's movies are being remembered for bringing the stories of black americans into the center of hollywood and popular culture. at 24 years old, he became the youngest ever and first black nominee for best director at the oscars for his movie "boyz n the hood." we show you the influential filmmaker's legacy. vlad. good morning. >> reporter: he was a prolific director, screenwriter and producer and grappled race, poverty and paved the way for many of today's black hollywood
7:17 am
icons. >> either they don't know, don't show or don't care about what's going on in the hood. >> reporter: john singleton's signature film was his first. 1991's "boyz n the hood." the low budget gritty coming of age story about gang violence and racism took place in the >> the film school would say write what you know and what do i know? i know south central los angeles. >> reporter: starring cuba gooding jr. and rapper ice cube, the film earned singleton critical acclaim for his powerful and poignant portrayal of the black experience in los angeles. >> what do you want from me? >> i think you're kind of fly. >> reporter: two years later single ton cast pop star janet jackson in her first movie role in "poetic justice" alongside tubach shaq and actress regina king. during his career he was praised for representing black life on
7:18 am
screen. he directed films and tv series ranging from a remake of "shaft" with samuel l. jackson and shows like "empire" and he inspired a generation of black actors and flipmakers now paying tribute. jordan peele called him a brave artist and true inspiration. ava duvernay wrote he was a giant among us, kind, committed. and in a statement, ice cube said singleton's love for the black experience was contagious. >> i've been in this business for over 26 years and i haven't lost my soul and i feel like really cool that i had my highs and my lows and stuff and i'm happy. >> reporter: singleton has criticized major studios for not letting african africans depict black culture. his family said he was a loving father who believed in higher education, black culture, old school music and the power of film. norah. >> wow, vlad. thank you. what a pioneer.
7:19 am
>> that is the word, norah. i just saw him at an event in california and he was very happy. this was so confusing because two days ago one of his daughters said that her grandmother was really misspeaking when she said he's not doing so well and said her dad was recovering all right. so it was a surprise yesterday to hear that he had passed away. very sad news. all right, the measles outbreak is now the worst in decades impacting hundreds across 22 states. ahead, we'll tell you about the potential life-threatening effects good tuesday morning to you. starting off the day cool, cloudy and also breezy. as we head through the afternoon, daytime highs will be cooler compared to yesterday. below average temperatures due to stronger onshore flow. and breezy conditions southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. 62 in san francisco. 66 oakland. 70 in san jose. 69 for concord. a warmup as we go through the rest of the workweek with
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shower chances possibly on sunday. sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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we've got a lot more news ahead. a police shooting case goes to the jury in minneapolis. why the officer says he feared an ambush when he shot and killed an unarmed woman. boeing ceo's face shareholders and defends the new jet involved in two deadly crashes. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by pfizer. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures,
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♪ and it feels good to feel good. ♪ start your day with sunsweet amazin! prune juice. and feel good. good morning. it is 7:26. i'm michelle griego. today opening statements began in a trial steaming from the ghostship warehouse fire. the defendants harris and almena face multiple charges of involuntary manslaughter. bay area health official was asking you to include an important precaution, your measles shots. there's an outbreak of measles across the country. 704 cases in 22 states. and today, researchers will perform a nep run see on a dead whale yesterday. this makes the 6th dead whale to be found in the bay area in just the
7:27 am
past two months. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
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good morning, it's 7:27. we have hot spots to tell you about and just to show you how hot they are. they are all in the red. red hot drive times. everything is now moving much slower. we've had several accidents in your main commute areas so you need to get out the door and give yourself the extra time you need. let's take a look at the bay bridge because this is slow and go toward the poll plaza. it's backed up to the maze. once you make it to the toll plaza, it's a slow slog under gray skies. mary. you can see on emily's traffic camera, it's a cloudy start with breezy to windy conditions thanks to strong onshore flow for us. temperatures today, a little cooler. 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. upper 60 from napa, fremont and mountain view 70.
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that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. > ♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. a new study published in the journal of environmental health absolutelies that toxic pollutants in california's drinking water could cause more than 15,000 cancer cases over a lifetime. the environmental working group says between 2011 and 2015 more than 98% of the state's population was x posed to dangerous con tanments. including arsenic, byproducts of disinfectant chemicals.
7:31 am
a team of security researchers has discovered a massive data breach that exposed the names, ages and addresses of at least 80 million households. t it was located in a microsoft cloud database. microsoft says, quote, we notified the owner of the database and it no longer is -- is no longer publicly accessible. new research for the world health organization absolutelies that breast-feeding offers some protections against childhood obesit obesity. the un ayensy says they have higher insulin levels in their blood that could lead to a buildup of fat.
7:32 am
and jury deliberations continue this morning in the trial of a former minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed yoga teacher. mohamed noor faces several charges in the death of justine damond. she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her home in july of 2017. noor says he was startled by damond on the scene and shot her, fearing an ambush. we're at the courthouse in minneapolis. >> reporter: good morning, the jury of ten men and two women sat through 60 witnesses during two weeks of testimony. they saw graphic body footage. noor's defense said he saw damond as a threat. now, it's up to the jury to decide. former minneapolis police officer mohamed noor said
7:33 am
nothing as he left court monday afternoon. he's charged with three crimes in the death of 40-year-old justine damond. second-degree murder with intent. second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder. he took the stand last week and tried to explain why he shot her. on july 15th, 2017, damond called 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her home. noor said with her squad lights off, they drove down an alley searching iffer a suspect. while the car was stopped, they heard a loud slap on the side of the vehicle and damond appeared outside the vehicle's window. noor said he fired at damond from the passenger seat. when you're a police officer who's involved in a shooting with deadly force, minnesota law is very good to you. >> reporter: cbs news legal analyst klieman said minneapolis law allows them to use deadly force if they perceive a threat.
7:34 am
>> if the jury doesn't believe that the slap occurred he's getting convicted. >> reporter: during closing arguments, he slapped the l lecture that signaled. >> when you place your attention is where your place your energy. >> damond a life coach and yoga teacher was from australia. she died a month before her wedding. her fiance said at the time, he could hardly imagine going on without her. >> our lives are forever changed as a result of knowing her. >> damond's fianceand her family have been in the courtroom. he could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted.
7:35 am
boeing's ceo defended the safety systems of the max jets. in his first comments since the two deadly crashes. they killed 346 people. and led to the worldwide grounding of the max jets. raising safety concerns. chris, everybody wanted to hear what he had to say. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. lot of people were a bit frustrated by what they heard. we can tell you now that cbs news has learned it's not just the faa that has heard from whistleblowers also the house transportation committee said it has heard from, quote, confidential sources about the approval process and it's likely more people will come forward. there are some that feel you
7:36 am
have a real credibility issue. we didn't do this right. >> i think those are very few questions. >> reporter: just hours after the ceo took questions for the first time since boeing's second deadly 737 max crash, the company caught regulators by surprise. warning the cockpit alert was supposed to be a standard feature but was never activated on many max jets. he promised to fix the planes. >> with a certified software update implemented the 737 max will be one of the safest planes to ever plane. >> reporter: investigators believe that it triggered a faulty. but the ceo refused to acknowledge the flaws. >> it did meet our safety and design criteria. >> you couldn't have possibly designed a system that would
7:37 am
activate 21 times pushing the nose of the plane down to an unrecovable dive. >> there are factors that we control in the design and in this case, that common link related to the mcas system and its activation. >> reporter: boeing faces several lawsuits including one on the behalf of ten canadians. >> i stay up all night crying, thinking of the horror they endured. >> reporter: the focus of the software fix that boeing has been working on for months is to fix the issue with mcas it can be in the hands of regulators in the next week or two. some time this summer the max may resume flying passengers. when that happens, boeing's ceo and other executives will be on the first flights. >> you asked some excellent questions yesterday at that press briefing. great reporting, thank you.
7:38 am
the nationwide measles outbreak is now the biggest in 25 years. think about that. are you in danger? ahead, we'll look at the extraordinary measures to stop the highly contagious disease including a push to end relinls you exemptions for vaccinations. you're watching "cbs this morning." podcast you can hear today's top stories in less than 20 minutes. you're watching cbs this morning. burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing.
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♪ the nationwide measles outbreak hit an alarming milestone as the number of cases hit a 25-year high. the cdc said 7 new cases were reported over the next week. bringing this year's total to 704 in 22 states. most are in new york state where health fishes have closed seven schools and they're also issuing fines to adults who refuse to vaccinate themselves. >> measles is one of the most contagious diseases in the
7:43 am
world. the centers of disease control recommends that everyone be protected. at least 66 people have been hospitalized. with more than 700 cases of measles this year, the disease that public health officials once said had been eliminated from the u.s., now shows no sign of slowing down. >> we certainly expect to see additional measles cases before these outbreaks are over. >> reporter: dr. nancy messonnier is with the cdc. a majority of people who contracted measles are unvaccinate zbld unvaccinated americans traveling internationally can be exposed to measles. >> reporter: the cdc says 44 people caught measles this year while traveling in another country. some of whom triggered outbreaks here in the u.s. in new york city, more than 400 cases have been confirmed since october. mostly in orthodox jewish
7:44 am
communities. city officials say unvaccinated members of those communities contracted measles while traveling to israel. >> one must ask the obvious question, how on earth did this happen. >> reporter: local and state officials in new york are now pushing the legislation lay or the to appeal exemptions on measles based on religious belief. a doctor is behind the project. >> people can open an app every day and see what kind of diseases are circulating in their community. probability of infection. to help them take preventive measures. >> reporter: we're still about a decade away to accurately forecast diseases.
7:45 am
the new york alliance for vaccine rights that opposes religious exemptions says doing so violates long standing rights. >> what age should children be vaccinated? >> the first dose between 12 and 15 months and the second dose an infant to 6 to 11 months can get one dose. you can two doses separated by about 28 day and do people need to be reminded how dangerous it is? it can kill you. >> secretary azar said yesterday, this suffering is completely unavoidable. we haven't seen severe consequences of the measles. one out of four hospitalized. one out of 20 with knpneumonia. >> anyone who shouldn't get the vaccine. >> if you're pregnant for example, immune-weakened conditions. so, there are certain -- or you have severe life-threatening
7:46 am
allergic to it. >> a few people can get it. always good to have you here. new research suggests children as young as 14 months can be screened for autism. how good tuesday morning to you. cool, cloudy and breezy to kickoff your tuesday. as we head through the afternoon, cool, below average daytime highs. 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 69 fremont, mountain view, 70 in san jose as well as for fairfield. concord a high of 69. breezy as well through the afternoon. southwesterly winds 10 to 20. a warmup as we go through the workweek with shower chances possibly on sunday. toyota. let's go places. ♪
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welcome back. here's a look at this morning's headlines. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will re-sign effective may 11th. after fbi director james comey was fired. >> variety says the future of
7:51 am
woodstock 50 a concert festival marking the 50th anniversary of what woodstock is after they pulled funding. obtaining the necessary permits and insffrastructure was not sufficient to accommodate the 75,000 concert goers but the organizers insist this event will still happen. they say if their words it's going to be a blast. jay-z and the killers are among the headliners. >> a consumer advocacy group found angie's list offers pre r prefertial treatment to those that advertise on the website. it's top rated pros that consist solely of the advertisers. even those not highly ranked. angie's list says the report contains many inaccuracies and reviews on their website are
7:52 am
always fair and impartial. >> the new york times says for the first time since donald trump became vice president the white house gave a women's championship team a celebration. president trump welcomed the ncaa women's basketball champions from baylor university. yesterday in the oval office they presented him with a team jersey, a cap and autographed basketball. he gave them a fast food buffet. similar to what another team received when they visited mr. trump at the white house. i get what he is doing but i still -- >> last time i checked those kids like fast food buffets. it just looks funny to see them on silver trays. we're looking forward to broadway's biggest night out. ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. max harris and aleman faces three decades in prison after a fire killing 36 people in 2015. the subway could be pushed to next year because of reported construction delays and the sfmta say they're targeting a september opening, but acknowledges they may not meet that goal. more than $25 million in federal disaster aid is headed to california. crabers who suffered through the 2015 to 16 seasons and it
7:57 am
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7:59 am
upper 60s, fremont, livermore. 70 in san jose. starting tomorrow, a warmup as we go through the work week and shower chances possibly on sunday.
8:00 am
♪ good morning. it's tuesday, april 30th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle has been doing a lot of traveling and is on her way to new york's lincoln center. we'll hear from her ahead when they reveal the nominees for the tony awards. first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. u.s. army veteran is being held without bail accused of plotting an attack in california to avenge the killing of muslims. investigators believe he worked alone for two months and was in the final stages of this
8:01 am
plan. >> the whole point of this video is to show that isis remains a potent force, aiming to expand its reach across the globe. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say they're looking forward to hearing the president's ideas on how to fund infrastructure. larry kudlow says the white house is not committed to any method. the biden campaign released a video using president obama's words and voice. back out on the campaign trail for the first time in a dozen years, biden went hard at president trump. john singleton was a prolific director, screenwriter, his films paved the way for many of today's black hood icons. new zealand department of corrections is under fire as it's been revealed they spent more than $1 million on slushy machines, the slushy machines are supposed to keep up morale for the prison guards.
8:02 am
the guards look a lot less intimidating with blue raspberry slushy mouths. i'm noro o'donnell with john dickerson. lots of news to get to as well as gayle with the top tony nominations. an army veteran held without bail after the fbi broke up an alleged terror plot in southern california. 26-year-old mark domingo appeared in court yesterday. officials say he recently converted to islam and discussed attacking jews, police officers and courts. >> on march 3rd he wrote online, quote, america needs another vegas event, referring to the mass shooting in 2017 that left dozens dead. a week later he allegedly said there needs to be retribution from the massacre at two mosques in new zealand. >> we believe he was conducting an attack to weaken the united states and retaliate against americans for what he perceived to be violence incurred by u.s. actions around the world. >> prosecutors say on friday
8:03 am
domingo walked through bluff park in long beach looking for a place to plant a bomb before a scheduled white supremacist rally on sunday. he was arrested allegedly after being given a fake bomb that he thought was real. the white house planned big changes to immigration policies affecting asylum seekers to the southern border. that includes forcing anyone seeking refuge to pay for it. a president memo orders justice and homeland security departments to propose new regulations within 90 days. that include charging a fee for applications, bank work permits for anyone who enters the country illegally until they're granted protection and setting up a 180-day limit for courts to rule on asylum cases. the administration is taking action after a surge of migrants that authorities say they are unable to stop. more than 103,000 people were apprehended or denied entry by customs and border protection in march alone. that's an increase of more than
8:04 am
35% from february's number which was the largest in 12 years. a new poll out this morning shows joe biden widening his early lead in the democratic presidential race. the poll shows the former vice president has 39% support. that's 24 points ahead of senator bernie sanders. biden took aim at president trump in his first rally as a candidate yesterday in pittsburgh. >> donald trump is the only president who has decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> wyden released this campaign video this morning narrated by a speech from former president barack obama and said he will -- obama has said he will not endorse anyone yet in the democratic primary, but this video clearly seems almost like an endorsement. >> exactly. >> without saying so much. using obama's voice to talk about all the great things joe biden has done when he was vice
8:05 am
president. across the globe, one royal era is ending in squap pan this morning and another is beginning. 85-year-old emperor akihito is abdicating the throne to make way for his oldest son. the first time in more than 200 years a living japanese emperor has stepped down. elizabeth palmer is in tokyo for the historic handover of authority. >> reporter: to mark the occasion, the entire country is enjoying golden week, which is, in fact, ten whole days of national holiday. here in tokyo people are gathering outside the imperial palace where this hugely respected emperor is saying his final goodbyes. in a short ceremony akihito thanked the people who supported him. and said he was fortunate to have served. once upon a time, the emperor was considered divine, and even now the job is overwhelmingly ceremonial.
8:06 am
with no political power for 30 years, akihito simply represented the unity of japan to his people and to important foreign guests. but in his own way, akihito has tried to break the mold. his aloof father, emperor hirohito considered himself descendant from the gods but had to denounce after surrendering to u.s. general mccar they are at the end of world war ii. by contrast he works to project his human side. he's a musician. he met his wife michiko playing tennis. she's the first commoner ever to marry into the royal family. and together the royal couple works to connect with common people. for example, visiting survivors of the 2011 tsunami. akihito is stepping down to make way for his son, 59-year-old far
8:07 am
r naruhito who, along with his wife, will take the throne overnight. what does an emperor do in retirement? one of akihito's passions is marine biology. he says he's going to continue studying fish while his wife says she's just going to catch up with her reading. for "cbs this morning," i'm elizabeth palmer in tokyo. >> thank you elizabeth. all right from and an 'em per. >> reporter: to a king, gayle king. gayle has left studio 57 and riding to lincoln center here in new york city. hey, gayle. i see you in the car. looking out the window. what you doing? is it the tony nominations? >> i'm thinking. i just landed at jfk. let me get back in a car, guys, and go to broadway. jimmy, how is the sflask we left 57th street, heading to 65th. jimmy, how is traffic?
8:08 am
>> light. >> jimmy says traffic is light which i think is his way of saying we'll get there in time. bryan cranston, to kill a mocking byrne with jeff daniels. who will get the tony nomination this morning? we've never done this before. so i'm excited to see how this is going to turn out. back to you in the studio. >> we're exciting, too, gayle. planes, trains
8:09 am
8:10 am
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8:14 am
in today's "morning rounds" we're looking at research on when to screen your children for autism. autism is a spectrum disorder that can affect social skills, behavior and communication. a study suggests children could be diagnosed as early as 14
8:15 am
months. current guidelines recommend screenings during regular doctor visits at 18 and 24 months. earlier diagnosis could mean earlier treatment. our dr. david agus join us from los angeles. good to see you. we know one in 59 children have been diagnosed with autism. how el ful can an early diagnosis be? >> it's paramount. what we know is classical here in the yients autism is diagnosed age three and age four. the brain is developing earlier. so if you can diagnose it at age 14 months before the connections have been made, it's called plasticity. those connections through behavioral therapy can be stronger. so the hope is we can influence the brain with behavioral therapy much earlier before those connections really start to kick in so we can have better function later in life in the children with autism spectrum disorder. >> david, how are they able to detect it earlier?
8:16 am
>> so we had thought that, if you start to see late -- delayed behavior in children at an early age, well, we've got to watch until age 2 or 3 to know if it's autism spectrum disorder. in this study by age 14 months by doing standardized testing, they can actually with 84% accuracy diagnose autism. 14% of the kids who were diagnosed as potentially having asd, autism spectrum disorder, only 2% who they thought had asd developed normally through later years. this is a very important study and a lot of optimism for bringing earlier treatment to kids. >> what does the latest data say about what causes autism? >> i wish we really knew. what we know is there's a significant genetic association with it. we also know the older the parent is, the higher the likelihood of a child having autism spectrum disorder.
8:17 am
we think it's involved in brain development in the first and second trimester, but thas about it. what we do no definitively is that vaccines do not cause autism. >> can i ask you about this different study out earlier this year -- this month that found that autism symptoms dropped by 45% after a fecal transplant. tell us about that. >> that's amazing. what they showed is most children with autism or adults with auchl tim have either constipation or diarrhea. they gave antibiotics and seven or eight weeks of a bill that contained somebody else's bacteria, it showed a 48% reduction in autism symptoms. it lasted up to two years, how long they followed the study. this brings tremendous optimism. you get rid of other biologic issues like gi things and the brain can function better. it didn't get rid of the autism
8:18 am
disorder, but at the same time dramatically improved symptoms that allowed the children or adults to function better. >> more to be done on the micro bio, david, thank you so much. a big year for movie adaptations on broadway. theater goers sought tootsie, king congress. ahead gayle will talk to fans about their favorite shows and head to the podium to announce this year's nominees. that's all straight ahead. you are watching "cbs this mornin morning". wnominees. that's all straight ahead. sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. ...oh, but we are not done yet! here comes superfood wet with beef, salmon, and pumpkin. it's like a superfood sundae. on a monday. (avo) new beneful superfood blend dry and wet recipes. dad, it's fine. we have allstate.
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8:21 am
>> we're minutes away from
8:22 am
there's no business like show business and guess where gayle is? she's at the new york public library at the performing arts with fans. she will be announcing the top categories with brandon victor dixon. hey, gayle, how are you? >> norah, this really is show business because bebe and brandon are right over here. they're standing by. we're going to announce the nominations live. but guess what, in the meantime while we're waiting for that, we've got some theater connoisseurs i like to call them, because i said are you fans or connoisseurs? and they said we are connoisseurs. this group, they have been to 91 shows, many of them repeat performances. i will start with you. because when i walked in i said guys, is this as exciting as the oscar nominations and you said -- >> more! >> more so! >> why? >> i think it's so special. we have shared a room with these people. we know what it's like -- we feel like we know them.
8:23 am
we know they're so talented and it's a special experience. >> you're an nyu student? >> yes. >> what are you most excited for today and cheering for? >> cheering on the people i love. >> who is that? >> reef carney, bonnie milligan. all of the amazing actors and performers i aspire to be one day. >> i read you like "the prom." >> yes. >> i have not seen it yet. >> i have seen it many times. >> you like it because? >> for me personally because of the repetition it gives young queer studios as libby and myself, it means so much to see myself on stage in something that i love and i also feel like the blending of this classic comedy musical style is a modern twist. it's so well done. unlike anything i have received before. >> i think you should be clear about what you like. amanda -- >> hi. >> you're here cheering on who and what? >> the women in theaters this season.
8:24 am
there's a whole bunch of really strong females like glenda jackson in "king lear." >> is this an unusual season to have this many women? >> i don't know it's unusual but it's really cool. but also the waverly galleries and lori metcalf as hillary clinton. so good. >> i want to see that too. richie, you're a former broadway dancer. you know this world and know what this is like. >> yes. >> now you're a pilates instructor. >> yes, pilates guru. >> pilates guru. theater connoisseur and pilates guru. you're excited about what? >> stephanie j. block! >> she's awesome. >> she's incredible, nails it. >> do you think "the cher show" will be nominated? >> i hope so. it was a great show, great costumes, choreography. incredible experience. >> i have been lucky enough to
8:25 am
grow up here and going to the theater since i was a kid. this was an amazing season for drama. >> and you are an aspiring broadway actor. you look forward to the day you say the tony good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. the ghostship -- harris and almena, each facing 36 counts of involume dairy manslaughter. today's state lawmakers will consider a bill to prevent wireless companies from slowing service during an emergency. the issue of throttling was raised during the mendocino complex. the new office is located on america center drive off 237. it offers 220,000
8:26 am
square feet of new space. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website. it's
8:27 am
good morning, here at 8:27. we have a traffic alert we want to talk to you right now. it's in the east bay if you're headed toward san francisco. we're talking about the bay bridge. look at the back up at the toll plaza. it's hardly moving at all. that's because of a traffic alert that is just on the bay bridge right there at fremont. there's three lanes blocked, down to 7 miles an hour passing through treasure island. give yourself a lot
8:28 am
of extra time or maybe avoid it, work from home for the first half of the day. down to the peninsula, there's a break down, southbound 101 at 92, a lane blocked and southbound 101 at 4th, that's slowing thing downs in the southbound direction. there's an accident at 19th trying to get on the san mateo bridge and it's slow to the east bay. one on 580 and another on 880. it's slow and go there, mary. cool, cloudy and breezy to kickoff your tuesday as we head through the afternoon. daytime highs will be cooler than advantage by a few degrees. 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 69 in napa, vallejo and mountain view, 70 for a high many san jose and fairfield. we'll keep the breezy conditions going. 10 to 20 miles an hour. keeping us cool and breezy. a warmup through the workweek. looking at cooler conditions saturday with a chance of
8:29 am
showers on sunday. have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ can't wait to be king welcome back the "cbs this morning." now the moment we've been all morning. the 2019 tony award nominations. we are bringing them to you from the new york public library at lincoln center. gayle king is there with two of broadway's biggest stars. come in gayle king. >> we're here coming to you from lincoln center where it's show time a couple of minutes from now. we're joined by two tony
8:31 am
winners. it's okay, audience, you may applaud. i walked in and i said there's people here. i didn't know that there was a going to be an audience. i like this. let's start with you, brandon. you know the morning you wake up, it's the tony nomination, what do you think most people are feeling and do you always buy when people say, i was sleeping i didn't know. >> yes. >> i don't believe that. >> absolutely. >> it's true if. >> yes. >> they're doing sthoes. >> everybody is different, think. some people are probably waiting. i'm usually asleep at my mother's in the living room. >> i always picture if you're up for it you're sitting by the phone and watching the tv to see what's going to happen? that's not how it goes sf. >> no. >> i never bought that. >> you're going to know. you know you're going to know if it happens. so i think there's a level on not wanting to build up the anticipation and just wanting to like treat it like a regular
8:32 am
day. >> are you nervous as you're waiting. >> yes. >> you're hope zblg i stay asleep. it's true. you're going to know, someone will tell you one way or the other you know, if your name got red. but i'm sort of among the team that goes -- >> but you're also a tony winner so you know what a difference a tony nomination can make for a play, such as -- such as -- what's the difference that a tony nomination can mean for a play, bebe? >> certainly, there's the business side of it. you know, it gets more attention that way. i'm not sure. really, when i'm a show i just try to keep my mind on the show and do what we do and be with the audience. >> absolutely. >> try not to pay attention, yeah. >> absolutely. >> on the other hand it's pretty
8:33 am
sparkly and great. >> it's pretty sparkly and great. for those of us who love broadway this is a very exciting time. before we get to this year's nominees we want to take a look back at broadway's best moments from the tony awards through the years. ♪ my name is james corden and these are what i'll be awarding -- no just you wait ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tonys. >> live from radio city music hall in new york city, only on cbs. ♪ this one is for you >> and the tony goes to -- "h r "hairspray." >> "rent." >> "the color purple." >> this is absolutely mindblowing. >> oh, by. thank you so much for this. >> i can't tell you, this is -- this is exquisite. >> i got so many people to thank
8:34 am
that if i was to do so i think i'd turn this evening into a miniseries. >> i just want to say -- revival -- shut that crap, off. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the tony goes to -- hamilton. >> love is love is love is love. you look at that and say, i can't wait to see a broadway play. now it's time to hear the tony
8:35 am
nominees. the best performance for leading actor in a play. bebe lead us off. >> patty considine. bryan cranston, network. jeff daniels to kill a mockingbird. adam driver, burn this. jeremy pope, "choir boy." >> oh, a big applause for that one. and the nominees for the best performance by an actress in a leading role in play are. bebe, again. >> annett benning, "arthur miller's all my sons." laura donnelly, the ferryman. e laine may, the waiverly gallery. janet mateer.
8:36 am
laur laurie metcalf. hei heidi schrec. and nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role in a musical are -- >> brooks, "prom." alex brightman, "beetlejuice." damond daund. santi santino fontana, "toostie." >> that's interesting. the nominees for best performance by an actress in a leading role in musical are -- >> stephanie j. block, the cher show. caitlyn kinnunen, the prom. best leavel, the prom.
8:37 am
kelly ohara, kiss me kate. >> kelly's a veteran. and the nominees for best revival of a play are -- >> arthur miller's all my sons. the boys in the band, written by mark crowley. burn this. torch song written by harvey fierstein. the weaverly gallery. >> the nominees for best revival of a musical are -- bebe. >> kiss me kate. rodger and hammerstein's oklahoma. this is a really big category. the nominees for best play are -- >> "choir boy." "the ferryman."
8:38 am
"gary, a sequel to tie does andronicus." "ink." "what the constitution means to me." >> the nominees for best musical, brandon. >> "ain't too proud -- the life and times of the temptations." "beet "beetlejuice." ""hadestow ""hadestown." "the prom". "tootsie. there's some favorites there, but are you surprised that neither network or to kill a mockingbird were nominated for best play. the actors were nominated. but did it spruz you? >> i wish everything could be nominated. >> we all that, bebe, but that's
8:39 am
not the question. >> it's a wonderful year for plays. there's wonderful work, so it's a tough year. >> all right, thank you for joining us. there you have it, norah and john. the top eight categories for the 2019 tony awards. the nominations will continue here, but we'll go back to you in the studio. what do you guys think of the list. >> all right, gayle, well -- >> i was asking john norah. >> well, they were applauding our answers in advance. >> i was surprised that the network and to kill a mockingbird were not nominated. >> and some actors and actresses i thought might be on the list as well. but it also gave me a list of things i'm anxious to go see. that's great, too. >> thank you. >> all right, thanks, gayle. one more word from you if. >> no, i was just going agree with you, john. i now want to see the prom and
8:40 am
"hadestown" and the ferryman. i'm with you on that. >> what we heard in the interviews leading up to this and those broadway lovers that you talk to the energy that exists when an actor is on stage and an audience is in conversation with them even when they're sitting quietly is like nothing you have ever experienced before. so get your ticket the 2019 tony awards will be hosted by james corden and they'll air sunday, june 9th. >> all right the perfect time to follow your dreams is when you're middle aged according to our next guest. a leading expert on aging. who to make the most of what she calls your second adolescence. i'm
8:41 am
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the music starts to get too loud. one of your old girlfriends from high school becomes a grandmother. you'll call it a procedure but it's a surgery. 60 you'll have a major surgery, the music is still loud but it doesn't matter because you can't hear it anyway. >> that's billy crystal in the
8:45 am
movie city slickers which is hitting close to the bone at the moment. now one expert on aging wants to turn middle age stereotypes on their head. she is raising awareness for what some calls middle essence. a transitional period between the ages of 45 and 65 marked by an increased desire to find or create greater meaning in one's life. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. so why is this a pivotal time in our life? >> it's a pivotal time right now. in the past 100 years we had this seismic shift where we added three decades to our life expectancy but our default thinking is back in the old ages where we think okay those 30 years we added aren't in the middle, they're at the end, that's not how we're living them. we have this pivot in the middle where we're supposed to be feeling changes. our bodies are m oorphing.
8:46 am
our hormones are shifting, for men and women too. we have a sense that we're not young but we're certainly not old. so who are we and who do we want to be when we grow up? >> my recollection from adolescence is it was not one long glide of success for me. so why embrace a new kind of adolescence. >> this is a second adolescence but with wisdom this time. it's not a crisis. instead we should think about the 21st century demographic gift, is this new life stage and it's just time that we name it, middle essence. >> i was so fascinated to read in some of the research how men and women experience it in different indistinct ways. women at age 45 just starting to gain a lot of their power, correct? >> that's absolutely right. just a day or so ago you had
8:47 am
jodi cantor here i think speaking about how regardless of some financial status women tend to stay home more with the kids even if they're working part time. they do that because we wouldn't do it any other way and yet we do have regrets that we haven't made the impact we want to have. we haven't been in the work place. financially we need to contribute more. as women are lunchiaunching the kids we're gaining in power and perspective and wanting to be out there at the same time that men are feeling maybe i want to take my foot off the gas pedal and that creates problems. >> one study says over a third of americans wish they had been more gutsy. so how do people get more gutsy in this period? >> so as a coach for midd middle essence i say know your risk tolerance and do a risk assessment.
8:48 am
we all have regrets and some of them we want to redo and it's the time to do it. it's not a surprise or crisis. it's the time to reevaluate the choices we made but it's not the time to dump everything and actually very few people do that. just a lot of attention, a lot of light gets shined on that. so terry for example was a client of mine in financial services for years and he was in the dulldrums and wasn't happy anymore and after talked about unearthed dreams he went back and now opened a dealership. his childhood dream had been to do something in aviation. so he made a complete pivot. >> so you write about igniting the passion of your middle years. give people some practical tips. how do you do that? >> i say there's five quick steps, quick tips. the first is don't live your life anymore according to a chronological number. it has nothing to do with the stage you're at. so at 56 i launched my kids,
8:49 am
they're all in their 20s, they're working young adults where as other 50 somethings. >> you'll quickly tick through the rest? >> yes. i can. be the author of your own life story. don't let someone else write it for you or the culture. be ware and be friend the gremlins. the self-limiting messages you have, fight through them. say no relentlessly and there's five elements to help people feel they have their mojo and thrive and it's a link on the cbs website. >> wow, you did it better than me. >> heres to all of us enjoying our mojo, thank you. we appreciate it and we'll be right back.
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today's podcast features
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john cameron mitchell. he discusses his new semi-autobiographical podcast.
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good morning, it is 8:55. i'm kenny choi. opening states begin from the deadly ghostship warehouse fire in oakland. hair and almena face multiple charges on involume dairy -- invol tar involuntary manslaughter. measles shots and there's an outbreak across the country. 704 cases in 22 states. and this morning, people living in the santa cruz homeless camp will be on the move. a federal judge ruled to allow the city to dismantle
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the encampment. news updates including our website at
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good morning, here at 8:57. we have a traffic alert to get to this morning that's super important. if the bay bridge is apart of your commute, you need a lot of extra time or you're going to need to stay home for the first half of the day. we're going to get to issue we're talking about. that is an accident. this is going to the bay bridge where it is slow and go as you can see coming into the maze. then we head over to the bay bridge
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itself where there's two, possibly three lanes blocked coming into this city this morning. you can see just how bad it is, backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not good. it's into the maze. and then beyond. so you're going to need extra time if that's apart of why you commute. back to the east shore freeway where it's slow and go down off highway 4. where 80 and highway 4 meet, there's a collision that is starting to back things up in that area as well. down to the peninsula, there are a pair of accidents right there around the san mateo bridge. you're going to need extra time in that direction too, mary. thanks, emily. we are starting the day off with cool, cloudy and breezy conditions, and here's a live look at our san jose camera and patches of blue out there. cool below average daytime highs and low 60s in san francisco. mid 60s for oakland. upper 60s for mountain view, fremont, vallejo, concord and livermore. 70 degrees as we head through the afternoon in san jose. breezy southwesterly winds, 10 to 20
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miles per hour for tomorrow. we begin to warmup through the workweek. friday will be the warmest day of the week. have a great day.
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