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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ahead of the attorney general's testimony this morning on the mueller report. and why some bay area tech workers are planning on walking off the job this morning. >> good morning. it is wednesday, may 1st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. good morning. we are waking up with you, drinking our coffee and we are also going to see a warmup later today. loving that, mary. >> that's right, thank goodness for coffee and thank goodness for beautiful weather. a gorgeous day ahead with plenty of sunshine. it's a chilly start but as we head through the afternoon, our temps is going to rise. here's a live look with our salesforce tower camera. isn't that just a lovely view with the golden colors in the sky, lovely sunrise this morning. temperatures are running in the 40s and if the 50s. so much cooler compared to yesterday at this time. definitely feel that difference once you step outside. 51 in concord, 53 in oakland, livermore 46, 50 in san francisco, santa rosa you're in the up low 40s. daytime highs will be warmer
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than normal. san francisco and oakland typically we see highs in the mid-60s. for san jose and concord, low 70s. those are the average high temperatures for this time of year. forecasting mid-60s in san francisco, so right around where we should be for this time of year. upper 60s in oakland and mid- 70s for san jose and concord as we head through the afternoon today. so about one to 3 degrees above average. i'll let you know how warm it's going to get as we head through the rest of the workweek and when we could see a few showers in our forecast coming up. your drive times are starting to heat up this morning here at 6:01. get to some of those issues. we are seeing extra traffic on the nimitz this morning taking a live look out there past oracle. so far it doesn't show any delays or major issues but just heavy flow as your commute starts to ramp up in this area. head off to the 580, 680 interchange, a significantly amount of heavy traffic this morning. no issues reported here but just regular slow and go traffic. but so far we aren't seeing any
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major delays or anything out of ordinary. main travel times, everything looks pretty good with the exception of coming out of the altamont pass, your drive time in the red, up to 42 minutes making your way through the altamont pass to the 580, 680 interchange. highway 4 as well as the east shore freeway are starting to slow down as we head into that 6:00 hour. it's going to about 22 minutes on east shore freeway, 38 on highway 4, reporting a stall that's slowing things out. out of the south bay everything there at least at this point still looks good to go. happening today, may day protests around the bay area. right now one is underway in alameda county. let's get right to kpix5's jackie ward joining us live from oakland. jackie. >> reporter: this is all part of international workers day and already hundreds of construction workers are out here this morning ahead of schedule. we are at webster and 17th. the bottom line is they want developers to pay the wages they believe they deserve. protest organizers tell me with
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so much construction happening in oakland, these workers are being paid substandard wages, which is forcing them out of their homes here in oakland and across alameda county. they want developers to hire people who already live here. and they are sending a message to the city of oakland. oakland mayor libby schaaf and oakland mayor, sent this letter early this morning demanding that the city reach some kind of agreement. they also want to mandate safety standards. they will be taking this message here at webster and 17th down to city hall at 8:00 this morning. live in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. organizers of a recent google walkout are planning a sit-in today at the company's world headquarters in mountain view. last year many google employees walked out to protest how the tech giant handled allegations of sexual misconduct. organizers say that today's sit-in is a response to reports that google retaliated against two of those walkouts' main organizers. the demonstration set to begin at 11:00 this morning.
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in one hour attorney general william barr will deliver long awaited testimony on the mueller report. a live look at washington this morning where members of the senate judiciary committee spent the night scrambling to rewrite their questions. that's after news broke that special counsel thought barr did not properly convey the results of his investigation. in march robert mueller wrote to the attorney general saying he was frustrated with the lack of context in barr's summary of the 448 page report. the letter barr sent to congress gave the impression that the investigation found no wrongdoing in the redacted report released two weeks ago, mueller laid out at least 10 instances where he felt the president may have obstructed justice. barr has released the text of today's opening statement. in it he says he wrote the letter to congress because it was necessary to make a judgment on the obstruction aspects of the probe. critics of barr's decision say mueller did not make that determination one way or another because it should have
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been been left up to congress. and cbs will bring you the attorney general's testimony live in a special report that starts at 7:00 right after kpix5 news this morning. in just a few hours attorneys for the master tenant at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland will deliver their opening statements to the jury. the alameda county courtroom was packed as the trial got underway yesterday. prosecutors showed pictures of the 36 victims and read some of their final text messages to their loved ones. the master tenant derick almena is accused of illegally converting that warehouse into living space before the fire. max harris was the creative director. he helped plan the party. each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. yesterday harris' attorney argued that his client tried to save people when the fire broke out in december of 2016. he also claims that fire investigators didn't preserve the evidence. >> and then to fail to adequately rule out or rule in
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arson, it was a major misstep and it's the reason why they didn't solve this particular crime. >> almena's attorney is set to give his opening remarks this morning. testimony won't begin until monday because the judge has jury duty. stick with kpix5 for the latest developments throughout this trial. you can find more background on this case, the defendants and the victims all on i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we are keeping an eye on severe weather across the country right now. this is video in from naperville, illinois, significant flooding in the downtown area of that city. several feet, several cars and also businesses there, basically under water right now and that is, as we see, flooding up and down the mississippi just to the west. we have flood warnings in st. louis, missouri right now. the mississippi cresting near an all time record and this is on top of at least two dozen tornadoes reported across the
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southern plains yesterday. more significant flooding expected. back to you. you could soon go to jail from watching a street race or side show in san jose. the city council unanimously passed an ordinance last night making it illegal to be a spectator. the misdemeanor carries up to six months in jail. >> the last four years we have lost six young people to illegal street races. that is six too many. >> the new law is set to go into effect in a couple of months. we are learning more about the man charged in a mass shooting at a north carolina college campus. north carolina college campus. and no sign of an end to the violence in venezuela. we will have the latest on the battle for control of the country. well, get ready for a warmup and as we head through the end of the week, there is a chance to see a few showers. tracking a cutoff low pressure system. i'll let you know when we could see a few showers. we will show you futurecast coming up. and we are starting to see
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delays at the richmond san rafael bridge. the emergency construction was finished at 6:00 but it looks like they are still clearing things up which means it is not clear as you cross that span. clear as you cross that span. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. good wednesday morning to you. here is a lovely view with our mount vaca cam of the golden colors in the sky. many locations waking up to mainly clear skies. chilly conditions. although we are tracking patchy fog in the north bay. i will let you know what you can expect as we take you through the afternoon. a warmup on tap for us as we head through the next few days and then the chance of a few showers. details coming up. as your commute is starting to ramp up, some of the crazy crash activity is starting to calm down. that looks good and so does your mass transit check list. everything running on time and in the green so if you are taking mass transit, you are good to go. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge, everything moving right along. everything coming into the city
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looks just amazing. take a live look -- how about this? let's move along to our main travel times where things are in the red, coming through the altamont pass. >> thank you. two fraternities at a private pennsylvania college are expected to disband after documents revealed racist behavior and an alleged rape attack. students at swather moore university have been staging a sit-in for several days demanding the school take action, this after documents from 2013 to 2016 were leaked to campus including crude descriptions of sexual encounters, hazing, racist and homophobic behavior in the phi si and delta upstairsupsulon
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frat houses. two people are dead and four others wounded after a gunman opened fire in a classroom setting yesterday. a suspect is in custody and the associated press identifying him as tristan andrew terrell, reportedly a former student there. campus police officers quickly entered that building where shots were fired late yesterday afternoon. >> the campus was on lockdown and there was an active shooter and 30 seconds later they said shots were fired and 10 seconds later said people were shot and then another couple minutes they said that people were actually killed. >> and here's a mugshot of terrell. police indicate that there's no reason to believe that anyone else was involved. and there's also no word on a possible motive. today venezuela's opposition leader is urging supporters to keep up the pressure to oust president nicolas maduro. security forces and antigovernment protesters faced
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off on the streets yesterday after opposition leader juan guaido who has u.s. backing called for an uprising of the last night president maduro claimed victory over what he called an attempted coup. officials with the california high-speed rail are expected to meet with state lawmakers today. the outcome could reveal a nearly $2 billion increase in the project. according to the "l.a. times," this would bring the total to $12.4 billion. the price hike would be the -- for building the 119-mile section in central valley allowing the train to run from bakersfield to merced. today's report projects that the rail authority would complete it between 2026 and 2030. also happening today, safe streets advocates will rally in san francisco to get cars off of market street. protesters plan to stall the downtown quarter during rush- hour to help jump start the city's plan to make the
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dangerous road safer for pedestrians. oracle arena, the official yate the officiating -- there was even more discussion after it was announced that scott foster would be working game two. he had a public run-in with rockets star james harden and chris paul in february. fans at last night's game say despite the uproar heading into the game, that discussion quickly faded after the opening tip. >> beat the rockets again because arrests weren't involved, it's all about the game and the warriors got the game. >> it was called excellent by the refs. they did a really good job tonight on both sides. >> warriors 115-109 victory gives them a 2-0 lead in the series. game three in houston on saturday. >> houston has got a problem,
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we have got none, the warriors. issues on the roads? >> a few but not so many problems. so at least that's good news for us. take a look at where our trouble spots are because there are just a few out there but i do want to get you right to those. go to the altamont pass where things are slow and go to 7 miles an hour making your way out of the tracy triangle. in the westbound direction an accident where 588 and 205 meet. it's been moved to the right shoulder but it is slowing things down significantly on both of those roadways. your drive time is about 39 minutes making your way to the dublin interchange. off to highway 24 and 680. this is just reported as some kind of debris in the roadway but i'm going to check in with chp and make sure that's the case because it is slowing things down all the way on 680 up to highway 4 down to 28 miles an hour trying to make your way south to highway 24. so give yourself extra time and be prepared for whatever it is that may be in that roadway until i can figure it out for
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you. stall northbound 880 at east brokaw, one lane is blocked. we are starting to see a little bit of slowing thanks to one stall on northbound 101 and then regular morning traffic northbound 101 as you're headed out of the south bay. headed into the south bay, slow and go conditions moving through morgan hill, down to 17 miles an hour making your way north but once you get through there into the south bay itself, it looks good. this traffic that we are seeing on the richmond san rafael bridge is not because of the emergency construction because that's supposed to be finished as of 6:00 this morning. we are seeing really slow conditions as you are making your way through the toll plaza, even getting to the toll plaza itself. we are also seeing a traditional normal slowdown making your way westbound on the east shore freeway this morning, thanks to pretty normal conditions, there's not any report of an accident or issue there. off to the golden gate bridge coming in from the north bay, everything looks good. you guys are moving right along. you have a beautiful view as you are making your way into san francisco. and that beautiful view is only going to get more beautiful,
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right, mary? >> for sure. it's going to be a gorgeous day across the bay area. you know, i walked into the studio and said to emily and michelle, we are wearing sunrise colors and a viewer just tweeted and said the same thing. the sun just about to rise or rising over mount diablo, a spectacular sight and we are going to see plenty of sunshine as we head through the day. temperatures on the chilly side. definitely feel that difference once you step outside. temps in the 40s and in the 50s. 51 in concord, 53 in oakland, 46 in livermore, san francisco at 50, 49 in san jose and 43 right now for santa rosa. your weather headlines mainly clear skies, chilly conditions, although patchy fog for the north bay this morning. we are going to start to warm things up beginning today with plenty of sunshine and mild daytime highs and this is just the start. so more sun and above average temperatures thursday and especially for your friday. the satellite and radar review, here's the reason why. the strong ridge of high
6:19 am
pressure is moving even closer to us, so we had that strong onshore flow yesterday and the day before. not so much for today as that ridge of high pressure will build in for us and strengthen over the next few days. so futurecast just to show you all of that sunshine. enjoy it for today, thursday, and especially for friday. as we look ahead to the weekend, we are tracking this cutoff low pressure system that could provide a few showers on sunday so be watching that closely for you. allergy sufferers, your pollen report, medium for today, medium high, though, beginning thursday, friday and for saturday. your sunrise at 6:14 and our sunset 8:00 p.m. so we are tacking on a few degrees on our daylight hours there. so 8:00 p.m. starting tonight for that sunset. daytime highs for today, mid- 60s in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, about 70 for fremont, 70 for san jose, 76 in concordia, 75 for livermore and
6:20 am
low 70s for san jose as well as for napa. one to 3 degrees above average for this time of year. if you're heading out to the giants game, cheering on our giants taking on the l.a. dodgers, first pitch at 6:45, sunny and cool, around 57 for that first pitch. here's that seven-day forecast, warming up thursday and especially by friday, the warmett warmest day out of the week. one bay area airport is trying out a new system to deal with the ever growing number of ride hailing drivers. and we want to take another live look outside. this is from the roof of our kpix5 studios, taking a look at the bay bridge there. it's 6:20 right now. we will be right back. right now. we will be right back.
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a live look at sfo this morning where new rules on ride sharing vehicles will take effect next month. it's part of a plan to cut down on curbside congestion. for pickups, domestic passengers will have to go to a special location on the top floor of the domestic parking garage. that way uber and lift drivers won't have -- lyft drivers won't have to mix with other traffic to the airport. sfo says this will remove 13,000 cars a day off that main road. >> they are moving the arrivals, pickup right upstairs there. what do you think? >> that's annoying. >> reporter: how was that three minute walk up the stairs? >> fine even at my age. >> for dropoffs riders will still be able to get out at the curb. crews in southern california working around the clock, sifting through materials after flames broke out at a recycling plant. happened yesterday in san bernardino county. you can see those massive flames and huge plumes of dark
6:25 am
smoke billowing toward the sky. crews now tasked with the tedious work of separating what materials burned and what didn't piece by piece. no word yet on what started the fire and no reports of any injuries. the vampire facial made popular by celebrities like kim kardashian is sparking concern after two women went in for the procedure and have now tested positive for hiv. the procedure involves sticking needles into your skin, then coating your face with your own blood. it's supposed to make you look younger but two women in new mexico tested positive for hiv after getting vampire facials at a spa in albuquerque. >> they could have gotten the blood mixed up of two different patients, one who had hiv and one who didn't. the device itself may not have been properly sterilized or they may not have changed the tip. >> vip spa in new mexico was closed last september after state inspectors found problems with how needles were cared for and disposed of. experts are encouraging patients to use a licensed
6:26 am
physician or dermatologist and ask questions when getting work done. it is 6:25. pg&e responding to complaints about unannounced wildfire prevention work. what has residents so fired up. plus hundreds of construction workers are out here bright and early in oakland this morning, demanding better wages and they want developers to hire local people. developers to hire local people. and a live look outside from one of our traffic cameras. this at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is 6:26. we will be right back. 6:26. we will be right back. so with xfinity mobile
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a live look from the east bay this morning where may day demonstrations are already well underway. their message straight ahead. plus wikileaks founder julian assange sentenced on bail violations. good morning. it is wednesday, may 1st. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we want to check back in with mary lee with a look at our forecast. >> good morning. it's going to be a spectacular day across the bay area. plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up. so this is just the start. but check out this gorgeous view of our sunrise on our roof camera. i was just in the break room getting my second cup of coffee, saw that sunrise and said, whoa, because we are looking at a lovely start to the day. show you our temperatures out there in the 40s and 50s. so it is a chilly start to the day. definitely feel that as you
6:31 am
step outside. temps running a few degrees cooler compared to yesterday morning. for the coast plenty of sunshine, cool in the upper 50s. for the bay mostly sunny, in the mid to upper 60s. we are going to be warming up inland in the mid-70s with plenty of sunshine and this is just the start of a big warmup as we head through the next few days. tracking a cutoff low pressure system that could bring a few showers. i'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. as the sun starts to climb, so do those drive times start to creep up. unfortunately, we are out of the green in most of them and into the red. take a look at where we are seeing the delays. coming out of the altamont pass you are down to 45 miles an hour. on the east shore freeway 28 miles -- excuse me, minutes. and then highway 4 also up to 41 minutes thanks to a stall in place. the only place looking good is the south bay, making your way north on 101. coming through the bay bridge, this is a delay as well, although look at that beautiful sunshine. you at least have that to enjoy as you're sitting in traffic, backed up to the foot of the
6:32 am
maze trying to make it through the bay bridge toll plaza. still slow making your way across the span into san francisco. san mateo bridge is slow and go this morning as well. luckily not too many brake lights, just a little bit of heavier traffic this morning making your way westbound. the eastbound direction, though, looks pretty darn good. jackie. we are live in oakland, it is may day, which is also international workers day which is why there are hundreds of construction workers out here protesting right now. i have andreas kluger with me. explain why it is important these guys are out here already? >> a lot of guys have come off jobs and taking time to come here and make sure we don't have the out-of-town developers coming into oakland, not making any commitments to use union laborers and hire local workers and bring them into the trades so they can have sustainable careers. that's why we are out here. we want to ensure there's benefits coming to these
6:33 am
projects to both oakland people and local residents. we have been trying now for a couple of years to get a project labor agreement with the city of oakland. we have got project labor agreements with the city of berkeley, city of san leandro, city of hayward, city of alameda and that's basically an agreement that on city projects that we have got guaranteed to use union labor on those projects. but also to make sure that we have a pathway for oakland residents, especially disadvantaged residents to get into the trades through these plas and have careers in construction, sustainable middle class careers. >> reporter: what's the hold up as the city -- do the city council need to be convinced that this is right for the city? >> the city council passed a resolution last summer to start working on a pla and we really haven't had a lot of traction so our goal is to ask the city, get back on it, get the pla in place. we want a strong public lands policy. the city council also passed a
6:34 am
resolution at the end of last year to ensure that development on public land is going to have a priority for affordable housing so our working class residents of the city of oakland can actually afford housing in oakland but also to ensure that that housing is being built by union labor. >> reporter: andreas thank you so much for your time. a lot of moving pieces to this protest today. they will be taking this protest from here at 17th and webster down to oakland city hall in just about an hour and a half and we will bring you those details coming up next. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. this afternoon a may day protest against workplace discrimination and dangerous working conditions is planned in san francisco. march set to begin at 4:00 p.m. at the embarcadero plaza leading to a 5:00 p.m. rally at city hall. new this morning, wikileaks founder julian assange is heading to a u.k. prison for violating his bail. this video taken just a few hours ago showing assange pulling up at the courthouse for the hearing. a british judge sentenced him to 50 weeks in prison.
6:35 am
three weeks after authorities removed him from the ecuadorean embassy in london. assange faces an extradition hearing tomorrow on a u.s. criminal conspiracy charge. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we have new video coming in from paris where protesters have just been tear gassed. this is a may day celebration or demonstration, if you will, originally put on by some labor unions fighting for workers' rights. then they were joined by those yellow vest protesters that have been hosting protests for months and causing some violence. so far here today almost 200 people have been arrested. police have been seizing gas masks and hammers, molotov cocktails. in san jose the search continues for two homicide suspects wanted in connection with a shooting at east virginia street and south third street on december 5th. police say they both got in a fight with the victim, mark jones, and one of them killed
6:36 am
him. if you recognize the men, san jose police want to hear from you. 6:35 this morning. we are learning more about the army veteran charged with plotting terror attacks in southern california. a source telling the "l.a. times" that mark domingo was kicked out of service after some kind of violent incident in afghanistan back in 2013. the exact circumstances are not clear. domingo recently converted to islam and investigators say that he planned to bomb a white nationalist rally in long beach to avenge victims of the new zealand mosque attacks. pg&e is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on its lobbying efforts. the utility spent $277,000 between january and march to advance their interest with state lawmakers and agencies. altogether california's three largest utilities have spent at least $1.3 million on lobbying efforts this year. pg&e declared bankruptcy in late january. pg&e is at work to protect wine country from wildfires but
6:37 am
neighbors say the noise is distracting. an angry letter from the town of oroville criticizes the utility for failing to inform people that 14 generators would be trucked in humming loudly and expelling diesel fumes for 24 hours a day for the entire month of may. >> i didn't buy this property 20 years ago to be run off by 14 generators, but it's quite concerning, to be honest. >> we apologize for the inconvenience. we know how difficult it is to be near the generators. >> pg&e turned off the generators at some point yesterday because of all the complaints. they will be back on this morning at 9:30. a federal lawsuit accusing the president of illegally profiting from his private businesses is moving forward. the lawsuit brought by democratic members of congress claim that the president is violating a constitutional ban on gifts or payments from foreign governments. a federal judge ruled yesterday that the lawsuit can proceed, which could clear the way for
6:38 am
new subpoenas to the trump organization. the food and drug administration has given approval to a new electronic tobacco device. it's a tobacco heating system from philip morris. the fda made it clear it has not deemed the product safe and the decision to permit sales does not require fda approval. this differs from standard e- cigarettes and vaping devices. the noncombustible device heats tobacco filled sticks wrapped in paper to generate an aerosol that contains nicotine. 6:38. a major milestone in the recovery effort from california's deadliest ever wildfire. we will show you the progress being made. and how a new device is helping patients breathe easier without going under the knife. and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. get a quick look at the big board. the dow up about 64 points. coming up we will get an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. kcbs financial reporter jason brooks.
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good wednesday morning to
6:42 am
you. after a very wet winter and early spring, we appreciate these views even more, don't we? here's a live look from the treasure island camera of a spectacular sunrise this morning. we will see plenty of sunshine with a warmup in store for us. details coming up. emily. here's another angle of the bay bridge that's not quite as beautiful or fancy to look at because it is all backed up. we are taking a look at the toll plaza where the traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze thanks to an accident that has things stopped in the slow lane. crossing the bay bridge any kind of a lane closure at this hour is going to cause a massive backup. let's now go to mobile 5 live. i'm going to pop him up really quickly where you can see he is stuck in traffic, not moving very quickly. that's not good for the view headed across that bay. caltrans is trying to reassure drivers after chunks of concrete fell off the side of interstate 80 shutting down the street below. this happened yest hday on harriet street between harrison and ahern in san francisco. caltrans says that inspections did not uncover any structural issues. for the first time since
6:43 am
the camp fire in butte county, the beginning stages of rebuilding a home in chico are finally underway this morning. it is the first of some 14,000 properties in butte county that are beginning the construction process. crews spent the day yesterday pouring concrete and the wooden footings to reestablish the foundation of the home. the home needed a total of 40 permits just to begin rebuilding. >> rebuilding can feel daunting and almost insurmountable but this type of rebuilding gives the community inspiration. >> the family is expected to be in their new home around thanksgiving but if things move quickly, they could be moving in as soon as four months. a lot of people in the great plains are cleaning up this morning from a series of powerful storms. more than a dozen tornadoes were spotted in the southern plains. the damage in rural areas in oklahoma shows roofs ripped off, homes torn apart and downed powerlines. the severe weather also triggered flash flood warnings. despite the devastation, there
6:44 am
are no reports of any serious injuries. 6:43 right now. strong hiring in april and apple stock is surging on the heels of its earnings report. >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning. apple's earnings in the recent quarter topped expectations, even though its profit was down 16% and its revenue down 5% from the year earlier to $58 billion. iphone sales continue to slide for the company, but apple did say it's seen improvement in china where sales really fell in the holiday quarter. apple also pushing its services where it's seeing strong growth in its app store, apple music and apple pay. what's got wall street really enthusiastic this morning with the company is that apple is increasing its stock buyback program by $75 billion and increasing its quarterly dividend from 4 cents to 77 cents. stock up 5 1/2% and very close to once again topping $1 trillion in market value.
6:45 am
hiring was a bit stronger in april, adp says the private sector added 225,000 jobs, 125,000 more than the prior month services like education, healthcare, professional business services saw the majority of that hiring. labor delivers its april jobs report on friday. economists expected a gain of around 200,000. apple is lifting the overall market higher. go to the big boards see how we are doing. thanks to apple stock, you got the dow moving higher by 55 points, nasdaq up 29 points and the s&p up four points. nice day for a and d on its earnings beat, its stock up about 4%. back to you. >> jason brooks from k cbs radio, thank you. google and volvo are teaming up to give tesla a run for its money. >> the new polestar two makes its debut in san francisco. polestar is volvo's electric performance brand and the polestar two is meant to compete against the tesla model 3 which is the best selling
6:46 am
electric car in the u.s. so it has two electric motors, a range of 275 miles, 400- horsepower which kenny says is great and can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds, right? it is also the first car powered by google's android operating system. >> polestar 2 is for people looking to move into the electric vehicle, but at the same time they want that sense of performance and sense of excitement of the car at the same time having all the benefits that come with electric. >> the car is available for preorder online and will go into production early 2020 in china. price tag between 40 and $65,000. >> 400-horsepower, zero to 60 in less than five. it is awesome but it doesn't even matter when you've got traffic backups here in the bay area, right? >> true. need to go 10. >> car right in front of you. >> if you're headed to the bay bridge, it is slow, creeping along at a few miles an hour. several slow spots. head to the altamont pass this
6:47 am
morning where you're only going 4 miles an hour. doesn't matter what kind of car you are in. that is no good. thanks to an accident westbound 580 at 205, been moved to the right shoulder and that is popping your drive time up into three quarters of an hour, about 44 minutes to make it to the dublin interchange this morning. now also slow and go westbound 4 wn to 13 miles an hour past bay point. now down to 12. you are looking at live updating speed in the negative direction, unfortunately. and that's thanks to an obstruction on the roadway there at exit 19, san marcos boulevard. it's slow and go thanks to an obstruction in place this morning. it's been cleared on 680 southbound. although it is slow all the way from highway 4 down to 24 and then there's more stuff in the roadway there as you're making your way westbound off of 680. now over to the peninsula where we have an accident that is causing some pretty significant delays. your drive times in the red as you are headed southbound on 101. just off of the san mateo bridge if you're headed off that way. and then down to the south bay, you're going to need to give
6:48 am
yourself extra time this morning. now off to 280 at danza, there is one lane blocked here, luckily that doesn't seem to be causing any delays at this hour. although just wait as things start to ramp up. we could start to see those delays pick up as well. still some slow-and-go traffic moving through the morgan hill area. you are at 18 miles an hour but once you make it through that little slowdown, you're good to go getting into san jose this morning. richmond san rafael bridge where that emergency construction wrapped up at 6:00 but the delays are still there. 12 miles an hour making your way past the toll plaza. it is no good. quickly hop to the bay bridge, though, because this is where we are seeing some major delays. we have mobile 5 stuck in that traffic. i will tell you how far that's backed up later. >> thank you. it's all about layering for today. so if you're heading out the door for work and school, grab that jacket, you will need it first thing because it is a chilly start and then you will be able to take it off as we warm up later on in the afternoon. so a live look with our salesforce tower camera with beautiful blue skies and if you
6:49 am
look closely, you can actually see the shallow marine layer so low clouds and fog to our north, kind of blanketing the golden gate this morning. temperatures are running in the 40s and in the 50s in concord, 51, oakland, good morning to you, at 52. 46 in livermore, san francisco 50 degrees, san jose upper 40s and 43 for santa rosa. 24 hour temperature change just to show you how much cooler it is this morning, anywhere from about four to 12 degrees cooler to kick off your wednesday. weather headlines, mainly clear, chilly conditions, areas of fog for the north bay this morning, we are going to warm up beginning today through the workweek, so sunny, mild and definitely not as breezy as yesterday. more sun and above average temps thursday and especially for friday. and here we go for san jose, your five day trending to pinpoint your weather for today, looking at 74 degrees in san jose, the normal high for this year in san jose 72.
6:50 am
then for thursday 78. friday, 79, close to 80 degrees to end out the workweek in san jose. 74 on saturday and then back down to below average temps for your sunday due to a few shower chances on sunday. and this five day trend is what will be the case for all of us across the bay area. here's thereason why. high pressure builds in. this high will move even closer to us and that's why with that strong ridge we are looking at temperatures that will be warming up and we are looking at at least that wind flow, not as strong with that marine influence for us. so that's why as we go through the day we will see plenty of sunshine, temps beginning to warm up to above average for this time of year. and even more so for your thursday and for your friday. now, looking ahead to the weekend, we are tracking this cutoff low pressure system that could bring some showers possibly on sunday. so watching that closely for you. your pollen report, allergy sufferers good news, still in the medium category for today but medium high thursday,
6:51 am
friday as well as for saturday. so daytime highs one to 3 degrees above average for this time of year. take you out to the south bay, looking at 74 in santa clara as well as for san jose, 73 for morgan hill, 75 for campbell. look at pleasanton day times highs around 73, 77 in antioch, 66 in berkeley, 70 in petaluma and 78 for ukiah. seven-day forecast, we are going to warm up friday, the warmest day out of the week, cooler saturday, shower chances possibly sunday. kenny. this morning we are getting a look at new medical device designed to help people breathe better without invasive surgery. it's called the vivaer treatment and here's how it works. it delivers radio frequency energy to thenasal valve area to treat obstructions without surgeries and insessions. the procedure is done in the office and takes less than 30 minutes. patients might experience soreness at first but most return to normal activities right away. >> when you heat up the tissues over the nose, it causes some
6:52 am
tissues to shrink, to contract, and some of them become actually softer then you can mold them. you apply the heat and push in order to try to mold the tissues to a different shape, a more open shape and better breathing. >> new treatment is not covered by insurance yet and can cost patients several hundred to $1000 out of pocket. time now is 6:52. one santa clara county city is making a big push to prevent side shows. the newly adopted plan. plus hundreds of construction workers are already out here in oakland as part of international workers day, also known as may day. we will tell you why they are here next. good morning to you. ahead on cbs this morning, robert mueller clashes with attorney general william barr over his handling of the russian report. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff joins us as barr faces congress today. plus we will take you to virginia beach with pharrell
6:53 am
williams. he's got big plans starting with his festival. we will see you at 7:00 on the dot. another live look outside, from our mount vaca cam where it is 42 degrees. you can see some clouds in the sky but it is going to be a nice day. 6:52. we will be right back. nice day. 6:52. we will be right back. everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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(vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those.
6:56 am
so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ i'm jackie ward live here in oakland at 17th and webster where hundreds of construction workers are already out here protesting as part of international workers day on may day. they want developers to pay the wages they believe they deserve. protest organizers tell me with so much construction happening in oakland, these workers are being paid substandard wages which is forcing them out of their homes. they want developers to hire people who already live here in oakland and across alameda county. they also want the city of oakland to agree on a project labor agreement that would ensure local union workers are hired for local jobs and they are taking this message from here down to frank ogawa plaza. they are expected to be at city
6:57 am
hall for a rally at 8:30 this morning. live in oakland, jackie ward, kpix5. >> thank you. it is 6:56. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> in just a few hours attorneys for the master tenant at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland will deliver their opening statements to the jury. the master tenant derick almena is accused of illegally converting the warehouse into living space before the fire. his codefendant, max harris, was the ghost ship's creative director. almena's attorney is set to give his opening remarks this morning. the san jose city council passed an ordinance that will make it a crime to knowingly attend illegal street racing and side shows. the misdemeanor will carry up to six months in jail. two people are dead and four others are injured after a shooting at the university of north carolina charlotte. witnesses say a gunman opened fire inside a building yesterday. a 22-year-old suspect is in custody and police believe he acted alone. today a hillsborough couple expected to plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. bruce and davina isackson are accused of paying more than
6:58 am
$600,000 in bribes to get their daughters into ucla and usc. in just a few minutes attorney general william barr will testify about the mueller report. just last night news broke that mueller confronted barr frustrated by the a.g.'s summary of the findings. and cbs will bring you the attorney general's report that starts at 7:00. talk about some trouble spots in the south bay, moving on northbound 101, the first northbound 101 at capital parkway, one lane is blocked, moving further north, a stall slowing you down and then those of you trying to get on 880, there's another stall that's backing things up and it is backed up all the way until this. there is another accident with that one red circle at willow road. another one in the southbound direction 101 at holly. there are some lanes blocked in that southbound direction down to 9 miles an hour. also slow and go, taking a look at mobile 5 live trying to get through the toll plaza thanks
6:59 am
to an accident earlier this morning that's been cleared but slowing things down. a stunning sunrise in our treasure island camera, just beautiful this morning. temps in the 40s and in the 50s so definitely a chilly start to the day. grab that jacket as you head outside. looking at temps one to 3 degrees above average for this time of year with plenty of sunshine and this is just the start of a warmup for us, even warmer thursday and especially by friday the warmest day out of the week, cooler saturday, cutoff low pressure system could bring a few showers for sunday so that is a possibility and still looking at cool temps on monday, little bit warmer for tuesday of next week but enjoy the sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. >> looks fantastic. >> oh, yeah. >> get out there and go for a walk. >> yes. >> and much more, right? do everything out there. it's going to be nice. it's the end of the show for us. but just the beginning of the day for you, thank you for waking up with us this morning. >> and spending some time with us and we want to take a live look, this is at capitol hill where attorney general william barr is going to testify about
7:00 am
the mueller report. of course cbs news special report, that's straight ahead. everyone, have a great day. that's straight ahead. everyone, have a great day. ♪ this is a cbs news special report. i'm john dickerson with "face the nation" moderator margaret brennan in new york. we welcome those of you watching on cbsn. you are about to be looking at the committee room where president trump's attorney general -- there it is -- william barr is about to answer questions from congress for the first time since he released robert mueller's report on russian election interference. senate judiciary committee members are certain to ask about a letter from the special counsel claiming that barr's initial fo


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