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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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an endangered waterloo bay seal pup killed and wildlife are searching for the dog's owner. >> the attack happened in an area where dogs are not supposed to be running free. the attack happened last monday at north beach not far from the lighthouse. the dog off leach attacked a seal pup and the visitors saw that attack and call the marine mammal center. but it was too late. >> it was confirmed that the dog actually killed the seal. this is a guadalupe first deal is a threatened species and kind of rare around here. >> the marine mammal center says the pup was born on waterloo bay island of the coast of baja. these seals are rarely seen this far north. >> this was a young pup that was up here looking for food. the necropsy report showed that it was a hungry animal so it
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was probably rather weak in itself. sadly the dog got to it. >> there are signs all over the park asking owners to keep their pets on leash to protect all the wildlife. but there are also areas where dogs are prohibited >> the dog was in an area where no dogs are allowed right now to the snowy plover where the want to have a safe place to break. >> we spotted two dogs, one on leash, on the other off.'s is in direct violation of park rules. >> we do have lots of areas in the park where you can walk their dogs on leash. >> the dog's owner if they are found faces not only a potential misdemeanor from the point race national sheet for but could also be charged with violating the marine mammal protection act. a bay area real estate tycoon and his wife pleaded guilty today in their role in the college admissions scheme bruce and divina isaac admitted to paying $600,000 to help with
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her daughters into ucla and usc. mister isaacson faces up to 45 years in prison. his wife could spend 20 years behind bars. a former us attorney believes they will only serve a fraction of that time since they admitted guilt early in the investigation. workers taking to the streets on mayday. hundreds rallied in concord to fight for union jobs better wages and immigrant rights. san francisco police are investigating after a car struck up pedestrian near ucsf mount zion medical center. the victim is in critical condition. it is unclear whether the crash happened in the crosswalk and which party had the right-of- way. police say the driver stopped and is cooperating with investigators. we are now learning the identity of a motorcyclist who died in yesterday's bay bridge crash. the medical examiner's office says 36-year-old josi vargas
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died in the hospital. chp says it happened after an officer tried to flag him down for a traffic violation not ov he crashed into a box truck on the san francisco side of the bridge. the city of santa clara and the 49ers are at each other's throats again. kpix wilson walker on the stadium fight that is taking another ugly turn. 4 it's the city entanglement with the stadium this time over alleged labor law violations. >> he thought paying prevailing wages meant complying with -- it's not going to home depot parking lot of picking people up >> that is brian doyle and what he describes as wage theft by stadium management. s of default on ever it is go emen owe findout thbeen potenti violation of state law.
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>> this of course the latest competition between the team and the city have had a strained relationship at every turn. last night santa clara's mayor pointed to a list of frustrations and directed the city attorney to report any suspected violations to state investigators. >> this leads to the bigger discussion as to what practices they have been following since 2014 when the stadium opened. >> i have just received a response from the 49ers an hour rated to you. it is challenging to understand the finger-pointing when the documents used to. services at the stadium work created and approved by her staff while the mayor's political strategy is transparent it remains disappointing and tired. this is not her first threat, i imagine that her last. with no end to the cities grandstanding insight we will ensure that any outstanding issues are cured. in santa clara, wilson walker, kpix 5 news. the bishop of san jose,
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bishop patrick mcgrath announced he is retiring, stepping down after 20 years as the head of that diocese. he served in that role and was criticized a little bit last august for his plans to move into a $2.3 million home in san jose's willow glen neighborhood after retirement. the church bought that house for him essentially. he later reconsidered after an outcry in the diocese. the church eventually sold at home, donated the profits to catholic housing charity operated in santa clara county. he is stepping down, no replacement has been named yet. police department says a new tactic to crackdown on vehicle burglaries is paying off. done for displays how police are getting the crooks to come right to them. >> reporter: having your car broken into and your stuff
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ripped off in the bay area seems to be just a fact of life. walnut creek police however say they have a different attitude. some folks just don't seem to learn, you hear it all the time, don't leave valuables visible in your car. then there is this. >> we are taking a proactive approach and what we are doing is putting a tracker inside of a item that would be appealing such as a purse or briefcase. items that we see commonly stolen. >> debate items are left inside locked cars that already belong to the police when the tracking device is moved to the nearest patrol car moves in. >> so my alarm goes off, it goes off? >> yes. >> bene basket catch the bad guy. >> yes. it's working out really well. so far we have arrested seven different people. >> the bait car with bait items is placed randomly around will not break. >> can you show me the bait car ? >> i cannot show you. we don't want to advertise that. it's something i can share with you.
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>> here is one arrest, notice the officer in the right lane. he is washing the car in the far left lane that has a person it. the suspect throws the purse out but too late. walnut creek also has a bait bike equipped with a gps tracker. >> we have arrested six different people. >> walnut creek wants the public to know that they are actively working to protect your stuff. they add, please don't leave your leave valuables in the car. in walnut creek, don ford kpix 5. an old paint factory in emeryville could soon be a shiny new megaproject with hundreds of new homes. for nearly a century this was where sherwin-williams made paint. now a plan is in the works to bring 500 units of housing to that nine acre complex. includes a rkto 6 years to cle that site after the paint factory closed in 2006. the project could break ground as soon as this summer. >> combating homelessness has been a philanthropic cause that
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is close to this man's heart. now the san francisco billionaire is donating a big chunk of that change to a program in the city. he is donating $30 million to ucsf. the five-year grant will help research the root causes of homelessness and the practices that are most effective for getting people off the streets and into housing. you might remember last november the sales force ceo helped pass a measure which taxes wealthy companies to pay for homeless services. differences goes homeless population is estimated at about 4000 people. legal troubles are mounting for another bay area tech titan. according to bloomberg news facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and other top executives of the company have been slapped with a lawsuit alleging insider- trading. the nearly 200 page shareholder filed today claims that top dress of the company mishandled users personal data and then lied about it. facebook spokesperson said that the lawsuit is without merit.
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a selloff on wall street today after the federal reserve voted to hold interest rates steady citing weak inflation. the decision comes despite president trump's demands for a rate cut to further boost the economy. the dow closed down 162 point, nasdaq fell 45 s&p 500 went down 22 points. truck driving can be a hard life. hundreds of drivers from walmart are getting a home base in sacramento. this is walmart's news segment or transportation of is and that is where drivers will call home starting and finishing their week at the same place so they can see their loved ones. the industry is short tens of thousands of drivers and companies are doing what they can to make those long hours a little easier to bear. >> like myself they have families at home. they want to see their loved ones as well as i do. >> in 2018 the average pay for truck drivers was about $44,000 a year. walmart says it plans
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to offer new drivers an average salary of almost $90,000. the top pitching prospect for the giants suspended after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. >> outrage over landmark reeling that says olympic runner testosterone gives her an unfair advantage. going out with a bang, the cast of the cbs hit comedy cement their legacy. clear sunnyvale holds one of the largest safety departments in the say country. we will take a closer look at how this unique approach has been playing a major role in arresting the man suspected of plowing into a crowd of pedestrians. ♪ 1,2,3,4
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one of the top pitching prospects for the san francisco giants is facing some major trouble. minor-league pitcher logan webb is suspended for the next 80 games after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. logan webb released a statement in part saying, i know in my part that something someday will be put in the world to prove my innocence. that being said i do not disagree with mlb's policies and respect the drug testing system that has been put in place. san francisco giants had this to say, the giants organization fully support the mlb program and its effort to eliminate performance enhancing substances from our game.
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a court has ruled that olympic gold medalist will have to take medication to reduce her testosterone level. she has a natural medical condition that gives her elevated levels of testosterone. when she lost her appeal i was designed to keep such athletes from having an unfair advantage. the rules have wide applications for what it means to be female in competitive sports. the new rules go into effect may 8 but there are still concerns about how they are going to be implement it. alex rebecca sharing details about his recent cancer treatment. the game show personality says the effects of chemotherapy are making him very depressed. back in march he was diagnosed with stage iv pancreatic cancer but he joked around today on the set of good morning america stay he is a bit of a was and that his fans are keeping him optimistic. he plans to continue hosting jeopardy in the fall. those who take sleep meds to help with their insomnia will soon notice a prominent
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warning slapped on the box. the fda is now requiring medications like sonata and ambien to advertise their potential risk for dangerous behavior. the move comes after the agency found 66 cases of patients taking the drugs and then engaging in activities that resulted in serious injury or death. that includes sleep walking or driving while drawings and drowsy. >> it may be that some people are genetically prone anyway for these kinds of disorders and the medication can become an additional trigger. >> ambien manufacturers sanofi says the drug labels already have warnings on complex behaviors. they declined to comment. big honor for the cast of the big bang theory today. weign llywood history. heir jim parsons simon hallberg kaylee and the rest of the game got together to stick their hands into what concrete at the tcl chinese theater. it's been a very emotional week
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for that group. yesterday the cast and crew wrapped up filling the shows one hour series finale, the sitcom per tray the lives of four awkward brainiacs scientists in caltech will be ending after 12 seasons. math science history unraveling the mysteries, the series finale airs right here on kpix 5. we have look at the forecast. it's been one of those weeks where we cannot complain. >> it is perfect, not hot, not cold, a lot of parts of the country like denver had a half a it half a foot of snow early this week. had thunderstorms and spots severe weather and spots, this is home folks. this is what we get this time of year. a lot of 70s out there and we will continue to see pleasant weather for the next several days. one fly in the ointment, if you suffer from allergies the rain showers that will move through one sunday may be exactly what you're looking for. livermore and san jose 75, santa rosa 70 for our warmer spots as is often the case is
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cooler near the water 60s for oakland and sanford cisco. it will be a chilly night in a jacket weather for the kids heading to school tomorrow. fremont your low 48 and that will be down 46. that pollen report will get a little more elevated as we head toward the weekend back into the eight on a 1 to 12 scale. the overall team of pdm to high pollen counts without much relief, that is likely to continue through the entire month of may. los altos got to give a shout out to the third grade classes, there were three of them i spoke with today at beautiful covington elementary school in los altos. smart kid, attentive kids. good evening to you guys an appearance. 72 degrees tomorrow for you, sunny and mild ebony 4 degrees coming up on friday what a great neighborhood in and around los altos and los altos hills. it will be dry and mild for the next few days as we have a ridge of high presser building closer. that will be sliding two hours south. we will be milder the next couple days with minimal onshore flow. behind it is a storm system nevertheless this one is going
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to be about 300 miles further to the north into central california and that one likely will give us the chance of a few showers late sunday into monday morning. tomorrow morning a lot of sunshine less cloud cover but there will be some hugging the coastline. tomorrow evening good barbecue good baseball weather softball weather, a mishmash of high cloud cover on friday but plan on mostly sunny skies. weather headlines, patchy logos tonight to show you that. it will trend a little warmer 2 to 3 degrees warmer tomorrow the onshore flow gets a little weaker. temperatures will be at the warmest coming up on friday. 5 degrees above average in concord 3 degrees above average in oakland and a lot of 70s. sunnyvale 75 and san mateo 71. even half moon bay warming up to 62 degrees. livermore 78, antioch 80, pleasant hill and pacheco in the upper 70s. 70 in oakland and alameda. richmond 67 degrees aloma 76. ukiah you will hit the 80s tomorrow, 81 degrees in ukiah. extended forecast. saturday storm approaches not
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on any given date you will see dozens of her dogs being trained in real-life situations. >> long before they get to the crosswalks of oncoming traffic thousands of volunteers help socialize and raise them as puppies. tonight's jefferson award winner is not only been one of those volunteers for 13 years, she wears her love of the dogs for all to see. katie taggart leads play town at guide dogs for the blind copy kennel. >> i started as a dog walker just exercising dogs that are here. then somebody said one day do you like puppies and i said well yeah >> as an official puppy socializer katie spends ellis hours playing and cuddling. >> is not the ear. >> and yes gently correcting thousands of puppies destined to be guide dogs. >> 10,000 are some crazy numbers, i don't know a lot of dogs. and the wilkin kennel, there were six to seven dogs a litter
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and maybe 10 litters in there and i would be handling every single dog before he left at the end of my shift. >> since starting at the volunteer as 2006, katie has done just about every job here. >> she waters plants. >> christine manager is impressed. >> just her attitude. she is always positive. she truly believes in the mission. >> teresa both works for and benefits from guide dogs for the blind. >> having a guide dog absolutely changed my life. in an amazing and profane why. >> she says volunteers like :proofing lies. >> i did okay but i was never that comfortable going out on my own to places i have never been before i just feel like i can do anything i want to do with the guy dog by my side. he met katie feel so committed to her work with the dogs she recently committed to showing it. >> tell me about the tattoo. >> well, you have to have a
5:54 pm
puppy paw if you are going to be a guy dog volunteer. >> what did you get that? >> a year ago when i was 79. >> about the same time she got a few other tattoos. >> i am hoping i can be just like katie when i am 80. >> she is just someone that with a smile on everybody's face and you just never know what amazing things she has done. >> what you think? you think you like to do this? >> silver helping thousands of dogs go on to improve thousands of lives of people visually impaired this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to katie taggart. pretty hard to give the puppy back. in addition to this train staff guide dogs for the blind which has its headquarters in san rafael there are about a team of 4000 volunteers. it's the largest organization of its kind in the united states. you could nominate your local hero for the jefferson award online. still ahead, a man killed while riding his tesla in santa clara county, now his family is
5:55 pm
taking legal action against the company. what the family is demanding and how tesla is responding. this northbay mom caught drinking while picking up her kids from school. the tip police got that led them right to her.
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this inference is fire department is getting a new fire station with huge safety improvements. >> fire cruises celebrated the new turk street station today. fire station number five delta the 1950s was deemed seismically unsafe and was demolished to make way for a completely new station. the mayor was on hand for the ribbon-cutting today stressing the importance of ensuring first responders are working in safe environments themselves. >> in terms of any kind of emergency, every second counts. it's important that we continue to invest in our public safety facilities all over san francisco. >> the upgrades included a
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generator to stay open 72 hours after a major quake and they also ripped out the old rolling doors at risk of jamming when a quake strikes. >> the mayor proposed more than $600 million earthquake safety bond to rebuild other fire stations with similar upgrades. that will do it for the news at 5:00. the news at six begins right now. a bay area father killed while driving his tesla. now his family is going to court. the issue the family says never got fixed. school pickup that ended with a bay area mom under arrest and cuffed in the back of a patrol car. why other parents called police. mayday is not just about workers rights but also about tenants rights. kpix 5 news 6:00 starts right now with a foster city family suing tesla. >> was a tragic class that took
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the life of a father and husband. >> kpix 5 on the technical problem the family says tesla never fixed. >> reporter: there is no question about it, tesla is becoming more and more popular especially here in the bay area charging stations like this one near downtown san jose her full practically all day long. now this lawsuit has tesla drivers debating the reliability of one of their cars most favorite features. walter huang's model x was splintered when it hit the barrier at the 85 interchange last year in mountain view. he and 38-year-old engineer husband and father was killed. his wife said he loved the car. >> i gave it to him as a gift. >> now lawsuit filed by his


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