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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> was a tragic class that took the life of a father and husband. >> kpix 5 on the technical problem the family says tesla never fixed. >> reporter: there is no question about it, tesla is becoming more and more popular especially here in the bay area charging stations like this one near downtown san jose her full practically all day long. now this lawsuit has tesla drivers debating the reliability of one of their cars most favorite features. walter huang's model x was splintered when it hit the barrier at the 85 interchange last year in mountain view. he and 38-year-old engineer husband and father was killed. his wife said he loved the car. >> i gave it to him as a gift. >> now lawsuit filed by his family said his dream car which
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was on autopilot at the time of the crash was to blame for his death. >> it took him out of his lane of safety, pointed them at a fixed concrete barrier and then accelerated almost 10 miles an hour in three seconds. >> attorney sue he brought the car back to tesla several times to report the problem. it alleges the autopilot system was defective and tesla misrepresented his capabilities. in a statement soon after the crash tesla seems to blame mister walter huang . they said the driver had received several visual and audible hands-on warning earlier the driver and the driver stands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the collision. and also no action had been taken by the driver who had a five second view of the concrete divider. >> to put the onus on mister walter huang, to suggest that he could figure out the what tesla's job really is is really unfair. >> yes, hands-free -- >> autopilot is a favorite feature on most tesla cars. takes over the steering and braking lane changes and speed.
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last year tesla on autopilot kept driving all by itself when the driver fell asleep. chp cars oxidant and slowed it to a stop. how much to trust the system is debatable among tesla owners. >> for them to advertise that future should mean that they have tested it and they could give us guarantees that we could use this feature >> you're not going to rely on technology all the time. you shouldn't. technology does fail. operator does need to be in control. >> now besides tesla caltrain is also named in the suit because according to lawyers it failed to maintain the median barrier attenuator which is meant to absorb the impact of a crash if somebody is crashing into that median barrier. apparently there had been an accident on that barrier 11 days prior and it had not been fixed since that previous accident. reporting live in san jose, m it is, kpix 5.
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we are following to bay area shootings right now the latest one happen in san francisco's mission district. police say man was shot on 22nd and bartlett. the upper let. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests. in oakland police are looking for gunmen in a deadly shooting. chapter 5 flew over the scene on 17th avenue. police found one man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. it happened just before 3:30 pm this evening. the victim has not been identified. a hillsboro husband and wife are the first to plead guilty in the college admission scheme. cameras swarmed real estate developer bruce isaacson and his wife divina as they left federal court in boston today. they base fraud conspiracy money-laundering and other charges for helping their daughters secure admission at ucla and usc. according to prosecutors the isaacson's paid college consultant richard singer $600,000 to falsify their
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daughters entrance exam scores and athletic recruitment. >> under the guidelines it looks like they're looking at about 27 to 33 months and if they are able to give the federal government real cooperation he could cut that by as much as half. >> the isaacson's are scheduled to be sentenced on july 31. meanwhile the la times is reporting that a chinese family paid singer and eye-popping $6.5 million to get a student in two stanford. unclear who exactly was singer's contact at stanford but the former's danford feeling coach john van deboer has pleaded guilty to racketeering. according to the report the student was admitted to stanford in the spring of 2017. no comment from the university but the stanford daily reports the student has since been expelled.
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stanford released a statement saying it did not receive the $6.5 million from singer and that university quote was not aware of this payment from the family to singer until today's news report. we have posted the documents related to the hillsboro parents case including the plea agreement and you will find it in the story at workers hit the street for mayday across the bay area today just a short time ago. chapter 5 flew over a rally at franca gallo plaza in oakland. earlier today construction workers hit the picket lines in oakland to get developers to hire local. in san jose the rally cry was immigrant rights in tenant protections. workers say they fear being displaced by the real estate boom. the bay area crunch puts the squeeze on workers. andrea for about is at a mayday ready in concord force. >> reporter: marchers left here at meadow home park in concord
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just about 20 minutes ago. they were headed to todo santos park. they say that housing course and insecurity are taking center stage today on this international day of the worker. advocates say tenants rights issues are workers rights issues. >> families who have been here a really long time have roots here in concord are just getting pushed out due to unjust evictions skyrocketing rents and so we are here today demanding that the city of concord who has the power to actually protect tenants from this kind of displacement to do something about it >> the concord city council is in fact listening. they are working on a proposal right now to offer some form of tenant protections and perhaps even run stability. that proposal is in committee at the moment but is expected to make it to the full council sometime in june. coming up new tonight on the news at 7:00, we will hear from some of those city council members on what they think this
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bill should include. >> thank you. we heard from side today in the criminal trial over a deadly oakland warehouse fire. the defense attorney for the ghost ship master tenant cold said he is not some desperate or cult leader. he called derick almena a family man and did everything possible to make everybody sale. he says the fire was an active arson. someone will testify saying they saw people with molotov cocktails the night of the fire. they are facing many counts of involuntary manslaughter. santa rosa police arrested a mom suspected of being drunk while picking up her kids from school. police say a witness 36-year- old jacqueline victorio drinking in the parking lot at the santa rosa charter school yesterday. when she got her kids and drove away. police stopped her shortly after
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and say her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. she was arrested for dui and felony child endangerment. last week's car crash in sunnyvale which a driver was alleged to intentionally hit eight people highlight a special working agreement between the city's police and firefighters they are trained to do each other's jobs. kpix 5 devon feely joins us live from sunnydale to explain. >> reporter: every firefighter in sunnyvale is trained as a police officer and a paramedic and vice versa. is a unique arrangement that leaves the department especially qualified to respond to emergencies. these police officers diligently caring for the injured reflects a long- standing tradition and carefully considered policy to give all police officers firefighters and paramedics and felony now the exact same training. >> a patrol officer could provide that basic basic aid to
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the victim as opposed to waiting for fire personnel or emt personnel to respond. >> when minutes matter it could mean the difference between living and dying. it's a testament to the city's unique unified public safety model that police fire and paramedics responded so quickly and seamlessly. after isaiah peoples drove his car into a crowded cross work injury eight. >> it is that basic aid, medical aid that we provide to the victims at the scene. that's the advantage that we have over other models. >> it works both ways. firefighters can help take a suspect into custody or preserve evidence at a crime scene. the public safety battle in sunnyvale stretches back nearly 70 years to 1950. while even the chief acknowledges it won't work everywhere the training is longer and more extensive as recruits cycle through police and fire and paramedic academies , most agree that the results are worth it. >> our emergency scenes are run
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very very smooth, we are able to anticipate with the fireside might need if you are on patrol or vice versa. >> the versatility thrown into sharp relief by tragedy. the chief says that young recruits typically gravitate toward law enforcement and then perhaps switch over to firefighting later in their career. it's the versatility that he says is a selling tool when they are looking for recruits as they are right now. in sunnyvale devon feely, kpix 5. >> maybe something other cities will emulate, we will see. thank you for that. a new plan to build california's high-speed rail, way to you here how much it will cost. richmond were a builder has been chosen for a controversial housing development here at bilotti. those opposing the project say the battle is not over. i will have that story coming up. it's the biggest donation of its kind, the bay area tech billionaire who just gave millions of dollars for homeless research.
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the always gorgeous view looking towards san francisco looks a little different tonight because the onshore flow is lighter and the fog nowhere to be seen. now let's look the other direction, back toward alameda and oakland, fog free. we will talk about how warm we get, coming up.
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more costs and more delays for california's high-speed rail. the real authority says can auction costs are jumping $1.8 billion for the central valley segment under construction to $12.4 billion. it's the first update since the projects slimmed-down to go
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between bakersfield and merced instead of los angeles and san francisco. the 220 mile-per-hour trains won't be zipping through the central valley until at least 2028. the richmond city council taking a major step toward building a controversial housing complex. the plan is proposed for point bilotti near the richmond sandra pole bridge. while the project is moving forward john ramose tells us the opposition is not giving up. >> reporter: in 2018 richmond settled a lawsuit over an indian casino that was approved and then denied here at point bilotti. the settlement is that calls for 670 homes to be built in this area with the proceeds to be split between the litigants. that agreement reached in closed-door meetings instantly became mired in controversy. the city council began adding restrictions of the project but when potential developers began dropping out of the running the council reversed course and dropped the restrictions.
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>> the city council ultimately agreed to remove because they found out they won't get any proposals left they did. >> at last week's meeting the council shows a developer for the project, and irvine-based company called son cal. they agreed to sell the land to it for $45 million. the mayor says it will be tight but he believes they can meet the deadlines laid out in the settlement. >> i am pleased that it is moving forward but i am getting awful tired of this group that just keeps hammering on us. >> that group is the point bilotti alliance, a band of residents who oppose the settlement and are now suing the city for negotiating it without public input. councilman atwater martinez was the only no vote at last week's meeting. >> look at where we are at. we have the community pitted against developers. >> the alliance would like to see this reserve for public recreation with ball field in this area instead of high- priced homes with the million- dollar view. >> i fear that a high-end
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housing community, will bring economic segregation that we already have enough of enrichment. >> even all the selection of a developer is seen as many as a go-ahead for the project the group opposing it says they are not giving up the fight. >> we think that with the will of the people, these are still elected people in our city council. if they see the growing coalition that is opposing them, they will rethink >> of course it was a change of mind that cause the lawsuit in the first place. it will be interesting to see if they want to do that again. at point bilotti, john ramose, kpix 5. >> in addition to housing this development will also include retail and restaurant areas and will preserve 70% of that land as open space. the mayor says it is possible that construction could begin in about 2 years. in san francisco an investigation is underway into a crash that left a pedestrian with critical injuries. happened about 9:00 this morning
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near ucsf mount zion medical center. the driver stopped and is cooperating in the investigation. police have not yet released the identities of the driver or the victim. in berkeley a cyclist is recovering after a collision with a pickup truck on ninth and cedar streets. chopper five was over the scene this morning. you can see the truck in the middle of the crosswalk. no word yet on who was at fault for this crash. will not creek is in trouble, police are looking for this man. they say he smashed a glass against another person's face at a bar. it happened two weeks ago, not clear what led up to the attack. if you recognize the sky police want to hear from you. mark benioff is making a major push to and homeless and severances go. he has donated mi to e t of its- year initiative will conduct new research to identify the root causes of homelessness. researchers will also look for effective strategies to get
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people off the streets. san francisco's homeless population is expected at about 4000 people. let's checin with paul vienna right now. it does not get any better than he got today. the weather is absolutely spectacular. >> great adjective. it's so nice and pleasant. the air smells good, it's not foggy, it's not hot or cold. all right so is going to last? because it's the middle of the week, maybe you are stuck in the office. the answer is no. we will see some changes as we head toward the weekend but it's pretty nice outside today. from the top of mount baca where you could almost got to 80 degrees today. 83 concord san jose all comfortable in the 70s. the one place that did not warm up would be the coast. it will be chilly tonight mainly clear skies, not that much fog out there. fremont 48 vallejo 47 san francisco 50. a small in a matter of minutes, good night for baseball. the warmest of the three games
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that we have had this far. really rain out is not as concerned. we are the driest place in north pick america. if you had together majored in july we averaged less than 1 inch in total for all 90 days. it's interesting to note we don't average any rainfall for the entire month of july. we are not there yet, we do get some rain sometimes and may. likely will coming up late sunday. the pattern will be moving rather quickly. today was warmer because of lower and lighter onshore flow. the ridge of high pressure is getting closer. we will make it close its pass on thursday and friday. 2 to 4 degrees warmer than what we have outside today. into the low 80s for some of you. than the ridge moves out, and the sky moves in. we will passed by to our south likely close enough to give us scattered rain showers which is somewhat uncommon and may. we averaged three quarters of an inch of rain. we may get some of that coming up sunday evening tomorrow morning minimal cloud cover beautiful day if you like today
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you will love tomorrow. friday same thing, a little bit of high clover passing by. pleasant weather for the next two days. sunday low pressure making landfall if you will down toward big sur but certainly close enough that some of the unstable air revving around might get you -- the highest likelihood of seeing showers late sunday perhaps even spilling into monday morning. the warmest weather of the week tomorrow and friday. get out and enjoy. take a lunch outdoors if you can. noticeable cooldown on saturday. it will be cloudier on sunday was showers possible late sunday into monday. highs tomorrow 70s, lots of them. vallejo 75 fremont 73 70 in oakland 78 livermore 77 for san jose sunshine and san francisco 57 degrees. warmest weather nance two days notice the drop in temperature on saturday still nice. sunday cloudier sunday evening some rain showers move through. tuesday of next week. that is your kpix 5 forecast. what if we got in sports, we have the best women in the world to swing a golf club in
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town for the rest of the week and the latest on steph curry and his injured left hand. wait 'til you hear of his medical treatment before the next game. you won't believe it! everyone's got to listen to mom.
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nba playoffs of top why not you throw a rock in any direction somebody is talking about the golden state warriors. up 2-0 in their series talking steph curry here and houston's james harden as well. no phone calls in game one, came to last night james harden , i gouged by draymond green. curry dislocated his left middle finger so couple of injuries at the forefront. here is curry, what are the doctor say about his treatment for game three in houston saturday? >> he said play as much golf as
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you can. really get that swing speed going. test that left hand as much as you can the next four days and everything should be fine. >> speaking of wealth guess what, the lpga is back in san francisco at lake merced. the power of the shot last year by 2018 champion not only reached the par five in two, she nearly hauled it out. set up for eagle here to win it on the first hole of sudden death. a shot that will never be forgotten. how do i know? well yesterday she was asked to unveil a plaque on the 18th in her honor. she has one here three times. kind of like a hollywood walk of fame for the lady of the lake. >> hopefully no one will remove that. the future generations, they see it and it's something you can learn from. it's like fun fact 101 kind of thing.
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>> now you are a fun fact. >> yes i will be a fun fact like when i am 90 someone will be like oh i know her. >> around one tomorrow. baseball giants business, catcher in former days fan favorite stephen was called up from the minors. giants host the dodgers tonight, moving pictures on the late show. the a's in boston, new month, same result. in front of former red sox pitcher bill space manley. let's pick this up bottom of the second. just a little high. aids fire talk that one got the runner. bottom of the fourth tied at one, 1-1, we call this a big fly. the sox wanted 7-3 to sweep the series but the a's have dropped six straight. the road trip continues friday pittsburgh. all that in just a few minutes on the 20th year anniversary of the debut of spongebob
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squarepants. may 1 1999. our little yellow friend from bikini bottom. >> who knew. >> i thought it would just let you chew on that. >> you are full of it. >> i my phone a friend if i'm ever on one of those game shows. the cbs evening news is coming up next. jeff glor here with the preview. >> reporter: here is a look at some of the stories we are working on. the attorney general testifies about the mueller report and faces sharp criticism from democrats. we will take you inside venezuela as the unrest grows. in our series life in just a story that might surprise you, why so many seniors are struggling with student debt. tonight on the cbs evening news. still ahead, 711 rolls out a new delivery service. how soon you could get your beer delivered to your door.
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somebody is bound to come up with the idea, 7-eleven is now delivering beer right to your door. >> the convenience store chain is rolling out his delivery service of beer and cider via its seven now app. the company is testing the service in selective markets including san francisco and los angeles. if you get hungry the app also offers food. can you get the slurpie? >> that is what i want! >> can does not approve. >> cherry raspberry mix. see what 7:00.
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♪ ♪ . captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this wednesday, a senate showdown over the attorney general's handling of the mueller report. democrats and republicans clash over what comes next. >> the letter's a bit snitty, and i think it was probably written by one of his staff people. nc he made a decision, and didn't review the evidence. >> enough, already. it's over. >> chaos in venezuela as juan guaido calls for even more protests. >> maduro is now surrounded by eworpions in a bottle, and it's only a matter of time. >> glor: new details on the pampus shooting in north carolina, including the student who gave his life to stop it. >> he took the fight to the assailant, and he saved lives doing so. >> the two-time ol


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