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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight, blaming tesla, the new lawsuit centered around a deadly crash, and the popular autopilot feature. >> for them to advertise should mean that they have tested and trusted it. alleged labor law violations, the latest dispute with the city of santa clara. the new kpix 5 news is 7:00 begins right now with news from b.a.r.t.. it is a nightmare for commuters trying to get home. their major delays from san francisco to the east bay. a train had to be taken out of
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service due to a door problem. to make matters worse, another train, right behind it was put on a police hold. >> one person said that the platform was so crowded that passengers were not being let through the gates. b.a.r.t. says trains are moving now, but they do expect residual delays. the other top story, the pressure is on for parents named in the college admissions cheating scheme. a bay area couple became the first to plead guilty in the case. we are learning how this could impact more accused families. >> reporter: your member back in march when the prosecutor revealed some of the eye- popping bribes that were paid to the mastermind, rick singer? they paid him anywhere between 100,000 and! $5 million. >> reporter: we are learning more about the $6.5 million. the la times quoted confidential sources, reporting a multimillion dollar bribe was paid for by attorneys emily based in beijing for a student
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that went by molly. sources tell the newspaper it was a morgan stanley financial advisor that introduced the family to singer, who targeted stanford. according to the report, he was admitted to stanford in 2017. the university spokesperson would not confirm the status of identity, citing student privacy laws. the stanford daily is reporting that they were the student was expelled shortly after news broke of the scandal. stanford releases damon said in part, it is important to clarify that stanford did not receive $6.5 million from singer or from the students family working with singer. sanford was not aware of the at six five nine dollar payment from the family to until today's news reports. as for other families, real estate tycoon ruth isaacson faces 45 years in prison after reading guilty to various fraud and money laundering conspiracy charges.
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his wife also pleaded guilty and faces 20 years in prison. the couple from hillsboro admitted to paying $600,000 to help her two daughters get into ucla and usc through the test stating cheating scheme, tony brass, form is former u.s. attorney said that since they cooperate with investigators, they will only serve fraction of that time, about 2-3 years, in a minimum security prison. >> if they give the federal government real cooperation, they can cut that i half. if you consider just as the fact that they could bring other people to justice, then that is fair. reporting for we have posted a document related to the hillsboro parents case, including the plea agreement on our website. two gunmen are on the loose in two separate bay area shootings. the latest one happened in san francisco's mission. >> lease a man was shot at 22nd and bartlett this afternoon. the victim was taken to the
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hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. so far, no arrests have been made. in oakland, police are looking for a gunman in a shooting there. police then one man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds happening just before 3:30 this evening. the victim has not been identified. workers took to the streets across the bay area today for mayday. lawmakers are weighing in tonight. extractor workers are fighting for better wages, immigrant rights, and housing security. our cameras were at large rallies in oakland, san jose, and concord. that is where ondrea is right now.>> reporter: look behind me, the margin concorde ended in a rally. they said that workers rights are directly tied to tenants rights, especially here in the bay area.
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while chanting, and signs reading that rent is too high, demonstrators in concord are using mayday, the international day of the worker to say that tenants rights are workers rights. >> family set up in your long time and have written concorde are getting pushed out due to unjust evictions, and skyrocketing rents. we are demanding that the city of concorde, who has the power to protect tenants from this type of displacement, to do something about it. >> reporter: with 28% of the bay area affordable to bay area residents making $100,000, people are getting pushed out of concorde. to make i work with the community. there has been a lot of unjust evictions and reports of skyrocketing rents, like $400- $600, all at once. >> reporter: among the crowd marching, two members of the city council who say they support the cause. >> reporter: we need to look to put antenna protections to
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protect families, individuals, and seniors who rent in our community from landlords that abuse their power. they don't care much about the community with in concord. >> the most important thing a building a community is to have people committed to the community. that means people have to live here. the longer they live here, the longer they are committed to the community. >> reporter: those fighting for the right to live without fear of evictions say the time to act as now.>> reporter: the community cares about this issue. we have our eyes on them. >> reporter: the details of the proposal for tenant protections , rent control stability, here concorde have been ironed out in a committee. it will go to the full city council sometime in june. live in concorde, kpix 5. two people are badly hurt following a pair of horrible crashes . a car hit a person
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walking in san francisco, and a bicyclist was hit in alameda county. chopper 5 was over both of the scenes. the san francisco crash happened this morning. this was near mount zion medical center. the victim has life-threatening injuries. the driver stayed on scene, and a longtime residents of the area has become more and more dangerous. >> i have lived here 40 years. i have seen the difference and change over the years. i used to feel safe in san francisco. sadly, i don't anymore. >> reporter: a bicyclist is recovering from serious injuries after colliding with a pickup truck at ninth and cedar street in berkeley. so far there is no word on who was at fault. the family of a foster city man killed in a tesla crash is suing the carmaker. we have more on why the family is claiming that tesla's autopilot system is defective.
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>> reporter: walter wants a tesla model x was split in half and splintered into pieces when it hit the median barrier on highway 101 at highway 80 five last year in mountain view. a 38-year-old engineer, husband and father was killed. his wife said he loved the car. >> he loved it. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed by the families that his dream car, which was on autopilot at the time of the crash was to blame for his death. >> it took him out of his lane of safety and accelerated at a concrete barrier in three seconds. >> reporter: one brought the car back to tesla several times to report the problem. it alleges that the autopilot system was defective, and tesla misrepresented its capabilities. autopilot is a favorite feature on most tesla cars. for them to advertise that feature should mean that they have tested it, and trusted it. >> reporter: tesla has not commented on the new lawsuit.
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they did blame mr. wong saying that the driver did not have his hands on the wheel for six seconds prior to the accident. in san jose, rib orting for kpix 5. santa clara and the 49ers have fought each other for years. >> now the city is crying foul over work done on levi stadium. wilson walker tells us why. >> reporter: coming up on 5 years in santa clara for the 49ers, it has been a troublesome cohabitation for the team and the city. the latest dispute? the alleged labor law violations. >> he thought paying prevailing wages meant not going to the home depot parking lot picking people up. >> reporter: this is described as waitstaff by stadium management. he has given the 49ers a notice of default on their management agreement. >>w, we findtthere has
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been this potential, massive violation of state law. >> reporter: late today, the 49ers issued a very pointed statement on this. i will read it to you. it is challenging to understand the mayor's finger-pointing when the documents used to procure services at the stadium were created and approved by her staff. the mayor's political strategy is transparent, it is disappointing and tired, this is not the first threat, and i imagine not her last. there is no and to the city's grandstanding, we will ensure that any outstanding issues are cured. on it goes in santa clara, wilson walker, kpix 5. another blow for the san francisco giants. why one of the top pitching prospects has now been suspended. one bay area city gets creative to create a trap for crimins. >> so far we have arrested seven different people.
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also ahead, the city of santa clara county, where every firefighter is also a police officer and every cop is also a firefighter.:a state that is about to allow his teachers to be armed with guns. what is behind the emotional decision. the onshore breeze is weaker today. temperatures jumped by 5-7 degrees. when will we hit the 80s? when will rain into the forecast? we do have showers coming, news at 7:00 continues.
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and east bay police departments is a new tactic to crack down on vehicle burglaries is paying off. >> don ford explains how police get the crooks to come right to them. >> reporter: having your car bumping into and your stuff ripped off seems to be a fact of life. the police say they have a different attitude. >> we are taking a proactive approach to auto burglaries. we are putting a tracker inside of an item that would be appealing like a purse or briefcase. these are items commonly stolen. >> abate items are put in lot cars that belong to the police. when the tracker moves, the police car moves in. make the alarm goes off, if it gets moved. >> yes. >> reporter: you go catch the bad guy? how's that working
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out? >> very well, we have arrested seven people. >> debate car is put randomly around walnut creek. >> will you show me the bait car? >> no, we don't want to advertise that. that's something i cannot share with you.>> reporter: this is one arrest. notice the officer in the right lane watching the car in the far left lane that has a person it. the suspects throw the nurse out, but it's too late. walnut creek also has a bait bike equipped with a gps tracker. we have arrested six people for stealing our bike. >> reporter: they want the public to know that they are actively working to protect your stuff. they did add, please don't leave your valuables in the car. in walnut creek, reporting for kpix 5. it was sunny and pleasant in walnut creek with a high of 75 degrees. airfield hit 83. we are cooling down the evening with temperatures running warmer than yesterday. the ocean breeze has been
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diminished. it is 71 and santa rosa. it is down to 63 in oakland. we are chilly in san francisco. we have less breeze than yesterday. san jose is checking in at 67 degrees. it will be chilly. when we drop below 50 in may, it is noteworthy. we have there's guys and light wind. mountain view is at 49. santa rosa is 43. we do have some places in north sonoma that may hit the upper 30s overnight tonight. the pollen count is high. this is a seven on a 1-10 scale. the microclimate forecast, los altos was beautiful. the third-graders were talking science and weather. tomorrow will be 72 with sunshine. it will be 74 on friday with temperatures hitting the warmest mark of the week on friday. the reason we get warmer is light onshore flow as the ridge
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moves closer to us. it will leave for the weekend. what is next? we look up stream. that is an area of low pressure that will pass by to the. it will get close enough that we have a shower chance late in the day on sunday, and early in the day on monday. future cast tomorrow morning with minimal cloud cover. we have some clouds around the golden gate. as we took the afternoon, we have a lot of sunshine. we more sunshine on friday. with sonny's eyes as we begin the weekend. we have low cloud cover tonight. we just saw that. it will be warmer tomorrow. temperatures hit the peak. how warm compared to average? about five degrees warmer than average. concorde is a 78 in the normal high 73. sunnydale is 75, hayward is 62. san ramon is 74. it's a beautiful day in the tri- valley. how about sonoma county? santa rosa is at 76. mill valley is at 70. it's 67 in san francisco. it is 79 degrees in st. helena
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tomorrow. as we approach the weekend we had the warmest weather. we will will off on saturday. the breeze will pick up coming from the ocean. on sunday we are cloudy all day long. we have showers possible sunday evening through monday morning. it will be quickly in and out. the rain will be done before lunch time. we will warm up once again on tuesday. that is a beautiful sunset. that is a beautiful sunset right now. i do this for a living and i still look over the wrong shoulder. it will be a nice night. back to you. a minor league pitcher caught the eye of the san francisco giants. now he will not get to play. logan webb is vended for the next 80 games after testing positive for a performance- enhancing drug. the internet released a statement saying i know in my heart that something someday will be put into the world but my innocence. i do not disagree with their policy, and i respect the drug testing system that has been put in place. from the giants, the
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organization fully supports the majorly baseball program in their efforts to eliminate performance-enhancing substances from our game. last weeks crash in sunnyvale, in which a driver is accused of intentionally hitting eight people, highlights a working agreement between that city's police and firefighters. as david keiser reports, the firefighters are trained as a police officer. >> reporter: this is a versatility that makes the department uniquely qualified to respond to emergencies. these police officers diligently caring for the injured reflects a long- standing tradition and carefully considered policy to give all police officers, firefighters and paramedics the exact same training. >> reporter: a patrol officer can provide the basic medical aid to evict them, as opposed to waiting for fire personnel,
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or emt personnel to respond. >> reporter: when minutes matter and can mean the difference between living and dying, this is a testament to the city's unique unified model that the police, fire, paramedics respond quickly and seamlessly. after isaiah drove his car into a crowded sidewalk injuring a people -- >> the zines went smooth. we anticipate what the fire needs if you are on patrol. >> reporter: the chiefs as a young recruits gravitate toward law-enforcement earlier in their career, and then switch to firefighting. they say this is a selling point when they are looking for recruits. in sunnyvale, devin fehely, kpix 5. doctors believe there is new hope for patients with alzheimer's and dementia. they believe a personalized approach may help reverse some problems they are experiencing. the idea is to identify what environmental factors may be contributing to the dementia,
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and how to get rid of them. >> we are all swimming daily in a toxic soup. >> i feel like i have my life back. >> find out about the culprits into the lifestyle that one couple has adopted. new hope for alzheimer's is tomorrow night at 7:00. california senator grills the attorney general, and the fireworks over his handling of the robert miller of war. the billionaire ponying up $30 million to solve san francisco's homeless crisis. the old east bay paint factory that could become a new megaproject with hundreds of new homes. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection.
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grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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here's what you missed if you're getting home right now, a florida bill that allows teachers to carry guns in the classroom is heading to the governor's desk. this comes in response to the marjory stoneman douglas shooting that left 17 people dead last year. the bill allows school districts to arm teachers that past police style training. this does expand on an existing florida law that allows school employees to carry guns on campus. on capitol hill, senators grilled attorney general william barr four hours over the robert mueller report. california senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris zeroed in on his decision not to charge the president with obstruction of justice. harrison said that he could not be trusted and called for him to resign. >> i think the american public has seen the situation and you have not been objective. that would arguably be the conflict of being in influence. >> once io is making a major
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push to end the homeless crisis. he is donating $30 million to you cfs, this would fund the first initiative to identify the root causes of homelessness. day two of a trial, the defense attorney for derick almena. witnesses will testify to seeing strangers with molotov cocktails the night of the inferno. 1023 and max harris are facing 36 counts of manslaughter for the 2016 fire. a paint factory could soon be a shiny new megaplex was shiny new homes. for nearly a century, this is where sherman williams made paint. a plan is in the works to bring 500 units of housing to the nine acre complex. it will include a public park and retail space. the project could break ground as soon as the summer. and thank you elizabeth.
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a big honor for the cast of the big bang theory today. they cemented their way into hollywood history. jim parsons, and the rest of the gang got together to sink their hands in. this was at the chinese theater
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in hollywood. it has been an emotional week for the group. yesterday the cast and crew wrapped up filming the shows one hour series finale. the sitcom, for train the lives of four, aqua brainiac scientists is ending after 12 seasons. the series finale and may 16. you can watch it right here on kpix 5. >> that's 12 seasons. i cannot believe it's been 12 years. >> reporter: these days that's incredible. thank you for watching. we will be back here at 11:00 here for more news and weather, you can go to any time. good night.
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