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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 2, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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surveillance showdown. tonight a crackdown on facial recognition technology in oakland. a fight over the san jose supermarket about turning it into homeless housing. neighbors are saying not in my backyard. the van nuys construction project leads to the
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destruction of tonight we have some breaking news. >> napa county got a jolt. there was a 3.4 earthquake near calistoga about a half hour ago centered in the middle of the diamond mountain range. several hundred people reported that they felt it. no reports of damage or injuries. now to the surveillance showdown going on in alameda county. it has to do with a powerful facial recognition service that amazon is marketing to law- enforcement. >> reporter: the proposal would ban the city of oakland from using facial recognition technology at a time when privacy advocates say some law enforcement agencies are already using it. when it comes to facial recognition technology like this software from amazon, privacy advocates say the genie is out of the bottle.
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>> we need to limit it now. >> reporter: the chair of the oakland privacy commission said the san francisco das office and the alameda county sheriff's department have already ght e. tomorrow, he will propose a big change to oakland's privacy surveillance ordinance. >> we are moving to amend the ordinance to prohibit the use of facial recognition technology. because of the dangers that it possesses. >> reporter: the dangers highlighted last year when the aclu tested out amazon recognition. and found the software falsely matched 28 members of congress with mugshots. in a statement the aclu said the false matches were disproportionately of people of color including six members of the congressional black caucus. >> we know it has a high error rate thyoskin,
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>> reporter: the people we spoke to in oakland worry the technology would not make mistakes, it would take away a person's anonymity. >> anytime they run your face through the software it will log the address and the time and everything else. it's keeping tabs on everybody. >> they can target you and use it to come after you. >> reporter: others say it may be the crime-fighting tool law enforcement needs. >> i think it is necessary in order to keep the crime rate down. to keep our neighborhood and environment protected. it could be a good tool. >> reporter: the proposed ban would have to pass the committee and the city council before being adopted. the city of san francisco has proposed a similar band that has not yet been approved. a huge donation tonight to fight homelessness salesforce ceo is donating $30 million to build a homelessness research institute at ucsf. >> we want to be busting some myths of things that
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misconceptions of people and show people what the evidence says. we really want to see our results being meaningful the whole country. >> last year he backed a tax on san francisco's biggest businesses to pay for homeless programs. in san jose tonight, we report plans to build new housing for the homeless and some people say not in my backyard. >> reporter: this building sat empty for several years. now there are plans to build housing for the formally homeless. but some say, not in my neighborhood. >> japan town used to be a place for you do not lock your doors. >> reporter: this sign greets his customers. >> we put that sign up there is cameras all over now. it was never a problem before. it's a daily thing. >> reporter: he believes the homeless who live off the
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railroad tracks a block away are mainly to blame for the crimes in japan town. now he is concerned the problems make it worse. if a new housing development for the formally homeless is built a few blocks away. he is far from the only one who was worried. >> i feel very safe here right now. i do not feel like i will, if thateces supportive housing. >> reporter: she lives steps from the at the supermarket and says the development that would include at least 100 units is not the right fit for the neighborhood. because there is not a grocery store, pharmacy or doctor's office in walking distance. >> there are a few bars. how will you stay sober if there is a bar next door to you? i do not think the solution is this. not just because i am worried about my safety, but there is no resou for them. >> reporter: with more than 4000 homeless in san jose, they agree more affordable housing needs to be built. but say this may not be the solution. >> it's not an easy answer.
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it may be a partial solution if it gets them off the street, that is fine. hopefully they will. >> reporter: they are not the only concerns some of the options for this development would only include six parking spaces. some say that would big traffic problems to this tonight we are hearing a new claim about what caused the deadliest fire ever in oakland. the defense attorney for the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse is saying it was arson. in his opening statement today, the attorney for tran ted said that witnesses will testify to seeing strangers with molotov cocktails the night of the inferno. and he argues that derick almena did everything that he could to keep the warehouse safe . derick almena and max harris are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter . the prosecutor
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said that people had no notice, no time and no exits when the fire broke out. fire investigators ruled the cause of the blaze was inconclusive. a hillsboro husband and wife for the first to plead guilty in the college admission scheme. they could be the key toinging families. cameras swarming all over bruce isaacson and his wife. as they left federal court in boston today. they are facing fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and other charges. for helping their daughters secure admission at ucla and usc. the isaacson's are accused of paying college consultant rick singer $600,000. to falsify their daughters entrance exam scores and athletic recruitment. the isaacson's are the only ones to have signed a cooperation will deal. their information could set the
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stage for more indictments. the l.a. times reporting a chinese family paid singer $6.5 million to get a student named into stanford. according to the report he was admitted to stanford in the spring of 2017. since then he has been expelled. stanford released a statement saying it did not receive the $6.5 million from singer and the university was not aware of this payment from the family to singer until today's news report . tonight we are learning a person who was shot in the mission in san francisco today has died. right now, the gunman is on the loose. police responded to 22nd and bartlett street he was transported to the hospital but died tonight. the victim has not been
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identified. tonight in oakland police are on the hunt for the gunman in a shooting on 17th avenue near san antonio park. police found one man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds this afternoon. he died at the scene. police have yet to release descriptions of the suspects. this is a live look at the capital tonight. president trump is praising the attorney general for doing a fantastic job today. but some senators and some 2020 contenders for the presidency are calling on william barr to resign. for allegedly misleading the public. >> we will explain. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee wrote the attorney general for four hours about the russia investigation. look at the most attention was a letter from robert mueller released 24 hours before the hearing. >> i said bob what is with a letter? >> reporter: attorney general william barr downplayed the schooling from robert mueller which came to him in the form
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of a letter in march. >> the letter is a bit snooty and it was written by one of his staff people. >> reporter: mueller complaint that the initial summary of the findings did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of molars then unreleased report. the resulting confusion mueller warned, threatens to undermine full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations. william barr insisted that his four-page memo was intentionally brief. >> he could not decide about obstruction and you did. is that correct? >> correct. >> do you feel good about your decision? >> absolutely. >> reporter: democrats argued it was the attorney general tipping the scales in favor of his new boss. >> my question is in reaching your conclusion, did you personally review all of the underlying evidence? >> no. we accepted the statements in the report as factual record.
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we did not go underneath it to see whether or not they were accurate. we accepted it as actor. >> reporter: senator harris is falling for the attorney general to resign. >> i think it's reasonable that the american public should expect that before the attorney general speaks, he would have firsthand knowledge of the evidence. before he speaks and utters a word. about whether or not he is going to charge crime. but this attorney general failed to do it. >> we are learning tonight william barr will not testify tomorrow before the house judiciary committee. the justice department argued it would be inappropriate for staffers to question a cabinet member. as a result, william barr backed up. in response chairman nadler is considering a contempt citation against him. a delayed construction project crushes one woman's small bay area business. she is out of money and now the bill collectors are calling.
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some extra drama at a showing of the avengers. tonight the possible measles exposure. a cat that went missing in the chaos of the california mudslides finds its way home termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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the construction avenue on van nuys avenue was supposed to be finished this year. but snags have led to major delays. >> that means more pain for the streets business owners. >> reporter: it's a mess and it's been like this for three
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years. you can see they are doing construction day and night. van nuys avenue is torn up . as for the small businesses, some of them are experiencing some serious financial hardship. >> it looks like a construction trashy. >> reporter: she said it could vaimprovent how project was about to struggle her business. the construction equipment and constant roar of trucks were making it nearly impossible for customers to know her bootleg bar and kitchen was open for business to try to hang on but closed in december. >> we locked everything and now we are being sued like criminals for opening a small business in san francisco. it's horrible. >> reporter: her landlord is suing her for $201,000. because she had signed a lease promising to a pay rent all the way to mid 2020. but that was before she knew the van nuys improvement project delays would crush her business . she said she had to stop payments because she has run out of money.
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the landlord is suing her mother. >> my mom was the guarantor on the lease. throughout all these talks about how we were not able to make rent, your mom is the guarantor but we would not go after her. but they are. >> reporter: the 77-year-old mother is also named in the lawsuit because she is the guarantor on the lease. she was a survivor of the japanese internment camps after getting her phd at uc berkeley she co-authored a book on history of japanese americans in california. she worked for decades at the national council on crime and delinquency advocating for criminal justice reform for children of color. she now has alzheimers. an attorney said she needs her retirement savings for her long- term care. >> this is a woman who was in a japanese internment camp. you start your life like that and you and your life with bill collectors chasing you trying to take your house away. we are better than that is a city. san francisco is better. >> reporter: the landlord owns quite a few properties around the city. the ceo tells me the project
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has been disruptive and notes it's difficult to find others to lease the space especially with all the delays. a spokesman said the van nuys improvement project should be finished in mid-2021, two years behind schedule. >> i spoke to the sale landlord today and he said he has no intention of going after a senior citizen. when i reminded him that in fact his company filed a lawsuit against her in december, he said, i just want to stress i have no intention of going after a senior citizen . then he said he believes this case will be settled as he put it, he things will be ironed out very soon. hundreds of people take to the streets for may day today. concord, san jose and oakland. workers rallied for fair wages, housing and immigration rights. >> families who have been here a long time and have roots in
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concord are getting pushed out due to unjust evictions, skyrocketing rents. we are here today demanding that the city of concord who has the power to actually protect tenants from this kind of displacement, to do something about it. >> the rallies highlight how the bay area's decade-long economic boom has not delivered equally for everyone. all in all, it was a peaceful showing of solidarity. workers hope the people in power will take notice. it's hard not to spotted tesla when you are out and about in the bay area. tonight, a families loss is raising questions about their safety. this man's car was cut in half and shattered when it crashed into a median last year. the 38-year-old engineer, husband and father was killed. his family blames the cars autopilot and filed a wrongful death lawsuit today. tesla said the autopilot warned
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him in time to take control of the car. >> to put the onus on him, to suggest that he should figure out what tesla's job really is, is really unfair. >> the autopilot feature is a favorite for many tesla drivers. but how much they can trust it is a question. a woman in orange county did not just see the avengers last week at the theater, she might have exposed the audience to the measles. authorities say a woman in her 20s just returned from vietnam, visited several locations in orange county including the late-night showing of avengers at an amc theater in fullerton. on april 25. now health officials are trying to contact people who may have been exposed. we got a tip from of you are about unusually strong winds that went through a neighborhood in alameda county causing damage. strong winds charge through this lock.
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the damage especially bad in his backyard. you can see the patio cover was ripped off. the homeowners say the wind barreled through within a couple of seconds. >> all of the sudden the wind picked up like crazy. and i looked at the patio and it lifted up and fell down. smashed right down to the patio. >> i saw like a tornado right there. >> neighbors agree they have not seen anything like that before in dublin. no one was hurt. a perfect reunion to tell you about tonight. one california family and their long lost kitty cat. the family evacuated before the mudslide hit almost 500 days ago. they left their two cats at home in santa barbara county. a year later the family moved back in. but it was not until a worker showed up to help out with renovations that they got a clue about where one of the cats was living. >> he said that is too bad.
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what does the cat look like? he said i think i have been feeding her. >> the cat did not go anywhere. it stayed there. the family left. surviving on food from kindhearted neighbors and roaming the block for more than a year and a half. the cat is thinking where have you been? we have the 50s and 60s outside tonight. clear skies and less fog and less of an onshore flow. concord 64. santa rosa 52. on your way to a low of 43. that is cool for the first night of may. vallejo 47. radar is clear. that is common this time of year. we will soon earn our distention for the driest metro area and all of north america in the summer months. next three months combined, less than one inch of rain on gting cloto there is ae igh pr
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what that will do will lessen the onshore flow. less ocean breeze means warmer weather. 80s for the warmest inland spots. then this will move in. likely close enough to us that especially the east bay and southbay may have a shower chance as soon as sunday evening. tomorrow morning it is about clear sky and fog at the coast. afternoon we are clear. cloud cover building offshore. plan on a lot of sunshine for the next couple of days. fast forward to sunday. there is a shower chance the low pressure will pass over central california. showers and thunderstorms possible for the sierra. we may get a few showers late sunday into monday morning. the warmest weather of the week is tomorrow. and friday. then we get a cool down that begins on saturday. we are cloudy on sunday. showers are possible late sunday into monday morning. tomorrow is going to be
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fantastic. 78 in concorde. 77 in san jose. napa 75. san francisco 67. a few degrees warmer on friday. we begin to cool down on saturday but it is pleasant. sunday we are cloudy. sunday evening a few rain showers. we dry out on monday morning. you can wake up with our team and have the latest weather and traffic tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. tonight some doctors believe there is new hope for patients with alzheimers and eventual. >> they believe a personalized approach may help reverse some of the problems patients are experiencing. the idea to identify what environmental factors may be contributing to the dementia. and how to get rid of them. >> we are all swimming daily in a toxic soup.
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>> i feel like i got my life back. >> find out about some of the culprits and see the lifestyle one couple has adopted. new hope for alzheimers, tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on kpix5. ending a 12 year run. celebrity showing tonight to ce
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a party in hollywood tonight as they cast and crew of the hit show the big bang theory said goodbye.
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the final taping was yesterday. >> i got home and felt like the bow had been tied. there was no stone unturned. it was a night i will never forget. >> i think it's a story about outcasts or people that feel like they are outsiders. i think that is universally relatable. >> the final episode will air may 16 at 8:00. you can catch it right here on kpix5 . no warriors, no shots playoffs. i know the giants are in last place. pose tonight, was there some lightning and
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it's been a tough month. 11 winds. tonight, maybe you will enjoy this. this actually happened twice tonight. to the same dodger fan. lost his friend tries and later on his pizza. offer a foul ball. a slow build. a runner at third. just a long out and a sacrifice fly. 1-0. this was tied in the 9th inning. posey delivered. he scored. the giants win and win the three-game series. they are in cincinnati on friday. it's tied in the 4th inning and he untied it a solo home run put them ahead.
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the red sox swept the three- game series. the road trip continues friday in pittsburg. nba playoffs . the warriors are up in the series with houston. don't play games three until saturday. it's healing time for steph curry who played with a dislocated middle left finger. he will be fine. james harding got hit in the face on a rebound attempt on tuesday. he played. tests revealed today there was no damage done to his cornea. the warriors coach, does not know the feeling. >> have you ever played after getting poked in the eye? >> no. it's hard to get poked in the eye when you are on the bench. i was usually cheering the guys on. one-time some of my teammates elbowed me. that is damien will the trailblazers led denver by
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as much as 17. cj mccollum with a shot led the scoring the 20. the blazers won 90 7- 90. this seven-game series is tied at a game apiece. with game three coming up on friday. this is a great time to be a sportscaster. playoff time. i am just marinating and reveling in it. >> every night is fun. >> no day is the same. >> i almost got poked in the eye. >> it's a foul.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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