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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 2, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a man with a home befriends a couple without one. not everyone was so welcoming. good evening. >> a man with a big heart brought a homeless couple into his $4 million home, but they didn't get a warm welcome from some of the neighbors. covering alameda county. >> reporter: i'm here on the 400 block of hampton road in piedmont. and what's happening at this home is sparking some deep conversations about race, class, privilege, empathy, and basic human kindness. it is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the bay area. and real estate developer, cary mcgrath, an empty-nester, has decided to "walk the talk" he
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want opened up his $4 million home to a homeless couple, the mckenseys, and let them move into the granny unit for free. he ask forward nothing in return. the next door neighbor. >> i was astounded. terry is an amazing man. and to see him actually take an action like this, we can talk about being helpful. and terry stepped up. >> reporter: terry declined an on-camera interview. a spokesperson says he does not want the story to be about him. as greg and marie walked the hills of piedmont and stood outside to smoke cigarettes, there was a spike in the calls to police. lorraine gray moved toed me mont a few months ago. a city that is 78% white. >> it's an issue in this neighborhood to walk while black or any other color. and so the more the merrier. let's get some diversity in piedmont, i think. >> reporter: before the couple moved in, terry sent an e-mail
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to piedmont police chief, jeremy bower, explaining the situation. the chief said the 9-1-1 calls have tapered off but he's firm about educating the public. >> it's incumbent upon us to respond to issues that are related to crime or suspected to be related to crime. simply somebody looking like they're not in the right place or like they live in a certain community, that's not a crime. and that's not something that this police department has a functional responsibility to respond to. >> reporter: jordan says he understands why his neighbors called police. but he urges them to try and move past that fear. >> i can understand that initial reaction. what i would say is look a little more deeply. trust terry. trust your instincts to maybe connect with them. and see who they really are. some mysterious discoveries in san carlos prompted an entire city block to shut down. a
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hazmat team was called to cedar street to examine unknown material found in a home. it is radioactive at a low to moderate level but there's no risk to the public. police in pleasanton are warning about a string of raging daylight burglaries. crooks striking when residents are at work. facebook is cutting off users it says are too extreme for the site. the banish list includes alex jones and his conspiracy site, infowars, among others. facebook says they violate the company's ban against hate and violence. emeryville police searching for a nanny imposter. look out for this woman. 60-year-old diane mont carlo. she is accused of stealing the identity of a professional nanny, she tried to work for two san francisco families under that false identity. however, the families did some digging, realized they had been conned. and she allegedly has a history of
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running nanny scams in contra costa county, targeting young, affluent felonies. she is also wanted for charges, including injury to a child. stefon johnson has been chargeed there with attempted murder of a peace officer after a high-speed chase and shootout. she suspected of killing calvin kelly at people's park in berkeley last friday. that same day, he allegedly killed his own cousin, marcus jackson, in oakland. and laron davis in san francisco. the suspected drunk driver accused of hitting and killing a woman in a crosswalk is now facing murder charges. 72-year-old carolyn allen was walking her today saturday night when it happened. james boswell faces a bhobd tore presence seven.
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>> reporter: was a friend of ashton kutscher. they have intend to call hitch as a witness. in 2005, the body of
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maria bruno was found in her el monty apartment. she had been stabbed to death and mutilated. outside her home, a bloody boot, like used by doctors in operating rooms, was found. >> the dna was around the elastic band. >> reporter: in 2008, michelle murphy was alone, prosecutors say, asleep in her bed when her apartment when a man broke into a living room window, went to her bedroom, put one knee on her bed and began stabbing her. when she kicked her attacker, he ran away. >> what happened? >> at all his blood and his dna as thee ran away. >> reporter: pulling it all together, prosecutors say michael lived within a few hundred feet of each of the four victims. >> his hobby was plotting the
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perfect opportunity to attack women with a knife, in and around their homes. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the defense offered a brief opening statement, making a strong point of saying no murder weapon has ever been found in any of the crimes here. also pointing out that no dna or fingerprints were found in ashley ellerin's crime scene. but the client has never offered a confession, even after many hours of questioning. and they're adamant in saying she not guilty. we want to take you right now down to carson, california. this is breaking news. our sister station, kcbs. you can see a fire burning at the phillips 66 refinery just north of long beach. that's pumping a lot of water on it right now. emergency crews have been there for about 45 minutes.
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there were flames showing a while ago. now it's just smoke and steam coming up. we don't know if there was an associated explosion with this. there was definitely a fire. and there are the flames. down at the base of some of that machinery there. we can see. no shelter in place we are told. no hazard to the community. but that could change depending on the amount of smoke and what sort of substances are being released. this is going on in southern california. near the town of carson. a refinery fire in progress. the founder of a major drug company has been found guilty in an opioid bribery scheme, scheming to bribe doctors across the country to prescribe a highly addictive fentanyl spray. four others were also convicted.
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kippur and the others, prosecutors say, tried to boost sales. pg&e's s took a big hit. profits of $136 million. that is down 69% from the same period last year. some of the factors, inspections, cleanup and repair costs related to the 2018 camp fire. also costs related to the company's january bankruptcy filing. tesla has a plan to raise $2 billion from investors, including ceo, elon musk. musk will offer $10 million worth of shares and stock. this comes after the company posted a huge first quarter loss last week. musk said during a conference call that the company might need to raise capital again. and success for the first vegan meat-maker to go public. beyond meat debuted on the nasdaq today. it more than
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doubled its starting share price, surging 153%. beyond meat has attracted big-name backers orlando dicaprio and bill gates. the department of homeland security will begin dna testing at the border as soon as next week. they want to crack down on what they call fraudulent families. the process will involve a voluntary cheek swab with the results expected in under two hours. they say the program will target human traffickers exploiting children. >> we're also trying to identify those families that are presenting as a parent or guardian that are not actually a parent or guardian. and the fraud issue that is intrinsic there. >> in a statement, the aclu says this is yet another example of the trump administration seeking to intimidate and deter asylum-seekers. this week the administration asked congress for an additional $4.5 billion in emergency funding. a bizarre crime spree in the
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valley. it involves a cemetery chase and a man ripping out a toilet. if you can believe it, it gets even stranger from there. >> and an east bay high school pitching star is one of major league baseball's top prospects. >> coming up at 6:00, bait are l fire season thanks in part to the wet winter. how all that rain can be a double-edged sword. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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a man has critical injuries after falling into the kilauea crater in hawaii. he climbed past a metal railing, lost his footing and fell. he was found hours later perched on a narrow ledge. crews used a rope system. they got him out. it's not clear if he will face any consequences for crossing that barrier. not every police chase involves someone ripping a toilet out of a floor. it happened in lodi. and it gets stranger. police got a call that joshua williams was chasing after them in a cemetery with a knife. he assaulted the owner's husband and pulled the toilet out of the floor. police restrained the suspect but he was somehow able to escape again. >> definitely a little out of
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the ordinary for lodi. >> williams allegedly stole a nearby truck and led police on a short chase before crashing into a power pole. two transformers exploded. the suspect was finally arrested and faces numerous charges, including possession of narcotics. the mayor of inglewood involved in a case with a police officer. it's not known if the mayor was driving that car with a passenger in. it the crash threw the off off his bike. he broke several bones and in stable condition. tiger woods is headed to the white house for some sp recognition. woods will receive the presidential medal of freedom. it comes after hififth masters title last month. president trump offered the golfer congratulations after the win and announced the ward on
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twitter. a top baseball prospect at an east bay high school is catching the eye of mlb scouts. the player's big league potential. >> reporter: de la salle high school has a national reputation for their outstanding sports program. and one of the baseball players today received special recognition from major league baseball. kyle harrison is the star left-handed pitcher. considered one of the best in the nation. >> i was chosen as one of the 80 best high school baseball players in the country. >> in the country. >> yeah. decided by usa baseball. anything that's selected for the pdp this summer. >> reporter: prospective development program. early recognition to be watched and coached by scouts in major league baseball. >> one of the top-80 in the nation. >> reporter: in front of his fellow teammates, he received his official jersey to join an
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elite summer league. >> you go down to the academy in florida and get coached by some of the best coaches in the country. those that represent our clubs, our 30 clubs in the major leagues. >> the real clubs. >> yes, the real clubs. >> reporter: his mom and dad couldn't be prouder. >> he's loved the game ever since he was a little kid. and we're so proud of him today. >> very proud of him. and glad that he loves it. and it's his passion. >> reporter: kyle is committed to attend ucla after he graduates high school in 2020. >> kyle is the fifth california student this week to be recognized by the pdp league. some doctors believe there's new hope for patients with alzheimer's and dementia. >> they believe a personalized approach may relieve some of the problems they're experiencing. the idea is to identify what environmental factors may be contributing to the dementia and how to get rid of them.
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millions of people in at least eight states are under a severe weather threat. >> heavy rain has been pounding the middle of the country. businesses in davenport, iowa, struggling to clean up after water from mississippi river broke through a temporary levo tuesday. this is the wettest year in davenport since 1993. in oklahoma a storm brought as much as 8 inches of pounding rain, wind and hail, tornadoes ravaged the state earlier this week. >> that all happening to the east. paul keeping an eye on what's out west for us. that may bring a little rain. >> in the seven-day forecast, yes. thankfully, nothing like what they're dealing with back east. that is their busy time of year, as we both know. we're talking about our busy time around here, december, january,
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february, march. things calm down. yeah, calm outside right now. 82 for a high in concord. napa 79, redwood city gorgeous today. 77, san jose anmont in the mid-70s. the coast has not enjoyed the warming because we're not dealing with an offshore wind. just a reduction in the onshore flow. right at the beach, even a light onshore flow is enough to keep you chilly. high is 61. concord, 49 for you. 49 for redwood city. 48 for pacifica. 50 tonight in san jose. may sees a big skwluchl in the average temperature. livermore, we jump 6 degrees. average high in may is 77. the second-biggest jump of the year. the biggest jump is going from may to june, where it will be 7 degrees warmer in livermore coming up in june. we do warm up rapidly this time of year. the pollen count has remained high. one number sticking the drop from
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, sticking out. the drop from sunday to monday. if it was wintertime, we had a fast-moving jet stream, this would be here tomorrow. guess what? it's gonna pass by on monday. four days from now. this ridge will hang out for a day or two. then this low is called a cut-off low. it's gonna take its merry old time to pass by to our south. and the closest pass on monday morning. we have an opportunity for some scattered showers. not a widespread rain, not a ton of rainfall. but some scattered showers will be around for the beginning of next week. futurecast, tomorrow morning, we're mainly clear. the afternoon should be gorgeous as well. saturday, low cloud cover returns. the head of that storm will get a push from the ocean. and that push will give us widespread fog and low cloud cover saturday morning. sunshine coming saturday afternoon. we'll see temperatures drop on saturday. monday, the center of low pressure is way to our south of the unstable air wrapping around. it we will see some scattered showers likely late sunday night into monday
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morning. low clouds tonight. a little bit along the coast. temperatures hit their peak or high mark on friday. and we'll be cooler over the weekend with a slight chance of rain late sunday into monday. concord tomorrow, 8 degrees above average, 81. loss gatos 79. union city, 72. still brisk at the beach. fairfield, 80 tomorrow. novato, sunshine, 75. sausalito, san francisco, berkeley in the mid-60s. 69 degrees for oakland. and 80 degrees for lake port for your friday, weekend. sunday we're cooler still, but cloudy. that's the change on sunday. late sunday night into monday, scattered showers are possible. best chance in the east and south bays. we'll dry out by monday afternoon. tuesday through thursday we are warming up once again. get outside tomorrow. it is going to be gorgeous. that's your forecast. >> we will enjoy it. thank you, paul. coming up at 6:00, new potential roadblocks to a santa
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clara county transit project that's been in the works for decades. >> that woman's 101-year-old sister was just evicted. and it's happening more often than you might think.
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well, if you have a secret crush, facebook wants to help. >> in quotations. facebook has unveiled a new feature on its dating service. secret crush. you can use it through facebook dating. it will allow you to list nine facebook friends that you're crushing on. if your crushes are the same, you will be notified. the fort won't be available in the united states until later this year. >> this service really got people talking in the newsroom today. we want to hear from you. do you think this is a good way to find love?
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not a good idea. that's it for the news at 5:00. a radiation scare in san carlos. >> reporter: east san jose residents have been waiting for decades for a light rail link-up to the eastridge transit center. new potential delays. >> and a grim forecast for california's upcoming fire season. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. cal fire bracing for a worse than usual fire season this summer. the grassy bay area hills made green by a wet winter are now
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beginning to dry out. >> live in gilroy where the fire fight has already begun. >> reporter: that's exactly right. cal fire responded to a small fire at the base of this tree this afternoon. they were able to get it out before it spread. but they fear it could be a glimpse of a dangerous fire season. the fire started in the dry grass on the edge of highway 152. then raced up the trunk and into the treetops of this grove of eucalyptus. a preview, perhaps, of thing #20s come this summer. >> we'll have in the bay area a greater than normal significant fire potential because of the very large grass crop we will have. >> reporter: a wet winter and a mild spring produced a sea of grass across california, two to five times as much as a normal year. once it dries out, it becomes potential fuel for wildfires. >> we're mowing


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