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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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troubling trends tonight in alameda county. >> a medical breakthrough. our original report. is it possible to reverse alzheimer's? >> what's in our homes and around us that may increase our risk for dementia? >> a chemical that increases your risk for cognitive decline. >> a wealthy real estate developer invited a homeless couple to listen with him, and neighbors started calling 9-1-1. >> the news at 7:00 starts now. 92 >> police in alameda county on the hunt tonight for a woman
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suspected in a nanny scam. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. andrea borba has the story tonight. >> two families have picked the suspect out of a follow-up. out of a photo-lineup. and police are looking for this woman suspected of identity theft. this is video from a family's nest camera during an interview. during this interview, the family became suspicious and tracked down the real nanny. >> the family is basically got a weird feeling about the nanny they were about to hire and did some more research on her background and were able to locate, after searching for my victim's name, they were able to locate my victim's profile online and contacted her and said hey, are you so-and-so? yeah, i am. are you a nanny? yes, i am. well, a woman who we just interviewed pretended to be you. so that's not good. who did
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we have in our house? >> reporter: emeryville detectives are looking for 60-year-old darlene. they allege she called up a legitimate nanny, posing as a mother, asking questions that would verify the legit nanny's identity andued that information to try to secure nanny gigs with young affluent families around the bay area. police say she has a history of running these scams. radioactive material was found inside a home not too long ago. the subwas found inside several containers at a home on cedar street. it was giving off low-level radiation readings. the tfrl has been secured. and health officials say there is no danger to the public. the homeowner of the home died
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earlier this year. the rise in daytime crime in pleasanton. >> reporter: this is a door kicked open last wednesday by a burglar. burglars are active during the day when people are away from home. >> they took a hammer to two of our computer monitors. they just wanted to break stuff, i guess. >> reporter: i was a little shocked. >> reporter: the burglars broke into another house a block away, around the time time. >> they kicked down the door. and this whole spanl new. >> reporter: both of these burglar worked while the residents were at school and work. most thefts took place
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between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. the other trend, the burglars knocked on the front door. when no one answered, they broke in through a back sliding door or window. >> just coming into someone's house to destroy their property and break things is just unjustifiable to me. >> reporter: the burglars are going after cash, jewelry, and small expensive electronic devices. facebook is kicking out some extremist users that it says are too dangerous for its platform. alex zones is perhaps best known for saying the sandy hook massacre wasn't real. >> they staged sandy hooking.
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the evidence is just overwhelming. >> i'm willing to bet there's a much longer list of people who say it happened. and these are very high-profile people. facebook and twitter are reluctant to get rid of people. the question is are they doing the right thing. i don't know. >> experts say it's a sign that facebook and other platforms are finally responding to criticism about content. one generous man opened up his $4 million ped month home to a homeless couple. some neighbors didn't love the idea. and they started calling 9-1-1. >> reporter: i'm here on the 400 block of hampton road in piedmont. and what's happening at this home is sparking some ep conversations about race, class, privilege, empathy, and basic human kindness. it is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the bay area. and real estate devel terry mcgrath, opened up his home to a
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homeless couple that were profiled in the san francisco chronicle and let them move into the granny unit for free. terry declined an on-camera interview. as greg and maureen walked the hills and stood outside to smoke cigarettes, there was a smoke in calls to police. before the couple moved in. terry sent an e-mail it piedmont police chief, jeremy bowers, explaining the situation. the chief says the 9-1-1 calls have tapered off but he's firm about educating the public. >> it's incumbent upon us to respond to issues that are related to crime. or suspicious activity related to crime. simply somebody looking like they're not in the right place or not looking like they live in a certain community, that's not a crime. and that's not something that this police department has a functional responsibility to respond to. >> i can understand that initial reaction. what i would say is look a little more deeply. trust terry, trust your instincts to maybe connect with them and see
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who they really are. >> reporter: coming up next, our original report. >> are some everyday items in your home putting you at risk for alzheimer's? >> people have cognitive decline typically have somewhere between 10 and 25 contributors. >> wait till you see the incredible progress one alzheimer's patient has made by cutting certain things out of her life. >> reporter: a 101-year-old woman was evicted in santa rose from her senior living facility. and this is common. >> i had to go to court. i thought, what? >> the huge new numbers in the final snow survey. is that all that snow making the sierra vulnerable to earthquakes? >> we're all vulnerable to a sunburn. sun is strong. lots of sunshine today, tomorrow. we do have a change coming for the weekend.
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>> one doctor has a controversial approach, claiming he can reverse the symptoms. >> reporter: the idea that multiple factors contribute to cognitive decline. and many of the culprits may be in your very own home. >> can you tell me which can mals? >> reporter: heather norris is undergoing cognitive testing. her doctor wants to know how well her brain is functioning. 2.5 years ago, heather took this test for the first time. back then, her score? >> it was really low. error and her family had noticed she was not herself. >> they said that i was repeating myself. >> heather had just started losing her zest for things. her sense of humor wasn't there anymore. >> reporter: craig norris was heather's high school sweetheart. >> we'd been married for almost
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51 years. >> reporter: though he knew she changed, nothing could prepare him. >> your wife has alzheimer's. it's a terrible disease. we don't have anything we can do to help you. good luck with. that frankly, that was pretty devastating. >> reporter: heather believes she was genetically predisposed. >> my mom had passed away from alzheimer's. >> reporter: yet somehow, 30 months after her diagnosis. >> repeat them after me. >> two, one, eight, five, four. >> to one eight five four. >> she's starting to remember things that i'm forgetting. >> i feel like i've got my life back. >> reporter: what gives? heather and craig found this man, >> she not cured. but she is markedly better. >> reporter: the doctor has been studying the causes of alzheimer's. he holds a fundamentally different view. >> people have who have cognitive decline typically have somewhere between 10 and 25 contributors. >> reporter: factors which
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include what he calls dimen gen. >> it is a chemical that increases your risk for cognitive decline. >> reporter: metals like mefshgry found in some fish. organic toxins such as benzene, found in cleaning products. pesticides in plastics. and bio-toxins, abandon in molds and mildew. >> we're all swimming daily in a toxic soup. >> reporter: heather underwent a battery of tests and gave up vials of blood. >> we went from there's no cure, good luck with that. to somebody who said we know how to fix this. >> reporter: the results revealed heather had hormone imbalances, elevated blood sugar, and very high levels of mold and toxins. >> we threw out our mattress, our box spring. all the curtains. we changed out all the floor. we threw out the rug, brought in wood and tile floor of the it was like we were in this mad dash to figure out how to get rid of anything that could hold mildew or molds in it.
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>> reporter: they changed their lifetime. they cut out processed food, all sugar, and now consume up to 30 cups of organic veggies a day. mostly in smoothies. >> it's how we get the vegetables in our system >> reporter: they boosted their exercise and sleep. change did not come overnight. >> it was kind of gradual. >> reporter: heather still deals with some cognitive difficulties but her zest for slf back. >> i've got five grandkids and i want to be around them. >> reporter: the doctor says his approach is not a cure. just a reversal of cognitive decline. >> his team documented how 100 patients all showed improvement using his protocol. the final survey of the year revealing the snowpack in the sierra. 144% of normal. the fifth largest on record.
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and it turns out all that snow may actually shake things up. there's a group of uc berkeley sighsmologists who believe that the snow puts extra pressure on the mountains. and that can cause more earthquakes. >> the stress changes are just giving us that little bit of a push over the edge. it makes these faults rupture earlier. >> it can slow down fractures and kind of lubricate the faults to create some earthquakes. >> makes sense. researchers look at more than 3,000 earthquakes over nine years. exceptionally wet winters came with an increase in smaller quakes. and this year we saw an exceptionally wet winter. paul, when i was a kid, running around, people would complain about earthquake weather. >> earthquake weather. >> and everybody was kinda laugh. but now we're seeing -- you look at the available information, and you can track years of snowfall.
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>> water is heavy. >> right. >> water is heavier than we give it credit for. oh, the snowpack, that's millions and millions and millions of tons of water that's being injected into the ground. so there's likely some truth there. maybe there is earthquake weather. maybe after the fact. not much rainfall around here the next days, with the exception of monday. 82 degrees in concord with sunshine. napa, redwood city, san jose and fremont. goldie locks weather. pacifica tonight, 48. napa 47. we get milder in may. the temperature jumps on average about 6 degrees in our inland communities. livermore the average in april for a high of 71. jumps to seventy-seven. that's the second biggest jump in the calendar year. the biggest one is from may to june when we jump 7 degrees. pollen count has been jumping up for the past several days. on monday, it drops. likely because our pollen count is predicting a
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little bit of rainfall. if you suffer from allergies, some rain moving in early next week. certainly not a bad thing. it may be exactly what you want and exactly what you need. ridge of high pressure giving up sunshine. that's gonna hang out for about one more day. behind it is a very slow-moving area of low pressure. here's the turn. sometimes cut off the area of low pressure vpt cut off from the jet stream. train tracks in the atmosphere. they move pretty quickly. when the storm is cut off from the jet stream, it can meander, it can go any way want its. stop, go backward. so we think the sky is gonna head down to our south on monday. with the cutoff area of low pressure, it's gonna do what want its. not what we forecast. we'll be watching it over the next several days to see what it actually does. here' prediction from our computer. some coastal cloud, a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. saturday morning as that low approach, ohore flow. a lot more cloud cover out there saturday morning. breezy, temperatures not as warm because of the ocean breeze returning.
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the prediction right now with that low pressure, passing by to our south. the best chances of showers in the bay area late in the day on sunday. and monday morning, that's the best chance of rain in the east and south bay. low clouds returning tonight, right at the coast. temperatures hit their peak tomorrow. and they're cooler as we head toward the weekend. up to 8 degrees above average tomorrow. average tomorrow. 61, berkeley 66. san rafael 73. we cool down on saturday with morning clouds. cloudy on sunday, rain-free. monday morning a few showers before we get sunshine back in the middle of next week. and we go back to the 80s. that's your forecast. >> all right, paul. thanks for that. tonight, a new face to theg. >> a 101-year-old woman was just evicted. >> reporter: 101-year-old mabel
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barfield was living at this luxury senior living facility in santa rosa. when she ran out of money, they took her to eviction court. >> oh, the eviction shocked the out of me. that was really a shock. and i thought okay, are they really gonna do this to us? >> reporter: 90-year-old betty james is learning firsthand how overwhelming the housing crisis can be for the elderly. her 101-year-old sister, mabel barnfield, was just evicted from this luxury facility in santa rosa. it is a private care facility that charged mabel $7,000 a month. mabel sold her home to live here and quickly ran through her savings. >> they evicted her. i had to go to court. i thought what? >> reporter: brookdale didn't want to talk for this story but sent a statement.
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>> one of the things the public might find surprising is that it's not unusual. >> reporter: the executive director's team helped mabel find a new care facility in novato. cases like mabel's are commonplace. they're handling hundreds of elder eviction cases in sonoma county. it will only increase as the county's population ages. betty says she used to come here to visit mabel multiple times a week. now that mabel is in a new medi-cal facility in novato, their visits are far less frequent. a lawmaker who brought a buck aorney general. >> a crackdown on alexa. what's behind a new state bill surrounding those smart speakers?
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>> what all that winter rain means for this year's wildfire season. >> and celebrating yoda.
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william barr was a no-show atouse commi one democratic congressman mocked him with chicken heech sat down with a bucket of kfc saying
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"chicken barr should have answered questions." a growing number of democrats including a dozen presidential candidates are calling for him to resign over his handling of the mueller report. nancy pelosi says he lied to lawmakers. >> everybody else did that, it would be considered a crime. nobody is above the law. not the president of the united states. and not the attorney general. >> and tonight a new state bill would ban smart speakers from listening in. the antieavesdropping would ban saving or storing recordings without your consent. it would be illegal to share with other companies what the smart speakers hear. it comes after staff at amazon were apparently spying on conversations and writing them down. 2018 was the most destructive wildfire season in california history. now fire crews in the bay area are bracing for a worse than usual season this summer.
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>> reporter: cal fire responded to a small fire at the base of this eucalyptus tree earlier today inform recent years, the fire danger in the summer has been directly related to the drought of the that's not the case anymore. we had a wet winter and a mild spring. that's created its own set of problems. there is a ton of grass blanketing hillsides and valleys across the bay area. and as it dries it will become potential fuel for what cal fire says should be an above average fire season this summer. the state capitol in sacramento. the giant yoda head is there because state officials introduced a resolution to officially declare may 4th star wars day. you know the saying. may the fourth be with you. >> i do know that saying. our best to peter mayhew's family
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