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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, to violent crime, is bart doing enough? >> i believe we made some progress but i think there is more progress to be made. >> secret surveillance? not in this city.
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san francisco is on the verge of being the first in the country to ban facial recognition technology. sharks fans at the edge of their seats during game six, how it all ended in overtime. >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> today was the bart police chief's last day on the job, he is retiring in a tough time for the agency. >> lots of riders are worried if they are safe. kristen ayers sat down with the outgoing chief. >> reporter: bart police chief carlos or hospital leaves behind a department in transition and some riders told me he is also leaving behind a slew of safety problems. >> you can't just step off without the ticket. >> reporter: it's one of rojas's proudest site writers who have no proof of payment. even rojas knows it alone won't solve the problem. >> we don't have enough
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vectors, at the end of the day you have a very large system with which spans for counties, and we currently have 16 inspectors. >> reporter: rojas left the department after only two years. during that time, his administration had mixed results. in one weekend last year, there were three homicides, including the murder of neil wilson. there was also a spike in violent crime, including a rash of phone snatches. >> do you feel you were able to make a dent in that issue? >> i believe we made progress, but i think there is more progress to be made. a lot of that is really tied into our ability to better staff our police department. >> reporter: that is an area where rojas had some success. with him at the helm, the number of officer %. he set a goal of adding 15 new officers each fiscal year for the next five years. writers told us the changes rojas made have not made the train safer. >> there is more problems.
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bigger problems. dealing with homelessness is a way bigger problem. >> is not safe. >> reporter: williams told us she is afraid to catch bart alone at night. despite i saw someone try to push someone onto the tracks once. >> reporter: riders told us rojas is changes only scratch the surface and that art could still benefit from safety upgrades. >> better lighting for some. it >> reporter: and more officers. >> happened at the station. that's real easy. >> frankly, the only time i've seen police hanging out and shooting the breeze with each other in the parking lot. >> reporter: i asked him if he had any regrets, he said he wishes he could invest more time in the fair invasion program, and hope the next chief can take up that issue. you can watch our full interview with the outgoing chief on chilly start of the week, plenty of clouds rolling across the bay area today but tonight
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chief meteorologist paul deanno says there is a change on the way, paul? >> there is. back to normal as soon as tomorrow. cooler than normal in the north bay, santa rosa only high of ty cloud cover kept with us all day long, cloud cover sticks around for the morning. here's the change for the afternoon to cloud cover is gone before lunchtime which will allow temperatures to warm up 10 degrees tomorrow. a return to the 70s inland. coming up, when inland cities could hit 80 degrees, i'll have that in a few minutes. >> thank you. santa clara county got a couple of jolts tonight within the past hour. there was a 2.6 quake in east san jose near hamilton on the calaveras fault line. there was a second 2.6 quake there this evening as well. >> talk about an overtime thriller. the sharks kept fans guessing until the final seconds tonight. >> kpix's maria medina was on the team watch party in san
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pedro square. >> fans watched on the edge of their seats during overtime. >> reporter: the sharks lost game six, now they move on to game seven but fans believe the sharks will win their first ever stanley cup this year. >> reporter: tonight, san pedro square turned into sharks territory as fans kept their eyes glued on game six of the sharks second round series against the colorado avalanche. >> they better win. it >> reporter: including the castillo's and their kids, freddie and fannie. >> reporter: who is the biggest shark sp noway,bi sharks than. >> reporter: the sharks announced they would be hosting tonight's watch party, drawing hundreds into san pedro square. it was just minutes into the first period, a fuse blue according to the pa announcer. suddenly shutting down several big-screen tvs.
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>> we blew a fuse. >> reporter: what do you think about the power outage a few minutes ago? >> good omen. i was just hoping they would have a score when i came back on. >> you think it was a good omen? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the tvs finally came back on and so did the fans cheers, as they all have this year will finally be the sharks first stanley cup win. >> we were there when pittsburgh won and that was really upsetting. so, we want to make sure that we win this year. despite stanley cup win for sure. it's the year. >> reporter: game seven is on wednesday here at home, the puck drops at 6:00 p.m. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> we will have all the sharks highlights coming up next in sports plus, they played basketball game tonight, too. we will talk happened to the warriors. new details in a deadly police shooting in san jose from over the weekend, a source tells kpix, the car stolen by the suspect belonged to a
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santa clara county sheriff's deputy. the police found the stolen toyota camry and a carport off colmar drive with the suspect inside. officers used patrol cars to block the suspect escape route, he climbed out the sunroof, and also thought he might surrender but then i they say he got back in, turned on the ignition, and drove forward. >> officers fired at the driver, as she continued driving forward and striking the officer. the officer was knocked to the ground, to the side of the vehicle was pinned between the parking suspect vehicle, >> that police sergeant suffered broken bones and other injuries, he is now out of the hospital and recovering. >> police in vallejo released body cam of a deadly police shooting from february of last year. >> shots fired on carolina street. >> reporter: run l foster was
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killed. earlier, the officer followed him for a few blocks but says that he resisted. the officer used the taser and then foster grabbed a metal flashlight from the officers hand, according to police, and raised it in the air. police say the officer feared imminent and serious physical harm, and opened fire. one month later, foster's family filed a federal lawsuit against the department. the city and the officer involved. that investigation has been submitted to the da's office for review. tonight, the chp suspects the man involved in a fatal crash in contra costa county was driving under the influence. chp says the driver of a blue suv veered onto oncoming traffic on highway four in brentwood. 51-year-old man driving a white sedan was hit and killed. the cross calls highway four to shut down for more than 90 minutes during rush hour. the driver of that suv was taken into custody.
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close call for one southwest plane before touchdown early today. >> may have been worse than we thought, we have difficulties here in the aircraft. >> navigating the plane after it landed. into the nose gear of the aircraft. that strike was not the worst area for a collision. his budget is not a major problem, because your landing gear is good, you can land the aircraft, you have differential power, you have brakes, you probably have some steering. >> reporter: aoffadatas mothanth wiliferepoed layear testimongae ghost ship trial in oakland.
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>> mother described the last time she heard from her daughter who died in the blaze. that he has more on the trials emotional first day. betty? >> liz and ken, even as the mother of one victim took the stand, the trial took another tragic turn. prosecutors say a witness who was supposed to testify later this week, former tenant robert jacobowitz died in a car crash yesterday. today the mother of 29-year-old nicole siegrist told the jury the last tech she received from her daughter read i'm going to die now. nicole was one of 36 people trapped when a fire broke out during the performance. but, defense attorney said the testimony was just a bid to bias the jury against his client. >> they wanted her up there so that everyone absorbs her pain, her suffering, and it casts an emotional shadow at the case
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right at the inception. >> it's an extremely competitive environment. >> prosecutors called the second witness nicholas bouchard who lived at the warehouse, bouchard told the jury that defendant derek all met a laughed when he suggested installing sprinklers or other safety upgrades. the defense now says the fire was intentionally set by someone else. the exact cause of the fire cannot be determined. tensions in this case already running high, the judge told both sides to get along somehow. >> continuing coverage beginning at 4:30. a homeless encampment in santa cruz with as many as 200 people called home. is no more tonight. the city has now begun a massive cleanup there. they found shopping carts full of people's stuff, tents, bicycles, even propane tanks and needles. bulldozers and
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hazmat team in full protective gear are out clearing it all out, residents were told last wednesday, they have until friday to leave but for some that was not enough time to move on. >> get what you can and get out of here whatever you can carry in your hands. >> you can tell by looking at some of the stuff that, you know, it's not something you just throw away. even with the type of people, they are homeless, it's valuable to them. >> santa cruz police say items will be stored for 90 days for people to claim before they are. san francisco tonight is on the verge of banning facial recognition software for law enforcement. why some question if it is the right move. real-life drama, how did this chance for fame cost you, the taxpayer. light bulbs? you know when you're at ross
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. tonight, one of the tech savvy as to cities on the planet is on the verge of banning some controversial technology for law enforcement. joe vasquez is live in san francisco tonight. joe? >> reporter: we are talking about facial recognition technology. law enforcement believes it can help them identify suspects quickly, but opponents, including city leaders now think it is too flawed to fly.
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>> we should not be giving anyone carte blanche to put anything in place. >> call it an in-your-face rejection, today the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors voted unanimously not to allow city and county law enforcement agencies to use facial recognition technologies. >> facial recognition allows the government to know where we walk, what stories we visit, even if we have gone to protest her place of worship. >> reporter: the aclu is working to keep the technology out of the hands of government especially after they tested it recently, and members of congress falsely matched criminals. >> of law enforcement wants to deploy a new technology, they have to have a conversation with the community. for facial recognition, it says not in san francisco, the stuff is broken. >> reporter: the downside of this type of technology for civil libertarians is that it gives the government too much latitude to potentially abuse
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personal information. >> the upside as we will be able to catch more bad guys. >> reporter: security expert jeff hart says law enforcement needs every bit of help they could get. it took teams of cops hours to counter surveillance videos to find the suspects. of the boston marathon bombing. >> we are not going to be on the cutting edge to apprehend criminals in the manner using this technology. >> reporter: it past committee today, the full board of supervisors will vote on the measure next week. if they pass this ordinance it will be the first city in america to ban facial recognition technology. liz, right across the bay, oakland is working on a similar measure, they will bring it up and be working on it later this month. >> thank you. we are asking you want social media tonight should bay area cities use facial recognition technology? so far, 57% of you say no.
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>> a group of rock climbers jumped into action to help without a wildfire. the flames broke out saturday near big bear. about 100 miles east of los angeles, that was after a trailer somehow caught fire at a campground. one climber recorded the scene as he and his friends worked on dowsing the hotspots. they had shirts over their faces because of all the smoke. >> people are scrambling around and kicking dirt on the fire. it seems like everyone had an immediate call to action. i was taking charge there, it's great. >> later on firefighters from the u.s. forest service showed up to finish a job they say for safety reasons they do not encourage what the climbers did. in this case, they appreciated the help. there is now a new way to get across the bay. the best part? there's no traffic. the marin independent journal reports you will soon be able to rent a floating water bike.
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these schiller bikes will rollout in the east bay as part of a pilot program this summer. the trips will be from oakland to alameda, the woman behind the idea lives in mill valley and hopes to expand rentals to other parts of the bay area. the cost to rent the bikes will start at four dollars for 10 minutes. and a dollar each minute after that. is tracked in integrating a netflix series is putting a spotlight on what goes on inside the sacramento county jail. >> lock it down, now. >> i don't wish jail on anybody because it's not fun in here. >> find a good friend and here it makes the time very easy -- easy. >> i love you too monster. >> it's called jailbird that follows day-to-day actions between incarcerated women serving time. filmmakers approach the sheriff
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department with the idea last year a production company got exclusive access inside. >> i'm not exactly sure what their reasoning was for picking sacramento. but from our perspective it was a cool opportunity to showcase a lot of our programs that we have going on. >> those programs include location, education, and rehabilitation. as for compensation, just screen time, the sheriff's office will not be getting any role -- any payment for its role in the series. you can find it on netflix. a-list celebrities were in new york today flashing some extravagant costumes for the met gala. nikki batista shows us the biggest and boldest to hit the red carpet. >> reporter: we are here at the met gala red carpet where hundreds of celebrities just put on a show tonight. the theme this year is anything to the extreme. lady gaga changed four times, she performed for 10 minutes up perry came in a chandelier
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completely lit up, and billy porter came in gold angel wings being carried by six men. they really took this theme to the extreme. everyone is inside this year, tickets cost $35,000. the tables start at $200,000 but this is not just about fashion. all of that money goes towards the costume institute. on the red gala carpet i'm nikki batista. serena williams wearing a bright yellow for such a gown and matching yellow nikes. 49er colin kaepernick and his girlfriend vanessa both sported matching shades of black and gold. >> shades of gray throughout the bay area tonight, cloud cover just about everywhere, same story tomorrow morning. the change kicks in tomorrow afternoon, temperatures normal will return tomorrow. livermore at 5657, with the
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cloud cover we will only fall a few more degrees, vallejo dropping to 51 today, mountain view 51, fremont and san jose low 50s. sunrise early, 607 -- 6:07. san jose below average, we bottom got in santa clara county on sunday, a bit of a rebound today, back above normal tomorrow. at low pressure with a few isolated rumbles of thunder now over southern california causing some rain and melting snow fall for far northern arizona tomorrow. that is moving away from us. what is moving towards us is this ridge of high pressure but it stays out over the ridge of the ocean, we will have lots of morning cloud cover. you can see it just about everywhere in the bay area tomorrow morning, changing earlier sunshine tomorrow afternoon, lots of blue sky and temperatures getting back to average, more of the same coming up on wednesday morning clouds afternoon sunshine, the closest renal get from now to the end of the week will be a different low-pressure area sliding down over the sierra. numerous showers and storms there. close call for the bay area we
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are keeping things dry but it won't take much to post showers into the bay area. for now it looks like we will stay rain free for the rest of the week. high temperatures tomorrow, 70s inlet, santa rosa at 74, concord 74, san jose 74. cooler near the water with afternoon sunshine, oakland 70 -- 67, pacifica 60 degrees. while there wednesday and thursday, claudia friday as that storm passes by to our east and a few inland spots may hit 80 degrees for a couple of minutes saturday and sunday afternoon. milder weather all in all, our team mary lee will have the latest on weather and traffic starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. that's your forecast. >> thanks, paul. have you ever noticed that our trains slow way down in one particular area of oakland? >> the reason might surprise you. a fight over a failing hardware store decades ago is stilintohi brakes on a sharp turn. this budget was originally under eighth street and they had to move it, and they moved it enough to make that turn.
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remember when the warriors were up to-0 agttg outshot, outhustled and out late in fenway. warriors don't have a keen,
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james harden is tough enough. hard knocks down three, dream on green as well, little revenge. kd heats up in the third, four minutes left, chris paul picked greens pocket to break away for peter tucker, rocket sled 106- 96 final minute is now a five- point game, steph curry misses a three, gets it back, buries his second chance and it's a two-point game. warriors have a chance to tie it with 10 seconds left. kevin durand wide open, they got it back another shot, steph curry to tie. oh. kerry was 4-14 from downtown. houston wins 112-108, tying the series at 2-2.
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western conference semi finals, sharks with a chance to send the avalanche home for the summer and winter overtime of course. avalanche fans hoping their team could force a game seven, final seconds and in the second period, colorado leading to-1, eric allerton feeds brent burns for the equalizer, tide height 2- two. early in the period, jt scores his second goal of the night, avenues retake the lead 3-2 point san jose respond three minutes left in the game, mark scored his second goal of the night, and we go to overtime. less than three minutes into that overtime, gabriel landis got his scores the game-winner,
11:31 pm
avalanche win 4-3, the second straight series that san jose is going to game seven. >>, surprised at seven based on how we played each other. i think it's been punch counterpunch. >> i'm confident. we won game sevens in our building before. right now, i'm pretty passed off that we lost this game. but, gotta go win a home game. >> still 20 minutes when bees took over the area behind home plate, santa ana is stung, nick hit two runs off palmer who allowed seven runs in less than two innings. reds win 12-4. on the bright side, pablo sandoval hit a three run home run, he also pitched one scoreless inning, his current average of 0.00. i'm the bringer of good
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